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Bassano, Ltd. Photograph Collection

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Bassano, Ltd. Photograph Collection

Circa 1920-1939        

Collection ID

Bassano, Ltd.

4.5 linear feet (18 boxes)       

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

Materials in English         

Detailed Collection Information

Description of Collection

This collection contains formal portraits produced by Bassano, Ltd., a society photographer in London, England, and provided to the Public Ledger newspaper in Philadelphia. Includes members of European nobility, English government officials, sports celebrities, theatrical performers, and prominent citizens including Americans visiting England. Photographs are generally accompanied by biographical sketches.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged alphabetically by subject.

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Catalog Record

A record for this collection is available in Temple University’s online library catalog: http://diamond.temple.edu/record=b1719774~S30

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Collection is open for research.

Collections Stored Off-Site

This collection may be housed off-site at the Library Depository, and require up to two business days to retrieve. Please review the finding aid and be prepared to identify specific materials to be retrieved. Contact the Special Collections Research Center in advance of your visit, so that materials may be relocated to the reading room for research.

Publication and Copyright Information

The Bassano, Ltd. Photograph Collection is the physical property of the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries. Intellectual property rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated.

Preferred Citation

[Description and date of item], [Box/folder number], Bassano, Ltd. Photograph Collection, PC-59, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Acquired in 1995.

Processing Information

Finding aid revised according to contemporary archival standards in June 2015.             

Index Terms

The following headings have been used to index the description of this collection in Temple University’s electronic catalog:

Corporate Names:
Bassano, Ltd.
Public Ledger (Philadelphia, Pa.)

London (England)

Material Types:


1                    Abelson, Iris          Undated

1                    Aberdare, Lord          Undated

1                    Aberdeen, Marchioness          Undated

1                    Abernathy, Romaine Le Moyne          Undated

1                    Abyssinia, Ras Tafari          Undated

1                    Acton, Marie          Undated

1                    Acton, Peline          Undated

1                    Adeane, Helena          Undated

1                    Agar, Lady Caroline,          Undated

1                    Agar, Lady Georgina          Undated

1                    Aitken, Peter          Undated

1                    Aitken, William Maxwell          Undated

1                    Alba, Duchess of          Undated

1                    Albani, Mme.          Undated

1                    Albanesi, Miss Meggie          Undated

1                    Aldrich-Blake, Danie Louisa          Undated

1                    Allardyce, Lady William          Undated

1                    Allen, Commandant Mary S.          Undated

1                    Allenby, Field Marshal Viscount          Undated

1                    Allendale, Viscountess          Undated

1                    Alman, Miss Elaine          Undated

1                    Amery, John          Undated

1                    Amery, Mrs. L.S.          Undated

1                    Anderson, J.C.          Undated

1                    Annesley, Countess of          Undated

1                    Annesley, Countess Pricilla          Undated

1                    Annesley, Miss Sheila          Undated

1                    Anstruther-Goug-Calthorpe, Miss Barbara          Undated

1                    Arbenina, Stella          Undated

1                    Archer, The Honorable Mrs.          Undated

1                    Archer, Sir Geoffrey          Undated

1                    Arkandy, Katherine          Undated

1                    Arkell, Miss Elizabeth          Undated

1                    Armstrong, Lord and Lady          Undated

1                    Arnaud, Mlle. Yvonne          Undated

1                    Arthur, Sir George          Undated

1                    Arthur, Jean          Undated

1                    Arthur, Miss Pamela          Undated

1                    Ashby, Mrs. Corbett          Undated

1                    Ashley, Mrs. Wilfrid          Undated

1                    Ashley, Copper, Lady Mary          Undated

1                    Askwith, The Honorable Betty          Undated

1                    Aspinall, John          Undated

1                    Asquith, Lady Cynthia          Undated

1                    Atkins, Mrs. A.K.          Undated

1                    Atkinson, Mrs. Earl J.          Undated

1                    Aussem, Fraulein C.          Undated

1                    Austin, H.W. (Bunny)          Undated

1                    Austin, Miss Joan          Undated

1                    Avery, Miss Melanie          Undated

1                    Aylwin, Miss Jean          Undated

2                    Bacon, Miss Mai          Undated

2                    Baird, Mrs. Major John A.          Undated

2                    Baird, Mrs. John          Undated

2                    Baker, George          Undated

2                    Baldwin, Miss Betty          Undated

2                    Baldwin, Mrs. James Gayford          Undated

2                    Baldwin, Stanley          Undated

2                    Balfour, Arthur J.          Undated

2                    Balfour, Miss Betty          Undated

2                    Balfour, Miss Nemone          Undated

2                    Bal;four Mrs. R.A.L.          Undated

2                    Bannerman, Miss Margaret          Undated

2                    Bantock, Sir Granville          Undated

2                    Banzet, Mrs. George          Undated

2                    Baring, The Honorable Maurice          Undated

2                    Baring, The Honorable Venetia          Undated

2                    Barker, Sir Herbert          Undated

2                    Barlow, The Honorable Lady          Undated

2                    Barnes, Miss Winifred Home          Undated

2                    Barney, Mrs. John Sterling          Undated

2                    Barran, Sir john          Undated

2                    Barrington, Miss Pamela          Undated

2                    Barrington, Ruth Land          Undated

2                    Baseball - New York Giants vs Chica          Undated go

2                    Basil, Colonel Rudolph R.          Undated

2                    Baskcombe, A. W.          Undated

2                    Bathurst, The Honorable Ursula          Undated

2                    Battenberg, Prince Louis of          Undated

2                    Beaton, Cecil          Undated

2                    Beaty, Miss Peggy          Undated

2                    Bayly, Mrs. Hamilton          Undated

2                    Bayfield, Miss Florence Beanish, Mrs.         Undated

2                    Beary, Mrs. J.          Undated

2                    Beaulieu, Lady Montagu          Undated

2                    Beaumont, Baroness          Undated

2                    Bech, James M. And Mrs.          Undated

2                    Bedellis, Phyllis          Undated

2                    Beeby, Mr. C.          Undated

2                    Belin, Mrs. F.L.          Undated

2                    Bellonini, Miss Edna          Undated

2                    Bennett, Miss Eileen          Undated

2                    Bentham, Dr. Ethel          Undated

2                    Berner, Lord          Undated

2                    Berrie, John A.A.          Undated

2                    Bertie, Lady Muriel          Undated

2                    Bessborough, Earl of          Undated

2                    Best, Miss Edna          Undated

2                    Bethel, Sir John          Undated

2                    Bevan, Faith          Undated

2                    Biega, Madame Boleslas          Undated

2                    Bilbrooke, Miss Lydia          Undated

2                    Bingham, Barbara          Undated

2                    Bingham, Miss Rose          Undated

2                    Birchall, Miss Mary          Undated

2                    Birkbeck, Lady          Undated

2                    Bird, Sir Robert (MP)          Undated

2                    Birdwood, General Sir William & Lady          Undated

2                    Birkenhead, Viscount & Vicountess          Undated

2                    Birmingham, George A.          Undated

2                    Blackwood, Lady Ursula          Undated

3                    Blades, Miss Elizabeth          Undated

3                    Blades, Miss Margaret          Undated

3                    Blades, Sir Rowland          Undated

3                    Blair, Miss Jean Field          Undated

3                    Bland-Sutton, Lady          Undated

3                    Bletsoe, Lord St. John          Undated

3                    Blomfield, Sir Reginald          Undated

3                    Bloom, Miss Ursula          Undated

3                    Bobadilla, Miss Pepita          Undated

3                    Bonaparte, , Children of Prince Napoleon          Undated

3                    Bonfield, Miss Margaret          Undated

3                    Borden, Miss Mary (Novelist)          Undated

3                    Borden, Sir Robert          Undated

3                    Borthwick, Gabrielle Botsoa, Mm          Undated e.

3                    Bottomley, Haratio          Undated

3                    Bourbon Del Monte, Marchesa          Undated

3                    Bourne, Cardinal          Undated

3                    Bowen, Lady          Undated

3                    Bowen, Miss Marjorie          Undated

3                    Bowes-Lyon, Lieutenant Commander Ronald          Undated

3                    Boyle, Miss Belinda          Undated

3                    Boyle, Grized Lady          Undated

3                    Bracker, Major General Sir W. Sheton          Undated

3                    Braganza, H.H. (Princess)          Undated

3                    Bragg, Sir William          Undated

3                    Braithwaite, Lillian          Undated

3                    Brandon-Thomas, Miss Amy          Undated

3                    Brassey, Major H.C.L.          Undated

3                    Breadalbane, Captain Earl & Countess          Undated

3                    Bright, Miss Ruth          Undated

3                    Bristol, Mrs. Mark L.          Undated

3                    Brodrick, Miss Elizabeth          Undated

3                    Bromley-Davenport, Miss Joan          Undated

3                    Brooke, Brigadier General M.P.          Undated

3                    Brown, Miss Betty Lyman          Undated

3                    Brown, Mrs. Curtis          Undated

3                    Brown, The Honorable Dominick Geoffrey Edward          Undated

3                    Brown, Harold G.          Undated

3                    Brown, Lady Richmond          Undated

3                    Brown, Miss Iris          Undated

3                    Brown, Miss Winfred          Undated

3                    Browne, Kathleen          Undated

3                    Bruce, The Honorable Mrs. Victor          Undated

3                    Brunner, Mrs. Elizabeth Felix          Undated

3                    Buccleuch, Duchess          Undated

3                    Buchanan, Jack (Actor)          Undated

3                    Buchanan, Sir james          Undated

3                    Buchanan-Jardine, Lady          Undated

3                    Buckmaster, Captain Herbert          Undated

3                    Budge, Sir Ernest Wallis          Undated

3                    Bundy, Miss Dorothy          Undated

3                    Bundy, Mrs. May Sutton          Undated

3                    Burghley, Lord          Undated

3                    Burgayne, Mrs.          Undated

3                    Burney, Lieutenant Commander Charles          Undated

3                    Burrage, Miss Charlote          Undated

3                    Burrage, Mrs. Guy H.          Undated

3                    Burstall, Miss Phylis          Undated

3                    Burton, Sir Pomeroy          Undated

3                    Butler, Sir Geoffrey          Undated

3                    Butler, The Honorable Somerset          Undated

3                    Butlers, Frank          Undated

4                    Cadogan, Lady Theodosia          Undated

4                    Caine, Sir Hall          Undated

4                    Calthorpe, Lord          Undated

4                    Cambridge, Lady Mary          Undated

4                    Cambridge, Lord Fredrick          Undated

4                    Cameron, Lady Marian          Undated

4                    Campbell, Captain Alastair          Undated

4                    Campbell, The Honorable Mrs. Elidor          Undated

4                    Campbell, The Honorable Mrs. Ian          Undated

4                    Campbell, Captain Malcom          Undated

4                    Campbell, Lady Malcolm          Undated

4                    Campbell, Miss          Undated

4                    Campbell, Stella M.          Undated

4                    Campden, Viscountess          Undated

4                    Can Tacuzene, Princess Helene          Undated

4                    Cardigan, Earl of          Undated

4                    Carey, Joyce          Undated

4                    Carey, Miss Nan          Undated

4                    Carmi, Signorina Maria          Undated

4                    Carnar Von, Countess of          Undated

4                    Carnegie, The Honorable Mrs. A.          Undated

4                    Carnegie, Reverend Canon William          Undated

4                    Carnegie, Miss M.          Undated

4                    Cartland, Miss Barbara          Undated

4                    Carrick, Countess of          Undated

4                    Cary, The Honorable Rosemary          Undated

4                    Cary, The Honorable Miss Sheila          Undated

4                    Casartelli, Miss Gabrielle          Undated

4                    Casson, miss Ann          Undated

4                    Cave Viscount          Undated

4                    Cavendish, Miss Emily          Undated

4                    Cazalet, Captain Victor          Undated

4                    Cecil, Mr. Evelyn          Undated

4                    Cecil, Sylvia          Undated

4                    Cecil, Viscount          Undated

4                    Cecil, Miss Faith          Undated

4                    Chamberlain, Sir Ansten          Undated

4                    Chamberlain, Mrs. Neville          Undated

4                    Chambers, Mrs. Lambert Chance, Ethel          Undated

4                    Chapman, J. Holbrook          Undated

4                    Charlteris, Brigadier General John          Undated

4                    Chase, Miss Dorothy          Undated

4                    Chase, Miss Elizabeth J.          Undated

4                    Chase, Mrs. Irving          Undated

4                    Chaytoir, Mrs. Alfred Drewett          Undated

4                    Chaytor, Lady          Undated

4                    Chaytor, Miss Lillian          Undated

4                    Chester, Miss Betty          Undated

4                    Chetwynd, Viscount          Undated

4                    Cheylesmore, Lord          Undated

4                    Childe, Mrs. Freddie          Undated

4                    Childe-Villiers, Lady Joan          Undated

4                    Childs, Joe          Undated

4                    Childs, Johnny          Undated

4                    Cholmondelay, Irene          Undated

4                    Cholmondelay, Marquis          Undated

4                    Christie, Mrs. Agatha (Novelist)          Undated

4                    Chu, M & Mmme          Undated

4                    Churchill, Viscount          Undated

4                    Churchill, Winston Spencer          Undated

4                    Clark, Mrs. J. Francis          Undated

4                    Clarke, Miss Betty Ross          Undated

4                    Clarke, Miss Jane          Undated

4                    Clarke, Lady          Undated

4                    Clarke, Mrs. R. Coningsby          Undated

4                    Clarkson, Miss Joan          Undated

4                    Clarkson, Willie          Undated

4                    Clayton, Sir Robert & Lady          Undated

4                    Clyesdale, Marquis of          Undated

4                    Clynes, Mrs. J.R.          Undated

4                    Coates, Albert          Undated

4                    Cobham, Sir Alan          Undated

4                    Cohen, Miss Gladys          Undated

5                    Coke, Lady          Undated

5                    Collins, Sir Godfrey          Undated

5                    Colt, Mrs. Dunscombe          Undated

5                    Colyer, Miss E.          Undated

5                    Compton, Miss Fay          Undated

5                    Compton, Miss juliette          Undated

5                    Connaught, Duke          Undated

5                    Converse, Miss Sonia Cook, Audrey          Undated

5                    Cook, Sarah          Undated

5                    Cooper, Miss Doris          Undated

5                    Cooper, Miss Enid          Undated

5                    Cooper, Group Captain D.S.O.          Undated

5                    Cooper, Miss Joyce          Undated

5                    Cooper, Mrs. Lee          Undated

5                    Cooper, Lady Richard          Undated

5                    Cope, J.L.          Undated

5                    Cordert, Miss Violet          Undated

5                    Corell, Lord          Undated

5                    Corri, Eugene          Undated

5                    Coltenham, Earl & Countess          Undated

5                    Cotterell, Lady Evelyn          Undated

5                    Courtneidge, Miss Cecily          Undated

5                    Courtneidge, Rosaline          Undated

5                    Courtney, Miss Sheila          Undated

5                    Coventry, The Honorable George          Undated

5                    Coventry, The Honorable Hena          Undated

5                    Cowan, Lady          Undated

5                    Cowen, Sir Frederick          Undated

5                    Cowie, Laura          Undated

5                    Cowley, Clare (Countess)          Undated

5                    Cox, Governor James M.          Undated

5                    Craigie, Sir William A. & Lady          Undated

5                    Crawford, Miss Mimi          Undated

5                    Crewe, Lord          Undated

5                    Croft, Annie          Undated

5                    Cromwell, Lady          Undated

5                    Cronin, Doctor A.J.          Undated

5                    Crossland, Miss Marjorie          Undated

5                    Croy, Princess Leopard          Undated

5                    Crozier, Brigadier General F.P. C.B. C.M.C.          Undated

5                    Culverhouse, Miss J.A.M.L.          Undated

5                    Cumberlege, Mrs. G.F.T.          Undated

5                    Cumming, Miss Cecily Gordon          Undated

5                    Cunliffe, Miss Gundred          Undated

5                    Cunliffe, Lady of Headly          Undated

5                    Cunliffe-Lister, Sir Phillip          Undated

5                    Cunliffe-Owen, Sir H.          Undated

5                    Curzon, Mrs. Francis          Undated

5                    Cushenden, Lord          Undated

5                    Cuthbert, Miss Alice          Undated

5                    Cuthbert, Mrs. L.M.          Undated

5                    Cutler, Kate          Undated

5                    D’Abernon, Lord          Undated

5                    D’Altena, Countess B. Deborchgrave          Undated

5                    D’Alvarez, Senorita Lila          Undated

5                    D’Erlanger, Charlotte          Undated

5                    Dare, Miss Zena          Undated

5                    Darling, F.          Undated

5                    Dartrey, Countess          Undated

5                    Das, Mrs. Frieda Hanswirth          Undated

6                    Davies, Aileen          Undated

6                    Davies, J.T.          Undated

6                    Davies, Miss Lillian          Undated

6                    Davies, Sir & Lady Walford          Undated

6                    Davis, John W.          Undated

6                    Davson, Lady          Undated

6                    De Alvarez, Senorita          Undated

6                    De Ayala, Edmund          Undated

6                    De Bahr, Madame          Undated

6                    De Bathe, Mrs. Patrick          Undated

6                    De Beck, Baroness          Undated

6                    De Broke, Lady Willoughby          Undated

6                    De Bunsen, Cecily          Undated

6                    De Bunsen, Rosalind          Undated

6                    De Clifford, Lord          Undated

6                    De Coquilla, Marquis          Undated

6                    De Lagatinerie, Baronne Harrier - Her Baby & Son          Undated

6                    De Malahide, Lady Tallbot          Undated

6                    De Montille, Madame          Undated

6                    De Ortuzar, Olivarez          Undated

6                    De Pillar, Baroness          Undated

6                    De Perinello, Miss Rosamund          Undated

6                    De Sibour, Viscount & Vicountess          Undated

6                    De Vries, Miss Beppie          Undated

6                    Deane, Miss Velma          Undated

6                    Deehurst, Lady          Undated

6                    Deeping, Warwick          Undated

6                    Deerhurst, Lord          Undated

6                    Delysia, Mili          Undated

6                    Demetriadi, Lady          Undated

6                    Denbign, Lady & Earl T.          Undated

6                    Denby, Lord          Undated

6                    Desborough, Lord          Undated

6                    Devitt, Sir Thomas          Undated

6                    Dewar, Lord          Undated

6                    Dewey, Mrs. Charles          Undated

6                    Dicksee, Sir Frank          Undated

6                    Dickson, Miss Dorothy          Undated

6                    Disney, Miss Monica          Undated

6                    Dixon, George Seymour          Undated

6                    Dolgorouki, Prince Serge          Undated

6                    Don, Kaye          Undated

6                    Donoghue, Steve          Undated

6                    Dorbritz, Mrs. Ernest O.          Undated

6                    Douglas, Lady Blanche          Undated

6                    Douglas-Hamilton, Lady Jean          Undated

6                    Douglas-Hamilton, Lady Malcolm          Undated

6                    Douglas-Hamilton, Lady Margaret          Undated

6                    Drummond, Lady          Undated

6                    Drummond, Colonel The Honor          Undated able Maurice

6                    Drysdale, Miss Edith C.B.E.          Undated

6                    Du Maurier, Mrs. Gerald          Undated

6                    Duane, Miss Margaretta          Undated

6                    Dublin, Anton          Undated

6                    Duggan, Herbert          Undated

6                    Dulverton, Lord          Undated

6                    Dundas, Mrs. W.          Undated

6                    Dunham, Miss Maudie          Undated

6                    Dunmore, Lady          Undated

6                    Dunville, Mrs. Rfobert          Undated

6                    Durham, Dewin          Undated

6                    Dyer, Miss Olive          Undated

6                    Earle, Lady          Undated

6                    Earle, Miss Eileen          Undated

7                    Easterby, Walter          Undated

7                    Ebury, Lady Florence          Undated

7                    Eden, Mrs. Robert Anthony & Boys          Undated

7                    Edgar, Miss Glory          Undated

7                    Edward, Miss Helen          Undated

7                    Egerton, Lady Mary          Undated

7                    Egorova, Millie Lubov          Undated

7                    Ellinger, Desiree          Undated

7                    Elliot, Major Walter          Undated

7                    Ellis, Wade H.          Undated

7                    Ellison, Miss Grace          Undated

7                    Elsie, Lily          Undated

7                    Elsom, Isobel          Undated

7                    Elson, Miss Anita          Undated

7                    Eltham, Countess          Undated

7                    Elveden, Viscount & Viscountess          Undated

7                    Elwes, Miss Claire          Undated

7                    England - Duke & Duchess of York          Undated

7                    England - King George          Undated

7                    Edward - Prince Edward          Undated

7                    England - Prince George          Undated

7                    England - Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester          Undated

7                    England - HRH Princesss Beatrice          Undated

7                    England - Princess Mary          Undated

7                    England - Princess Mary Louise          Undated

7                    England - Queen Victoria; Edward, Prince of Wales; Princess Alexandra          Undated

7                    Erskine, Miss Margaret & Romola          Undated

7                    Esher, Viscountess          Undated

7                    Esmonde, Miss P. Gratton          Undated

7                    Esmonde, Sir Thomas Gratton          Undated

7                    Essex, Earl of          Undated

7                    Evans, Miss Eileen          Undated

7                    Evans, Lady          Undated

7                    Evans, Margaret          Undated

7                    “Eve"          Undated

7                    Everard, Mrs. Lindsay W.          Undated

7                    Eyre, Mrs. Edward          Undated

7                    Eyre, Wilfred          Undated

7                    Eyers-Monsell, Sir Bolton          Undated

7                    Eyton-Jones, miss Theodora          Undated

7                    Falkland, Viscountess          Undated

7                    Farmer, Miss Leila          Undated

7                    Fergusson, Catherine          Undated

7                    Fermor-Hesketh, Sir Thomas & Lady          Undated

7                    Fisher, Sir W.W.          Undated

7                    Fishwick, Miss Diane          Undated

7                    Fisk, Mrs. Samuel A.          Undated

7                    Fitz-Clarence, Wilhemina Joan          Undated

7                    Fitzgerald, Lady Henry          Undated

7                    Fitzroy, Ismay          Undated

7                    Fletcher, Miss Pauline          Undated

7                    Flood, Miss Josephine          Undated

7                    Florence, Lady Ebury          Undated

7                    Flory, Mlle. Regina          Undated

7                    Flower, Gilly          Undated

7                    Foch, Marshall          Undated

7                    Folkestone, Viscount          Undated

7                    Forbes-Robertson, Miss Jean          Undated

7                    Fortescue, Mrs. John          Undated

7                    Forteviot, Lord          Undated

8                    Fowler, Miss Kathleen          Undated

8                    Fox, Mrs. Homer          Undated

8                    Fox. Miss Mary Lame          Undated

8                    Frankland, Barbara          Undated

8                    Franklin, Miss Betty          Undated

8                    Franklin, Mrs. Phillip          Undated

8                    French, Miss Valerie          Undated

8                    Frere, Mrs. Jasper          Undated

8                    Fry, Miss Joan          Undated

8                    Fuller, Miss          Undated

8                    Fuller, Lady          Undated

8                    Fullerton, Mrs. John          Undated

8                    Furneaux, Viscount          Undated

8                    Furnivall, Lady          Undated

8                    Fyzee, Doctor A.A.          Undated

8                    Galitzine, Prince Imitry          Undated

8                    Galloway, Earl of          Undated

8                    Gardner, Arthur R.L.          Undated

8                    Gardner, Evelyn          Undated

8                    Garrsey, Sir Gilbert          Undated

8                    Garson, Miss Francis          Undated

8                    Garvagh, Lady          Undated

8                    Gawne, Commander J.O . & Mrs.          Undated

8                    Gayley, Miss Betty          Undated

8                    Gedoles, Professor Patrick          Undated

8                    German, Edward          Undated

8                    Germany - Prince Hesse          Undated

8                    Gerrard, Gene          Undated

8                    Gibbs, Mr. Anthony          Undated

8                    Gilliland, Helen          Undated

8                    Gilpin, The Honorable Mrs. Victor          Undated

8                    Gladstone, The Honorable W.E.          Undated

8                    Glamis, Lord          Undated

8                    Glanely, Lard William James Tatem          Undated

8                    Glenconner, Lady          Undated

8                    Glerawly, Viscountess Edith          Undated

8                    Glidden, Mrs. E.H.          Undated

8                    Glynn, Miss Mary          Undated

8                    Goodenough, Mr. F.W. C.B.E.          Undated

8                    Gold, Miss Cecilia          Undated

8                    Gordon, Majorie          Undated

8                    Gordon, Miss Zoe          Undated

8                    Gordon-Cumming, Cecily          Undated

8                    Gordon-Lennox, Lady Doris          Undated

8                    Gorrell, Lady & Three Children          Undated

8                    Goss, Miss E.          Undated

8                    Gouin, Lady          Undated

8                    Gourlay, Miss Molly          Undated

8                    Graham, Lady Evelyn          Undated

8                    Graham, Sir George          Undated

8                    Graham, Colonel Malise          Undated

8                    Graham, Miss Winifred          Undated

8                    Graham-Toler, Mr. & Mrs.          Undated

8                    Grant, The Homorable Joan          Undated

8                    Grant, Lady Margaret          Undated

8                    Granville, Sidney          Undated

8                    Gray, Mrs. Edward F.          Undated

8                    Gray, Miss Helga          Undated

8                    Gray, The Master of          Undated

8                    Greame, Lady Lloyd          Undated

8                    Greece - Princess Marina          Undated

8                    Greece - Prince Nicholas          Undated

8                    Greenwall, F.B.          Undated

8                    Greenwell, Barbara          Undated

8                    Greenwood, The Honorable Angela          Undated

8                    Greenwood, Gladys Hamar          Undated

8                    Greenwood, Lady          Undated

8                    Greer, Lady          Undated

9                    Grening, Mrs. P.C.          Undated

9                    Gretton, Miss M.          Undated

9                    Grevenkop-Castenskield, Mlle.          Undated

9                    Greville, Miss Margot          Undated

9                    Grey, Viscount Edward          Undated

9                    Griffin, Miss Elsie          Undated

9                    Grosvenor, Mrs. Edwin Prescott          Undated

9                    Grove, Lady          Undated

9                    Gruntvig, Miss Elizabeth          Undated

9                    Guest, Doctor & Mrs. Haden          Undated

9                    Guiness, Lady Honor          Undated

9                    Guinness, Miss Maureen          Undated

9                    Guinness, The Honorable Walter          Undated

9                    Gutierrez-Ponce, Sir Don & Madame          Undated

9                    Hacking, Mrs. Douglas          Undated

9                    Haddington, Earl of          Undated

9                    Haddon, Peter          Undated

9                    Haig, Countess          Undated

9                    Haig, Emma Haig, Mrs. Nigel          Undated

9                    Hale, Binnie          Undated

9                    Hale, Sonnie          Undated

9                    Hall, Sir Edward Marshall          Undated

9                    Halstan, Margaret          Undated

9                    Halstead, Miss Aline          Undated

9                    Halstead, Miss Margaret          Undated

9                    Hamilton, Lady Jean          Undated

9                    Hamilton, Marquess of          Undated

9                    Hamilton-Fellows, Miss Enid          Undated

9                    Hamner, Mrs. E.C.          Undated

9                    Hanhan, Sir john Ludlow          Undated

9                    Hansen, Major E.          Undated

9                    Hanson, Lady Gerald S.          Undated

9                    Hanson, Mrs. R.F.          Undated

9                    Harbord, Miss A.H.          Undated

9                    Hardenbergh, Miss H.          Undated

9                    Hardiman, A.F.          Undated

9                    Hare, Lady Elizabeth          Undated

9                    Hare, The Honorable john          Undated

9                    Harington, Lieutenant General Sir Charles & Lady          Undated

9                    Harmen, Mrs. H./R.          Undated

9                    Hartigan, Frank          Undated

9                    Hartsham, Vernon          Undated

9                    Hasson, Princess Ola          Undated

9                    Hastings, Dorothy          Undated

9                    Hastings, Osmunda          Undated

9                    Hawtrey, Charles          Undated

9                    Hay, Pearl          Undated

9                    Hayes, Sir Bertram          Undated

9                    Headley, Lady Cunliffe of          Undated

9                    Helene, Miss Bobbie          Undated

9                    Hemmant, Miss Effie          Undated

9                    Henderson, Miss          Undated

9                    Henderson, Miss Alice Mary Theyne          Undated

9                    Henderson, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur          Undated

9                    Henderson, The Honorable Mrs. Bulter          Undated

9                    Henderson, Miss Elvira          Undated

9                    Henn, Miss C.L.          Undated

9                    Henry, Lady          Undated

9                    Henry, Miss L.          Undated

9                    Henry, Mrs. Phillip          Undated

9                    Henschel, Sir George          Undated

9                    Henson, Leslie          Undated

9                    Herries, Baroness          Undated

9                    Hervey, Lord Herbert Heryet, Phillis          Undated

9                    Hewart, The Honorable Katherine          Undated

9                    Hewart, Lady          Undated

9                    Hicks, Miss Betty Seymour          Undated

9                    Hicks, Seymour          Undated

9                    Higham, Lady          Undated

10                    Hoare, The Honorable Mrs. Eustance          Undated

10                    Hodges, Horace          Undated

10                    Hodges, Admiral Sir M.H.          Undated

10                    Hodgkin, Eliot          Undated

10                    Hoffe, Miss Barbara          Undated

10                    Hogg, The Honorable Quintin McGarel          Undated

10                    Holland, Hugh Delanot & Bride          Undated

10                    Holman, Miss C.          Undated

10                    Holmes A’Court, Betty          Undated

10                    Holmes A’Court, Miss Nancy          Undated

10                    Holmesdale, Captain Viscount          Undated

10                    Holt, Air Vice Marshal F. Vesey          Undated

10                    Hood, Lady          Undated

10                    Hood, Miss Norah          Undated

10                    Hood, Miss Winifred          Undated

10                    Hope, Miss Doria          Undated

10                    Hope, The Right Honorable F.J.P.          Undated

10                    Hope, Lord Francis          Undated

10                    Hope, Lady Mary Pelham Clinton          Undated

10                    Hope, Miss Wilhelmine          Undated

10                    Hope-Vere, Miss Rosemary          Undated

10                    Horder, Miss Betty          Undated

10                    Horne, Sir Robert          Undated

10                    Houghton, Mrs. Alnson B.          Undated

10                    Howard, Lady Ankaret          Undated

10                    Howard, Lady Constance          Undated

10                    Howard Sir Ebenezer          Undated

10                    Howard, Lady Elizabeth          Undated

10                    Howard, The Honorable Greville R.          Undated

10                    Hughes, Leonara          Undated

10                    Hume, miss Majorie          Undated

10                    Hunloke, Henry          Undated

10                    Hunsaker, Commander & Mrs.          Undated J.L.

10                    Hursh, Miss Barbara          Undated

10                    Hutchinson, Miss Felicity          Undated

10                    Hutchinson, Major General Sir Robert          Undated

10                    Huxley, Mr. Aldous Huxley, Professor Julian          Undated

10                    Iddesleigh, Lord          Undated

10                    Ikerrin, Viscount The Honorable Somerset Butler          Undated

10                    Imeretinsky, Princess George          Undated

10                    Inge, Dean          Undated

10                    Inge, Mrs. William & Miss C.          Undated

10                    Ingram, Lady          Undated

10                    Inverclyde, Lady          Undated

10                    Irving, Mrs. Lawrence          Undated

10                    Iveagh, Countess          Undated

10                    Jack, Miss Doris          Undated

10                    Jack, Richard          Undated

10                    James, Mrs. Claudea          Undated

10                    Jarvis, J.L.          Undated

10                    Jeans, Miss Isabel          Undated

10                    Jeans, Miss Ursula          Undated

10                    Jenks, Adderman & Mrs. Maurice          Undated

10                    Jesse, Miss Tennyson          Undated

10                    Jessel, The Honorable Doreen          Undated

10                    Jessel, Gladys          Undated

10                    Jessel, Sir Herbert          Undated

10                    Jessup, Mrs. Marion Z.          Undated

10                    Johnson, Miss Eveline          Undated

10                    Johnson-Ferguson, Lady          Undated

10                    Johnston-Noad, Countess & Baby          Undated

10                    Jowitt, J.A.          Undated

10                    Joyce, Colonel Kenyon A.          Undated & Wife

10                    Joyce, Phyllis          Undated

10                    Joyson-Hicks, Sir William          Undated

11                    Judge, Miss Elsie          Undated

11                    “June"          Undated

11                    Kallas, Mme.          Undated

11                    Kallas, Mlle. Laine          Undated

11                    Kallas, Mlle. Virve          Undated

11                    Karsavina, Mme.          Undated

11                    Kaylor, J. Esquire J.P.          Undated

11                    Keane, Doris          Undated

11                    Kedleston, The Marchioness Curzon of          Undated

11                    Kedleston, Viscount Curzon of          Undated

11                    Kellogg, Shirley          Undated

11                    Kelly, Miss Renee          Undated

11                    Kemp, Mrs. Mears          Undated

11                    Kennedy, Lady Charles          Undated

11                    Kentish, Miss Agatha          Undated

11                    Keppel, Ann          Undated

11                    Keppel, Admiral Sir Colin          Undated

11                    Kershaw, Judge John Felix          Undated

11                    Key, Mrs. David          Undated

11                    Kidston, Miss Audrey          Undated

11                    Kikjuchi, Mme.          Undated

11                    King, Lady Diana          Undated

11                    King, Sir Henry Seymour          Undated

11                    King, Mrs. Shuttleworm          Undated

11                    King-Hall, Mr. & Mrs. Steven          Undated

11                    Kingsgate, Lord Lawrence          Undated

11                    Kingston, Gertrude          Undated

11                    Kinnoul, Earl & Countess          Undated

11                    Kirkpatrick, Mrs. R.D.          Undated

11                    Kitchener, memorial          Undated

11                    Koo, Mrs. Wellington          Undated

11                    Kurton, Peggy          Undated

11                    Kyasht, Lydia          Undated

11                    Laking, Sir Guy Francis B.T.          Undated

11                    Lambert, Miss Daphne          Undated

11                    Lanchester, Miss Elsa          Undated

11                    Lanesborough, Countess of          Undated

11                    Langtry, Miss Lily          Undated

11                    Lansbury, Mr. George          Undated

11                    Larcombe, Mrs. Dudley          Undated

11                    Lascelles, Mr. Frank          Undated

11                    Lathrop, Miss Sylvia Alexandria          Undated

11                    Latta, miss Mary          Undated

11                    Laudi, Elissa          Undated

11                    Law, Bonar          Undated

11                    Law, Mrs. Richard & Baby          Undated Son James

11                    Lawerence, Mrs. John Cecil          Undated

11                    Laye, Miss Evelyn          Undated

11                    Lebas, Miss Gwen          Undated

11                    Le Seure, Helene Cannon          Undated

11                    Leary, Mrs. Herbert F.          Undated

11                    Lee, Miss Auriol          Undated

11                    Lee, Mrs. Fletcher          Undated

11                    Lee, Mr. H.G.          Undated

11                    Leeds, Sir Reginald          Undated

11                    Legget, F.W.          Undated

11                    Leith, Lady          Undated

11                    Leglen, Mlle. Suanne          Undated

11                    Lesley, Miss Katherine Rudson          Undated

11                    Leslie, Miss Anita          Undated

11                    Leslie, Miss Sylvia          Undated

11                    Lettor, Elaine          Undated

11                    Levan & Melville, Countess          Undated of

11                    Leverhulme, Viscount          Undated

11                    Lewis, The Hon. Brian          Undated

11                    Lewis, Sir Frederick          Undated

11                    Lewis, Miss Frieda          Undated

11                    Lewis, Miss Mabel Terry          Undated

11                    Liddle-Grainger, Lady Muriel          Undated

11                    Lillie, Miss Beatrice          Undated

11                    Lindesay, Mrs. William          Undated

12                    Lindsay, Lady Elizabeth          Undated

12                    Lindsay, Miss Joyce          Undated

12                    Lindsay, Lady Katherine          Undated

12                    Lindsay, Lady Mary          Undated

12                    Lindsay, Lady Barbara          Undated

12                    Lindsay, Lady Margaret          Undated

12                    Linda, Miss Olga          Undated

12                    Lindon, Miss Olga          Undated

12                    Little, Miss Helen Viola Graham          Undated

12                    Lloyd, Mrs Vivian          Undated

12                    Lloyd George, Mr. & Mrs. David          Undated

12                    Lloyd-Greame, Sir Philip          Undated

12                    Lockett, Major V.          Undated

12                    Lodge, Sir Alvir          Undated

12                    Lohr, Marie          Undated

12                    Londonderry, Marquess of          Undated

12                    Lonsdale, Lord & Lady          Undated

12                    Loraine, Robert          Undated

12                    Loraine, Violet          Undated

12                    Lovat, Miss Nancy          Undated

12                    Low, Eric H.          Undated

12                    Lowe, Christine          Undated

12                    Lowe, Lady          Undated

12                    Lowther, Mrs. Christopher          Undated

12                    Lowther, Lady Gerard          Undated

12                    Luberti, Miss Yeta          Undated

12                    Luling, Mrs. Theodore          Undated

12                    Lutyens, Miss betty          Undated

12                    Lycett, Mrs. Randolph          Undated

12                    Lygon, Lady Lettice          Undated

12                    Lygon, Lady Sibell          Undated

12                    Lytton, Mr. Henry Alfred          Undated

12                    Lytton, Lady Hermione          Undated

12                    MacAlpine, Honorable Dorothy          Undated

12                    MacArthur, Mrs. John C.          Undated

12                    MacDonald, Miss Ishbell          Undated

12                    MacDonald, Right Honorable J. Ramsa          Undated y

12                    MacDonald, Malcolm          Undated

12                    MacKinlay, Miss Leila          Undated

12                    Mac Leod, Mrs. Alastar          Undated

12                    MacMillan, Lord Hugh Patterson          Undated

12                    MacMillan, Lady          Undated

12                    MacMillan, Miss Molly          Undated

12                    MacRae, Miss Margaret          Undated

12                    McCarthy, Mrs. Agatha          Undated

12                    McCarthy, Winifred          Undated

12                    McCorquodale, Mrs. A.G.          Undated

12                    McCoy, Miss Gertrude          Undated

12                    McCubbin, Miss Rita          Undated

12                    McKenna, Lady Pleasance          Undated

12                    McKenna, Stephen          Undated

12                    Mainwaring, Miss Diana          Undated

12                    Mackins, Mrs. W.W.          Undated

12                    Mallary, Mrs. Franklin          Undated

12                    Malleson, Lady Constance          Undated

12                    Malmesbury, Earl & Countess of          Undated

12                    Malone, Miss Pat          Undated

12                    Manley, Lady Katherine          Undated

12                    Mansfield, Honorable, J.W.          Undated

12                    Manson, Miss Helen Summer          Undated

12                    Mant, Miss Leslie          Undated

12                    Maravan, Miss Lila          Undated

12                    Maravan, Miss Lila          Undated

12                    Marbe, Miss Fay          Undated

12                    Marconi, Senator          Undated

12                    Marrioy-Wilson, Miss M.E.          Undated

12                    Masters, Miss Marie          Undated

12                    Matthews, Miss Jessie          Undated

12                    Maude, Cyril          Undated

12                    Max-Muller, Sir William          Undated

12                    Maxwell-Willshire, Sir Gerald Authour          Undated

12                    May, Sir George          Undated

12                    Maybury, Sir Henry          Undated

12                    Mayes, Colonel H.G.          Undated

13                    Meaken, Audrey Meath, Earl of          Undated

13                    Melville, Winnie          Undated

13                    Merral, Mary          Undated

13                    Mertens, Miss Yvonne          Undated

13                    Messarosh, Miss Angelica          Undated

13                    Metcalfe, Major E.D.          Undated

13                    Methuen, The Honorable Seymour          Undated

13                    Mettler, Major Charles & Wife          Undated

13                    Medwood, Mr. W.H.          Undated

13                    Mijinsa, Mlle. Andrea          Undated

13                    Mildmay, The Right Honorable F.S.          Undated

13                    Millais, Miss Esme          Undated

13                    Millard, Miss Ursula          Undated

13                    Mills, Annetta          Undated

13                    Mines, Mrs. J.W.S.          Undated

13                    Mitchell, I. Haig          Undated

13                    Mitchell, Mr. P. G. Mylne          Undated

13                    Mitchell-Thomson, Sir William & Lady          Undated

13                    Mitford, Miss Rosemary          Undated

13                    Mitford, The Honorable Unity Valkyrie          Undated

13                    Mollison, Mr. J.A.          Undated

13                    Mond, Lady Alfred          Undated

13                    Mond, Mrs. Henry          Undated

13                    Monkman, Mrs. Dorothy          Undated

13                    Monkman, Phyllis          Undated

13                    Montague, Miss Annie English          Undated

13                    Monro, Miss Dorothy          Undated

13                    Monson, Lady          Undated

13                    Montagu, Lady Louise          Undated

13                    Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Lady Mary          Undated

13                    Moore, Miss Eva          Undated

13                    Morenza, Miss Mignon          Undated

13                    Morgan, the Honorable Evan          Undated

13                    Morrish, The Honorable Mrs. Harold          Undated

13                    Morrit, Miss M.S.          Undated

13                    Mosley, Sir Oswald          Undated

13                    Mosley, Sybil Hildegarde          Undated

13                    Mountbatten, Major Lord Leopold          Undated

13                    Mountbatten, Lord Louis          Undated

13                    Moynihan, The Right Honorable Lady          Undated

13                    Muir, Mrs. A.Mullens, Lady          Undated

13                    Mure, Miss Marjorie          Undated

13                    Murray, Ldy Majorie          Undated

13                    Myers, Miss Eileen          Undated

13                    Myrtel, Miss Odette          Undated

13                    Nakanomikado, Marquis Nares, Mr. Owen          Undated

13                    Neagle, Miss Anna          Undated

13                    Nesbitt, Cathleen          Undated

13                    Nevinson, Mr. C.R.W.          Undated

13                    Newcastle, Duke of          Undated

13                    Newton, Miss W.          Undated

13                    Ney, Miss Marie          Undated

13                    Niblack, Vice Admiral          Undated

13                    Nicholas, Mr. Beverly          Undated

14                    Noel, Miss Susan          Undated

14                    Norfolk, Duchess of          Undated

14                    Norman, Lady          Undated

14                    Normant, Mrs. Harry          Undated

14                    Northesk, Earl of          Undated

14                    Norton, The Honorable Eleanour          Undated

14                    Noyes, Alfred          Undated

14                    Nuthall, Betty          Undated

14                    O’Brien, Doreen          Undated

14                    O’Brien, Eileen          Undated

14                    O’Farrell, Miss Mary          Undated

14                    O’Neil, Peggy          Undated

14                    Oblinsky, Princess          Undated

14                    Ockham, Viscount          Undated

14                    Odescalchi, Princess Dora          Undated

14                    Ohlson, Miss Olga          Undated

14                    Okamoto, Colonel          Undated

14                    Oliver, Lord Sydney H.          Undated

14                    Oporto, The Duchess          Undated

14                    Orde, Lady Eileen & Children          Undated

14                    Orleans, Duchess of          Undated

14                    Ormsby-Gore, The Honorable William          Undated

14                    Orr-Lewis, Lady          Undated

14                    Osborn, Miss Dorothy          Undated

14                    Osborne, Lady Olga          Undated

14                    Ossulton, Lord Charles Augustus          Undated

14                    Ottis, Miss Clara L.          Undated

14                    Page, Gertrude          Undated

14                    Paget, Sir Richard & Mrs.          Undated

14                    Paget, Lady Victoria          Undated

14                    Pakenham, Lady Violet          Undated

14                    Palmstierna, Baroness & Baron          Undated

14                    Parbandar, The Maharaja of          Undated

14                    Parmoor, Lady Patterson, Miss Caroline          Undated

14                    Patterson, Mrs. Robert Dun          Undated

14                    Paul, Lady Dean          Undated

14                    Pavenham, Lady Luke of          Undated

14                    Pavitt, Master Eric          Undated

14                    Pavlova, Mme. Anna          Undated

14                    Pavry, Miss Bopsy          Undated

14                    Pearson, Sir Arthur          Undated

14                    Pearson, Sir Neville & Lady          Undated

14                    Pease, Lady          Undated

14                    Pease, John Beaumont          Undated

14                    Percy, Lord & Lady Eustace          Undated

14                    Pethick-Lawrence, Mr. F.W.          Undated

14                    Philipps, Nesta Donne          Undated

14                    Philipson, Mrs Ralph          Undated

14                    Phillip[s, Miss Kate          Undated

14                    Phillpotts, Miss E.S.          Undated

14                    Phipps, Eric          Undated

14                    Pinckard, Miss Coral          Undated

14                    Pinkard, Mrs. George          Undated

14                    Pirie, Miss Grizel          Undated

14                    Pittman, Mrs. J.B.          Undated

15                    Player, Mr. & Mrs. J.D.          Undated

15                    Pless, Princess of          Undated

15                    Plunket, The Honorable Mrs. Brinsley          Undated

15                    Podoski, Count Victor          Undated

15                    Pole, Sir Felix          Undated

15                    Pollock, Sir Ernest          Undated

15                    Ponsonby, Arthur          Undated

15                    Ponsonby, Elizabeth          Undated

15                    Pope-Hennessy, Colonel L.H.R.          Undated

15                    Porter, Mrs. William Branch          Undated

15                    Portman, Sylvia          Undated

15                    Poulett, Countess          Undated

15                    Power, Sir Samuel Murray          Undated

15                    Press, E.N.          Undated

15                    Press, S.M.          Undated

15                    Prince, Miss Elsie          Undated

15                    Prioleau, Miss Frances Ravenel          Undated

15                    Pyse, Sir Lewis Bt. M.F.H.          Undated

15                    Queensbury, Marquis          Undated

15                    Quigley, Miss Dorothea          Undated

15                    Raglan, Lord Ramsden, Eugene          Undated

15                    Ramsy, Baroness Veronica          Undated

15                    Randolph, Miss elsie          Undated

15                    Raymond, Ernest          Undated

15                    Reade, Miss Sheilah          Undated

15                    Rees, Sir Milson K.C.V.O.          Undated

15                    Rendall, Dr. Montagu John          Undated

15                    Retford, Ella          Undated

15                    Reynolds, Miss Lelia          Undated

15                    Rhys, The Honorable David          Undated

15                    Ricardo, Miss Jan          Undated

15                    Richards, The Right Honorable Thomas          Undated

15                    Richardson, Mrs. Dorsey          Undated

15                    Ries, Miss          Undated

15                    Rimington-Wilson, Pamela          Undated

15                    Roberts, Captain Marshall          Undated

15                    Robertson, Mrs. & Miss Helen Milicent          Undated

15                    Robertson, Mrs. Jean Dewar          Undated

15                    Robinson, Miss Nora          Undated

15                    Rodney, The Honorable Mrs. Simon          Undated

15                    Rodwell, Sir Cecil          Undated

15                    Rogers, Miss Norman          Undated

15                    Ronald, Sir Landou          Undated

15                    Ronaldshay, Lord          Undated

15                    Roose, Miss Olwen          Undated

15                    Ropner, Major L.          Undated

15                    Rothes, The Earl & Countess of          Undated

15                    Roumania, Prince Nicholas of          Undated

15                    Rudston,-Read, isabel          Undated

15                    Rumbold, Constancia          Undated

15                    Rumbold, Sir Horace          Undated

15                    Rumford, Joy Kennerley          Undated

15                    Russell, The Honorable Sir Odo          Undated

15                    Russell, Miss Patricia          Undated

15                    Russia, HIH Prince Andrew          Undated

15                    Ruthven, The Honorable Margaret          Undated

15                    Ryan, Miss Elizabeth          Undated

15                    Ryder, Lady Frances          Undated

15                    Sadler, Miss E.          Undated

15                    St. Clair-Erskine, Lady mary          Undated

15                    St. Davids, Viscountess          Undated

15                    St. Germans, Countess of          Undated

15                    Saklatvala, Mr. S.          Undated

15                    Salisbury, Lord          Undated

16                    Salmond, Air Marshall Sir John          Undated

16                    Sample, Miss Sara          Undated

16                    Samuel, Sir Herbert          Undated

16                    Sanford, Mrs. Ayshford          Undated

16                    Sandon, Viscount          Undated

16                    Sankey, Lord          Undated

16                    Sasson, Sir Phillip          Undated

16                    Sastri, Srinivasi          Undated

16                    Saunders, Miss Jean          Undated

16                    Saunders, Madge          Undated

16                    Sawyer, Miss Ivy          Undated

16                    Sayre, Francis B.          Undated

16                    Scott, Lady Sybil          Undated

16                    Scott-Montagu, The Honorable Elizabeth          Undated

16                    Scudamore, Miss Augrigny          Undated

16                    Seacombe, Miss Dorothy          Undated

16                    Seddon, Mrs. Frank          Undated

16                    Seegar, Miss Mirain          Undated

16                    Selfridge, Miss Beatrice Buckingham          Undated

16                    Seller, Estelle          Undated

16                    Serena, Miss Clara          Undated

16                    Serena, Mrs. Roberta          Undated

16                    Seyler, Miss Athene          Undated

16                    Seymore, Lady          Undated

16                    Shaftesbury, Countess of          Undated

16                    Sharpe, Miss Eileen          Undated

16                    Shaughnessy, Miss Betty          Undated

16                    Sheepshanks, The Honorable Mrs.          Undated

16                    Shelmerdine, Mrs. F.C.          Undated

16                    Shiell, The Honorable Mrs. William George          Undated

16                    Shirley, Frances          Undated

16                    Shortt, Miss Doreen          Undated

16                    Shortt, Noah          Undated

16                    Shotter, Miss Winifred          Undated

16                    Shuldham-Legh, The Honorable Mrs. Murray          Undated

16                    Simon, Sir John & Lady          Undated

16                    Simpson, Miss Constance          Undated

16                    Simsom, Sir Henry          Undated

16                    Singer, Sir Mortimer          Undated

16                    Singer, Mrs. Washington          Undated

16                    Sinha, Lady Nirpuama          Undated

16                    Skinner, R.P.          Undated

16                    Smith, Lady Eleanor          Undated

16                    Smyth, Dame Ethel, D.B.F.          Undated

16                    Snowden, Mrs. Philip          Undated

16                    Sokolova, Mlle. Lydia          Undated

16                    Solbert,Major O.N. & Mrs.          Undated

16                    Somerset, Duke & Duchess of          Undated

16                    Soumbatoff, Princess Michel          Undated

16                    Southborough, Lord Francis          Undated

16                    Spicer, Miss U.D.          Undated

16                    Spilsbury, Miss Evelyn          Undated

16                    Stancioff, Mr. & Mrs. John          Undated

16                    Stancioff, Mlle. Nadejda          Undated

16                    Stanhope, Countess          Undated

16                    Stanton, Mrs. Seabody          Undated

16                    Stauton, Miss Miss Elizabeth          Undated

16                    Stewart, Mr. & Mrs. Walter          Undated

16                    Stewart-Clarke, Sir Stewart          Undated

16                    Stockfield, Miss Betty          Undated

16                    Stoneheaven, Lkord          Undated

17                    Stopes, Dr. Marie          Undated

17                    Storri, Miss Terri          Undated

17                    Stourton, The Honorable Mrs.          Undated

17                    Strabolgi, Lord & Lady          Undated

17                    Stracey, Miss Margaret          Undated

17                    Strathmore, & Kinghorne, Earl of          Undated

17                    Strawson, Mrs. Frank          Undated

17                    Strickland, Major General Sir F.P.          Undated

17                    Stroud, Mr. Gregory          Undated

17                    Studd, Sir Kynaston          Undated

17                    Sullivan, Dr. Daniel F.          Undated

17                    Sullivan, Miss Natalie          Undated

17                    Swaythling, lady          Undated

17                    Sweeney, Miss E.T.          Undated

17                    Sweeney, Mrs. E.T.          Undated

17                    Swinburne, Miss Nora          Undated

17                    Tamworth, Lady          Undated

17                    Tapscott, Miss “Billie"          Undated

17                    Tasker, Major Robert Inigo          Undated

17                    Taylor, Mr. L. Campbell A.R.A.          Undated

17                    Taylor, Miss Nellie          Undated

17                    Taylor, Lady Millicent          Undated

17                    Tempest, Miss Marie          Undated

17                    Tennant, The Honorable Stephen          Undated

17                    Terrington, Viscount & Viscountess          Undated

17                    Terris, Ellaine          Undated

17                    Terry, Miss Ellen          Undated

17                    Thomas, Edna Thomas, Mr. J.H          Undated.

17                    Thomas, Mrs. J.H.          Undated

17                    Thomas, Miss Peg          Undated

17                    Thompson, Mrs. Marcellus          Undated

17                    Thompson, Miss Sylvia          Undated

17                    Thomson, Miss Beatrice          Undated

17                    Thomson, General Ford          Undated

17                    Thorndyke, Miss Sybil          Undated

17                    Thornton, Lady Henry W.          Undated

17                    Thurston, Mrs. Temple          Undated

17                    Tillotson, Mrs. J.S.          Undated

17                    Tinne, Mr. D.E.          Undated

17                    Titheradge, Miss Madge          Undated

17                    Titulescu, Mme. M.N.          Undated

17                    Tollemache, Miss Rhona          Undated

17                    Tomlin, Miss Blanche          Undated

17                    Toone, Sir Frederick          Undated

17                    Torrington-Eleanor, Lady          Undated

17                    Townley, Lady Susan          Undated

17                    Townshend, Audrey          Undated

17                    Townshend, Miss B.          Undated

17                    Townshend, Major General Sir Charles          Undated

17                    Tredeger, Lord          Undated

17                    Tree, Viola          Undated

17                    Trenton, Louise          Undated

17                    Tresmand, Miss Ivy          Undated

17                    Tripp, Mr. Herbert Alker          Undated

17                    Troubetzkoy, Princess          Undated

17                    Tsen, The Right Reverend Bishop P. Lindell          Undated

17                    Tweed, John          Undated

17                    Tweedale, Marchioness of          Undated

17                    Tweedie, Mrs. Alec          Undated

17                    Twining, Admiral Nathan Crook          Undated

17                    Tyrrell, Sir W.          Undated

17                    Tytus, Miss Mildred          Undated

17                    Uhlig, Miss A. Valeska          Undated

17                    Ullswater, The Right Honorable Visco          Undated unt

17                    Van Swinderen, Mme.          Undated

17                    Van Swinderen, Miss Elizabeth          Undated

17                    Vanbrugh, Irene          Undated

17                    Vanbrugh, Miss Violet          Undated

18                    Vaugham, Lieutenant General Sir Louis          Undated

18                    Vaughan-Morgan, Phyllis          Undated

18                    Venizelos, Eleutheros          Undated

18                    Vestley, Miss Kathleen          Undated

18                    Victor, Josephine          Undated

18                    Victoria, Queen of Spain          Undated

18                    Villiers, Miss Angela          Undated

18                    Vogt, P.B. & Wife          Undated

18                    Von Bismarck, Princess          Undated

18                    Waghorn, Mrs. H.R.D.          Undated

18                    Walker, Sir Ian          Undated

18                    Waller, Miss Joyce          Undated

18                    Walpole, Mr. Hugh          Undated

18                    Walston, Lady          Undated

18                    Walter, Mr. Winifred          Undated

18                    Ward, Mrs. Dudley          Undated

18                    Ward, Miss Helen E.          Undated

18                    Warter, Miss Dolores DeGray          Undated

18                    Watkins, Mr. G.H.          Undated

18                    Watney, Mrs. Richard Gordon          Undated

18                    Watson, Katherine          Undated

18                    Watts, Miss Dodo          Undated

18                    Waugh, Alec          Undated

18                    Webling, Miss Peggy          Undated

18                    Welchruman, Harry          Undated

18                    Wendell, Mrs. Jack          Undated

18                    Wentworth, Baroness          Undated

18                    Westminster, Katherine Duchess of          Undated

18                    Wethered, Miss Joyce          Undated

18                    Wharncliffe, Countess of          Undated

18                    Wheeler, Charles          Undated

18                    Wheeler, Mr. & Mrs. Post          Undated

18                    Whidbourne, The Honorable Mrs.          Undated

18                    Whigham, Miss Margaret          Undated

18                    Whiteley, Cecil          Undated

18                    Whitley, Mrs. J.H.          Undated

18                    Whittemore, The Honorable Mrs.          Undated

18                    Wilkinson, Lady Beatrix          Undated

18                    Wilkinson, Miss Ellen          Undated

18                    Wills, Miss Helene          Undated

18                    Wilson, Lietenant Colonel Sir Leslie          Undated

18                    Wilson, Lady Sarah          Undated

18                    Wingfield, The Honorable Doreen          Undated

18                    Wingfield, The Honorable Mervin Patrick          Undated

18                    Winnington-Ingram, Author F.          Undated

18                    Winter, Jessie          Undated

18                    Wintringham, Mrs.          Undated

18                    Wodehouse, Lord Wolheim, Mrs. C.N.          Undated

18                    Wolseley, Viscountess          Undated

18                    Wood, Pat O’Hara          Undated

18                    Woodcock, Colonel H.C.          Undated

18                    Woolavington, Lord          Undated

18                    Woolrich, Miss Dorothy          Undated

18                    Worthington, Lady Diana          Undated

18                    Worthington-Evans, Miss R.          Undated

18                    Wraxall, Lord Long          Undated

18                    Wright, J. Butter          Undated

18                    Wright, Mr. Justice          Undated

18                    Wright, Mrs. William M.          Undated

18                    Yarborough, Earl Charles Alfred Worsley          Undated

18                    Young, Lady Hilton & Son          Undated

18                    Young, Mr. Robert M.P.          Undated

18                    Zaghlul, Pasha          Undated

18                    Zouche, Baroness          Undated