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Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 2: Camden, NJ - Culture

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The Special Collections Research Center contains several pamphlet collections. These consist of published and unpublished materials usually received by the SCRC along with donated manuscript collections. The SCRC as a general policy retains only those pamphlets dealing with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

Additions to the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection contains pamphlets acquired in the last few years. These materials have not received the extensive processing that was devoted to pamphlets in the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection due to staff constraints. The pamphlets received a box/item location number and are only listed under a subject heading. Pamphlets in this collection are filed by subject.

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See also the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection and the Free Library of Philadelphia Pamphlet Collection.



This inventory has been divided into nine parts:


Part 1: Abattoirs - Bustleton Avenue
Part 2: Camden, NJ - Culture
Part 3: Day Care - Group Health
Part 4: Haddington - Lyons
Part 5: Mackey - Pensions
Part 6: Philadelphia - Population
Part 7: Port - Saunders
Part 8: School - Unemployment
Part 9: United Nations - Zoning

Part 2: Camden, NJ - Culture


The Camden comprehensive plan: a condensation. The New Jersey Council of Churches. 1965. 138 p. [891-10]

A fair view of "Fairview," Yorkship Square, by Joseph Oliver Moor Jr.. Student paper. [850-4]

Introduction to the comprehensive plan for the City of Camden, New Jersey. Camden City Council. ND. 15 p. [913-6]


A survey and report on the New Jersey Canal. Interstate Commission on the Delaware River Basin. October 1942. 48 p. [837-14]


Carpenter's Hall and its historic memories, by Richard K. Betts. Carpenters Company. 1896. 36 p. [907-3]


Cathedral Chapter property: Review of development opportunities. Wallace, McHarg, Roberts and Todd. May 17, 1971. VP. [907-2]


Cedar Grove, by Mary Whitaker. Student paper. 1958. [850-3]


Centennial city, by Edgar P. Richardson. The Historical Society of Pennsylvania. December 1971. 32 p. [890-17]


Analysis of central city access plans, Philadelphia, Pennsylvnaia. Wilbur Smith and Associates. 1959. 24 p. [892-2]

Center City redevelopment area plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. December 1967. NP. [888-4]

Philadelphia Center City walking tour. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. 1981. NP.

Procedure for review of plans for new construction in Center City urban renewal areas. Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. October 1944. 6 p.

South triangle center city redevelopment area. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. August 1963. NP. [879-19]

The Center City commuter connection: Agreement between the Department of Transportation, the Urban Mass Transportation Administration and the City of Philadelphia. January 12, 1977. 71 pp. [888-3]


Center for International Visitors. Museum of the Philadelphia Civic Center. ND. NP. [910-10]


Looking for a timely investment? Take a share in the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. ND. NP. [889-3]


Community facilities and planning districts. Chester City Planning Commission. 1965. 75 p. [888-6]

Comprehensive plan. Chester City Planning Commission. 1965. 175 p. [910-6]


History and progress of Chester County. Commissioners of Chester County. [1963] 104 p. [897-3]

Population and housing 1960: an analysis and mapping of the 1960 census findings. Chester County Planning Commission. November 1962. VP. [861-3]


Chesterbrook: A land use proposal for portions of the unified development area of Tredyffrin Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. The Fox Companies. ND. 40 p. [907-11]


Report on a study to determine the economic feasibility of the proposed Chestnut Street mall, by Arthur C. Kaufmann and Associates, Inc. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. February 15, 1966. Volume III

(Appendix). 155 p. [845-6]


A guide to agency services and special schools for children, by Toby Wexler. Philadelphia Psychiatric Center. 76 p. [899-14]

Who speaks for children? Child advocacy in Philadelphia - a community development approach, 1971 to 1976. Philadelphia Urban League. June 1976. 41 p. [858-4]

A study of the nature of leadership in the Chinese community in Philadelphia, by Catherine M. Jackson. Honors thesis. April 1973. [Includes thesis, notes and some source materials] [849]


Directory of Roman Catholic Churches in Southern area. Health and Welfare Council Inc. 1964. 8 p. [897-7]

Philadelphia churches by wards. Philadelphia Council of Churches. ND. NP. [879-2]


The future of American cities, edited by John J. Mulhern. Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. 1976. 58 p. [905-6]


Citizen survey: City of Philadelphia. Technical Information Paper. October 1982. 42 p.


The CASP story: documentation of the origin and status of the Citizens Allaince of Pennsylvania. University City Science Center. ND. 12 p. [890-4]

Citizens Alliance Service of Pennsylvania. [brochure] [910- 13]


Towards the future: a panoramic view of Citizens for Progress, 1964 - 1975. Citizens for Progress, Inc. 1975. NP. [844-18]


Guide to the municipal archives of the City and County of Philadelphia. Philadelphia. Department of Records. 1957. NP. [900-10]


Analysis of proposed 1964 capital budget and 1964-1969 capital program, City of Philadelphia. Citizens Council on City Planning. October 1963. VP. [883-10]

An analysis of the debt, revenues and expenditures of the City and County of Philadelphia, 1920-1943. Bureau of Municipal Research of Philadelphia. 1944. 47 p. [884-20]

Comparative fiscal data on 11 large U.S. cities in 1950 - revenue and expenditures. Bureau of Municipal Research. March and April 1952. 11 p. [897-4]

A dual tax and spending cap for Philadelphia: an examination of the issues involved in deciding whether to impose a tax and/or spending cap on Philadelphia's city and school> governments. Report No. 422.

November 1980. VP. [886-1]

Material pertaining to the financial condition of the City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Advisory Finance Commission. November 1937. 53 p. [875-7]

Philadelphia's expenditures, 1928-1941. Bureau of municipal Research. June 1941. 79 p. [873-1]

A proposal for improved financial administration in Philadelphia. Bureau of Municipal Research. January 30, 1950. 7 p. [864-5]

Review of capital budgeting experience in Philadelphia. Citizens' Council on City Planning. September 1, 1959. VP. [872-7]

The sale of municipal bonds and a model municipal debt statute. Bureau of municipal Research of Philadelphia. June 1931. 36 p. [848-5]

Summary data: 1953 Philadelphia budget. Bureau of Municipal Research. November 1952. 8 p. [843-5]

The way out: a financial program for Philadelphia, by Luther Harr and Robert C. White. Democratic City Committee. October 15, 1937. 16 p. [853-10]


City charter quiz. City Charter Committee. ND. NP. [894-13]

Philadelphia carries on, by Johannes U. Hoeber. Reprinted from National Municipal Review, V. 28, no. 9, September 1939.

Proportional representation for Philadelphia. City Charter Committee. ND. 18 p. [864-2]

Proposed Philadelphia home rule charter: draft III. Philadelphia Charter Commission. August 1950. 244 p. [864-12]

Public hearing. Philadelphia Charter Commission. January 30, 1950. 123 p. [868-5]

Report of the Sub-Committee regarding measures needed for the improvement of the government of the City and County of Philadelphia together with drafts of bills prepared for introduction into the

legislature. Philadelphia Charter Committee. 1919. 120 p. [838-9]

Revised edition of the summary report of the Philadelphia Charter Commission. February 1939. 39 p. [877-15]

Which way shall Philadelphia take? City Charter Committee. [brochure] [858-1]


City-County consolidation and charter revision legislation for Philadelphia in 1943. NP. [907-7]

A fact sheet on city-county consolidation for Philadelphia. Citizens' Charter Committee. May 1957. 5 p. [904-11]

The problem of completing city-county consolidation. Bureau of Municipal Research. December 1952. 28 p. [877-7]


The city and county of Philadelphia: A discussion of their legal relations. Bureau of Municipal Research of Philadelphia. February 1923. 95 p. [894-6]


Benefits of City of Philadelphia employees compared with benefits in private industry: 1980. Report No. 414. April 1980. 46 p. [895-10]

Classification and compensation plans of the personal service in the executive departments, by J. L. Jacobs and Co. Philadelphia Civil Service Commission. October 1930. 622 p. [891-9]

Comments by the Philadelphia Civil Service Commission on the report concerning "Personnel practices of the City of Philadelphia" to the Committee of Fifteen. November 29, 1948. 24 p. [893-12]

The cradle of liberty can be the birthplace of your career in municipal government. Philadelphia Personnel Department. ND. 20 p. [887-8]

The growing municipal payroll in Philadelphia and the need for a classification of positions and salaries. Pennsylvania Civil Service Association. 1928. 23 p. [899-17]

Minority report: Committee of the National assembly of Civil Service Commissioners appointed to draft a model civil service law. June 11, 1914. 13 p. [842-4]

Municipal salaries in Philadelphia, 1915-30: a statistical study of standards of compensation in the City service of Philadelphia in 1915, 1920, 1925, and 1930. Bureau of Municia;l Research. 1930. 62 p.


Municipal salaries under the changing price level, by William C. Beyer. Bureau of Municipal Research. March 1926. 15 p. [842-1]

Orientation: public service employment. Philadelphia. Office of Employment and Training. November 18, 1980. 30 p. [871-8]

Personnel practices of the City of Philadelphia. Report 5. Bureau of Municipal Research. November 8, 1948. VP. [865-8]

Practical examinations of the Civil Service Commission. Philadelphia. Civil Service Commission. October 26, 1915. NP. [911-5]

Preliminary report on Philadelphia civil service practices, by Edward N. Hay and Associates, Inc. October 21, 1948. VP. [911-6]

Proposed code of ethics for government personnel of the City of Philadelphia. Southeast Pennsylvania Chapter, Americans for Democratic Action. April 1961. 22 p. [916-2]

A proposed revision of the Philadelphia emergency civil service regulations. Bureau of Municipal Research. March 2, 1952. 100 p. [886-4]

Provisions, costs and administration of the work - injury benefits program of the City of Philadelphia. Report No. 360. Pennsylvania Economy League. June 1971. 180 p. [869-9]

Public service employment: an alternative strategy for the city, by Jane Shull. Institute for the Study of Civic Values. September 1975. 17 p. [879-6]

Report of the Philadelphia Civil Service Commission on the standardization of salaries and wages for positions under civil service in the City of Philadelphia. September 24, 1943. 63 p. [838-8]

Report on the Philadelphia municipal pension fund. Bureau of Municipal Research. November 1952. 90 p. [857-6]

A suggested personnel program suitable for use in implementing the personnel mandates contained in the new charter of the City of Philadelphia. Charles P. Messick & Associates. December 1, 1951. 17 p. [843-



City-State relations. Factual material memorandum no. 2, [Part] VI. Institute of Local and State Government. University of Pennsylvania. October 1937. 65 p. [904-6]

The city's business up to date, by Harry A. Mackey. March 22, 1929. 16 p. [895-1]

Clean efficient government... Charter League of Philadelphia. ND. NP. [889-11]

Doyle-y cartooons presents the 3-D demorama: deficits, drones, disillusion-a travesty on good governemtn presented by the Broomstick Players in City Hall, Philadelphia, since 1952. November 3, 1953. NP.


Good city government, from an address by Hon. Charles P. Taft, Member, City Council of Cincinnati, at a luncheon of the City Charter Committee. May 6, 1939. NP. [899-8]

Outline of Philadelphia City and County government. Youth Civic Council. ND. 24 p. [873-6]

Philadelphia's Government, 1932: An organization chart and description. Bureau of Municipal Research. 1932. 99 p. [876-13]

Proposed government for City and County of Philadelphia. ND. VP. [864-10]

Putting on the brakes, address by Hon. J. Hampton Moore. January 9, 1935. 8 p. [880-5]

Regarding organizational structure of seven large cities in the United States. Memorandum to Philadelphia Chater Commission. Bureau of Municipal Research. December 13, 1949. 52 p. [846-7]

What is your city doing? A pictorial reply prepared for the citizens of Philadelphia, by Harry A. Mackey, Mayor. ND. 48 p. [857-10]

Your city at your service. Office of the City Representative. Division of Public Information. 1973. NP. [858-9]


Plain facts concerning the building of City Hall and other matters of public interest, by Charles McCaul. 1897. 59 p. [881-13]

Specifications for demolition and removal of buildings on plot bounded by South House line of Filbert Street; West Wall line of Horn and Hardart building; North House line of Commerce Street; and East house  

line of Juniper Street. Department of Public Works. Bureau of City Property. 1925. 14 p. [837-8]


Regarding salaries of public officials in thirteen large cities. Memorandum to Philadelphia Charter Commission. Bureau of Municipal Research. December 1949. 42 p. [846-8]


Civil defense emergency treatment manual. Philadelphia County Medical Society's Civil Defense Service and the Volunteer Medical Service Corps. ND. 95 p. [894-4]

Civil defense operations: Bureau of Fire. Fires Section Security Division. February 1951. 15 p. [907-8]

General outline, civil defense plan for the City and County of Philadelphia. Philadelphia County Civil Defense Council. February 13, 1951. 20 p. [881-6]

An hypothetical narrative (February 13, 195_ attack) for the city of Philadelphia, Pa. U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration. ND. 28 p. [899-5]


From this day forward... Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations. ND. 29 p. [884-18]


The Cobbs Creek story. ND 19 p. [893-9]


College Avenue redevelopment area plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. December 6, 1960. 16 p. [893-11]


Community development block grant: grantee performance report summary. Philadelphia Office of Housing and Community Development. December 1978 to November 30, 1979. [887-12] May 15, 1979 to June 30, 1980.


Philadelphia's community development block grant program: its past and future. Greater Philadelphia Partnership. March 1977. 85 p. [866-8]


The application of network scheduling to the CRP program, by Mauchly Associates, Inc. Technical Report #7. Community Renewal Program Committee. November 1963. VP [883-13]

An application to the Housing and Home Finance Agency for an amendment to the contract for a community renewal program. Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia. February 7, 1964. NP. [915-2]

CRP proposals for administration of development activities. Citizens' Council on City Planning. February 1967. 11 p. [876-10]

Community renewal program: major policies and proposals. Community Renewal Program Committee. 87 p. [891-5]

Excerpts from Philadelphia's community renewal program report. Council for Equal Housing Opportunities. November 1966. 15 p. [903-3]

Materials for meeting of Febrary 25, 1965. Citizens Advisory Committee. Philadelphia Community Renewal Program. 34 p. [866-9]

Strategy for renewal: the distributed approach. Citizens Council on City Planning. June 1967. 11 p. [854-6]


The Community School of Philadelphia, 416 Queen Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147. [Brochure] [891-7]


Directory of community services: Southern New Jersey, 1968. Health and Welfare Council of Camden County. VP. [898-8]


Proposed zoning ordinance: Conshohocken Borough, Mountgomery County, Pennsylvania. Montgomery County Planning Commission. August 1964. 57 p. [915-3]


Construction data for the nine county Delaware Valley. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. ND. 94 p. [893-6]


The Philadelphia Civic Center. [brochure] [866-5]

The Philadelphia Civic Center, 1962 - 1972: A decade of progress. 1971. 39 p.

Trade and Convention Center of Philadelphia: America's finest convention and exhibition facilities. Philadelphia Department of Commerce. [brochure] [844-11]


Administration of penal treatment in Philadelphia. Factual material memorandum no. 5, [Part VII]. Institute of Local and State Government. University of Pennsylvania. April 1938. 47 p. [904-5]

Community treatment services. Pennsylvania Bureau of Corrections. ND. NP. [887-10]

Corrections Consultant Task Force study of the Philadelphia prison system. December 1970. 9 p. [893-8]

The county jail - A handbook for citizen action, by Vinton Deming, Ruth Kilpack, Jim Silver, Francis Spicer, and Bill Stanton III. Friends Suburban Project. June 1973. VP. [903-11]

From crime to correction: Correction in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania. Bureau of Correction. ND. NP. [884-15]

Operations manual. Philadelphia. Adult Probation Department. 1976. VP. [873-3]

Pennsylvania correctional complex authorized for location in the Philadelphia area: brief digest of model correctional programs proposals for the mandated institution. Pennsylvania Prison Society. April

1969. NP. [881-12]

A plan for parole supervision in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia Criminal Justice Association. September 1929. 21 p. [876-14]

Prison report, by Zandra L. Maffett. Opportunities Industrialization Centers of America, Inc. January 1, 1972. 78 p. [872-15]

Prisonia: America's growing megalopolis, by William G. Nagel. Presented at Seminar for Legislators on Alternatives to New Prison Construction, Brookings Institution, September 18, 1979. 7 p. [872-16]

Prisons: the crime of punishment, compiled by Sari Knopp. Philadelphia Resistance. ND. 7 p. [872-17]

Probation services handbook. Adult Probation Department, Court of Common Pleas. ND. NP. [870-14]

Project Outmate: a proposal of Young Great Society. ND. 20 p. [870-10]

Recommended personnel complement for a new State correctional institution in the Philadelphia area. American Foundation Studies in Corrections. June 1964. 15 p. [840-11]

Resident handbook: Philadelphia prisons. Philadelphia Department of Public Welfare. [876-3] Revised May 19, 1974. 22 p. Revised January 30, 1978. 22 p.

Sentencing and release practices for women committed to SCI Muncy, 1957-58, 1971-73. Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders, Inc. July 1975. 109 p. [846-3]


An historical survey of certain County offices, by Sanford S. Marlowe and Karl G. Seelaus. Institute of Local and State Government for the Philadelphia Charter Commission. June 1938. 150 p. [909-6]


The bench and bar of Philadelphia: an exhibition. Philadelphia Bar Association. 1952. 21 p. [895-4]

In support of the Pennsylvania plan for the selection and tenure of judges. Pennsylvania Bar Association. 1961. 28 p. [910-3]

Judicial selection governance study. Committee of 70. 1983. 91 p. [912-9]

Justice in Philadelphia: a guide to your courts. ND. 28 p. [ 911-1]

1975 report of the Commission on Merit Judicial Retention. Philadelphia Bar Association. February 26, 1975. NP. [842-10]

Philadelphia standards and goals exemplary court project: discretionary grant application. Court of Common Pleas. June 3, 1974. VP. [867-7]

Readings on the bail system of the Court of Common Pleas and Municipal Court of Philadelphia. Pretrial Services Division. January 1975. VP. [856-1]

Report. Commission on Merit Judicial Retention. February 20, 1973. 73 p. [839-7]

Report. Committee on Judicial Compensation and Retirement. Philadelphia Bar Association. November 15, 1971. 12 p. [839-1]

Report of the Committee of Censors to the Law Association of Philadelphia in re: contingent fee accident litigation. ND. 80 p. [838-6]

A report to the Chief Magistrate and the Board of Magistrates of a study of the Traffic Court of Philadelphia. American Bar Association Traffic Court Program. August 1963. 158 p. [856-11]


Crime records and reporting procedures in Philadelphia, by Robert H. Kirkwood. Committee of Uniform Crime Records. International Association of Chiefs of Police. June 13, 1952. 27 p. [890-16]

Description and analysis of selected trends in reported crime in Philadelphia, 1972-1982. Philadelphia Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission. April 1984. 54 p. [886-9]

A graphic analysis of Philadelphia crime. Philadelphia Regional Planning Council. Governor's Justice Commission. October 3, 1972. NP. [899-13]

Older boys and crime in Philadelphia. Criminal Justice Association. April 11, 1932. 63 p. [877-17]

Report of the Philadelphia Regional Planning Council activities relating to Federal funds available for period July 1, 1968 - June 30, 1969. Philadelphia Regional Planning Council. Pennsylvania Crime

Commission. 1969. 58 p. [868-3]

Toward social justice: bridging idealism and realism. 18th National Institute on Crime and Delinquency, June 6-9, 1971. [Program book] 78 p. [902-4]


Crime and neighborhoods: a discussion guide and program for action, by Jane Shull. Institute for the Study of Civic Values. ND. 12 p. [885-1]

Crime prevention through environmental design: resource materials. University City Science Center. 1973. VP. [885-3]

The Figgie Report. Figgie International Inc. Part IV: Reducing crime in America-successful community efforts. 1983. 160 p. [904-14]


Crime and injustice: a series on the breakdown in criminal justice - the jailing of the innocent, freeing of the guilty, by Donal L. Barlett and James B. Steele. Philadelphia Inquirer. 1973. 23 p. [887-7]

Crime and the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. Governor's Justice Commission. October 1973. VP. [885-2]

Criminal justice guide: Philadelphia agencies and programs. Philadelphia Commission for Effective Criminal Justice. [Volume 1] ND. NP. [892-1A] [Volume 2] Summer 1976 update. NP. [892-1B]

Directory of justice volunteer programs in Pennsylvania. Council of Criminal Justice Volunteer Programs in Pennsylvania. 1976 revised edition. 22 p. [898-10]

The Philadelphia Bar Association's pretrial alternatives project. Philadelphia Commission for Effective Criminal Justice. July 15, 1978. 57 p. [865-7]


The crosstown expressway... a traffic analysis. Simpson and Curtin, Transportation Engineers. October 1969. 28 p. [910-8]


The Consortium guide to public programs. Philadelphia Area Cultural Consortium. 1982. 28 p. [893-5]

Culture and the arts in Philadelphia: the international dimensions, by Suzanne Whitehead and Ghislain Gouraige. Monograph No. 6. Philadelphia Transnational Project. April 1979. VP. [888-2]

Getting cultural publicity in Greater Philadelphia. Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. Edition II. November 1979. NP. [899-11]

Philadelphia directory of cultural space. Greater Philadelphia some of Philadelphia's major cultural organizations. Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance. October 1977. 24 p. [837-18]


General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 1: Abattoirs - Bustleton Avenue
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General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 6: Philadelphia - Population
General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 7: Port - Saunders
General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 8: School - Unemployment
General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 9: United Nations - Zoning