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Digital Storytelling and Online Mapping as Student-Centered Pedagogy: A Lecture by Kolson Schlosser, 2016 winner of the Innovative Teaching with Technology Award

Mon, Nov 14, 2016 | 1:00 pm

Temple University Libraries and the Teaching and Learning with Technology Roundtable Present: Historically speaking, maps have been knowledge claims about society and space, and as such cartographic practice has been wrought with representational power. More critical versions of cartographic pedagogy have more recently emphasized using the map to allow students to reflect upon their own subject-position within that representational practice. Such a learning goal is also quite in line with student centered pedagogy. This presentation shows how digital storytelling techniques can be combined with Story Maps, an online mapping platform for non-specialists, to accomplish that goal while creating an effective multi-media spatial narrative. It also profiles student work using these technologies from a spring 2016 section of Digital Mapping.

This program is part of the Libraries' Beyond the Page public programming series.

Paley Library

Ground Floor Lecture Hall