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Land Art Generator Initiative Community Workshop: Solar Technology as Public Art

Sat, Feb 04, 2017 | 10:00 am

The Village of Arts and Humanities, in partnership with Temple University, has invited the Land Arts Generator Initiative to work with community residents, students and stakeholders to explore the creation of a solar tapestry mural in North Philadelphia that would provide power to a local public space, such as a community center or library.

Participants in this half-day charrette will investigate how renewable energy technologies can be incorporated into public art, will craft a conceptual design for the solar mural, and will discuss steps for implementation of the public art piece, including generating ideas for fundraising and fabrication.

The Land Arts Generator Initiative is a Pittsburgh based organization that addresses public art within the urban fabric of the sustainable city. Its objective is to advance the successful implementation of sustainable urban design solutions by integrating art and interdisciplinary creative processes into the conception of renewable energy infrastructure.

This program is part of our Seeing Stories: Visualizing Sustainable Citizenship series, co-curated by Temple Contemporary, Temple University’s Office of Sustainability, and Temple University Libraries, along with faculty and graduate students from the Tyler School of Art, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Center for the Cinematic and Performing Arts.

Village of Arts and Humanities