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George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Biographical

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George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Biographical

Circa 1929-1982

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Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia, Pa.)

293 linear feet (1171 boxes)

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

Materials in English   

Detailed Collection Information

Historical Note

The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin was founded in 1847 and its final issue was published January 29, 1982. Shortly after the paper closed, Temple University acquired a majority of its newspaper clippings and photograph library The library was used as an internal information source for reporters and editors seeking background knowledge on a particular person or topic. Both the clippings and photographs from the Bulletin are a valuable resource for research on the Philadelphia region.  

Description of Collection

This collection contains a mixture of local newspaper, wire service, and other source photography of people in and around Philadelphia. Materials in collection were primarily drawn from the general subject files of the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Library (1929-1982). Other holdings come from the Philadelphia Inquirer (mostly 1939-1960) and Daily News (1958-1962). Although there are some wire service photographs in the collection, the majority of the Philadelphia photographs represent original newspaper photography.

Researchers may also want to request materials from the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Philadelphia Subjects (SCRC 170B), the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Suburban Subjects (SCRC 170C), the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Non-Philadelphia People and Subjects (SCRC 170D), and the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, General Subjects (SCRC 170E). See the Related Material section below for additional related collections.

The addition of “George D. McDowell” to the collection name in no way implies that he was the creator.  Rather he was one of scores of staff who worked in the library, and his family supplied a naming gift to honor him and support work on preservation of the collection.

Organization and Arrangement

Arranged alphabetically by last name of person.

Patron Information

Research Access

Collection is open for research. 

Collections Stored Off-Site

This collection may be housed off-site at the Library Depository, and require up to two business days to retrieve. Please review the finding aid and be prepared to identify specific materials to be retrieved. Contact the Special Collections Research Center in advance of your visit, so that materials may be relocated to the reading room for research.

Publication and Copyright Information

The George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Biographical, is the physical property of the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries. The donor has assigned licensing rights to Temple University Libraries.  Other creators’ intellectual property rights, including copyright, belong to them or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated. 

Preferred Citation

[Description and date of item], [Box/folder number], George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Biographical, SCRC 170A, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

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Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Donated by the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1983.

Processing Information

Finding aid prepared in September 2019 by Katy Rawdon, Coordinator of Technical Services.

Index Terms

The following headings have been used to index the description of this collection in Temple University’s electronic catalog:

Corporate Names:
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Photography--Delaware River Valley (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
Photography--Philadelphia (Pa.)
Photojournalism--Delaware River Valley (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
Photojournalism--Philadelphia (Pa.)

Delaware River Valley (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
Philadelphia (Pa.)

Material Types:


Aalon - (Singer)
Aaron, Hank (Baseball)
Aaron, Herbert- (Father Of Hank)
Aaron, Tommy -(Baseball)
Abad, Patricinia Mrs. – (Filipino Film Star)
Abad, Silvestre Matey – (Murder)
Abate, Louise
Abel, Walter
Abbot, Tony
Abernathy, Ralph D. Dr. – (Naacp)
Abernathy, Talmadge – (Baseball)
Abernathy, Ted – (Baseball)
Abraham, Lynn – (Asst. D.A.)
Abraham, Lynne
Abrams, Creighton Mrs.
Abrams, Creighton Jr.
Abrams, Creighton W.
Abreu-Alonso, (Narisco – (Baseball)
Abzug, Bella – (N.Y. Democrat)
Achterman, Phyllis
Acker, Jean
Ackerman, Barbara
Ackerman, Gretchen
Ackley, W.M.
Acquanetta, Burnu
Acuff, Eddie
Acuff, Walter Mrs.
Adams, Arlin M.
Adams, Benjamin
Adams, Eadie
Adams, Edie – (Actress)
Adams, Edward M. – (American Olean Co.)
Adams, Edward R. Dr.
Adams, Edward T. – (Ap)
Adams, Edwin W. Dr.
Adams, George T.
Adams, Gerald
Adams, J. Howe
Adams, Jane
Adams, John Quincy
Adams, Kathryn
Adams, Margery
Adams, Peyton
Adcock, Joe – (Baseball)
Addams, Jane- (Social Worker)
Addams, Jimmy -(Captain)
Addis, Joan
Adgie, Matt – (Boxer)
Adgie, William – (Fireman)
Adkins, Paul
Adler, Buddy
Adler, Cyrus – (Educator)
Adler, Felix
Adom, Edwin Nii
Adoree, Benee
Adrian, Gilbert
Agee, Tommy- (Baseball)
Agnew, Spiro (Heads Only) – (Vice President)
Aherne, Brian
Aigmier, Antoinette
Aiguier, Eugenie
Aiken, John W. – (Politics)
Aikens, Constance
Aikens, Willie
Ailey, Alvin -(Choreographer)
Ainley, Richard
Albani, Countess
Albania, Maxhide
Albania, Myzehen
Albania, Senije
Albano, Joseph
Albert, Eddie
Albert, Eddie Mrs.
Albert, John S.
Albertson, Frank
Alda, Robert
Alden, Bob
Aldrich, Kay
Aldridge, Connie
Alesbury, Robert Mrs.
Alessandroi -(Judge)
Alexander, Betty
Alexander, Celia
Alexander, Grover Cleveland – (Baseball)
Alexander, John
Alexander, Raymond Pace – (Judge)
Alexander, Robert F. Mrs.
Alexander, Ross
Alexander, Sadie T. M. – (Civil Rights Activist)
Alexander, Viscount Harold (Ov)
Alfonsi, Stelle Mrs. – (Arsenic Ring)
Allan, Elizabeth – (Actress)
Allardyce, Ellen
Allbright, John V. Rev.
Allbritton, Louise
Alleman, George
Allen, Betsy
Allen, Betty
Allen, Bob
Allen, Bob (Athlete)
Allen, Bob – (Robber)
Allen, Bob – (Parachutist)
Allen, Bob – (Basketball)
Allen, Bob – (Baseball)
Allen, Christine
Allen, Dick – (Son Of Richie Allen)
Allen, Debbie – (Entertainer)
Allen, Eddie
Allen, Elizabeth
Allen, Ethan – (Commander)
Allen, Ethan – (Baseball)
Allen, Ethel D. – (State Secretary)
Allen, Frank
Allen, Frank – (Politican)
Allen, Frank – (Athletic Director)
Allen, Frank – (Game Hunter)
Allen, Frank A. – (Army)
Allen, Frank B. – (Engineer)
Allen, Frank R. – (Convict)
Allen, Fred – (Basketball)
Allen, Fred – (Radio)
Allen, Gracie – (Actress)
Allen, Henry – (Boxer)
Allen, Horace – (Baseball)
Allen, Jack – (Golfer)
Allen, Jimmie
Allen, Johnny – (Baseball Player)
Allen, Joseph
Allen, Judith
Allen, Mel – (Radio)
Allen, Ralph Iii Mrs.
Allen, Richie – (Baseball)
Allen, William – (Baseball)
Alley, Gene – (Baseball)
Allison, Bob – (Baseball)
Allison, Bobby – (Race Car Driver)
Allison, Elisie Jane
Allison, Lane
Allman, Bob – (Golfer)
Allman, Dick – (Proprieter Of The York Town)
Allman, Richard Mrs.
Allwyn, Astrid
Allyson, June
Alma, George
Alou, Felipe – (Baseball)
Alou, Jesus – (Baseball)
Alou, Matty – (Baseball)
Alomar, Sandy – (Baseball, Negro)
Alpern, William Mrs. & Mr.
Alphin, Pat
Alston, Walt – (Baseball)
Altenpohl, William Mr. & Mrs.
Altemose, Leon J.
Altemus, Bessie Dobson
Altman, Al
Alton, Ginger
Altrock, Nick – (Baseball)
Alvin, John
Amaya, Carmen
Ambler, Wayne
Ameche, Don
Ameche, Jim
Ames, Adrienne,
Ames, Jean
Ames, Leon – (Baseball)
Ames, Ramsay
Ames, Rosemary
Ames, Sherman Dr.
Ames, Steve
Anastasia, Cleo
Anderson, Cliff – (Basketball)
Anderson, Douglas Ray
Anderson, Dusty – (Movie Star)
Anderson, Ferrell – (Ov)
Anderson, Hunk
Anderson, Jeanne
Anderson, John – (Philis)
Anderson, Judith
Anderson, Marian – (Singer)
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Mary Ann – (Mechanic)
Anderson, Milo – (Designer)
Anderson, Sparky – (Baseball)
Anderson, Warner
Anderson, William
Andes, Keith
Andre, Lona
Andretti, Mario – (Race Car Driver)
Andretti, Mario Mrs.
Andrews, Kim – (Baseball)
Andrew Sisters
Andrews, Dana
Andrews, Fred – (Baseball)
Andrews, Julie – (Singer)
Andrews, Keith – (Auto Racer)
Andrews, Ken – (Football)
Andrews, Laverne
Andrews, Lois
Andrews, Maxene
Andrews, Mike (Baseball)
Andrew, Patti
Angel, Heather
Angel, Joseph
Angelou, Maya – (Poet)
Andujar, Joaquin
Andrews, Mike – (Baseball)
Angelus, Muriel
Angott, Sammy
Ankers, Evelyn
Annenberg, Moses L. – (Publisher)
Annenberg, Walter H. – (Publisher)
Annenberg, Walter H. Mrs.
Ansley, Magro
Anthes, William J. D. Mrs.
Anthony, Susan B.
Antonelli, John – (Baseball)
Aparicio, Luis – (Baseball)
Appleman, Hyman
Arcaro, Eddie
Archer, Albert
Archibald, Nate
Ardell, Barbara
Arden, Eve
Arden, Jay
Arena, Anna Mrs. – (Arsenic Murders)
Arizin, Paul – (Basketball)
Arledge, John
Arlen, Richard
Arlington, Virginia
Arliss, George
Armes, Jay J.
Armetta, Henry
Armour, Philip Jr. Mrs.
Armstrong, Henry
Armstrong, Joseph Gillepie
Armstrong, Lil – (Musician)
Armstrong, Louis – (Musician)
Armstrong, Woodie – (Politics)
Arnall, Ellis – (Ov)
Arndt, Elizabeth & Julia
Arndt, Helen C.
Arnez, Dezi
Arnez, Lucie (See Also: Ball, Lucille)
Arnold, Bill – (Football)
Arnold, Billy – (Boxer)
Arnold, Donald
Arnold, Edward
Arnold, Ralph L.
Arnold, William
Arnold, William – (Judge)
Arnold, William Billy- (Auto Racer)
Arnold, William Bruce (Lt)
Arnold, William E.- (Dean Of Univ. Of Penn)
Arnold, William P. Jr. – (Society)
Arnold, William R.
Arnovich, Morris – (Baseball)
Arnst, Bobbie
Aron, Milt
Aronson, Jules
Arthur, Chester – (Grandson Of President)
Arthur, Jean
Arthur, Julia
Arthur, Robert
Aruay, Stephen – (Robber)
Ash, Harold – (Pft)
Ashbridge, Samuel – (Mayor)
Ashburn, Richie – (Baseball)
Ashburn, Richie Mrs. – (Wife Of Ball Player)
Ashby, Alan
Ashby, Kenneth
Ashdown, David S. Mrs.
Ashe, Arthur – (Tennis)
Asher, Solomon
Ashford, Evelyn – (Track)
Asmara, Suratha
Asner, Ed – (Actor)
Aspen, Mary Ellen
Asplundh, Lester
Astaire, Fred Mrs.
Astaire, Fred – (Actor)
Astaire, Fred – (Son Of Dancer)
Astley, Philip
Astor, Mary
Astroth, Joe – (Philadelphia Athletics Baseball Catcher)
Atkins, James F.
Atkinson, Betty
Atlas, Charles
Attles, Al – (Basketball)
Atwill, Lionel
Atwood, Donna
Atwood, William – (Basketball)
Auchincloss, Hugh D. – (Banker)
Auchincloss, High D. Jr. – (Son Of Banker)
Auchincloss, James – (Dean Of N.J. Congressional Delegation)
Auchincloss, Janet – (Half Sister Of Jacqueline Kennedy)
Auchincloss, John W. Mrs.
Auchincloss, Katherine – (Vice President Of The Stateboard)
Auchincloss, Louis – (Author)
Auchincloss, Nina – (John Kennedy Sister In Law)
Auchincloss, Richard 3rd
Auchincloss, Richard Jr. Mrs.
Auchincloss, Richard Saltonstall
Auchincloss, Samuel S. – (President Of Amp, Imc In Harrisburg)
Auchincloss, Thomas Mrs.
Auritt, Judith
Austin, Jane
Austin, Mary Clare
Austin, Vivian
Austin, William Lane – (Bureau Of Census)
Autry, Gene – (Singer)
Avalon, Frankie – (Recording Star)
Avena, John – (Gangster)
Averill, Earl – (Baseball)
Avery, Sewell
Ayares, Adrienne
Aydelotte, Frank Dr. & Mrs.
Ayer, Mischa
Ayres, Paula
Aytch, Louis S.
Babcock, Wesley W. Mrs.
Bacall, Lauren
Bacall, Richard
Bach, Bob
Bacheler, Lee Dr.
Backhus, Heinz – (Soccer)
Backus, Susan D.
Bacon, Edmund I. – (Business Manager Of The Phila. Inquirer)
Bacon, Edmund N. – (Director Of The Phila City Planning)
Bacon, Edward
Bacon, Faith – (Dancer)
Badeaux, Louise
Baer, Mary
Baez, Gibert
Bahr, Walter
Bahr, Walter Casey, Jr.
Bailey, Arlene
Bailey, Ed – (Baseball Player)
Bailey, Bob – (Baseball)
Bailey, James – (Basketball)
Bailey, James – (Gang Shooting)
Bailey, Jay E. – (Fbi)
Bailey, Jim – (House Of Assembly)
Bailey, Jim – (Track)
Bailey, Jim – (Impressionist)
Bailey, Jim – (Cincinnati Reds)
Bailey, Leonard S.
Bailey, Pearl – (Singer)
Bailey, Sidney
Baird, Edgar W.
Baker, Art – (Dead) (Movie & Tv Personality)
Basker, Dusty – (Baseball)
Baker, Eugene
Baker, Floyd – (Baseball)
Baker, Frank – (Baseball)
Baker, Frank L. – (Football)
Baker, George
Baker, Horace – (Folcroft)
Baker, Joan
Baker, John Franklin – (Baseball)
Baker, John Franklin Jr. – (Baseball)
Baker, Josephine – (Dancer)
Baker, La Vern – (Singer)
Baker, Milton G. – (General)
Baker, Sam – (Football)
Baker, William F. – (Baseball)
Baker, Williams
Balanchine, George – (Dancer)
Balderston, William Mrs.
Balderston, William – (Farmer)
Balderston, William – (Philco Corp)
Baldi, Frederick S.
Baldschun, Jack – (Baseball)
Baldwin, James – (Author)
Baldwin, Seward Mrs.
Ball, Lucie – (Daughter Of Lucille)
Ball, Lucille – (Comedian)
Ballard, Augustus Mrs.
Ballard, Ernesta M. – (Drinker)
Ballard, Frank W. Jr. Mrs.
Ballard, Frederic L. Sr.
Ballard, Frederic L. Jr.
Ballard, Frederic L. Iii
Ballard, Loren
Ballenger, Doug – (Golfer)
Balley, Deford
Baltzell, E. Digby
Bambara, Toni Cade – (Author Of Gorilla My Love)
Bancroft, Dave – (Baseball)
Bancroft, Harry
Banker, Frank
Bankhead, William B.
Banks, Gene
Banneker, Benjamin – (Inventor And Astronomer)
Bannister, Rodger Dr. – (Track)
Mike, Bantom
Baraka, Amiri – (Leroi Jones)
Baraka, Amiri – (Political Activist)
Barandon, Pearl Woolston
Barba, Letita V.
Barbara, Chase
Barbara, Johnny – (Boxer)
Barber, Bill – (Ice Hockey)
Barber, Michael – (Navy)
Barber, Steve – (Baseball)
Barber, Walter L. – (“Red”)
Barbino, Amadeo
Barclay, Edwin T.
Barclay, Joan
Barclay, Mcclellar
Bargey, Daniel
Bari, Lynn
Barker, Len – (Baseball)
Barkley, Alben W. – (Vice President)
Barkovich, Fred
Barlow, Ronald H. Mrs. – (Golfer)
Barnes, Albert C. – (Barnes Foundation)
Barnes, Bill – (Football)
Barnes, Billy – (Basketball)
Barnes, Dave
Barnes, James – (Golfer)
Barnes, Mike – (Baseball)
Barnett, Charles Jr. Mrs.
Barney, Rex
Barnhardt, Frank
Barnum, Joe
Baronova, Dainty Irina
Barr, Candy – (Stripper)
Barr, Meade L.
Barrell, Joane
Barrett, Charles – (Athlete – Football) (Dead)
Barrett, Charles D.
Barrett, Charles P.
Barrett, Charles “Red” – (Baseball Player)
Barrett, Charles S. Dr.
Barrett, Charles W.
Barrett, Gloria
Barrett, Richard “Dick” – (Baseball)
Barrie, Wendy
Barroll, Maria L.
Barron, Herman
Barrow, Edward G. – (Baseball)
Barry, Jack – (Baseball)
Barry, John
Bartel, Jean
Bartell, Richard – (Baseball)
Bartholomew, Freddie
Bartow, Henry Jr.
Bartow, John
Basie, Count – (Musician)
Basilio, Carmen – (Boxer)
Basora, Jose
Bass, Benny – (Boxer)
Bassett, Percy – (Boxer)
Bateman, Didi
Bates, Barbara
Bates, Leon
Batista, Falgencio
Batten, Harry A. – (Ayer & Co.)
Battey, Earl – (Baseball)
Battistella, Annabella
Bauer, Hank Mrs.
Bauer, Hank – (Baseball)
Bauer, Jean
Bauer, Marlene – (Engaged 1970)
Baughman, Larry – (Baseball)
Baughn, Maxie
Baum, George Martin Mrs.
Baum, L. Frank
Baum, John
Baumann, Frank – (Baseball)
Baumgartner, Stanwood
Baumgartner, Standwood Mrs.
Baumler, Bob – (Baseball)
Bavasi, Peter – (Baseball)
Bavolek, Cecelia
Baxes, Jim – (Baseball)
Baxter, Anne
Baxter, Carroll
Baxter, Skippy
Baylor, Don
Beale, Joseph – (Artist)
Beales, Leonard T.
Beam, Billie Jo
Bean, Theodore Mrs.
Beam, W. Ward – (Physical Instructor)
Beard, R. F. Mrs.
Bearden, Romare
Bearden, Gene
Bearnarth, Larry – (Baseball)
Beatles, The – (Singing Group)
Beatty, Edith Mrs.
Beatty, Ellwood
Beaudry, Emil
Bechtet, Sidney
Bechtel, George Kelly
Bechtel, Norman H.
Beck, Aaron Dr.
Beck, Alan M. Dr. – (Animal Ecologist)
Beck, George Mrs.
Beck, Jim – (Temple Baseball)
Beck, Marilyn
Beck, Phyliss Mrs. – (Expert Witness)
Beck, Tom – (Baseball)
Beck, W. L.
Beck, Walter “Boom Boom” – (Baseball)
Becker, Beals – (Baseball)
Becker, Joe – (Baseball)
Becvar, Vaclar
Bee Gees – (Singing Group)
Beechler, Doug
Beerits, Henry – (Lawyer)
Beetem, Edward
Begin, Menachem
Behney, Betty June
Beifel, Nathan A.
Beister, Edward G.
Belafonte, Harry – (Singer)
Belanger, Mark – (Baseball)
Belik, Helen
Belinsky, Bo – (Baseball)
Belinsky, Lorraine
Belita, Maria
Bell, Alexander Graham
Bell, Andrea
Bell, Bert Jt. – (Son Of The Late Commissioner)
Bell, David – (Baseball)
Bell, De Benneville “Bert” – (Commissoner)
Bell, Gary – (Baseball)
Bell, Gus – (Baseball)
Bell, James “Cool Papa” – (Baseball)
Bell, James H. Mrs.
Bell, John C.
Bell, John C. Jr.
Bell, John C. Jr. Mrs.
Bell, John C. Iii
Bell, John H.
Bell, John J.
Bell, John R.
Bell, Karen
Bell, Shelton
Bell, Shirley Marie
Bell, Sophie
Bell, Tommy
Bell, Upton
Bell, William (Eebc Nominee)
Belleau, Wood
Bellis, Isadore H.
Beloff, Harriet
Ben Ami, Charles
Bender, Charles “Chief” – (Baseball)
Bendere, Florence
Benedict, Martha
Benge, Ray – (Baseball)
Benjamin, Stan – (Baseball)
Benner, Tom
Bennett, Dennis – (Baseball)
Bennett, Joan
Bennett, Richard – (Actor)
Bennett, Richard Mrs.
Bennett, Richard B. – (Statesman)
Bennett, Richard K. – (Consultant)
Bennett, Richard R. – (Drexel)
Bennett, Richard R. – (Music)
Bennett, Richard R. Mrs.
Benny, Allen – (Billiads)
Benny, Jack – (Comedian)
Benoit Sisters
Benson, Allen – (Baseball Player)
Benson, Frances L.
Benson, Lois
Benson, Red
Bentley, Elizabeth T.
Bentley, Gladys
Bentley, Harry – (Bandit)
Bentley, James E.
Benton, Alton
Benton, George
Berenato, Joe
Berg, Howard
Berg, Patty
Berg, Patty – (Golf)
Bergdoll, Alfred – (Son Of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll)
Bergdoll, Emma – (Daughter Of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll)
Bergdoll, Emma C. – (Mother Of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll)
Bergdoll, Erwin – (Son Of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll)
Bergdoll, Erwin R. – (Brother Of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll)
Bergdoll, Grover Cleveland & Mrs. – (Draft Doger)
Bergdoll, Louis C. – (Father Of Grover Cleveland Bergdoll)
Berger, Wally – (Baseball)
Bergeron, Marion – (Beauty Contest)
Bergman, Ingrid
Bergner, Gustavus W. – (Mayor Of Avalon, Nj).
Berkeley, Busby – (Inq. Neg. Only) – (Choreographer)
Berkery, John C.
Berkey, Richard S.
Berle, Milton (Inq. Neg. Only) – (Comedian)
Berlin, Irving
Berlinger, Barney
Bernato, Tony – (Bulletin Employee)
Bernhard, Joseph
Berning, Susie Maxwell – (Golf)
Bernstein, Leonard – (Conductor)
Bernstein, Leonard Mrs.
Bernstein, Leonard S. – (Author)
Berra, Dale – (Baseball)
Berra, Larry – (Son Of Yogi)
Berra, Pietro
Berra, Yogi – (Baseball)
Berrigan, Daniel
Berrigan, Jim
Berry, Chuck
Berry, Ken – (Baseball)
Bertolet, Allen
Beshunsky, Sid
Besse, Herman – (Baseball)
Besselink, Al – (Golfer)
Bethe, Hans A. – (Scientist)
Bethouart, Emile
Bethune, Mary C.
Betner, Nina
Betson, Bob
Bettger, Frank – (Baseball)
Bettina, Melio
Betz, John
Betz, John D. Mrs. – (Golf)
Bevens, Floyd “Bill”
Bever, Harvey L.
Beveridge, Robert
Bey, Hranough
Bey, Turhan
Beyer, Lloyd Jr.
Bibb, James
Bibby, Tim
Bickell, Alfred
Biockford, Vern
Biddle, Adele
Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel Sr.
Biddle, Anthony Drexel, Sr. Mrs.
Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel Jr.
Biddle, Anthony J. Drexel Iii.
Biddle, Charles J.
Biddle, Charles J. Mrs.
Biddle, Craig
Biddle, Craig Sr.
Biddle, Ernest L.
Biddle, Francis – (Attorney General)
Biddle, Francis B. Mrs.
Biddle, Joel
Biddle, James
Biddle, James – (Former Prison Inmate)
Biddle, James Mrs. – (Cornell) (Former Monk)
Biddle, Livingston Jr. Mrs.
Biddle, Lydia
Biddle, Nicholas Jr.
Biddle, Nicholas – (Historical)
Biddle, Nicholas – (Businessman)
Biddle, Nicholas Mrs.
Biddle, Nicholas – (General)
Biddle, Nicholas – (Duke)
Biddle, Richard C. D.
Biddle, Richard
Biddle, Sydney Mrs.
Bieg, Lovel
Bierce, Ambrose
Bigelow, Bob – (Basketball)
Biggers, John – (Artist)
Biggins, John M. – (Elgin Watch Company)
Biggs, John Jr. – (Judge)
Bilger, George – (Murder Suspect)
Bilingham, Jack – (Baseball)
Billings, Peggy
Bilotti, Queena
Bilous, Walt – (Basketball)
Bilovsky, Frank
Binder, Bus
Bing, Dave – (Basketball)
Bingham, Henry Harrison – (General; Congress Rep.)
Binks, George – (Baseball)
Binns, Roberts
Binzen, Peter H. – (Africa Series Only)
Bioren, John S.
Bird, Doug – (Baseball)
Birdsau, Thomas M. Mrs.
Birnbaum, Richard Dr.
Bisbee, Edgar D. Mrs.
Bishop, Ben
Bishop, Charley – (Baseball)
Bishop, Frank
Bishop, Gale
Bishop, Joey – (Entertainer)
Bishop, Martha
Bishop, Max – (Baseball)
Bismarck, Otto Von
Bittney, Larry – (Baseball)
Bivins, Jimmy
Blabon, Mary
Black, Don
Black, Edgar Newbold
Black, Edwin
Black, Edgar
Black, George B. Mrs.
Black, Joe – (Baseball)
Black, Norman – (Basketball Player)
Black, Norman – (Orchestra Leader)
Black, Robert
Black, Steve
Blackmer, Sidney
Blackson, George Mrs.
Blackwell, Kenneth
Blackwell, Lucia E.
Blackwell, Lucien Mrs.
Blackwell, Nate
Blai, Boris
Blair, Janet
Blair, Linda
Blair, Suzanne
Blake, Eubie – (Musician)
Blake, Horace B. Mrs.
Blanchard, Felix “Doc”
Blanchard, John – (Yankees)
Bland, F. Paul Mrs.
Bland, Robert “Bobby Blue” – (Singer)
Blanda, George – (Football)
Blanda, Mary – (Mother Of George)
Blaney, Richard – (Criminal Murdered)
Blaney, Vincent – (Criminal Murdered)
Blanken, Fanny – (Ov)
Blankenburg, Rudolph – (Mayor)
Blankers-Koen, Fanny – (Track)
Blasingame, Don – (Baseball)
Blasingame, Wade
Blass, Steve – (Baseball)
Blatcher, Frank
Blatcher, Frank Jr.
Blatnik, Johnny
Blattmann, Walt
Blattner, Bob
Blattner, Buddy
Blavat, Jerry – (Radio And Tv Personality)
Blaylock, Marv – (Baseball)
Blewett, Barron
Blikken, Marguriet Mrs.
Blitzstein, Marc – (Pianist)
Block, Arthur
Blondell, Joan
Blong, Thomas
Bloodworth, Jimmy – (Baseball)
Blozis, Al – (Ov)
Blumenthal, Mitchell
Blue Magic – (Singing Group)
Blyleven, Bert – (Baseball)
Blymer, John H. – (Hex Murder)
Blyth, Ann
Boal, Dave
Bobitt, Janet
Bochachevsky, Constantine
Bochte, Bruce – (Baseball)
Bockius, Morris R. – (Lawyer)
Bodenger, Morris
Bodie, “Ping” Frank – (Early Baseball)
Bodine, William Mrs.
Boericke, Beatrice
Bogan, Howard
Bogan, Jim
Bogan, Joe
Bogan, John 3rd
Bogan, John C.
Bogan, Louise
Bogan, Martin
Bogan, Nancy
Bogan, Tommy
Bogan, Robert
Bogart, Humphrey – (Actor)
Bogart, Neil – (Head Of Record Company)
Boggs, Jean – (Philadelphia Musuem Of Art)
Boggs, Sam
Bogley, Gilbert
Bohr, Aage – (Physicist)
Bohr, Niels – (Scientist)
Bok, Curtis – (Judge)
Bok, Curtis Mrs.
Bok, Edward W. – (Editory)
Boland, Michael J.
Bolber, Morris – (Arsenic Murder Ring)
Boley, Joe – (Baseball)
Bolling, Betsy
Boltz, Robert
Bond, Dorthy
Bond, Horace Mann, Dr. – (Educator)
Bond, James – (English)
Bond, James – (Author)
Bond, Julian
Bonds, Bobby – (Baseball)
Bonds, Gary – (U.S.)
Bong, Richard I. – (Ov)
Boning, Charles J.
Bonnage, Mary
Bonnell, Allen Thomas
Bonner, Dennis
Bonner, John J.
Booudreau, Lou – (Ov)
Bookbinder, Saul R. – (Warden)
Booker, T & The Mg’s – (Entertainers)
Boone, Bob – (Baseball)
Boone, Richard
Boone, Walter F.
Booth, Harry
Borde, Robert
Borden, Joan Patricia
Borden, Joseph W.
Borie, Beauveau Iv
Borie, C. Louis Iii
Borie, Charles L. Jr.
Borotra, Jean
Borowy, Hank
Borrel, Joe
Boschan, Francis
Bosley, Sara E.
Bosman, Dick – (Baseball)
Boster, Mary K.
Boswell, Connee – (Singer)
Boswell, James L.
Boswell, Martha – (Singer)
Boswell, Sisters – (Singer)
Bottomley, James L. – (Baseball)
Boudewijn, Agi Mrs.
Boudreau, Lou – (Ov)
Boudwin, Dan
Bouvier, Francis – (Actress)
Bouvier, John E.
Bouvier, John Vernon Mrs.
Bouvier, Yvonne – (Singer)
Bova, Ben
Bowa, Larry & Mrs. – (Baseball)
Bowdon, Dorris
Bowen, Catherine – (Drinker) (News & Groups & Heads & Singles)
Bowerman, Frank
Bowerman, Bill
Bowes, Cecile – (Babe)
Bowers, Terrance J. Jr.
Bowie, David – (Singer)
Bowles, John
Bowman, Bob – (Baseball)
Bowman, Joe – (Baseball)
Bowler, Charles – (Politican)
Bowser, Charles W. – (Football Coach)
Boyce, David Jr.
Boyd, Al – (Owner Of The Boy Theatre)
Boyd, Nancy
Boyd, William – (Hop A Long Cassidy)
Boyd, William Henry
Boyer, Charles
Boyer, Eleanor
Boyer, James
Boyle, Dennis
Boyle, John A.
Boyle, Jim
Boyle, Mary Ellen
Boyle, Pete “Uncle”
Boylwe, Peter
Brabazon, George
Brack, Gilbert – (Baseball)
Bradbury, James
Bradbury, Samuel Mrs.
Bradford, Buddy – (Baseball)
Bradford, Willaim – (Murderer No Photos Of Bradford Trail)
Bradford, William B.
Bradford, William M.
Bradford, William Jr.
Bradley, Alex
Bradley, Andrew M. – (Pa. Cabinet)
Bradley, Bill – (Football)
Bradley, Clint
Bradley, E. R.
Bradley, Ed – (Newscaster)
Bradley, Edward C. – (Policeman)
Bradley, Omar N.
Bradley, Pat – (Boxer)
Branda, Olympe
Bradshaw, Billy – (Baseball College)
Bradshaw, Dennis
Bradshaw, Jim – (Baseball College)
Brady, Frank
Brady, James – (9 Year Old Murder Suspect)
Brady, Thomas F.
Bragan, Bobby – (Baseball)
Bragan, Jim – (Baseball)
Bragan, Robert – (Baseball)
Bragg, Don – (Pole Vaulter)
Braidis, Raymond
Branca, Ralph – (Baseball)
Brancato, Albert – (Baseball)
Brancato, Ben – (Baseball Coach)
Brancus, Constatine – (Artist)
Brand, Ron – (Baseball)
Brandeis, Louis Dembitz
Brandies, Elaine
Brandt, David – (Arsenic Murderer)
Bransfield, William Kitty – (Baseball)
Brantley, James S.
Brasler, Robert M. – (Executive) (No Files)
Brasler, Robert M. – (Realtor)
Braun, Eva
Bray, Mariana
Breen, Joseph I.
Breen, Joseph W.
Breese, Edmund
Breigan, David
Breit, Jack
Breitinger, Jane Carol
Bremer, Lucille
Brendin, Robert
Breneman, Tom
Brennan, Cornelius
Breenan, David – (Minic)
Brennan, Inez Mrs.
Brennan, William J. – (Laborleader)
Brennan, William 3rd – (Attorney)
Brennan, William J. Jr. – (U.S. Supreme Court)
Brenner, David
Brenner, Ralph
Brennon, Tom
Brent, George
Brentano, Gertrude
Breslow, Irwin Homer Mrs.
Bresnahan, Roger – (Baseball)
Bressi, Tom
Brenner, Sidney
Bressler, Rube – (Baseball)
Brett, George H. – (Major General)
Brett, John
Brett, Ken – (Baseball)
Brewster, Anne
Brewster, Barbara
Brewster, Charles – (Baseball)
Brewster, Darrell – (Football)
Brewster, Gloria
Breyer, Henry W. Sr. Mrs.
Breyer, Henry W. Jr.
Brian, Donald
Brickell, Fred
Brickell, Fritz – (Baseball)
Bricker, Glenn W. Dr.
Brickley, Henry P. Mrs.
Brideweser, Jim – (Baseball)
Bridges, Tommy – (Baseball)
Briggs, John V. Mrs.
Briggs, Walter
Bright, Harry
Bright, Harvey
Bright, Mary Frederick
Briles, Nelson – (Baseball)
Bringhurst, Deborah R.
Bringhurst, Mary – (Golfer)
Bringhurst, Neale C. – (Married 1967)
Bringhurst, Robert T. Mrs.
Bringhurst, William
Brinon Fernand De – (Ov)
Brinton, Caleb J. – (Police)
Briscoe, Bennie – (Boxer)
Briscoe, Robin
Brissie, Lou – (Baseball)
Bristow, Remington
Britton, Barbara
Brock, Horace Mrs.
Brock, Lynmar Mrs.
Brockington, James
Brockway, Ellen
Broderick, Johnny
Brodeur, John – (Attacked By Shark)
Brodsky, Mel – (Basketball)
Brogan, Mary Ann
Brogan, Peggy
Bromley, John Jr. Mrs.
Bromwich – (Tennis)
Brooke, Edward
Brooke, Edward W.
Brooke, Edward W. Mrs.
Brooke, George – (Sportsman)
Brookes, Norman Sir
Brookins, Clarance
Brooks, Barbara
Brooks, Geraldine
Brooks, Gwendolyn
Brooks, Leslie
Brooks, Lou
Brooks, Michael
Brooks, Richard – (Director: Marries Actress)
Brooks, Van Wyck
Brookshier, Tom – (Football)
Brookshier, Tom Mrs.
Brophy, John – (Author)
Brophy, John – (Mine Union)
Brophy, John – (Hockey)
Brophy, John – (Basketball)
Brophy, John Henry – (Football)
Brosnan, Jim – (Baseball)
Brothers, Four
Brothers, James
Brothers, Too
Brough, Louise
Brown, Albert N.
Brown, Audrey L.
Brown, Barbara
Brown, Betty
Brown, Bob – (Football)
Brown, Carol
Brown, Charles L.
Brown, Charles T.
Brown, Edgar B.
Brown, Elaine Dr.
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Ethel Mrs.
Brown, Gates – (Baseball)
Brown, Gilbert W. Mrs
Brown, Greg – (Football)
Brown, Joe E.
Brown, Joe L. – (Baseball)
Brown, John – (Darby)
Brown, John – (Basketball)
Brown, John – (Basketball, Pro)
Brown, John – (Villanova, Football)
Brown, John – (Antique Store)
Brown, John – (Football)
Brown, John – (Football, Penn)
Brown, John – (Historical)
Brown, John – (Shadow Traffic)
Brown, John A. Mrs.
Brown, John A. Jr.
Brown, John F.
Brown, John H. – (U.S. Navy)
Brown, John H. – (Choral Director)
Brown, John L. – (Vp Phila. Student Union)
Brown, John Marshall Gest
Brown, John Mason – (Writer)
Brown, John Nicholas – (Society)
Brown, John T. – (Policeman)
Brown, John W. – (Charged With Murder)
Brown, John Wayne Rev.
Brown, John Webster
Brown, John Y. Sr. & Jr.
Brown, Johnny Mack – (Actor)
Brown, Johnny Young Jr.
Brown, Judson – (Bulletin Reporter)
Brown, Kitty
Brown, Larry – (Baseball)
Brown, Larry – (Assistant District Attorney)
Brown, Leon – (Runner)
Brown, Leon – (Illustrator)
Brown, Lloyd – (Baseball)
Brown, Mack – (Actor)
Brown, Marian
Brown, Mary Louise
Brown, Michael A.
Brown, Mordecai – (Baseball)
Brown, Ned – (Writer And Author)
Brown, Oscar Jr. – (Singer)
Brown, Pete – (Golf)
Brown, Peter A. G. Mrs.
Brown, Ruth
Brown, Sam – (Trip To Egypt)
Brown, Sam – (Cleveland Browns)
Brown, Sam – (Colorado State Treasurer)
Brown, Samuel J. – (Missile Technician)
Brown, Samuel J. – (Lower Merion)
Brown, Samuel J.
Brown, Stan
Brown, Sterling – (Football)
Brown, Sterling – (National Conference Christians/Jews)
Brown, Sterling W. Dr.
Brown, Timmy – (Football)
Brown, Tony – (Black Journal)
Brown, Willard
Brown, William H. – (American Viscose)
Brown, William H. – (Collingdale)
Brown, William H. – (Arizona Rancher)
Brown, William H. 3rd – (Equal Employment Opportunities)
Browne, Dave
Browne, Dorothy
Browne, Walter
Browning, Dana
Brownlee, R. Jean Dr.
Bruce, Carol
Bruce, James
Bruce, Virginia
Bruckner, Earle – (Baseball)
Bruckner, Earle Jr.
Bruckner, Frederick Jr. – (Sears)
Brundage, Avery – (Olympic Committee)
Brundage, Robert P.
Brunet, George E.
Bruno, Angelo – (Gangster)
Bruno, Alfred – (Murder Case)
Bruno, Arthur – (Robber)
Bruno, Arthur – (Murder Case)
Bruno, Eugene
Bruno, Frank – (Murderers)
Bruno, Family
Bruno, James – (Murder Case)
Bruno, Joe – (Baseball)
Bruno, John Harry – (Murders Neighbors)
Bruno, Joseph – (Arrested In Extortion Plot)
Bruno, Joseph – (Home)
Bruno, Joseph C.
Bruno, Joseph J.
Bruno, Joseph O.
Bruno, Paul – (Murder Case)
Bruno, Phillip – (Murder Case)
Brunett, George – (Baseball)
Brunoff, Alex
Brunson, Carl
Brusic, Robert
Bryan, Jane
Bryan, Joe
Bryan, Travis Mrs.
Bryan, William J. Dr.
Bryan, William Jennings
Bryan, William Jennings Mrs.
Bryan, William Jennings, Jr.
Bryan, William T.
Bryant, Elliot T.
Bryant, Joe
Bryant, Nana
Bryant, Terry
Bryne, Bob – (Baseball)
Bucca, Santa – (Boxer)
Buchalter, Louise Mrs.
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, James Dr.
Buchin, Andrew – (Murderer)
Buchin, Isadore – (Son Of Murderer)
Buck, J. Mahlon – (Smith, Kline French)
Buck, J. Mahlon – (Music Director)
Buck, Pearl – (Author)
Bucklen, Oliver
Buckley, Virginia
Buckner, Bill
Buda, Patricia
Budd, Edward G.
Budd, Edward G. Jr. – (President Of The Budd Co.)
Budd, Sue
Budd, William
Budge, Don
Buferd, Marilyn
Buford, Don – (Baseball)
Bugas, John S.
Bulla, John
Bullitt, Orville H. – (President Of The Hospitals)
Bullitt, Virgina
Bullitt, William C.
Bullock, Don
Bullock, Maltin “Red”
Bullock, Marvin
Bulman, Gertrude
Bunche, Ralph J. Dr.
Bunche, Ralph J. Dr. Mrs.
Bundy, Glibert
Bunker, Wally – (Baseball)
Bunning, Jim - (Baseball)
Bunting, John – (Football)
Bunting, John R. Jr. Mrs.
Bunting, John R. Jr. – (Chairman)
Bunting, Josiah Mrs.
Bunting, Reeve, Mrs.
Burchett, Bessie Dr.
Burdette, Lew – (Baseball)
Burdick, Ann
Burgees, Smokey – (Baseball)
Burghley, Lord David
Burk, Adrian
Burk, Dean
Burk, James R. Mrs.
Burk, Joe
Burk, William D.
Burke, Billie
Burke, Frances
Burke, Selms H.
Burke, Solomon
Burke, Yvonne Braithwaite
Burke, William
Buekhart, Elmer – (Baseball)
Burkett, Jess – (Baseball)
Burleson, Rick
Burley, Charley
Burnet, C. Joseph – (Golf)
Burnett, Carol – (Comedian)
Burnett, Constance
Burnett, Jim
Burnett, Robert – (Golf)
Burnette, Ann
Burns, G. Bickley – (Pastor)
Burns, George – (Comedian)
Burns, George – (Golfer)
Burns, George – (Baseball)
Burrall, Charles Mrs.
Burroughs, Don – (Football)
Burton, Harold H. – (Criminal)
Burton, Harold H. – (Supreme Court)
Burton, Harry H. – (Criminal)
Burton, Harry M. – (Businessman)
Burton, John Mrs.
Burtschy, Ed – (Baseball)
Burum, Alfonzo
Buscaglia, Leo
Busch, Eddie – (Baseball)
Bush, George – (President)
Bush, Joe – (Baseball)
Bush, Lesley – (Swimmer)
Bush, Mary Lou
Bush, Brown James – (Horticulturist)
Bushkoff, Isadore
Busillo, Daniel
Butera, Charley
Butler, Bridget Ann
Butler, Jerry – (Singer)
Butler, Johnny
Butler, Mary – (Self Taught Researcher)
Butler, Smedley – (General)
Butler, Smedley – D.
Butler, Smedley – D. Mrs.
Butler, Smedley Iii
Button, Dick
Buzzell, Eddie
Byers, Danny
Byrd, Harry – (Baseball Player)
Byrd, Richard E.
Byrd, Sam
Byrne, Bobby
Byrne, Brendon
Byrne, Brendon Mrs.
Byrne, Brenden T.
Byrne, Bridget
Byrne, Catherine
Byron, Arthur
Byron, Peter
Caballero, Ralph – (Baseball)
Cabot, Stephen J.
Cabrelli, Larry – (Football)
Cabrini, Francis Xavier
Cacopardo, John – (Arsenic Murder)
Cadden, Joe
Cadwalader, Catherine
Caesar, Jimmy
Cadwalader, Caarloning
Cadwalader, Charles
Cadwalader, Charles W.
Cadwalader, Gardner
Cadwalader, Henry Mrs.
Cadwalader, John
Cadwalader, Lamburt
Cadwalader, Sandra Lee
Cadwalader, William B.
Cadwalader, Bill
Cadwalader, Charles W.
Caesar, Jimmy
Caesar, Sid – Tv
Cagni, Cal
Cahall, Lawrence Jr.
Cahall, William C. Mrs.
Cahill, Margaret Gorman – (Ms. America)
Cain, Bob – (Baseball)
Cain, Les – (Baseball)
Cain, Merritt Patrick “Sugar” – (Baseball)
Calcagni, Cleo
Calhoun, John
Callahan, James J. – (Baseball)
Callahan, Jim – (Baseball)
Callas, Maria
Callaway, Cab – (Musician)
Calvert, Phyllis
Calvin, James
Calvin, Peggy
Calvot, Corinne
Camilli, Dolph – (Baseball) (+Ov)
Camp, Don – (Bulletin Photographer)
Campanella, Beverly
Campanella, David
Campanella, Joe – (Football Manager)
Campanella, Joseph – (Star)
Campanella, Roy – (Baseball)
Campanella, Roy Jr.
Campaneris, Bert – (Baseball)
Campbell, Alexander
Campbell, Bill
Campbell, Edgar C. – (Democratic)
Campbell, John R. “Jack”
Campbell, Marion – (Football)
Campbell, Regina
Campbell, Stan – (Football)
Campion, Nancy
Candelaria, John – (Baseball)
Caner, Jacqueline & Priscilla
Caniff, Milton
Cann, Charles Mrs.
Cannon, Larry – (Basketball)
Cannon, Thomas
Cant, Bill
Cant, Doris
Cantor, Eddie
Cantore, Fred
Cantrell, Millyann
Capano, Michael
Capers, John Mrs, - (Golf)
Capers, John G. 3rd – (Mrs.)
Capolino, Ann
Capone, Al
Cappelletti, Joey – (Brother Of Football Player)
Cappelletti, John – (Football)
Cappelletti, John – (Family)
Caras, Jimmy
Carazo, Ray
Carbine, Joe
Carbo, Bernie – (Baseball)
Carbo, Frankie – (Boxing Manager)
Carbone, Carmine
Cardoza, Paul – (Boxer)
Carey, Andy – (Baseball)
Carey, Lynn – (Daughter Of Actor)
Carey, Macdonald – (Star)
Carey, Max – (Baseball)
Carina, Rose Mrs. – (Arsenic Murders)
Carles, Arther B. – (Artist)
Carlin, Benjamin F.
Carlisle, Kitty
Carlson, Harold “Hal” – (Baseball)
Carlton, Steve – (With Wife Only, Others Missing)
Carmichael, Harold
Carmichael, Stokely – (News & Group 3 Of 3)
Carmichael, Stokely – (Heads & Singles 3 Of 3)
Carnegie, Dale
Carnera, Primo
Carney, Dave
Carney, Frank P.
Carney, Kitty
Carpenter, Arthur
Carpenter, Janie
Carpenter, Robert R. M. Jr. – (Baseball)
Carpenter, Robert Sr. – (Dupont)
Carpenter, Robert R. M. Mrs.
Carpenter, Ruly – (Baseball)
Carpenter, Sydnie
Carpenter, Vincent
Carlin, Benjamin F.
Carr, Joe
Carr, Sir Cecil
Carr, Urfrid
Carrel, Charles
Carrick, Jimmie
Carroll, Clay – (Baseball)
Carroll, Diahann – (Newsgroup 1 Of 2, Head & Singles 4 Of 4)
Carroll, Donald Jr. – (Murder)
Carroll, Earl
Carroll, Ed
Carroll, Edna R.
Carroll, Georgia
Carroll, Joan
Carroll, John Rogers
Carroll, Vincent A.
Carroll, Vincent A. Mrs.
Carsey, Wilfred “Kit”
Carson, Jeannie
Carson, Joseph
Carson, Tim
Carter, Annette – (Writer)
Carter, Betty – (Entertainer)
Carter, Clarence – (Singer)
Carter, Frank
Carter, Fred – (Baseball, Pro)
Carter, Fred – (Baseball, Franklin)
Carter, Gary
Carter, Helena
Carter, Janis
Carter, Jimmy – (Visits To Philadelphia Only)
Carter, Joe
Carter, Rubin “Hurricane” – (Boxer)
Carter, Thelmal – (Wife Of Rubin “Hurricane”)
Carter, Rudulph E. Mrs.
Carter, Ruth
Carter, William A. (Maj. Gen.)
Carter, William H. – (Bristol Mayor)
Carter, William J. – (Captain Nj. State Police)
Carto, Frankie
Carton, Norman
Carver, George Washington
Casals, Martha
Casey, Dan
Casey, Daniel M. – (Baseball)
Casey, H.W. – (Singer)
Casey, Stephen H. Jr. Mrs.
Cash, Dave – (Baseball)
Cash, Norm – (Baseball)
Casper, Bill
Casper, Bill Jr. Mrs. – (Wife Of Golfer)
Casper, Billy – (Golf)
Casper, Billy Jr.
Cassard, Louise
Cassard, Sally
Cassatt, Mary – (Artist)
Cassetti, Dominick – (Arsenic Murders)
Cassidy, Thomas D. – (President Kennedy Look Alike)
Castiglia, Jim – (Baseball/Football)
Catena, Girard
Caster, George – (Baseball)
Cates, Clifton
Catherwood, Elizabeth – (Ice Skater)
Catherwood, Virginia Kent Mrs. – (Divorced)
Cathrall, Holmes
Catlett, Walter
Catto, Octavius
Cauffman, Hughes
Caulfield, Joan
Cavaliere, Angel
Cavaretta, Phil
Caverly, Mildred – (Golf)
Cecil, Amanda
Celia, Carmen
Cella, Philip J. – (Park Guard Inspector)
Cellini, Oliver
Centifanti, Joseph B. – (Shooting)
Cepecla, Orlando – (Baseball)
Cerak, John P.
Cerdan, Marcel
Cezanne, Paul – (Artist’s Father)
Chaclest, Donna
Chaffe, John C. Jr.
Chaffe, Nancy Fehr
Chain, George
Chalmers, George
Chamberlain, Clarence D.
Chamberlain, Guy – (Football)
Chamberlain, Neville
Chamberlain, William E. – (Salvation Army)
Chamberlain, Wilt – (Basketball)
Chambers, Cliff
Chambers, Jerry – (Basketball)
Chambers, John Alexander “Rube” – (Basketball)
Chambers, Virginia
Chambliss, Chris – (Baseball)
Chamoures, Shenafron
Champion, Bill
Champion, Billy – (Baseball)
Champion, Joseph G. – (Mayor, Ocean City)
Chance, Britton M. Dr.
Chance, Dean
Chance, Frank – (Baseball)
Chandlee, Susan
Chandler, Blakeley W. Mrs.
Chandler, Daniel Mrs. – (Golfer)
Chandler, Gene – (Rock N’ Roll)
Chandler, Harry – (Golfer)
Chandler, Helen
Chandler, Joe
Chandler, Spurgeon – (Baseball)
Chaney, Darrel – (Basketball)
Chaney, John Jr. – (Basketball)
Chaney, Lon Jr. – (Actor)
Channing, Carol
Chaplin, Lita Grey
Chapman, Ben – (Baseball) (5/06/04 Stopped)
Chapman, Frank H. – (Golfer)
Chapman, Madeline
Chapman, Maguerite
Chapman, Nathaniel Dr.
Chapman, Rosalie
Chapman, Sam
Chapman, Sam Mrs.
Chapot, Frank Mrs. – (Horses)
Charles, Ellard – (Ov)
Charles, Ray – (Singer)
Charleston, Oscar
Chase, Barbara
Chase, Chaz
Chase, Cornelius T. Mrs.
Chase, George W. Mrs.
Chase, Harold H. – (Baseball)
Chase, Muriel
Chase, Roland A. – (Baseball)
Chase, Sheila
Cheeker, Chubby
Cheeks, Maurice – (Basketball)
Cheney Ed F.
Cherry, Irving – (Baseball)
Chesham, John
Cheskin, Bernard
Cheston, G. F.
Cheston, Gregory
Chevalier, Maurice
Chew, Robert P. Mrs.
Chew, Samuel Mrs.
Cheyney E. Price Mrs.
Chiett, Eugene L. Jr.
Childress, Alice – (Author)
Childs, Bob
Childs, Mary
Chiozza, Dino – (Baseball)
Chiozza, Lou – (Baseball)
Chisholm, Shirley – (Politican)
Chitwood, Joe – (Auto Stunt Driver)
Chitwood, Michael J. – (Police)
Christian, Paul
Christie, Bob
Christie, June
Christopher, Russ – (Baseball)
Chudoff, Earl – (Judge)
Church, Emery
Churchill, Winston – (Ov)
Cianfrani, Henery J. – (Politician)
Cicinatti, Gaetano
Cicotte, Al
Cicotte, Eddie – (Baseball)
Ciesinski, Katherine
Cimino, Pete
Cimokowski, Stanley
Cipriani Nicholas A. – (Politics)
Cipriani, William – (Pfc)
Cirminello, Kathleen, Michael, Eileen, & Maureen (Ov)
Cirminello, Joseph Mrs.
Claghorne, Elizabeth
Claiborne, Craig – (Chef)
Clairborne, John – (Baseball Executive)
Claire, Ina
Clardy, John – (Student)
Clark, Allie – (1950’s)
Clark, Bobby
Clark, Carol
Clark, Dennis J. – (Historian)
Clark, Dick – (D.J.)
Clark, Dick Mrs.
Clark, Frank – (Ex-Congressman)
Clark, Frank – (Pa Democrat)
Clark, Howie
Clark, Jack
Clark, Jeffrey
Clark, Jesse B.
Clark, Jim
Clark, John – (Murderer)
Clark, John R. Mrs.
Clark, John J. Jr.
Clark, Joseph S. Sr. – (Politican)
Clark, Joseph S. Jr.
Clark, Joseph S. Jr. Mrs.
Clark, Joseph S. Iii
Clark, Kenneth
Clark, Lewis
Clark, Mel – (Baseball)
Clark, Milton Jr.
Clark, Percy H. – (Banker)
Clark, Percy H. Jr. – (Society)
Clark, Petula
Clark, Richard Mrs.
Clark, Tom
Clarke, Allie – (Baseball-Spts).
Clarke, Arthur C. – (Author)
Clarke, Bobby
Clarke, Fred
Clarke, Horace
Classen, Anton H. Mrs.
Claudel, Paul A.
Claudel, Paul
Clause, Santa
Claxton, Tim – (Basketball Player)
Clay, Cassius – (Boxer)
Clay, Patty
Clayes, Betty Anne
Clayworth, June
Cleaver, Eldridge
Clegg, Kendig
Clement, Charles Francis Jr. Mrs.
Clement, Donna Elizabeth
Clement, Henry L. G. Mrs.
Clement, Martin W.
Clemente, Roberto – (Baseball)
Clemente, Vera
Clements, John “Jack” – (Baseball)
Clendenning, Mary – (Blind)
Clendenou, Donn – (Baseball)
Cleveland, James
Cleveland, Reggie – (Baseball)
Clevenger, Truman – (Baseball)
Clifford, C. Gavny – (Old Time Baseball Star)
Clinton, Bill – (Governer Of Arkansas)
Clinton, Bill – (Trucker)
Clinton, George – (Singer)
Clinton, Harry
Clinton, Janet
Clipp, Roger W.
Clothier, Ann
Clothier, Candance – (Murdered)
Clothier, James J.
Clothier, Morris L. – (Strawbridge & Clothier)
Clothier, William J.
Clough, Peter Irvan Mrs.
Coakley, Andy
Coate, Margie
Coates, Jim – (Baseball)
Cobb, Calvin H.
Cobb, Tyrus R. – (Baseball)
Coburn, Charles
Coccalespat – (Baseball Player)
Cocco, Tony
Cochran, Joseph Mrs.
Cochran, Welker
Cochrane, Gordon S. Jr.
Cochrane, Gordon “Mickey”
Cochrane, Joyce
Cochrane, June
Cochrane, Lawrence S.H. Mrs.
Cochrane, Mickey
Cocks, W.B. Mrs.
Cocoa, Louis
Code, Violet
Cody, Josh
Cody, Wayne
Cody, William F.
Coffey, John J.
Cohen, Albert
Cohen, Albert Mrs. – (Murdered)
Cohen, Albert J.
Cohen, Albert Rev.
Cohen, Clair Mrs.
Cohen, David – (Politican)
Cohen, David – (Student)
Cohen, David Mrs.
Cohen, George – (Actor)
Cohen, George – (Actor, Black)
Cohen, George D.H.
Cohen, George Edward
Cohen, Mickey – (California Gangster)
Colavito, Rocky
Colbert, Claudette
Cole, Clay – (Television Anchor)
Cole, Orlando – (Cellist)
Cole, Ed – (Basketball)
Cole, George – (Actor)
Cole, George – (Actor, Black)
Cole, George D. H.
Cole, George Edward
Cole, Nat: King” – (Singer)
Cole, Natalie
Coleman, Ed – (Baseball)
Coleman, Gloria Sister
Coleman, Gordon – (Baseball)
Coleman, Jerry – (Baseball)
Coleman, Jimmy – (Fisherman)
Coleman, Joe – (Baseball)
Coleman, Joe Jr. – (Baseball)
Coleman, Leo – (Numbers)
Coleman, Nancy
Coleman, William W.
Coleman, William T. Jr.
Coles, Charles – (Actor)
Colefelt, Virginia
Colleano, Con
Collier, Lois
Collin, Frank – (Nazi)
Collingwood, L. Kerr Mrs.
Collins, Joe – (Baseball Player)
Collins, Eddie Jr. – (Head Of Phils Form System)
Collins, Eddie – (Abducted)
Collings, Eddie Jr. – (Baseball)
Collins, Eddie – (Baseball)
Collins, Henry L. Jr. Mrs.
Collins, Henry H.
Collins, James A. – (Baseball)
Collins, James “Rip” – (Baseball)
Collins, James Robert – (Ov)
Collins, James S. Mrs.
Collins, Jimmie – (Baseball)
Collins, Jimmy – (Boxer)
Collins, Philip “Phil” – (Baseball)
Colony, David C.
Colquhoun, Eleanor
Coluccio, Russ
Columbus, Christopher
Colvin, Howard T.
Comber, James
Combs, Earl – (Baseball)
Comey, Dennis J.
Commoner, Barry – (Activist)
Compton, Cindy
Compton, Joyce
Compton, Karl T.
Compton, Lewis Mrs.
Compton, Mike – (Baseball)
Conant, Newtown C. Rev.
Concepcion, Dave – (Baseball)
Conger, John S.
Conigliaro, Tony – (Baseball)
Conley, Ruth
Conley, Donald
Conn, Billy – (Boxing) (Ov)
Connell, Charles D. Mrs.
Connell, George
Connelly, John P. – (Solicitor)
Conner, Chris
Connolly, Harry
Connon, Eunice
Connors, Jimmy
Conrad, Barbara
Conrad, Don
Conroy, William – (Baseball)
Consigli, Stella
Conti, Eric
Converse, John H. Mrs.
Convery, Joseph
Convey, Patrick Peter
Conway, Charles
Conway, Patrick Peter
Conwell, Eddie
Cook, Charles S.
Cook, Clayton
Cook, Jay-Wfil
Cook, Nancy
Cook, Priscilla Hought
Cook, Sally P.
Cook, William – (Brother Of Murder Suspect)
Cook, William Jr. – (Folcroft Councilman)
Cook, William – (Policeman)
Cook, William A. – (Pres. Of Phoenix Iron & Steel Co.)
Cook, William E. Jr. – (Wanted By Fbi)
Cook, (Willie) – (Jockey)
Cooke, Jay
Cooke, Sam
Coolbaugh, Joan
Cooldige, Calvin
Coombs, John Wesley “Jack”
Cooney, Barbara
Cooney, Carl J. – (Rape Charge)
Cooper, Cynthia
Cooper, Dick
Cooper, Gary – (Actor)
Cooper, Harry – (Golfer)
Cooper, Harry – (Student)
Cooper, Morton – (Ov)
Cooper, Thomas – (Judge)
Cope, Alfred H.
Cope, B.
Cope, Bob
Cope, David
Cope, Emily Mrs.
Cope, Ester
Cope, George – (Artist)
Cope, J. Morris
Cope, Joyce Merle
Cope, June Mrs.
Cope, Michael
Cope, Millard
Cope, Newton
Cope, Norah M.
Cope, Patricia
Cope, Paul M. Jr.
Cope, Ralph
Cope, Richard
Cope, Robert D.
Corace, Frank
Corcoran, Jim – (Football)
Corday, Mara
Corday, Rita
Corio, Ann – (Stripper)
Corkran, Anne Simmons
Corkran, Elizabeth
Cornell, Katharine
Corningore, Dorothy
Conley, Donald Gene – (Baseball)
Corleto, Fred T. – (City Official)
Corney, Bill – (Baseball)
Cornwell, Moses Worth Mrs.
Correvont, Bill De – (Ov)
Corriden, John
Corson, Alan – (Fairmount Park)
Corson, Alan Jr.
Corson, Fred Pierce
Cortes, Mapy
Cost, John
Costantino, Lulu
Costello, Diosa
Costello, Larry – (Basketball)
Costello, Peter Mrs.
Costigan, Robert W.
Costner, Tony
Cota, N.D.
Courtin, Steve
Courtney, Inez
Courtney, Tom – (Track)
Coustean, Jacques
Coustean, Philippe
Covington, Chet
Covington, Wes
Cowan, Gary – (Golfer)
Coward, Noel – (Playwright)
Cowden, William F. – (Fire Chief)
Cowden, Coy Dean
Cowden, David
Cowden, Jason
Cowden, J.R.
Cowden, Laurie
Cowden, Patricia Anne
Cowden, Richard
Cowden, Robert
Cowden, William F. – (Fire Chief)
Cowl, Jane
Cowperthwaite, Nancy
Cox, Billy – (Baseball)
Cox, Bobby – (Baseball)
Cox, Frank
Cox, John
Cox, Johnny – (Basketball)
Cox, Joseph G. – (Rev.)
Cox, Martha
Cox, Williams, Brought – (Baseball)
Coxe, Mary D.
Coxey, Jacob S. – (General)
Coxson, Major B. – (Criminal)
Coyle, Rose Veronica
Crabtree, Dee
Craig, George N.
Craig, David
Craig, John D. Rex
Craig, John D. – (Adventurer)
Craig, Mrs. John R. Y.
Craig, Walter A. – (Phila. Civic Leader)
Craig, Mrs. Walter A.
Cram, Henry S. & Mrs. – (Dead 1st Wife & Mrs. – 2nd Wife)
Cramer, Harold – (Lawyer)
Cramer, Roger – (Baseball)
Cranach, Lucas
Crane, Irving
Crane, Stephen – (Author)
Cranshaw, John
Cranston, Paul F.
Cravath, Gabby – (Baseball)
Crawford, Edith
Crawford, Hasley – (Track)
Crawford, Jim
Crawford, Joan
Crawford, Sam – (Baseball Player)
Creel, Frances
Crenshaw, Al
Creveling, Darryl
Crewe, Jeanette
Cronfeld, Norman – (Honeymoon)
Cronin, Cheryl
Cronin, James W. – (Nobel Prize)
Cronin, Jimmy – (Baseball)
Cronin, Joe – (Baseball)
Cronin, Joe A. Jr.
Cronin, Paul E.
Cronin, Paul W. – (Politics)
Cronkite, Walter – (Reporter)
Crook, Virginia
Crosby, Bing
Croset, Paule
Crosetti, Frank
Crosman, Alexander Cameron Jr.
Cross, Irv
Cross, Monte – (Baseball)
Crossan, Clarence K.
Crossin, Francis
Crothers, Punky
Cruzen, Richard Harold
Cuddles & Puddles
Cudone, Mrs.
Cugat, Xavier
Cugino, Gaten J.
Cukela, Louis
Culin, Robert Stewart & Mrs.
Cullen, John W.
Cullen, Mike
Cullen, Tim
Cullenbine, Roy
Culler, Dick
Culp, Ray
Culver, George
Cummings, Bob – (Golfer)
Cummings, Bruce – (Football Player)
Cummings, Charley – (Boxer)
Cummings, Floyd – (Boxer In Prison)
Cummings, Jack – (Football Player)
Cummings, Jumbo
Cummings, Paul – (Track)
Cummings, Tom – (Athlete)
Cummings, William – (Auto Racer)
Cummings, Willis Dr. – (Cross Country Coach)
Cunliffe-Owen, Hugo
Cunneff, Betty
Cunningham, Billy – (Basketball)
Cunningham, E. Luther, Rev.
Cunningham, Thomas W. – (Son Of Sheriff)
Curie, Marie
Curling, Kate
Curran, Jerry
Currie, Janet
Currie, John
Curry, John – (Hex Murder)
Curry, Joseph Dr.
Curry, Joseph – (Bandit)
Curtes, C.H.K.
Curtin, Willard S.
Curtis, Charles – (Vp)
Curtis, Charlotte
Curtis, Margaret – (Golfer)
Cushman, C.A. Mrs
Cutter, Lewis Moore
Cuyler, Hazen “Kiki”
D’agostina, Mary
D’ambly A. Ernest Mrs.
D’olier, Franklin Mrs.
Dabrow, Dave
Dack, Etha
Dagit, Albert F.
Dagit, Henry D.
Dagit, Leonard H.
Dailey, Dan Jr.
Dailey, Elizabeth
Daley, Robert
Dall, Katherine Miller
Dallmar, Howard
Dalrymple, Clay – (Baseball)
Dalton, William M.
Daly, Charles J. “Chuck”
Daly, Thomas A. – (Poet)
Dando, Joseph P.
Dandridge, Dorothy – (Actress)
Dane, Patricia
Daneker, Charles
Danehour, Annette
Danehower, George
Daniel, Beth – (Golf)
Daniel, Ellie – (Swimmer)
Daniels, Jonella
Daniels, Martin
Daniels, Martin Jr.
Danilova, Alexandra
Dann, Roger
Dannenbaum, Julie
Dannenhirsch, Morton Mrs.
Dansbury, Arthur
Danser, Ed
Darby, Donald W. Mrs.
Darin, Bobby
Dark, Alvin – (Baseball)
Darling, Heney – (Bulletin Employee)
Darling, Ron
Darrow, Charles B.
Darrieux, Danielle
Darrow, Connie
Davenport, Doris
Davenport, Harry
Davey, Mary
David, Henri – (Tla)
David, Henry – (Eagles Fan)
Davidson, Ralph
Davie, Polly
Davies, Charles R. “Chick”
Davies, Leroy
Davies, Marion – (Actress)
Davies, Megan
Davies, Shirley
Davis, Angela – (Radical)
Davis, Al
Davis, Al “Bummy”
Davis, Benjamin O. – (General)
Davis, Benjamin O. Jr.
Davis, Bette – (Ov)
Davis, Bette – (Inq. Neg. Only)
Davis, Caroline Hare
Davis, Curtis – (Baseball)
Davis, George – (Baseball)
Davis, George L. Jr. & Mrs. – (Sister Of Grace Kelly)
Davis, Glenn – (Army Football)
Davis, Glenn – (Cherry Hill Shooting)
Davis, Glenn – (Track)
Davis, Harry – (Baseball)
Davis, Howard
Davis, Howard Atlee
Davis, Howard C.
Davis, Howard E.
Davis, Howard R.
Davis, Leroy
Davis, I.G. (Jack) – (Resorts Intl.)
Davis, Ira – (Track)
Davis, Iris
Davis, J. Wallace
Davis, Jackie – (Baseball)
Davis, Janet
Davis, Jim – (Baseball)
Davis, Joan
Davis, Johnny
Davis, Laurence – (Baseball)
Davis, Mary Ann
Davis, Mary Ellen – (Photography Student)
Davis, Meyer
Davis, Miles
Davis, Ossie – (Actor)
Davis, Otho
Davis, Rennie – (Radical)
Davis, Richard Hardin – (Actor)
Davis, Ross B. – (Fire Chief)
Davis, Sammy Jr. – (Singer)
Davis, Susan
Davis, Tommy – (Baseball)
Davis, Virgil – (Baseball)
Davis, William
Davis, William B.
Davis, Willie – (Baseball Player)
Dawkins, Darryl – (Basketball)
Dawson, Andre – (Baseball)
Dawson, Fred T. & Mrs. – (Ex-Coach)
Dawson, Freddy
Dawson, Freddy – (Boxer)
Dawson, Thomas R. Mrs. – (Mother Of Peace Corpsman)
Dawson, Thomas R. – (Peace Corpsman)
Day, Irving M. Mrs.
Day, Charles G.
Day, Boots – (Baseball)
Day, Charles “Boots” – (Baseball)
Day, Laraine
Dayan, Moshe
Daynor, George – (Eccentric)
De Braux, George Mrs.
De Flumer, Carl
De Havilland, Olivia
De Jesus, Ivan
De Lone, Francis H.
De Ludo, Carre
De Maree, Frank – (Baseball)
De Mohrenschildt, George – (Kennedy Assassination)
De Pasquale, Joseph
De Priest, James – (Negro Musical Conductor)
De Sante, Frank
De Schauenesee, Max
De Wolf, Rose – (Bulletin Employee)
Dewilde, Brandon – (Child Actor)
De Young, Rosa – (No Files)
Deal, Alphonso – (Policeman)
Dean, Bobby
Dean, Jerome “ Dizzy”
Dean, Loville “Chubby” – (Baseball)
Dean, Paul
Dean, Paul Jr.
Dean, Ted
Deangelis, Angelo
Deaver, Sally
Deberardinis, Joe
Deboth, Jesse Marie Mrs.
Decarlo, Yvonna
Dechert, Robert
Decinces, Doug – (Baseball)
Dee, Frances
Dee. Ruby – (Actress)
Deems, John Francis
Defillipps, Kay
Deforest, Don
Degas, Edgar – (Artist)
Degnan, Suzanne
Delafield, Jennifer
Delancey, William
Delhanty, Paul – (Murder Suspect)
Dellapenna, Dolores – (Found Dead)
Della, Penna
Dells – (Singing Group)
Dellums, Ronald
Delone, Frank
Delone, Helene
Delphonics – (Singing Group)
Demaree, Albert W.
Demaret, Jimmy
Demeter, Don – (Baseball)
Dempsey, Jack – (Boxer)
Dempsey, Rick
Dempsey, Rosemarie
Dempsey, Tom
Dempsy, Charles
Denckla, Paul
Deneuve, Catherine – (Actress)
Denison, John M. Mrs.
Dennis, Francis L.
Dennison, Carroll
Dennison, Richard W.
Depaola, Peter – (Auto Racer)
Depasquale, Joseph
Derr, L. F. Mrs.
Derringer, Paul – (Baseball)
Dersh, Phyllis
Desante, Frank
Deschak, Leo
Desiderio, Joe
Desmond, Mae
Detty, Moose – (Football)
Deuber, Rob
Develin, James A.
Devereux, Helena T.
Devereux, James P.S. Mr. & Mrs.
Devine, Andy
Debine, Bing
Devine, Bob
Devine, Caetano – (Murder Charge)
Devine, Chad – (Cancer Victim)
Devine, Dan – (Football Coach)
Devine, Davis “Dixie”
Devine, D.G.
Devine, Dick – (Plumber)
Devine, Donald
Devine, Ed – (Rutgers, Camden)
Devine, Edward J.
Devine, Gregory S.
Devine, Jack – (Basketball Coach)
Devine, James F. – (Bank Official)
Devine, John
Devine, John E. Dr.
Devine, Joseph – (Policeman)
Devine, Joseph L.
Devine, Kathy
Devine, Margaret M. – (Embezzler 1953)
Devine, Margarite
Devine, Maureen E. – (1974 Jr. Miss Of Pa)
Devine, Michael
Devine, Michael F. Mrs.
Devine, Michael L.
Devine, Pat – (Mardi Gras Queen)
Devine, Patrick J. – (Frankford Arsenal)
Devine, Paul A. – (Avoiding Future)
Devine, Peter J. Jr. – (Camden Bar Assoc).
Devine, Raymond – (Policeman)
Devine, Rich
Devine, Robert T. Rev.
Devine, Samuel – (Ohio Congressman)
Devine, Stephen J.
Devine, Thomas – (Narcotics Agent Shot And Paralyzed)
Devine, Vaghn “Bing” – (Baseball)
Devine, W.M.F.
Devon, Francis L.
Dewey, John
Dewey, Margaret
Dewitt, Robert L. – (Episcopal Bishop)
Dexter, Josephine
Dexter, Lee – (Puppeteer)
Dey, Joe – (Bulletin Employee Golf Comissioner)
Dewolf, Rose
Diaken, Mariam G.W. – (Ethiopian Diplomat)
Diamond, Jack “Legs” – (Gangster)
Diamond, Mickey
Diaz, Nelson
Dibattista, Dick
Dicarb, Michael
Di Carlo, Mike
Dickens, Helen O.
Dickey, Betty Mrs. – (Bus Driver)
Dickey, Bill – (Baseball)
Dickinson, Ann
Dickinson, Emily
Dickinson, William B. – (Bulletin)
Dickson, Flora Day
Dickson, Gloria
Diddley, Bo – (Singer)
Didrickson, Mildred – (Ov)
Diefendorf, Joan
Dietrich, Bill
Dietrich, Marlene
Dietz, Dick – (Baseball)
Dijulia, Dominic
Dilks, John H. Mrs.
Dillard, Harrison – (Track)
Diller, William
Diloretto, Americo – (Vfw Commander)
Diluca, Gene
Dilucas, Joseph
Dilworth, Richardson & Mrs. – (Mayor)
Dimaggio, Dom – (Baseball)
Dimaggio, Joseph Jr.
Dimaggio, Joseph – (Baseball) (+Ov)
Dimaggio, Vincent
Dimarco, Salvatore – (Phila. Photographer)
Dimarco, Salvatore – (Bulletin Employee)
Dimitman, E.Z. – (Ov)
Dinehart, Allan
Dinkins, David N. – (Nyc Politics)
Dinneen, Bill – (Umpire)
Dionne Quintuplets
Diorio, Ron – (Baseball)
Dipasquale, Anthony
Dirksen, Everett
Disken, Eileen
Disney, Walt
Disston, Diana
Disston, Henry Jr.
Disston, Patricia
Disston, William L. Mrs.
Ditka, Mike
Ditmar, Art – (Baseball)
Divine, “Mother”
Divine, Major J. “Father”
Dix, Dorothy
Dixi, Krups – (Musicial Group)
Dixie Hummingbirds
Dixon, Fitz Eugene Sr.
Dixon, Fitz Eugene Sr. Mrs.
Dixon, Fitz Eugene Jr.
Dixon, James
Dixon, Jean
Dixon, John S. Jr. Mrs.
Dixon, Morris H. Jr. Mrs.
Dixon, Willie – (Neaco Entertainer)
Dobbs, Frank – (Golfer)
Dobson, Phyllis
Dobson, Bonnie
Dobson, Chuck
Dobson, Coleman
Dobson, Joe
Dobson, Larry W.
Dobson, Lori
Dobson, Kevin
Dobson, Joseph O. 2nd
Dobson, Sherman W. – (Charges With Murder)
Dobson, Pat
Dobson, Sherman W.
Dobson, Sue
Dobson, Tamara
Dobson, Walter L.
Dodd, Claire
Dodd, Dorthy
Dodd, Muriel R.
Dodelin, Bill
Dodge, Cornelia H.
Dodge, Donald D.
Dodge, Karl Mrs.
Dodson, Elmer R.
Dogole, Jacob
Dolan, Albert J. “Cozy” – (Baseball)
Dolan, Hoffman
Dolan, Thomas Mrs.
D’olier, Franklin Mrs.
Doll, Lee
Doll, Rose
Dollenberg, Fred
Dombrowski, Matthew F.
Domengeaux, James
Domenico, Al
Dominey, Walter Mrs.
Domino, Fats
Donaghy, Henrietta
Donaldson, William V.
Donato, Giuseppi
Donato, Prosper
Donches, Steve
Doner, Kitty
Donnell, Jeff
Donnelly, Leo
Donnelly, Marcheta
Donnelly, Sylvester O. “Blix” – (Baseball)
Donoghue, Ed
Donoghue, Jim
Donoghue, Joe
Donohue, James J.
Donohue, Charles A.
Donohue, Francis – (Golfer)
Donohue, Jim – (Baseball)
Donohue, Mark – (Racing)
Donovan, Bill
Donovan, Isabella – (Murder Case)
Dooney, Ray – (Baseball)
Doower, Albert J. – (Organist)
Doors, The – (Singing Group)
Doran, Ann
Dorazio, Gus
Dore, Gustave
Dorff, Milford K.
Dorn, Dolores
Dornan, William
Dorrance, John T. Jr.
Dorrance, John T. Sr.
Dorsch, Bill
Dorsey, Thomas A. Rev.
Dougall, Eileen
Dougherty, Carol Ann
Dougherty, Dan – (Basketball)
Dougherty, Dennis – (Cardinal)
Dougherty, Ed – (Golfer)
Dougherty, Joseph B.
Dougherty, Ken
Douglas, Connie
Douglas, Laurie
Douglas, Mike
Douthiot, Taylor Lee – (Baseball)
Dowlin, John – (Deserter)
Downing, Al – (Baseball) (Negro)
Downing, Barry H. – (Author)
Downing, Brian – (Baseball)
Dowling, John C. – (Judge)
Downing, Kate
Downs, Cathy
Doyle, Denny – (Baseball Player)
Doyle, Larry – (Baseball Player)
Doyle, Michael Francis
Doyle, Michael J. Rev.
Doyle, Owen – (Caddie)
Draemel, Milo F.
Drake, Alyn
Drake, Betsy
Drake, Dona
Drake, Peggy
Dramatics – (Entertainers-Negro)
Drayton, Bessie
Drayton, Ruth
Drazen, Abraham R.
Dreisbach, Kim
Dressler, Marie
Drew, J. Henderson
Drew, John
Drews, Karl – (Baseball)
Drexel, John R. 3rd
Drexel, John R. & Mrs.
Drexel, Lewis And Mrs.
Drexel, Mary Katherine
Drexel, Victor Mrs.
Drifters – (Musical Group)
Driggers, B. F.
Drinker, Henry S. – (Educator)
Drinker, Henry S. Jr.
Drinker, Polly
Driscoll, John
Drmacich, Mary Beth – (Little League Baseball)
Dropo, Walt
Drott, Dick
Druck, Sharon
Drum, Aloysius
Drysdale, Bruce
Drysdale, Don
Duane, Bonnie
Dubarry, William H. – (U Of Pa)
Dubois, W.E.B.
Dubose, William
Duca, Joe – (Wrestlee)
Duchamp, Marcel – (Artist)
Duckrey, Tanner G. Dr.
Dudas, Stan – (Golfer)
Duden, Dick
Dudley, Ambrose
Dudley, A.F. Mrs.
Dudley, Bill
Dudley, Bud
Dudly, Ed – (Golf)
Duer, Naudain
Duff, Amanda
Duff, James H.
Duff, Llyod
Duffin, Shay
Duffy, Frank – (Baseball)
Duffy, George E.
Duffy, Hugh – (Baseball)
Duffy, Mickey – (Gangster)
Dufner, Frank
Dugan, Joe
Dugan, Joseph A. – (Baseball) (No Photos)
Dugas, Austin “Gus” – (Baseball)
Dugas, Austin – (Baseball)
Duhring, Lewis A. Dr. – (Historical)
Dummeldinger, Betty
Dunaway, Fay
Dunbar, Paul Laurence
Duncan Sisters
Dundee, Angelo – (Boxing Promoter)
Dundee, Chris – (Boxing Trainer)
Dunham, Barrows – (Professor)
Dunham, C. Dary Mrs.
Dunham, Katherine
Dunn, Bob
Dunn, Jack – (Soccer)
Dunning, Frances
Dunning, George A. Mrs. – (Politican)
Dunphy, Frann – (Basketball)
Dunton, Louis – (Ov)
Dupont, A. Rhett
Dupont, A. Felix Jr. – (Aviator)
Dupont, A. Felix Sr.
Dupont, Albert R.
Dupont, Alexis I.
Dupont, Alfred Victor
Dupont, Alfred I.
Dupont, Alice
Dupont, Amy E.
Dupont, Andre – (Ice Hockey)
Dupont, Andrew Smith
Dupont, Arthur A. – (Frenchy The Barber)
Dupont, Bob – (Entertainer)
Dupont, C. Austin Mrs.
Dupont, Carolene H.S. Mrs.
Dupont, Charles I.
Dupont, Charles F.
Dupont, Clifford
Dupont, Clyde
Dupont, Coleman
Dupont, Commandante
Dupont, Dave – (Basketball)
Dupont, David Bayard Mrs.
Dupont, Dolores B. Mrs.
Dupont, Dolores – (Actress)
Dupont, Dorothy Elizabeth Barton
Dupont, E. Paul, Jr.
Dupont, E. Paul Mrs.
Dupont, E.A.
Dupont, E.F.
Dupont, E.I. – (Manufacturer)
Dupont, Edith
Dupont, Edmond
Dupont, Edmund
Dupont, Edward B.
Dupont, Elaine – (Actress)
Dupont, Eleuthere P.
Dupont, Eleuthere I. – 1771 – 1834
Dupont, Eleuthere I. – Modern
Dupont, Elise
Dupont, Elizabeth Wrenn
Dupont, Emile S.
Dupont, Emile F.
Dupont, Ernest Jr.
Dupont, Ernest – (Commodore)
Dupont, Ethel – (Newspaperwoman)
Dupont, Eugene E.
Dupont, Eugene Iii
Dupont, Eugene
Dupont, F. George
Dupont Family
Dupont, Felix Jr.
Dupont, Francis Victor
Dupont, Francis I. Iii
Dupont, Francis
Dupont, Francis George
Dupont, Frank V.
Dupont, Frank
Dupont, George W.
Dupont, Helena A.
Dupont, Henry Lee
Dupont, Henry W.
Dupont, Henry I. – (Auction)
Dupont, Henry G.
Dupont, Henry F.
Dupont, Henry Belin
Dupont, Henry A. Col.
Dupont, Henry B. Iii
Dupont, Henry B.
Dupont, Irene
Dupont, Irenee Jr.
Dupont, Irenee
Dupont, J. Austin Mrs.
Dupont, Jacques
Dupont, James Q.
Dupont, John E.
Dupont, Katharine
Dupont, Lamont
Dupont, Lamott Iii
Dupont, Lamott Jr.
Dupont, Lamott
Dupont, Lana
Dupont, Laura
Dupont, Laurie
Dupont, Leslie
Dupont, Lydia
Dupont, Marcella
Dupont, Margaret Osbourne Mrs.
Dupont, Margaret Lewis
Dupont, Mary N.
Dupont, Mary Belin
Dupont, Michael Hoyt
Dupont, Nancy
Dupont, Nicholas Mrs.
Dupont, Nicholas R.
Dupont, Nicole – (French Dancer)
Dupont, Patricia
Dupont, Paul – (Couturier)
Dupont, Pierre Samuel – (Historical)
Dupont, Pierre S. Iii
Dupont, Pierre S.
Dupont, Pierre S Iv.
Dupont, Reynolds Mrs.
Dupont, Reynolds
Dupont, Richard C. Mrs.
Dupont, Richard C.
Dupont, Robert L. – (Drug Abuse Prevention)
Dupont, Ruth F. Mrs.
Dupont, Samuel F. – (Rear Admiral)
Dupont, Samuel H.
Dupont, Samuel – (Elkton Sheriff)
Dupont, Stephen
Dupont, T. Coleman
Dupont, Victor
Dupont, Victor Jr.
Dupont, William Jr. Mrs.
Dupont, William A. Jr.
Dupont, William Henry
Dupont, William S.
Dupont, William K. Mrs.
Dupont, William Foster
Dupont, William
Dupont, Willis H.
Dupont, Zara
Duprez, June
Durando, Ernie – (Boxer)
Durango, Kid – (Boxing)
Durante, J.
Durante, Jimmy – (Performer)
Durante, Joe – (Golf)
Durante, Nick – (Tax Collection)
Durante, Sal – (Caught Home Run)
Durantini, Alice Mrs.
Duranty, Walter.Durbin, Deanna
Duren, Rinold – (Baseball)
Durham, Israel
Durning, James
Durning, Jim Sr.
Durocher, Leo – (Ov)
Durrett, Ken – (Basketball)
Dusek Brothers
Dutra, Olin – (Golfer)
Dworshak, Lois
Dye, David
Dye, Paul Mrs. – (Golfer)
Dyer, Richard
Dyke, Katrina
Dyke, Katrine
Dykes, James J. Jr.
Dykes, Jimmy – (Baseball)
Dyniewski, John Mrs.
Dyson, John Mrs.
Eagles, Jeanne
Eakins, Susan
Earhart, Amelia – (Aviator)
Earle, George H. & Mrs.
Earle, Hubert P. Mrs.
Earle, James M. Ii Mrs.
Earle, Lawrence & Mrs.
Early, W. Burt
Earnshaw, George
Earth, Wind And Fire – (Singing Group)
Easter, Donald R.
Eastman, Bessie Dobson Altemus
Eastman, Gretchen
Eastman, Max – (Author)
Easton, Ruth
Eastwick, Julie
Eastwick, Rawly – (Baseball)
Eaton, Linda
Ebert, Charles E.
Eckert, J. Presper Dr. – (Computers)
Eckhart, Lois
Eddowes, Walter
Eddy, Nelson
Edelman, Danny
Eden, Earl M. Mrs.
Edgar, Frank
Edgecomb, Helen
Edison, Thomas Alva
Edison, Thomas Alva Jr. – (Son Of Inventor)
Edwards, Billy Burke
Edwards, Cliff
Edwards, Curtis Jr. – (Murderer)
Edwards, Herman – (Football Player)
Edwards, John – (Baseball)
Edwards, Mack
Edwards, Nelson Jack – (U.A.W.)
Egenstafer, Frank
Eger, Lynn
Eglin, Meyer – (Parking Magnate)
Ehmke, Howard
Ehrhardt, Bess
Eilberg, Joshua – (Congressman)
Eilers, Sally
Einhorn, Ira – (Murder)
Einstein, Albert Dr. – (Scientist)
Eisenhower, Dwight
Eisman, Goldie
Ekberg, Anita – (Actress)
Elaine, Mabel
Elberfeld, Norman
Elfman, Louis R. – (Gangster)
Eliot, George Fielding Mrs.
Elkins, George W. Jr. Mrs.
Elkins, William M.
Elkins, William L. Dr.
Ellerbe, Mozel
Ellington, Duke – (Musician)
Elliot, Edward L. Mrs.
Elliot, George W.
Elliot, Harold “Ace” – (Baseball)
Elliot, Jim – (Baseball) (No Photos)
Elliot, Lorna
Elliot, Margaret
Elliott, Jim “Jumbo”
Ellis, Charles Jr.
Ellis, Dock – (Baseball)
Ellison, Ralph
Elmer, Laura
Elmore, Bernice
Elsler, Olga
Elverson, James
Ely, Gertrude – (Civic Leader)
Ely, Clinton Newbold Mrs.
Emerson, Faye
Emotions, The – (Music Group)
Endres, Elaine
Engels, Virginia
Englan, Michael George
England – Duke And Dutchess Of Windsor
England, Keo
Engleburt, Kurk
Engles, John – (Basketball)
Englesbe, Bill
Ennis, Del & Mrs. – (+Ov)
Epailly, Jules
Epps, Barry
Epps, Louis
Epstein, Mike – (Baseball)
Erb, George
Erdelatz, Ed
Erickson, Paul – (Ov)
Erler, Robert John Jr.
Ernst, Eddie
Ernst, Joseph
Ershan, Louis E.
Ersi, Elsa
Erving, Julius – (Basketball)
Eschenfelder, William
Eshleman, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin
Esparza, Nava
Esposito Brothers – (Ov)
Estalan, Esterella
Estallela, Roberto – (Baseball)
Esterly, Bob
Estrella, Arnaldo
Ethcebarren, Andy – (Baseball)
Etherington, Ann Lawrence
Ethiopia, Etage Mennen
Ethiopia, Hallie Selassie
Etten, Nick – (Baseball)
Ettore, Al
Eustace, Bartholomew J.
Evans, Abbie Huston
Evans, Bill
Evans, Charles “Chick” – (Golf)
Evans, Dale
Evans, Dwight – (Baseball)
Evans, Edith – (Dame)
Evans, Edith – (Horses)
Evans, Edith – (Opera)
Evans, Edith Brazewell
Evans, Gloria
Evans, Hiram W. Dr. – (Klu Klux Klan Head)
Evans, Howard
Evans, John – (Audio-Visual Aids)
Evans, John – (Founder Of North Western University)
Evans, John – (Nbc Newsman)
Evans, John – (Politics, Idaho)
Evans, John – (Student, 1957)
Evans, John H. – (Clapper Providence Collector)
Evans, John J. – (Rev. Albion Soc.)
Evans, John L. Iii – (Execution)
Evans, John W. – (Arson Case, 1947)
Evans, Jon – (Son Of Astronaut)
Evans, Johnny – (Baseball)
Evans, Lyle
Evans, Madge
Evans, Margaret
Evans, Maurice
Evans, Mike
Evans, Orrinc – (Dead, Negro Bulletin Employee)
Evans, Robert A.
Evans, Rowland C. Mrs.
Evans, Samuel L.
Evans, William G. – (Baseball)
Evans, William H. – (Corouei)
Evans, William H. – (Wanted By Fbi)
Evans, William H. Jr. – (Navy Officer)
Everett, Jim
Evrett, Tyrone
Everett, Doris – (Beauty Contestant)
Everitt, Howard – (Golf)
Everly, Wilmer
Evers, John Jr. – (Baseball)
Evers, Johnny – (Baseball)
Evers, Medgar
Evert, Chris – (Tennis)
Evert, James
Ewell, Barney
Ewig, Robert
Eythe, William – (Movie Star)

Faber, Urban “Red” – (Baseball)
Fabian – (Recording Star)
Fabiani, Aurelino
Face, Elroy – (Baseball)
Facenda, John – (Tv News)
Fahnestock, Bruce – (Adventurer)
Fahnestock, Harris Mrs.
Fahenstock, Helen
Fahenstock, Mike
Fahenstock, Nevin H.
Fahenstock, Sheridan – (Yachtsman)
Fahenstock, Snowden – (Colonel & Mr)
Fahenstock, Voilet E. Mrs. – (Magistrate)
Fairbanks, Douglas
Fain, Mr. & Mrs. Ferris
Fain, Herbert S.
Falco, Tony – (Boxer)
Falcone, John J.
Falcone, Michael – (Saxaphone)
Falcone, Pete – (Baseball)
Falkenburg, Bob
Falkenburg, Jinx
Fallon, Mike
Famiglietti, Gary
Famous, Blance M. – (Indicment Clerk)
Famous, Bob – (Baseball)
Fard, W. D. – (Black Muslim)
Farmer, Ed – (Baseball)
Farmer, Everett L. – (Held In Iceland Killing)
Farmer, Frances – (Movie Star)
Farmer, Frank – (Auto Racer)
Farmer, Frances
Farmer, James
Farmer, Rosemary
Farrakhan, Louis
Farrar, Jane
Farrell, Edelmiro
Farrow, Betty
Fasching, Maria – (Murdered)
Fasy, Francis J. Mrs.
Faulkner, Daniel – (Policeman)
Fauset, Arthur Huff
Fauset, Crystal Bird Mrs.
Fava, Reta
Favato, Carina, Mrs. – (Arsenic Plot)
Fawthrop, Elizabeth
Fay, Jane
Fay, John H.
Fay, Marion Biddle
Faye, Alice
Fazio, George
Fears, Peggy
Fehr, Elizabeth
Fejer, Joe
Feldman, Brian
Feldman, Samuel – (Union Agent)
Feldman, Samuel – (Syberrt Trust)
Felix, Jacob
Fell, E. Lawrence
Feller, Bob – (Baseball)
Fellmeth, Catherine
Fells, James Mrs.
Fels, Joseph Mrs.
Fels, Raymond L. Mrs.
Fels, Samuel S.
Felsch, Art “Happy” – (Baseball)
Felton, Louise
Fenard, Raymond
Fencl, George
Fenenrty, Clare Gerald – (Judge)
Fenstad, Ed
Fenton, Alva
Fenton, Patrica Alden
Ferguson, C.L.
Ferguson, Clarence C. – (Diplomat)
Ferguson, Clarence J. – (Detective)
Ferguson, Clinton
Ferguson, Howard
Ferguson, Joe
Ferguson, Joan
Ferguson, Maynard
Ferguson, William
Ferguson, William A.
Ferguson, William C.
Ferguson, William C. Jr.
Ferguson, William P.
Ferko, Joseph
Fermi, Enrico
Fernandez, Ester
Fernandez, Happy Mrs.
Fernley, Joan
Feroe, Dorothy May
Ferrante, Jack
Ferrell, Richard
Ferrell, Wes
Ferrer, Jose
Ferrer, Rafael
Ferrier, George – (Fire Chief)
Ferris, Davis
Ferro, Frank
Fetterolf, Peter M. Mrs.
Fiano, Andy
Field, Bob
Field, Sally – (Actress)
Fielder, Richard
Fielding, Mathilde
Fifer, William R. Mrs.
Fiqueroa, Ed
Fine, John S.
Fine Larry – (3 Stooges)
Finegan, James
Finiello, John
Fink, Herman – (Baseball)
Finn, Mickey – (Baseball)
Finletter, Thomas E.
Finnegan, Harold
Finsterwald, Dow
Firestone, Harvey S.
Firme, Vernon Rev.
Firpo, Luis Angel – (Boxer)
Firpo, “Young Joe” – (Boxer)
Fischer, Lorraine
Fiscus, Kathy
Fishbein, Morris
Fisher, Eddie – (Actor)
Fisher, Eddie – (Baseball)
Fisher, Fred
Fisher, Ray
Fisher, Rich
Fisher, Richard
Fisher, Richard B.
Fisher, Richard Barry
Fisher, Richard J.
Fisher, John C. Reverand
Fishman, Marjorie
Fisk, Carlton
Fitch, Julian M.
Fitler, Nathan M. Mrs.
Fitler, Ralston Biddle Mrs.
Fitzgerald, Scott – (Author)
Fitzgerald, F. Scott – (Author)
Fitzgerald, Geraldine
Fitzmaurice, Edmund J.
Fitzpatrick, John
Fitzpatrick, Michael
Fitzsimmons, Fred – (Baseball)
Fitzsimmons, Thomas – (Continental Congress)
Five Satins – (R&B Group)
Flack, Roberto – (Negro)
Flagg, S. Griswold Mrs.
Flaherty, Maureen
Flam, Herb
Flanagan, Hallie
Flanagan, Mabel
Flanagain, Mike
Flannery, Gary
Flannery, J. Harold
Flathmann, Eugene R.
Fleeson, Doris
Fleitas, J. Albury Mrs.
Fleming, Peggy
Fleming, Rhonda
Fleming, William J.
Fletcher, Art – (Baseball Player)
Fletcher, George A. – (Baseball)
Fletcher, Richard
Flett, Bill
Flick, Elmer – (Baseball Player)
Flinn, Fairfax Dashielle
Flippin, Harrison F. Mrs.
Flood, Betty
Flood, Curt – (Baseball)
Flood, Daniel J. – (Politican)
Flood, Elizabeth
Flood, Jeanne C.
Florenz, Frederick W. Sr. Mrs.
Flores, Jesse
Florsheim, Marion F.
Floyd, Jackie
Floyd, Samuel
Flynn, Elizabeth G. Mrs. – (Communist)
Foedisch, George Mrs.
Foerderer, Shirley A.
Foff, Walter Mrs.
Foiles, Hank – (Baseball)
Foley, Tom
Foli, Tim
Folsom, James E. – (Ov)
Fonda, Jane – (7 Folders)
Fondy, Dee
Fontaine, Joan
Fontaine, Justine
Fonville, Charles – (Athlete)
Foos, Constance
Forbes, James J.
Ford, Ed “Whitney” – (Baseball)
Ford, Edsel
Ford, Gerald R. – (Visits To Phila.)
Ford, Jerry
Ford, Jill
Ford, John
Ford, Judith
Foreman, George Boyer
Foreman, Laura
Forer, Dylan
Forney, William B.
Forsch, Bob – (Baseball)
Forsch, Ken – (Baseball)
Forte, Tommy
Fosse, Bob – (Dancer)
Fosse, Ray
Foster, Bob – (Boxer)
Foster, John
Foster, Marcus A. – (School Superintendent)
Foster, Preston
Foster, Shirley
Foster, Susanna
Foster, William Z. – (Steel Strike)
Fouche, Robert
Foust, Larry
Four Aces – (Entertainers)
Four Tops – (Recording Group)
Fowle, George
Fowler, Dick – (Baseball)
Fowler, Gene
Fownes, Henry G.
Fox, Bernhard W. Mrs
Fox, Billy
Fox, Caleb
Fox, Jim – (Baseball)
Fox, Jimmy – (Cardinal O’hara Baseball)
Fox, Martin L.
Fox, Nelson “Nellie” – (Baseball)
Foxx, Jimmy – (Baseball)
Fox, Malcom – (Auto Racer)
Foxx, James
Foxx, Sammy – (Baseball)
Foy, Gloria
Foyt, A.J.
Fralinger, John J.
Frame, Fred – (Auto Racer)
Franchetti, Anthony – (Arsenic Murders)
Frances, Connie – (Singer)
Francis, Kay
Francis, Noel
Frank, Demaree
Frank, Mary Agnes
Franke, Nikki
Franklin, Aretha – (Recording Star)
Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin, John Hope Prof.
Franklin, Tony
Franks, Isaac
Fraser, Elizabeth
Fraser, James
Frazee, Jane
Frazier, Jimmy
Frazier, Joe
Freelon, Allan – (Politican)
Free, Lloyd – (Basketball)
Freeborn, William H. Mrs.
Freedman, Abraham E. Mrs. – (Merion)
Freehafer, Judith
Freeham, Bill – (Baseball)
Freeham, Bill – (Baseball)
Freelon, Allan
Freeman, Buck – (Basketball)
Freeman, Elizabeth
Freeman, Kenneth – (Hero Sdwlar)
Freeman, Mona
Freeman, Morgan – (Actor)
Freeman, Paul Mrs.
Freeman, Robert S. Mrs.
Freeman, Walter
Freese, Gene
Fregosi, Jim – (Baseball)
Frein, Thomas
Freitas, Tony – (Baseball)
French, Holland – (Salvation Army)
French, Larry
French, Walter
Frick, Paul Mrs.
Friedan, Betty
Friedland, George Mrs.
Friedland, Jack Mrs.
Friend, Bob – (Baseball)
Friganza, Trixie
Frisch, Frank – (Baseball)
Fritz, Amandus
Fritz, George – (Ex-Police Officer)
Fritz, Joseph
Fritz, Joseph H. – (Exec.)
Fritz, Margaret
Fritz, Robert
Fritz, Victor R. – (Aviation Expert – Dead)
Fromal, Curt
Frontczak, Art
Froude, Bob
Fry, Gilbert C. Mrs.
Fry, Shirley
Fry, Wilfred Dr.
Fryer, John E. – (M.D.)
Fulks, Joe – (Basketball 6 Of 6)
Fuller, Charles
Fuller, Jane
Fuller, Meredith
Fuller, R. Buckminster
Fulton, Joan
Fumo, Vincent
Furey, Francis J. – (Literature – No Photos)
Furey, Francis J. – (News & Group – Biship, Heads & Singles)
Furgel, Edward
Furia, Edward W. – (Environmental Agency)
Furillo, Carl – (Baseball)
Furlong, Jane
Furman, Max
Furmesa, Mike
Futch, Cufford – (Criminal)
Gabin, Jean
Gable, Dan – (Wrestler)
Gable, Edna Lee
Gabor, Dennis Dr. – (Scientist)
Gabriel, Roman – (Football)
Gainer, Del
Galan, Augie – (Baseball)
Gallagher, Arthur A.
Gallagher, Joseph
Gallagher, James And Mrs.
Gallagher, James
Gallagher, James A.
Gallagher, James C.
Gallagher, James E.
Gallagher, James F.
Gallagher, James J.A.
Gallager, James J.
Gallagher, James P.
Gallagher, James T.
Gallagher, James W.
Gallagher, Jim
Gallagher, Jimmy
Gallo, Joe
Gallo, Patricia
Gambarelli, Maria
Gambee, Dave – (Basketball)
Gamble, John
Gamble, Kenney – (Record Producer)
Gamble, Robert R. Mrs.
Gambino, Carlo
Gambino, Emanuel
Gambino, Frederick
Gambino, Richard – (Italian Heritage)
Gandhi, Mohandas K. – (Ov)
Gannon, Joy
Gargiola, Joe – (Basketball) (+Ov)
Garber, Daniel – (Artist)
Garberina, Tom
Garbo, Greta
Garder, Gene – (Baseball)
Gardiner, Margaret
Gardner, Ava
Gardner, Jim – (News Man)
Gardner, Jim – (Former Boxer)
Gardner, Jim – (Heads Aba)
Gardner, Sophie
Garfield, James A. – (U.S. President)
Garland, Judy – (Inq. Neg. Only)
Garner, Erroll
Garner, Phil
Garner, Robert
Garnett, Anne Wister
Garr, Ralph
Garrett, Sylvester
Garrett, Wayne – (Baseball)
Garrison, Lindley M. – (Secretary Of War)
Garrison, Zina
Garson, Greer – (Ov)
Garvey, Marcus
Gaston, Clarence – (Baseball)
Gaston, Ken
Gates, Fay
Gates, Nancy
Gates, Patty
Gates, Thomas S.
Gateson, Marjorie
Gavilan, Gerrado “Kid” – (Boxer)
Gawthrop, Margaret
Gaye, Marvin – (Singer)
Gaynor, Bill
Gaynor, Gloria – (Singer)
Geary, Kay
Gehrig, Lou – (Baseball)
Geiger, Raymond
Geist, Dick
Gelbert, Charles Sr.
Gelbert, Charles Jr.
Gemmill, Kenneth
Genetti, William T.
Gentile, Don S.
Gentry, Gary – (Baseball)
George, Gladys
George, Jerome M. Mrs.
Gerard, Frank H. Mrs.
Geraldos, Rene
Gerber, Lew
Gerbner, George Dr.
Gerhart, Amanda M.
Germany – (Kaiser William Ii; General Photos Only)
Gershwin, Ira
Gervin, George – (Baskteball)
Gessler, John Jr.
Gessler, John Mrs.
Gettis, J. Byron Jr.
Geva, Tamara
Ghezzi, Vic
Ghormley, Robert L.
Giannone, Mary M.
Giardello, Joey
Gibbon, John H. Jr. – (Surgeon)
Gibbon, Nina
Gibbons, Floyd
Gibbons, Thomas J. – (Police Commissioner)
Gibbons, Thomas J. Jr. – (Bulletin)
Gibbons, Tom – (H&H President)
Gibbons, Tommy – (Boxer)
Gibbs, Edward L.
Gibson, Althea – (Tennis)
Gibson, Bob
Gibson, Elizabeth
Gibson, Henry – (Entertainer)
Gibson, Henry – (Portrait)
Gidley, Joan
Gidley, Mary Jane
Gifford, Frank
Gilbert, Charley
Gilbert, Harold “Tookey” – (Baseball)
Gilbert, Harold – (Navy)
Gilbert, Harold – (Historical Society – No Files)
Gilbert, Harold R.
Gilbert, Harold S. – (Colonial Philadelphia)
Gilbert, Helen
Gilbert, Jane
Gilbert, Paul J. Jr. Mrs.
Gilbert, Timothy
Gilbreath, Rod
Gibson, Josh – (Baseball – Negro Hall Of Fame)
Gilgert, Rod H.
Gilchrist, Raymond C. – (Baseball)
Giles, Arthur L. Jr. Mrs.
Giles, William “Bill” – (Baseball)
Gilkyson, Hamilton, H. Iii Mrs.
Gill, Edward S.
Gillenwater, Roy
Gillespie, Bob – (Baseball)
Gillespie, Dizzy – (Musician)
Gillespie, Jane
Gilliam, Jim – (Baseball)
Gilmore, John – (Boxer)
Gilmore, John W. – (Vfw)
Gilmore, Johnny – (Amateur Fighter)
Gilmore, Neil
Gimbel, Adam – (Founder Of Gimbel Brothers)
Gimbel, Adam L. & Mrs.
Gimbel, Bailey
Gimbel, Benedict
Gimbel, Bernard F.
Gimbel, Bruce A.
Gimbel, David & Peter
Gimbel, Elinor Mrs.
Gimbel, Ellis
Gimbel, Ellis Jr.
Gimbel, Ellis A.
Gimbel, Ellis A. Mrs.
Gimbel, Ellis A. Jr.
Gimbel, Fern Tailor Mrs.
Gimbel, Fred
Gimbel, Frederic A.
Gimbel, Joseph
Gimbel, Louis
Gimbel, Louis Mrs.
Gimbel, M.A.
Gimbel, Peter
Gimbel, Richard
Gimbel, Roger
Gimbel, Sally
Gimbel, Sophie
Gimbel, Theo
Ginsberg, Allen – (Poet)
Ginsberg, Barry
Giosa, Eddie
Giovanni, Nikki – (Poet)
Giraud, Henri Honore
Givenchy, Hubert – (Fashion)
Glackens, William J. – (Artist)
Gladding, Fred
Gladstone, Milton S. Mrs.
Gladys, Glad
Glassman, Phil
Glavin, Eugene
Gleason, Robert
Glendenning, I.C. – (Telephone Workers)
Glenn, John H. Jr. – (Astronaut)
Glenn, John H. Sr. – (Parents Of Astronaut)
Glenn, Nancy – (1938 Murder Victim)
Glennon, John Cardinal – (Ov)
Gleysteen, Culver
Globisch, Marilyn
Gloyd, Park
Goddard, Paulette
Godfrey, George
Godshalk, James B. Mrs.
Goeckler, Willard
Goetz, E. Ray
Gola, Tom – (Basketball)
Gold, Harry
Gold, William B. Jr. Mrs.
Goldbeck, David
Golden, Florence
Goldenson, Leonard H.
Golder, Benjamin M.
Goldman, Hannah Brown
Goldman, Perry J.
Goldman, William
Goldsmith, Fred
Goldsmith, Paul
Goldstein, Israel
Goldstone, James – (Director)
Goldstone, Richard – (Author)
Goldstrand, Joel – (Golfer)
Goldthorp, Bill
Goliat, Mike – (Baseball)
Golub, Molly
Gomez, Lefty – (Baseball)
Gomez, Preston – (Baseball)
Gomez, Ruben – (Baseball)
Gon, Jeni Le – (Actress)
Gonzales, Richard
Goode, Wilson W. – (Mayor)
Goodfellow, Thorp Van D. Mrs.
Goodman, Andrew
Goodman, Benny – (Musician)
Goodman, Jerome – (Cherry Hill Zoning)
Goodrich, Herbert F. – (Educator)
Goodwin, Philip Mrs.
Goodwin, Ron – (Football)
Gordon, Alexander
Gordon, Dexter
Gordon, Fred
Gordon, Joe – (Baseball)
Gordon, Norman
Gordon, Olga Mrs.
Gordon, Peggy
Gordon, Theodore H.
Gorin, Charles Igor
Gorman, Bart
Gorman, Margaret – (See: Cahil)
Goslin, John
Goslin, Leon “Goose” – (Baseball)
Gottlieb, Eddie
Gottlieb, Harry
Gottlieb, Sonnee – (Bulletin Photographer)
Goukas, Matt – (Basketball)
Gould, Chester
Gould, Harold – (Actor)
Grable, Betty
Grace, Earl
Grace, Eugene G. Jr. – (Society Chestnut Hill)
Grace, Eugene H.
Grace, Joe
Gracie, Charlie – (Entertainer)
Grakelow, Charles
Graff, Lawrence
Graham, Billy
Graham, David
Graham, Eleanor
Graham, George Scott
Graham, James – (Horse Show)
Graham, James – (Fire Dept.)
Graham, James – (Held In Murder)
Graham, James F.
Graham, James I. – (Educator)
Graham, James Scott – (Lt. Vietnam Pow)
Graham, Lou
Graham, Macty – (Murderer)
Grandi, Dino
Graney, Jack – (Baseball)
Grange, Harold “Red” – (Football)
Granger, Stewart
Granger, Wayne – (Baseball)
Grant, Harry “Bud” – (Football)
Grant, Isabelle
Grant, Ulysses S. – (U.S. President)
Grantham, Leslie Burton
Granville, Bonita
Gratz, Simon
Gratz, Steve – (Baseball)
Graves, Bruce
Graves, George – (Football)
Graves, George A. Mrs.
Graves, John – (Aviator – Missing)
Graves, John – (Boy Wonder)
Graves, John – (Race Car Driver)
Graves, Ray – (Football Coach)
Gravey, Stephen O.
Grawford, Jim
Gray, David Mrs.
Gray, Edward G. Mrs.
Gray, Harold L.
Gray, Sam
Gray, Virginia
Grayson, Kathryn
Graziano, Patsy
Graziano, Rocky – (Ov)
Greb, Harry – (Boxer)
Greel, Muriel
Greeley, Horace
Green, Al – (Negro Entertainer)
Green, Clifford Scott – (Judge)
Green, Dallas – (Baseball)
Green, Dick
Green, Dorothy
Green, Ernest
Green, Fred
Green, Gene
Green, George “Sugar” – (Foot Murderer)
Green, Hubert
Green, Isaiah
Green, Jerry Lee – (Murder Case)
Green, John O. – (West Chester Police Chief)
Green, Juanita – (Nursing Home)
Green, Martin
Green, Martyn
Green, Mary
Green, Mary S.
Green, Percy B.
Green, Phineas T.
Green, Robert S. – (Politician)
Green, William J. Sr. – (Afl)
Green, William J. Jr. – (Politician)
Green, William J. Iii – (Mayor)
Greenan, Edith – (Mayor)
Greenberg, Chip
Greenberg, Hank
Greenberg, Joseph
Greene, Harry J. – (Naacp)
Greenfield, Albert M. – (Realtor)
Greenleaf, Ralph – (Billiards)
Greer, Hal – (Basketball)
Gregg, Rosemarie
Gregory, Dick – (Comedian)
Gregory, John
Grentz, Karl Mrs. – (Theresa Shank)
Grenville, Grey
Gresser, Paul
Grey, Marion
Gribbel, John
Gribbel, John – (Manufacturer)
Gribbel, John Ii – (Pa Academy Of Fine Arts)
Gribbel, John Iii – (Society)
Griffey, Ken
Griffey, John – (Basketball)
Griffin, John W. – (Criminal)
Griffith, Clark C. – (Baseball)
Griffith, Eleanor
Griffith, Hugh – (Movie Star)
Griffith, Janet
Griffitts, S. Powell Mrs.
Grim, Bob – (Baseball Player)
Grimes, Burleigh – (Baseball)
Grimes, Helen – (Legislator)
Grimes, Oscar Ray – (Baseball)
Griscom, Frances
Grish, John
Groody, Helen
Groome, John C. – (Col. Former Supt. Police & Mrs.)
Groome, John C. Jr. & Mrs.
Grosemith, Lawrence
Grote, Jerry – (Baseball)
Grove, Bob “Lefty” & Mrs.
Grugan, A. Thornton Mrs.
Grumley, S.O. – (Ov)
Grundy, Joseph R.
Guckeyson, John W.
Guida, George
Guidry, Ron – (Baseball)
Guiles, German – (Phila-Democrat)
Guldahl, Ralph
Gumble, Bryant
Gundry, Marjorie
Gundry, John – (Gould Drexel)
Gunn, Bill
Gunnis, William
Guokas, Matt Sr. & Jr. – (Basketball)
Gurie, Sigrid
Guy, Buddy – (Singer)
Gwynee, Anne
Haag, Robert Mrs.
Haas, George “Mule”
Haas, Jay – (Golfer)
Haas, John – (Canoesit)
Haas, John A. – (International House)
Haas, John A. W. – (College President)
Haas, John C. – (Rohm & Haas)
Hackett, Greg – (Boxer)
Hackney, Clarence W. – (Golfer)
Haddix, Harvey – (Baseball)
Haefner, Mickey
Haegg, Gunder – (Ov)
Haenigsen, Harry
Hafey, Bud
Hagar, James William Mrs.
Hagen, Peter Mrs.
Haggerty, John
Haggerty, John E. Mrs.
Haggerty, John E. Jr.
Haggerty, John E. Iii
Hagler, Marvin – (Boxer)
Hahn, H.C.
Haible, William E. Mrs.
Haifetz, Melvin – (Coffee House Owner)
Haigler, Ron
Haines, George Mrs.
Haines, Jesse J.
Haines, Marjorie
Haines, Violet
Hairan, Rose
Hairston, Carl – (Football)
Hake, Edward W. – (Football)
Halcomb, Charles Mrs.
Hale, Bob – (Baseball)
Hale, Samuel V. “Sammy” – (Baseball)
Hale, Sarah Joseph
Hales, Nancy
Haley, Alex
Haley, Bill – (Musician)
Haley, Jack
Haley, Jack Jr.
Halferty, Joseph
Halick, Ed
Halicki, H.B. “Toby”
Halifax, Viscount – (Ov)
Hall & Oats – (Singing Group)
Hall, Albert
Hall, Albert C.
Hall, Calvert
Hall, Charles “Chuck”
Hall, Charles A. – (Electric Storage Battery Co.)
Hall, Charles B. – (Politician)
Hall, Charles F.
Hall, Charles J. Jr.
Hall, Charles P. Dr.
Hall, Charles R.T. Rev.
Hall, Daryl – (Singer)
Hall, Dick – (Baseball)
Hall, Gaskel
Hall, Granger
Hall, Jimmie – (Baseball)
Hall, Kate
Hall, Tom – (Baseball)
Hallahan, Michael J.
Hallahan, William “Wild Bill” – (Baseball)
Halleck, Charles
Haller, Tom – (Baseball)
Haller, Tom – (Football, Army)
Hallowell, Anne R.
Hallowell, Henry Jr. Mrs.
Hallowell, William K.
Halpin, Joseph – (Swimmer)
Halpin, Tom
Halsey, William F. “Bull” – (Admiral) (+Ov)
Hamas, Steve
Hamill, Dorothy
Hamilton, Andrew – (Murdered)
Hamilton, Andrew – (Historical)
Hamilton, Angelina
Hamilton, Bob
Hamilton, Earl – (Baseball)
Hamilton, John De Z.
Hamilton, John D.M. – (Ov)
Hamilton, Mrs.
Hamilton, Robert W. Mrs.
Hamilton, Shirley
Hamilton, William G. Jr. Mrs.
Hammer, M.C.
Hammarskjold, Dag – (Head & Singles) (Dead 3 Of 3)
Hammerstein, Oscar Ii – (Composer)
Hammerstein, Oscar Ii Mrs.
Hammett, Frederic W. Mrs.
Hammond, Foster
Hamner, Gran – (Baseball Player)
Hampden, Walter
Hampton, Lionel – (Band Leader)
Hamrick, Ray
Hamsher, J. Herbert
Handel, Sammy
Handley, Gene
Handley, Lee
Handy, W.C.
Hankin, Max
Hankin, Moe
Hanks, E. Ralph Mrs.
Hankinson, Phil
Hanna, Deidre
Hannaford & Family
Hannah, Jim – (Baseball)
Hannon, Johnny – (Auto Racer)
Hannum, Alex – (Basketball Coach, 76ers)
Hannum, John B. Iii Mrs.
Hannum, Richard P.S.
Hansberry, Lorraine
Hansell, Elliott
Hansen, Roy – (Baseball)
Hanson, Mary – (Art)
Hanson, Swede – (Football)
Harbert, Melvin
Harbison, Owen
Harbison, Thomas B.
Hardart, Frank Sr. – (Restaurateur)
Harder, Wel
Hardin, Ann
Hardin, Mrs.
Harding, Jim
Harding, John
Harding, John – (Lieutenant Army Navigator)
Harding, John Sir
Harding, John A. – (Killed Wife & Mother In-Law)
Hardwick, Maude
Hardwig, Harry J.
Hardy, Mary
Hare, Winfred
Harer, Frederick – (Artist)
Hargrove, Mike – (Baseball)
Harkness, Richard L.
Harland, Pearl
Harley, Ernell
Harley, Rufus
Harlow, Rachel – (Transexual)
Harman, Bob
Harmon, Charles
Harmon, Tom
Harms, Stanley
Harnden, Charles
Harner, Dot
Harnett, “Gabby”
Harold, Idses
Harper, Francis E.W. – (Educator)
Harper, Tommy – (Baseball)
Harrelson, Bud – (Baseball)
Harrelson, Ken – (Baseball)
Harrington, James – (Policeman)
Harrington, Lawrence
Harris, Doris – (Judge)
Harris, Earl – (Track)
Harris, Joseph – (Baseball) (No Files)
Harris, “Gypsy” Joe
Harris, La Bron
Harris, Larry
Harris, Luman C. – (Baseball)
Harris, Michael
Harris, Patricia R. – (Ambassador)
Harris, Richard A.
Harris, Richard
Harris, Richard Mrs.
Harris, Stanley R. “Bucky” – (Baseball)
Harris, Vic – (Baseball)
Harris W. Bernard Mrs.
Harrison, Craig
Harrison, Dennis – (Football)
Harrison, George – (Beatles Member)
Harrison, George Mrs.
Harron, Paul F.
Hart Estate
Hart, Doris
Hart, Dorothy – (Actress)
Hart, Eugene “Cyclone” – (Boxer)
Hart, Garnet “Sugar”
Hart, Jerry
Hart, John Robbins
Hart, Margie
Hart, Moss – (Author)
Hart, Oliver James Dr.
Harter, Dick
Hartmann, Frank J.
Hartnett, “Gabby” – (Baseball)
Hartshorne, Edward Y. Jr. – (Educator)
Hartshorne, Jim
Hartshorne, Penny – (Skier)
Hartshorne, Richard – (Federal Judge)
Hartwig, Bob
Harvey, Ronald – (Murderer)
Haslin, Mike – (Baseball Player)
Hassan-Ali Kamal
Hassell, George
Hassett, John – (Baseball)
Hassey, Ronald – (Baseball)
Hassler, Charles E.
Hasso, Signe
Hastie, William H. – (Judge)
Hastings, Don
Hastings, Ed
Hasty, Arthur W. – (Baseball)
Hasty, Robert Keller “Bob” – (Baseball)
Hatry, Robert
Hattersley, Gordon
Hauer, Mike
Haupt, Herbert
Hauptfuhrer, Barbara
Hauptmann, Anna
Hauptmann, Bruno R.
Hausen, Max Rabbi
Hauser, Joseph “Joe” – (Baseball)
Havlicek, John – (Ohio State Basketball)
Havlicek, John Mrs.
Havlick, Dave
Hawkins, Ben – (Football)
Hawkins, Bill – (Milkman)
Hawkins, Coleman – (Musician)
Hawkins, Ed – (Wellspring)
Hawks, Nelson L. “Chicken” – (Baseball)
Hawley, Geoffrey Taylure Mrs.
Hawley, Richard A. Mrs.
Hayden, Joan
Hayden, Sterling
Hayden, Stirling
Hayden, Walter Mrs.
Hayes, Bob – (Track)
Hayes, Bob – (Golf)
Hayes, Frank
Hayes, Frank W. – (Baseball Player)
Hayes, Helen
Hayes, Isaac – (Actor)
Hayes, J. Albert Mrs.
Hayes, John
Hayes, Margaret
Hayes, Philip
Hayes, Robert – (Track)
Hayes, Theresa- (Blind Fire Heroine)
Hayre, Ruth W.
Hayward, Rita – (Wedding)
Hayward, Stanley “ Kitten”
Hayward, Susan
Haywood, Carolyn – (Art)
Haywood, Spencer – (Basketball)
Hayworth, Rita – (Ov)
Hazzard, Walt – (Basketball)
Head, Dorothy
Head, Ed – (Baseball)
Headen, Walter
Headley, Harry – (Mayor)
Heaps, Marvin D. – (Ara)
Hearst, William Randolph – (Publisher)
Heath, Jeff
Heathcote, Cliff – (Baseball)
Heather, Jean
Heavens, James
Heavey, Joe
Hebner, Rich – (Baseball)
Heebner, Barbara
Heebner, Natalie M.
Heebner, Peggy
Heffernan, Edward
Height, Dorothy
Heilmann, Harry – (Baseball)
Heimach, Frederick “Lefty” – (Baseball)
Heineman, Robert
Heintzelman, Kenny – (Baseball)
Heitman, Anna
Held, Anna
Heldring, Frederick – (Banker)
Helis, William G.
Heller, Joseph
Hellyer, Robert
Helme, George Washington Iii Mrs.
Heltzel, Heine – (Baseball)
Helzner, Morry
Hemingway, Ernest
Henderson, Ricky – (Baseball)
Hendrick, George – (Baseball Player)
Hendricks, Elrod – (Baseball)
Hendrie, Alford “Al” – (Beer Runner)
Henie, Sonja – (Ice Skater)
Henig, Geneva
Hankels, Alexander A. Mrs.
Hennessey, Geri
Henry, Bill – (Baseball)
Henry, James
Henry, Laurence G. Rev.
Henry, Charlton Mrs. – (Society)
Henson, Matthew – (Explorer)
Hentz, John
Henville, Roy
Hepburn, Audrey – (Actress)
Heppenstall, Ray
Herbel, Ron – (Baseball)
Herbert, Evelyn
Herbert, James
Herbert, Thomas
Herbut, Paula – (Bulletin Employee)
Hering, John B.
Herkemy, Cees – (Baseball)
Herkness, Sidney
Herman, Al
Herman, Billy Jr.
Herman, Floyd “Babe” – (Baseball)
Herman, George – (Cbs News Correspondent)
Herman, Leon Dr.
Herman, Martin J. “Gene” – (Bulletin Employee)
Hernandez, Enzo – (Baseball)
Hernandez, Jackie – (Baseball)
Hernandez, Ramon – (Baseball)
Hernandez, Willie – (Baseball)
Herr, Tom
Herring, Donald
Herron, Gerry
Herron, Keith
Hervey, Irene
Herzog, Gloria
Hess, Wilbert – (Hex Murder)
Hessenbruch, Polly
Hestand, Joe
Heston, Charlton
Heston, William H. – (Jail Warden – Dead)
Hewitt, Bill – (Basketball)
Hewitt, Bill – (Football)
Hewitt, Walter C. Jr. Mrs.
Hewson, Thomas A. Mrs.
Heydler, John – (Baseball, President Of The National League)
Heyer, Joe
Heyward, Allan M.C. A. Mrs.
Hibbard, Edna
Hibbler, Al – (Negro Entertainer)
Hibbs, Ben – (Editor)
Hicks, Charles – (High School Football)
Hicks, Charles William
Hicks, Henry J.
Hieronimus, Monica
Higbe, Kirby – (Ov)
Higginbotham, A. Leon Jr. – (Judge)
Higgins, Dennis – (Baseball)
Higgins, Michael – (Actor)
Higgins, “Pinky” – (Baseball)
Hileman, Charles C. Iii – (Society)
Hill, Crawford
Hill, Dave
Hill, Octavia
Hillard, Leon
Hiller, Charley – (Baseball)
Hiller, Chuck – (Baseball)
Hines, Earl
Hinkle, Jack – (Drexel Coach)
Hinkle, Jack – (Football)
Hinnershitz, Tommy – (Auto Racer)
Hires, Charles Edgar – (Bryn Mawr)
Hirm, Oscar
Hirst, Sidney H.
Hisle, Larry
Hitchcock, Billy
Hitler, Adolf – (Dictator) (+Ov)
Hoak, Don – (Baseball)
Hobart, Rose
Hobert, Ted
Hobson, Joan
Hoch, Scott – (Golfer)
Hochholdinger, Trixie
Hodes, Natalie – (Worker For Reform Judaism)
Hodes, Philip J. Dr. – (Jefferson Medical College)
Hodge, George – (Baseball)
Hodge, Gomer – (Baseball)
Hodges, Gil – (Baseball)
Hodges, Gil Jr. – (Son Of Baseball Manager)
Hodge, Martha – (Ov)
Hodges, Russell Fox Mrs.
Hoerst, Frank – (Basketball)
Hoerner, Joe
Hoette, Fred
Hoff, Man “Boo Boo” – (Criminal)
Hoffa, James P.
Hoffa, James R.
Hoffa, Jimmy
Hoffman, Abbie – (Radical)
Hoffman, Harold G.
Hoffman, Harry
Hoffman, Salvatore B. – (Union Leader)
Hoffman, Samuel – (Gangster Held In Murder)
Hoffner, Charles Jr.
Hogan, Anthony – (Policeman)
Hogan, Ben – (Golf)
Hogan, Danny – (Swimmer)
Hogan, Ed – (Athlete)
Hogan, Ed – (Liberty Bell Race Track)
Hogan, Eddie – (Boxer)
Hogan, Edward – (Feasterville)
Hogan, Edward S. Mrs.
Hogan, John J. Jr.
Hogarth, Leana
Hohl, Arthur
Holden, Robert F. Jr. Mrs.
Holiday, Billie – (Singer)
Holland, Albert R. Jr. – (Student)
Holland, Bernhard
Holliday, Lana L.
Hollingsworth, Al – (Baseball)
Hollings, Marion – (Golfer)
Hollmig, Stan – (Baseball)
Hollocher, Charles – (Baseball)
Holloman, “Bobo”
Holloway, Loleatta – (Singer)
Holly, Buddy – (Musician)
Holm, Eleanor
Holman, Libby
Holmes, Larry
Holms, Taylor
Holmes, Tommy – (Ov)
Holroyd, Francis
Holt, Jennifer
Holt, Lauren Frances
Holten, Henrietta
Holtzman, Ken – (Baseball)
Hood, Ellen Gowen
Hooker, John Lee – (Singer)
Hooks, Alex
Hooper, Harry – (Baseball)
Hooper, Robert
Hooton, Burt – (Baseball)
Hoover, Herbert C. – (Visits To Philadelphia Only)
Hoover, J. Edgar – (Fbi)
Hope, Bob – (Comedian)
Hoppe, Willie
Hopper, Hedda – (Columnist)
Hopson, Sonny – (Disc Jockey)
Horlen, Joe
Horn, Bob – (Original Bandstand)
Horn, Joseph V. – (Restauranteur)
Horn, Ted – (Auto Racer)
Hornbeck, David
Horne, Lena – (Singer)
Hornsby, Bill – (Baseball)
Hornsby, Rogers – (Baseball)
Horowitz, Susan
Horter, Earl – (Art)
Horton, Edward Everett – (Actor)
Horton, Willie – (Baseball)
Hough, Charlie – (Baseball)
Houghteling, James L. – (U.S. Official)
Houghton, Edith Grace
Houk, Ralph – (Baseball)
Houtteman, Art – (Baseball)
Hovley, Steve
Howard, Elston Sr. – (Baseball)
Howard, Frank L. Mrs.
Howard, Harvey
Howard, Humbert – (Art)
Howard, Leslie
Howard, Mary
Howard, Willie
Howe, Arthur W. Iii
Howe, Edward L. – (With Wife Dorothy Campbell)
Howe, Quincy
Howell, Elizabeth
Howell, Gertrude E.
Howell, Lattice
Howell, Suzane
Howell, William
Howell, William Billy – (Golfer)
Howell, William L.
Howell, William S. – (Fire Chief)
Howser, Dick
Hoy, William “Dummy”
Hoyer, Louis P. – (School District Superintendent)
Hoyt, Waite – (Baseball)
Hubbard, Elizabeth
Hubbard, Ruth W. – (Rn)
Hubbs, Ken – (Baseball)
Hubbell, Carl – (Baseball)
Hubbell, Johnny
Hubbell, Merritt – (Baseball)
Hubbell, Walter
Hubbell, Wilbur – (Baseball)
Huber, Albert – (Architect)
Huber, William J. – (Spacecraft Tester)
Huber, William L.
Huggard, Jimmy
Huggins, John
Huggins, William L. Iii Mrs.
Hughes – (Chief Justice)
Hughes, Charles Evans – (Supreme Court)
Hughes, Howard
Hughes, James Mrs.
Hughes, Jim – (Baseball)
Hughes, Langston – (Writer)
Hughes, Tom – (Baseball)
Hughes, William L. Dr. – (Temple)
Hull, Bobby – (Hockey)
Hull, Cordell
Humphrey, Claude – (Football)
Humphrey, Terry – (Baseball)
Humphreys, Bob – (Baseball)
Hundt, George
Hunt, E. Howard
Hunt, Owen B.
Hunt, Sam – (Waretown)
Hunter, Billy – (Baseball 1950’s)
Hunter, Daniel W. Mrs.
Hunter, Jim “Catfish” – (Baseball)
Hurs, Dorothy Campbell – (See Edward L. Howe)
Hurst, Ed
Hurst, Fannie
Hurst, Robert
Hurston, Zora Neale – (Author)
Hurt, John “Mississippi” – (Entertainer-Negro)
Hutchinson, Dave – (Ice Hockey)
Hutchinson, Fred – (Baseball)
Hutchinson, Jay – (Baseball)
Hutton, Ann Hawkes – (Author)
Hyland, Francis E.
Hymon, Mark – (Heritage House)
Hyndman, Bill – (Golf)
Iaia, Michele
Ieradi, Joseph F. – (Ov)
Iglezsias, Franco
Illoway, Lawrence Mrs.
Infanti, Francis
Infanti, Gwen
Infanti, John
Ingelsby, Tom
Ingerman, Albie
Ingerson, R. Sturgis – (Philadelphia Museum Of Art)
Innaurato, Albert
Innis, Roy
Intruders – (Singing Group)
Irelan, Matilda
Irvin, James H. – (Politics)
Irwin, Arthur A.
Isley Brothers – (Singing Group)
Jack, Beau – (Boxing)
Jackowski, Bill – (Baseball)
Jackson, Don – (Photographer)
Jackson, Donald – (Ice Skater)
Jackson, Donald Dale
Jackson, Donald L. Rev. – (Suspect Data)
Jackson, Ellsworth
Jackson, Grant
Jackson, Harold – (Football)
Jackson, Jesse L.
Jackson, Joe – (Penn State Football)
Jackson, Joe – (Music)
Jackson, Joe “Shoeless” – (Baseball)
Jackson, Joe – (Comedian)
Jackson, John – (Negro Entertainer)
Jackson, Joseph Henry – (Author)
Jackson, Lucious – (Basketball)
Jackson, M. Roy
Jackson, Mahalia – (Singer)
Jackson, Marjorie – (Track)
Jackson, Michael – (Singer)
Jackson, Reggie – (Baseball)
Jackson, William R. Mrs.
Jacobi, Louis
Jacobs, Bob – (Bulletin Reporter)
Jacobs, Forrest “Spock” – (Baseball)
Jacobs, Joe – (Fight Promoter)
Jacobs, John – (Golf)
Jacobs, John – (Horse Racing)
Jacobs, John E.
Jacobs, John H. Mrs.
Jacobs, John Mrs.
Jacobs, Robert
Jacobs, Robert – (Horse Trainer)
Jacobs, Robert
Jacobs, Robert – (Banker)
Jadick, Johnny – (Boxer)
Jahn, Harold Mrs.
Jaime, Angel Luis Rev.
Jamal, Ahmed
James Arthur H. Mrs. – (Ov)
James, Benjamin F.
James, Harold – (Guardian Civic)
James, Harry
James, Richard
James, Richard C. Iii
James, Richard Dr.
James, Richard E.
James, Richard L.
James, Larry – (Track)
James, Tom – (Football)
James, Tommy – (And The Schondells)
James, Tommy – (Football Player)
James, William A.
James, William “Bill” – (Baseball)
James, William Clymer Dr.
James, William Dr. – (Nc Senator)
James, William E. Mrs.
James, William F. – (Judge)
James, William F. – (Nj Politics)
James, William H. – (Murder)
James, William L. – (P.R.T.)
James, William S. – (Engineer)
James, William Sir – (British Navy)
James, Wynne Jr. – (Politican)
Jameson, Betty – (Golf)
Jaime Angle Luis
Jamison, David
Jane Fonda
Jangdharrie, Wycliffe
Jannazzo, Izzy
Jannazzo, Sugar
Jannotti, Harry P.
January, Don
Jarman, Claude Jr.
Jarmoluk, Mike – (Football)
Jarrett, Richard B. Mrs.
Jaspan, Jerome
Jaworski, Ron – (Football)
Jay, Joey – (Baseball)
Jean, Gloria
Jeffords, Walter M. Sr. – (Society)
Jeffords, Walter M. Jr. – (Society)
Jeffrey, Adiken
Jeffries, Bob
Jenkins, June
Jenkins, Lew – (Ov)
Jenkins, Tom
Jenner, Bruce – (Track)
Jennings, Francis P. – (Philadelphia Teachers Union)
Jennings, Hugh – (Baseball)
Jennings, Johnny – (Dancer & Golfer)
Jesus, Christ
Ji, Maharaj – (Religious Leader)
Jimenez, Manny – (Baseball)
Joannes, Constance
Joanisse, Omer
John, Lord W. – (Head & Single)
John, Samuel H. Dr. Mrs.
John Paul Ii Pope, - (Visits To Philadelphia Only)
Johnard, Clarence
Johnson, Alba B.
Johnson, Bob – (Baseball Player)
Johnson, Bob – (Football Player, Black)
Johnson, Bob – (Football Player, White)
Johnson, Bob – (Souderton Football)
Johnson, Bob – (Hockey Coach)
Johnson, Charlie – (Dancer)
Johnson, Dave
Johnson, Derom – (Yankees)
Johnson, Don – (San Francisco Giants)
Johnson, Eldridge Reeves – (Victor Talking Machine)
Johnson, Enoch L. “Nucky” – (Politican)
Johnson, Harold – (Boxer)
Johnson, Hugh
Johnson, Jack
Johnson, James
Johnson, John
Johnson, John – (Air Force)
Johnson, John – (Murdered Wife)
Johnson, John – (Brother Of Lindberg Suspect)
Johnson, John – (Killed In Robbery)
Johnson, John – (Basketball)
Johnson, John – (Baseball)
Johnson, John B. Dr.
Johnson, John Elgin – (Murderer)
Johnson, John F. – (Suicide)
Johnson, John G. – (Lawyer)
Johnson, John H. – (Negro Publisher)
Johnson, John Henry – (Football)
Johnson, John L. Rev.
Johnson, John M. – (Horticulture)
Johnson, John Monroe – (Asst. Sec. Comm.)
Johnson, John Patrick
Johnson, John Seward Jr.
Johnson, John T.H.
Johnson, Judy – (Baseball, Negro)
Johnson, Ken
Johnson, Leroy R.
Johnson, Lyndon B. – (Visits To Philadelphia Only)
Johnson, Michael – (Afl-Cio)
Johnson, Mordecai Dr.
Johnson, Ollie
Johnson, Rafer – (Track)
Johnson, Rita
Johnson, Robert L.
Johnson, Russell C. – (Athletic Director)
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sheldon F.
Johnson, Shirley Ann – (Golfer)
Johnson, Si – (Baseball)
Johnson, Sylvester
Johnson, Terl – (Golfer)
Johnson, Walter – (Baseball)
Johnson, William – (Baseball)
Johnston, Bruce A. Sr. – (Murderer)
Johnston, Bruce A. Jr. – (Murderer)
Johnston, David – (Banker)
Johnston, Dudley
Johnston, Frank B.
Johnston, Neil – (Basketball)
Johnston, Norman – (Murdered)
Johnston, Ralph – (Golfer)
Johnston, Ted – (Golfer)
Johnston, Wheeler “Doc” – (Baseball)
Johnstone, Jay
Jones, Arthur Woodriff Mrs.
Jones, Bob – (Basketball Publicist)
Jones, Bob – (Basketball, Lasalle)
Jones, Bob – (Golfer)
Jones, Bob – (Louisiana Politics)
Jones, Bobby – (Basketball)
Jones, Bobby – (Boxer)
Jones, Bobby – (Fighter)
Jones, Bobby Jr. – (Golf)
Jones, Bobby – (Golf)
Jones, Bobby – (Literature Only)
Jones, Bobby – (Sketch)
Jones, Bobby – (Sniper, 1939)
Jones, Bobby Mrs. – (Wife Of Golfer)
Jones, Robert T. Sr. & Mrs.
Jones, Robert – (Golf Course Arrchtiect)
Jones, Barbara
Jones, Bessie Jane
Jones, Bobby – (Golf)
Jones, Cleon – (Baseball)
Jones, Curtis C. Mrs.
Jones, Dale – (Baseball)
Jones, Eugene W. Dr.
Jones, Jacob
Jones, James H.
Jones, Joe – (Baseball)
Jones, Joe “Philly Joe”
Jones, John – (Drexel Baseball)
Jones, Johnny
Jones, Mary “Mother”
Jones, Preston D.
Jones, Quincy – (Entertainer)
Jones, Robert P. Jr. Mrs.
Jones, Robert T. “Bobby” – (Ov)
Jones, Robert Tyre Iii
Jones, Roxanne – (Welfare Rights)
Jones, Sam – (Baseball)
Jones, Sam – (Basketball)
Jones, Sam “Sad”
Jones, Sheldon – (Baseball)
Jones, Vernal – (Baseball)
Jones, Wally
Jones, William R. – (Broker)
Jones, Willie – (Basketball)
Jones, Willie – (Baseball, Black)
Jones, Willie – (Baseball, White)
Jones, Willie – (Jockey)
Jones, Willis Mrs.
Joos, Donald F. – (Business)
Joost, Eddie – (Baseball)
Jordan, Bobby
Jordan, King Hussein
Jordan, Louis – (Bandleader)
Jordan, Mike
Jordan, Vernon Jr.
Jorgensen, Johnny – (Baseball)
Jorgensen, Mike – (Baseball)
Josephs, Devereux C. – (Executive)
Josephson, Duane – (Baseball)
Joss, Addie – (Baseball)
Joyce, Brenda
Joyce, Willie
Joyner, Alvin – (Murderer)
Joyner, John – (Murderer)
Joyner, Robert – (Murderer)
Judd, Oscar – (Baseball)
Judge, Joe – (Baseball)
Judnich, Walter
Judson, Arthur – (Orchestra Manager)
Judson, Arthur Ii – (Society)
Judson, Frances
Julian, Percy L.
Juliana, Al
Jump, Mary Irwin
June, Dave – (Baseball)
Junker, Jules Mrs.
Juralewicz, Al
Jurgensen, Sonny
Jurges, William F.
Jurisich, Al – (Baseball)
Justi, Helen
Justin, Barbara

Kaat, Jim – (Baseball)
Kadison, Luba
Kahle, Bob – (Baseball)
Kahn, Louis I. – (Architect)
Kalas, Harry
Kaline, Al – (Baseball)
Kallinger, Joseph Sr. – (Murderer)
Kallinger, Joseph Jr. – (Murderer)
Kallinger, Mary Jo – (Daughter Of Murderer)
Kallinger, Michael – (Murderer)
Kallinger, Stephen
Kamm, Willie – (Baseball)
Kamp, Doris
Kane, Larry
Kaneda, Masaichi – (Baseball)
Kaneda, Shaichi – (Baseball)
Kanvik, Trial
Kaplan, Mike
Kapp, Joe – (Football)
Karcher, Bill
Karl, Andy – (Baseball)
Karnes, Suzanne
Karrer, Ann
Karver, Gerry
Kashey, James
Kasko, Eddie – (Baseball)
Kaspes, Ferdinand, Felix, Frank & Frances – (Quadruplets)
Kasulin, Al
Kates, Richie – (Boxing)
Katz, Harold – (Teacher)
Katzman, Melvin
Kauba, Sofia Laura
Kauffman, Stanley – (Artist)
Kaufman, Arthur C. Mrs.
Kaufman, George S. – (Playwright)
Kaufman, Irving – (Judge)
Kaufman, Stanley – (Track)
Kawal, Al
Kaye, Danny
Kayser, Michael
Kazanski, Ted – (Baseball)
Kazmaier, Dick – (Ov)
Keady, Eleanor
Keaton, Buster
Keech, Ray – (Auto Racer, Dead)
Keegan, Bob
Keefe, Dave – (Athletics Baseball Team Coach)
Keefe, Tim – (Baseball)
Keeler, Wee Willie – (Baseball)
Keen, Constance
Keen, Victor – (Baseball)
Keenan, Walter F. Jr.
Keene, Paul
Keenie, Paul – (Artist)
Keilholz, Joan
Keith, Clifford
Keith, Ellie Wood
Keith, Sidney
Kell, Everett
Kell, George – (Baseball)
Kell, Skeeter – (Baseball)
Kellberg, Marjorie
Kelleher, Francis – (Baseball)
Kelleher, Harold – (Baseball)
Kelleher, Mick – (Baseball)
Kellems, Vivian
Keller, Charles – (Baseball)
Keller, Helen
Kelley, Bill – (Basketball)
Kelley, Bruce
Kelley, Harry
Kelley, Ike – (Football)
Kelley, William – (Baseball)
Kelley, William A.
Kelley, William Dr.
Kelley, William J. – (Bulletin Employee)
Kelley, William J. – (Professor)
Kelley, Willliam V.
Kellner, Alex – (Baseball Player 3 Of 3)
Kellner, Walter
Kelly, Anne Marie – (Kidnap)
Kelly, Charles F.
Kelly, Dan
Kelly, Denis – (Lsd Manufacturer)
Kelly, Edward A. – (Dead Judge - News & Groups 2 Of 2)
Kelly, Fred – (Boxer)
Kelly, George – (“Machine Gun”)
Kelly, George – (“Mike”)
Kelly, George – (La Salle College)
Kelly, George – (Billiards)
Kelly, George – (Printer)
Kelly, George – (Detective)
Kelly, George – (Ice Hockey)
Kelly, George – (Playwright)
Kelly, George W. – (War Veteran)
Kelly, Grace – (See: Monoco, Princess Grace)
Kelly, John
Kelly, John – (Administration)
Kelly, John – (Golf)
Kelly, John – (Author)
Kelly, John – (Soccer)
Kelly, John – (Legless)
Kelly, John – (Police)
Kelly, John – (Office Employees Union)
Kelly, John – (Guitar)
Kelly, John – (Track)
Kelly, John – (Auto Racing)
Kelly, John – (Wrestling, Track)
Kelly, John Iii – (Wilmington)
Kelly, John A. – (Election Probe)
Kelly, John B. – (Ov)
Kelly, John B. Sr.
Kelly, John B. Jr.
Kelly, John B. Iii
Kelly, John D. – (Sheriff)
Kelly, John D. Iii – (New Castle Co.)
Kelly, John David – (Painter)
Kelly, John E.
Kelly, John E. Jr. – (National Gypsum Co.)
Kelly, John E. Jr. – (Policeman)
Kelly, John Francis – (Football Player)
Kelly, John H. – (Grandparents Of Grace Kelly)
Kelly, John J. – (Springfield Paper Co.)
Kelly, John J. – (Grand Jury Probe)
Kelly, John J. – (Marathon Champion)
Kelly, John J. – (Kelly Ass.)
Kelly, John J. – (Detective)
Kelly, John J. Jr.
Kelly, John L.
Kelly, John L. Jr.
Kelly, John P. – (Irish Fiddler)
Kelly, John Patrick Jr. Mrs.
Kelly, John T. – (Rotc)
Kelly, John S. – (“Ship Wreck”)
Kelly, John W. – (Hospital Administration)
Kelly, Joseph V. – (Policeman)
Kelly, Kendal
Kelly, Lawrence B. Mrs.
Kelly, Margaret – (Wave)
Kelly, Margery – (Well Dressed)
Kelly, Mike
Kelly, Mimi
Kelly, Nancy
Kelly, Thomas – (Consul)
Kelly, Thomas – (Fugitive)
Kelly, Thomas – (Vietnam Veteran)
Kelly, Thomas Jr. Mrs. – (Twin)
Kelly, Thomas F. – (Continental Press)
Kelly, Thomas H. – (Policeman)
Kelly, Thomas J. – (Pha)
Kelly, Thomas J. Rev. – (Catholic Priest)
Kelly, Thomas J. Iii – (Pulitzer Prize)
Kelly, Thomas P. – (Deputy)
Kelly, Thomas P. Rev.
Kelly, Tom – (Football, Northeastern)
Kelly, Tom – (Football, West Catholic)
Kelly, Tom – (Horse Trainer)
Kelly, Tom – (Medal Of Honor)
Kelly, Tom – (Washington Newspaperman)
Kelly, Tommy – (Actor)
Kelly, Tommy – (Temple Cross Country)
Kelly, William F. Mrs. – (Widow Of Banker)
Keluche, Mark – (Baseball)
Kendrick, Charles Jr. Mrs.
Kendrick, W. Freeland – (Mayor)
Kemble, Fanny
Kennedy, Bill “Pickles” – (Temple Basketball/Baseball)
Kennedy, Caroline
Kennedy Children
Kennedy, Christopher George
Kennedy, David
Kennedy, Dougles
Kennedy, Edward M. – (Politican)
Kennedy, Edward M. Mrs.
Kennedy, Edward M. Jr.
Kennedy, Edward T.
Kennedy, Ethel
Kennedy, Eugene Rev.
Kennedy, Eunice
Kennedy, Jacqueline – (President’s Wife)
Kennedy, Joan
Kennedy, John – (Baseball)
Kennedy, John – (Golfer)
Kennedy, John B. – (Radio Commentator)
Kennedy, John F. – (Policeman)
Kennedy, John F. – (President Of The United States) (+Ov)
Kennedy, John F. Jr. – (Son Of President)
Kennedy, John H.
Kennedy, John M. Iii
Kennedy, John P.
Kennedy, John P. Dr.
Kennedy, John Patrick – (6 Year Old Lost Boy)
Kennedy, John Robert
Kennedy, John T. – (General)
Kennedy, Joseph – (Father Of Missing Boy)
Kennedy, Joseph – (Boxing Manager)
Kennedy, Joseph – (Irish Cousin Of President)
Kennedy, Joseph – (Policeman)
Kennedy, Joseph A.
Kennedy, Joseph G.
Kennedy, Joseph H. Mrs.
Kennedy, Joseph J. Iii – (Musician)
Kennedy, Joseph P.
Kennedy, Joseph P. Jr.
Kennedy, Joseph P. Iii
Kennedy, Joseph P. Iii Mrs.
Kennedy, Joseph T.
Kennedy, Joy – (Actress)
Kennedy, Joyce Lain – (Author)
Kennedy, Julian
Kennedy, Junior – (Baseball)
Kennedy, K.J. Rev.
Kennedy, Kara
Kennedy, Karen
Kennedy, Kathleen
Kennedy, Kay
Kennedy, Ken
Kennedy, Kenneth C.
Kennedy, Kerry
Kennedy, Locke
Kennedy, Patricia
Kennedy, Pickles
Kennedy, Robert D.
Kennedy, Robert F. – (Politican)
Kennedy, Robert F. Jr.
Kennedy, Robert J.
Kennedy, Ron – (Basketball)
Kennedy, Ronald B.
Kennedy, Rory
Kennedy, Rose
Kennedy, Sally
Kennedy, Sarah B.
Kennedy, Vernon – (Baseball)
Kent, A. Atwater Sr. – (Manufacturer)
Kent, A. Atwater Mrs. – (Wife Of Manufacturer)
Kent, A. Atwater Jr. – (Son Of Manufacturer)
Kent, Everett L.
Kent, Marvin
Kenyatta, Muhammad
Keogh, John W. Rev.
Kepler, Helen
Kerchner, James P. Mrs. – (Pharmicist)
Kern, Charles R.
Kerr, Andy
Kerr, Dickie – (Baseball)
Kerr, James R. Jr. Mrs.
Kerr, Joan – (Dance Instructor)
Kerr, John “Buddy”
Kerry, John
Kershaw, William – (Robber)
Kershaw, William Dr.
Kerwin, Dale A. – (Ov)
Kessell, Dick – (Temple Baseball)
Ketcham, Barbara
Ketterer, Gustav
Keyes, Evelyn
Keyes, Leroy – (Football)
Keyte, Edward L. – (Ov)
Khalis, Hamass Abdul – (Moslem)
Khayat, Ed – (Football)
Khrushcev, Nikita S.
Kielty, Dorothy
Kilgus, Ed
Kellebrew, Harmon – (Baseball)
Killefer, Wade
Killefer, William
Killens, John Oliver
Kilroy, Buck – (Football Player)
Killinger, Glenn
Kilroy, Bucko – (Eagles)
Kilroy, Elmer
Kilroy, Frank – (Football)
Kilroy, Frank – (Original “Kilroy”)
Kilroy, Gene – (Football)
Kimball, Fiske
Kimball, Peter D. Mrs.
Kind, Samuel Ii. Mrs.
Kindt, Ruth
Kiner, Ralph “Mike” – (Baseball)
Kiner, Ralph Mrs. – (Wife Of Baseball Star)
King, B.B. – (Musician)
King, Betsy
King, Billy Jean – (Tennis)
King, Ernest J. – (Ov)
King, Garry – (Track)
King, James R. Mrs.
King, Martin Luther Sr.
King, Martin Luther Jr.
King, Martin Luther Jr. Mrs.
King, Martin Luther Iii
King, Victor – (Camden Nj Politics)
Kingman, Dave – (Baseball)
Kinsey, John
Kinloch, Edith
Kinnebrew, E. Robert Mrs.
Kinnebrew, Sally
Kinnebrew, Sarah Hilton
Kirk, Andrew
Kirk, Robert L.
Kirkbridge, Charles
Kirkland, James
Kirkland, James Rev.
Kirkland, Faris R.
Kirkman, Elwood F. – (Banker)
Kirkwood, Joe Sr. – (Golf)
Kirkwood, Joe Jr. – (Movies “Joe” Palooka)
Kish, Ben – (Football)
Kiss – (Singing Group)
Kissley, Kusma
Kite, Tom
Kitt, Eartha – (Singer)
Klapp, Emma Fredericke
Klein, Alfred M.
Klein, Chuck
Klein, Esther M.
Klein, Gloria
Klein, Philip
Kleinhans, Theo – (Baseball)
Kligman, Albert M. Dr.
Klinedinst, Clarence
Klinefelter, Paul Mrs.
Kling, Elizabeth
Klugman, Jack – (Tv Star)
Klumpp, Patty
Kluszewski, Ted – (Baseball)
Knapp, Eileen
Knapp, Phyllis
Knauer, Virginia – (Consumer Advisor)
Knauer, Wilhelm F. – (Politican) (Ov+)
Knauer, Wilhelm F. Jr.
Kneass, Polly
Knerr, Lou
Knight, Elias D.
Knight, Gladys – (Singer)
Knight, Hans – (Bulletin Writer)
Knight, John S. – (Publisher)
Knight, John S. Jr. – (Us Army)
Knight, John S. Iii – (Murdered)
Knighton, Jeanette – (Move Supporter)
Knoell, William C. – (Police Captain)
Knoop, Bobby – (Baseball)
Knothe, Fritz – (Baseball)
Knothe, George – (Baseball)
Knowles, Darold – (Baseball)
Knowles, Hope
Knowles, Sylvia
Knox, Alexander
Knox, Elyse
Knox, Frank
Knudsen, William S. – (Ov)
Koch, Gary – (Golf)
Koecher, Dick – (Baseball)
Koegal, Pete – (Baseball)
Koehler, George A. – (Wfil)
Koelle, William F.B.
Koenig, Mark – (Baseball)
Koiwai, Pete – (Baseball)
Kolb, Louis J.
Konoye, Fumimaro – (Ov)
Konstanty, Jim
Kool And The Gang – (Singing Group)
Koop, C. Everett
Koplitz, Howie – (Baseball)
Koppe, Joe – (Baseball)
Koprpwski, Hilary
Korik, Martin
Korius, Miliza
Korman, Hyman
Korvin, Charles
Korzuch, Dorothy C.
Kosco, Andy – (Baseball)
Koshreck, Theodore
Kostelanetz, Andre
Kostige, Marion
Kottie, Dick – (Football)
Koury, Alfred
Kovach, Steve
Kovacs, Betty
Kovacs, Ernie - (Comedian)
Kovacs, Frank
Kovacs, Susan
Kowal, Matt
Kraft, Matt
Kraft, Jack
Kralick, Jack – (Baseball)
Krall, George F.
Kramer, Elenor D.
Kramer, Jack
Kramer, Josef – (Ov)
Kreitler, Elizabeth
Kretz, Ed – (Auto Racer)
Krewson, G. Norman
Krick, Frank
Krieger, Harley L. Dr.
Krol, Jack – (Baseball)
Krol, John Anthony
Krol, John Cardinal
Kroll, Ted
Kron, Samuel D. Dr.
Krosnick, Alex Dr.
Kruez, Al
Krukow, Mike – (Baseball)
Krupa, Gene
Kryhoski, Dick
Kublack, Ted – (Baseball)
Kucks, John – (Baseball)
Kuenn, Harvey – (Baseball)
Kuhlman, Kathryn – (Evangelist)
Kuhlman, William
Kuhn, Bowie – (Baseball)
Kulp, Samuel
Kunes, Gene
Kurland, Bob
Kurowski, George Whitey
Kurtzman, Joe
Kutz, John
Kuzman, Tom
Kwon, Hyok Su – (Runs Korean Grocery In Philadelphia)
Kyle, George C. Mrs.
Kryriakides, Stylianos
Kyser, Kay
Lamboy, Candelario – (Runs Furniture Store)
La Belle – (Singing Group)
La Coste, Catherine – (Golfer)
La Farge, Oliver – (Ov)
La Forge, J.A. Mrs.
La Motta, Jake
La Planche, Louise
La Planche, Rosemary
La Ros, Peggy
La Rose, Rose
La Rover, George
Labaw, Susan
Labelle, Patti – (Singer)
Labovitz, Sherman – (Communist)
Lachok, Betty
Lack, Norman M. And Mrs.
Lackman, William A.
Lackman, William T.
Lacy, Guise
Lacy, Bob
Lacy, Elwood
Lafean, John S.
Lagatta, John
Lai, Buck – (Baseball)
Lake, Arthur – (Actor)
Lake, Veronica
Lallou, William J. Rev.
Lamb, G. Scott
Lamarr, Hedy
Lamb, Hugh
Lamberton, Robert E. – (Mayor)
Lamberton, Fred W.
Lamberton, Robert & Lambert Robert Mrs.
Lamberton, Robert R.G.
Lamdin, Bill
Lammot, Ted
Lamotta, Jake – (Boxer) (Ov+)
Lamour, Dorothy – (Ov)
Lancaster, Bert – (Track)
Land, Edwin H. – (Polaroid)
Lande, David
Lande, Elizabeth Ann – (Missing Person)
Landgraf, Dolores
Landis, Carole
Landis, James M. – (Lawyer)
Landis, James Rufus – (Treasury Department)
Landis, Jesse Royce
Landis, Jim – (Baseball)
Landis, Jimmy – (Baseball)
Landis, Robert M.
Landon, Alf
Landvoigt, William
Lane, Priscilla – (Ov)
Lane, Rosemary
Lang, Eddie – (Musician)
Lang, Edward – (Policeman)
Langdon, Charlotte
Lanier, Edward M.
Lanin, Laster – (Orchestra Leader)
Lansford, Carney
Lanza, Mario – (Singer)
Lanzetti, Ignatius – (Gangster)
Lanzetti, James – (Hoboken)
Lanzetti, Lucien – (Gangster)
Lanzetti, Pius – (Gangster)
Lanzetti, Teo – (Gangster)
Lanzetti, Willie – (Gangster)
Lanzieri, Edward – (Racketeer)
Lardner, Ring – (Author)
Large, W. Mifflin Mrs.
Larker, Norm
Larkin, Olga
Larossa, Ernest Dr.
Lasorda, Carmella
Lasorda, Tommy – (Baseball)
Lassiter, Luther – (Billiards)
Last, Theodore Mrs.
Latimer, George – (Attorney)
Laughlin, Ann – (Golf)
Laughton, Charles – (Actor; See: Dr. Albert Barnes)
Laurence, William L.
Laurens, Ralph
Lauri, Onofrio – (Billiards)
Lauz, Ted
Lavagetto, “Cookie” – (Baseball)
Laval, Pierre – (Ov)
Lavino, Constance
Law, Vernon – (Baseball)
Lawrence, Charles L. – (Airplane Designer)
Lawrence, Gertrude – (Actress)
Lawrence, Shubert – (Theater Manager – Dead)
Lawrence, Marjorie – (Ov)
Lawrence, Robert R.
Lawrence, Vicki – (Actress)
Laws, Elizabeth
Lawson, Francis X.
Lay, Dorsey
Lazar, Samuel
Lazelere, Harold B. Jr. – (Auto Racer)
Lea, Charlie – (Baseball)
Lea, Elizabeth
Lea, Francis C. Jr.
Leach, Fred – (Baseball)
Leach, Isabel & Reggie
Leader, George M. – (Governor)
Leahy, William D. – (Ov)
Lear, Hal – (Basketball)
Leary, Henry – (Baseball)
Leary, Howard R.
Leas, Donald S.
Leas, Dorothy S.
Lebeau, Madeleine
Lebourveau, De Witt “Bevo” – (Baseball)
Lederman, Alfred J.
Lederman, Leon Dr. – (Physicist)
Leduc, Anne – (Tennis)
Lee, Barbara
Lee, Bill – (Baseball)
Lee, Charles
Lee, Charles H.
Lee, Charles T. Sr.
Lee, Donald
Lee, Genevieve N.
Lee, Gypsy Rose
Lee, Hal – (Baseball)
Lee, Laura – (Bulletin Writer)
Lee, Laura – (Dancer)
Lee, Leron – (Baseball)
Lee, Peggy
Lee, P. Blair
Lee, Thornton – (Baseball)
Lee, Walter E.
Lee, Walter G. Mrs.
Lee, Walter P. Maj.
Lee, William “Bill” – (Baseball)
Leeds, Andrea
Leeds, John
Leeds, Morris E.
Leger, Fernand – (Art)
Leidy, Philip
Leigh, Janet
Leigh, Vivian
Leiner, Richard
Lemanski, Edwin
Lemaster, Frank – (Football)
Lemmon, Nancy & Jane
Lennig, Charles
Lennon, John – (Beatles Member)
Lennox, Ian
Leo, Charles – (Football Player)
Leon, Max – (Ov)
Leonard, Benny
Leonard, Dennis – (Baseball Player)
Leonard, Hub “Dutch” – (Baseball)
Leonard, Ray “Sugar” – (Boxer)
Leonard, Richard T.
Leonetti, Christian – (Murderer)
Leonetti, Phillip
Leontovich, Eugenie
Leopold, Louise
Leps, Wassili – (Musician)
Lerner, Ed – (Basketball)
Lerner, Irving
Leroux, Jacques
Leroy, Mervin
Lesley, Robert Whitman – (Manufacturer)
Lesley, Waterman – (Society)
Leslie, Joan
Lessy, Erson
Lessy, Pearson
Leto, John
Letts, George H.
Levin, Dorothy
Levin, Herman – (Bowler)
Levin, Seymour – (Murderer)
Levine, David
Levine, Joseph
Levinsky, Alec
Levinsky, Battling – (Boxer)
Levinthal, Bernard L. – (Rabbi)
Levis, Alice Wood
Levis, Ann
Levis, Frederick H.
Levis, Frederick H. Jr.
Levis, Irene
Levis, Joseph – (Swimmer)
Levis, Norman
Levitt, William J. Mrs. – (Levitt & Sons Inc.)
Levy, Bert – (Robber)
Levy, Berthold
Levy, Bertram - (Daughter, Murdered)
Levy, Leon Dr.
Levy, Melvin G. – (Pa School Board)
Levy, Uriah Phillips
Lewis – (Golf)
Lewis, Al – (Actor)
Lewis, Alonzo
Lewis, “Buddy” – (Baseball)
Lewis, Carl – (Athlete)
Lewis, Claude
Lewis, Diana – (Ov)
Lewis, Dough – (Football Player)
Lewis, Duffy – (Baseball)
Lewis, Ed – (Football)
Lewis, Edward W. “Ted” – (Author)
Lewis, Edwin O. – (Judge)
Lewis, Francis A. – (Villanova)
Lewis, John L. – (Ov)
Lewis, John L. – (Labor Leader)
Lewis, John L. Mrs. – (Wife Of Labor Leader)
Lewis, John L. Jr. – (Son Of Labor Leader)
Lewis, Margaret
Lewis, Meade Lux C. – (Pianist, Dead)
Lewis, Ralsten
Lewis, Shippen – (Lawyer)
Lewis, Warren H. Dr.
Lewis, Wyndham
Ley, Robert – (Ov)
Leydon, Theodore C.
Liberman, Herman Mrs.
Lidman, Haakon
Lieberman, Joseph
Ligget, John T. Jr. Mrs.
Lillie, Beatrice
Lillyman, Frank L. – (Ov)
Limon, Jose – (Choreographer, Dead)
Limpson, Wally
Lincoln, Abraham – (Ov)
Lincoln, Abbey – (Singer)
Lind, Della
Lind, Jenny – (Singer)
Lindbergh, Charles A. – (Ov)
Lindquist, Lawrence
Lindsay, Margaret
Lindskog, Vic – (Football)
Lindstorm, Freddy (2 Of 2)
Ling, Tung
Link, Charlotte Mcleer Mrs.
Linkletter, Diane
Linton, Eric
Lipes, Wheeler B.
Lipkin, Herman Mrs.
Lippicot, J.
Lippincott, Horace Mather
Lippincott, Joseph W. Mrs.
Lippman, Al – (Darts)
Lipschutz, Ephran
Liquori, Marty
Lister, Walter
Liston, Sonny – (Boxer)
Lit, Hy – (Disc Jockey)
Lit, Jacob D. – (Lit Brothers)
Lit, Jay – (Director Of Supplies)
Lit, Paul – (Football)
Lit, Sam – (Disc Jockey)
Lit, Samuel – (Colonel)
Lit, Udel
Little Egypt
Little, Henry A. Mrs.
Littlefield, Alberta
Littlefield, Caroline – (Dancer)
Littlefield, Catherine – (Dancer)
Littlefield, Dorothy – (Dancer)
Littlefield, Louise
Littleton, Art
Littleton, George
Litwack, Harry
Litwak, Belle
Litwhiler, Danny – (Baseball)
Liuzzi, Mike
Livingston, Joseph & Mrs.
Livingstone, Paddy – (Baseball)
Livingstone, Ronnie
Livingstone, William
Lloyd, Charles Ewing Green
Lloyd, H. Gates Mrs.
Lloyd, Harold
Lloyd, Lewis – (Basketball)
Lloyd, Morris Mrs.
Lloyd, Stacy B. Jr. Mrs.
Lobert, John “Hans”
Locke, Bobby
Lockhard, Pat
Lockhart, Patricia K.
Lodigiani, Dario – (Baseball)
Loes, Billy – (Baseball)
Loftus, John E. Dr.
Logan, Floyd – (Civil Rights Activist)
Logan, Jennifer
Logan, Joanna G.
Lojewski, Bob
Lolich, Mickey – (Baseball)
Lollar, Sherm – (Baseball)
Lomady, Clara Schroth
Lombard, Carole
Lombardi, Vince – (Football)
Lombardo, Anne Marie
Lombardo, Joseph Mrs.
Lonergan, Wayne Thomas – (Murderer) (Ov)
Lonergan, Wayne Thomas Mrs.
Long, Benjamin
Long, Florence
Longmaid, Diane
Longmaid, Sydney E.
Longnecker, Jean
Longo, Phil
Longstreth, W. Thacher – (Politician)
Looney, Joe Don – (Football)
Lopat, Ed
Lopata, Stan – (Baseball)
Lopes, Dave – (Baseball Player)
Lopez, Al – (Baseball)
Lopez, Al Jr.
Lopez, Nancy – (Golf)
Lopinson, Jack – (Murderer)
Lorant, Stefan
Lord, Bris
Lord, Edwin Mrs.
Lord, John
Lord, John W.
Lord, John W. Jr.
Lord, Joseph S. Iii
Lord, Marjorie
Lorimer, Anne
Lorimer, Elizabeth
Lorimer, George Burford
Lorimer, George Horace – (Editor)
Lorimer, Graeme – (Author)
Lorimer, William
Lorraine, Lillian
Lott, H. Hunter Iii
Lott, Hunter Jr. – (Tennis)
Lottier, Herbert
Louganis, Greg – (Diver)
Loughran, Tommy
Louis, Joe – (+Ov)
Love, Arlene
Lovelace, Linda
Lovellette, Clyde
Lovenguth, Lynn – (Baseball)
Loviglio, Jay – (Baseball)
Lovitt, Gary
Low, George Sr. – (Golfer)
Low, George Jr. – (Golfer)
Lowden, George H. Mrs.
Lowell, A. Lawrence
Lowell, Amy
Lowell, Thomas – (Newscaster)
Loweinstein, John
Lowrey, Harry
Lowrie, Sarah D.
Lowry, Joseph F. – (Newspaperman)
Lowry, William C. Mrs.
Loy, Myrna
Lubin, Siegmund – (Film Maker)
Lucas, Barbara
Lucas, Jerry – (Basketball)
Lucas, Jim – (Tv Personality)
Lucchesi, Frank
Luce, Henry R. – (Editor)
Luchaire, Corinne
Luckenbill, Thomes D. Mrs.
Luckamn, Sid
Ludlow, Henning N. Mrs.
Luffberry, Henry P.
Lugosi, Bela – (Actor)
Lukacs, John
Lukas, John A.
Lukeman, Henry – (Augusta)
Lumsden, Jack
Lundblad, Bert
Lunt, - (Actor)
Lutz, Christian
Lutz, Dorothy
Lutz, Earl
Luzinski, Bill
Luzinski, Greg – (Baseball)
Lych, Billy
Lynam, Jimmy – (Basketball)
Lynam, Kevin
Lynam, Mike
Lynch, Jack
Lynn, Dianna
Lynn, Fred – (Baseball)
Lynne, Gloria – (Negro Entertainer)
Lyons, Marty – (Golf)
Lyons, Terry – (Baseball)
Lyshon, Jerry
Lyster, Roy Mrs.
Lyttleton-Rogers, George
Mabley, Jackie “Moms” – (Comedian)
Macarthur, Douglas – (Ov)
Maccarter, Gloria
Maccoll, James R.
Macdonald, Jeanette – (Singer)
Macelree, Lawrence Mrs.
Macfarlan, Douglas Dr.
Macgregor, Don
Macinnis, Jane
Macionis, John
Mack, Connie – (Baseball)
Mackay, Kenneth J. Mrs.
Mackenzie, Jock
Mackey, Harry A. – (Mayor)
Mackey, Harry S.
Mackin, Catherine
Macleod, Helen Gordon
Macleod, Mary Paul
Macmillan, Shirley
Macmurray, Fred
Macneill, Henry T. – (Chester Co.)
Macneill, Stephen M. – (Moylan Press)
Macphail, Larry
Macpherson, Mabel
Madden, John T. – (Lawyer)
Madden, Owen
Maddern, Merle
Maddox, Elliot – (Baseball)
Maddox, Garry – (Baseball)
Madeira, C.C. Mrs.
Madison, David
Magee, Herb
Maglie, Sal – (Baseball)
Maglione, Luigi Cardinal – (Ov)
Magnussen, Howard – (Murderer)
Magro, Samuel A.
Mahaffey, Art – (Baseball)
Mahaffey, Lee Roy – (Baseball)
Mahan, Art – (Baseball)
Mahaney, Wilbur Lee Dr.
Mahar, Billy
Mahoney, Will
Majeski, Hank – (Baseball Player)
Makris, George
Malach, Leroy
Malcolm X – (Civil Rights Activist)
Maicher, Michael – (Bulletin Photographer)
Mallatratt, Agnes Mrs.
Mallon, Isabelle
Mallon, Leslie O. – (Baseball)
Malone, Dorothy
Malone, James “Shooey” – (Detective)
Malone, Moses
Malone, Pat
Maloney, Jim – (Baseball)
Mammarella, Anthony – (Producer)
Man, Gladys
Mande, Lulu
Mandel, William K. – (Bulletin Employee)
Mandes, Ted Jr. – (Golfer)
Mandiuk, William – (Arsenic Murders)
Mandiuk, Lloyd
Maniaci, Sam – (Golfer)
Mankiewicz, Frank
Mankin, Helen O. – (Bulletin Employee)
Mann, Frederic R.
Mann, Mary D.
Mann, Ted
Manning, Irene
Manning, Natalie
Manning, Thomas
Manning, Thomas A.
Manning, Rick – (Baseball)
Mannix, Daniel P.
Mantle, Mickey
Mantle, Mickey Jr.
Mantle, Roy
Manville, Tommy
Maple, Audrey
Mara, Adele
Marano, Vincent
Maranville, Walter James “Rabbit” – (Baseball)
Maravich, Pete – (Basketball)
Marberry, M.M.
Marble, Alice – (Tennis)
Marcellus, Bud
March, Fredric
Marchildon, Phil
Marciano, Rocky – (Boxer) (+Ov)
Marconi, Guglielmo
Marcum, Johnny – (Baseball Player 2 Of 2)
Marcus, Steve – (Entertainer)
Marcus, Steven
Marconi, Guilio
Marguerita, Maria
Marichal, Juan – (Baseball)
Marie – (Queen)
Marion, Marty
Markhus, Orrin
Markley, Arthur Mrs.
Markley, Phil
Marling, Joseph M. – (Ov)
Marly, Florence
Marquard, Rube – (Baseball)
Marsden, Jane D. – (Nurse)
Marsden, John – (Soccer)
Marshall, Alan
Marshall, Brenda
Marshall, Burke – (Government Offical)
Marshall, Edward – (Golf)
Marshall, Edwin – (Baseball)
Marshall, George C. – (Ov)
Marshall, Jon – (Basketball)
Marshall, June
Marshall, Mary Wayne
Marshall, Richard Sr.
Marshall, Thomas
Marshall, Thurgood – (Supreme Court Justice)
Marston, Charles H.
Marston, Max R. – (Golf)
Martens, George – (Baseball)
Martin – (Congressman)
Martin, Billy
Martin, Edward
Martin, Glenn L. – (Ov)
Martin, Helen
Martin, Hershel Ray
Martin, James J.
Martin, John
Martin, Joseph
Martin, Martin, Margery Mae
Martin, Mary – (Ov)
Martin, Mike – (Baseball)
Martin, Morrie – (Baseball)
Martin, Morris – (Baseball)
Martin, Norah
Martin, William Mrs.
Martin, Winslow Mrs.
Martinez, Casper – (Gang Member)
Martinez, Dominguez, Alfonso – (Mexico City Mayor Resigns)
Martinez, Silvio – (Baseball)
Martinez, Tony – (Baseball)
Martinez, Domingo
Marton, Kati
Marty, Joe
Martz, Walter
Marvel, William Mrs.
Marelettes, The – (Recording Group)
Marx Brothers
Marx, Groucho
Marx, Harpo
Marx, Zeppo
Mason, Ann
Mason, Benjamin – (Lottery Winner)
Masserio, Jimmy
Massey, Ilona – (Ov)
Massey, Lew
Massey, Raymond – (Ov)
Massi, William
Massimino, Rollie – (Basketball Owner)
Mastbaum, Jules E. – (Theatre Owner)
Masteroff, Joe
Masters, Dick – (Track)
Masters, Walt
Masterson, Paul – (Baseball Player)
Mateer, Diehl Jr.
Mather, Gilbert
Mathews, Eddie – (Baseball)
Mathews, Wid
Mathewson, Christy – (Baseball)
Mathewson, Christy Jr.
Mathewson, Christy – (Awarded Badge)
Matlack, Merilyn
Matsumoto, Teruo Dr.
Matteotti, Giacomo – (Murdered)
Matthews, Gary
Matthews, Jay
Mattman, Charles
Mauch, Gene – (Baseball)
Mauchly, John W. – (Computers)
Maulton, Nelson W. – (Ov)
Maxey, George W.
Maxim, Joey – (Fighter)
Maxon, Eric
Maxwell, Billy – (Golf)
Maxwell, Dave
Maxwell, John M.
Maxwell, John C.
Maxwell, Marilyn
Maxwell, Robert W. “Tiny” – (Football)
May, Ada
May, Carlos – (Baseball)
May, Dave – (Baseball)
May, Jerry – (Baseball)
May, Lee – (Baseball)
May, Merrill – (Baseball)
May, Milt – (Baseball)
May, Monica – (Actress)
May, Phillip
May, Rudy – (Baseball Pitcher)
May, W.P.
Mayberry, Richard J. – (Criminal)
Mayen, Elizabeth
Mayer, Bernard
Mayer, Dick
Mayer, Erskine – (Baseball)
Mayfield, Curtis – (Negro Entertainer)
Mayo, Jack – (Baseball)
Mayo, Jackie – (Baseball)
Mayon, Ruth
Mays, Benjamin E.
Mays, Carl
Mays, Charles
Mays, Frank
Mays, Rex
Mays, Willie – (Baseball)
Mazeroski, Bill – (Baseball)
Mcadams, June Rae
Mcateer, Bob – (Basketball Player)
Mcauliffe, Dick – (Baseball)
Mcbride, Bake
Mcbride, Thomas D. – (Attorney General)
Mcbride, Thomas J. – (Republican)
Mcbride, Tom – (Assistant Watergate Prosecutor)
Mccabe, J. Grant Iii Mrs.
Mccabe, James L. Dr.
Mccabe, Thomas B.
Mccabe, Thomas B. Mrs.
Mccabe, Thomas B. Jr.
Mccahan, Bill – (Baseball)
Mccall, Franklin Pierce
Mccall, Rebecca Jane
Mccall, Carter S.
Mccall, Carter S. Jr.
Mccall, Carter S. Mrs.
Mccallion, James
Mccallum, David
Mccandless, Bruce – (Ov)
Mccarthy, Jess
Mccarthy, Joe – (Ov)
Mccarthy, Norah H.
Mccarthy, Patti
Mccarthy, Red
Mccarthy, William H.
Mccarver, Tim – (Baseball)
Mccarvill, James P.
Mcclain, Dwayne, - (Basketball)
Mcclane, Kay
Mcclenahan, Marie
Mccloskey, Marth
Mccloskey, Matthew Jr.
Mccloskey, Rose
Mcclung, Ray
Mcclure, Robert B.
Mccomas, Donald
Mcconaha, Leah P.
Mcconell, Samuel Jr. Mrs.
Mcconell, Samuel D. Dr.
Mcconell, Samuel K. Rev. Dr.
Mcconell, Samuel K. Jr.
Mccool, Billy – (Baseball)
Mccormac, Nancy
Mccormack, Patty
Mccormick, Frank – (Baseball)
Mccormick, Gooerham L. Mrs.
Mccormick, J. Carroll
Mccormick, La Verta
Mccormick, Mike
Mccormick, Moose – (Baseball)
Mccormick, Robert Rutherford
Mccorucell, Lulu
Mccoskey, Barney – (Baseball)
Mccourt, Emory
Mccourt, James
Mccovery, Willie – (Baseball)
Mccown, Ethel Wynne
Mccown, Richard B. Mrs.
Mccoy, Benny
Mccoy, Joseph
Mccoy, Paul F.
Mccrabbe, Lester – (Baseball)
Mccracken, Joan – (Dancer)
Mccray, Daryl – (Artist)
Mccray, Daryl – (Sports, Negro)
Mccrory, John H.
Mccrystal, Florence
Mcculloch, Virgina Roberts
Mccullough, Carl
Mccullough, Duff
Mccullough, John
Mccullough, John J.
Mccullough, W.B. Sr. – (Golfer)
Mccullough, W.B. Mrs.
Mccullough, W.B. “Duff” Jr. – (Golf)
Mccullough, W.B. “Tony” Iii – (Golf)
Mccullough, Warren A.
Mccurdy, Harry
Mccurdy, John G. Mrs.
Mcdade, Jack
Mcdade, Margaret
Mcdaniel, Hattie – (Actress)
Mcdermott, Jack – (Golfer)
Mcdermott, John
Mcdevitt, Daniel J. – (Ov)
Mcdevitt, Harry S. – (Judge)
Mcdevitt, Harry S. Mrs.
Mcdevitt, Harry S. Jr. – (Son Of Judge) (No Files)
Mcdevitt, Vincent P.
Mcdonald, Eleanor F. – (Heiress)
Mcdonald, Francis J. – (Ship Builder)
Mcdonald, Grace
Mcdonald, Keven – (Basketball)
Mcdonald, Marie
Mcdonald, Tommy
Mcdonald, Zaida L. Mrs. – (Wife Of Ship Builder)
Mcdonnell, J.H. Tyler Mrs.
Mcdonnell, John
Mcdonough, Joseph
Mcdougald, Gil – (Baseball)
Mcdowell, Alice Louise
Mcdowell, George – (Bulletin Employee)
Mcdowell, Ann
Mcdowell, Sam – (Baseball)
Mcenaney, Tom – (Baseball)
Mcenaney, Will – (Baseball)
Mcentee, John F. – (Policeman)
Mcfadden, Reginald - (Murder Suspect)
Mcfarlan, Lonnie – (Basketball)
Mcfarland, Jack
Mcfarland, Harold B.M.
Mcfarland, Packey – (Boxer)
Mcfarland, Spanky – (Actor)
Mcgaffigan, Gene – (Baseball Player)
Mcgaha, Mel – (Baseball)
Mcgahan, Paul J.
Mcgarry, Anna
Mcgee, Elizabeth
Mcgee, Gene – (Baseball)
Mcgee, Jerry
Mcgee, William “Bill”
Mcghee, Brownie – (Entertainer)
Mcghee, Ed – (Baseball)
Mcginnis, George – (Basketball)
Mcginnis, Ruth
Mcginnity, Joe – (Baseball)
Mcglinchey, Herbert J.
Mcglynn, Frank
Mcgonigle, Sisters
Mcgovern, George
Mcgovern, George P. – (Society)
Mcgovern, George S.
Mcgowan, John
Mcgowan, William A. – (Baseball)
Mcgranery, James P.
Mcgrath, James – (Convict)
Mcgrath, James “Granny” – (Policeman)
Mcgraw, Hank – (Baseball)
Mcgraw, John – (Stetson Hats)
Mcgraw, John J. – (Baseball)
Mcgraw, John J. Jr. – (Doctor)
Mcgraw, Mark – (Son Of Tug)
Mcgraw, Tom – (Baseball)
Mcgraw, Tug – (Baseball)
Mcgregor, Don – (Football)
Mcgregor, Frances
Mcguire, Dorothy
Mcguire, Edith – (Track)
Mcgurk, Bob
Mchale, Joseph
Mchan, Lamar – (Football)
Mchane, Jimmy
Mcharg, Ian – (Professor)
Mchugh, Frances
Mchugh, James – (42nd Ward)
Mchugh, James Mrs. – (Wife Of Cop)
Mchugh, James Jr.
Mchugh, James C. – (Septa)
Mchugh, James Marshall – (Marines)
Mchugh, James T. Mrs.
Mcilavain, Charlie
Mcilhenny, Henry P. – (Patron Of Arts)
Mcinnis, John P. – (Baseball Player)
Mcintire, Barbara
Mciver, Renwick
Mckay, Carman
Mckay, Donald
Mckay, Margaret
Mckay, Violet
Mckechnie, William Jr. – (Baseball)
Mckee, Alex
Mckee, Helm
Mckee, John – (Dallas Crime Commission)
Mckee, John – (Colonel)
Mckee, John – (Arson Case)
Mckenna, John W. Mrs.
Mckenty, Robert J.
Mckenty, Robert J. Jr. – (Baseball Player)
Mckevitt, Paulina
Mckinley, William
Mckinley, William Mrs.
Mckinley, William B.
Mckinney, Jack – (Basketball Coach)
Mckinney, Nina Mae – (Entertainer)
Mckinney, Sarah
Mckissack, Dick
Mckissick, Floyd – (C.O.R.E.)
Mcknight, Robert – (Murderer)
Mcknight, Robert H. – (Attorney)
Mcknight, Robert W.
Mcknight, William
Mclain, Denny – (Baseball Player)
Mclarnin, Jimmy
Mclaughlin, Eddie – (Baseball)
Mclaughlin, Edward – (Stops Smoking)
Mclaughlin, Edward – (Misericordia Hospital)
Mclaughlin, Edward A.
Mclaughlin, Edward F.
Mclaughlin, Edward G.
Mclaughlin, Edward Msgr.
Mclaughlin, Edward R.
Mclaughlin, Jim
Mclaughlin, Joseph L.
Mclaughlin, Mary A.
Mclean, Alan Rob Lt.
Mclean, Alisdair
Mclean, Angus Welton
Mclean, Bob
Mclean, Carla B.
Mclean, Charles V.
Mclean, David
Mclean, David S.
Mclean, Don
Mclean, Donald
Mclean, Donald G.
Mclean, Donald C. & Mrs.
Mclean, Rev. Donald
Mclean, Edward B.
Mclean, Edward Beale & Mrs.
Mclean, Edward T.
Mclean, Edward T. Jr. Mrs.
Mclean, Elizabeth Preston
Mclean, Ephraim R. Jr.
Mclean, Ephraim Ranken 3rd
Mclean, James B. Mrs.
Mclean, Phyllis – (Chestnut Hill)
Mclean, Ned And Mrs.
Mclean, Michael A. – (Wed 1969 To Faith Ford)
Mclean, Marilyn
Mclean, Marian – (Murdered)
Mclean, Lorraine – (Mrs.)
Mclean, Larry – (Baseball Player)
Mclean, Ray – (Pro Football Manager)
Mclean, Kitty – (Former Hockey Star Now Farmerette)
Mclean, Kenneth – (Kidnap Case)
Mclean, John G.
Mclean, Raymond “Scooter”
Mclean, Robert
Mclean, Robert Mrs.
Mclean, Robert Ii
Mclean, Robert Iii
Mclean, Robert “Bobby” – (Golf)
Mclean, Robert L. Sr.
Mclean, Robert R.
Mclean, Ronald
Mclean, Steve
Mclean, Tom
Mclean, Vinson
Mclean, Violet
Mclean, Warden
Mclean, William “Billy”.Mclean, William L. Sr.
Mclean, William L. Jr.
Mclean, William L. Jr. Mrs.
Mclean, William L. Iii
Mclean, William L. Iii Mrs.
Mclean, Willaim S. Jr. – (Judge)
Mclean, Wilmer – (Home)
Mclish, Cal
Mcmahan, Jack “Wally” – (Baseball)
Mcmahon, Don – (Baseball)
Mcmahon, Ed
Mcmanus, Marty – (Baseball Player)
Mcmasters, Thomas
Mcmein, Negra
Mcmichael, Mary
Mcmichael, Morton Mrs.
Mcmillan, Norman H. – (Ayer & Son)
Mcnair, Eric – (Baseball)
Mcnally, Dave – (Baseball)
Mcnally, Vince – (Football)
Mcnaughton, - (Ov)
Mcnaughton, Kay
Mcneely, Earl – (Baseball)
Mcneil, Robert L.
Mcneil, Robert L. Jr. – (Drug Firm Founder)
Mcneil, Robert L. Jr. Mrs.
Mcneil, Ronald – (Aviator)
Mcneil, S.G. S. – (Captain)
Mcneill, Bobby
Mcnichol, James P.
Mcnulty, Betty
Mcnulty, William J.
Mcnutt, Paul V.
Mcpeak, Bill – (Football Coach)
Mcpeak, Jackie – (Clerks Union)
Mcpeak, Mike – (Swimmer)
Mcpeak, Steve – (Tightrope Walker)
Mcpeak, Vince – (Football Player)
Mcpherson, Aimee Semple – (Evangelist)
Mcpherson, Rolf
Mcquillan, George
Mcquinn, George
Mcquiston, Henry
Mcrae, Carmen – (Jazz Singer)
Mcshain, John
Mcshain, John Mrs.
Mcspaden, Harold “Jug” – (Golfer)
Mcsparren, J. Collins – (Orange Official)
Mcveigh, John
Mcvey, Audrey – (Bowling)
Mcvey, Helen P.
Mcvey, Pat
Mcvey, Roberta H.
Mcwilliams, J. Wesley
Mead, Glenn
Meade, Newt Jr.
Meadows, Lee – (Baseball Player)
Mears, Rick – (Auto Racing)
Mecoli, William
Medenbach, M.H.
Medwick, Joe
Meehan, John T.
Meek, Donald
Megaham, Margaret
Mehl, Blanche
Mehl, Walter
Meir, Golda – (Prime Minister Of Israel)
Meister, Carl E.
Meister, Eleanor
Melcher, Deborah
Melchionni, Bill – (Basketball)
Melchiore, Camillo “Chippy”
Melandez, Luis
Meller, Raquel
Melton, Bill – (Baseball)
Melton, Clifford – (Baseball Player)
Melton, Frank – (Baseball)
Melton, Rufus – (Baseball Player)
Meltzen, Al – (Baseball Player)
Melvin, Harold – (Singer)
Menard, George
Mendo, Jimmy – (Boxer)
Menendez, Joseph C.
Merbreier, W. Carter
Mercer, William L. – (Restauranteur)
Meredith, Burgess – (Actor)
Meredith, Madge
Meriwether, Lee – (Ms. America, Tv Star)
Merkel, Una
Merkle, Fred
Merlino, John A. – (Ov)
Merman, Ethel
Merrick, Marilyn
Merrill, Beth
Merrill, Gretchan
Merrill, Norman – (Baseball)
Merriman, Jay – (Baseball)
Merriman, Lloyd – (Baseball)
Merritt, Jim – (Baseball)
Merrow, Wolcott W. Mrs.
Merullo, Len – (Baseball)
Messersmith, Andy – (Baseball)
Messmer, Walter
Mehteny, Anthony “Bud” – (Baseball)
Metcalf, Ann – (Pa State Police)
Methot, Mayo
Metkovich, George – (Baseball)
Metricks, Judy – (Beauty)
Metro, Charley – (Baseball Player)
Metz, Dick
Metz, Leonard
Metzger, Elise
Meusel, Bob – (Baseball)
Meusel, Emil
Meyer, Jack
Meyer, Eugene L.
Meyer, Robert
Meyer, Frederick A.
Meyer, Russ – (Porno Producer)
Meyer, Russ – (Baseball)
Meyerhoff, Otto
Meyerson, Martin – (University President)
Meyerson, Martin Mrs.
Meyner Robert B.
Michaux, Solomon
Michael, Bayard H. Mrs.
Michelson, Charles
Michie, Daniel B. Jr.
Michener, James A. – (Writer)
Michene, James A. Mrs.
Mickey, Vernon
Middlecoff, Cary – (Golfer)
Middleton, Herbert H. – (Ymca)
Middleton, Herbert Hunter Jr.
Middleton, W. Vernon
Mifflin, Elizabeth
Mifflin, Thomas
Mighty Clouds Of Joy – (Recording Group)
Mihalach, Joe – (Athlete)
Mikan, George
Milano, Donna – (Female Baseball)
Milbourne, Larry
Milburn, Mary
Miles, Eddie – (Basketball)
Miles, Emily
Miles, Geoffrey
Miles, Robert
Miley, Mike – (Baseball Player Killed In Car Accident)
Milkes, Marvin – (Baseball Manager)
Miller, Ann
Miller, “Bing” – (Baseball)
Miller, Bob – (Baseball, La Dodgers)
Miller, Bob – (Baseball, Phillies)
Miller, Bob – (Track)
Miller, Dick – (Baseball)
Miller, Don – (Football)
Miller, Don Mrs.
Miller, Charles
Miller, Charles Radioman & Mrs.
Miller, Eddie – (Baseball)
Miller, Edgar E.
Miller, Edmund J. – (Baseball)
Miller, Edward Rev.
Miller, Elmer – (Baseball Player)
Miller, George – (Baseball)
Miller, Harold – (Baseball)
Miller, Jim – (Baseball)
Miller, John M. – (Captain)
Miller, John O. Mrs. – (Clubwoman)
Miller, Larry – (Baseball)
Miller, Marvin J. – (Baseball)
Miller, Merle
Miller, Midgie
Miller, Mitchell W. Mrs.
Miller, Norm – (Baseball)
Miller, Otis – (Baseball)
Miller, Otto – (Baseball)
Miller, Robert “Bob” – (Baseball)
Miller, Stuart – (Baseball)
Miller, Tom – (Author)
Miller, Tom – (Football Player)
Miller, Tom – (Football Inquire)
Miller, Tommy – (Football Player)
Miller, Tom – (Ice Hockey)
Miller, Tom – (Rifle)
Miller, Tom – (Football Villanova)
Miller, Tom – (Publicity Man)
Miller, Tom – (Track Coach)
Miller, Tom – (President Miller Contain)
Miller, William “Bill” – (Baseball)
Millhiser, Maryls – (Author)
Milli, Villi
Millian, Felix – (Baseball)
Millick, Sue – (Golf)
Milligan, John “Lefty” – (Baseball)
Milligan, Martin – (Basketball)
Milliken, John Floyd Mrs.
Milliken, Robert “Bob” – (Baseball)
Milliken, T. Harry
Mills, Anna
Mills, Bruce
Mills, Chris – (One-Legged Baseball Player)
Mills, Clifford
Mills, Peggy
Mills, William B.
Milne, Helen B.
Milne, Helen B.
Milne, Roberta
Minford, Pamela
Mingus, Charles – (Musician)
Minner, Paul – (Baseball)
Minsky, Harold
Miracles – (Singing Group)
Miranda, Isa
Miss Black Teenage America
Mitchel, Glee
Mitchell, Al
Mitchell, Andrea
Mitchell, Claire
Mitchell, Clarence – (Baseball)
Mitchell, Eleanor
Mitchell, George
Mitchell, Marjorie Henderson
Mitchell, Mary Ann T.
Mitchell, Ray – (Boxer)
Mitchell, Tom
Mitten, Thomas E. – (Businessman)
Mize, Johnny
Mizell, Wilmer
Mlkvy, Bill – (Basketball)
Mlkvy, Bob – (Basketball)
Modell, Herman Martin – (Lawyer)
Modjeski, Ralph – (Bridge Engineer, Dead)
Moffett, Barbara
Moffett, James A. And Oil Official
Moffett, Mrs. James A. – (1st Wife)
Moffett, Mrs. James A. – (2nd Wife)
Moffit, James – (Police)
Moffit, Edward – (Detective Is Also Singer)
Moffo, Anna
Mohr, Harold
Moll, Clarence R. Dr.
Molloy, Carroll Jr. – (Realtor)
Molly, Gilbert W. Mrs.
Molly, Robert
Molthan, Jacqueline
Monaco – (Caroline Princess)
Monaco – (Grace Princess)
Monaco – (Rainier Prince)
Monaco – (Stephanie Princess)
Monaghan, John – (Former District Attorney)
Monaghan, John J. – (Police)
Monahan, Edward F. – (Baseball)
Monbouquette, Bill – (Baseball)
Monchak, Al – (Baseball)
Mondschein, Irving
Moner, Walter Jr.
Monet, Claude
Money, Don – (Baseball)
Money, Kyle – (Baseball)
Monk, Thelonious – (Musician)
Monks, Raphael I.
Monroe, Earl
Monroe, Harry
Monroe, James
Monroe, John P. – (Witness)
Monroe, Willie – (Boxer)
Monroe, Zack – (Baseball Player)
Monsch, Emerita
Montanaro, Don – (Musician)
Monteagudo, Aurelo – (Baseball)
Montefusco, John – (Baseball)
Montefusco, Licinio
Montez, Maria
Montgomery, Bernard L.
Montgomery, Betty
Montgomery, Bob – (Boxer) (+Ov)
Montgomery, Candy
Montgomery, Robert
Montgomery, Robert L.
Montgomery, Robert L. Ii
Montgomery, Robert S. Jr. Mrs.
Montgomery, Viscount Bernard F. – (Ov)
Montgomery, Wilbert – (Football)
Moody, Jack
Moody, Theodore – (Murderer)
Mooney, Doris
Mooney, Jim – (Baseball Player)
Mooney, John – (Baseball Coach)
Mooney, Ria
Moore, Archie – (Boxer)
Moore, Cecil B. – (Naacp)
Moore, Charlie – (Baseball)
Moore, Colleen
Moore, Constance
Moore, Dennie
Moore, Donald – (Basketball Coach)
Moore, Earl – (Baseball)
Moore, Eddie – (Baseball)
Moore, Evel – (Baseball)
Moore, Florence
Moore, Grace
Moore, Henry Ii. Mrs.
Moore, Ida
Moore, J. Hampton – (Mayor)
Moore, Jackie – (Singer)
Moore, Jackie – (Baseball)
Moore, James S. – (Baseball, Chicago)
Moore, Jim – (Baseball)
Moore, Jimmy – (Baseball, Phillies)
Moore, Jimmy “Cowboy” – (Billiards)
Moore, Joe – (Baseball)
Moore, John A.
Moore, John Royal Dr.
Moore, Johnny – (Baseball)
Moore, Juanita – (Actress)
Moore, Len – (Baseball)
Moore, Mabel
Moore, Sam
Moore, Terry – (Boxer)
Moore, Terry – (Entertainer)
Moore, Theodore N. – (Business)
Moore, Victor
Moore, Wynn
Moorehead, Thomas N. – (Bala)
Moorehead, Thomas N. Mrs.
Moorehead, Tom – (Sports)
Moose, Bob – (Baseball)
Morales, Agnis
Morales, Carmen
Moran, Dolores
Moran, Gertrude
Moran, Mike
Moran, Nancy
Moran, Pat
Moran, Peggy
Morani, Alma Dea Dr.
Morcom, A. Richard
Morcom, Richard
Morehead, Dave – (Baseball)
Morehead, Wesley – (Basketball)
Morgan, Bobby – (Baseball)
Morgan, Claudia
Morgan, David H. – (Architect)
Morgan, Dennis
Morgan, Diana
Morgan, Helen
Morgan, J. Pierpont Jr.
Morgan, Joe – (Baseball Coach)
Morgan, Leone
Morgan, Michele
Morgan, Thomas – (Baseball, Ny Yankees)
Morgan, Randal Iii
Morgan, S.R. Mrs.
Morgano, Tony
Mori, Eugene
Moriarity, George – (Baseball)
Morison, Patricia – (Ov)
Morley, Cozy – (Comedian)
Moroz, Valentyn
Morris, Barbara
Morris, Bill “Speedy” – (Basketball)
Morris, Dorothy
Morris, Guy – (Football)
Morris, Thomas – (Navy Cook)
Morris, Thomas – (Rescued)
Morris, Thomas – (Court Officer)
Morris, Thomas Mrs. – (Bucks County)
Morris, Thomas A.
Morris, Thomas D.
Morris, Thomas E.
Morris, Thomas F.
Morris, Thomas G.
Morris, Thomas W. Rev.
Morris, Wayne
Morrison, Anne
Morrison, Craig
Morrison, Florence
Morrison, John
Morrison, Joseph
Morrison, Ray
Morrison, Toni – (Author)
Morrison, Van – (Singer)
Morriss, Ann
Morrow, Art
Morrow, James T. – (Policeman)
Morrow, Robert Mrs.
Morse, Bob – (Basketball)
Mosconi, Willie
Moscovitch, Maurice
Moseley, Peggy
Moses, Edwin – (Track)
Moses, Wally – (Baseball)
Moss, Janet
Mossell, Nathan F.
Mota, Nanny
Motivich, Jimmy
Motley, Constance B. Mrs. – (Judge)
Mott, Stewart Rolling
Mouzon, Wes – (Boxing)
Mower, Margaret
Mowry, Joe Jr. – (Baseball)
Moyer, Helen – (Thrown Into A Well)
Moyer, Johnny
Moyer, William
Moynihan, Martin J.
Mudd, Emily H. Dr. – (Marriage Council)
Mudd, Peggy
Mueller, Emmett – (Baseball Player)
Mueller, George L.
Mueller, Leslie – (Baseball)
Muha, Joseph – (Football)
Muhammd, Elijah – (Black Muslim)
Muhammad, Matthew Saad
Muhammad, Shayka
Muhammad, Wallace D. – (Black Muslim)
Muir, Jean – (Actress)
Mulcahy, Hugh – (Baseball)
Muldoon, William
Mullen, John – (Baseball Umpire)
Muller, Emil
Muller, Shirley
Mullin, George – (Baseball)
Mumphrey, Jerry – (Baseball)
Munger, George
Muni, Paul
Munsell, Patrice
Munson, Ona
Munson, Raymond S.
Murphy, Bob – (Golf)
Murphy, Bonnie
Murphy, Daniel – (Baseball)
Murphy, Ed – (Baseball)
Murphy, Eddie – (Baseball)
Murphy, Edward J. – (Baseball)
Murphy, George
Murphy, Jeanne
Murphy, John
Murphy, Tom – (Baseball)
Murphy, Tommy “Kid” – (Boxer)
Murphy, William C.
Murray, Bruce
Murray, Bruce D. – (Bulletin Photographer)
Murray, Bruce F.
Murray, Harold
Murray, James
Murray, Jean
Murray, Mary
Murray, Ray – (Baseball)
Murray, Tommy – (Boxer)
Murrow, Edward R. & Mrs. – (Newsman)
Murrow, John C.
Murtaugh, Danny – (Baseball Manager)
Murtaugh, Danny Jr. – (Son Of Baseball Manager)
Muse, Al
Musi, Angelo
Musial, Stan – (Baseball)
Muskie, Edmund S. – (Senator)
Muskie, Edmund S. Mrs.
Muskie, Josephine
Mussolini, Benito – (Dictator) (+Ov)
Mussolini, Bruno
Mussolini, Romano
Mussolini, Vito
Mussolini, Vittorio
Myers, Elmer – (Baseball)
Myers, Evelyn
Myers, Jean R.
Myers, Katherine
Myers, William E. Jr.
Myerson, Bess – (Ms. America)
Myles, Ollie
Myres, Michael Ozzie – (Phila. Democrat)
Naegele, Genevive
Maedele, Walter F. – (Bulletin Employee)
Nagao, Charles T.
Nagel, Anne
Nalle, Horace D. Mrs.
Namara, Marguerite
Nambu, Takane
Narducci, Chickie
Narducci, Frank – (Gangster)
Nash, John
Nash, Mary
Nason, John W.
Nathan, Sidney – (Record Executive)
Nate, Joseph C.
Nauman, Gertrude S. – (Ov)
Naurailova, Martina – (Tennis)
Naylor, Earl – (Baseball)
Naylor, Jack Rollie – (Baseball)
Naylor, Rolan – (Baseball)
Nazimova, Alla
Neagle, Anna
Neal, Greasy – (Former Eagles Coach)
Neal Mary Lou
Nebo, Fred – (Boxer)
Nebo, Pete – (Boxer)
Necciai, Ron – (Baseball)
Neely, Barbara
Neergaard, Beatrice De
Neeson, John
Nehru, Pandit Jawaharlal – (Ov)
Neill, George
Neilson, Edward S. Jr.
Neilson, Harry Rosengarten
Neison, John Randolph Mrs.
Nelson, Byron
Nelson, Carine
Nero, Peter
Nethersole, Olga
Netsky, Ann
Netteler E. Richard
Nettles, Craig – (Baseball)
Nettlow, Al
Neuman, Simon
Neumann, Saint John
Neun, Johnny – (Baseball)
Newbold, Theodore Mrs.
Newhouser, Harold
Newman, David “Fathead” – (Entertainer)
Newsom, Bobo – (Baseball)
Newsome, Lamar “Skeeter” – (Baseball)
Newton, Huey P. – (Black Panther)
Niagara, Joe – (Disc Jockey)
Nicholas, Henry – (Hospital Union Official)
Nichols, Arthur S.
Nichols, Chet – (Baseball)
Nicholson, Bill – (Baseball)
Nicklaus, Jack – (Golf)
Nickolson, Nina
Nicosia, Thomas
Niebuhr, Reinhold
Niekro, Phil – (Baseball)
Niemann, Victor
Niggebrugge, Paul – (Baseball)
Niggeling, John – (Baseball Player)
Nimitz, Chester W. – (Ov)
Nino, Al
Nipons, Albert & Pearl
Nitzberg, Howard – (Murdered)
Niven, David
Nix, Robert N.C. Sr. – (Judge)
Nixon, Al – (Baseball)
Nixon, Richard M. – (Visits To Philadelphia & Russia Only)
Nixon, Willard – (Baseball Player)
Nixon, William B. – (Campbell Soup Co.)
Nixon, William E. – (President Momentos)
Nixon, William W. – (Hit And Run Case)
Noakes, Elmo J. – (Murder)
Nocella, Samuel
Nodin, Gerald
Nolan, Doris
Nolan, Gary – (Baseball)
Nolan, Joseph W. – (Robber)
Noon, Firoz Khan – (Ov)
Norde, Helen
Nordquist, Mark – (Football)
Norman, Dan
Norman, Fred – (Baseball)
Norman, Greg – (Golf)
Norman, Jay
Norman, Willey – (Football Player)
Norris, Austin
Norris, Ethel
Norris, Natatlie M.
Norris, Robert F. Mrs.
Norris, Thomas S.
North, Alex – (Composer)
Nothey, Ron
Norway – (Prince Of Olav & Princess Martha)
Norworth, Lilian
Nova, Lou – (Ov)
Novak, Kim – (Actress)
Novarro, Ramon
Nowlan, Joanne
Noyes, Reinfold Mrs.
Nugent, Dick
Nugent, Elliot
Nugent, Gerald P.
Nugent, Gerald Jr.
Nugent, J.C.
Nugent, Jimmy
Nugent, John J. – (Policeman)
Nurmi, Paavo – (Runner)
Oakes, Billy – (All Catholic ’62).
Oakes, Harry
Oakes, Helen N. – (Education Activist)
Oakes, Mary
Oakley, Thornton – (Artist)
Oakley, Violet – (Artist)
Oakley, Wayne – (Basketball)
Oana, Henry K. – (Baseball Player)
Oates, John – (Singer)
Oates, Johnny – (Baseball)
Obeck, Victor – (Baseball)
Oberholtzer, Ellis P. Dr.
Oberon, Merle
O’brian Charles – (Basketball)
O’brian Dan – (Baseball Manager)
O’brian, Davey
O’brian, Jack – (Boxer)
O’brian, Jack – (Golfer)
O’brian, Jack – (Director)
O’brian, Jack – (Aviator)
O’brian, Jack E.
O’brian, Jim – (Basketball)
O’brian, John
O’brian, Margaret
O’brian, Parry – (Baseball)
O’brien, Cornelius
Ockey, Victor – (Baseball)
O’connell, Charles – (Rca)
O’connell, Charles A. Jr.
O’connell, Danny – (Baseball)
O’connell, Hugh
O’connell, James – (Baseball)
O’connell, James “Jim” – (Baseball)
O’connell, John
O’connell, John P.
O’connell, John – (U.S. Army)
O’connell, John A. – (Physician)
O’connell, John H. – (Executive)
O’connell, John T. – (Blind)
O’connell, John J. Jr. – (Kidnapping) (Treasury Department)
O’connor, John
O’connell, Joseph J. Jr.
O’connell, Joseph J. Jr.
O’connell, Joseph J. Jr. – (Albany, New York)
O’conner, John J. – (Uscg)
O’conner, John J. – (Educator)
O’conner, John J. – (Haddon Heights)
O’conner, John J. – (New York Politics)
O’conner, John J. – (U.S.A.A.F.)
O’conner, John J. Jr. – (U.S.M.V.)
O’conner, Mary
Odea, Paul – (Baseball)
Odell, Bob
O’dell, Billy “Digger” – (Baseball)
O’der, June
Odets, Clifford – (Playwright)
Odgers, Merle Middletown
Odom, William P.
O’donnell, Emmett A.
O’donnell, George – (Baseball)
O’donnell, John J.
O’donnell, Tom – (Baseball)
O’donnell, Virginia
O’doul, Frank “Lefty”
O’driscoll, Dick
O’driscoll, Martha
Oehrleo, William
Oerter, Al – (Track, Golf)
Oeschger, Joe – (Baseball Player)
Oestreicher, Earl M. – (Policeman)
Ogden, Johnny
Ogilvie, Adeline
Oh, In-Ho – (Murdered)
Oh, Ki Byung – (Son Murdered)
Oh, Ki Song – (Newpew Murdered)
Oh, Ok – (Shil)
O’hanlon, Fran – (Basketball)
O’hara, Constance
O’hara, John Francis – (Cardinal)
O’hara, Maureen
O’hearn, Patricia
O’herlihy, Dan – (Actor)
Ohio Players – (Singing Group)
Ohm, George
O’jays, - (Singing Group)
Oldis, Bob – (Baseball)
Oldring, Rueben – (Baseball)
Olive, John – (Basketball)
Oliver, Al – (Baseball)
Oliver, Charles
Oliver, L. Stauffer – (Judge)
Oliver, Lawrence – (Movie Star)
Oliver, Len – (Soccer)
Oliver, Porky
Olivier, Laurence
Olmstead, Dawson
Olsen, Samuel
Olson, Carl – (Ov)
O’malley, Fran – (Basketball)
O’malley, Walter
O’nassis, Aristotle
O’neeale, Peggy
O’neil, Shawn – (Baseball)
O’neil, Steve – (Baseball)
O’neill, Bob
O’neill, Frank Mrs.
O’neill, Frank A. Jr. Mrs.
O’neill, John
O’neill, Joseph Mr. & Mrs.
O’neill, Joseph F.
O’neill, Joseph F. – (Home)
O’neill, Joseph F. – (Protests)
O’neill, Louis A. Mrs.
O’neill, W. Paul
O’neill, William
Ono, Yoko
Onslager, Gloria
O’ramey, Georgia
Organtini, John
Orioles – (Baseball Team)
Orleans, A.P.
Orlich, Francisco – (Costa Rica Politics)
Orling, Patsy
Orlons – (Singing Group)
Orman, William F. – (Real Estate)
Ormandy, Eugene – (Conductor)
Orowitz, Evelyn
Orr, Ann
Orr, Virginia
Ortiz, Angel – (Community Legal Services)
Osberg, Rick – (Golf)
Osborne, Vivienne
Osteen, Claude – (Baseball)
Oster, Bill – (Baseball Player)
Ostreich, Catherine
Ostreich, George
Ostrofsky, Nate
O’sullivan, Maureen
Otis, Amos – (Baseball)
Otolora, Carmen
Ott, Mel – (Baseball)
Ourisman, Benjamin Mrs.
Overton, Wendy – (Tennis)
Owen, Catherine Dale
Owen, David Sgt
Owen, Edgar
Owen, Hubley R. Dr.
Owen, Laurence
Owen, Maribel Vinson, Mrs.
Owen, Seema
Owens, Jesse – (Track)
Owens, Paul
Owens, William
Oxendine, Joseph Dr. – (Temple)

Paddock, Charlie – (Athlete)
Padgett, Don – (Baseball)
Padgett, Ernie – (Baseball)
Padgett, William
Padlo, Mayon
Padway, Milton
Pagan, Jose – (Baseball)
Page, Gale
Page, Lucille
Page, Richard Mrs.
Page, Robert – (Af Am)
Page, Robert E. – (Temple University Choral Director)
Page, Robert Holmes Jr. Mrs.
Page, Robert M.
Page, Robert W. – (Politics)
Paige, May
Paige, Pat
Paige, Satchel – (Baseball)
Painter, Eleanor
Palamida, Francis
Paley, Samuel – (Businessman)
Paley, Samuel Mrs.
Palfrey, Sarah – (Ov)
Palio, Joe
Palmer, Arnold – (Golf)
Palmer, Clara
Palmer, David – (Baseball)
Palmer, Jim – (Baseball)
Palmer, Lowell – (Baseball)
Palmer, Wilfred C. Mrs.
Palumbo, Charles R.
Palumbo, Franca
Palumbo, Frank
Palumbo, John
Palumbo, Rosemary
Palumbo, Sam
Palumbo, Thomas
Palumbo, Vito
Palumbo, Walter A.
Paluzzi, Luciana
Pangborn, Franklin
Papa, Charles J.
Papa, Joseph
Pappa, James
Pappa, Victoria
Pappas, Anthony
Pappas, Catherine Mrs.
Pappas, Chris
Pappas, Edward
Pappas, George
Pappas, Geraldine
Pappas, Harry
Pappas, Jim
Pappas, John C.
Pappas, Milt
Pappas, Nicholas
Papas, Nick
Pardi, Justin
Parent, Bernie – (Hockey)
Park, John – (Robber)
Park, John – (Newspapers)
Park, John N. Mrs.
Park, John P. – (Auto Theft)
Park, John R. – (Executive)
Park, John R. – (Acme)
Park, John S. – (Naval Academy)
Park, John W. – (Aviator)
Park, Peter G. Mrs.
Park, Sam
Parke, Helen
Parke, Thomas Mrs.
Parker, Cecelia
Parker, Charlie – (Musician)
Parker, Clarence “Aoe” And Mrs. – (Football Player)
Parker, Dave
Parker, Dorothy – (Author)
Parker, Dorothy – (Beauty)
Parker, Dorothy – (Owns Ancient Home)
Parker, Dorothy – (Soprano)
Parker, Dorothy K. Mrs. – (Lansdowne)
Parker, Dorothy M. – (Baby Theft)
Parker, Douglas S. Mrs.
Parker, Frankie
Parker, “Salty” – (Baseball)
Parker, Wes – (Baseball)
Parker, Willard Mr. And Mrs.
Parkinson, Frank – (Baseball)
Parks, Berenice
Parks, Bert – (Radio/Tv)
Parks, Gordon
Parks, Larry
Parks, Rosa
Parks, Sam
Parks, Valerie
Parks, Rosa
Parks, Sam
Parks, Valerie
Parnell, Mel – (Baseball Player)
Parrish, Helen – (Actress)
Parrish, Maxfield – (Artist)
Parrish, Maxfield Jr.
Parry, Ann – (Tennis)
Parry, Francis F. Mrs.
Parshall, Shirley
Parsons, Guy E.
Parsons, Louella
Parsons, Louella O. – (Hollywood Gossip Columnist, Dead)
Partin, Max
Pasdeloup, Donna
Paskert, George “Dode”
Passeau, Claude
Passson, Herman “Chick”
Pastorius, Francis Daniel
Patel, Shailesh
Patenaude, Joseph A. Jr.
Patkin, Max – (Baseball Clown)
Patrick, Gail
Patrick, Ruth – (Limnologist)
Patricola, Miss.
Patston, Doris
Patterson, C. Stuart “Chippy” – (Lawyer)
Patterson, Carl
Patterson, Floyd
Patterson, Helen
Patterson, Matthew
Patterson, Michelle
Patterson, Myrtle
Patterson, Pat
Patterson, Robert P.
Patterson, Shirley
Patton, Billy Jo – (Golf)
Patton, Cliff – (Football)
Patton, George S. Jr. – (Ov)
Paul, Angelo
Paul, Billy – (Singer)
Paul, Ed
Paul, James M. Mrs.
Paul, Wally
Pavloff, Adman Robert
Pawelko, Ivan
Pawlak, Stan
Payne, Jeannette Tulley
Payne, Margaret
Pazery, Paul H.
Peace, David C. Mrs.
Peacock, Eulace – (Track)
Peaks, Clarence
Pearce, Nayan
Pearl, Libby
Pearson, Albie – (Baseball)
Pearson, Elizabeth
Pearson, Eric A. Jr. Mrs.
Pearson, Ike – (Baseball Player)
Pearson, Libby
Pearson, Stephen Mrs.
Pearson, Willard Lt. Gen.
Peary, Robert E. – (Explorer)
Peary, Robert E. Jr. – (Son Of Explorer)
Peaster, Bertha
Peck, Don
Peck, Gregory – (Actor)
Pegler, Westbrook – (Newspaperman)
Pellicciotte, Beatrice
Pemberton, Virginia
Pendergrass, Teddy – (Singer)
Pendleton, James
Penn, Leonard
Penn, William – (Founder Of Pennsylvania)
Penniman, Dr. Josiah H. – (Educator)
Pennington, Ann
Pennock, Charlotte Neff
Pennock, Herb – (Baseball)
Pennock, J. Liddon Jr. Mrs.
Pennoyer, F.W. Jr.
Pennypacker, Edwin G. – (Army)
Pennypacker, Galusha Gen.
Pennypacker, Henry S.
Pennypacker, Isaac A. – (Attorney)
Pennypacker, Isaac R.
Pennypacker, Samuel W. – (Governor)
Penrose, Alice Sister
Penrose, B.A.F. Jr. Dr.
Penrose, Barbara – (Society)
Penrose, Boies Sr.
Penrose, Boies Jr.
Penrose, C.B.B. Mrs.
Penrose, Charles Mrs.
Penrose, Charles Jr.
Penrose, Clement B.
Penrose, E.F.
Penrose, Jack – (Golfer)
Penrose, James F. Jr.
Penrose, John Jr. – (Golf)
Penrose, John F. – (Prosecutor)
Penrose, John J. Jr.
Penrose, Julian D’este
Penrose, Leo
Penrose, Paul
Penrose, Peter F.
Penrose, Spencer
Penrose, Stephan B.L. Dr.
Penrose, Walter
Penrose, Walter E.
Penrose, William F.
Penson, Paul – (Baseball)
People – (Recording Group)
Pep, Willie – (Boxer)
Pepitone, Joe – (Baseball)
Pepper, George Wharton – (Senator)
Pepper, George Wharton Jr.
Pepper, George Wharton Iii
Pepper, John – (Policeman)
Pequignot, Yolande
Peralta, Joe
Perez, Tony – (Baseball)
Perkins, Bobbie
Perkins, Cy – (Baseball)
Perkins, Osgood
Perkins, Ralph “Cy” – (Baseball)
Perlman, J. Samuel – (Editor)
Perlman, Samuel – (Straw Bail Case)
Perloff, Caroline K. Mrs.
Perloff, David
Perommer, Carroll
Perranoksi, Ron – (Baseball)
Perrell, Helen
Perrier, Georges – (Chef)
Perry, Barbara
Perry, Elizabeth
Perry, Fred
Perry, Gaylord – (Baseball)
Perry, Jim – (Baseball)
Perry, Helen
Perry, John F. Jr.
Perry, Scott – (Baseball)
Pershing, John J. – (General)
Pesky, Johnny
Peterman, Ivan “Cy”
Peter, Gary
Peters, Harriet
Peters, Richard
Peters, Russ
Peters, Rollo
Peters, Susan
Peters, William E. – (Murderer)
Petersen, George
Peterson, Francise
Peterson, Marjorie
Peterson, Sue
Petrillo, Herman – (Arsenic Plot)
Petrillo, Paul – (Arsenic Plot)
Petrocelli, Rico – (Baseball)
Peuman, Lea
Pew, Ann
Pew, Arthur E. Mrs.
Pew, Arthur E. Jr.
Pew, Benjamin
Pew, Bill
Pew, Chip
Pew, Christine
Pew, Doris
Pew, Elliot
Pew, Eva S.
Pew, George L.
Pew, George T.
Pew, George T. Mrs.
Pew, H. Marim
Pew, J. Edgar
Pew, J. Howard
Pew, J. Newton
Pew, J. Newton Jr.
Pew, James E.
Pew, Jane M.
Pew, Jno G.
Pew, Joan
Pew, John G.
Pew, John G. Jr.
Pew, John Howard
Pew, Joseph N.
Pew, Joseph N. Jr.
Pew, Joseph N. Iii
Pew, Margaret C.
Pew, Marim
Pew, Marlen E.
Pew, Molly
Pew, R. Anderson
Pew, Richard F.
Pew, Richard K.
Pew, Richard Worden Mrs.
Pew, Robert Mrs.
Pew, Robert Anderson
Pew, Robert Anderson Mrs.
Pew, Roberta J.
Pew, Shelagh
Pew, Thomas W.
Pew, Thomas William Jr.
Pew, Walter C.
Pew, Walter C. Jr.
Pfeffer, Bob – (Baseball)
Pfeffer, Edward J. – (Baseball)
Pfeffer, Fred “Big Fred” – (Baseball)
Pfeiffer, Frederick Friedl
Philips, Mary
Philley, Dave – (Baseball)
Phillip, Andy – (Basketball)
Phillips, Elisabeth M.
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Ellis
Phillips, Esther – (Entertainer, Negro)
Phillips, Richard – (Track)
Phillips, Richard M. – (Executive)
Phillips, Richie – (Attorney)
Phillips, Thierry Van Castle
Phipps, Henry – (Doctor)
Phipps, Henry C.
Phipps, Henry Odgen – (Auto Accident)
Phoebus, Ted – (Baseball)
Phoebus, Tom – (Baseball)
Piasecki, Frank N. – (Aircraft)
Piasecki, Frank N. Mrs.
Pickel, Virginia – (Swimming)
Pickett, Clarence E. – (Quaker)
Pickett, Wilson – (Soul Singer)
Piccolo, Brian – (Wake Forest Football)
Picon, Molly
Pidgeon, Walter
Pientak, Joe
Pierce, Betty
Pierce, Billy – (Baseball)
Pierpont, Laura
Pierot, Laurene
Piersol, George A. Mrs.
Piersol, George M. Mrs.
Pierson, Annabelle
Pihos, Pete – (Football)
Pikus, Irwin Dr.
Pilconis, John
Pilling, J. Ross
Pinchot, Gifford – (Former Pa Governor)
Pinchot, Gifford Mrs.
Pinckney, Ed
Pindar, Bill
Pinelli, Babe
Piniella, Lou – (Baseball)
Pinone, John
Pinson, Vada – (Baseball)
Pinto, Angelo
Pinto, Ann
Pinto, Biagio
Pinto, Jody
Pinto, Salvator
Pipgras, George – (Baseball)
Pipp, Walter – (Baseball)
Pippen, Henry
Pippin, Horace – (Artist)
Pitcairn, Harold F. – (Aviator)
Pitis, Philip
Pitkin, Robert G.
Pitts, Lillie M.
Pitts, Robert A. – (Politics)
Pius, Pope Xii – (Ov)
Pixton, John
Pizor, Lewen
Plaisted, Pred – (Rower)
Plank, Edward – (Son Of Eddie)
Platt, J. Wood
Platt, John O. Jr. Mrs.
Platters, The – (Recording Group)
Platt, William J. Zimmer
Player, Gary – (Golf)
Pletz, Lee Roy – (Penn Football)
Plimpton, George
Plimpton, Shelly
Plotkin, Stanley – (Doctor)
Pocock, J.J.
Pocock, James Joel Jr. – (Ov)
Podgajny, John – (Baseball Player)
Pointer, Sisters – (Singing Group)
Poitier, Sidney – (Actor)
Polito, Frank
Polk, Christine M.
Polk, George – (Radio Reporter)
Pollard, Jim
Pollet, Howard
Pollock, Allen
Polloclk, E. Davi D
Pollock, Irving Mrs.
Pollock, James Iii Mrs.
Pollock, William “Red”
Polselli, Marietta – (Arsenic Murders)
Polselli, Ralph – (Arsenic Murders)
Pomet, Pierre
Pons, Lilly – (Opera Singer)
Ponzi, Andy
Poore, Elwood “Pete”
Poorten, Heinter – (Ov)
Porch, Boyd
Porta, Benjamin A. – (Murderer)
Porteous, Donald Mrs.
Porter, Carlile
Porter, Charles Mrs.
Porter, Darrell – (Baseball)
Porter, Howard
Porter, Mark Mrs. – (Dorothy Germain, Golf)
Porter, Nancy – (Golf)
Porter, Ron – (Football, Central)
Porter, Ron – (Football, Pro)
Porter, Ronald K.
Porter, Rose Mrs.
Porterfield, Bob – (Baseball)
Porterfield, Erwin G. – (Baseball)
Portocarrew, Arnold – (Baseball)
Posel, Ray
Possehl, Lou – (Baseball)
Post, Walter – (Baseball)
Postek, Stanley
Postovich, Mike – (Baseball)
Potamkin, G. Lynn – (Elkins Park)
Potamkin, Meyer P. – (Art Museum)
Potamkin, Patsy – (Basketball)
Potamkin, V.H.
Poth, F.L. – (Baseball)
Potter, Nelson – (Baseball)
Potts, Nancy
Powell, Adam C. – (Politican)
Powell, Adam C. Mrs.
Powell, Adam C. Iii
Powell, Dick – (Actor)
Powell, Dorothy
Powell, Edward – (Textile Millionaire)
Powell, Edward H. – (Centenarian)
Powell, Eleanor
Powell, Frances
Powell, George – (Rides Cycle)
Powell, George – (Football)
Powell, George – (Crescent Temple)
Powell, George – (United Fund)
Powell, Humbert Borton
Powell, John “Boog” – (Baseball)
Powell, Richard
Powell, Robert Franklin Mrs.
Powell, William
Power, Ike
Power, Vic – (Baseball)
Powers Leslie
Powers, Leslie E.
Powers, Morris
Powers, Ollie
Pratt, Anna B. – (Social Service)
Praul, Albert B. Mrs.
Preminger, Otto
Prentiss, Mary E.
Prescott, Kenneth Wade Dr.
Presley, Bob
Preston, Ann
Price, George
Price, James H. “Bubbles”
Price, Jim – (Baseball)
Price, Leotyne – (News & Group: Opera 2 Of 2)
Price, Leotyne – (Head & Singles: Opera 3 Of 3)
Price, Lloyd – (Singer)
Price, Philip
Price, Philip Mrs.
Price, Philip Jr.
Price, Ruth Andrea
Price, Tony
Price, Vincent
Price, Vincent – (Actor)
Priddy, Gerald
Pride, Charley
Priest, Al “Red” – (Fighter)
Priest (Al “Red”) – (Fighter)
Prince – (Singer)
Prince Charles – (See Wales)
Princess Diana – (See Wales)
Prince, George W. Mrs.
Prince, Leon N.
Pritchard, Annie
Pritchard, Bosh – (Football)
Prizer, John Butler Mrs.
Procita, Joe
Prosky, Robert
Protho, Doc
Prout, Glen – (Wife And Children Missing)
Pryour, Arthur
Pryour, Richard – (Actor)
Pucheau, Pierre
Puck, Harry
Pujols, Luis – (Baseball)
Pulitzer, Joseph – (Editor, Died In 1911)
Pulitzer, Joseph – (Editor, Died In 1955)
Pulitzer, Joseph Jr. – (Editor)
Pulitzer, Joseph Jr. Mrs.
Pulitzer, Joseph Iv Mrs.
Pullman, Kate
Purcell, Charles
Purcell, Irene
Purcell, John
Purcell, John – (Author)
Purcell, John Mrs. – (Chester County Hospital Westown Aux).
Purcell, John A.
Purcell, John C.
Purcell, John D.
Purdy, John E.
Purifoy, Lillie
Purkey, Bob – (Baseball)
Purul, Louis
Purvis, Melvin H. – (Engineered Dillinger, Fbi; Dead)
Purvis, Pate – (Hula Hoop Competitor)
Pyne, H. Rivington
Quarrie, Don – (Track)
Quertier, Jean
Quigley, James J.
Quigley, Rita
Quill, Michael J.
Quin, Mary Louise
Quinn, Anthony
Quinn, Jack – (Football)
Quinn, Jack – (Baseball)
Quinn, John A.
Quinn, John J.
Quinn, Louis Joseph
Quist, Adrean
Radcliffe, Frank – (Baseball Player)
Radcliffe, Hugh
Radcliffe, Ray – (Baseball Player)
Radebaugh, Art – (Artist)
Radoff – (Baseball Player)
Radoff, Pearl Mrs.
Radovan, George
Radziszewski, Ray
Radziwill, Anthony
Radziwill, Catherine
Radziwill, Dominique
Radziwill, Krzysztof – (Polish Prince)
Radziwill, Lee – (Princess)
Radziwll, Olga
Radziwill, Stanislas
Radziwill, Tina
Radziwill, Wladyslawj
Raffensberger, Ken – (Baseball)
Rafferty, Frances
Raftery, Bill
Ragan, Patrick – (Baseball)
Raiken, Shy
Rainer, Luise
Raines, Ella
Raines, Gwendolyn N.
Rains, Claude
Rainwater, Loye
Ramos, Beningo
Ramos, Juan Sanchez
Ramp, James J. – (Policeman)
Ramp, James J. Jr.
Ramsay, Jack
Ramsburg, Dale
Ramsey, Nate – (Football)
Ransey, Kelvin
Ramsey, Paul W.
Ramsey, Venus
Rand, Sally – (Stripper)
Ransome, Ernest L. 3rd – (Golf)
Randall, Irene – (Ov)
Randall, Meg
Randle, Lenny – (Baseball Player)
Randolph, A. Philip
Randolph, Jane
Randolph, Lillian – (Actress)
Randolph, Willie – (Baseball)
Ranes, George Mrs.
Rankin, Jeannette
Rapp, Joseph “Goldie” – (Baseball)
Raschi, Vic
Raskind, Richard – (See: Richards, Renee)
Rathbornes – (Ov)
Rauch, R.S. Mrs. – (Golf)
Rauch, Stewart R. Jr. Mrs. – (Wife Of Civic Leader)
Rauterberg, Patsy
Ravdin, Isidor – (U. Of Penn)
Raveling, George
Rawlinson, Herbert
Rawls, Betsy – (Golf)
Ray, Christopher
Ray, Man – (Artist)
Ray, Keil – (Alice)
Ray, Ragna
Ray, Roland
Rayford, Norman – (Killed In Shooting Incident)
Raymond, Gene
Raymond, Tubby
Rea, Elene
Reach, Al
Reade, Janet
Reagan, John
Reagan, Ronald – (Visits To Philadelphia Only)
Reardon, Jeff
Reath, Thomas
Reath, Theodore
Reath, Thomas Jr. Mrs.
Redding, Otis – (Recording Artist, Dead)
Reddish, Willie
Reece, B. Carroll
Reed, Alan
Reed, Donna
Reed, Florence
Reed, Hudson W.
Reed, Jane
Reed, Mimi
Reed, Vincent Mrs.
Reeder, Everitt G.
Reese, Harrison Mrs.
Reese, Della – (Recording Star)
Reese, Harold “Pee Wee” – (Baseball)
Reese, Henry – (Football)
Reeves, Lawrence Lowell Mrs.
Reeves, Martha – (Entertainer)
Reeves, William H. Iii Mrs.
Regan, Bob
Regan, Eddie – (Football)
Regan, Edward J. – (Gangster)
Regan, Joe
Regan, Phil
Reggerderf, Robert
Reginelli, Marco – (Gangster)
Regler, Bernard T.
Rehmyer, Alice – (Hex Murder)
Reichardt, Marie
Reichert, Edith Mrs. – (Killed Brother)
Reichert, Frances Mrs. – (Pickpocket)
Reichner, C. Frase
Reilly, Mary Jean – (Engaged 1968)
Reinhert, Susan Mrs.
Reinhardt, James B. Mrs.
Reis, Lillian
Reiselt, Otto
Remington, Frederic – (Artist)
Rendell, Ed – (With Wife)
Rendell, Ed – (Head & Singles 8 Of 8)
Rene, Denise
Reniff, Hal – (Baseball Player)
Renihan, John – (Baseball)
Renoir, Auguste Pierre
Repllier, Sidney N. – (Phila. Foundation)
Retzlaff, Pete
Reuss, Betty
Reuss, Jerry – (Baseball)
Reuther, Walter
Rexford, Howard
Reyes, Jose – (Hoodlum Killed By Cop)
Reyes, Lilian
Reyburn, John E.
Reynaud, Paul – (France)
Reynolds, Allie – (Baseball)
Reynolds, Carl – (Baseball)
Reynolds, Charles R. – (Policeman)
Reynolds, Edward
Reynolds, Marjorie
Rhem, Charles “Flint” – (Baseball Player)
Rhoads, Jonathan E. Dr.
Rhoads, Owen Brooke
Rhodes, Betty Jane
Rhodes, Dusty
Rhodes, Dusty – (Asst. Gm Football)
Rhodes, Jim “Dusty” – (Baseball)
Rice, Alexander Hamilton Dr.
Rice, Argyll – (Tennis)
Rice, Don
Rice, Grantland – (Sports Writer).Rice, Greg
Rice, Sam – (Baseball)
Richman, Isaac, Mrs. – (Wife And 76ers)
Rich, Antoinette Thomassi
Rich, John – (Entertainer)
Rich, John B.
Rich, Shirley
Rich, Winnie
Richard, Little – (Singer)
Richards, Alfred N. Jr. Mrs.
Richards, Ann
Richards, Bob
Richards, Elizabeth
Richards, J. Perman Mrs.
Richards, Mahelle
Richards, Renee – (Transsexual)
Richards, William F. Mrs.
Richardson, Bob – (Baseball)
Richardson, David P. – (Legislature)
Richardson, Ernest G.
Richardson, George F.
Richardson, Gloria
Richardson, James
Richardson, Jess – (Football)
Richardson, Jevold E. – (Held In Murder)
Richardson, Ken – (Baseball)
Richardson, Margaret
Richette, Lisa
Richey, Watte N. Mrs.
Richman, Harry
Richman, Issac – (Politican, 76ers Owner; Dead)
Rick, Reuschel
Rickey, Branch – (Baseball)
Rickey, Branch Jr. – (Baseball)
Rickey, Branch B. – (Grandson Of B. Rickey I)
Rickey, Branch Mrs. – (Widow Of Baseball Manager)
Riddle, Samuel D. – (Racehorse Owner)
Rideout, Wayne
Ridgeway, Gen. Matthew B.
Ridgway, Tom – (Baseball)
Ridsdale, J. Gordon
Ridzik, Steve – (Baseball)
Riebeh, Frederick Jr.
Riegel, Helen
Rieger, Sandra
Riehl, Ida – (Murder Case)
Rife, Sandy
Rigby, Ann
Riggs, Bobby
Rigler, Harry Mrs.
Riley, Don – (Track)
Riley, William E.
Ring, Jimmy – (Baseball)
Ring, Peggy
Ringe, Thomas B.K. Jr.
Ringe, Tom Jr.
Ringling Charles – (Circus)
Ringling, John – (Circus)
Rinn, Al
Riordan, Leo
Ripkin, Cal – (Baseball)
Risdon, Elizabeth
Ritchie, Charles L. Jr. Mrs.
Ritchie, Sharon Kay – (Miss America)
Rittenhouse, David
Ritter, Thomas J. Rev.
Rivinus, Frances Markoe Jr.
Rixey, Eppa – (Baseball)
Rizzo, Frank L. – (Mayor)
Rizzo, John – (Baseball)
Rizzuto, Phil – (Ov)
Roach, Max – (Musician)
Roach, Winfred
Robbins, Charles A. Jr. Dr.
Robbins, Gale
Roberts, Alice
Roberts, David H. – (Homicide Bureau)
Robert, Horace
Roberts, James P. Mrs.
Roberts, Lenerte
Roberts, Mary B. Mrs.
Roberts, Mary E.
Roberts, Mary June – (Student, 1968)
Roberts, Mary Lily Ellen – (Kidnapped And Murdered)
Roberts, Owen J. – (Supreme Court)
Roberts, Paul Mrs.
Roberts, Percival Jr. – (Society)
Roberts, Robin – (Baseball)
Roberts, Thomas W. Mrs.
Robertson, Bob – (Baseball)
Robertson, Charles – (Baseball)
Robertson, Oscar – (Basketball)
Robeson, Paul – (Actor)
Robinette, George E. Mrs.
Robinson, Bill – (Baseball)
Robinson, Bill “Bojangles” – (Tap Dancer)
Robinson, Brooks – (Baseball)
Robinson, Don
Robinson, Eddie – (Baseball)
Robinson, Eddie – (Football)
Robinson, Eddie – (Teaxas Rangers)
Robinson, Edward – (Assault)
Robinson, Edward – (Arrested For Robbery)
Robinson, Edward F. – (Best Dressed)
Robinson, Edward G. – (Actor)
Robinson, Edward G. Jr.
Robinson, Edward S.
Robinson, Edward W.
Robinson, Frank – (Baseball)
Robinson, Jackie – (Baseball)
Robinson, James K. Mrs.
Robinson, La Vaughn
Robinson, Lonie
Robinson, Louis N. Dr.
Robinson, “Smokey” – (Singer)
Robinson, “Sugar” Ray – (Boxer)
Robinson, Wayne – (Bulletin Employee)
Robinson, Wilbert
Robinson, William E. Mr. & Mrs.
Robison, Jonell
Robson, Flora
Robson, George
Robson, May
Robustelli, Andy
Roc, Patricia
Roche, Martin
Rockefeller, Family
Rockefeller, Nelson
Rockey, Elizabeth
Rockey, Jean
Rockne, Knute – (Football)
Rockne, Knute Jr.
Rockwell, Norman
Rodale, Robert
Roden, Lincoln – (Golfer)
Roden, Lincoln Iii – (Golf)
Rodgera, Anne
Rodgers, Augusta
Rodgers, Bob
Rodgers, Buddy
Rodgers, Chris
Rodgers, Claude
Rodgers, Diana
Rodgers, Franklin L. “Buck”
Rodgers, Guy – (Basketball)
Rodgers, Jimmy
Rodgers, John R.
Rodin, Augusta
Rodio, Dominic – (Arsenic Murders)
Rodman, Bert
Rodman, William L. Mrs.
Rodney, Art Jr. – (Football Executive)
Rodney, Caesar – (1730-83)
Rodriguez, Juan “Chi Chi” – (Golf)
Rodriguez, Salvador
Rodriguez, Twins
Roeb, Addie
Roehrer, Robert Mrs.
Roenicke, Gary – (Baseball)
Rogers, Ben
Rogers, Fred B. Dr.
Rogers, Ginger
Rogers, John
Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Roy Jr.
Rogerson, W.A.
Roher, George S.
Rojeski, Helen
Rolf, Addie
Rolfe, Red – (Ov)
Rolle, Eshter – (Tv Star)
Romans, Betty Mrs.
Romberg, Sigmund
Romeo, Cesas
Rommel, Eddie – (Baseball)
Romualdo, Josephine – (Arsenic Murders)
Ronuney, George
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Roosevelt, Elliot
Roosevelt, Emily
Roosevelt, Felicity
Roosevelt, Franklin D. & Mrs. – (Former President Of The U.S.)
Roosevelt, F.D. Jr.
Roosevelt, F.D. Jr. Mrs.
Roosevelt, F.D. Iii
Roosevelt, Hall Delano – (Grandson Of F.D.R.)
Roosevelt, Henry Latrobe – (Asst. Secretary Of Navy)
Roosevelt, Henry Latrobe Jr. – (Society)
Roosevelt, Irene B. – (2nd Wife Of John Roosevelt)
Roosevelt, Isaac – (Historical)
Roosevelt, James – (Father Of F.D.R.)
Roosevelt, James – (Literature)
Roosevelt, Jane G. – (Fashion School)
Roosevelt, John
Roosevelt, Jonathan – (Great Grandson Of Theodore Roosevelt)
Roosevelt, Kate
Roosevelt, Kermit – (Son Of Theodore Roosevelt)
Roosevelt, Kermit Mrs.
Roosevelt, Kermit Jr.
Roosevelt, Minnewa – (4th Wife Of Elliot Roosevelt)
Roosevelt, Nicholas – (Diplomat; Author)
Roosevelt, Nicholas G. – (Ambler, Pa)
Roosevelt, Nicholas S. – (Society)
Roosevelt, Quentin – (Grandson Of Theodore Roosevelt)
Roosevelt, Romelle S. – (2nd Wife Of James Roosevelt)
Roosevelt, Ruth Googins – (2nd Wife Of Eilliot Roosevelt)
Roosevelt, Sarah Delano – (Mother Of F.D.R.)
Roosevelt, Sarah Delano – (Granddaughter Of F.D.R.)
Roosevelt, Theodora – (Granddaughter Of Teddy Roosevelt)
Roosevelt, Theodore
Roosevelt, Theodore Mrs.
Roosevelt, Theodore Jr.
Roosevelt, Theodore Iii
Roosevelt, Theodore Iv
Roosevelt, William – (Us Navy)
Roosevelt, Willian Donner
Roosevelt, William Morrow
Roosevelt, William Morrow Mrs.
Roosma, Garret
Roosma, William
Roper, William W.
Rosan, Howard “Reds” – (Basketball)
Rosar, Warren “Buddy”
Rosario, Sister
Rosario, Dolores
Rose, Bill
Rose, Pete – (Baseball)
Roseboro, John – (Baseball)
Rosemon, Marain
Rosen, Phoebe
Rosenbach, A.S.W. – (Books)
Rosenbaum, Sonia
Rosenberg, Barbara
Rosenberg, Ewar B.
Rosenberg, Julius – (7 Of 7)
Rosenberg, Samuel H.
Rosenthal, Harry
Rosenthal, Jack
Rosenthal, Larry
Rosenthal, Paul
Ross, Annie
Ross, Bob – (Golf)
Ross, Bob – (Baseball)
Ross, B. Jr. – (Church Trustee)
Ross, Cliff – (Baseball)
Ross, Diana – (Singer)
Ross, Don – (Baseball)
Ross, Donald J. – (Golfer)
Ross, Donald C. Dr.
Ross, Donald P. Mrs.
Ross, Donald P. Jr.
Ross, Donald R.
Ross, Edmund – (Track)
Ross, Frank
Ross, Gary – (Baseball)
Ross, George – (Judge)
Ross, George – (Football)
Ross, George B. Mrs.
Ross, George E.
Ross, George F.
Ross, George Frederick Smith – (Actor)
Ross, George M. – (Goldman Sacks)
Ross, John
Ross, Lee “Buck” – (Baseball Player)
Ross, Marjorie
Ross, Vera
Ross, Walter L. – (Murderer)
Ross, Walter L. Jr.
Ross, Walter L. Iii – (Usmc)
Rossi, Chick – (Golf)
Rossiter, John
Rosso, Nita
Rossovich, Tim – (Football)
Rote, George
Roth, Lillian
Roth, William M.
Roth, William V.
Rothermel, Louise
Rothier, Leon
Roueche, Berton
Rouer, Germane
Rouse, Mary – (Black Organizer)
Rouse, Willard G. – (Developer)
Rouse, Willard G. Iii
Roush, Ed – (Baseball)
Roush, Eddie
Roventini, Johnny
Rowan, Carl T.
Rowbotham, George H.
Rowbotham, Harry A.
Rowe, “Schoolboy” – (Baseball)
Rowe, Joseph T. – (Navy Baseball, 1947)
Rowland, Clarence – (Baseball)
Rowland, John
Rowland, Rosezell
Roy, Nell
Royce, Rosit A
Royer, Richard Mrs.
Rozelle, Pete – (Nfl Commissioner)
Rozek, Dick – (Baseball)
Rozema, Dave – (Baseball)
Rubia, Margola
Ruch, Lewis Charles
Ruch, William J.
Rucker, John – (Baseball)
Rucker, Nap – (Baseball)
Rudell, Bobby – (Recording Star)
Rudi, Joe – (Baseball)
Rudi, Robert – (Captain Baseball)
Rudnick, Max
Rudolph, Wilma
Rue, Greto V.
Ruffing, Charlie – (Baseball)
Ruhle, Vernon
Ruiz, Chico – (Baseball Player)
Ruland, Jeff
Rullo, Jerry – (Athlete)
Runager, Max – (Football)
Rundstedt, Karl Gerd Von – (Ov)
Runyon, Damon
Runyon, Damon Jr.
Rusch, Buddy
Rush, Cathy – (Girls Basketball Coach)
Rusk, Howard
Russeau, Dolores
Russel, Bill – (Football)
Russell, Bertrand – (Philosopher)
Russell, Bill – (Basketball)
Russell, Bill – (Baseball)
Russell, Ella King
Russell, Jack
Russell, Jane
Russell, Robert – (Author)
Russell, Robert – (Folk Summer Tutoring)
Russell, Robert Mrs. – (City Hall Secretary)
Russell, Robert L.
Russell, Roger – (Boxer)
Russell, Rosalind – (Actress)
Russell, Verna – (Murderer)
Russell, Walter J. – (Captain)
Russell, William Henry Mrs.
Russell, Zella
Russo, Marius U. – (Baseball)
Russo, Matilda – (Murdered)
Russo, Nichols
Ryan, Ellis – (Bought Cleveland Indians)
Ryan, Joe
Ryan, Jon
Ryan, John A. – (Head And Single)
Ryan, John A. Mrs.
Ryan, Joseph P. – (Arrested In Slaying)
Ryan, Joseph P. Jr. – (Wanted By Police)
Ryder, James Patrick – (Held In Murder)
Saam, Byrum – (Heads And Singles 2 Of 2)
Saam, Byrum – (News And Group 2 Of 2)
Saar, Betye – (Artist)
Sablosky, Abe
Sabo, Albert F. – (Candidate For Judge)
Sachs, E.J. & Mrs. – (Parents Of Auto Racer)
Sachs, Eddie – (Driver)
Sacks, Leon
Sadat, Anwar
Saddler, Sandy – (Boxer)
Sadecki, Ray – (Baseball)
Sadita, Josephine – (Arsenic Murders)
Sadtler, S. Philip Mrs.
Saget, Bob
Saight, Aileen
Saint Cyr, Lili – (Dancer)
Saint George, Davi D
Saint Laurent, Yves – (Fashion)
Sainte-Marie, Buffy
Salica, Lou
Salk, Daniel
Salk, Jonas E. Dr.
Salkeld, Bill
Sall, Robert Bob – (Auto-Racer)
Sallee, Harry – (Slim)
Sallmon, Aileen
Salomon, Haym
Salter, Sam & Sabah
Salus, Herbert W. – (Lawyer)
Salus, Herbert W. Jr. – (Politician)
Salus, Joyce Anne – (Swim Club Queen)
Salus, Arthur S.
Salus, Arthur S. & Mrs.
Salus, Herbert W.
Salus, Samuel W. – (Dead 1 Of 2, Penna. Republican)
Salus, Samuel W. 2nd – (Public Defender)
Samuel, Barney
Samuel, Bernard L. – (Mayor)
Samuel, Richard
Samuel, Rosenbaum Mr.& Mrs.
San Juan, Olga
Sanchez, Sonia – (Poet)
Sand, Henry “Heine” – (Baseball)
Sanders, George
Sanders, Ray
Sanders, Pharoah – (Musician)
Sanderson, Christian C. – (Square Dunar)
Sanderson, Derek – (Hockey)
Sandonato, Barbara – (Ballet)
Sandrich, Mark – (Ov)
Sanfilippo, Neggie
Sanford, Laurence Jr. Mrs.
Santini, Jerry
Saperstein, Abraham
Saperstein, Abe
Sapp, Theron – (Football Player)
Sarazen, Gene
Sarnese, Pat
Sarnoff, Robert W. & Mrs.
Satterthwaite, George
Saucier, Kevin
Sauer, Henry “Hank” – (Baseball)
Saunders, Harry B.
Saunders, Nancy
Saunders, Raymond – (Artist)
Saunders, Raymond Maynard – (Scholar)
Saunders, Stewart T.
Saunders, Stuart T. Jr. & Mrs.
Sausser, Randy – (Track)
Savage, Bob – (Baseball)
Savitch, Jessica – (Newswoman)
Savitsky, George
Savitt, Jan – (Band Leader)
Savold, Lee
Sawchuck, John
Sawyer, Eddie
Sawyer, Henry W. & Mrs.
Sawyer, Henry W. Iii
Saxton, Johnny – (Boxer)
Saylor, Harold D.
Sayre, Robert W. – (United Fund)
Scalzo, Pete
Scanlan, Ank
Scarborough, Bill
Scarborough, Robert A. Dr.
Scarborough, Robert H. – (Coast Guard)
Scarborough, Robert K. – (Nj Home Builders)
Scarfo, Nicky – (Gangster)
Scarlett, Barbara
Schachter, Stan
Schaefer, George
Schafer, Richard
Schaffner, Isabel Dr.
Schaible, Ernest
Schallow, Betty
Schnaoer, William A.
Schanz, Charlie & Mrs.
Schauer, Chris – (Ov)
Schaues, Dolph
Schauk, Roy
Schechter, Solomon
Scheerbaum, Helen
Scheerer, Joseph
Scheib, Carl
Schell, Albert F. – (Bulletin Employee)
Schell, Danny – (Baseball)
Schermerhorn Family
Schermerhorn A. Coster
Schermerhorn, Charles F. Jr.
Schermerhorn, George D. Mrs.
Schermerhorn, James T.
Schermerhorn, Kenneth
Schermerhorn, Michael I. Mrs.
Schermerhorn, Ray B.
Schermerhorn, Sandra
Schermerhorn, Thedore
Schermerhorn, Thomas Mrs.
Schermerhorn, William
Scheuren Boys
Scheuren, John J.
Schiavones, Angelo
Schiffer, Herbert F. Mrs.
Schindler, Bill
Schippert, Florence
Schippert, Joan
Schlanger, Claude J.
Schleslinger, Wagner
Schmader, Bernard
Schmeling, Max – (Boxer)
Schmid, Albert
Schmid, Peter
Schmidt, Harvey M.
Schmidt, Mike – (Baseball)
Schmidt, Willard – (Baseball)
Schmitt, Don – (Track)
Schmitt, Florence – (Swimming)
Schmitt, Josephine – (Swimmer)
Schnader, William A.
Schnader, William Mrs.
Schneerson, Menachem – (Rabbi)
Schneider, Charlie Sr.
Schneider, Tom – (Basketball)
Schoble, Margaret – (Tennis)
Schoch, Layton M. Mrs.
Schoendienst, Al – (Ov)
Schoenhut, Albert P. – (Manufacturer)
Schoettle, Edwin J. Jr. Mrs.
Schoettle, Karl R. Mrs.
Schoettle, Philip A. Mrs.
Schreiber, Flora Rheta – (Author)
Schrieffer, J. Robert Dr.
Schroeder, L.G.
Schroth, Clara
Schuer, Elmer
Schulte, Frank
Schultes, Irene
Schultz, Dave
Schultz, Eberle
Schultz, Howie
Schuman, Robert – (Ov)
Schupp, Ferdinand – (Baseball)
Schuppan, Frederick
Schwarts, Louis
Schwall, Don – (Baseball Player)
Schwartz, Adolph – (U.S. Army)
Schwartz, George X. – (Politician)
Schwartz, Joseph – (Arsenic Murders)
Schwartz, Michael T. – (Arsenic Murders)
Schwartz, Rosalie – (Ov)
Schwartz, Walter M. Jr.
Schwarz, W. Horace Mrs.
Schwerner, Michael
Scoleri, Albert
Scoleri, Anthony
Scoleri Brothers
Scoleri, Dave
Scoleri, James
Scoleri, John D. Jr.
Scoleri, Joseph E.
Scoleri, Samuel
Scott, Anna B. – (Culinary Expert)
Scott, Charles A. Dr.
Scott, Charles C.
Scott, Charles F. – (Kansas Republician)
Scott, Charles R.
Scott, Charles W. – (Iran Hostage)
Scott, Charlie – (Fighter)
Scott, Cintra
Scott, Diana
Scott, Don
Scott, Edgar – (Literature)
Scott, Edgar Mr. – (Society)
Scott, Edgar Mrs. – (Society)
Scott, Edgar Jr. – (Society)
Scott, Edgar Iii – (Society)
Scott, Edmund R.
Scott, Everett “Deacon”
Scott, George – (Baseball)
Scorr, Gwen
Scott, Hugh D.
Scott, Hugh J.
Scott, Isabel
Scott, J. Edgar Mrs.
Scott, Legrant – (Baseball)
Scott, Lizabeth
Scott, Martha
Scott, Mickey – (Baseball)
Scott, Peggy & Nancy
Scott, Randolph
Scott, Ray – (Basketball)
Scott, Ray – (Sports Announcer)
Scott, Raymond – (Band Leader)
Scott, Raymond – (Murder Suspect)
Scott, Raymond P. – (Haverford)
Scott, Robert L. – (Society)
Scott, Robert D. Mr. & Mrs.
Scott, Robert F. – (Explorer, Dead) (2 Of 2)
Scott, Robert W. – (Gov. Of North Carolina)
Scott, Robert M. – (Head And Singles) (2 Of 2)
Scott, Robert M. Mrs. – (Head And Single)
Scott, Robert M. Mrs. – (News And Group)
Scott, Robert R.
Scott, Sidney Jr. Mrs.
Scott, Trammell
Scott, Thomas
Scott, Tony – (Baseball)
Scranton, Bill
Scranton, William W.
Scranton, William W. Mrs.
Scranton, William W. Iii
Scranton, Worthington
Scudder, George Jr. Mrs.
Scull, Grace
Seal, Margaret
Seale, Bobby – (Black Panther)
Searles, Charles
Sears, Vic – (Football)
Sears, Vic Mrs.
Seaton, Tom – (Baseball Player)
Seaver, Tom – (Baseball)
Sebastain, John
Sebest, Frank
Sees, Georgianna
Segal, Irving J.
Segal, Irving R.
Segura, Francisco
Seibold, Harry – (Swimmer)
Seibold, Harry “Sox” – (Baseball)
Seidenburg, Henry G. – (Marine)
Seidle, Joseph Klemmer Mrs.
Seigh, Eileen
Seixas, Victor E. Sr.
Seixas, Victor E. Jr. – (Tennis)
Seixas, Victor E. Mrs.
Selby, J.M.
Seldes, George
Sellers, Frank R.S. Mrs.
Sellers, Kathlyne J.
Sellin, Thorsten
Seltzer, Ralph
Seltzer, Vare
Selvig, Richard M.
Seminick, Andy – (Baseball)
Senesky, Paul
Senter, Ralph T.
Septee, Moe
Service, Calvert
Servo, Marty
Sessions, Floyd B.
Seven, Toni
Severance, Al
Severance, Alexander G. Jr.
Severied, Hank
Severn, William B.
Sewell, Joe – (Baseball)
Sewell, Luke
Sexton, John B.
Sexton, Jones Mrs.
Sexton, Mary Jane
Seybold, Sacks
Seymour, Stephen
Shabazz, James – (Shot)
Shabazz, Jeremiah – (Minister)
Shabazz, Kaleem – (Militant)
Shabel, Fred
Shabel, Fred A. – (Athletic Director)
Shackleton, Robert
Shafer, Raymond P. Mrs.
Shaffer, Robert
Shahn, Ben
Shakat, Milton
Shakur, Lamumba Abul – (Bombing)
Shambaugh, Walter
Shand, James Iii Mrs.
Shandler, Jeff – (Actor)
Shange, Ntozake
Shannon, Frank J.
Shannon, Mike – (Baseball)
Shantz, Bill
Shantz, Bobby – (Baseball)
Shantz, Wilmer – (Baseball Player, Brother Of Bobby)
Shapiro, Max – (Boxing)
Shapiro, Norma L. Mrs.
Shapp, Milton J. – (Governor)
Shapp, Richard – (Son Of Milton)
Sharansky, Natalia – (Dissident’s Wife)
Sharp, Charles – (News Commentator)
Sharp, Charles – (Visiting Homemaker)
Sharp, Dee Dee – (Singer)
Sharp, Thelma Parkinson
Sharp, William R.
Sharpless, T. Kite
Shattuck, Stefanie
Shaw, Anna Howard Dr.
Shaw, Buck
Shaw, George I.
Shaw, Susan
Shaw, Tommy
Shawkey, Robert “Bob” – (Baseball)
Shay, Howell Lewis
Shearer, Norma – (Ov)
Shedd, Mark
Sheehan, Tom – (Baseball)
Sheeler, Rudolph – (Murderer)
Sheer, Nellie
Sheerin, Charley – (Baseball)
Sheffer, L.
Shellenberger, Betty
Shelley, Hush – (Baseball Player)
Shelley, James P. Mrs.
Shelton, Maria
Shepard, Alan B. – (Astronaut)
Shepard, Allan G. – (Attorney)
Shepard, Elaine
Shepard, Jack
Shepard, Lorenzo
Shepard, Marshall L. – (Politics)
Shepard, Sharon
Shepp, Archie – (Musician)
Sheppard, Edgar Millenr Mrs.
Sheppard, Samuel H. Dr.
Sheppard, Samuel H. Jr. – (Son Of Doctor)
Sheppard, Stephanie
Sheppard, Stephen A.
Sherdel, Willie
Sheridan, Ann
Sheridan, John E.
Sherman, Albert D. Jr. – (U.S. Steel)
Sherman, Dora – (Arsenic)
Sherman, Richard M. – (Songwriter)
Sherman, Richard – (Society) (No Files)
Sherman, Yvonne
Sheronas, Victor F. Mrs.
Sherwood, Robert E.
Shibe, Benjamin – (Baseball)
Shibe, John – (Baseball)
Shibe, Thomas – (Baseball)
Shick, George B. Jr.
Shields, Robert
Shifren, Harry
Shiley, Jean – (Olympics)
Shinn, Judy
Shipp, Eddie
Shirells, The
Shirley, Anne – (Ov)
Shmidheiser, Edward – (Judge)
Shmidheiser, John – (Marine)
Shmukler, Alan
Shoben, Catharine
Shober, Betsy
Shocker, Urban – (Baseball)
Shockey, Dolores
Shockey, Robert
Shoemaker, Willie
Shopp, Bebe
Shore, Dinah
Shores, William “Bill” – (Baseball – Inquirer)
Shores, William “Bill” – (2 Of 2)
Short, Chris
Shorter, Frank – (Track)
Shoun, Clyde
Shotton, Burt
Shrien, Al
Shuba, George – (Baseball Player)
Shubin, Seymour
Shull, Jean
Shull, Patricia
Shumlin, Diana
Shunstrom, Charles M. – (Ov)
Shute, Netil
Shutt, Frank
Sibley, Harper – (Ov)
Sidlauskas, Anne – (Billiards)
Siebert, Dick – (Baseball)
Siebert, Sally Jane
Siebert, Sonny – (Baseball)
Siegel, Helen
Sieracki, Edward
Sifford, Charles – (Golf)
Sifford, Curtis – (Golf)
Sigel, Jay – (Golf)
Sigler, Bonny
Sikes, Dan
Sikora, Helen
Sikora, Joseph
Sikorksy, Igor I.
Silcox, Grover
Silk, Frank X.
Sills, John R. – (Patronage Chef)
Silver, Louis – (Temple)
Silver, Louis E. – (Radnor)
Silver, Robert – (Public Property)
Silver, Robert – (Allied Leather)
Silverman, George & Irvin
Simmons, Al
Simmons, Curt – (Baseball)
Simmons, John E. Mrs.
Simmons, John “Hi” – (Baseball Coach)
Simmons, Joseph – (Murder)
Simmons, Michael
Simmons, Ted – (Baseball)
Simmons, Ted – (Temple Baseball)
Simms, Ginny
Simms, Larry
Simms, Rudy
Simon, Simone
Simone, Bobby
Simone, Nina
Simone, Robert F.
Simonelli, Neil – (Murder Case)
Simons, Ellis – (Murdered By Seymour Levin In 1949)
Simons, Jim
Simpson, Carole
Simpson, Dick – (Baseball)
Simpson, Ernest A. – (Divorce)
Simpson, Harry – (Baseball)
Simpson, O.J. – (Football Player)
Simpson, O.P.
Simpson, Wayne – (Baseball)
Sims, Joseph P. – (Architect)
Sims, Joseph P. Jr. Mrs.
Sims, Joseph P. Iii – (Chestnut Hill)
Sims, Naomi
Sims, Virgina
Sinatra, Frank – (Singer, Very Few Photos)
Sinatra, Frank Jr.
Sinatra, Martin – (Father Of Frank Sinatra)
Sinatra, Nancy Mrs. – (1st Wife Of Frank Sinatra)
Sinatra, Nancy – (Daughter Of Frank Sinatra)
Sinatra, Natalie – (Mother Of Frank Sinatra)
Sinatra, Tina – (Daughter Of Frank Sinatra)
Sinchock, Anthony Jr.
Sinclair, Jean Mrs.
Sindone, Frank – (Mafia)
Singer, Bill – (Baseball)
Singleton, Ken – (Baseball)
Singleton, Penny
Sinon, Frank Mrs.
Sisemore, Jerry – (Football)
Sisler, Dave – (Baseball)
Sisler, Dick
Sisler, George – (Baseball)
Sisler, George Jr. – (Baseball)
Sisti, Sibby – (Baseball)
Skelly, Joseph A. Rev.
Skinner, Bob – (Baseball)
Skinner, Bob – (Football)
Skinner, Joan
Sklaroff, David & Mrs.
Sklaroff, Debbie
Sklaroff, Gesa
Sklaroff, Herbert
Sklaroff, Jacob Mrs.
Sklaroff, James Mrs.
Sklaroff, Lillian
Sklaroff, Manuel – (Tennis)
Sklaroff, Rachel Leah Miss
Sklaroff, William
Skolnick, Eric
Slaughter, Enos – (Baseball)
Slaughter, Lenora – (Miss America Pagent)
Slavenska, Mia
Slavin, Michael “Mike” – (Court Tipstave)
Slavin, Michael F. – (Tipstaff)
Slawson, John Dr. – (Social Worker)
Slaymaker, Dorothy
Sledge, Percy
Slezak, Walter
Sloane, Elaine
Slocum, Richard W. – (Bulletin)
Slosburg, Phil
Slosson, George – (Billiards)
Small, Clark – (Tennis)
Small, James
Small, Jim – (Baseball)
Small, Sol
Smalley, Roy
Smalley, Roy Jr.
Smalley, Ruth E. Dr. – (Educator)
Smallwood, David M.
Smart, James – (Bulletin Columnist)
Smillie, Frederick B.
Smith, Adrian “Odie” – (Basketball)
Smith, Agnes
Smith, Agnes O’brien
Smith, Agrippa W.
Smith, Al
Smith, Alexis
Smith, Bessie – (Singer)
Smith, Betty Moyer
Smith, Bob – (Tv Star, Howdy-Doody)
Smith, Candy
Smith, Charles – (Football)
Smith, Dawson
Smith, Dick
Smith, Donald Maxwell Jr.
Smith, Edward B. Jr. Mrs.
Smith, Edward S. Mrs.
Smith, Elmo
Smith, F. Jr.
Smith, Frank
Smith, Frank D. Jr. Mrs.
Smith, Gerald L.K.
Smith, Geoffrey S. Jr. Mrs.
Smith, Gilbert S.
Smith, H. Allen – (Ov)
Smith, Hal – (Baseball)
Smith, Harry – (Baseball)
Smith, Horton
Smith, J.D. – (San Francisco 49ers)
Smith, Willison Sr. – (Banker)
Smith, James D. – (Uscg)
Smith, James P.
Smith, Jay
Smith, Jay – (Agent)
Smith, Jay Sr.
Smith, Jay C. – (School Superintendent)
Smith, Jay F. – (Lieutenant)
Smith, Jeff – (Boxer)
Smith, Jim Ray – (Baseball)
Smith, Jimmy – (Baseball)
Smith, Joe
Smith, John Ford – (Baseball)
Smith, Kate
Smith, Kathryne
Smith, Lew Jr.
Smith, Lonnie
Smith, Louise
Smith, Ludlow Ogden
Smith, Marvin – (Baseball)
Smith, Mary Louise
Smith, Maurice
Smith, Mayo – (Baseball)
Smith, Milton S.
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Newbold
Smith, R.G. – (Baseball)
Smith, Reggie – (Baseball)
Smith, Richard – (Murderer)
Smith, Richard – (Police, Black)
Smith, Richard P.
Smith, Richard S.
Smith, Robert – (Track)
Smith, Robert – (Baseball)
Smith, Robert Benjamin – (Mass Murderer, 1966)
Smith, Robert C. – (Murderer Killed, 1967)
Smith, Robert G. – (Baseball Player)
Smith, Sanford C. Mrs.
Smith, Sisters – (Ov)
Smith, Steven Dr.
Smith, Story
Smith, Tal
Smith, Thomas B. & Family – (Mayor)
Smith, Timothy
Smith, Walter – (Golfer)
Smith, Walter B.
Smith, Wendell
Smith, Wendell A.
Smith, Wendell E.
Smith, William Mrs. – (Golf)
Smith, William P. – (Lincoln Brigade)
Smith, Wiffi – (Golfer)
Smizer, Norman
Smoker, Dorothy
Smukler, Davy – (Football)
Smylie, Michael
Smythe, Harry
Smythe, Mary
Snapp – (Governor)
Snead, Jessee
Snead, Norman – (Football)
Snead, Sam – (Golf)
Snellenburg, Robert
Snider, Duke – (Baseball)
Snider, Ed – (Football)
Snow, Louise – (Tennis)
Snowden, Frances
Snowden, Mary Anna
Snowden, Ronnie
Snyder, Eddie
Snyder, Edith
Snyder, Edward J.
Snyder, Frank – (Baseball Player)
Snyder, G. Gordon Mrs.
Snyder, Jerry
Snyder, John
Snyder, Lum – (Football)
Snyder, Tom – (Newscaster)
Snyder, Tommy – (“Bozo”)
Snyder, Russ – (Baseball)
Snyderman, Rick
Sobka, Emilia
Sodano, Frankie – (Boxer)
Soderlund, Charles
Sofi, Joseph – (Boxer, Murdered In 1946)
Sokolis, Stan
Sokoloff, Jules
Sokolowska, Stella
Somer, Ruth Hilde
Soo, Jimmy
Soricelli, David A.
Sortino, Samuel – (Arsenic Murders)
Sothern, Ann
Sothoron, Allen
Sothern, Georgia – (Stripper)
Sothoron, Allan
Soudek, Joseph
Sousa, John Philip – (Band Leader)
Soul De Valents – (Rock Group)
Soul Eruptions – (Rock Group)
Soul Survivors – (Recording Group)
Southworth, Billy – (Baseball Manager)
Southworth, Bill Jr.
Southworth, Carol – (Murderess, 1968)
Spaatz, Carl A.
Spaeth, Edmund B. Jr.
Spagnola, John – (Football)
Spahn, Warren – (Baseball)
Spahr, Alfred
Spahr, Boyd Lee – (Attorney)
Spahr, Boyd Lee
Spahr, Boyd Lee Jr. – (Ex-Mrs. Brinton Roberts)
Spahr, Boyd Lee Jr.
Spahr, Boyd Lee 3d
Spahr, C. Stewart
Spahr, Charmane – (Beaver College Student)
Spahr, Christian C. Febeger
Spahr, Christian C.F. – (Mrs. Rosemont)
Spahr, Dick
Spahr, Marie Jacqueline
Spahr, John Febiber
Spahr, Katherine F. Miss.
Spahr, Kenneth M. Pfc.
Spahr, Mary File
Spahr, Robert Bob – (Track)
Spahr, Virginia H.
Spahr, Walter E. – (Nyu)
Spahr, William J. – (Colonel)
Sparks, Elizabeth M.
Sparks, Kerr A. Sr. Mrs.
Sparrow, Rory
Spaulding, Theodore O. – (Judge)
Speaker, Fred – (P.A. Attorney General)
Spears, Patricia
Specter, Arlen – (Politican)
Speece, Bryon – (Baseball)
Speigal, Tommy
Spencer, Dawn
Spencer, Russell Charles
Sperry, Elmer A. Jr. – (Inventor)
Spiegel, Ernest A. – (Doctor)
Spizer, Sally Mrs. – (Childcare)
Sporkin, Maurice
Spratt, Joe
Sproul, William C. – (Governor)
Stack, Joseph V. – (Ov)
Stallings, John H.
Stalnaker, D’arcy Dean
Stalvey, Lois Mark
Stambaugh, Ray C.
Stampone, Nicholas P.
Standifer, Thomas
Stanfa, John
Stanfield, Andy – (Track)
Stanky, Eddie
Stanley, Edward L. Mrs.
Stanley, Mickey
Stanley, Ray
Stanhouse, Don
Stansburg, Terrance
Stanwyck, Barbara
Staple, Singers
Staples, Mavis
Starbuck, Jo Jo
Stark, Juanita
Starr, Blaze – (Stripper)
Starr, Charles S.
Starr, Frances
Starr, Louis
Starr, Ringo – (Beatles Member)
Starr, Ringo Mrs.
Starr, Sally
Stassen, Ed
Stassen, Mr. & Mrs. Harold E. – (Ov)
Stassen, William H.
Stauffer, Kathryn Mrs.
Stauffer, Nathan Pennypacker Jr.
Stauffer, William I. Mrs.
Staunton, Frank
Steele, A.T. – (Newsman)
Steele, Albert W. – (Tourist)
Steele, Alfred N. – (Executive)
Steele, Angier B. – (Haddonfield)
Steele, Ann D. – (Beneficiary)
Steele, Anna Mae – (Poster Girl)
Steele, Anne B. – (Nurse)
Steele, Barbara – (Actress)
Steele, Benjamin P.
Steele, Betty Anne – (Beauty)
Steele, Bill – (Football)
Steele, Bob – (Brandywine Raceway)
Steele, Bob – (Baseball)
Steele, Bob – (Movie Cowboy)
Steele, Brandt F., Dr.
Steele, C. Earl – (Pilot)
Steele, C.K. – (Segregation)
Steele, Carl L. – (Designer)
Steele, Charles – (Lawyer)
Steele, Chauncey Iii – (Lawyer)
Steele, Chester J. – (Ice Hockey)
Steele, Claude – (Philadelphia Police)
Steele, Cythina – (Daughter Of Actress)
Steele, Danny – (Policeman)
Steele, Danton – (Football/Army)
Steele, David – (British Liberal)
Steele, David M. Rev. – (Protestant Pastor)
Steele, Dean C. – (Senator From Delaware)
Steele, Dennis
Steele, Don W. Mrs. – (Red Cross)
Steele, Donald – (Penna. Joint State Government Committee)
Steele, Donald F. Jr.
Steele, Douglas – (Captain)
Steele, Drexel Biddle – (Actor)
Steele, Dudley – (Aviator)
Steele, Dwayne – (Eagleville Grad)
Steele, Edgar A. – (Research)
Steele, Edward L. – (U.S. Army)
Steele, Edward & Mrs. – (Had A Tragic Honeymoon)
Steele, Edward A. – (Captain Of A Pa Track Team)
Steele, Eleanor Dr. – (Psychiatrist)
Steele, Ellen Ann
Steele, Eric – (Actor)
Steele, Ernest R. & Mrs. – (Football Player)
Steele, Ernest & Mrs. – (Injured In Wreck)
Steele, Ernest R. – (Football)
Steele, Ervin L. – (Veteran Of Foreign War)
Steele, F. Jr. – (Nee-Louise Watson)
Steele, F. Thomas – (Major/Pistol Team Coach)
Steele, Floyd – (Ex-Convict)
Steele, Francis R. Dr.
Steele, Freddy – (Boxer)
Steele, Frederic Dorr – (Artist)
Steele, Frederick H.
Steele, Gary – (Football)
Steele, George W. & Mrs. – (Captain U.S. Navy)
Steele, George & Mrs. – (Kidnapping And Bad Check Passing)
Steele, George Jr.
Steele, George – (Ad. Director Of Bulletin/Dead)
Steele, George Earl – (Pilot)
Steele, George G. – (Advertising Manager/Phila. Inquirer)
Steele, George P. – (Commander)
Steele, George W. – (U.S. Navy Commander)
Steele, Grace – (Dancer)
Steele, H. Mckim – (Society)
Steele, Harry Lee – (Colonel)
Steele, Henry B. – (Sergent- Wounded Veteran)
Steele, Hoyt F. – (U.S. Chamber Of Commerce)
Steele, Ira – (Gangster)
Steele, Ira & Mrs. – (Gang Witness)
Steele, Isobel Lillian – (Interned Wave)
Steele, J. Lyle Jr. – (Bridge)
Steele, Jack – (Newsman)
Steele, James W. Mrs. – (Junior League)
Steele, James B. – (Inquirer)
Steele, James F. – (U.S. Army)
Steele, James F. & Mrs.
Steele, Jennie Mrs.
Steele, Jerry – (Basketball)
Steele, Jessamy Bret Harte
Steele, John – (News Commentator)
Steele, John Mrs. – (Model)
Steele, John – (Coal Oil Johnny)
Steele, John D. – (U.S. Army)
Steele, John Lyle Iii Mrs.
Steele, Joseph M. – (Ymca)
Steele, Joyce Carol
Steele, Julia Pearl D. – (Wac)
Steele, Julian D. – (Interracial Marriage)
Steele, Karen – (Actress)
Steele, Larry – (Basketball)
Steele, Leslie J. – (Georgia)
Steele, Lewis – (Hurricane Carta Case)
Steele, Lucien L. – (U.S. Army)
Steele, Joseph M. – (Ymca)
Steele, Man Mountain – (Wrestler)
Steele, Marion – (Rock/Nudity Class)
Steele, Marjorie – (Actress)
Steele, Mark – (Vice Ring Head)
Steele, Mary Mrs. – (Wpa)
Steele, Mary – (Society Glamour Girl)
Steele, Mary – (Contralto)
Steele, Marylin – (U.S. Marine Corps)
Steele, Max – (Author)
Steele, Mike – (Basketball)
Steele, Nancy Jane – (Bryn Mawr)
Steele, Nancy Ann – (Cape May Beauty)
Steele, Nancy – (Chester Politics)
Steele, O. Clyde – (Washington County)
Steele, Patricia – (Slain)
Steele, Paul – (Major)
Steele, Ray – (Wrestler)
Steele, Rfeddy – (Boxer)
Steele, Richard E. – (U.S. Army)
Steele, Robert W. – (Music)
Steele, Robert – (Baritone)
Steele, Robert – (Basketball)
Steele, Robert – (Jailed)
Steele, Robert A. Mrs.
Steele, Robert B. – (U.S. Marine Corps)
Steele, Robert H. – (Conneticut)
Steele, Robert M. – (Education)
Steele, Ron – (Skier)
Steele, Rosalie – (Tennis)
Steele, Rowe – (U. Michigan)
Steele, S. Tagart Jr. – (Clergyman)
Steele, Sally – (Missionnary)
Steele, Sandra – (Nurse)
Steele, Sharon – (Trucker)
Steele, Stephanie – (Actress)
Steele, Ted – (Radio)
Steele, Tom – (Track)
Steele, Tommy – (Singing Actor)
Steele, Tracy – (Boxer)
Steele, W. Harry Jr. – (Politics)
Steele, Walter S. – (Communists)
Steele, Walter E. – (Freed In Slaying)
Steele, Walter E. – (Prosecuter)
Steele, Walter E. – (R.R. Brotherhood)
Steele, Wilbur Daniel – (Author)
Steele, William Iii – (Engineer)
Steele, William – (Football)
Steele, Willie – (Broad Jumper)
Steele, Willie – (Track)
Steele, Zulma – (Author)
Steffins, Lincoln – (Journalist)
Stegeman, Charles
Stein, Gertrude
Stein, Jack
Steinberg, Nathan Dr. – (No Files)
Steinbrenner, George M. Iii
Steinem, Gloria – (Activist)
Stengal, Casey – (Baseball)
Stephanoff, Nicholas
Stephens, Frank E.
Stephens, Helen – (Track)
Stephens, John H. Mrs.
Stephens, Robert B. “Red” – (Football)
Stephens, Verm – (Baseball, Dead)
Stephenson, Wilson
Stern, Isaac – (Musician)
Stern, Isaac Mrs.
Stern, J. David – (Publisher)
Stern, J. David Mrs.
Stern, J. David Iii
Sternberg, Brian
Stetler, Russell D. Jr.
Stetson, Helen B.
Stetson, John B.
Stevens, Joseph & Mrs.
Stevens, Marian
Stevens, Ray
Stevens, Rise
Stevens, Ray
Stevens, Thomas
Stevenson, Harold – (Millionaire Junk Dealer)
Stevenson, Margot
Steward, John J.
Stewart, Anne Marie
Stewart, Bill
Stewart, Bruce
Stewart, Charles – (Actor)
Stewart, Charles – (Marine)
Stewart, Charles – (Canada)
Stewart, Charles – (Football)
Stewart, Charles – (Historical)
Stewart, Charles – (Injured At Move)
Stewart, Charles C. – (Radnor)
Stewart, Charles W. – (Usa)
Stewart, Louise
Stewart, Margie
Stewart, Patricia
Stewart, Patsy
Stewart, Slam
Stickel, Walt
Stickrod, Jayne
Stillwell, John – (Electrical)
Stillwell, Thomas H.
Stillwell, Phil
Stimson, Paul
Stine, Lee – (Baseball)
Stirnweiss, George
Stock, Milton
Stock, Sanford
Stock, West
Stoddard, Alexander Dr.
Stodghill, H.W.
Stodghill, Howard
Stokes, Emlen
Stokes, Henry C. Mrs.
Stokes, Standley C. Mrs.
Stokes, Walter
Stokes, William S. Jr. Mrs.
Stokowski, Andrea S.
Stokowski, Evangeline
Stokowski, Leopold – (Conductor)
Stokowski, Olga S.
Stokowski, Sonya
Stone, Chuck – (Daily News Columnist)
Stone, George
Stone, Harlan Fiske
Stone, Toni – (Black Woman Baseball Player)
Stone, Witmer Dr.
Stoneman, Bill – (Baseball)
Stopes, Aylmar
Storm, Tempest – (Stripper)
Stotesbury, Edward T. – (Manufacturer)
Stottlemyre, Jeff – (Baseball)
Stottlemyre, Mel
Stouffer, John F. Dr.
Stout, Juanita Kidd – (Judge)
Stout, Melvin
Stout, Morris A. Iii Mrs.
Stout, Robert
Stovall, George
Stover, Ross Dr.
Stoviak, Ray – (Baseball)
Stradner, Rose
Stratton, Charles
Strauss, Moe
Strauss, Perc
Strawbridge, Francis R. Sr. Mrs. – (League Of Women Voters)
Strawbridge, George Mrs.
Strawbridge, Margaret
Strawbridge, Peter S. – (Strawbridge & Clothier)
Strawbridge, William J. Mrs.
Street, John – (Councilman)
Street, John – (Vendor)
Street, Thomas Milton – (Literature)
Stretch, Norma
Strickler, Daniel B.
Strickler, Richard – (Baseball)
Stritch, Samuel
Strober, Walt
Strobhar, Elizabeth
Strom, Brent – (Baseball)
Strom, Thurmond – (U.S. Senator)
Stroud, Clarence Claude
Struble, Robert Mrs.
Strudwick, Shepperd
Strunk, Amos – (Baseball Player)
Stuart, Eleanor
Stuart, Gloria
Stuart, Jesse
Stuart, Joseph M. – (Lieutenant)
Stubbs, S. Carlton
Stuckert, John
Sturgis, Joe
Stull, Roxanne
Stylistics – (Singing Group)
Suder, Peter – (Baseball)
Sueden, Gustof Adolf
Suggs, Louise – (Golfer)
Sullivan, Barry
Sullivan, Billy
Sullavan, Margaret
Sullivan, Hannah
Sullivan, Henry Mrs.
Sullivan, John L.
Sullivan, Leon H. Rev.
Sullivan, Tom – (Football)
Summers, Donna – (Singer)
Summers, John
Supremes, The – (Singing Group)
Sura, Kathryne
Susan, Jacqueline – (Author)
Susen, Harold
Susskind, Ann
Sutherland, Donald J.
Sutherland, Donald – (Actor)
Sutherland, John B.
Sutter, Bruce
Sutton, F. Michael
Sutton, Howard F.
Sutton, Kay
Sutton, Richard Dr.
Sutton, Suzy
Sutton, Willie – (Gangster)
Suzuki, Sotono
Suzuki, Minoru
Swain, Sally
Swanson, Gloria
Swartz, Alfred W. Mrs.
Swavely, Lloyd
Sweden – Carl
Sweden – Carl Bernadotte
Sweden – Carl Gustar
Sweden – Carl Johan
Sweden – Carl Philip
Sweet, Regina
Sweetland, Lester – (Baseball)
Swift, Bob
Swoboda, Ron
Swope, Elaine
Sykes, Corinne – (Murderess)
Sykes, Jimmy
Sylvester – (Singer)
Tabor, Jim
Taddei, Ted
Taft, William Howard 3rd – (U.S. President)
Taioli, Fred
Taitt, Francis M.
Takiff, Jonathan – (Music Columnist)
Tallarida, Ronald J.
Talley, Melvin
Talton, Alice
Tanghill, Frank
Tanner, Chuck
Tanner, David
Tanner, Henry O.
Tartikoff, Brandon – (Nbc)
Tate, James H.J. – (Mayor)
Taylor, Anne
Taylor, Arlene
Taylor, Bill
Taylor, Cortney Townsend
Taylor, Edward T. Mrs.
Taylor, Elizabeth – (Actress)
Taylor, George
Taylor, Herman – (Boxing Promoter)
Taylor, Hollinshead N. Jr. Mrs.
Taylor, James A. – (Child Marriage)
Taylor, James
Taylor, James A. & Mrs.
Taylor, James – (Musician)
Taylor, James – (Walworth Co.)
Taylor, James R.
Taylor, James Zach
Taylor, James Jimmy – (Football-Baylor)
Taylor, Jean
Taylor, John Baxter – (Track)
Taylor, John I.
Taylor, James A. Child – (Asst. Superintendent Of Police)
Taylor, James A. – (Phila. Police Inspector)
Taylor, James A.
Taylor, James B.
Taylor, James C.
Taylor, James P. – (Colonel)
Taylor, James D. – (Oarsman)
Taylor, James F. – (Usmc)
Taylor, James F. – (Usa)
Taylor, James G. – (Penn Valley)
Taylor, James H.
Taylor, James M. – (U.S.N.)
Taylor, James P. – (Murderer)
Taylor, James R. – (Housing)
Taylor, Megan
Taylor, Rachel
Taylor, Roland
Taylor, Tony
Taylor, Zach – (Baseball)
Taylor, Zachary
Teaf, Howard
Tebbetts, Birdie
Tebbetts, George “Birdie”
Teller, Charles Sr.
Temple, Shirley
Templeton, John – (Businessman)
Templeton, John Y. Dr.
Temptations – (Singing Group)
Tenace, Gene
Tendler, Lew – (Boxer)
Tenggren, Gustaf
Terell, Mary Church
Terres, Jesse Mrs.
Tesreau, Jeff
Testa, John – (Mafia)
Testa, Phillip C. – (Gangster)
Testa, Salvatore
Teter, Lucky
Tew, James Dinsmore Ii Mrs.
Thacher, Helen
Thacher, Mary Rose
Thanhayser, Robert S. Mrs. – (Actress)
Thayer, Joan
Thayer, Peggy
Thayer, Polly
Thevenow, Tommy
Thomas, Alexis
Thomas, “Bud” – (Baseball)
Thomas, Emid
Thomas, Frank – (Baseball Action Only)
Thomas, Frank – (Head, Singles, Non-Action)
Thomas, Frank – (News, Group, Non-Action)
Thomas, Frankie
Thomas, Fred – (Old Baseball)
Thomas, Gerald C. Jr. – (Marine)
Thomas, Gerald C. Sr. – (Marine)
Thomas, Ira – (Baseball)
Thomas, Isiah – (Basketball)
Thomas, Joy Anne
Thomas, Keith
Thomas, Laury Lisa
Thomas, Leola
Thomas, Lewis – (Student)
Thomas, Lewis – (Author)
Thomas, Lewis – (Shooting Suspect)
Thomas, Lisa
Thomas, Louis C.
Thomas, Norman – (News & Group, 5 Of 5)
Thomas, Norman M. – (Socialist Head Shots)
Thomas, M. Carey – (Educator)
Thomas, Martha G. – (Legislator)
Thomas, Roy – (Baseball)
Thomas, Sarah – (Baseball)
Thomas, Stanley I. Dr.
Thomas, Valmy – (Baseball)
Thomas, W.C. – (Baseball)
Thomason, Bobby – (Football)
Thompkins, Betty
Thompson, Alexis – (Football)
Thompson, Betty
Thompson, Camilla
Thompson, Carol Ann
Thompson, Carol Mrs.
Thompson, Caroline
Thompson, Carson
Thompson, Danny
Thompson, Dorothy
Thompson, Forrest – (Baseball)
Thompson, Frank
Thompson, Fresco – (Baseball)
Thompson, Gary – (Basketball)
Thompson, Gene
Thompson, Hank
Thompson, Harry S.
Thompson, Jack
Thompson, Jack C.
Thompson, Kenneth – (Baseball)
Thompson, Lafayette – (Baseball)
Thompson, Russ
Thompson, Stanley
Thompson, Thomas
Thompson, Tommy – (Football)
Thompson, Turkey
Thompson, Wirt L. Jr.
Thoms, Art – (Football)
Thomson, Jim
Thornton, Andre – (Baseball)
Thornton, Big Mama
Thornton, Elinore B. – (Red Cross)
Thornton, Fritz
Thorpe, Jim – (Football Player)
Threadmill, Albert – (Athlete)
Thurmond, James – (Gov.)
Thurmond, Strom
Thurmond, Strom Mrs. – (Wife Of Senator)
Thurlow, Edie
Tierney, Gene
Til, Sonny
Tilden, William Ii Vc
Tilden, William Iii
Tighe, John S.
Tilforel, Elizabeth
Tillinghast, Carlton
Tillinghast, Charles C. Jr.
Tillinghast, Peggy
Tillman, Bob
Tillman, Oswald
Tillman, Walter Mrs.
Timko, Ron
Tincup, Ben – (Baseball)
Tinker, Joe – (Baseball)
Tinney, Abigail Combs
Tinney, Annie
Tinney, Jack
Tipton, Eric – (Baseball Player)
Tipton, Joe – (Phila. Athletics Catcher)
Tipton, Joseph Joe – (Baseball)
Titus, John
Titus, Robert Mrs.
Tobias, George
Tobin, Harpur M.
Tobin, James
Tobin, Jim
Tobin, John – (Baseball)
Tobin, Maurice J.
Tobin, Patrica L. – (Rich In Contacts)
Todd, Al
Todd, Ann
Tolan, Bobby – (Baseball)
Tolan, C. Levick
Toland G. Harry – (Bulletin Employee, Editorial Writer)
Tolbert, Ray
Tomanck, Dick
Tomasic, Andy
Tomlinson, Henry P.
Tonelli, John
Tonnelli, Joseph D.
Tonnelli, Mario “Motts”
Toney, Andrew
Topping, Dan – (Baseball)
Toren, Marta
Torgeson, Earl – (Baseball)
Torn, Rip
Torrance, Jack
Torrez, Mike
Tuscannini, Arturo
Tose, Leonard – (Eagles Owner)
Tose, Pete
Tose, Susan – (Daughetr Of Leonard)
Totten, James W.
Toussaint, Allen
Toussaint, Cynthia
Townsend, Anne B.
Townsend, Bertha
Toy, Claire
Toy, William
Tozer, Don
Tracey, James – (Saloon Keeper)
Tracey, James W. – (Attorney)
Tracey, James W. Jr. – (Attorney)
Trachtenberg, Beth
Tracy, Spencer
Trapnell, Nicholas L. Mrs.
Trapp, Maria Von
Trappe, Walter
Traynor, Pie – (Baseball)
Trayser, Nancy
Treadway, Peter – (2 Of 2)
Tresca, Carlo
Tresh, Tom – (Baseball)
Trettin, Gene D. Mrs.
Trevino, Lee – (Golf)
Trevino, Lee Mrs.
Trevor, Claire
Tribuani, Al
Trice, Bob
Triester, David E.
Trillo, Manny – (Baseball)
Trinkle, Ken B.
Triplett, Coaker – (Baseball)
Trite, William B. – (Author)
Trobman, Charles
Trost, Frieda Mrs. – (Murder Case)
Troth, Edward Osborne Mrs.
Trotter, Caroline
Trout, Robert G. Mrs.
Troutman, William L.
Trowbridge, Rob
Trubin, Al
Trucks, Virgil
Trucks, Virgil Jr.
Truman, Harry S. – (President) (Ov)
Truman, Margaret – (Daughter Of President)
Trumbauer, Frankie
Trumball, Louise
Truth, Sojourner
Tubman, Harriet
Tuchman, Barbara
Tucker, C. Delores
Tucker, Samuel H. Dr. – (Pediatric Neurologist)
Tucker, Sophie
Tully, Jim
Tumolo, Mike
Tunney, Gene
Tuppeny, Jim
Turgeon, Chase
Turgeon, Eugene
Turiello, Saverio
Turnbull, William Gray Dr.
Turner, Bull Dog
Turner, Gil
Turner, Lana
Turner, Marion
Turnesa, Jim
Turphy, Edmund J.
Tuppeny, Jim
Tut, “King” – (Boxer)
Tutankhamun, “King Tut”
Tutelman, Mark
Twain, Mark
Twining, Nathan F.
Tygh, Jimmy
Tyler, Charles A.
Tyler, Chas
Tyler, Douglas C.
Tyler, George F. Mrs.
Tyler, George J.
Tyler, Joseph – (3 Of 3)
Tyler, Joseph – (1976)
Tyner, Mccoy
Tyson, Cicely – (Actress)

Uecker, Bob
Uehler, Phillip
Uhle, Henry
Ulmer, George – (Baseball)
Ulric, Lenore
Ulvestad, Edward
Umphelett, Tom – (Baseball)
Ungrady, Emery J.
Ungrady, Emery Dr. – (Golfer)
Unruh, Howard B.
Unser, Al – (Auto Racing)
Unser, Bobby – (Auto Racing)
Unser, Del – (Baseball)
Vale, Nina
Vale, Virginia
Valenti, Casare
Valetinie, Joseph – (Greenskeeper)
Valez, Kippee
Valo, Elmer – (Baseball)
Valo, James
Van Allen, Maurice W. Mrs.
Van Brocklin, Norm
Van Buren, Steve
Van Cleve, Edith
Van Dusen, Francis L.
Van Dyke, Dick – (Actor)
Van Horn, Welby
Van Lennep, Frederick L. Mrs.
Van Nuis, Clara
Van Nuys, Frederick – (Ov)
Van Peebles, Melvin – (Movies)
Van Pelte, Dorothy
Van Rennselear, Alexander
Van Sciver, Joseph B. Iii – (Society)
Van Sciver, Ruth
Van Sciver, Joseph B. Jr. – (Society)
Vance, Arthur “Dazzy” – (Baseball)
Vance, Patsy
Vance, Vivian – (Actress)
Vandegrift, Alexander A.
Vanderbeck, Clarence H.
Vanderberg, Arthur H.
Vanderbilt, George
Vanneman, Sarah H.
Varano, Nicholas R. Mrs.
Vare, Edwin H. Jr.
Vare, George
Vare, Glenna Collett – (Golf)
Vare, William S.
Vastine, Jacob H. Iii
Vastine, Jane
Vatquet, Michael
Vauclain, Samuel M.
Vauclain, Samuel M.
Vauclain, Samuel M. Mrs.
Vaughan, Bob
Vaughan, Floyd – (Baseball)
Vaughan, Harry H.
Vaughan, Kay
Vaughan, Robert T.
Vaughn, George L.
Vaughn, James
Vaughn, Olive
Vaughn, Sarah – (Singer)
Veitz, Sharon
Velez, Lupe
Venuti, Joe
Venzke, Gene
Verban, Emil – (Baseball)
Verdeur, Joe
Verdon, Gwen – (Actress)
Verdon, Rene
Vergez, Johnny – (Baseball)
Vergez, John L. – (Baseball)
Vermeil, Dick
Vema, Jasper
Verne, Karen
Virdon, Bill – (Baseball Player)
Virgil, Ossie – (Baseball Player)
Vogdes, Russell T. – (Fairmount Park)
Vogt, Bill
Von Braun, Werner
Von Colln, Kurt
Von Starck, Peter – (Restauranteur)
Vosters, Francis A. C. Jr. Mrs.
Vukovich, Bill Jr. – (Auto Racing)
Vukovich, Bill Sr. – (Auto Racing)
Vukovich, George – (Baseball)
Vukovich, George – (Mayor Of Ohio)
Vukovich, John – (Baseball)
Vvolo, Charles “Chuck”
Wade, Ed “Red” – (Basketball Player)
Wagner, Al
Wagner, Drudel Dr. H. – (Doctor)
Wagner, Donald – (State Policeman)
Wagner, Donald C. – (City Government, Dead)
Wagner, Hans – (Dead)
Waitkus, Eddie – (Baseball)
Waite, Jack – (Bulletin Employee)
Walberg, George “Rube” – (Baseball)
Walcott, Jersey Joe – (Boxer)
Wales, Prince Of
Walker, Alice
Walker, Chet – (Basketball)
Walker, Chuck – (Wrestler)
Walker, Clarence – (Box 621a)
Walker, David
Walker, Dixie
Walker, Fred
Walker, Grace
Walker, John
Walker, Mickey
Walker, Martin Bud – (Baseball Player)
Walker, Luke – (Baseball Player)
Walker, Tom – (Baseball)
Walker, William “Bill” – (Baseball)
Wall, Art – (Golf)
Wallace, George C. – (Governor)
Wallace, Gwandy – (Baseball Player)
Wallace, George – (Performer)
Wallace, Harry – (Thinks Jail Is Great)
Wallace, William – (Escort Of Princess Margaret)
Wallace, William – (Orderly)
Wallace, William – (Football)
Wallace, William – (Boxer)
Wallace, William D. – (Swindler)
Wallace, William E. – (Telephone Union)
Wallenda, Elizabeth – (Member Of Circus Act)
Wallenda, Family Circus Act
Wallenda, Mario – (Member Of Circus Act)
Wallenda, Ricky – (Aerial Act)
Wallenda, Steve – (Aerialist)
Wallenda, Karl – (Member Of Circus Act)
Waller, Fats – (Musician)
Walsh, Edmund J.
Walsh, Edward Jr. – (Baseball)
Walsh, Edward “Big Ed” – (Baseball)
Walsh, Jim – (Basketball)
Walsh, John Patrick
Walsh, Owen R. & Mrs.
Walston, Bobby
Walters, Barbara
Walters, Bill – (Box 621a)
Walters, Bob – (Box 621a)
Walters, Bucky – (Baseball)
Walters, Bucky Jr.
Walters, Colket
Walters, Stan – (Football)
Wanamaker, John – (Businessman)
Wanamaker, John Mrs.
Wanamaker, Rodman 2d
Wanamaker, Rodman
Wanderone, Rudolph Walter – (“Minnesota Fats”)
Waner, Lloyd J. – (Baseball)
Waner, Paul – (Baseball)
Warburg, Felix – (Banker)
Ward, Angus – (Ov)
Ward, Anita
Ward, Audrey
Ward, Billy
Ward, Clara – (Gospel Singer)
Ward, Gerry
Ward, John – (Ov)
Warden, Clarence A.
Warder, Anita
Ware, John – (Water Co.)
Warhol, Andy – (Artist)
Warneke, Lon – (Baseball)
Warner, Earl
Warner, Glen S. “Pop” – (Football)
Warner, Harold S. Jr. Mrs.
Warner, Harry
Warner, Harry M.
Warner, Henry – (Dead)
Warner, Kent
Warren, Ben – (Baseball)
Warren, Earl
Warren, Jane
Warrick, Ruth
Warsstler, Harold – (Baseball)
Warwick, Dionne – (Singer)
Wasdell, Jim – (Baseball)
Washburn, Ana
Washington, Alvin
Washington, Booker T. – (Scientist)
Washington, Claudell – (Baseball)
Washington, George – (Ov)
Washington, Jennifer
Washington, Jr.
Washington, Kevin
Washington, Thomas
Washington, Paul Rev.
Washington, U.L. – (Baseball)
Washington, Vernon – (Baseball)
Wasiak, Stan
Wassau, Hinda – (Stripper)
Wassler, George – (Former Bulletin Employee)
Waters, Ethel – (Actress)
Waters, Marguerite
Waters, Muddy – (Entertainer)
Watkins, Anna – (Involved In A Baby Triangle)
Watkins, Atiya – (Bulletin Employee)
Watkins, Charles – (“Mixed-Up Baby Case”)
Watkins, Dave – (Baseball)
Watkins, George – (Baseball)
Watkins, William – (Baby Mix-Up)
Watson, Barbara
Watson, Bill
Watson, Bob – (Baseball)
Watson, Claude A.
Watson, Goldie – (Teacher)
Watson, Kenneth
Watson, Thomas J. Mrs.
Watson, William D. Jr. Mrs.
Watt, Eddie
Watt, William L. Jr. Mrs.
Watts, Andre – (Pianist)
Watts, Bobby “Boogaloo” – (Boxer)
Wayne, John – (Actor)
Wayne, Robinson
Wear, Elsie
Wear, William Potter Mrs.
Weaver, Arthur C.
Weaver, George “Buck” – (Baseball Scandal)
Weaver, John Frederick – (Suspect)
Weaver, John A. – (Mayor Of Berlin Township)
Weaver, John H. – (Ruler Of New Phil-Mont Elks Lodge 2345)
Weaver, John
Weaver, John J. – (Dean Of Episcopal Cathedral Of St. Paul)
Weaver, William
Webb, William
Weber, Josephine
Webster, Ann Lippincott
Webster, David
Wechsler, Arnold Dr. – (Tri-County Hospital)
Wechsler, David – (Athos Steel + Aluminum Inc.)
Wechsler, Herbert – (Bicen. Conference)
Wechsler, James A. – (Editor Of New York Post)
Wechsler, Jerome – (Zayre Phila.)
Wechsler, Michael
Wechsler, Norman V. Mrs. – (Cleveland)
Wechsler, Samuel H. & Mrs. – (New York State Police)
Wechsler, Walter – (N.J. Budget Director)
Werber, Bill – (Baseball)
Weeder, Caroline
Weidler, Virginia
Weigley, Russel F.
Weihenmayer, Edwin Jr. Mrs.
Weiland, Don
Weiland, Doug
Weiland, Donald
Weimar, Lorraine
Weinberg, Herman P.
Weinberg, Paul
Weiner, Max
Weinert, Charley – (Boxer)
Weineryt, Phil “Lefty” – (Baseball)
Weinhouer, Bob
Weinstein, Charlie
Weir, Betty
Weir, W. Boyd Mrs.
Weisberg, Willie
Weisberger, Barbara – (Ballet)
Weiskopf, Tom
Weiss, Bob – (Basketball)
Weiss, David
Weiss, George – (Baseball Exec.)
Weiss, Jane
Weiss, Joseph
Welch, Raquel
Weldon, William
Weldon, William Mrs.
Welles, Virginia
Wells, Betty
Wells, Ida B.
Wells, John I. Jr. – (Pa Democrat)
Welsh, John J. – (Supt. Schools)
Welsh, John R.
Welsh, John T. Sr. – (Bucks Co.)
Welsh, John W. – (Fireman)
Wells, Kae – (Upper Darby, Pa).
Wells, Joseph
Wells, Lillian
Wells, Orson – (Actor)
Welsh, Jack
Welsh, John – (Pa Democrat)
Welsh, John – (Wounded In Move)
Welsh, John J.
Welsh, John R.
Welsh, John W.
Welsh, Peggy
Welsh, Robert S. Mrs.
Welsh, Sallie
Welsh, Stanley A. Jr. Mrs.
Wendler, Paul B. Mrs.
Wendler, Pauline Wilson
Wentzel, Gerald C.
Wentzl, Graham Mrs.
Wenzel, Rose
Wertz, Vic – (Baseball)
Werber, Bill – (Baseball)
Wesley, John
West, Betsy
West, Carole
West, Evelyn
West, Hal
West, John Mrs.
West, Norman
Westhead, Paul
Weston, Timmy
Wetherill, Elkin Mrs.
Wetherill, Francis D.
Wetherill, Reeves Mrs. – (Ov)
Weygand, Maxime – (Ov)
Wharton, Max
Wheat, Walter – (Baseball Player)
Wheat, Zack – (Baseball Player) (Ap Photostats Only)
Wheatley, Phyllis – (Poetess)
Wheaton, Edna
Wheeler, Alexander B. Mrs.
Wheeler, S. Bowman
White, Francis
White, George
White, Hubie
White, Jerry B.
White, Jimmy – (Baseball)
White, Jo-Jo – (Baseball)
White, Joyce Fern – (Murdered)
White, Leslie S. Jr. Mrs.
White, Marjorie
White, Maurice
White, Thomas Raeburn Jr. – (Society)
White, Thomas Raeburn Mrs. – (Civic Leader)
White, Walter
White, Hill Earl – (Baseball Player)
Whitman, Carol
Whitman, Ezra B.
Whitman, Walt – (Poet)
Whitney, Arthur “Pinky” – (Baseball)
Whitney, Cynthia
Whittaker, John W. Mrs.
Whitted, George
Wick, Paul
Wickersham, George W. – (Public Offical)
Wideman, John Edgar
Widener, Ella
Widener, George D. Mrs.
Widener, George D.
Widener, George P.
Widener, Harry Elkins – (Lost On Titanic)
Widener, Joseph E. Mrs.
Widener, Joseph E.
Widener, P.A.B. Sr. Through Iii
Wieland, Alexander
Wiener, Jean
Wiesel, Elie
Wiggins, Ulysses S.
Wilbank, Hardy
Wilbert, Del And Mrs. “Taffy” – (Baseball)
Wilbert, Del – (Baseball)
Wilburn, Chuck
Wilburn, Jimmy
Wilburn, Ken
Wilcox, James Marx – (Politican)
Wilcox, Milt
Wilcox, Sam
Wilde, Cornel
Wilding, Michael
Wilhelm, Chas – (Baseball)
Wilhelm, Irving – (Baseball)
Wilhelm, Julian
Wilkerson, Dusty
Wilkes, Ernest H.
Wilkie, Wendell
Wilkinson, William
Wilkinson, William G.
Wilkinson, William J.
Wilks, Ted
William, Warren
Williams, Albert Sydney Mrs.
Williams, Albert J.
Williams, Bernie
Williams, Bob
Williams, Bruce
Williams, Charley
Williams, Cy – (Former Baseball Player)
Williams, Dave – (Baseball)
Williams, Dave – (Football)
Williams, Dibrell – (Baseball)
Williams, Dick – (Baseball)
Williams, Edward
Williams, Ester
Williams, Frances – (Golfer)
Williams, Franklin
Williams, George – (Track)
Williams, Hardy
Williams, Henry
Williams, Holman
Williams, Ike – (Boxer)
Williams, James
Williams, Jean
Williams, Jim – (Baseball)
Williams, Joe – (Football)
William Joe – (Entertainer)
Williams, John A.
Williams, John C. Mrs.
Williams, Kelley
Williams, Novella
Williams, Pat – (Bus. Mgr 76ers)
Williams, Ron
Williams, Ronald
Williams, Spencer
Williams, Ted – (Baseball)
Williams, Vic
Williams, Warren
Willman, Tony
Willoughby, Claude – (Baseball)
Wills, Maury – (Baseball)
Wilson, Aaron
Wilson, Alfred
Wilson, Al “Sugar”
Wilson, Archie
Wilson, Artie
Wilson, Arthur
Wilson, Arthur C.
Wilson, C.E.
Wilson, C.I.
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, C. Colket 3rd
Wilson, C. Colket 3rd – (Ballet Company Press)
Wilson, Earl – (Baseball)
Wilson, Earl – (Politican)
Wilson, Helen Sigel – (Golf)
Wilson, Jackie
Wilson, James B. Mrs.
Wilson, Jimmie
Wilson, Jimmy
Wilson, Jimmy & Mrs. – (Baseball Player, 4 Of 4)
Wilson, Johnie – (Boxer)
Wilson, Lewis “Hack” – (Baseball)
Wilson, Lucy L.W. – (Educator)
Wilson, Mary
Wilson, Max
Wilson, Marie
Wilson, Nancy
Wilson, Ruth
Wilson, Russell
Wilson, S. David – (Mayor)
Wilson, Virginia
Wilson, Warren
Wilson, William H.
Wilson, Woodrow
Wiltse, Harold James – (Baseball)
Winch, Ray
Wine, Bobby
Winchester, Edgar
Winner, Percy
Winning, Catherine
Winter, Paul M.
Winters, Linda
Winterstein, Adam
Wise, Charles
Wise, Rick
Wise, Randolph
Wise, Randolph Jr.
Wister, William W. Jr. Mrs.
Wistert, Al – (Football)
Wiser, Alvin
Withington, Betty Lou
Witherspoon, Jimmy
Witmer, Robert H. Mrs.
Witt, George – (Baseball)
Witt, Whitey – (Baseball)
Wodlinger, Freeda G. Mrs. – (Murdered)
Wofford, Harris L. Jr. – (Bryn Mawr College Pres.)
Wogner, Dorothy
Wohl, Bill
Wohl, Dave
Wolf, Connie
Wolf, John H. Mrs.
Wolgast, “Midget” – (Boxer)
Wolgast, Johnny – (Boxer)
Wolgin, Jack
Wolman, Jerry
Wolosyn, Marie Mrs. – (Arsenic Case)
Wolverton, Harry
Wonder, Stevie – (Singer)
Wood, Alexander C. – (Magistrate)
Wood, Craig – (Ov)
Wood, Grace
Wood, Joe Jr. – (Baseball)
Wood, Lillian
Wood, Mervin – (Sculler)
Wood, Natalie – (The Mrs. John F. Sparh)
Wood, Richard G. Mrs.
Wood, Stuart Rev.
Wood, William Barry Jr. – (Football)
Wood, Wilbur
Woodbury, Frances
Woodbury, Joseph
Woodeshick, Tom – (Football)
Woodling, Sam
Woodruff, Charlotte
Woods, Arthur
Woods, Floyd  Lloyd
Woodside, Ella N.
Woodward, Charles H. – (Ymca)
Woodward, Charles – (Track)
Woodward, Charles S. – (Phila.)
Woodworth, Marjorie
Woolcott, Alexander
Woolf, Watter
Woolman, Joan
Woolman, Louise
Woolston, William J.
Work, Hubert Dr.
Worrall, J. Harrison
Worrell, Granville Iii Mrs.
Worsham, Lew
Worst, Edward
Worth, Gracie & Coly
Wray, Lud
Wrench, Margaret
Wrenn, John H. Mrs.
Wright, Bee Bee – (Boxing)
Wright, Betty Jo
Wright Brothers – (Aviation)
Wright, Daniel Thew – (Judge)
Wright, Elizabeth Lodge
Wright, Emanuel C.
Wright, Frank Lloyd – (Architect)
Wright, Harry
Wright, George – (Veteran Baseball Player)
Wright, Glenn – (Baseball Player
Wright, Margaret C.
Wright, Mickey – (Golf)
Wright, Orville
Wright, Richard
Wright, Teresa
Wright, Valentine W. M. Mrs.
Wunder, Ray – (Murdered Tavern Owner)
Wunderle, Horace G.
Wyatt, Harold D.
Wyatt, Marguerite
Wyeth, James
Wyeth, Jamie
Wymann, Betty
Wynn, Earl – (Baseball)
Wynn, Earuy
Wynn, Ed
Wynn, Jimmy – (Baseball) (Negro)
Wynn, William – (Football)
Wynne, Samuel O.
Wynne, Tom
Wynyard, Diana
Wyrostek, John
Wyse, Henry “Hank” – (Baseball)
Yarrow, Mary Frances
Yastrzemski, Carl – (Baseball)
Yawkey, Tom J.
Yeager, Harry N.
Yeager, Harry – (Temple Cross Country)
Yeager, Harry – (Murdered)
Yeager, Steve – (Baseball, 2 Of 2)
Yeabsley, Patricia
Yeabsley, Robert F. Mrs.
Yealy, Maureen Frye
Yeatman, M.P. Mrs.
Yerby, Frank – (Author)
Yerkes, Carroll – (Baseball)
Yetter, Caroline
Yoder, Clayton – (Curator)
Yoder, Edwin – (Pulitzer Prize)
Yoder, David Mrs.
Yoder, Donald A. – (Lt. Colonel)
Yoder, Gary – (Basketball)
Yoder, Lee – (Track Star)
Yoder, Lloyd – (General Manager Uptl-Kyw)
Yoder, Norman – (Lsd Fraud 1968)
Yoder, Orville
Yoder, Sheldon – (Pennridge Schools)
Yoder, Thomas – (Stole Plane)
Yoder, William B.
Yogi, Mararishi
Yohn, William H. – (Republican Penn.)
Yost, Eddie
Yost, Steve
York, Alvin C. Jr.
York, Dick
York, John
York, Rudy
Young, Andrew Sr.
Young, Andrew Jr.
Young, Babe – (Baseball)
Young, Bobby – (Baseball)
Young, Charlie – (Football)
Young, Chic
Young, Coleman
Young, Cy – (Javelin Thrower)
Young, Del Edward – (Baseball)
Young, Denton “Cy” – (Baseball)
Young, Dick – (Baseball)
Young, Don – (Baseball)
Young, Earl
Young, Jean – (Mrs. Andrew)
Young, Jimmy – (Boxer)
Young, Loretta
Young, Norman “Babe” – (Baseball)
Young, Norman “Pep” – (Baseball)
Young, Norman “Pep” – (Baseball)
Young, Oscar H.
Young, Robert – (Actor)
Young, Terry
Young, Whitney M. Jr.
Youngren, Harold T.
Yu-Pin, Paul
Zachary, Pat
Zachary, Thomas
Zaharias, Babe Didrickson – (Golf)
Zaharias, George
Zale, Tony
Zanghi, Joseph – (N.J. Cherry Blossom)
Zannelli, Ralph
Zavodnick, Steven
Zavodnick, Joseph “Dr. Shock”
Zeiner, Gene
Zelaya, Don
Zernial, Gus – (Baseball)
Zimmerman, Heine – B.
Zinkoff, Dave
Zorina, Vera
Zvigaitis, Paul
Zwaan, William H.
Zwerg, Jim