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George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Negatives

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George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Negatives

Circa 1920-1982

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Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia, Pa.)


Approximately 300 linear feet (207 boxes)

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

Materials in English


Detailed Collection Information 


Historical Note

The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin was founded in 1847 and its final issue was published January 29, 1982. Shortly after the paper closed, Temple University acquired a majority of its newspaper clippings and photograph library. The library was used as an internal information source for reporters and editors seeking background knowledge on a particular person or topic. Both the clippings and photographs from the Bulletin are a valuable resource for research on the Philadelphia region.  


Description of Collection 

This collection contains photographic negatives produced and collected mostly by the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin with a few from the Philadelphia Inquirer.


Researchers may also want to request materials from the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Biographical (SCRC 170A), the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Suburban Subjects (SCRC 170C), and the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Non-Philadelphia People and Subjects (SCRC 170D). See the Related Material section below for additional related collections.


The addition of “George D. McDowell” to the collection name in no way implies that he was the creator.  Rather he was one of scores of staff who worked in the library, and his family supplied a naming gift to honor him and support work on preservation of the collection.


Organization and Arrangement 


The Bulletin negatives are arranged into five series:


Series 1: Glass negatives, circa 1920-1930

Series 2: Subjects, 1930s-1970s

Series 3: Biographical, 1930s-1970s

Series 4: Colored negatives, circa 1961-1982

Series 5: 35 mm negatives, 1972-1982

Patron Information 


Alternate Form Available

Portions of this collection, most notably, many of the Colored negatives, have been digitized and are included in the George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photographs digital collection: https://digital.library.temple.edu/digital/collection/p15037coll3.


Research Access 

Collection is open for research. 


Collections Stored Off-Site

This collection may be housed off-site at the Library Depository, and require up to two business days to retrieve. Please review the finding aid and be prepared to identify specific materials to be retrieved. Contact the Special Collections Research Center in advance of your visit, so that materials may be relocated to the reading room for research. 


Publication and Copyright Information 

The George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Negatives, is the physical property of the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries. The donor has assigned licensing rights to Temple University Libraries.  Other creators’ intellectual property rights, including copyright, belong to them or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated.   


Preferred Citation

[Description and date of item], George D. McDowell Philadelphia Evening Bulletin Photograph Collection, Negatives, SCRC 170F, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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Administrative Information 


Acquisition Information

Donated by the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, 1983. 


Processing Information 

Finding aid prepared in May 2020 by John Pettit. 



Index Terms

The following headings have been used to index the description of this collection in Temple University’s electronic catalog:

Corporate Names:
Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (Philadelphia, Pa.)

Photography--Delaware River Valley (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
Photography--Philadelphia (Pa.)
Photojournalism--Delaware River Valley (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
Photojournalism--Philadelphia (Pa.)

Delaware River Valley (N.Y.-Del. and N.J.)
Philadelphia (Pa.)

Material Types:




An inventory for Series 4 is included below. Inventories for Series 1, 2, 3, and 5 are underway and will be added to the finding aid. For more information on their content and how to gain access, please contact the SCRC

Series 4:  Color negatives, circa 1961-1982

Glider pilot and family  (BCOL 001)          undated

Rosetree horse track (BCOL 002)          1961

Veteran's Day (BCOL 003)          undated

U.S. Navy (BCOL 004)          January 20, 1963

Ski-mobile Panoramic shots (BCOL 005)          undated

Skiing in Poconos - Elk Mt.- General (BCOL 006)          1967

Crane operator in a basic oxygen furnace at the Alan Wood Steel Co. Ivy Rock, PA. (BCOL 007)          1969-05

Reading Market (BCOL 008 )          undated

Washington Headquarters at the Barnes (BCOL 009)          June 8, 1967

Grace house - Society Hill (BCOL 010)          undated

Liberty Bell at Independence Hall (BCOL 011)          undated

Ships and workers at Philadelphia Docks (BCOL 012)          February 15, 1963

Stained glass window - Easter at Sunset Memorial Park (BCOL 013)          undated

Glass window Evangelical Lutheran Church (BCOL 014)          undated

Cover girl (BCOL 015)          1962

Prospect '70 cover portraits (BCOL 016)          1970

Artist portraits (BCOL 018)          1964

Suburban homes - Christmas lights (BCOL 019)          1963

Cover girls (BCOL 020)          1962

Automobile layout (BCOL 021)          undated

Exercise magazine cover with models  (BCOL 022)          1965

Female model portraits  (BCOL 023)          1963

Clothesline art (BCOL 024)          1966

Stanley Family at home  (BCOL 025)          1963

Obstetrician (BCOL 026)          April 3, 1963

Necktie Designer (BCOL 027)          1966

College - Jersey (BCOL 028)          undated

Haddonfield (N.J.) aerial view (BCOL 029)          undated

Harriton House (BCOL 030)          undated

Skiing - General - Elk Mount, Pa. (BCOL 031)          undated

Amish Country (BCOL 032)          undated

Aerial views of Atlantic City - Convention Hall (BCOL 033)          undated

Steeplechase Pier - Atlantic City, New Jersey (BCOL 034)          1973

Real Estate "Barclay Square II" - Upper darby (BCOL 035)          undated

Beaver College (BCOL 036)          1970

Real estate - Apartments - "Brookwood" - Willow Court (BCOL 037)          undated

Caverns - Endless Caverns (BCOL 038)          

First grade school teacher - Cheltenham Elementary School (BCOL 039)          undated

Church farm school (Paoli, Pa.) (BCOL 040)          undated

Aerials - West Conshohocken - Blue Route (BCOL 041)          1975

Ski - general - Elk Mt. Poconos, N.J.  (BCOL 042)          undated

Amish Country (BCOL 043)          undated

Amish "Courting story"  (BCOL 044)          undated

Penn Central emblem (not used) (BCOL 047)          undated

Shelton College, Cape May, N.J. (BCOL 048)          undated

200 bicycles in front of the Warwick school (BCOL 049)          September 1961

Blossoming tree - Swarthmore College (BCOL 050)          undated

General images of Swarthmore College town  (BCOL 051)          undated

Swarthmore (BCOL 052)          undated

Bell ringer, bells and church - Washington Memorial Chapel  (BCOL 053)          undated

Washington Headquarters - Barnes Village (BCOL 054)          undated

Real estate - "water view"  (BCOL 055)          undated

National Guard issue - entire 1st City Troop, mounted in full dress (BCOL 056)          1965

First city troop National Guard (BCOL 057)          undated

New Jersey State Federation of Women's Club (BCOL 058)          undated

Aerial view of Petty's Island (BCOL 059) undated

Paoli, Pa.  (BCOL 060)          undated

Princeton (rejects) (BCOL 061)          undated

Princeton  (BCOL 062)          undated

"Rosey" - Street corner  (BCOL 063)          1961

King of Prussia air views  (BCOL 064)          undated

Marshall House - historical maker  (BCOL 065)          undated

Levittown, Pa. Homes / No negatives present  (BCOL 066)          1966

Lighthouses (BCOL 067)          undated

Lincoln University (BCOL 068)          undated

Margate elephant (BCOL 069)          undated

Battle streamers (BCOL 070)          undated

J.H. Thompson Rose factory - Kennett Square (BCOL 071)          undated

Real estate - apartments - English Village  (BCOL 072)          undated

Fairless Steel (BCOL 073)          undated

Fishing  (BCOL 074)          undated

Fort - Jersey (BCOL 075)          undated

Fort Dix - News + views  (BCOL 076)          undated

Old farmhouse at Gloucester County College (BCOL 077)          undated

Illustrations of the Battleship Maine explosion (BCOL 078)          undated

New York Shipyard aerial view (BCOL 079)          undated

Retake on Curtis (BCOL 080)          undated

Curtis Hall, Wyncote, Pa  (BCOL 081)          undated

Real estate - Village of Pine Run (BCOL 082)          undated

Real estate - Plymouth Greene (BCOL 083)          undated

Apartments - Somerset house - South Jersey  (BCOL 084)          undated

Real estate - "Glenhardie Apartments" Wayne, Pa.  (BCOL 085)          undated

Apartments - Meadowbrook - Huntingdon Valley (BCOL 086)          undated

Real estate - Carriage Stop Apartments  (BCOL 087)          undated

Apartments - Plymouth Meeting  (BCOL 088)          undated

Firetower (rejects) Bloomsburg, Pa.  (BCOL 089)          undated

Strip mines - Shenandoah, Pa. (BCOL 090)          undated

Museum - Copperhead hunt - Indian Steps, Pa. (BCOL 091)          undated

Old covered bridge (BCOL 092)          undated

Blue Church (BCOL 093)          undated

Exterior of Blue Church (BCOL 094)          undated

Burlington County Detention Center - New Lisbon, Pa. (BCOL 095)          undated

Whitall Mansion and Red Bank Battle monument at National Park  (BCOL 096)          undated

Salem Courthouse  (BCOL 097)          undated

Girl Scout cookies - Valley Forge (BCOL 098)          undated

Girl Scout cookies (BCOL 099)          undated

Trinity Episcopal Church - Swedesboro (BCOL 100)          undated

Metal detector - Ocean City (BCOL 101)          undated

Air force base at Moorestown - Dudley Family  (BCOL 102)          1969

Merion women's golf club  (BCOL 103)          undated    

Bell Ringer at Christ Church (BCOL 105)          undated

Liberty Bell - New building (BCOL 106)          1975

Airport international (BCOL 107)          1961

Airport building progress - International Airport (BCOL 108)          1975

Aerials - Frankford Arsenal, Tacony bridge in background (BCOL 109)          1975

Aerials - Oil tanks - Girard Point (BCOL 110)          1973

Aerials - Oil refinery - Schuylkill River  (BCOL 111)          1975

Penn’s Landing and I-95 progress (BCOL 112)          1975

Aerial view of the Parkway  (BCOL 113) undated         

Tioga terminal and bridges at Girard Point (BCOL 114)          undated

Logan Circle - fountain (BCOL 115)          undated

Aerials - art museum - exteriors  (BCOL 116)          1975

Women magazine stained glass window  (BCOL 117)          undated

Street vendor - midtown (BCOL 118)          undated

"The American Way" (BCOL 119)          1975

Trolley tours (old time trolley) (BCOL 120)          120

"The American Way" on the parkway (BCOL 121)          1975

Pictures of Independence Hall and Mall (BCOL 122)          1966

Azalea gardens at Friends Hospital (BCOL 123)          undated

Philadelphia Orchestra tour 1970 - Florence, Italy (BCOL 124)          1970

Japanese garden fairmount park (BCOL 125)          1961

Blossoms - Art museum background (BCOL 126)          1961

Blossoms - Fairmount Park (BCOL 127)          1961-04

"Good Ship Lollipop" ship (BCOL 128)          undated

Pennies - Mint (BCOL 129)          undated

Eagles vs. N.Y. Giants - football - Franklin Field (BCOL 130)          1963

U.S.  Mint, Pa. (B/W negatives) (BCOL 131)          undated

U.S. Mint, Pa. (color negatives) (BCOL 132)          undated

Monorail / Zoo  (BCOL 133)          undated

Illustration of the Bijou Theater  (BCOL 134)          undated

The Philadelphia Bulletin building (BCOL 135)          August 1969

Christmas decorations - Bulletin building (BCOL 136)          1961-12

Aerial - Stadium  (BCOL 137)          undated

Robin Hood Dell in Strawberry Mansion (BCOL 138)          1975

Women playing carillon piano (BCOL 139)          undated

"Women today" - homeschooling (BCOL 140)          undated

Holmesburg Library (BCOL 141)          undated

Independence Square Philadelphia (BCOL 142)          undated

Betsy Ross House - Philadelphia (BCOL 143)          undated

Independence Hall (BCOL 144)          undated

Society Hill Tower  (BCOL 145)          undated

Night views - skyline from museum (BCOL 146)          undated

Ft. Mifflin (BCOL 147)          undated

Frankford Arsenal  (BCOL 148)          undated

City skyline (BCOL 149)          1962

Aerial - Girard Point Bridge (BCOL 150)          undated

Artist view of improvements surrounding the City Hall area (BCOL 151)          undated

Show at J.F.K. Stadium (BCOL 152)          undated

"Women Today cover" - Indians (BCOL 153)          undated

Defense agency (BCOL 154)          undated

Mummers parade - City hall (BCOL 155)          1966

"Revolt" illustrations/copies (BCOL 156)          undated

Nativity (BCOL 157)          1969

General - Christmas (BCOL 158)          1968

Camden - Boulevard traffic  (BCOL 159)          undated

"Center spread"  (BCOL 160)          1969

Oscar trophy (BCOL 161)          undated

"Traffic backs up during gas shortage" (BCOL 162)          1974

UGI gas shortage aerial view (BCOL 163)          1974

Hockey - Ramblers  (BCOL 164)          undated

Golf guide (BCOL 165)          undated

"Outer Space" TV cover  (BCOL 166 A )          undated

Nazi germany - copies (BCOL 166 B )          1933

Procession (BCOL 167)          undated

Gardens  (BCOL 168)          undated

"walking - nine" (BCOL 169)          undated

Taylor amuse  (BCOL 170)          undated    

Auto show cover images  (BCOL 172)          undated

Bell tower (BCOL 173)          undated

Turkeys (BCOL 174)          undated

Purple heart medal close up for magazine cover (BCOL 175)          undated

Bridge - painters (BCOL 176)          undated

Vacation - Retirement  (BCOL 177)          undated

Caboose  (BCOL 177 B)          undated

Car care tabloid (BCOL 178)          undated

Colorful fish (BCOL 178 B)          undated

Navy - Pensacola (BCOL 179)          

Animals - Nine (BCOL 180)          undated

Philadelphia night views  (BCOL 181)          undated

Skiing (BCOL 182)          undated

Christmas candle  (BCOL 183)          1977

Dancing (BCOL 184)          undated

"Science" (BCOL 185)          undated

Gas shortage with prices (BCOL 186)          1974

Unidentified (BCOL 187)          undated

Aircraft carrier  (BCOL 188)          1975

Mountains - boy with hawk (BCOL 189)          undated

Pierce - Arrow car image of a book (BCOL 190)          undated

Dottie Brown (BCOL 191)          undated

"Super Sunday Crowds" (BCOL 192)          undated

Fashion (BCOL 193)          undated

Prospect "miscellaneous" (BCOL 194)          undated

Hat fashions (BCOL 195)          1970

Unidentified (BCOL 196)          undated

Muppet puppets (BCOL 197)          undated

Home today cover - Paris fashion (BCOL 198)          undated

Fall season (BCOL 199)          undated

Fashions (BCOL 200)          undated

Steelers - Pittsburgh, Pa. (BCOL 201)          1975

Yellow cabs outside P.R.R. Station (BCOL 202)          undated

Copy of a painting  (BCOL 203)          undated

TV: Devil's Brigade (BCOL 204)          1968

Artifacts (BCOL 205)          undated

Altars  (BCOL 206)          undated

German youth (BCOL 207)          undated

Churches - interiors (BCOL 208)          undated

Buddhism (BCOL 209)          undated

Christmas Heritage  (BCOL 210)          undated

Easter - Women (BCOL 211)          undated

Gerald Ford  (BCOL 212)          undated

John E. Hunt - Congressman (BCOL 213)          undated

Grace Kelly (BCOL 214)          1974

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier (BCOL 215)          1974

Jigsaw puzzles (BCOL 216)          undated

"Man who hunts with bows and arrows" (BCOL 217)          undated

"Man with polar bear" (BCOL 218)          undated

Fashion (BCOL 219)          undated

Paintings of house and people (BCOL 220)          undated

Court of honor (BCOL 221)          undated

Marines at Attach North Carolina (BCOL 222)          undated

Police diver for Phila. Harbor Patrol (BCOL 223)          undated

Phillies players  (BCOL 224)          undated

Horse (BCOL 225)          1962

Traffic cop in action (BCOL 227)          undated

Shenandoah Valley (BCOL 228)          undated

"Lady Bird Johnson" (BCOL 229)          undated

Mansfield  (BCOL 230)          undated

Senator Mills (BCOL 231)          1974

Politicians - "Mitchell" (BCOL 232)          undated

Richard Nixon (BCOL 233)          1970

Rockefeller  (BCOL 234)          1973

Communist microscope (BCOL 235)          undated

Spiro Agnew  (BCOL 236)          1970

Spiro Agnew  (BCOL 237)          1970

Baker (BCOL 238)          1973

President Gerald Ford (BCOL 239)          undated

telescope (BCOL 240)          undated

Real Estate (BCOL 241)          undated

Ice skating (BCOL 242)          undated

John F. Kennedy (BCOL 243)          1961

Agnew (BCOL 244)          1973

Roses (BCOL 245)          1962

Veterans Stadium - Laying astroturf before first baseball season opened - South Philadelphia (BCOL 247)          1971

Fashion - July (BCOL 248)          undated

Fashion (BCOL 250)          undated

Cover Girl semifinalist  (BCOL 251)          1964

"heart" (BCOL 252)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 253)          undated

Paris Peace Talk (BCOL 254)          1969

"fair" (BCOL 255)          undated 

Beach activities (BCOL 256)          undated

Firemen (BCOL 257)          undated

"Spirit of 76" (BCOL 258)          undated

Vietnam War (BCOL 259)          undated

Landscapes (BCOL 260)          undated

Memorial day Boalsburg (BCOL 261)          undated

Memorial day Boalsburg (BCOL 262)          undated

Halloween (BCOL 263)          undated

Vietnam Laos (BCOL 264)          undated

The sea- general shore shots (BCOL 265)          undated

"Bridge" (BCOL 266)          undated

Bomb anniversary  (BCOL 267)          undated

RA news - ship (BCOL 268)          undated

Hearing (BCOL 269)          undated

Cemetery (BCOL 270)          undated

"Science" (BCOL 271)          undated

Art prints  (BCOL 272)          undated

Sculpt (BCOL 273)          undated

Trash on streets (BCOL 274)          undated

Almanac (BCOL 275)          1972

"The Blue Angels" (BCOL 276)          1972

Swans at the Wissahickon (BCOL 277)          1961

Airport - Philadelphia International - Speculation? (BCOL 278)          1969

Auto cover (BCOL 279)          undated

Dresses - fashion  (BCOL 280)          undated

Children's clothing and "disney" mascots (BCOL 281)          undated

Handbags - rejects (BCOL 282)          undated

Artichokes  (BCOL 285)          undated

Food - Artichokes (BCOL 286)          undated

Daily fashion (BCOL 287)          1970

Fashion - Summer makeup (BCOL 288)          1970

Pleated dresses and swimsuits (BCOL 289)          undated

Missiles  (BCOL 291)          undated

Old historic Boston (BCOL 292)          undated

US Coast Guard Buoys (BCOL 293)          undated

Divers (BCOL 294)          undated

Police Divers (BCOL 295)          1965

Space Travel - Satellites (BCOL 296)          undated

Fred Pillsbury vs. Stanley Dancer (BCOL 297)          undated

"Breezy" old plane (BCOL 298)          undated

Army Navy  (BCOL 299)          1973

Art - Polish (BCOL 300)          undated

Berlin Wall - Aerial view (BCOL 301)          1973

Squirrels (BCOL 302)          undated

Horseback riding in the mountains (BCOL 303)          undated

Glass Blowing (BCOL 304)          undated

Grand Canyon National Park (BCOL 305)          undated

East Fair (BCOL 306)          1963

Washington kneeling in prayer - Stained Glass window art (BCOL 307)          undated

"Crazy" Hosiery (BCOL 308)          undated

Mr. Milton Glenfiddich painting (sp?) (BCOL 309)          undated

Paris Les-Halles new market: Barbara and Fred Eisenhower at the Ambassador's residence in Brussels (BCOL 310)          undated

Art print copy "News & Views" (BCOL 311)          undated

Firearms examiner at police headquarters  (BCOL 312)          undated

Barney Berlinger, Sr. (shots of him in his office ) (BCOL 313)          undated

Society Hill community garden (BCOL 314)          undated

Signs (BCOL 315)          undated

Dr. Whittier (BCOL 316)          undated

Frank Lloyd Wright house inside and out  (BCOL 317)          undated

Cartoon (BCOL 318)          undated

Paintings at Allentown Museum - art (BCOL 319)          undated

Volcano (BCOL 320)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 321)          undated 

Suzan Oliver - Phila. girl in "The Caretakers" movie (BCOL 323)          1963

Sam Shapiro (BCOL 324)          1970

Eugene Ormandy (conductor) (BCOL 325)          1970

Frank Palumbo (BCOL 326)          1970

Michael Rents modern furniture manufacturer (BCOL 327)          undated

Scott Paper (BCOL 328)          1970

Phillip Lloyd Powell - Furniture (BCOL 329)          undated

Pete Retzlaff (BCOL 330)          1970

Cover - Robinson Family used for issue 39 (Black) (BCOL 331)          undated

Eugene McCarthy (Senator) (BCOL 332)          undated

John McCormick (politician) (BCOL 333)          undated

Governor + Mrs. Charles Terry's home (it's a haunted house)  (BCOL 334)          undated

Charles M. Yortz Jr. (Grocer) (BCOL 335)          1970

McElroy House (BCOL 336)          undated

Evan H. Turner Director of Philadelphia Museum of Art (BCOL 337)          1970

Haunted House (BCOL 338)          undated

Herbie Special with entertainers  (BCOL 339)          1970

Carol Stanfield, du point (BCOL 340)          1970

Ed Sullivan (BCOL 341)          undated

Lane Taylor - President Germantown Savings bank (BCOL 342)          1970

"China's top brass" - Pictures of drawings (BCOL 343)          undated

Senators NJ, Del and Pa. Beneath capitol dome (BCOL 344)          1970

Loretto - Church group - nuns - church (BCOL 345)          undated

"Rosh - Nine" (BCOL 346)          undated

Penn Basketball team (BCOL 347)          undated

Pa. Turnpike "Shot at dusk of cars streaking along turnpike (BCOL 348)          undated

Bands, music, dancing (BCOL 349)          undated

Bail bond office and police adm. (BCOL 350)          undated

Bail bonds (BCOL 351)          undated

Flower show posters (BCOL 352)          undated

Flower show posters copies and "other stuff" (BCOL 353)          undated

Marijuana (BCOL 354)          undated

Dwight D. Eisenhower (BCOL 355)          undated

Nixon. Vatican. Student Demonstration. Eisenhower funeral. Hurricane Camille. Nixon and Vietnam (BCOL 356)          1969

Mayor James H.J. Tate (BCOL 357)          undated

Lyndon B. Johnson in the white house  (BCOL 358)          1969

Tom Jones - TV cover  (BCOL 359)          1970

William Kelly and wife - President of the First Pennsylvania Company  (BCOL 360)          undated

Janet Lake (actress) (BCOL 361)          undated

Joan Kennedy (BCOL 362)          1977

Unidentified (BCOL 363)          

Sophia Loren (Actress) (BCOL 364)          undated

Princess Grace - Brother Jack (BCOL 365)          undated

Mary Martin (BCOL 366)          undated

Art - Merrick (BCOL 367)          undated

Kathy Nolan (Actress) (BCOL 368)          undated

Eugene Ormandy (BCOL 369)          1970

Ormandy and the Orchestra  (BCOL 370)          1963

Admiral Robert Cavanaugh - Commander of the 4th Naval District (BCOL 371)          undated

Catherine Drinker Bowen (BCOL 372)          undated

Painter (BCOL 373)          undated

Helen Hayes  (BCOL 374)          undated

20 foot mural flowers in memory of Eisenhower created by 4th grade class on day of his funeral (BCOL 375)          1969

Uncle Sam made of Tax Forms (BCOL 376)          undated

Richie Allen - In Action (BCOL 377)          1963

Governor's mansion (BCOL 378)          undated

Joey Giardello with his baby (BCOL 379)          undated

Dan Blocker - Actor - Tv - NBC (BCOL 380)          1968

Hilger-Amuse  (BCOL 381)          undated

Richard Crenna (actor)  (BCOL 382)          1964

Robert Cummings (BCOL 383)          1965

Robert Cummings (actor) (BCOL 384)          1965

Phyllis Diller  (BCOL 385)          undated

Glen Campbell (TV) (BCOL 386)          undated

Henry Gibson - Doug Duitsman, NBC Burbank - Undeveloped (BCOL 387)          1969

Mrs. W. Antoinette Ford (BCOL 388)          1971

Richie Ashburn - Phillies center fielder with the Whiz-Kids champions of 1950 (BCOL 389)          1975

William Green  (BCOL 390)          1976

Billy Cunningham's Wife (BCOL 391)          1977

Betty Davis   (BCOL 392)          1977

Gino Marchetti (BCOL 393)          1970

Builders  (BCOL 394)          1970

James MacArthur (actor) (BCOL 395)          undated

Shirley MacLaine (BCOL 396)          undated

Mike Hansen - President Lt. Brothers (BCOL 397)          1970

"Mrs. Gifford buying magic potions from store woman owner" (BCOL 398)          undated

Paul Evans - Furniture sculpture (BCOL 399)          undated

Joe Frazier  (BCOL 399A)          1970

Roger D. DeVantier, RCA - Engineer (BCOL 400)          1970

G. Morris Dorrance, Jr. President of Philadelphia National Bank (BCOL 401)          1970

Laurence H. Eldredge - Law office  (BCOL 402)          undated

Gerald W. Carpenter - Program supervisor at Union in Blue Bell (BCOL 403)          undated

Carol Butcher - Afro Dancer (BCOL 404)          undated

Karl Bopp - President Federal Reserve Bank Philadelphia (BCOL 405)          1970

Mr. and Mrs. Livingston Biddle Jr. (BCOL 406)          undated

Doris Bindum - Claims supervisor for Keystone insurance (BCOL 407)          undated

Guadio's - store (BCOL 408)          undated

Royal family - Queen Elizabeth (BCOL 410)          undated

Rumsfeld and Brock (BCOL 411)          undated

Governor Shapp  (BCOL 412)          1974

"Tate" (BCOL 413)          undated

Entertain - Besset (BCOL 414)          1974

"Miss Universe" - Kelly Ann - Interview pictures  (BCOL 415)          undated

Children in Aruba  (BCOL 416)          undated

Back up color for Denenberg  (BCOL 417)          undated

"VIP file" - Kissinger (BCOL 418)          undated

Rizzo  (BCOL 419)          undated

William Rogers (BCOL 420)          undated

John B. Connally (BCOL 421)          undated

Jackson (BCOL 422)          undated

J. Edgar Hoover - FBI director (BCOL 423)          undated

Copy of a print - "Cooper" (BCOL 424)          undated

Seurat  (BCOL 425)          undated

"Ann" (BCOL 426)          undated

Rockefeller (BCOL 427)          1976

Archbishop Kroll (BCOL 428)          undated

Thacher Longstreth (BCOL 429)          undated

Marian Anderson (BCOL 430)          1963

"Tose" (BCOL 431)          undated

Nixon and Ford  (BCOL 432)          undated

Gambling (BCOL 433)          undated

Art sketch  (BCOL 434)          undated

Art print (BCOL 435)          undated

Valentine Focus (BCOL 436)          undated

Young Lover (BCOL 437)          1973

Lancaster Tour  (BCOL 438)          undated

High School color images  (BCOL 439)          undated

Crab fishing (BCOL 440)          1961

Fashion  (BCOL 441)          1965

Pollution (BCOL 442)          undated

Crew on boat house (BCOL 443)          undated

Audience (BCOL 444)          undated

Circus - Entertainment (BCOL 445)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 446)          undated

Christmas Cat (BCOL 447)          undated

Prisoner's rights cover  (BCOL 448)          undated

Year End (BCOL 449)          undated

Parkinson (BCOL 450)          undated

Radishes (BCOL 451)          undated

Earth (BCOL 452)          undated

Kelso (BCOL 453)          undated

Bryn Athyn (BCOL 454)          undated

Fashion (BCOL 456)          1966

Fashion - Houndstooth (BCOL 457)          undated

Mauntau (BCOL 458)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 459)          undated

Misc. Blossom Against Sky pix (BCOL 460)          1961

Villanova (BCOL 461)          undated

Vi-Tech  (BCOL 462)          undated

Spirit of independence  (BCOL 463)          undated

common cents (BCOL 464)          undated

Travel- Taiwan  (BCOL 464 B)          1971

Travel- Turkey (BCOL 465 A)          undated

The art museum from the roof of The Bulletin (BCOL 465 B)          undated

Philadelphia Museum of Art (BCOL 466)          undated

Phila Fashion (BCOL 466 B)          undated

Fashion pictures  (BCOL 467)          undated

Brooks Corner (BCOL 467 B )          undated

Ski fashions (BCOL 468)          undated

Girls at college (BCOL 468 B)          undated

Jefferson House in Phila (BCOL 469)          undated

Vet - Eyes of a bird (BCOL 470)          undated

Woman at home (BCOL 471)          undated

Boy eating corn (BCOL 472)          undated

Monkey and a dog (BCOL 473)          undated

A rock formation (BCOL 474)          undated

Butterfly on flower - Brooklane (BCOL 475)          undated

Indians (BCOL 476)          undated

Man on his farm (BCOL 477)          undated

Golfing art wall (BCOL 478)          undated

In Front of art museum (BCOL 479)          undated

Up state market (BCOL 480)          undated

Little girl and her doll (BCOL 481)          undated

People learning how to draw (BCOL 482)          undated

Performers (BCOL 483)          1965

Painting of houses (BCOL 484)          undated

Fishing by a pond (BCOL 485)          undated

Riding a horse (BCOL 486)          undated

Lake Erie (BCOL 487)          undated

Art museum (BCOL 488)          undated

"Green" (BCOL 489)          undated

Franco (BCOL 490)          undated

J.E. Hoover (BCOL 491)          undated

Voyage of Ra (BCOL 492)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 493)          undated

Air Pollution (BCOL 494)          undated

"Brealey" (BCOL 495)          undated

Sir Rudolf Bing (BCOL 496)          undated

Brooks Corner (BCOL 497)          1971

Production of a motion picture (BCOL 498)          undated

Cover Girl Contest (BCOL 499)          undated

Art Class (BCOL 500)          undated

Ice Skating (BCOL 501)          undated

Air pollution (BCOL 502)          undated

Indian (BCOL 503)          undated

Mafia (BCOL 504)          undated

Independence Mall (BCOL 505)          undated

Fleet of jets (BCOL 506)          undated

Choir singing at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (BCOL 507)          undated

Steel workers (BCOL 508)          undated

Prospect cover  (BCOL 509)          1970

Boys + horse (BCOL 510)          undated

Year in Review images  (BCOL 511)          1971

Skiing and winter fun (BCOL 512)          undated

Man fishing (BCOL 513)          undated

Fashion - 1964 (BCOL 514)          undated

Color (BCOL 515)          1965

Clown costumes for mummers parade (BCOL 516)          undated

Dolphins at the aquarium  (BCOL 517)          undated

Fashion (BCOL 518)          undated

Fashion Fabric (BCOL 519)          undated

Fashion - Plaids (BCOL 520)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 521)          undated

Shamrock (BCOL 522)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 523)          undated

Shellpile (BCOL 524)          undated

"You and your name" (BCOL 525)          undated

Fashion stock exchange (BCOL 526)          undated

Apple pits (BCOL 529)          undated 

"Sam Goody's" department store (BCOL 530)          undated

Koaks and Bath (BCOL 531)          undated

Boeing Factory (Delaware County) (BCOL 532)          undated

Boeing Factory (Delaware County) (BCOL 533)          undated

Boeing Factory (Delaware County) (BCOL 534)          undated

Travel - New England (BCOL 535)          undated

"Sewing the flag" (BCOL 536)          undated

Travel - Kennedy (BCOL 537)          undated

Navy portraits (BCOL 538)          1972

Army Color (BCOL 539)          1972

Pomegranates still life and painting (BCOL 540)          undated

Bryn Athyn aerial view (BCOL 541)          undated

Fashion - Jockey extras (BCOL 542)          undated

105 year old woman (BCOL 543)          undated 

Spring fashion - Donald Brooks (BCOL 544)          1969     

Fashion (BCOL 546)          undated

Pomegranates - Studio - rejects (BCOL 547)          undated

Fashions (BCOL 548)          undated

Body Jewelry (BCOL 549)          undated

Storage cabinets - copy of drawing (BCOL 550)          undated

Food - Pears - Studio  (BCOL 551)          undated

Food - Pears - Studio (BCOL 552)          undated

Fashion - Shawl dress (BCOL 553)          undated

Fashion - Swimsuits (BCOL 554)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 555)          undated

Fashion - Swimsuits  (BCOL 556)          undated

Spring fashion (BCOL 557)          undated

President Dwight D. Eisenhower and wife  (BCOL 558)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 559)          undated

Phillies playoff portrait (BCOL 560)          undated

Baseball illustration (BCOL 561)          undated

Tennis courts inside  (BCOL 563)          undated

Bicentennial  (BCOL 564)          undated

no negatives  (BCOL 567)          undated

Dr. Harold Scheie (BCOL 568)          undated

Bulletin Cover Girl - Sedman, Ellen (BCOL 569)          undated

"The scientist" - Dr. and Mrs. James Watson, discoverer of the structure of the DNA molecule - ABC news telecast  (BCOL 570)          November 29th, no year 

Arthur H. Lewis  (BCOL 571)          1970

Taina Elg (BCOL 572)          undated

Barry Goldwater Us Senator (BCOL 573)          undated

Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona (BCOL 574)          undated

Tom Gola famed basketball player and later in Philadelphia politics  (BCOL 575)          undated

Rita Hayworth (actress) (BCOL 576)          undated

Audrey Hepburn (BCOL 577)          undated

Eva Gabor (actress) (BCOL 578)          undated

Barbara Eden (Tv-actress) (BCOL 579)          undated

Anthony Franciosa (actress) (BCOL 580)          undated

Senator Henry (scoop) Jackson - Washington state (BCOL 581)          undated

Ava Gardner (actress) (BCOL 582)          undated

Judy Garland (actress -singer) (BCOL 583)          undated

Sinatra - Spectrum events  (BCOL 584)          undated

Harold E. Stassen (Candidate for vice president) (BCOL 585)          undated

Tate, James H. - Former mayor of Philadelphia (BCOL 586)          undated

Bobby Rydell (BCOL 587)          undated

Bobby Rydell at home with his family (BCOL 588)          undated

Ronald Reagan (BCOL 589)          undated

Ronald Reagan - former Governor of California and candidate for the presidency in 1976 -- "Lest we forget movie star during the hollywood heydays" (BCOL 590)          undated

Ronald Reagan (BCOL 591)          1980

Herbert E. Joseph - Necktie designer with ties  (BCOL 592)          undated

Vanessa Redgrave (actress) (BCOL 593)          undated

Lee Remick (actress) (BCOL 594)          undated

Burt Reynolds (movie actor) (BCOL 595)          undated

Debbie Reynolds (Sound of Children) (BCOL 596)          undated

Elliot Richardson (BCOL 597)          undated

Jeannie Riley  (BCOL 598)          1969

Vice president Nelson Rockefeller  (BCOL 599)          undated

Nelson Rockefeller (BCOL 600)          undated

Governor Nelson Rockefeller of New York State - He also served as Vice President under Gerald Ford (BCOL 601)          undated

Clara and Alta - Siamese twins separated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Doctor Koop (BCOL 602)          undated

Leticia Roman (actress) (BCOL 603)          undated

Leontyne Price  (BCOL 604)          undated

Dorothy Provine (BCOL 605)          undated

Svetlana  (BCOL 606)          undated

Svetlana - Stalin's Daughter (BCOL 607)          undated

Svetlana (BCOL 608)          undated

Elizabeth Taylor (actress) (BCOL 609)          undated

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton (BCOL 610)          undated

Leigh Taylor-Young (BCOL 611)          1968

Renati Tebaldi - Opera Singer in Madam Butterfly (BCOL 612)          undated

Harry S. Truman (BCOL 613)          undated

Harry S. Truman - Former president (BCOL 614)          undated

Leslie Uggams (singer) (BCOL 615)          1969

Max Von Sydow (actor) (BCOL 616)          undated

Clint Walker (actor) (BCOL 617)          undated

Tippi Walker (BCOL 618)          undated

George Wallace (BCOL 619)          undated

Governor George Wallace  (BCOL 620)          undated

Comic mimes - Robert Shields and Lorene Yarnell  (BCOL 621)          1977

Barbara Walters  (BCOL 622)          undated

Arthur Rubinstein  (BCOL 623)          undated

Eva Marie Saint (actress) (BCOL 624)          undated

Senator - Hugh Scott  (BCOL 625)          undated

Lizabeth Scott (actress) (BCOL 626)          undated

Andres Segovia (musician) (BCOL 627)          undated

William Scranton former governor of Pennsylvania (BCOL 628)          undated

Frank Sinatra (BCOL 629)          undated

Princess and Lord Snowdon Margaret of England (BCOL 630)          undated

Elke Sommer (actress) (BCOL 631)          undated

Merrie Spaeth (BCOL 632)          undated

Arlen Specter - Former DA (BCOL 633)          undated

Joan Staley (actress) (BCOL 634)          undated

Connie Stevens (actress -singer) (BCOL 635)          undated

Barbra Streisand (actress -singer) (BCOL 636)          undated

Diana Ross (singer) (BCOL 637)          undated

Juliet Prowse (BCOL 638)          undated

Jack Benny  (BCOL 639)          undated

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (BCOL 640)          undated

Rick Nelson and wife (BCOL 641)          undated

Evy Norlund (BCOL 642)          undated

Paul Newman (BCOL 643)          undated

Lawrence Welk (BCOL 644)          undated

Dawn Wells (actress) (BCOL 645)          undated

Jonathon Winters (BCOL 646)          undated

Natalie Wood (BCOL 647)          undated

Richard J. Hughes and family former NJ governor (BCOL 648)          undated

Gena Rowland (actress) (BCOL 649)          undated

Diane Baker (BCOL 650)          undated

Lucille Ball and husband (ex) Desi Arnaz (BCOL 651)          undated

Ingrid Bergman (actress) (BCOL 652)          undated

Fran Allison (tv) (BCOL 653)          undated

James Arness (actor) (BCOL 654)          undated

Dean - Dr. Constance Penn Dent of Pennsylvania (BCOL 655)          undated

Noel Coward (BCOL 656)          undated

Joan Collins (BCOL 657)          undated

Prime Minister Winston Churchill of England (BCOL 658)          undated

Leslie Carron (actress) (BCOL 659)          undated

Victor Borge (pianist-actor) (BCOL 660)          undated

Raymond Burr (actress) (BCOL 661)          undated

Bishop Joey - TU (BCOL 662)          undated

Jack Bailey (BCOL 663)          undated

Lauren Bacall (actress) (BCOL 664)          undated

Diahann Carroll (BCOL 665)          undated

Shirley Booth - Melvin Douglas (BCOL 666)          undated

Elvis Presley (singer-actor) (BCOL 667)          undated

Oscars (BCOL 668)          undated

Peter O'Toole (actor) (BCOL 669)          undated

Debbie Owens (actress) (BCOL 670)          undated

Fess Parker (BCOL 671)          undated

Barbara Parkins - Peyton Place (BCOL 672)          undated

Pope John Paul II (BCOL 673)          1978

Drew Pearson  (BCOL 674)          undated

Maggie Peterson (BCOL 675)          undated

Sidney Poitier (actor) (BCOL 676)          undated

Pope John Paul I (BCOL 677)          undated

Pope Paul VI (BCOL 678)          undated

Mrs. Nixon (BCOL 679)          undated

Nixon and Humphrey campaigning (BCOL 680)          undated

John F. Kennedy and Mrs. Kennedy (BCOL 681)          undated

Tina Louise (actres) (BCOL 682)          undated

Martin Luther King (BCOL 683)          undated

Ozzie, Harriet and sons (BCOL 684)          undated

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (BCOL 685)          undated

Maria Callas (opera) (BCOL 686)          undated

Carolyn Jones (actress) (BCOL 687)          undated

Janet Leigh (actress) (BCOL 688)          undated

Ted Kennedy (BCOL 689)          undated

Mayor John Lindsay of New York (BCOL 690)          undated

Greg Luzinski (BCOL 691)          undated

Richard M. Nixon (BCOL 692)          undated

Actor Joe Early (BCOL 694)          undated

Brussels Barbara and John Eisenhower (BCOL 695)          undated

Paintings of an auction (BCOL 696)          undated

Art Club (BCOL 697)          undated

Robert Taylor "VIP file" (BCOL 698)          undated

Fashion Bea Cravers  (BCOL 699)          undated

Maurice Rentner- fashions  (BCOL 700)          undated

Restoration of Barn at Andrew Wyeth (BCOL 701)          undated

Restoration of Barn (Andrew Wyeth) 2  (BCOL 703)          undated

Fashion photographs (BCOL 704)          undated

Royal Family  (BCOL 705)          undated

The Royal Family for Sunday  (BCOL 706)          undated

Indoor tennis courts  (BCOL 707)          undated

Spring Fashion studio photos  (BCOL 708)          undated

Real Estate Korman's Neshaminy Valley (BCOL 709)          undated

Fashion industry (BCOL 710)         undated

Sesler-Scott  (BCOL 711)          undated

Misc. Ford (BCOL 712)          undated

Pompeii - Travel (BCOL 713)          undated

Swimsuit fashions (BCOL 714)          undated

Christmas clothing - fashions (BCOL 715)          undated

Dorothy McGuire - Actress (BCOL 716)          undated

Phila. Food Distribution Center  (BCOL 717)          undated

Easter stained glass windows at church (BCOL 718)          undated

Gina Lollobrigida (BCOL 720)          undated

Mrs. Connie Thorn cooking in kitchen  (BCOL 721)          undated

Swedish Christmas  (BCOL 722)          undated

Methodist Church of Germantown (BCOL 723)          undated

Phillies Team (BCOL 724)          undated

Mike's 1973 Toyota Celica (BCOL 725)          1974

Mike's 1973 Toyota Celica (BCOL 726)          undated

Eagles Cover TV Sports  (BCOL 727)          undated

TV Sports college football (BCOL 728)          undated

Phillies Phanatic TV sports  (BCOL 729)          undated

Revolutionary soldiers in battle (BCOL 730)          1977

Supermarket (BCOL 731)          1978

Stage - Pics  (BCOL 732)          undated

Clowns at Spectrum (BCOL 733)          undated

T-Shirts  (BCOL 734)          undated

Supermarket (BCOL 735)          undated

Food Gallery (BCOL 736)          1977

Panorama at Franklin's career in series of scenes using lifelike figures  (BCOL 737)          undated

Ice Skating  (BCOL 738)          undated

Elvis - Album (BCOL 739)          undated

Phillies vs. Pirates  (BCOL 740)          1977

Brookshier  (BCOL 741)          undated

John F. Kennedy Former president of the U.S. (BCOL 742)          undated

Dennis Weaver - Actor (BCOL 743)          undated

Meridien Hotel, Martinique (BCOL 744)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 745)          undated

Philadelphia Eagles at practice  (BCOL 746)          undated

Unidentified (BCOL 747)          undated

Gymnasts on sailing ship (BCOL 748)          undated

American Indians in church (BCOL 749)          undated

Presidential inauguration  (BCOL 750)          undated

Snake hunt  (BCOL 751)          undated

Jigsaw Puzzle (BCOL 752)          undated

L.B. Johnson - Johnson Library (BCOL 753)          1971

Fairmount Park in the winter time (BCOL 754)          undated

Sailboat on lake  (BCOL 755)          undated

Fashion - Pedal  (BCOL 756)          undated

Children's Easter fashions (BCOL 757)          undated

Sea Venture - cruise ship (BCOL 758)          undated

Field of sunflowers  (BCOL 759)          undated

Fashions possibly Woodside Park (BCOL 760)          undated 

William Rogers  (BCOL 761)          undated

Dan Evans (BCOL 762)          1974

John Cownally (BCOL 763)          undated

Balenciaga Fashions at Hotel George V, Paris (BCOL 764)          undated

Robert Mclean (BCOL 765)          undated

Martin Milner (BCOL 766)          undated

Darrin McGavin (BCOL 767)          undated

Bob Denver (BCOL 768)          undated

Flamenco dancer (BCOL 769)          undated

Fashion (BCOL 770)          undated

Jack Pear (BCOL 771)          undated

Stained glass window G[eorge] Washington (BCOL 772)          undated

Racing boat  (BCOL 773)          undated

Kelso horse  (BCOL 774)          undated

Unidentified man - Rowing captain (BCOL 775)          undated

Flyers Stanley Cup parade (BCOL 776)          undated

Woman in field with two children (BCOL 777)          undated

Natives, beaches, Pacific Island? (BCOL 778)          undated

Philadelphia International Airport (BCOL 779)          undated

Unidentified man and woman playing guitar on grass with horse  (BCOL 780)          undated

Children and teacher in front of ship mural at the Independence Seaport Museum (BCOL 781)         undated

Woman in costume (BCOL 782)          undated

Seated man playing guitar (BCOL 783)          undated

Two men with stones set in grounds  (BCOL 784)          undated

People loading bags  (BCOL 785)          undated

Man in greenhouse with plants  (BCOL 786)          undated

Man and woman with meat in coffee garden  (BCOL 787)          undated

Man on tractor (BCOL 788)          undated

L.B. Johnson - Vantage point NY Times  (BCOL 789)          undated

Defense support agency  in testing materials, sewing, flag making  (BCOL 790)          undated

Lumber industry (BCOL 791)          undated

Ozzie Nelson (BCOL 792)          undated

Daffodils  (BCOL 793)          undated

Atlas missile  (BCOL 794)          undated

England - Prince Charles as young man (BCOL 795)          undated

Drawings (BCOL 796)          undated