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This collection is housed at the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection in Sullivan Hall, Temple University Main Campus. Please contact Blockson at 215-204-6632 or blockson@temple.edu for access to this collection.     



Allen Ballard, a Philadelphia native, born in 1930 to Robert and Olive Ballard, is a prominent scholar of African American social and political life, particularly in the area of migration studies. In 1949, along with Stanley L. Jackson, Ballard became one of the first African American students to enroll at Kenyon College in Ohio. While in undergrad he participated in several social and extracurricular activities on campus; however, he was not allowed to join fraternal organizations. As the racial climate on campus caused much stress and anxiety, Ballard remained committed to academic excellence.

Following his undergraduate studies at Kenyon College he enrolled at the University of Bordeaux on a Fulbright Fellowship while he was stationed in the United States Army. Upon his return to the U.S. he entered Harvard University ultimately earning him a Ph.D. in Government.

He has taught at a number of universities including Boston University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, and the City University of New York. While at CUNY Ballard became the Assistant Dean of Liberal Arts heading the program for open enrollment of African American Students. Currently, he is Professor Emeritus at the university.

Ballard’s publications include The education of Black folk: the Afro-American struggle for knowledge in white America (1973), One More Day’s Journey: The Story of a Family and a People (1984), and Breaching Jericho's wall: a twentieth-century African American life (2011). His first novel Where I’m Bound was published in 2000. His other writings and articles have appeared in scholarly and popular publications, including the New York Times magazine.


This collection consists of a variety of documents including correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, notes, manuscripts, journal entries, photographs, and audio tape recordings. Most of the material in the collection is photocopied research material collected by Ballard while researching and writing his second book, One More Day’s Journey. This research covers topics such as African American migration history from the South to the North, population and demographic trends, social and economic conditions in urban areas (Philadelphia), and politics. As most of the documents concern the book, including the correspondence written to and from other academics, family and friends, this collection is rich in documenting important issues regarding African American social and political history from the mid-1800s to 20th century.


I.                   Research & Reading Sources

a.       Research/Reading Material

b.      Research Notes

II.                Correspondence

III.             Publications

a.       Newspaper Clippings

b.      Newsletters

c.       Pamphlets

d.      Programs

IV.             Manuscripts

V.                Personal

VI.             Recordings


            Series I. Research & Reading Sources. The research material reveals the sources that Ballard consulted or reviewed for the writing of his second book. These sources date from the mid-1800s to the early 1970s. The materials he used vary from scholarly journals to reports produced by city and community-based organizations. This series has two subseries: Research/Reading Material, and Research Notes. The reading and research material are photocopies of  sources such as book chapters and articles. The research notes contain his personal reflections on the works that he read, and notes on his research while traveling between the North and South to collect information.

            Series II. Correspondence. This series contain original and photocopies of letters from colleagues, family, and friends.

            Series III. Publications. Contained here are newspaper clippings from several newspapers including the Philadelphia Tribune, New York Times, The Greenwood Index, and The States all covering African American social and political life in the rural south and the urban north. The publications also include programs, pamphlets, newsletters, one magazine, and other miscellaneous items.

            Series IV. Manuscripts. Contained here are primarily the writing and revising of the “One More Day’s Journey.” The many drafts of chapters and other sections of the book are either typed or handwritten (the bulk of the material is handwritten). There are also drafts of other writings and research interests.

            Series V. Personal Items/ Miscellaneous. This series contains personal items of Dr. Ballard.

Series VI. Recordings. This series include several audio recordings of persons Ballard encountered in the field during his research.


SERIES I                   RESEARCH: Research and Reading Material                                        

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Taxpayer Lists: Charleston, SC                          1860

                                    2                      J. Miller M’Kim address                                     1862

                                                            & Correspondence: Stephen Colwell, Esq.

                                    3                      Associate Justice Hoge pp. 618-625                   1865

                                    4                      Colored People’s Convention (Charleston, SC) 1865

                                                            & South Carolina Leader Office

                                    5                      Marriage Certificate:                                           1867

                                                            William H. Smith and Ursuline Parker

                                    6                      Testimonies (South Carolina)                              1869

                                    7                      Allen School Monthly Report (Greenville, SC)  1870

                                    8                      “The Phoenix Election Riot”                              1870

                                                            by Tom Henderson Wells (Phylon)

                                    9                      Petition: Union League of Abbeyville                1870

                                    10                    “An Ex Southerner in South Carolina”               1870

                                                            by Nathaniel Shaler

                                    11                    “An Ex Southerner in South Carolina”               1870

                                                            By Nathaniel Shaler

                                    12                    Minutes: 7th Annual Session- SC Conference     1871

                                                            A.M.E. Church / J. W. Penny Book & Job Printer

                                    13                    Testimony: Condition of Affairs in Southern     1871

                                                            States, pp. 1-9

                                    14                    Testimony: Condition of Affairs in Southern     1871

                                                            States, pp. 289-297, 410-413, & 584-587

                                    15                    “A Southern View of the Southern Problem”    1871

                                                            The Nation, Vol 13, pp. 4-5

                                    16                    Condition of Affairs in the Southern States       1871

                                                            pp. xvi-xvii, 1178-1179, 1256-1261

                                    17                    Condition of Affairs in the Southern States       1871

                                                            pp. 1580-1583, 1588-1591

                                    18                    Minutes: 10th Annual Session – SC Conference 1874

                                                            A. M. E. Church, Republican Printing Co.

                                    19                    “The Phoenix Riot”                                             1874

                                                            by Bruce Lee Kleinschmidt, pp. 27-31.

                                    20                    Sketch of the Life and Character of                   1875

                                                            Rev. Simon Miller

                                    21                    Receipt from the University of South Carolina  1875

                                    22                    “Up The Ashley and Cooper”                             1875

                                                            by Constance F. Woolson, Harper’s New Monthly

                                    23                    South Carolina in 1876 – Abbeville Country     1876

                                    24                    University of South Carolina Catalogue             1876

                                    25                    Error vs. Commonwealth of PA                         1876

                                    26                    Minutes: 12th Annual Session – SC Conference 1876

                                                            A. M. E. Church, Walker, Evans & Cogswell Printers

                                    27                    Reports: Siperintendent Lipscomb,                    1879

                                                            Surgeon Trezevant, & Lieutenant Canill

                                    28                    Report: Drs. Mckie and Pope                             1879

                                    29                    Report: Dr. B. W. Taylor                                    1879

                                    30                    Report: Superintendent (Columbia, SC)             1879

                                    31                    Claflin University Catalogue                     1890-1891

                                                            College of Agriculture and Mechanics Institute

                                    32                    Negro Emigration Speech of Wade Hampton    1890

                                    33                    Afro-American Encyclopedia                             1896

                                                            Compiled and arranged by James T. Haley

                                    34                    The Negro of Farmville, Virginia:                       1898

                                                            A Social Study” by W.E. Burghardt Du Bois

                                    35                    Abraham Lincoln. Citizen-Patriot-President      1903

                                                            Martyr” by E.A.H. Bevland

                                    36                    The Early Negro Convention Movement            1904

                                                             by John W. Cromwell

                                    37                    Members: American Negro Historical Society   1904

                                    38                    “Assisted Emigration from the South:                1905

                                                             The Women” by Frances A. Kellor

                                    39                    “Distinctive Features of the Octavia Hill           1906

                                                            Association of Philadelphia”

                                    40                    The Philadelphia Colored Directory                   1908

                                                            compiled by R.R. Wright, Jr. assisted by Ernest Smith

                                    41                    Reminiscences of School Life, and Hints on      1913

                                                            Teaching by Fanny Jackson-Coppin

                                    42                    “Summer Sunday” by Eric F. Goldman            1914

                                    43                    “4th Annual Philadelphia Housing Comm” 1914-1917

&  “Seventh Annual Report of the Philadelphia Housing Association”

                                    44                    “The Evolution of the Penal System of              1916

                                                            South Carolina from 1866 – 1916”

                                    45                    “Eighth Annual Report of the                  1918-1920

Armstrong Association of Philadelphia 1916;” “Tenth Annual Report of the Armstrong Association of Philadelphia 1918;” “Twelfth Annual Report of the Armstrong Association of Philadelphia 1920”

                                    46                    “Supplementary Study of the Housing of          1916

                                                             the City Negro” by Anneta Gibson McCall

                                    47                    “Philadelphia Housing Association 1917           1917

                                                            Negro Migration Study”

                                    48                    Correspondence: Mr. Gilman                              1917

                                                            To Mr. Marquette

                                    49                    “Negro Migration Committee Housing              1917

                                                            Sub-Committee Housing Sub-Committee”

                                    50                    “Philadelphia Housing Association News          1917

                                                            Service, Released for Afternoon Papers”

                                    51                    “The Octavia Hill Association”                          1917

                                    52                    “Chicago League on Urban Conditions Among 1917

Negroes 3719 South State Street Suggestion for Black visitors,” n.d.

                                    53                    “Philadelphia Housing Associateion                   1917

                                                            Negro Migration Study”                                            

                                    54                    “Round Table Conference” by John T. Emlen   1919

                                    55                    Arrest reports, 19th District Police             1917-1919

                                    56                    Results of Dr. Kober’s Visit                               1919

                                    57                    “Investigation of the Negro Problem”                1919

                                    58                    Conference on Reconstruction Call                    1919

                                    59                    “Work of the Philadelphia Housing                    1919

                                                            Association” by John Ihlder

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Negro Population in PA                                      1920

                                    2                      Round Table Conference for Work among        1920

                                                            Colored People

                                    3                      Negro Committee of P.H.A                                1920

                                    4                      Representatives of the Colored People Cmte     1920

                                    5                      From Dorothy Warrick, October 5, 1975           1921

                                                            The Boule Journal

                                    6                      “The Negro at Work During the World War      1921

                                                            and During Reconstruction,” George E. Haynes Ph.D

                                    7                      Philadelphia Housing Association                      1921

                                                            Report on block conditions

                                    8                      “The Standard of Living Among One Hundred 1921

Negro Migrant Families in Philadelphia” by Sadie Tanner Mossell

                                    9                      “Housing in Philadelphia”                                  1923

                                                            by Bernard J. Newman

                                    10                    Migrant children in public schools                      1923

                                    11                    Migration Committee Statistical Report             1923

                                    12                    Articles on Negro Migration                               1923

                                    13                    Know your city, Housing Negro Migrants, PHA 1923

                                    14                    The Committee on Negro Migration                   1923

                                    15                    “Semi-Monthly Report to Royal Meeker            1923

                                                            Department of Labor and Industry Commonwealth of PA

                                    16                    Negro Housing in the City of Philadelphia        1923

                                    17                    “The Battle to End Discrimination Against        1973

Negroes on Philadelphia Streetcars:  (Part I) Background and Beginning of the Battle” by Philip S. Foner

                                    18                    Negro Migrant Study                                          1924

                                    19                    “Slave Conversion in South Carolina                 1924

                                                            1830 – 1860,” by Susan Markey Fickling

                                    20                    “The Story of the Whittier Center”                    1924

                                    21                    The Whittier Center Incorporated, 1893 – 1920 1924

                                    22                    Housing of Negro Immigrants in Pennsylvania  1924

                                    23                    Minutes: Conference on Negro Population        1924

                                    24                    “The Negro Migrant in Philadelphia”                 1924

                                                            by William D. Fuller

                                    25                    Minutes: Cmte of Management Southwest Branch 1924

                                    26                    Department of Welfare, Housing Survey           1924

                                    27                    Health Survey of Negro Babies                          1925

                                    28                    “Negro Education in South Carolina”                1925

                                                            by Valerie Maynard Schaible

                                    29                    P.H.A. Population Study                                    1925

                                                            Compiled by H.A. Moul, Bernard J. Newman

                                    30                    Cmte minutes, meetings, & reports           1922-1932

                                    31                    “Negro Housing in Philadelphia”                       1927

                                                            by T.J. Woofter, Jr.and Madge Headley Priest

                                    32                    Harriet E. Norris Reports                           1929-1930

                                    33                    “Heaven’s Christmas Tree: A Christmas            1929

                                                            Sermon” by Rev. C. A. Tindley, D.D.

                                    34                    “The Susan Parrish Whatron Memorial”             1930

                                    35                    Mary Felts Dixon’s Resume                               1931

                                    36                    Minutes and Nomination Committee        1932-1933

                                    37                    “In Memory of Hannah Fox. . .”                        1933

                                    38                    Reports of Negro Education/children       1928-1933

                                    39                    Lists of Faculty Members:                                  1933

Alexander Wilson Public School, Michael Arnold Public School, General John F. Reynolds Public School, Eugene Field Public School, and Martha Washington Public School

                                    40                    Record of Committee of 100                              1933

                                    41                    Minutes of Transition Committee (I. L. Troy)    1934

                                    42                    Institute of Race Relations, Swarthmore College 1934

                                    43                    “Anti-Slavery Movements by Mabel Burr Cornish 1935

                                    44                    Employment & Populations Reports         1924-1955

                                    45                    National Youth Administration for PA              1939

                                    46                    Reports: Art, Education, and Employment 1938-1939

                                    47                    “Negro Population Philadelphia”             1900 –1940

                                    48                    “After the Storm,” “They Dawn Appears” 1942-1976

                                                            and “Don’t Walk on My Dreams by Annie Greene Nelson

                                    49                    “The Preservation of University Documents:     1942

with Special Reference to Negro Colleges and Universities”

                                                            by Dorothy B. Porter

                                    50                    P.H.A. Negro Populations in Philadelphia         1943

                                    51                    Reports: Conditions of Negro Populations 1925-1936

                                                            in Philadelphia

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Wade Hampton and the Negro: The Road          1950

                                                             Not Taken by Hampton M. Jarrell

                                    2                      “A Note of Appreciation” by Edgar Dale          1953

                                    3                      “Gombo Comes to Phila." by Edward L.Tinker 1957

                                    4                      “Odyssey of a Santo Dominigan Creole"           1957

                                                             by Edward Larocque Tinker

                                    5                      Lynching in South Carolina, 1900 – 1914          1961

                                                            by Jack Simpson Mullins

                                    6                      “Pennsylvania and the Rights of the Negro,      1961

                                                            1865 – 1887,” by Turner, and Ira V. Brown

                                    7                      “Quaker Merchants and the Slave Trade in        1962

                                                            Colonial Pennsylvania.” by Darold D. Wax

                                    8                      “Negro Imports into Pennsylvania 1720 – 1766, 1965

                                                            by Darold D. Wax

                                    9                      “Repercussions of Reconstruction: The Northern 1968

                                                            Negro, 1870 – 1883” by Leslie H. Fishel, Jr.

                                    10                    “Violence in Philadelphia . . .” by E. M. Geffen 1969

                                    11                    “The Geographic Origins of Negro Slaves in     1971

                                                            Colonial South Carolina,” by W. Robert Higgins

                                    12                    “Report of Committee on Research”                  1971

                                    13                    “‘Hunting the Nigs’ in Philadelphia: The Race  1972

                                                            Riot of August 1834” by John Runcie

                                    14                    “Slaves and Slaveowners in Colonial                 1973

                                                            Philadelphia by Gary B. Nash, William and Mary

                                    15                    “Philadelphia Negro Educator:                           1973

                                                            Jacob C. White, Jr., 1837 - 1902” by Harry C. Silcox

                                    16                    “The Battle to End Discrimination Against        1973

                                                            Negroes on Philadelphia Streetcars:  (Part II) The Victory”                          by Philip S. Foner

                                    17                    “Delay and Neglect: Negro Public Education in 1973

                                                            Antebellum Philadelphia, 1800 – 1860.” By H. C. Silcox

                                    18                    “Ethnicity and Religion in Philadelphia Politics, 1973

                                                            1924 – 40” by John L. Shover

                                    19                    “Mulattoes and Blacks: Intra-Group Color        1974

Differences and Social Stratification in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia”, Theodore Hershberg

                                    20                    The Afro-American Historical Society: The       1974

                                                            Nucleus of Black Bibliophiles, (1879-1923) by J. Spady

                                    21                    Philadelphia Social History Project”                 1974

                                                            Theodore Hershberg Essays

                                    22                    “A quarter of a Century” by D. E. Warrick       1975

                                    23                    “‘Taking Care of Business’ In Revolutionary     1975

                        South Carolina: Republicanism and the Slave Society”

                        by Peter H. Wood

                                    24                    “Autobiography of Charles E. Stewart”             1976

                                    25                    “Celebrating the Life of Ruthena G. Matson”   1976

                                                            by Mrs. Beatrice Unthank

                                    26                    New Perspective on Black Family Heritage”   1976

                                                            by J. Herman Blake

                                    27                    “Interregional migration, Education, and           1976

Poverty in the Urban Ghetto: Another Look at Black-White Earnings Differentials” by Arvil V. Adams and Gilbert Nestel

                                    28                    “The Development of a Black Community:       1976

                                                            Frankford, Philadelphia, 1765 – 1880” by: Henry Williams

                                    29                    Harriet Tubman Poem by Samuel Allen             1977

                                    30                    ‘Long as I have, You have too:’ The strategies 1977

of survival and adaptation of southern-born black migrants to Harrisburg, 1920-1950” by Carl D. Oblinger

                                    31                    “Patterns of black Excellence” by Thomas Sowell 1977

                                    32                    “House Servant and Field Hands: Fragmentation 1978

                                                            in the Antebellum Slave Community” by C.W. Harper

                                    33                    “Masters and Mudsills: The Role of Race in the 1978

                                                            Planter Ideology of South Carolina” by G. M. Fredrickson

                                    34                    “Clandestine Black Labor Societies and White  1978

Fear: Hiram F. Hoover and the ‘Cooperative Workers of America’ in the South” by Thomas W. Kremm and Diane Neal

                                    35                    “Challenges to Subordination: Organized          1978

Black Agricultural Protests in South Carolina, 1886 – 1895” by Thomas W. Kremm and Diane Neal

                                    36                    “‘I Did the Best I Could for My Day’: The       1978

Study of Early Black History during the Second Reconstruction, 1960 to 1976” by Peter H. Wood, William and Mary

                                    37                    “Cater G. Woodson and the Institutionalization 1979

                                                            of Black History” by Darlene Clark Hine

                                    38                    “Black Space: George R. Carruthers, Elmer S.   1980

Imes and the background of scholarship on Blacks in Space Science” by James G. Spady

                                    39                    “The Lost Pharaohs of Nubia” by Bruce Williams 1980

                                    40                    “A Profile of Black Episcopal Clergymen in      1980

                                                            Antebellum America” by Randall K. Burkett

                                    41                    Correspondence: John Hope Franklin                 1981

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      “Facts and Figures about South                           n.d.

                                                            Philadelphia Territory” Submitted by Blumenfield, Hans

                                    2                      “The Vigilant committee of Philadelphia,”         1968

                                                            by Borome. Joseph A.

                                    3                      “Black Americans in Cleveland from George      n.d.

                                                            Peake to Carl B. Stokes” by Davis, Russell H

                                    4                      "The Labor Unions and the Negro" by J. Durham 1898

                                                            Martha Schofield – Pioneer Negro Educator by  n.d.

                                                            Evans, Matilda A.

                                    5                      Legal Document:                                                  n.d.

                                                            City of Cape May vs. Edna Woodson and others

                                    6                      “Negro Housing and Tuberculosis among            n.d.

                                                            Negroes,” by Ihlder, John

                                    7                      Rev. Frank W. D. D. Lancaster                            n.d.

                                    8                      Black Carolinians: A History of Blacks in Carolina n.d.

                                                            from 1895 to 1968 by Newby,  I.A.

                                    9                      J. A. Rogers quote                                                n.d.

                                    10                    Minutes: Southwest Branch Y.W.C.A.                n.d.

                                    11                    Correspondence: Shirley, Wayne D.                   1979

                                    12                    “The Philadelphia Race riot (July 1918),              n.d.

                                                            Stepansky Marion, Seminar in American Social History 1877

                                                            1877– 1914, Dr. M. Haller

                                    13                    “The Inter-Racial Committee of Philadelphia”   1923

                                                            by Stirling, Anne Biddle, Chairman, 1923(?)

                                    14                    Contents, Introduction by Willis, David W.        n.d.

                                    15                    “Reverdy C. Ransom: The Making of an A.M.E. n.d.

Bishop” by Wills, David Black Apostles: Afro-American Clergy Confront the Twentieth Century edited by Randall K. Burkett and Richard Newman, G.K. Hall & Co.

                                    16                    Philadelphia Map                                                  n.d.

                                    17                    Articles on Negro Migration (8)                         1923

                                    18                    Brewer Normal School Architectural layout         n.d

                                    19                    Richard Bright                                                      n.d.

                                    20                    “Family of my grandparent S Parker Side”          n.d.

                                    21                    Greenville/Greenwood, Tour 8 & Tour 19A SC  n.d.

                                    22                    P.H.A. Housing Survey of 7th Ward                    n.d.

                                    23                    Introduction of Whittier Centre Annual Report  n.d.

                                    24                    Invitation. From Mr. and Mrs. William H. Smith n.d.

                                    25                    Negro in Phila., Economic Dev. Businesses         n.d.

                                    26                    “The Negro in Philadelphia. . .”                            n.d.

                                                            Cultural Developments, Education

                                    27                    The Negro in Philadelphia (4)                               n.d.

Economic Development, Recreation, and Social Development

                                    28                    The Negro in Philadelphia (12)                             n.d.

Professional Development, Cultural Development, Economic Development, and Teaching Profession

                                    29                    The Negro in Philadelphia (17)                             n.d.

                                                            Civic, Social, and Educational Organizations

                                    30                    The Negro in Philadelphia (24)                             n.d.

                                                            Politics, Education, and Political Organizations

                                    31                    The Negro in Philadelphia (24)                             n.d.

                                                            Religion and Education

                                    32                    P.H.A. RE: Special Instructive Inspection         1920

                                    33                    Regarding the early life for Blacks in New York n.d.

                                    34                    “Report of General P.H. Bradley”                       n.d.

                                    35                    “Report of the meeting on Negro Migration”      n.d.

                                    36                    “Richard Samuel Roberts, Photographer”            n.d.

                                    37                    Roster                                                                   n.d.

                                    38                    Tables: Negro Occupations & Jobs                       n.d.

                                    39                    “The Philadelphia Society for Negro Records     n.d.

                                                            and Research”

                                    40                    Travelers AID Society                                          n.d.

                                    41                    Racism in Philadelphia Communities                   n.d.

                                    42                    The Whittier Centre                                              n.d.

                                    43                    The Who’s Who in Philadelphia”                         n.d.

SERIES I                   RESEARCH: Notes

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      The Reconstruction of Abbeville County             n.d.

                                    2                      On the Eve of the Migration                                n.d.

                                    3                      Going to the City                                                  n.d.

                                    4                      Additional Handwritten notes for Part I              n.d.

                                    5                      Handwritten  Chapter 1, Part III                          n.d.

                                    6                      Handwritten  Chapter 2                                        n.d.

                                    7                      Handwritten  Chapter 2, Part III                          n.d.

                                    8                      Handwritten “Chapter II: Part III”                      n.d.

                                    9                      “Chapter II: Part IV”                                            n.d.

                                    10                    “Chapter II: Part V”                                             n.d.

                                    11                    “Chapter II: Part VI”                                            n.d.

                                    12                    “Chapter II: Part VII”                                          n.d.

                                    13                    Handwritten  Chapter 3                                        n.d.

                                    14                    Handwritten notes, pages 23-25                           n.d.

                                    15                    Handwritten notes, pages 26-51                           n.d.

                                    16                    Handwritten notes, pages 62-68                           n.d.

                                    17                    The Leaders and the Community                         n.d.

                                    18                    The Church                                                           n.d.

                                    19                    Footnotes                                                              n.d.

                                    20                    Citations, notes and sources                                  n.d

                                    21                    Handwritten assorted notes                                  n.d.

                                    22                    Various Handwritten notes                                  n.d.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      One More Day’s Journey, 1883                            n.d.

                                    2                      Note cards 18-79                                                  n.d.

                                    3                      Note cards 80-150                                                n.d.

                                    4                      Note cards 152-234v                                            n.d.

                                    5                      Philadelphia Public Ledger, Note cards 90-176  n.d.

                                    6                      Note cards, sources                                               n.d.

                                    7                      Note cards                                                            n.d.

                                    8                      Southwest Belmont YWCA & H.A.D.V             n.d.

                                    9                      Housing Assoc. of Delaware Valley Office Files n.d.

                                    10                    Various Handwritten notes                                  n.d.

                                    11                    Addresses, Minutes of a Committee                    n.d.

                                    12                    Bethel African Methodist Episcopal church        n.d.

                                    13                    Loose Note cards (various subjects)                     n.d.

                                    14                    Important notes for Part III                                  n.d.

                                    15                    quotes on Dr. William Warrick letter head           n.d.

                                    16                    Mrs. Cooper and Elizabeth Stevens                     n.d.

                                    17                    Leadership in the Phila. Black community           n.d.

                                    18                    Handwritten notes, topic lynching                       n.d.

                                    19                    The Phoenix Riot, pages 1-6 plus obligations       n.d.

                                    20                    Frederick B. Tolles/Quakers in Philadelphia        n.d.

                                    21                    Philadelphia 17th & 18Th Centuries                       n.d.

                                    22                    “M.M., Bright, Dubois, etc…”                             n.d.

                                    23                    Proposal: book on the Black middle class            n.d.

                                    24                    Rev. Stephen (3 pgs)                                            n.d.

                                    25                    Notes, Citations, and Sources                              n.d.


      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      From Allen to Unknown                                      n.d.

                                    2                      From Juanita P. Alexander to Allen B. Ballard  1984

                                    3                      From Baclard(?) to Dr. Ballard                           1979

                                    4                      From Lenox D. Baker, M..D. to Dr. Ballard      1984

                                    5                      From Allen Ballard to various recipients (24) 1976-1991

                                    6                      From Allen Ballard to various recipients (9) 1974-1979

                                    7                      From Allen Ballard to various recipients (2) 1976-1977

                                    8                      From Emily Ballard to Dr. Ballard                     1982

                                    9                      From Mr. Hester Ballard to Allen Ballard (2) 1976-1978

                                    10                    From Oliver Ballard to Hester Ballard               1982

                                    11                    From Dr. William J. Bennett to Dr. Ballard       1981

                                    12                    From Andrew Billingsley to Allen Ballard         1977

                                                            From Allen Ballard to Andrew Billingsley

                                    13                    From Joseph Boromé to Allen Ballard               1978

                                    14                    From Mrs. Ruby C. Boyd to Dr. Ballard            1982

                                    15                    From the Brady Family to Dr. Ballard (2) 1979-1980

                                    16                    From Mom Brady to Allen Ballard            1977, n.d.

                                    17                    From Carlos A. Brossard to Rev. Robert Reid   1979

                                    18                    From Randall K. Burkett to Dr. Ballard             1981

                                    19                    From H. Childs to Allen Ballard (7)          1978-1982

                                    20                    From the City College to Professor Ballard       1977

                                    21                    From CUNY to June Wiggins                            1975

                                    22                    From Charles I. Cohento Dr. Ballard                 1976

                                    23                    From W. S. Cook to Dr. Ballard                         1982

                                    24                    From Mrs. H. Cooper to Prof Allen B. Ballard  1984

                                    25                    From D.E.W.J. to Dr. Allen Ballard                   1982

                                    26                    From John A Davis to Dr. Allen Ballard            1980

                                    27                    From Elsa Dixler to Dr. Ballard (2)                    1983

                                    28                    From Jason Epstein to Emilie Jacobson              1984

                                    29                    From Fauset to Dr. Ballard (14)                1977-1980

                                    30                    From George Fischer to Dr. Ballard (3)              1980

                                    31                    From Edward B. Fiske to Dr. Allen Ballard      1976

                                                            From Dolores Jones to Mr. Edward B. Fiske

                                    32                    From the Ford Foundation to Dr. Ballard          1981

                                    33                    From Benjamin Gaillard to Dr. Allen Ballard    1977

                                    34                    From Garnier Co.                                                1978

                                    35                    From Harvey Goldman to Dr. Ballard                1979

                                    36                    From Hackett to Dr. Ballard                               1978

                                    37                    From Alex Haley to Elsa Dixler                         1984

                                    38                    From Hope Franklin to Dr. Ballard                      n.d.

                                    39                    From Jeannette Hopkins to Dr. Ballard              1974

                                    40                    Invitation Card                                                   1977

                                    41                    From Emily Jacobson to Dr. Ballard         1981-1984

                                    42                    Mailgram: From Leonard Jefferies to Ballard    1984

                                    43                    From Roland G. Johnson to Dr. Allen Ballard   1978

                                    44                    From Shelley Kleiman to Dr. Ballard                 1981

                                    45                    From Frank Litsky to Dr. Allen Ballard             1976

                                    46                    From Ella Mae to Allen Ballard                          1980

                                    47                    From Milo A. Manly to Mr. Allen Ballard         1977

                                    48                    From Meryl to Allen Ballard                              1977

                                    49                    From E. Wally Miles to B.A.P.S.                       1977

                                    50                    From Robert C. Morris to Dr. Ballard                1977

                                    51                    From Dr. Samuel M. Nabrit to Colleague           1977

                                                            From Allen Ballard to Dr. Samuel M. Nabrit

                                    52                    From Nell to Allen Ballard                                 1979

                                    53                    From Robert N.C. Nix to Dr. Ballard       1975-1976

                                    54                    From Sally J. Oleon to Dr. Ballard                     1974

                                    55                    From Akos Ostor                                                1981

                                    56                    From Nell I. Painter to Dr. Allen Ballard  1980-1984

                                    57                    From Liz Perle to Emily Jacobson                      1981

                                    58                    From Wayne J. Pond to Dr. Ballard           1982, n.d.

                                    59                    From Dorothy B. Porter to Dr. Wade Wilson    1976

                                    60                    From Ernest Quimby to Allan Ballard                1977

                                                            From Allen Ballard to Mr. Ernest Quimby

                                    61                    From Thomas H. Quinn to Dr. Ballard               1986

                                    62                    From Phila. PA to Dr. Allen Ballard                  1977

                                    63                    From James N. Reaves to Dr. Ballard       1979-1982

                                    64                    From Margaret Riemerto Dr. Ballard                 1975

                                    65                    From Lila S. Rosenblum to Allen B. Ballard      1975

                                    66                    From Barbara Rossmoore to Dr. Ballard            1982

                                    67                    From Carolyn H. Simon to Dr. Ballard     1979-1982

                                    68                    From Carol J. Smith to Dr. Allen Ballard           1976

                                    69                    From William A. Smith to Friend                       1977

                                    70                    From James Spady                                              1980

                                    71                    Pearl Spears-Gray to Dr. Allen B. Ballard          1977

                                    72                    From B. Taylor to Dr. Ballard                            1982

                                    73                    From Iris Tillman Hill to Dr. Ballard                  1980

                                    74                    From unknown to Dr. Ballard (Photo)                 n.d.

                                    75                    Card: From Dorothy Warrick to Allen Ballard   1976

                                    76                    From Marlie Wasserman to Dr. Ballard              1982

                                    77                    Postcard: From Marie D. Watson to Dr. Ballard 1981

                                    78                    From C. Wellsto Dr. Allen Ballard                     1976

                                    79                    Postcard: From Carol Wells                                  n.d.

                                    80                    Card: From C.A. Williams Jr                     1975-1981

                                                            From C.A. Williams Jr. to Dr. & Mrs. Ballard

                                    81                    From Stephen J. Wright to Allen Ballard           1979

                                    82                    Re: Moton Center removal                                   n.d.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      From Baekenstose, J.D.                                      1873

                                    2                      From Beresford Gale Corp. to B. Newman        1923

                                    3                      From Bowles, Eva D. various recipients             1931

                                    4                      From Conyers, Ruth to unknown                         n.d.

                                    5                      From Coolbaugh (?),K. M. to Mr. B. J. Newman 1923

                                    6                      From Crown, Wm. H.to various recipients 1936-1937

                                    7                      From Davis, Mamie E. to Mr. Jay Kyle              1939

                                    8                      From Dixon, Mary Felts to Miss Nelson            1931

                                    9                      From Dunton, L.M. to Rev. Strieby                   1875

                                    10                    From Emlen, John T. to Mr. Ihlder            1917-1919

                                    11                    From Executive Secretary to Mr. Charles Seger 1915

                                    12                    From: Fauset, Arthur Huff to Friend (3)              n.d.

                                    13                    From Fraser, Albert to Mr. Bernard J. Newman 1923

                                    14                    From Goodman, J.D. to Mr. Bernard J. Newman 1935

                                    15                    From Green, David to John Ihlder                     1917

                                    16                    From Hall, Charles B. to Bernard J. Newman    1929

                                    17                    From Hatfield, Charles J. to Mr. John Ihlder     1917

                                                            & to Charles J. Hatfield

                                    18                    From Hill, T. Arnold to Mr. John J. Ihlder         1917

                                    19                    From (?) to Whittier Center                                1918

                                    20                    From Imes, William Lloyd to Mr. John Ihlder   1920

                                    21                    From J.I. to various recipients (20)            1917-1920

                                    22                    From Johnstone, Albert S. to Mr. Ihlder            1917

                                    23                    From Kohl, Wm. to Housing and Sanitation Div 1924

                                    24                    From Lancaster, F. W. to Rev_______                n.d.

                                    25                    From Dr. Landis(?)to Mr. Ihlder                        1918

                                    26                    From Lee Jr., B. F. to various recipients (2)       1911

                                    27                    From Levitan, Harry to The Secretary                1937

                                    28                    From [?] to Mr. Emlen                               1919-1929

                                                            From Managing Director to various recipients (7)

                                    29                    From Manly, A. L. to. Mr. John Ihlder     1920-1923

                                    30                    From March, Selma to Mr. John Ihlder              1917

                                    31                    From Martin, Isadore to Mr. John Ihlder            1920

                                    32                    Phone message from Mr. Martin                         1917

                                    33                    From McCrudden, James F. to Mr. J. H. Ihlder 1917

                                    34                    From Migration Committee to Norman Taylor   1923

                                    35                    From Murphy, Carl to P.H.A.                             1923

                                                            From Managing Director to Mr. Carl Murphy

                                    36                    From Murphy, J. Prentice to Mr. Ihlder              1920

                                    37                    From Tustin, Ernest L. to Mr. Ihlder                  1920

                                                            From J. Ihlder to Hon. Ernest L. Tustis

                                    38                    From Unknown to Mr. Bernard J. Newman       1924

                                    39                    From Wahl, William J. to Mr. J. F. McCrudden 1917

                                    40                    From Washington, Booker T. to Mr. Ihlder        1920

                                    41                    From Winton, Mr. Henry to Mr. B.J. Newman  1923

                                    42                    From Wright Jr., R.R. to various recipients 1918-1923

                                    43                    From Dorothy B. Porter to Dr. Wade Wilson    1976

                                    44                    From Chairman of Central Committee                 n.d.

SERIES III                PUBLICATIONS: Newspaper Clippings

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Newspaper Clippings                        n.d., 1977-1981

                                                            “Anderson Mass Set”

                                                            “Betraying Black Leaders”

“Gently with Gansters,” “Laqbor’s Kiss of Death,” and “The Virginia Summit”

“Composer Frank Johnson mastered fiddle, bugle and French Horn”

“German town fights to hold its own”

“Memorial services held for Dr. George H. Outen”

“Photograph of guests attending the Philadelphia Continentals annual fund raising dance at the Sheraton Hotel”

“White Supremacists Voice Support of Farrakhan”

“Current Social Boom Peaks as ye olde Philadelphia Club Hosts Annual Spring Forman”

“Jack and Jill Begins 41st Anniversary observance”

Church Directory

“President Jimmy Carter . . . talks during recent conference at White House to discuss President’s youth employment program”

“Rev. Claude A. Edmonds recommended for bishop”

“Chavis urges Blacks to declare political freedom”

“Leon Lynch: One of America’s most influential union leaders”

“Actor rejected because of her looks”

“New city answer to Black rage”

“Blacks must gain control of institutions”

“Basketball Hall of Famer Tarzan Cooper found dead”

“Reagan’s Black cabinet choice called tokenism”

“No Generation gap between Ethel and Charles Graham and Children of Zion”

“Black Children: an endangered species”

“Bill Cosby learned his comic routine in North Philadelphia”

“Fisk Jubilee Singers”

“Marian Anderson: Outstanding contralto,” “Bojangles: King of tap dancers, etc.

“Sissieretta denied right to perform with the met”

                                    2                      “The New England Baptist Convention”             n.d.

                                                            The Christian Review

                                    3                      “Brotherhood: La Mott Tradition” by J. Hilferty n.d.

                                    4                      “Brotherhood Is a Way of Life in La Mott”        n.d.

                                    5                      The Greenwood Index.                                       1898

                                    6                      “Riot in a Hotbed of Republicanism . . .”           1898

                                    7                      “The Trouble at Phoenix . . .”                             1898

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    8                      “Several More Were Slain . . .”                           1898

                                                            The State: Columbia SC

                                    9                      “Slew Fight in South Carolina . . .”                    1898

                                                            The State: Columbia SC.

                                    10                    “Commotion Has Ceased . . .”                           1898

                                                            The State: Columbia SC.

                                    11                    “The Closing Chapters . . .”                                1898

                                                            The Greenwood Index.

                                    12                    The Greenwood Index. (Phoenix Riots)             1898

                                    13                    “True Bill against Nine Men . . .”                       1898

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    14                    “Election Declared Illegal . . .”                           1898

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    15                    “Negro Exodus . . .”                                           1898

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    16                    “Peace and Order Shall Prevail . . .”                   1899

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    17                    “Negroes Leave to Florida”                                1899

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    18                    “A Homesick Negros in the Mississippi . . .”      1899

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    19                    “All Want to Get Back . . .”                               1899

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    20                    The Greenwood Index. RE: Joe Tolbert             1899

                                    21                    The Greenwood Index. RE: Phoenix Riots        1899

                                    22                    “R.R. Tolbert, He is in Washington . . .”            1899

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    23                    The Greenwood Index                                        1899

                                    24                    RE: Tolberts                                                        1899

                                    25                    Letters to the Editor                                           1899

                                    26                    “Poll Tax Payers”                                                1899

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    27                    The Greenwood Index. List of Names               1899

                                    28                    “The McCormick ‘Conspiracy’ Case . . .”          1899

                                                            The Greenwood Index

                                    29                    “The Great Philadelphia Giants”                        1929


                                    30                    Epilogue Sources                               n.d., 1979-1980

“Rosen Residents are Angry About Snafu”

“Scrapbook Party held during black history observance at museum”

“Successful minority women attorneys work hard and have thick skin”

“W. G. Smith, U.S. writer dies in Paris”

“Negro death of pastor (Dr. Tindley)”

“Current Social boom peaks as ye olde Philadelphia Club hosts annual spring forman”

“Going down home looks like up to him: A black Philadelphia dentist moves back to South Carolina and finds it changed”

“Cecil B. Moore placed on ‘very critial’ list”

“The lion is dead, long live his memory Cecil B. Moore”

Blacks and the White House”

“Charles Dorsey, Zoar Church Usher Pioneers”

“More than 500 attend Georgia Pine Society’s 10th annual Reunion”

“Marian R. Minton Retired Teacher”

“Baptist Ushers Brotherhood, auxiliary”

“Captain cited for 40 years of police work”

“Solidarity conference seeks solutions to Black problems”

“Guardians claim black plicemen are being eliminated from force”

“Parents see signs of racial trouble in city’s southwest”

“Photograph: 31st pastoral anniversary of Dr. Mary Richardson, past of Open Door Mission Church)”

“Mayor, council city century-old Berean Presbyterian, honor founder Anderson”

“James Franks Family member and friends attending the annual reunion worship service and dinner at New Bethlehem Baptist Church”

“Cops suspended in youth’s slaying”

“Gang killer sought in stabbing spree”

“Steward heads Black Studies at Penn State”

“Project Residents encouraged by city’s crackdown on pushers”

                                    31                    Epilogue Sources                                       1980-1982

“Rev. Sullivan, an outstanding church leader”

“B.C. Harris third black woman ordained in Episcopal Church”

“Triumph builds on pastor’s evangelism”

“Companies pay $425,000 in discrimination cases”

“Jones Tabernacle chalks up 50 years of service”

“Oldtimers baseball players hass annual dance and drawing”

“Slain cop’s dad feels no animosity toward killer”

“Zoar’s Rev. and Mrs. Joshua E. Licorish honored at 186th anniversary banquet”

“Law supports black rights to a new city”

“Life through the eyes of 2 centenarians”

“In city, blacks gained key positions”

“Report gives view of impact of poverty and discrimination upon Black children”

“1980 Black College All-Stars called ‘best in recent memory”

Photograph: Rev. Joseph D. Patterson

“Mt. Tabor fetes pastor”

“Life Among the descendants of Aaron Burr”

                                    32                    The Philadelphia Tribune                                    1936

                                    33                    Photocopied newspaper clippings     n.d., 1923-1928

                                    34                    The Philadelphia Inquirer clippings                    1935

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      “Black inventions need recognition”                  1975

                                                            The Philadelphia Inquirer Op-Ed Page (by R. C. Maynard)

                                    2                      “A Loving Father for Thousands of Kids . . .”   1976

                                                            Philadelphia Daily News” (by Chuck Stone)

                                    3                      “Lancaster Leaps to Long Island”                      1976

                                                            Germantown Courier (by C. R. McCoy)

                                    4                      Poem by June Jordan                                          1977

                                    5                      “Compensatory Education…”                            1976

                                                            The New York Times

                                    6                      “Awards Gala’ at Middle East Pays Tribute . . .” 1976

                                                            Philadelphia Tribun

                                    7                      “Edwina Mitchell, 90, Dies . . .”                         1979

                                                            The Philadelphia Tribune

                                    8                      “Land Developers find the elderly easy prey  . . .” 1980

                                                            The Philadelphia Tribune

                                    9                      “Walcott, Hearns Call [Joe] Louis an Inspiration” 1981

                                                            The Philadelphia Tribune (by Michael Kats)

                                    10                    Various clippings explaining death rates            1982

                                    11                    March 1983 Newspaper Clippings                      1983

                                                            “Thomas Sowell vs. Special Treatment for Blacks”

                                                            “Team player: Anne McGrill Gorsuch Burford”

                                                            “Pretension in the President Pulpit”

                                                            “Make Taxes Equitable”

                                    12                    April 1983 Newspaper Clippings                        1983

                                                            “Despair among jobless is on rise, studies find”

                                                            “Holy Week 1983”

                                                            “DNA’s code: 30 years of revolution”

                                                            “Epton threw the dirt”

                                                            “Job plight of youth blacks tied to despair, skills lack”

                                                            “Black teen-agers found eager to work”

                                    13                    Assorted Photocopied Clippings       1911-1977, n.d.

“City U. Linguists seeks to legitimize Carolina Delta’s Gullah Language”

“3rd annual carnibal and minstrel festival of the Colored Vaudeville Benevolent Association”

                                    14                    “Century-Old Trinity AME Takes Pride . . .”     1979

                                                            The Philadelphia Tribune

                                    15                    “In Celebration of Black Music . . .”                  1980

                                                            The Philadelphia Tribune

                                    16                    “What Huck Finn Says to a Black Child”          1982

                                                            New York Times

                                    17                    May 1983 Newspaper Clippings                         1983

                                                            “Ole Miss heeds a call by blacks to furl rebel flag”

                                                            “Teaching teen parents to be adults”

“Brother sin blood: Prison gangs formed by racial groups pose big problem in west”

“Illinois says waste with cyanide was illegally stored near homes”

“A government that would sell the sky”

“Leade poisoning – silent epidemic among children”

“Stope penalizing the poor”

“NBC plans study of why Today has declined in ratings”

“Wrong missle, wrong chip”

“Review and outlook: civil rights basics”

“Dirty little secret”

                                    18                    June 1983 Newspaper Clippings                         1983

                                                            “Black troopers seek promotion”

                                                            “A Rare Gig for Nina Simone, Diva of Pop”

“Judges hear arguments in key case on remedies for job discrimination”

“Minority malaise: Blackson Regan team fret about his failure to attract black voters”

“B.B. King hometown proves music dissolves all barriers”
“Ethnic differences found to affect nursing homes”

“Excerpts from address on U.S. policy in Africa”

“Fear and frustration beset midwest mired in recession”

“State department report on minority progress: Still distressing”

“Minorities are jailed longer for felonies, Rand Corp. Finds”

                                    18a                  July 1983 Newspaper Clippings                         1983

“Rate of infant deaths declines, but black-white gap continues to grow”

“Tolerance of mixed marriages is increasing”

“Jobs saved, minus jobs lost”

“Race and responsibility”

“The NAACP: Verging on irrelevance”

“Morris Abram, LBJ and Neutrality”

                                    19                    “Tales of the Great Migration”                           1985

                                                            Philadelphia Daily News

                                    20                    “The Balch Institute”                                            n.d.

                                    21                    The Migration – What it Means . . .                    1917

                                    22                    The Christian Recorder                                       1917

SERIES III                PUBLICATIONS: Programs

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Afro-American Studies Conference                   1969

                                    2                      “Brick Baptist Church, Frogmore, SC                1977

                                    3                      Funeral: Charles A. Ballard, Sr                           1978

                                    4                      Tindly Temple United Methodist Church          1979

SERIES III                PUBLICATIONS: Pamphlets

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    5                      Housing of the City Negro                                 1914

                                    6                      “List of Free Black Heads of Families . . .”        1973

                                    7                      A Guide Book to Historic LaMott                     1974

                                    8                      Graduate Fellowships for Black Americans       1974

                                    9                      Social Science Research Council               1974-1975

                                    10                    Allen Temple AME Sunday Service program    1975

                                    11                    Faculty Research Award Program Guidelines 1975-1976

                                    12                    Richard Allen’s Pulpit Catalogue              1975-1976

                                    13                    South Carolina accommodations Directory          n.d.

                                    14                    South Carolina Beaches                                        n.d.

                                    15                    South Carolina Camping                                      n.d.

                                    16                    South Carolina Golf & Tennis                              n.d.

                                    17                    “South Carolina Points of Interest”                      n.d.

                                    18                    Weston Chapel A.M.E. Church Program             n.d.

                                    19                    Journal of Social History                                    1976

                                    20                    Labor History, Vo. 17, No. 2                              1976

                                    21                    Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church      1977

                                    22                    New Hope Baptist Church                                 1977

                                    23                    South Carolina events for 1978                          1978

                                    24                    “Bordentown Historical Society . . .”                 1979

                                    25                    Griffin-Bowie Family Reunion                           1980

                                    26                    “1982 Tax Guide for College Teachers . . .”        n.d.

                                    27                    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities              1984

                                    28                    Funeral: Rev. Arthur A. Averheart                     1985

                                    29                    “It Aint Been Easy for Allen B. Ballard . . .”     1984

                                    30                    Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church       n.d.

                                    31                    “Clara Barton School, Borden Town N.J.”          n.d.

                                    32                    From Dr. John Hope Franklin                                n.d

                                    33                    Kenneth Goodman International  Organist          n.d.

                                    34                    Bordentown Historical Society                            n.d.

SERIES III                PUBLICATIONS: Magazine

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    35                    A Tribute to Black History                                 1985

SERIES III                PUBLICATIONS: Newsletters

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    36                    “The Negro History Bulletin”                             1937

                                    37                    Newsletter: by Randall K. Burkett ed.                 n.d.

SERIES III                PUBLICATIONS: Miscellaneous

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    38                    Old Camden & Amboy Railroad Company       1976

                                    39                    Contemporary Auditorium, Trenton, N.J.          1989

                                    40                    Morris Chapel Baptist Church                              n.d.

                                    41                    Index to file                                                          n.d.

                                    42                    Photographs of Southern ministers                       n.d.

                                    43                    Four syllabi on Afro-American Studies              1969

                                    44                    Several pages from the Republic of Transkei     1976

                                    45                    Postcard from Bonaparte Park                             n.d.



      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Draft: Chapters on SC and Philly Migration        n.d.

                                    2                      “One More Day’s Journey”                                  n.d.

                                    3                      Chapter I. Origins of Black Population                n.d.

                                    4                      Book III – No. III. People moving to Phila.        n.d.

                                    5                      Continuation of Notebook #1                              n.d.

                                    6                      Chapter II, Part III. Tossed and Driven               n.d.

                                    7                      The Church                                                           n.d.

                                    8                      The Church continued                                          n.d.

                                    9                      Part II. Chapter III. Black Leadership in Phila.   n.d.

                                    10                    Part II. Self-Help in Modern Philadelphia           n.d.

                                    11                    Part I. Self-Help in Modern Philadelphia             n.d.

                                    12                    Part III. Making a Living in Philadelphia             n.d.

                                    13                    Part III. The Culture of Black Philadelphia         n.d.

                                    14                    Education, pages 1-34                                          n.d.

                                    15                    Part III. Education in the Black Community       n.d.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Part III (continued)                                             n.d.

                                    2                      Part III. Culture of Black Philadelphia continued n.d.

                                    3                      Part III. Politics in Modern Black Philadelphia   n.d.

                                    4                      The Old Philadelphia Traditions                           n.d.

                                    5                      The War on the Black Community                      n.d.

                                    6                      The Foundation of the Black Phila. Community n.d.

                                    7                      Part III. The Modern Philadelphia                       n.d.

                                    8                      End (Please attach to end of section)                   n.d.

                                    9                      Drafts of Epilogue “One More Day’s Journey”   n.d.

                                    10                    Footnotes for One More Day’s Journey               n.d.

                                    11                    Footnotes: Part I, 1 - 251”                                 n.d.

                                    12                    Bibliography for One More Day’s Journey          n.d.

                                    13                    “There are no old Black Phila. Families”              n.d.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      “One More Day’s Journey”                                1984

                                                            McGraw-Hill Book Co: New York

                                    2                      Draft:“One More Day’s Journey” (partial)           n.d.

                                    3                      Draft: “ One More Day’s Journey” (partial)         n.d.

                                    4                      “My Soul Looks Back in Wonder”                      n.d.

                                    5                      My Soul Looks Back in Wonder”                        n.d.

                                    6                      “My Soul Looks Back in Wonder”                      n.d.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey, 06/23 version   n.d.

                                    2                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey                           n.d.

                                    3                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey – Part III           n.d.

                                    4                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Chps 18 – 23    n.d.

                                    5                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Chps 24 – 28    n.d.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Chp 2               n.d.

                                    2                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Footnotes         n.d.

                                    3                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Part III             n.d.

                                    4                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Part IV             n.d.

                                    5                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Epilogue           n.d.

                                    6                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Notes               n.d.

                                    7                      Draft: One More Day’s Journey/ Part III/Notes  n.d.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      “Chapter Two”                                                    n.d.

                                    2                      “Chapter Two”                                                     n.d.

                                    3                      Chapter 18-Chapter 28                                         n.d.

                                    4                      Chapter 18 rough draft, ages 388-410                  n.d.

                                    5                      Chapter 19 (Tossed and Driven) pages 411-442  n.d.

                                    6                      Chapter 20 pages 443-477                                    n.d.

                                    7                      Chapter 22 pages 478-507                                    n.d.

                                    8                      Chapter 23 pages 508-525                                    n.d.

                                    9                      Chapter 24 pages 526-538                                    n.d.

                                    10                    Chapter 25 pages 540-565                                    n.d.

                                    11                    Chapter 26 pages 566-600                                    n.d.

                                    12                    Chapter 27 pages 601-618                                    n.d.

                                    13                    Chapter 28 pages 619-636                                    n.d.

                                    14                    Footnotes # 11-293, pages 62-83                         n.d.

                                    15                    One More Day’s Journey” printed draft            n.d.

                                    16                    Photo captions for One More Day’s Journey     1984

                                    17                    “Since They Got Those Separate Churches”        n.d.

                                                             Afro-Americans and Racism in Jacksonian Philadelphia

                                    18                    Obituary: Rev. William H. Clark (1862-1918)     n.d.

                                    19                    Preface to unknown text                                      n.d.

                                    20                    Drafts: Compensatory Education: Two Views   n.d.

                                    21                    Andress: the education of Black Youth                n.d

                                    22                    Drafts: the Moton Center                                     n.d.

                                    23                    “Introduction to America”                                   n.d.

                                                            (A View From the Black Side)

                                    24                    Untitled document: Blacks and Indians in Phila. n.d.

                                    25                    Front & Back Matter                                            n.d.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Handwritten Draft of Introduction                      n.d.

                                                            My Soul Looks Back & Wonders

                                    2                      Draft: interview with June Wiggins                    1975

                                    3                      Draft: Dr. Ballard’s study proposal                    1974

                                    4                      Handwritten notes from, Warrick tape                 n.d.

                                    5                      Transcript from interview with Dr. Howard        n.d.

                                    6                      Transcript from interview with Dr. H. Townes    n.d.

                                    7                      Transcript from interview with Wade Wilson      n.d.

                                    8                      Transcript from interview with Hulzey Childs     n.d.

                                    9                      “Black Education, Then & Now” by A. Ballard  n.d.

                                    10                    “They Don’t Care Anymore” by A.B. Ballard   1976

                                    11                    Handwritten citations and footnotes                    n.d.

                                    12                    Transcript from interview with Jip Hackett          n.d.

                                    13                    Interview w/Mr. Jack Saunders                          1975

SERIES V                  Personal Items

      BOX                     FOLDER CONTENTS                                                        YEAR


                                    1                      Journal entries                                                     1980

                                    2                      Allen Ballard Family Tree                                    n.d.

                                    3                      Handwritten comments                                        n.d.

                                    4                      Dr. Ballard’s biographical sketch                         n.d.

                                    5                      List of numbers and business cards                      n.d.

                                    6                      Personal journal entries                                         n.d.

                                    7                      Allen Ballard schedule book                               1975

                                    8                      Allen Ballard schedule book                               1979

                                    9                      List of telephone numbers                                    n.d.

                                    10                    Handwritten notes                                                n.d.

                                    11                    Photocopied handwritten document                    n.d.

                                    12                    Typing service invoice                                        1975

                                    13                    Photograph of Allen Ballard and father               n.d.

                                    14                    Curriculum Vitae                                                2002

                                    15                    Allen Ballard Family Tree                                    n.d.

                                    16                    Blurb by Ralph Ellison                                        1984

                                    17                    Memo from Allen Ballard                                   1969

                                    18                    Expense Report                                                   1977

                                    19                    Citicorp Mortgage - Payoff Statement                 n.d.


      BOX                     FOLDER CONTENTS                                                        YEAR


                                    Charles Andrew Ballard                                            March 13, 1975

                                    Dorothy Warwick                                                         May 13, 1975

                                    Jack Saunders                                                               May 18, 1975

                                    Jack Saunders                                                               May 19, 1975

                                    Dr. Howard                                                                  May 18, 1975

                                    Hampton(?)                                                                   June 19, 1975

                                    Oral Tradition                                                         October 17, 1975

                                    Logans – Greenville [2 tapes]                             November 28, 1975

                                    William Duckrey                                                   November 1, 1976

                                    William Duckrey                                                 November 15, 1976

                                    William Duckrey                                                 November 29, 1976

                                    William Duckrey                                                    December 6, 1976

                                    William Duckrey                                                  December 14, 1976

                                    William Duckrey                                                  December 14, 1976

                                    William Duckrey                                                  December 14, 1976

                                    Ralph Jones                                                                  April 13, 1977

                                    J. Duckett                                                                      July 20, 1977

                                    J. Duckett                                                                     June 29, 1977

                                    J. Duckett                                                                     June 29, 1977

                                    Family Genealogy                                                         June 29, 1977

                                    Mr. Hulzey Childs                                                    August 18, 1977

                                    Mr. Hulzey Childs                                                         July 27, 1977

                                    Duckrey                                                                 December 7, 1977

                                    Jupiter Hackett                                                    December 27, 1977

                                    2 Tapes – Illegible