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ICEOP was established in Philadelphia in 1977 by Dr. Leon Howard Sullivan. The organization was created to coordinate and monitor the activities of corporate subscribers to the Sullivan "Statement of Principles" governing U.S. corporate investment in South Africa.

Dr. Sullivan, former pastor of Zion Baptist Church and founder of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers, had committed his life to fostering equal rights and opportunities for Blacks and other disadvantaged groups throughout the U.S. and the world. Dr. Sullivan had a particular interest in the Republic of South Africa which emanated from the non-existence of human rights and individual freedom for Blacks and other non-White populations in that nation. The current mounting chaos and disorder in South Africa signified a call for changes in attitudes and practices of "Apartheid". While some people felt that these changes could only occur through violent revolution, Dr. Sullivan believed that constructive reforms could be accomplished by peaceful means.

In 1971, Dr. Sullivan's beliefs in the future of South Africa were shared at a General Motors Company Stockholders's meeting where he, as a board member, asked the company to withdraw its investments from South Africa until the system of "Apartheid" was eliminated. In 1975, Dr. Sullivan met with numerous South African leaders who supported his beliefs, and recommended that he encourage American corporations operating in South Africa to help facilitate social change. It was felt that the collective power of international corporations with holdings in the Republic had the power to peacefully confront and eradicate race domination. American companies were asked to provide the model for worldwide corporations to follow. In 1977, a group of 12 American companies under the leadership of Dr. Sullivan developed and adopted a code of corporate conduct to govern the operations of their subsidiaries in South Africa, generally referred to as the Sullivan Principles. Its primary aim is to promote racial equality in employment practices in South Africa and to develop programs and encourage changes which would have a significant impact on the quality of life for all Black South Africans. By 1984, there were 140 U.S. signatory companies who agreed to endorse and carry out the mandates of "The Sullivan Principles".


Deposited by Wade Wilson, Executive Director ICEOP on August 21, 1987.

Note: closed materials are available only with the permission of the donor.


Organized into eight series:

  • Series I: Administration (Boxes 1-2)
  • Series II: Consultants (Box 3)
  • Series III: Organizations (Box 3)
  • Series IV: Companies (Boxes 4-7)
  • Series V: Activities (Boxes 8-10)
  • Series VI: Publications (Boxes 10-15)
  • Series VII: Speeches and Testimonies (Box 15)
  • Series VIII: Audio-Visual (see Urban Archives General Photograph Collection)
Series I. Administration. This series contains general information on ICEOP, including organizational histories, articles of incorporation and bylaws; correspondence, meeting minutes and committee files of the ICEOP Board of Directors.

Series II. Consultants. This series contains information on services provided to ICEOP by consultant groups. Firms include Arthur Little, Inc.; Clark, Phipps, Clark and Harris; Harold Sims and Associates; and W.R. Lazard and Co.

Series III. Organizations. This series contains correspondence, reports and other miscellaneous material on various political, educational and social institutions. A small group of files on the Industry Support Unit, a sub-organization of ICEOP, are also included in this series.

Series IV. Companies. These files contain information on various activities of Signatory and Non-signatory companies to the Sullivan Principles.

Series V. Activities. This series documents ICEOP involvement in areas of finance, government and education. Files also contain information on various ICEOP proposals and meetings, and activities of the Sullivan Principles Task Groups.

Series VI. Publications. This series contains numerous publications, newsclippings and press releases on South Africa and Apartheid.

Series VII. Speeches and Testimonies.

Series VIII. Audio-Visual Materials. This series consists of mounted photographs detailing various activities of ICEOP. Photographs can be found in the Urban Archives General Photograph Collection.


Series I: Administration

Box 1

Agency Descriptions and Background Material, n.d.
Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws
Board of Directors
Budget Projections and Balance Sheets, 1980-1986
Emanuel Whiting and Company Public Accountants Financial Assessments of ICEOP, 1979
Financial Statements, 1980-1986
Payroll Summaries, 1980-198_
Tax Information for ICEOP, 1978-1980 (2 Folders)
Employee Benefits, 1979-1986 (2 Folders)
Job Descriptions, n.d.
Personnel and Procedure Manual, n.d.
Recommendations to the Personnel Committee of ICEOP, n.d.
Resumes/Biographical Information on ICEOP Personnel, n.d.
Purnell, Daniel, Executive Director, ICEOP
no dates
Roman, Gus, Rev., Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairman of the Board, ICEOP, 1977-1979
Sullivan, Leon H., Rev., Chairman of the Board, ICEOP
no date
Wilson, Wade, Chairman, Personnel Committee of ICEOP Board of Directors
Chief Executive Office of Signatory Companies
Meeting Minutes and Agendas
ICEOP Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Box 2

Rev. Sullivan's Meeting with Representatives of Signatory Companies
Memorandums to Signatory Company Representatives, 1980-1986
Advertisements for Newspapers, 1985
Charts/Graphs/Blank Forms
Mailing Lists
Numerical Frequency of Select ICEOP Administrative Functions, n.d.
Posters of Sullivan's Statement of Principles
Original signers to the Sullivan Statement of Principles, n.d. (2 copies)

Series II: Consultants

Arthur D. Little, Inc.
Annual Report, 1978
The First Sullivan Signatories Questionnaire, An Overview, n.d.
Statements of Principles Progress Report
#2, 1978
#3, 1979
#4, 1980
#5, 1981
#6, 1982
#7, 1983

Box 3

#8, 1984
#9, 1985
#10, 1986
Clark, Phipps, Clark and Harris, Inc.
Contract Agreement between ICEOP and CPCH, 1980
Outline for Expanded CPC & H Involvement in the ICEOP Program, March 1980
Harold Sims and Associates Consultants, Inc.
Correspondence, 1980
Trip Activities to South Africa on Behalf of ICEOP, 1979
W.R. Lazard and Co., Description of Firm, n.d.

Series III: Organizations/Colleges and Universities

The African-American Institute, 1976-1977, 1979
American African Education Foundation, 1986
American Bar Association, 1984
American Chamber of Commerce in South Africa, 1978-1979
American Committee on Africa, 1977
American Friends Service Committee, 1978
Association of Chambers of Commerce of South Africa (ASSOCOM), n.d.
Berea Children's Home, 1985
Books in Focus, 1978
Business and Society Review, 1979
Business International, 1985
Carnegie Leadership Program, Inc., 1979, 1984-1986
Centre on Transnational Corp., 1984, 1977
Education Informational Centre, n.d.
Eisenhower Exchange Fellowship, 1979
Ford Foundation, 1986
Garment Workers' Union of South Africa, 1975
Get Ahead Limited, 1984-1986 Industry Support Unit
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, 1980-1981
By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation, 1979, 1984
Correspondence, 1979-1980
Miscellaneous Minutes, 1978-1983
Tax Information, 1979
InKatha, 1977
Institute of International Education, 1977-1978, 1980 -1981
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, (ICCR)
Church Proxy Resolutions, January 1977
Correspondence, 1977-1979, 1982-1986
Smith, Timothy H., Executive Director ICCR, Statement Before the Subcommittee on Africa of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives, May 22, 1980
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, 1978-1979
International Metal Workers Federation, 1979
National Black Leadership Roundtable, State Black Causes and Organizations, n.d.
National Church of Churches, 1977
National Council of the South African Education Program, 1980-1983, 1985-1986
OIC, 1976-1979, 1982, 1984
Organization of African Unity (OAU), 1973, 1978
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, 1980-1983
Read Education Trust, 1985
Retirement Colleges Equity Fund, 1977-1978
The Riverside Church, 1980
South African Academy of Family Practice/Primary Care, 1985

Box 4

South African Council of Churches, 1967, 1974, 1978
South African Education Program, 1986
South African Foundation, 1977-1978
South African Institute of Race Relations, 1981
Soweto Project Hope, 1978
Tongant Group LTD., 1978
Trade Council of South Africa, 1978
United Methodist Church, 1982-1986
United Nations, Correspondence, 1978, 1980, 1985
United States, South africa Leader Exchange Program, 1978, 1983, 1985
University of Cape Town, 1976, 1986
University of Pennsylvania/Wharton School Industrial Research Unit, 1980
The Urban Foundation (U.S.A.), Inc., 1985
Willard Africa (PTY), 1978
World Council of Churches, 1977
World Without War Council, Inc., 1978

SERIES IV: Companies (A)

Signatory Companies:
Abbott Laboratories
Afia Worldwide Insurance
Air Products and Chemicals, Incorporated
Allegheny International
Alexander and Alexander
Allied.Singal, Incorporated
Amdahl Corporation
America Airlines
American Brands, Incorporated
American Brands, Incorporated
American Cyanamid Company
American Express Company
American Home Products
American Hospital Supply
American International Group
American Standard, Incorporated
Armco Steel Corporation
Arthur Anderson and Company
Automated Building Components
Avery International
Avis Rent A Car
The Badger Company
Baker International
Baltimore Aircoil Company
Bandag, Incorporated
Barlow Road Limited, Inc.
Bauch and Lomb, Incorporated
Baxter Travenol Labs, Incorporated
John Weisher, Vice President Bechtel Power Corporation
Bell and Howell Company
Black and Decker Manufacturing Company
Borden, Incorporated
Borg.Warner Corporation
Bristol.Myers Company
Bucyrus.Erie Company
Bulova Watch Company
Bundy Corporation
Burroughs Corporation
Butterick Fashion Marketing Company
Caltex Petroleum Corporation
Carlton Paper Corporation Limited
Carnation Company
Carrier International
Caterpillar Tractor Company
JI Case
CBS News
Celanese Corporation
Champion Spark Plug Company
The Chase Manhattan Bank
Cheseborough Ponds
Chicago Bridge and Iron Company CIGNA
City of Tacoma
Coca.Cola Company
Colgate.Palmolive Company
Columbus McKinnon Corporation
Combustion Engineering
Cooper Mining and Construction
Control Data Corporation
Coulter Electronics, Incorporated
CPC International
Crown Cork and Seal Company, Incorporated
Cummins Engine Company, Incorporated
Dames and Moore, International
D'Arcy.MacManus and Masiaus
Dart Industries Incorporated
Deloitte Haskins and Sells
Deere and Company
Del Monte Corporation
Diners Club South Africa
Dominion Textile Incorporated
Donaldson Company, Incorporated
Dow Chemical
Dow Corning
Dresser Industries, Incorporated
Eastman.Kodak Company
Eaton Corporation
E.I. DuPoint Nemour and Company
Emery Airfreight Corporation
Engelhard Minerals and Chemicals
Envirotech Corporation

Box 5

Estee Lauder, Incorporated
Exxon Corporation
FMC Corporation
Farrell Lines
Federal.Mogul Corporation
Ferro Corporation
Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
John Fluke Manufacturing Company, Incorporated
Fluor Corporation
Foote, Cone and Belding
Ford Motor Company
Foster Wheeler Corporation
Franklin Electric
Friends of SOS Children's Villages, Incorporated
Fruehauf Corporation N.S
GAF Corporation
Fatx Corporation
GTE Corporation
Gardner.Denver Company
The Gates Rubber Company
Gelco CTI Container Corporation
General Motors Corporation
General Signal
General Corporation
General Electric Company
The Gillette Company
Goodyear International Corporation
W.R. Grace and Company
Grey Advertising Incorporated
Grolier International Incorporated
Frank B. Hall and Company
Harnischfeger Corporation
The Harper Group
Walter E. Heller Overseas Corporation
Heublein, Incorporated
Hewlett.Packard Company
Honeywell, Incorporated
Hoover Company
Hyster Company
IMS International Incorporated
IBM Corporation
International Correspondence Schools
International Flavors and Fragrances, etc.
International Harvester
International Minerals and Chemical Corporation
International Playtex, Incorporated
International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation
The Interpublic Group of Companies
JWT Group, Incorporated
Johnson Controls
Samuel C. Johnson and Son, Incorporated
Johnson and Johnson

Box 6

Joy Manufacturing Company
Kellogg Company
Kennametal, Incorporated
Kennecot Copper Corporation
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Kimberly.Clark Corporation
Sara Lee Corporation
Leco Corporation
Eli Lilly and Company
Loctite Corporation
MacMillan, Incorporated
Marsh and McLennan
Martin Marrietta
Marriott Corporation
Masonite Corporation
McGraw.Hill, Incorporated
Measurex Corporation
Medtronic, Incorporated
Merck and Company, Incorporated
Midland.Ross Corporation
Millipores Corporation, April 17, 1985
Mine Safety Appliances Company
Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company
Mobil Oil Corporation
Molex International Incorporated
Monsanto Company
J.P. Morgan and Company, Incorporated
Motorola, Incorporated
Nabisco Brands, Incorporated
Nalco Chemical Company
Nashua Corporation
NCR Corporation
North Carolina National Bank Corporation
Newmont Mining Corporation
A.C. Nielsen International, Incorporated
Norton Company
Norton Simon Incorporated
Ogilvy.Mather International, Incorporated
Olin Corporation
Otis Elevator
Owens Illinois
Packard Instrument, Incorporated
Schering.Plough Corporation
Joseph E. Seagram and Sons Incorporated
G.D. Searle and Company
Sentry Group
Sigmaform Corporation
The Signatory Association
Simplicity Pattern Company, Incorporated
The Singer Company
Skok Systems, Incorporated
Smithkline Corporation
Southern New England Telephone, October 16, 1986
Sperry Rand Corporation
Squibb "D" Company
Squibb Corporation
Standard Brand, Incorporated
Standard Oil Company
The Standford Lane Group (PTY) LTD
The Stanley Works
Stauffer Chemical Company
Sterling Drug Incorporated
Stone and Webster Engineering Services, Inc.
Strategic Minerals Corporation, January 5, 1987
Sunland Foods (Christopher Beirn)
Sun Chemical Corporation
Tambrands, Incorporated
Tenneco, Incorporated
The Trane Company
Trans World Airlines
J. Walter Thompson Company
Trinova Corporation
TRW Incorporated
Time, Incorporated
Twin Disc Incorporated
Two M Trading Company
Unisys Corporation
Union Carbide Corporation
The UpJohn Corporation
Uniroyal Incorporated

Box 7

United States Lines, Incorporated
United States Steel Corporation
Valmont Industries Incorporated
Vedder, Price, Kauffman and Kammholz
VF Corporation
Video Vision Enterprises
Wang Laboratories, Incorporated
Warner Communications, Incorporated
Warner.Lambert International
The Washington Post Company
Washington Times
Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Westin Hotels
Wilbur.Ellis Company
John Wiley and Sons, Incorporated
The Wyatt Company
Xerox Corporation

Non-Signatory Companies:
Airco, Incorporated
Amax, Incorporated
American Bank and Trust Company of Pennsylvania
Ampex Corporation
The Arizona Bank
Atlantic Richfield Company
Eaton Corporation
Bank of American, NT and SA
Bank of Hawaii
Dresser Industries
The Bank of New York Company, Incorporated
Bankers Trust Company
Bendix Corporation
The Washington Post Company
Bethlehem Steel Corporation
Blue Bell, Incorporated
The Boeing company
Leo Burnett Company, Incorporated
Phibro Corporation
California First Bank
The Carborundum Company
Chemical Bank
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Company
Cities Service Company
Clark Equipment Company
Continental Bank
Continental Insurance Company
Esmark Incorporated
First Bank System Incorporated
First Citizens Bank and Trust Company
First and National Bank of Arizona
The First National Bank of Boston
The First National Bank of Chicago
First National Bank in Dallas
First National Bank of Minneapolis
First Pennsylvania Bank
First Security Corporation
First Wisconsin National Bank of Milwaukee
General Foods Corporation
J. Gerber and Company
Getty Oil Company
Gulf Oil Corporation
Heinemann Electric Company
Inco Electro.Energy
Industrial Valley Bank and Trust Company
Inmont Corporation
The International Nickel Company, Incorporated
Irvin Industries Company
Irvin Trust Company
The Lovable Company
Marine Midland Bank
McKee Engineers and Constructors
Mellon Bank
Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York
M & T Bank
National Bank of Detroit
National Bank of North America
Newmont Mining Corporation
North Carolina National Bank
Oshkosh Truck Corporation
Proctor & Gamble Company
Rheem International Incorporated
The Riggs National Bank
Seattle.First National Bank
Schlumberger Limited
A.O. Smith Corporation
State Street Bank & Trust Company
St. Regis Paper Company
Texas Gulf
Valley National Bank
The Vendo Company
Wachovia Bank & Trust Company, NA
Wells Fargo Bank, NA
White Motor Corporation
Wendell C. Walker & Associates Incorporated

Companies, Miscellaneous:
Codes of Conduct for Companies with Interest in South Africa
Great Britain, 1977-1981, 1983-1986 (2 Folders)
Sweden, 1974-1979
Foreign Companies' Correspondence, 1976-1979
List of Firms with Operations in South Africa, 1979-1984
Mailings to Non-Signatory Companies, 1978-1979
Original Signators to the Sullivan Principles, n.d.
U.S. Businesses in South Africa Which Are Not Signatories to the Sullivan Principles

Series V: Activities

Box 8

Dawson College Anti-Apartheid Bank Campaign, 1978 -1979
General Correspondence with Banks, 1979-1982
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility Campaign Against Banks, 1978-1979
ICEOP Ministers Meeting Minutes Concerning Bank Involvement in South Africa, 1980
Rank of Commercial Banks According to Assets, n.d.
Sullivan's Position on the United States Bank Loans to the Republic of South Africa, 1979
U.S. Banks that Lend to South Africa, 1979-1980

Correspondence to and from U.S. Colleges and Universities
Meeting with College Presidents to Discuss Common Concerns Related to South Africa, April 3, 1985
U.S. College Position Statements on Investments in South Africa
A-D, 1978-1979
E-H, 1978-1979
I-M, 1978-1979
N-P (except Princeton), 1978-1979
Q-T (also Princeton), 1969, 1973, 1977-1978, 1982
U-Z, 1977-1979

Bryn-Mawr/Haverford Conference on Shareholder Resolutions on South Africa, October 24, 1978
Business International Conference: What's Next for South Africa? NY, December 3-4, 1985
Conference on South African Black and Non-Racial Unions, January 10-12, 1985
Emergency Clergy Conference on Anti-Apartheid, Non-violent Campaign, January 15, 1980
International Confederation of Free Trade Against Unions, Symposium on Action Against Apartheid in the Framework of the ILO, January 19-20, 1984
Leeds Castle Conference of Multi-National Chief Executive Officers to Discuss Common Concerns Related to South Africa, March 8, 1985
National Consultative Conference on the Crisis in Education, December 28-29, 1985
9th Annual African-American Conference, November 26-30, 1978
The Role of the U.S. Corporations in South Africa and How that Relates to Colleges and Universities, Invitations for Speaking Engagements, March 1, 1979
Symposium on Current Issues Facing American Corporations in South Africa, March 28, 1981
Tower Fellows Workshop Name List and Agenda, November 20, 1985

Miscellaneous Conferences:
Early Activities to Initiate Principles
International Efforts

Overseas Trips:
Roman, Gus, Rev., 1977
Sullivan, Leon, Rev., 1977-1978, 1981, 1983 -1986
Staff, South Africa, 1978, 1980

Visitors to ICEOP:
Mosala, Leonard and Conco, Zwelinjani, Simon Tutu, Desmond, Bishop, 1978, 1983-1985

Box 9

ICEOP Meeting Minutes with Philadelphia Clergy Regarding Possible Areas of Involvement in the Activities of Rev. Leon Sullivan in South Africa, 1979
Plenary Meetings on the Sullivan Statement of Principles
March 1-2, 1978
June 1-18, 1978
November 17, 1978
February 23, 1979
June 16, 1979
Miscellaneous Meeting Minutes, 1979-1986

National African Federated Chambers of Commerce Proposal to Form the Development Corporation, September 11, 1978
Proposal for Funding of the Monitoring Unit for South African Statement of Principles Submitted to the William Penn Foundation and the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation, 1980
Proposal to Create A Small Business Development Center in the Republic of South Africa ..., March 1979
Reports on Conditions in South Africa, 1979-1983
State Actions on Divestment, 1982, 1987
Statement of Principles Activity Calendar, 1979
The Sullivan Principles Task Groups
Communications, Group II, 1978-1979, 1983 -1985
Eastern Cape Task Group, 1985
Education, Group III, 1979-1982, 1984-1985
Equal and Fair Employment Praction, Group I, 1978-1979
Health Care and Housing, Group VI, 1978-1979
Management Development, Group V, 1978-1979
Periodic Reporting and Economic and COmmunity Development, Group VII, 1978, 1984
Training Group IV, 1977-1979, 1981
Task Group Assignments and Functions, 1979
Task Groups' Leaders Meeting Minutes, 1980
Surveys/Polls, 1977-1979

Box 10

Washington Activities:
Bakke (Allen) Case Material, 1978-1979
Congressional Bills and Resolutions
Congressman Solarz's Bill on South Africa, 1978 -1979, 1983
Evan's Amendment, 1978-1979
Joint Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Africa, March 1, 1972
Legislation Issues, 1978, 1981-1984 (2 Folders)
State and Local Anti-Apartheid Developments
Transafrica, 1978
U.S. Department of State, 1977-1980, 1985-1986
U.S. House of Representatives, Correspondence, 1979-1980
The U.S. Secretary of State's Advisory Committee on South Africa, June 1986
U.S. Senate, Correspondence, 1977, 1984-1986
The Washington Office on Africa, 1977-1978
Washington Status Report on Key Projects, Assignments and Priorities Lists, 1979

Series VI: Publications

The Africa Fund, 1978-1979
Africa News, 1977-1978
The Africa Report, September-October 1984
African National Congress (South Africa), 1977-1979 (2 Folders)
Amnesty International South Africa Briefing, n.d.
"African Independent Churches: Speaking for Ourselves," Institute for Contextual Theology, n.d.
"American Corporations Increasingly Negative on South African Investments," Feldberg, Meyer, Prof., n.d.
"An Assessment of the Sullivan Principles," no author, n.d. (2 Copies)
"Are Sullivan's Principles Folly in South America?" Elbinger, Lee, n.d.
"Black Attitudes, Capitalism and Investment in South Africa," Schlemmer, Lawrence, August 1984
"Black Into White and White Into Black: The Quiet Revolution in South African Universities," Moulder, James, April 27, 1985
"Black Unions in South Africa: Labor Law Reform and Apartheid," Gould, William, 1981
"Can Business Save South Africa?" Joseph W. Eaton, Ph.D, October 10, 1979
"Chamdor Training Centre," IBM South Africa, July -August 1978
"Closures: Rationalization or Reprisal" (The B and S Case), Keenan, Jeremy, July 2-5, 1984
"Come Back to Ghana," Awoonor, Kofi, n.d.
"Confidential Diplomatic Cable Reveals Black Hostility to U.S. Investment in South Africa," no author, April 1978
"Conflict in South Africa: The Continuing Stalemate," Schlemmer, Lawrence, n.d.
"The Crisis in South Africa: How Should Sarah Lawrence, A Great College, Respond?" Purnell, Daniel W., October 23, 1985
"Current American Attitudes Towards U.S. Business Involvement in South Africa," by Professor Feldberg, July 2, 1976
"Daniel's View: Advocacy and Program Reviewed" Purnell, Daniel, n.d.
"Delphi Technique: Expanding Applications" Brooks, Kenneth W., n.d. (2 Folders)
"Divestment and Apartheid" Burdette, Marcia M., and Sanford Dumain, August 1978
"Equity Issues in Culturally Diverse Settings: Cognitive Modifiability," March 18, 1986
"Everybody's Business: A Report on the Corporations in South Africa," de St. Jorre, John Jorre, May 30, 1986
"Exploration and Consent: Engineering Workers' Contribution to Production," White, Caroline, n.d.
"From Grassroots Control to Grassroots Democracy: Transformations of Moral Formations and Struggles Amongst Migrant Workers on the East Rand," Sitas, Ari, n.d.
"From Protest to Progress: The Lesson of the Opportunities Industrialization Centers," Sullivan, Leon H., Rev., 1986
"Have Employers Missed the Mark?" Sikhakhane, Leonard "Shakes"
"Institutional Functions and Social Needs," Ackoff, Russell L., 1969
"An International Consortium for Education, Training, and Job Creation in South Africa," no author, January 1985
"Leadership is their Common Ground," Leadership South Africa, Markinor, 1984
"The Men in the Middle: Supervisors in South African Organizations Today," Piron, J. et al, n.d.
"Mixed Scanning: An Active Approach to Decision Making," no author, n.d.
"The Nature of Educational Development Research," Schultz, Richard E., n.d.
"One Step - In the Wrong Direction," The Sullivan Principles as a Strategy for Opposing Apartheid, Schmidt, Elizabeth, February 25, 1982 (2 Copies)
"Pension Funds and Ethical Investment," Baldwin, Stuart A. et al, n.d.
"Practices for Administrators in Desegregation Settings"
"Problem Solving Discussion," no author, n.d.
"Proceedings and Debates of the 96th Congress, Second Session," House of Representatives, May 20, 1980
"Profiles of Managers: A Preliminary Study," Human, Linda, n.d.

Box 11

"Rethinking U.S. Interests in the Western Hemisphere," Abraham F. Lowenthal, August 1984
"The Rockefeller Report: Important Insights, Critical Omissions," Wilfred Grenville-Grey, U.N. Representative for International Defense and Aid, 1981 (3 Copies)
"The Role of the Private Sector in Education in South Africa: An Urban Foundation Position Paper," no author, n.d.
"Rules of Thumb for Change Agents," Shepard, Herbert A., June 18, 1971
"Schooling, 'Culture,' and Class: A Sociological Analysis of 'White' and 'Colored' Schooling and the Potential Effects of This Schooling on Performance in Sociology," Morris, Alan, n.d.
"Seminar in African Diplomacy," Adelman, Ken, Dr., n.d.
"Showdown Over South Africa," Fisher, Marc, Change , February 1979
"South Africa: The History of a Nation on the Brink," no author, November 5, 1964
"South Africa: Is Commercial Pressure Enough?" Hollingsworth Mark, May 1984
"South African Divestiture: The Investment Issue, Wagner, Wayne H. June 1984
"A South African Visit with the Black Lawyers' Association of South Africa," Chambers, J. LeVonne, Esquire , December 29, 1982
"South Africa's Socio-Political Trends, Present and Future," Rosholt, A.m., December 13, 1984
Special Report, "Merck in South Africa," Merck and Co., Inc., n.d.
"State of Ambivalence," Mitchell Spellman, n.d.
"The Sullivan Principles and Achievements," Weedon, D. Reid, Jr., June 28, 1985
"The Sullivan Principles: Decoding Corporate Camouflage," Schmidt, Elizabeth, n.d.
"Techno-Structural Strategies of Social Intervention," Part 2, no author, n.d.
"UCASA: And Emerging Force in Black Local Government," no author, n.d.
"U.S. Opposition to American Business Involvement in South Africa," Feldberg, Meyer, Prof., n.d.
"U.S. Policy Choices Towards South Africa," Pawlinkowski, John T., Prof., October 1982
"U.S. Policy Toward South Africa, A Symposium," Center for National Policy, 1985
"Using Our Leverage," Holladay, Douglass J., Africa Report , March-April, 1986
"What is Apartheid?" no author, n.d.
"Where Fair Labor Codes are Going': Purnell, Daniel, June 5, 1985
"White Paper on Part 2 of the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Labor Legislation," The Republic of South Africa, Minister of Manpower Utilization, June 12, 1980
"White Voters and Change in South Africa," Schlemmer, Lawrence, n.d.
"Why Stay in South Africa? The Case for the Sullivan Principles," no author, May 1983
"Worker Mobilization in the Auto Industry of the Eastern Cape," Fennemore, M., July 1984
"Workers' Struggle at Colgate," no author, n.d.
Miscellaneous Articles
Sullivan, Leon, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1976-1979
South African Apartheid and the Sullivan
Principles, 1977-1979, 1981 (2 Folders)
Black Social Workers Association Annual Conference Program Book, 1975
British Information Services Newsletter, 1986
Bureau of African Affairs, AF Press Clips, 1979 -1983
Business Ethics Report Magazine, October 10-11, 1985
Church Commissioner, Annual Report and Accounts, 1983
Dow Chemical Newsletter: "The Point Is...", An Open Letter to Dow Employees About South Africa, No. 91, May 19, 1986
The East Asiatic Company Limited, March 1977 and October 1977
Energos, November-December 1985
"The Eye of the Needle," Turner, Richard, 1972
General Motors Corporate Publications, 1977-1980 Institute for Industrial Relations, Information Sheet No. 74, "Employment Codes, The State of the Art, December 1984-January 1985
Institutional Analysis, Published by the Heritage Foundation, September 12, 1984
Inter-Faith Center on Corporate Responsibility, 1976-1978

Box 12

International Council for Equality of Opportunity Principles, Inc. (ICEOP), Publications
Amplified Guidelines to South African Statement of Principles, 1978-1979, 1984, 1987
Directory of Signatory Co.'s to the Sullivan Principles, 1982, 1984-1985
A Fact Sheet: The Sullivan Principles, n.d.
ICEOP Newsletter, 1980 Published Reports
Interim Report on the Signatory Companies to the Sullivan Principles, n.d.
Monitoring Report of the Statement of Principles, n.d.
A Progress Report on the Application of the Sullivan Principles by U.S. Co. in South Africa, 1984
Report to the Signatory Companies to the Sullivan Principles, Purnell, Daniel, 1981
Reports on the Signatory, 1984, 1986 -1987
A Theological Commentary on the Sullivan Principles, 1980
The Role of Multi-national Corporations in the Republic of U.S.A., Rev. Leon Sullivan, September 4, 1980
International Voice, Winter 1981, by OICI
Investor Responsibility Research Center, Inc.
Annual Report, 1978
Business and Labor in South Africa, Myers, Desaix, May 1979
Corporate Activity in South Africa, 1975, 1979
Directory of U.S. Corporations in South Africa, May 1982
News for Investors, 1977, 1979
South Africa Review Service Newsletter
March-December 1984
May, June and October 1985
Questionnaire on Activities of U.S. Companies in Africa, 1978 Reports
February-March 1979
May 1980
June 1982
U.S. Business in South Africa
"Pressures from the Home-Front," Liff, David M. (Reports), 1978
"The Withdrawal Issue," Hecht, Robert, and Liff, David (Reports),November 1977
Kagiso Advice and Self-Help Center, Annual Report (South Africa), June 25, 1982
Leadership South Africa
Legal Resources Trust, Annual Report, March 1981
Manhattan Report, Newsletter, South Africa: The Economics of Disinvestment, Vol. VI, no. 1, 1986
NAACP News, February 20, 1985
National Council of Churches Publications, 1978
News Clippings, General on South Africa and the Sullivan Principles, and Apartheid
1979 (3 Folders, Continued into Box 13)

Box 13

News Clippings, Miscellaneous
Black Unions, 1977-1979
NAACP, 1979
Natural Resources, 1978-1979
Organization of African Unity (OAU), 1978 -1979
Rhodesia, 1979
South Africa Apartheid Scandal
Southwest Africa (Nambia), 1978
Sports, 1979
Universities and Colleges, 1977-1979
Occasional Papers Published by the Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research, November 1978
Pan American Congress of Azania (PAC), Newsletters, 1977-1978
Philadelphia Mini-University Presents an Evening with Tony Brown, April 11, 1986
A Plea to the Philanthropic Foundations of the United Kingdom, 1983
Press Releases
September 1975
June 20, 1977
September 15, 1977
September 20, 1977
September 27, 1977
October 5, 1977
October 12, 1977
January 25, 1978
April 6, 1978
July 6, 1978
August 5-19, 1978
August 26, 1978
October 3, 1978
November 28, 1978
April 12, 1979
April 17, 1979
May 8, 1979
May 25, 1979
September 15, 1979
October 18-19, 1979
November 8, 1979
April 29, 1983
March 5, 1985
December 19, 1985
ICEOP, 1980, 1984, 1986-1987 no years
Project Pace
Public Hearings on the Activities of Transnational Corps in South Africa and Nambia, September 16 -20, 1985 (2 Folders)

Box 14

Response Magazine, Vol. 15, No. 3, August 1986
"South Africa Coming of Age Under Apartheid," Laure, Jason and Ettagale, 1977
South Africa, Miscellaneous Publications, 1970 -1986 (2 Folders)
South African Council of Churches, Publications, 1971, 1977
South African Digest
November 4, 1977-April 21, 1978
April 28, 1978-March 1979
South African Education Program Newsletter, June 1982, May 1985
South African Government Publications
Commission Inquiry into Legislation Affecting the Utilization of Manpower (excluding the Legislation Administered by the Department of Labor and Mines), August 29, 1978
Report of the Commission Inquiry into Labor Legislation, Part 1, 1979
South African Labor Bulletin, December 1977
The South Africa Lecture Series Pamphlet, University of Delaware, 1986
Study Commission on U.S. Policy Toward South Africa, n.d.
Suid-Afrikaanse Panorama, June 1985
The Sullivan Principles at Ford, Published by the South Africa Institute of Race Relations, February 1981
Tradelook Magazine
United Nations
Centre Against Apartheid Newsletter, May-July
1978, 1981

Box 15

Miscellaneous Publications, 1981, 1985
Multilateral Project, "Keeping the Peace in Troubled Times," Final Report, 1985
U.S. Department of Commerce Publication Series, Foreign Economic Trends and their Implications for the United States, March 1984
The United States South Africa Leader Exchange Program Newsletter Press Release (USSALEP), 1986
The University of Cape Town Fund Annual Report, 1985
University of South Africa, Small Business Management Programme, 1978
University of the Western Cape, Newsletter, 1984
The Urban Foundation, 1977-1978, 1983

Series VII: Speeches and Testimonies

Purnell, Daniel W. Executive Director, ICEOP, 1983-1984
Sullivan, Leon, Rev., 1979-1986 (3 Folders)
Various Individuals, 1977-1986 (3 Folders)

Series VII: Audio-Visual Materials

Mounted Photographs (see Urban Archives General Photo Collection)