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Mapping Matters: Visualizing Disparity, Demographics and the Social Determinants of Health

Wed, Feb 12, 2020 | 12:00 pm

Guest presenters: 

Providenza Rocco, Lewis Katz School of Medicine Center for Urban Bioethics, Temple University

Ashley Bryant, Information Science & Technology Major/ EdTech Student Partner at the Center for the Advancement of Teaching, Temple University

Google Maps can be used as an innovative way to re-invigorate traditional assignments and encourage students to observe social issues with an alternative lens in both individual and collaborative settings. In the MA in Urban Bioethics program, students were tasked with creating a Community Map using a customized Google Map. Teams worked alongside a community advisor, observing, assessing, and analyzing each community’s strengths, resources, assets, and challenges with particular emphasis on healthcare and the social determinants of health. Each group created a map of their community site while examining their site in a larger context. A map alone cannot draw conclusions for students; however, through a combination of critical thinking, collaboration, and discussion, students can use this visual tool to draw conclusions in a unique space.


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