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VR at TU: Real Research in Virtual Reality

Wed, Oct 21, 2020 | 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

Supported by the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Scholars Studio will be hosting a half-day of talks and discussions to showcase VR-related work and to explore the future of VR at Temple. After a keynote presentation by Kent Bye, panels, presentations, and lightning talks will show how VR is used for research and teaching.



Welcome (Marcus Bingenheimer)

9:40-10:10: Keynote

Kent Bye “Ultimate Potential of VR: Challenges & Opportunities for Higher Education”
10:10-10:30: Q & A with Kent Bye

10:35-11:00: Panel 1

Benjamin Seibold “Re-Shaping High-Performance Computing via Interactive Virtual Reality” (10 min)

W. Geoffrey Wright “What’s ‘up’ with VR? How to stay balanced while immersed” (10 min)

11:05-11:30: Panel 2

Gabrielle Gutierrez “Reality or not – Here’s VR: Flexibility and presence in the classroom” (10 min)

Christopher McAdams “Exploring the Unbuilt – A Past and Future of Architecture” (10 min)

11:35-12:00: Panel 3

Peter d’Agostino “VRs / XRs…in the Arts & Humanities” (10 min)

Hector Postigo “Disintermediating Immersion: Infrared mapping vs. controller interface and proprioception in VR Environments” (10 min)

This program will be offered via Zoom. Registration is required.