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Bureau for Colored Children Photograph Collection

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This collection consists of one volume entitled "The Bureau for Colored Children: Illustrative Material Showing Activities at the Shelter, 321 N. 41st Street, Philadelphia, and the Farm and Vocational School at Pomeroy, Chester County, PA" and photographs reproduced from the book. The volume was submitted to Orphans Court as Exhibit Number 69 in support of the Bureau's claim against the estate of John Wanamaker in approximately 1945. The volume includes 19 mounted glossy 8x10 prints with explanatory text, 18 of which were reproduced for use in an exhibit.

The volume contains views of children at work and play, Allderdice School, main organization buildings, and the farm and vocational school at Pomeroy, NJ.


The volume was originally received as part of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Association (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records (Acc. 168).



Volume of Photographs

1 Main Administration Building and Shelter, 321 N. 41st Street, Formerly the Allderdice School
- A Homeless Baby [Not Copied]
2 Lunch Time in the Shelter
3 The Health Service Department
4 At Play in the Shelter
5 The Former Shelter and Main Building, 712 N. 43rd Street
6 Administration Building, Pomeroy, PA
7 Reveille at Pomeroy
8 Caring for the Pigs
9 Taking Care of the Chickens
10 Candling and Packaging Eggs
11 Practical Farming in the Cabbage Patch
12 Milking the Cows
13 Boy Plowing
14 Boys Constructing Window Frame for Piggery
15 Group Work in Arts and Crafts
16 Leisure Time in the Library
17 Enjoying Nature at Pomeroy
18 New Dormitory and Recreation Building