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Intro to Coding Workshop

Wed, Oct 09, 2019 | 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

This workshop will introduce students to digital methods and resources for learning and leveraging programming languages for scholarly and creative pursuits. Students will learn how to navigate the command line, code in Python, use an integrated development environment, and adapt readymade scripts for text editing, webscraping, and data analytics (including such packages as NLTK, Beautiful Soup, and Pandas). This workshop series will focus on learning how to teach yourself computational skills, to troubleshoot errors, and to learn the basics of a programming language in order to adapt scripts for a wide range of purposes. Students will be introduced to beginner-intermediate level syntax and logic of Python, as well as developing a framework for distinguishing when Python is useful, and when other programming languages are necessary.

There will be seven workshops in this series. You are not required to come to every one, but consistent attendance is encouraged.

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Charles Library

Room 401
1900 N. 13th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122