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Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 4: Haddington - Lyons

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The Special Collections Research Center contains several pamphlet collections. These consist of published and unpublished materials usually received by the SCRC along with donated manuscript collections. The SCRC as a general policy retains only those pamphlets dealing with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

Additions to the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection contains pamphlets acquired in the last few years. These materials have not received the extensive processing that was devoted to pamphlets in the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection due to staff constraints. The pamphlets received a box/item location number and are only listed under a subject heading. Pamphlets in this collection are filed by subject.

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See also the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection and the Free Library of Philadelphia Pamphlet Collection.



This inventory has been divided into nine parts:


Part 1: Abattoirs - Bustleton Avenue
Part 2: Camden, NJ - Culture
Part 3: Day Care - Group Health
Part 4: Haddington - Lyons
Part 5: Mackey - Pensions
Part 6: Philadelphia - Population
Part 7: Port - Saunders
Part 8: School - Unemployment
Part 9: United Nations - Zoning

Part 4: Haddington - Lyons


Haddington redevelopment area plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. March 16, 1962. 24 p. [908-3]

Public hearing by the City Council Committee on Municipal Development and Zoning for Bill no. 2451 Haddington Urban Renewal Area, Unit NO. 1. June 28, 1967. 82 p. [870 13]


Guide to Philadelphia for the handicapped, 1979-80. Mayor's Office for the Handicapped. 64 p. [900-4]

Second annual international art exhibit for artists with physical disabilities, December 5, 1980-January 29, 1981. Moss Rehabilitation Hospital. NP. [848-2]

The Working Blind since 1874. Working Blind. ND. NP. [847-21]


County planning data kit: Pennsylvania. Interdepartmental Human Services Planning Committee. Spring 1982. 8 p [912-6]

Directorio de servicios de salubridad y bienestar comun/ Spanish directory of health and welfare services in Philadelphia. 1956. 18 p. [898-9]

Human services in the balance, 22nd community orientation institute. Museum of the Civic Center. November 8, 1973. NP. [901-11]

A planning report - An action program 1976: health and social services system regional analysis (a condensation). Health and Welfare Council. ND. 24 p. [869-5]

Resource manual. Community Resource and Volunteer Unit. ND. VP. [855-6]

What to look for in health, welfare and recreation agencies. Social Service Committee. Religious Society of Friends. ND. 29 p. [853-16]

Where to turn for community services in Philadelphia, Delaware and Montgomery Counties. Community Information and Referral Service. January 1956. 28 p. [858-6]

Where to turn, 1974: a guide to help from community agencies. Health and Welfare Council, Inc. ND. 36 p. [853-4]

Where to turn: the comprehensive directory of human services in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Delaware Counties. Community Services Planning Council of Southeastern Pennsylvania. 1987. 572 p. [852-14]

Where you can get help: a health directory. Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter, American Red Cross. ND. 39 p. [852-13]

The whole city catalog: a directory of human resources in the Delaware Valley. Synapse, Inc. 1974. 158 p. [858-25]


Capital financing of health care facilities in the Philadelphia-South Jersey metropolitan area. Hospital Survey Committee. May 1970. 14 p. [890-3]

Community health directory. Student Health Organization and United Health Services. ND. 17 p. [891-4A]

Health and educational institutions in the Philadelphia Model Cities Neighborhood and in the Delaware Valley Region. Technical Record No. 3 July - August 1970. 81 p. [908-1]

Health institutions in the Delaware Valley region and in the Philadelphia Model Cities neighborhood. ND. NP. [901-16]

Hospital and physician directory. Personal Choice. July 1, 1986. 127 p. [880-16]

Philadelphia and the health care industry: a perfect fit. Greater Philadelphia International Network, Inc. ND. 12 p. [866-7]

Report of the Committee on Home Care Program. Philadelphia. Department of Public Health. June 14, 1954. VP. [873-5]

Warning: HSA's may be dangerous to your health. Philadelphia Chapter of Medical Committee for Human Rights. December 1975. 24 p. [852-7]

What you should know about the South Philadelphia Health Plan. South Philadelphia Health Plan. [brochure] [858-3]


Health education handbook for Montgomery, Delaware and Philadelphia counties. Health and Welfare Council. 1949. 73 p. [909-3]

Health education handbook: Philadelphia and vicinity. Philadelphia. Department of Public Health. [1950] 36 p. [909-2]


The impact of highway construction on the economy. Technical Record 6. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. March 1972. VP. [909-12]

Northeast Freeway, City of Philadelphia: preliminary report phase one. Urban Engineers, Inc. November 1960. 69 p. [847-24]

Pennsylvania: keystone of the interstate highways system. Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. August 8, 1958. 141 p. [874-8]

Proposal for a study of effective community participation in highway planning. Parts I and II (Technical and staffing plans). RFP 298. University City Science Center. ND. VP. [871-11]


Semana Puertorriqquena de Filadelfia, 1970. Concilio de Organizaciones Hispanas. NP. [844-7]


Architectural check list of historical buildings in the Philadelphia area, by Joseph P. Sims. Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography , April 1944. PP. 194-206. [883-9]

A report on historic preservation. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. 1969. 62 p. [839-3]


The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. ND. 12 p. [901-1]


The handbook for Home and School Associations of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Home and School Council. ND. 49 p. [901-4]


The men on skid row: A study of Philadelphia's homeless man population. Department of Psychiatry. Temple University School of Medicine. November 1960. VP.


Comprehensive plan for Horsham Township, 1964. Horsham Township Planning Commission. 1964. VP. [914-3]


The greening of Philadelphia 1976: an inventory of existing programs. Decker and Borowsky. June 1973. 34 p. [899-18]


Directory. Delaware Valley Hospital Council. Fall 1965. 48 p. [896-1]

Facilities for open heart surgery: Health facility planning guide. Hospital Survey Committee. September 1972. 21 p.. [902-1]

Financial situation of voluntary hospitals: first report. . Philadelphia. Community Policy Committee on Health and Hospital Services. April 1959. 12 p. [905-5]

Hospital and nursing home facts/1969: Philadelphia and South. Jersey metropolitan area. Hospital Survey Committee. 46 p. [912-12]

A survey of hospital services and finances in the Philadelphia. area. Hospital Council of Philadelphia. September 1939. 59 p. [83-17]

Care and handling of your new apartment. Mount Carmel Gardens. August 15, 1974. 8 p. [890-2]

A citizens guide to housing programs in Philadelphia. . Philadelphia Housing Association. April 1968. 157 p.. [907-10]

Demolitions of dwellings in Philadelphia. Know Your City. . Philadelphia Housing Association. March 1925. NP.. [887-3]

Directory of service housing organizations. Housing Council of the Delaware Valley. October 1965. NP. [898-1]

East Park-a concept: toward a more abundant life. ND. 14 p. [896-2]

The facts about urban homesteading. Urban Homestead Office. ND. 5 p. [904-8]

General housing characteristics and trends: Philadelphia and. environs. Public Information Bulletin 8-B. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. April 1963. VP. [881-2]

Housing and social structure: a preliminary survey with. particular reference to multi-storey, low-rent public< housing projects, by Anthony F. C. Wallace. Philadelphia Housing Authority. 1952. 120 p. [901-


Housing Code and related regulations. Philadelphia Department. of Licenses and Inspections.

    January 1, 1968 39 p. [901-2]
    January 1975. 48 p. [901-13]

Industrialized housing and operation breakthrough. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. ND. 36 p. [901-5]

Keep your house in good repair and save money. Housing Association of the Delaware Valley. ND. NP. [909-8]

Locational criteria for housing for the elderly. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. December 1968. 8 p. [889-4]

1960 - 1970 housing characteristics for the region and. counties of the Delaware Valley. Delaware Valley Data no.. 7. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. June 1973. 54 p. [841-4]

Pennsylvania housing and redevelopment program compendium,. 1949-1951. Includes "Procedures of the Pennsylvania. redevelopment program," Pennsylvania Department of Commerce, 1958. [906-2]
Philadelphia code enforcement program project no. 1: application for grant. July 5, 1966. NP. [915-6]

Philadelphia housing quality survey: general report. . Philadelphia City Planning Commission. 1951. 145 p.. [869-2]

Policy implications, Philadelphia housing analysis. Prepared. for Community Renewal Program by Robert Gladstone &. Associates. December 24, 1964. 19 p. [865-14]

Programs for potential homeowners and home maintenance. . Housing Information Center. Philadelphia Urban League. February 1972. 35 p. [872-10]

Real property survey and low income housing survey: . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1939. Philadelphia Housing Authority and Works Projects Administration of Pennsylvania. 1940. 151 p. [856-3]

Report on occupancy and vacancy survey of City of Philadelphia. Statistical and Research Committee. Philadelphia Real Estate Board. 1932. NP. [917-3]

A review of progress under the program for community. improvement (wokable program) for the elimination and. prevention of slums and blight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. July 25, 1963. 37 p. [872-3]

Revised initial housing element of the 701 planning grant application. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. . February 1970. 29 p.

Statement of housing policy. Office of the Director of Housing. April 1984. 26 p. [837-3] [837-4]

Statements pursuant to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975.. Philadelphia National Bank.

    September 30, 1976. [854-12]
    March 30, 1977. [854-13]
    March 30, 1978. [854-14]

Survey of the first six years' performance of the Philadelphia Mortgage Plan, 1975-1981. Pennsylvania Economy League. 1982. 85 p. [846-12]


Directory of intergroup relations agencies in Philadelphia.. Commission on Human Relations. March 1966. 16 p. [898-11]

Suggested guidelines on the role of newspapers, radio and television stations and intergroup relations agencies in the. handling of intergroup relation news. Philadelphia. Commission on Human Relations. ND.

NP. [843-1]


Independence Hall project: the restoration and refurnishing. of Independence Hall made possible by General Federation of. Women's Clubs. Hisotry and Interpretation Branch. . Independence National Historical

park Project. April 1954. NP. [909-11]


Independence Mall redevelopment area plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. October 1962. 23 p. [913-5]

Independence Mall in historic Philadelphia - Birthplace of the. nation. Old Philadelphia Development Corporation for the. Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. ND. NP. [910-4]

Independence Mall redevelopment area, amendm,ent, unit four,. Center City redevelopment area. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. January 1966. NP. [910-1]


Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia, Pa., by. Edward M. Riley. National Park Service. 1954. 68 p.. [910-2]


International House of Philadelphia. [brochure] [913-11]


The Joseph Priestly Science Center: a proposed supplementary education center. Philadelphia School District. June 1966. 64 p. [910-12]


Budgets of families and individuals of Kensington,. Philadelphia, by Esther Louise Little and William Joseph. Henry Cotton. Thesis. University of Pennsylvania. 1926. . 273 p. [895-9]


Testimonial dinner in honor of Very Rev. John A. Klekotka,. O.S.A. Philadelphia Professional Society. February 5, 1961. NP. [853-8]


Earning a living in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Social Studies. Series for the Philadelphia Public Elementary Schools. . School District of Philadelphia. 1951. 112 p. [896-3]

Health security by union action: a report on the Sidney. Hillman Health Center of New York. New York Joint Board,. Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America. May 1952. 62 p.. [909-1]

How to lose wait during rush hour. Delaware Valley Regional. Planning Commission. April 1971. NP. [staggered work hours] [899-4]

The story of the industrial union, by John Green. Industrial. Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers of America. 1941. 7 p. [854-2]

The strike and strike tactics. Upholsterers' International Union of N. A. ND. 44 p. [854-7]

Workingmen's standard of living in Philadelphia, by William C.. Beyer, Rebekah P. Davis, and Myra Thwing. Macmillan Company. 1919. 125 p. [857-2]


Delaware Valley regional land use planning resource guide. Project Crossroads. ND. NP. [886-6]

Land use and residential density, Philadelphia, 1960. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. 1967. 18 p. [889-6]


Lansdowne Borough planning study: Phase III - comprehensive plan. Delaware County Planning Commission. August 1964. 30 p. [888-7]


A citizen's manual on police abuse. Coalition Against Police. Abuse. 1976. 53 p. [894-5]

Directory: law enforcement agencies in the Delaware Valley. . Law Observance Committee. Federal Bar Association. Fifth edition. September 1, 1972. NP. [898-12]

Final report. Philadelphia Law Enforcement Planning Council. [1969] 56 p. [884-11]

Legislative proposals from the Philadelphia District. Attorney's Office. 1973. 61 p. [889-8]

New horizons in police service, by Dr. Thomas A. Reppetto. . Citizens Crime Commission of Philadelphia. 9 p. [846-5]

Report of Workgroup "A", by Fred Dedrick. Citizens Crime. Commission Institute "The role of the police in the '70's". . November 20, 1974. NP. [840-7]

Report to the Southeastern Regional Planning Council on the. feasibility of a four-county crime laboratory. McCann. Associates. March 1971. 38 p. [839-6]

Study of police personnel requirements. 1965. NP. [843-4]

Suburban police: an analysis of Southeastern Pennsylvania. suburban police departments' policies, procedures and. guidelines. Crime Commission of Philadelphia. ND. 90 p.. [843-10] [843-11]


This is Henry C. Lea School. Henry C. Lea Home and School Association. [brochure] [853-6]


Preparing the emerging leaders of the Delaware Valley. Community Leadership Seminar Program, 1985-86. Community Leadership Seminars, Inc. NP. [868-8]


Important proposed legislation transmitted to City Council by. Harry A. Mackey, Mayor. January 17, 1929. 15 p. [909-10]

Recommended State legislation. Bureau of Municipal Research of Philadelphia. ND. 44 p. [856-5]


Redistribution of state legislative representation in. Philadelphia. Bureau of Municipal Research. March 15,. 1951. 35 p.


Certification of the Lehigh area for redevelopment.. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. May 10, 1950. 3 p.. [890-9]


The founding of Lincoln University, article in "Black. Presbyterians in Ministry". Journal of Presbyterian . History , Vol. 51, no. 4, Winter 1973, pp.347-502.. [905-11]


U.S.A. portrait of a nation: a reading program for Philadelphians. Free Library of Philadelphia. ND. NP.. [858-19]


Challenges and choices in improving the performance of local government in the Penjerdel region. Pennsylvania Economy League. 1964. 14 p. [890-7]

Historical development of local government in the Penjerdel region. Pennsylvania Economy League for Penjerdel. July 1961. VP. [908-4]


A report of the feasibility of a housing program for low and moderate income residents of Lower Merion Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Government Studies and Systems, Inc. April 1977. VP. [855-5]


Careers start at Lyons. Lyons Technical Institute. March 1978. 19 p. [893-4]


General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 1: Abattoirs - Bustleton Avenue
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General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 3: Day Care - Group Health
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General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 6: Philadelphia - Population
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General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 8: School - Unemployment
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