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This collection is housed at the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection in Sullivan Hall, Temple University Main Campus. Please contact Blockson at 215-204-6632 or blockson@temple.edu for access to this collection.

Biographical Information

Natalie Hinderas was born Natalie Leota Henderson to Abram L. Henderson and Leota Palmer on June 15, 1927, in Oberlin, Ohio. She became a celebrated pianist and music instructor in Philadelphia. She was one of the first African Americans to gain worldwide fame as a classical pianist. Hinderas was also one of the first African-American female pianists to be featured by a symphony orchestra. [1]

Her parents were both musicians in their own right. Her father was an accomplished jazz pianist while her mother, trained in classical music, also taught courses in institutes of higher education such as Fisk University and Philadelphia's Settlement Music School. Growing up in this musical atmosphere, young Natalie began playing piano at the age of six. By the time she was eighteen, she had graduated from Oberlin Conservatory with a degree in Music. Following her time at Oberlin she continued to hone her craft by studying at Julliard with Olga Samaroff who encouraged her to change her name from Henderson to Hinderas which because of its European sound, would open more opportunities for her. Her first high profile recital performance as a professional came in 1951in New York and was reviewed well by the musical critics of the New York Times.[2]

For the next three decades, Hinderas would perform all over the world and become one of the country’s most acclaimed pianists. In 1966, she joined the teaching staff at Temple University’s Boyer College of Music. She was promoted to full professor in 1973 and taught there until her death in 1987. The Natalie Hinderas Collection contains many lecture notes, syllabi, and other documents that attest to her skill as an instructor.[3] Hinderas was married to fellow musician Lionel Monagas and had one child, a daughter named Michele Lisa. She passed away after battling cancer in 1987. 


Contained in this collection are documents regarding the business, professional, and personal affairs of Natalie Hinderas from 1969 to1987. Primarily, this collection is rich in documenting Hinderas' work with various organizations in music and other art forms.


Series I, Correspondence

Series II, Business & Financial Affairs

Series III, Performing & Fine Arts

a.       Competitions

b.      Art Institutions

c.       Music Organizations

d.      Piano Workshops

e.       Artists

Series IV, Educational

a.       Students

b.      Schools

Series V, Photographs

Series VI, Churches

Series VII, Foundation

Series VIII, Audio Tapes

Series IV, Orchestras

Series X, Personal Items

Series XI, Miscellaneous


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African American women musicians

Music teachers – United States

Women Pianists

Pianists – United States

Musicians – United States

African Americans – Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia

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Please cite as, Natalie Hinderas Collection, Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection, Temple University Libraries.

Series I. Correspondence

This series contain a number of personal items (letters, postcards, greeting cards) to and from family members (husband Lionel Monagas, and daughter Michele Monagas). There are also communications with banks, schools, and other organizations.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Correspondence                                                  1969

                                                            From: Elaine                                                         n.d.

                                                            From: Lionel                                                         n.d.

                                                            From: Louise                                           May 2, 1969

                                                            From: Leona                                           June 2, 1969

                                                            From: David                                          July 11, 1969

                                                            From: Carol                                      August 17, 1969

                                                            From: The Marks                         December 22, 1969           

                                    2                      Correspondence                                                  1970

                                                            From: Hans                                                           n.d.

                                                            From: Jan and Bill                                                n.d.

                                                            From: Jean and Bill Harvey                                  n.d.

                                                            From: Lorraine and Marty                                    n.d.

                                                            From: Unknown                                                   n.d.

                                                            From: Emily                                     January 20, 1970

                                                            From: Louise                                    February 8, 1970

                                                            From: Louise                                  February 21, 1970

                                                            From: Bonnie                                       March 9, 1970

                                                            From: Mildred                                   March 16, 1970

                                                            From: Madalyn Okolowski                March 17, 1970

                                                            From: Robert T. Drummond              March 17, 1970

                                                            From: illegible                                    March 30, 1970

                                                            From: Ricklen                                         May 4, 1970

                                                            From: Jung Jung                                     June 8, 1970

                                                            From: illegible                                        July 30, 1970

                                                            From: Connie Ray                              August 3, 1970

                                                            From: Mother                                     August 3, 1970

                                                            From: Mother                                     August 4, 1970

                                                            From: Mother                                   August 11, 1970

                                                            From: Jim and family                       August 25, 1970

                                                            From: David and Frances                 October 7, 1970

                                                            From: Lillie B. Fraser                      October 10, 1970

                                                            From: Todd                                     October 31, 1970

                                                            From: David                                  November 7, 1970

                                                            From: Louise P.                             December 8, 1970

                                                            From: Alice Rardon                     December 15, 1970

                                                            From: Tilly                                   December 20, 1970

                                                            From: Eileen S.                            December 25, 1970

                                                            From: Matthew and A                 December 25, 1970

                                    3                      Correspondence                                                  1971

                                                            From: Lisa Marion                                                n.d.

                                                            From: Everett                                                        n.d.

                                                            From: Tilly                                                            n.d.

                                                            From: Euie                                                            n.d.

                                                            From: Mary Anne                                                 n.d.

                                                            From: Linda                                       January 2, 1971

                                                            From: Reed                                        January 4, 1971

                                                            From: Sally                                        January 6, 1971

                                                            From: Ray and Dick                          January 7, 1971

                                                            From: Rogie Clark                             January 7, 1971

                                                            From: Sally                                      February 8, 1971

                                                            From: Warren                                   February 8, 1971

                                                            From: Essie                                        March 15, 1971

                                                            From:  Louise P.                                March 16, 1971

                                                            From: Rosa Julstrom                          March 19, 1971

                                                            From: John L. Baji                             March 21, 1971

                                                            From: Essie                                          April 12, 1971

                                                            From: E. Marion and Rosemary          April 14, 1971

                                                            From: John MacFadyen                          June 1, 1971

                                                            From: John MacFadyen                          June 1, 1971

                                                            From: Nadine                                   August 12, 1971

                                                            From: Harvey and Helen                  August 22, 1971

                                                            From: Louise P.                             September 3, 1971

                                                            From: Jimmy East                         September 3, 1971

                                                            From: [Illegible]                            September 7, 1971

                                                            From: Linda                                      October 17, 971

                                                            From: Ana Melcher                     November 23, 1971

                                    4                      Correspondence                                                  1972

                                                            From: Ann                                                            n.d.

                                                            From: India and Marcus Tucker                           n.d.

                                                            From: Jimmy                                                         n.d.

                                                            From: Tammy                                                       n.d.

                                                            From: [Illegible]                                 January 6, 1972

                                                            From: Fauet Seibert                       February 23, 1972

                                                            From: Carmel Whiting                   February 27, 1972

                                                            From: Louise P.                                       March 1972

                                                            From: Mrs. Edward L. [Illegible]      March 20, 1972

                                                            From: Howard Wells                         March 23, 1972

                                                            From: [Illegible]                                 March 30, 1972

                                                            From: Evelyn D.                                  April 17, 1972

                                                            From: John E. Stanton                          June 28, 1972

                                                            From: Dorothy                                       July 24, 1972

                                                            From: Reginald White                        August 8, 1972

                                                            From: R.H. Boggs                       September 14, 1972

                                                            From: Mr. and Mrs. Dawson            October 8, 1972

                                                            From: Roger Martinson                   October 11, 1972

                                                            From: Isabella                                 October 26, 1972

                                                            From: Herbert M. Spruce              November 6, 1972

                                                            From: Ernest F. Manfred            November 27, 1972

                                                            From: Henrietta F. Robinson      November 27, 1972

                                    5                      Correspondence                                                  1973

                                                            From: Mrs. Elwyn Tesche                January 18, 1973

                                                            From: Mimi and Fred                    February 20, 1973

                                                            From: Michael Gielen                          March 3, 1973

                                                            From: Bill Brent                                    June 24, 1973

                                                            From: David and Marie                         July 15, 1973

                                                            From: Shelly Yanoff                             July 19, 1973

                                                            From: Judy Freed                                  July 19, 1973

                                                            From: Hart and Harriette Dixon            July 26, 1973

                                                            From: TK                                      September 4, 1973

                                                            From: Cheryl Ann Kirk                   October 31, 1973

                                    6                      Correspondence                                                  1974

                                                            From: Ted                                        January 22, 1974

                                                            From: Jeanne H. Stephens               January 23, 1974

                                                            From: Mr. & Mrs. J. Warren            January 28, 1974


                                                            From: Vernon Edwards                   February 1, 1974

                                                            From: Billie                                        March 12, 1974

                                                            From: Muriel and Phil Berman          March 14, 1974

                                                            From: Louis Crowder                        March 29, 1974

                                                            From: Hugh B. Beaty                            April 2, 1974

                                                            From: [illegible]                                     April 4, 1974

                                                            From: Bill Mayer                                 April 18, 1974

                                                            From: Linda Phillips                            April 20, 1974

                                                            From: Richard                                      April 20, 1974

                                                            From: Linda and Gary Turpening        April 29, 1974

                                                            From: Orlando Otey                             May 15, 2012

                                                            From: Orrin C. Evans                           May 16, 1974

                                                            From: Mrs. Edward A. Pelletier           May 18, 1974

                                                            From: Nancy Gerson                            May 24, 1974

                                                            From: M.R. Wilkes                           October 2, 1974

                                                            From Charlotte Murray                 November 4, 1974           

                                    7                      Correspondence                                                  1975

                                                            From: Sheldon Natowsky                     May 19, 1975

                                                            From: Marian Robinson                    October 7, 1975

                                    8                      Correspondence                                                  1976

                                                            From: Allen                                            April 8, 1976

                                                            To: Eugene Ormandy                  November 10, 1976

                                    9                      Correspondence                                                  1977

                                                            From: James Testa                                  June 9, 1977

                                                            From: David Boe                          September 1, 1977

                                                            From: [Illegible]                            September 6, 1977

                                    10                    Correspondence                                                  1978

                                                            From: Patricia A. Russell                       April 3, 1978

                                                            From: Jose Serebrier                            April 15, 1978

                                                            From: Leonard M. Nelson                    May 15, 1978

                                                            From: Richard Bellak                            July 12, 1978

                                                            From: Sam Wolfgang & Ralph              July 30, 1978


                                                            From: Jim                                          October 5, 1978

                                                            From: Alice W. Conkey                    October 6, 1978

                                                            From: Mary Helen Bickley               October 7, 1978

                                                            From: Mila J. Ashodian                    October 9, 1978

                                                            From: Laurie Weasson Neasolte     October 20, 1978

                                                            From: Laurie Weasson Neasolte  December 29, 1978           

                                    11                    Correspondence                                                  1979

                                                            From: Allison R. Drake                   February 6, 1979

                                                            From: Joanne Wawrovsek             February 19, 1979

                                                            From: Ronald Reuben                   February 26, 1979

                                                            From: Marsha Hoyan                         March 10, 1979

                                                            From: David E. Moyer                      March 12, 1979

                                                            From: Lawrence C. Murdoch                 June 1, 1979

                                                            From: James A. Fellows                         June 5, 1979

                                                            From: John E. Stanton                           July 20, 1979

                                                            From: Ed and Phyllis Steinberg            July 27, 1979

                                                            From: Fema Satterthwaite                August 11, 1979

                                                            From: Elly Sloss                          September 23, 1979

                                                            From: Bill                                    September 26, 1979

                                    12                    Correspondence                                                  1980

                                                            To: James Felton                                January 9, 1980

                                                            From: Celia Weiss                            January 12, 1980

                                                            From: H. Boyce Budd, Jr.             February 25, 1980

                                                            From: Elaine Brown                      February 25, 1980

                                                            From: Sonya Garfinkle                  February 25, 1980

                                                            From: Karen N. Budd                   February 25, 1980

                                                            From: David B. Bernhardt            February 25, 1980

                                                            From: Irwin Lee Gross                         May 12, 1980

                                                            From: Pamela K. Tollen                        May 24, 1980

                                                            From: Doris Webb                                  June 2, 1980

                                                            To: Mr. Gross                                          June 5, 1980

                                                            To: Bill and Agatha                              June 25, 1980

                                                            To: Michael                                           June 25, 1980

                                                            To: Fox Movers                           September 12, 1980

                                                            From: Linda                                September 22, 1980

                                                            From: Estelle and Joe Hines       September 26, 1980

                                                            From: Barbara                               November 4, 1980

                                                            From: Donald D. Fontaine          November 17, 1980

                                                            From: Linda & Edward Kaplan    December 8, 1980

                                                            To: Whom it may concern           December 12, 1980

                                                            From: Barbara Bann                    December 29, 1980

                                    13                    Correspondence                                                  1981

                                                            To: Whom it may concern                 January 5, 1981

                                                            From: Leslie Adams                        January 23, 1981

                                                            From: Marv and Addie                    January 31, 1981

                                                            From: Adolphus C. Hailstork          January 26, 1981

                                                            From: Linda Kaplan                        February 1, 1981

                                                            To: Louise Kahn                              February 3, 1981

                                                            To: Whom it may concern               February 5, 1981

                                                            To: Dr. and Mrs. J.S. Wilkes           February 6, 1981

                                                            To: Mrs. Vilem Sokol                    February 16, 1981

                                                            From: Odelphus Harris                  February 19, 1981

                                                            From: Fatih Rasul                          February 19, 1981

                                                            To: Gamble Hinged Music Co.      February 24, 1981

                                                            To: Dean Helen Laird                        March 27, 1981

                                                            From: [Illegible]                                        April, 1981

                                                            To: Harrilese Myles                                April 2, 1981

                                                            From: Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co.   April 9, 1981

                                                            To: Essie Tucker                                  April 21, 1981

                                                            To: Taylor Rental                                  May 13, 1981

                                                            From: M.H. Glover                               May 14, 1981

                                                            To: Gamble Music Company                May 15, 1981

                                                            To: Louise                                               June 3, 1981

                                                            From: Amy                                           June 30, 1981

                                                            From: Dick Vernon                                 July 7, 1981

                                                            To: Ed Sprunger                            September 7, 1981

                                                            To: Curt Davis                            September 14, 1981

                                                            From: Donald D. Fontaine              October 16, 1981

                                    14                    Correspondence                                                  1983

                                                            From: Dominique-Rene de Lerma         July 12, 1983

                                                            From: Dominique-Rene de Lerma         July 24, 1983

                                                            From: Dominique-Rene de Lerma         July 27, 1983

                                                            To: Eugene List                                August 18, 1983

                                                            From: Aaron P. Pratt Jr.                   August 22, 1983

                                                            From: Harold Weller                        August 23, 1983

                                                            From: Richard J. Boyle                    August 23, 1983

                                                            From: illegible                                  August 25, 1983

                                                            From: Bill Bolcom                            August 25, 1983

                                                            From: Eileen Southern                     August 25, 1983

                                                            From: Kay Swift                              August 26, 1983

                                                            From: Dominique-Rene de Lerma   August 26, 1983

                                                            From: Ezra                                        August 27, 1983

                                                            From: Vera                                       August 27, 1983

                                                            From: Jack Santino                           August 30, 1983

                                                            From: Eve R. Meyer                         August 31, 1983

                                                            From: Maurice Wright                      August 31, 1983

                                                            From: Paul Freeman                      September 1, 1983

                                                            From: Lambert Orkis                    September 1, 1983

                                                            From: Clifford Taylor                   September 4, 1983

                                                            From: Carlisle Floyd                     September 5, 1983

                                                            From: June C. Ottenberg              September 7, 1983

                                                            From: Christine Anderson          September 10, 1983

                                                            From: David Tomatz                   September 12, 1983

                                                            From: Bess Lomax Hawes          September 15, 1983

                                                            From: Budd A. Udell                 September 16, 1983

                                                            To: Frederick Breitenfeld, Jr.      September 18, 1983

                                                            From: H. Wiley Hitchcock            November 3, 1983

                                                            From: James E. Mooney                November 9, 1983

                                                            From: Richard Jackson                November 11, 1983

                                                            From: Robert Offergeld              November 23, 1983

                                                            From: Barbra Koll                       November 28, 1983

                                                            From: Irving Katz                        December 13, 1983

                                                            From: Edgar A. Toppin               December 16, 1983

                                    14                    From: Charles Engel                    December 23, 1983

                                                            From: The Annenberg/                 December 29, 1983

                                                            CPB Project

                                                            From: Judith Willoughby Miller        January 4, 1984

                                                            From: Tommy Joe Anderson             January 5, 1984

                                                            From: Adrienne D. Warren            February 28, 1984


Series II. Business & Financial Affairs

Beyond Natalie Hinderas personal financial records (receipts, travel, hotels, and tax forms), this series include the financial records for Hinderas Associates media Production Company Inc., Natalie Hinderas Enterprises Inc., Rile Associates, and Rosenthal Company Certified Public Accountants. Also included are bank statements, letters, legal information, payroll records, contracts, royalty statements, medical statements, and memos.


                                    1                      HAMPCO: Hinderas Associates Media               n.d.

Production Company, INC: Archeology Project

                                    2                      HAMPCO: Bank Statements/Returned Checks  n.d.

                                    3                      HAMPCO: Black Composers TV Project            n.d.

                                    4                      HAMPCO: Cheltenham Twnshp Lic. and Tax    n.d.

                                    5                      HAMPCO: 1976 Corporate Taxes                     1976

                                    6                      HAMPCO: Office Equipment                             n.d.

                                    7                      HAMPCO: Expenses                                           n.d.

                                    8                      HAMPCO: Legal Info.                                        n.d.

                                    9                      HAMPCO: Letters                                               n.d.

                                    10                    Resource Data                                                      n.d.

                                    11                    Resumes                                                                n.d.

                                    12                    Employment tax                                                   n.d.

                                    13                    Wm. Warfield & Spirituals                                   n.d.

                                    14                    The Young Eighties                                               nd.

                                    15                    N.H.E. Natalie Hinderas                                      n.d.

                                                            Enterprises, INC: Cheltenham Township License and Tax

                                    16                    N.H.E.: College Residency                                  n.d.

                                    17                    N.H.E.: 1980 concert expenses; proj. expenses  1980

                                    18                    N.H.E.: Federal Tax Returns                                n.d.

                                    19                    N.H.E.: Federal Unemployment Taxes                n.d.

                                    20                    N.H.E.: Monthly Income Accounting Sheets ‘77-‘78

                                    21                    N.H.E.: Orion Recordings                                    n.d.

                                    22                    N.H.E.: PA State Income Taxes                           n.d.

                                    23                    N.H.E.: Publicist, A. Morisey                               n.d.

                                    24                    N.H.E.: Quarterly Federal Tax                             n.d.

                                    25                    N.H.E.: Quarterly U.I. Return, PA State             n.d.

                                    26                    N.H.E.: United Negro College Fund                   n.d.

                                    27                    O.M.P.: Original Music Prod.                               n.d.



                                    1                      Miscellaneous bills                                                n.d.

                                    2                      Miscellaneous expenses                                        n.d.

                                    3                      Travel Expenses/Receipts                                     n.d.


                                    1                      Payroll Records                                         1978-1979



                                    1                      Management Bills                                      1972-1979

                                    2                      Management Bills                                      1980-1983



                                    1                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1971

                                    2                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1972

                                    3                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1973

                                    4                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1974

                                    5                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1975

                                    6                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1976

                                    7                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1977

                                    8                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1978

                                    9                      Bookkeeping Records                                         1979

                                    10                    Bookkeeping Records                                         1980

                                    11                    Bookkeeping Records                                         1981

                                    12                    Bookkeeping Records                                         1982

                                    13                    Bookkeeping Records                                   1983–84

                                    14                    Bookkeeping Records: Miscellaneous                1987

Series III. Performing & Fine Arts.

This series contain a variety of items related to Hinderas’ associations with a number of performance organizations and activities like musical competitions and piano workshops. Another major category here is a list of artists who have worked with Hinderas. This section is separated into five sub-series.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      BMI Student Composers                                      n.d.

                                    2                      Buffalo Philharmonic Young Artist’s                  n.d.

                                    3                      Casadesus, Robert, Piano Competition.               n.d.

                                                            Cleveland Institute of Music

                                    4                      Chopin                                                                  n.d.

                                    5                      Concert Artists Guild Audition                            n.d.

                                    6                      DeBose, Tourgee. National Piano                        n.d.

                                                            Southern University, Baton Rouge, LA

                                    7                      Feldman, Emma                                                    n.d.

                                    8                      International American Music. Carnegie Hall      n.d.

                                    9                      International Piano Festival & Competition         n.d.

                                                            University of Maryland

                                    10                    National Black Colloquium & Competition         n.d.

                                    11                    National Concerto                                                n.d.

                                    12                    Washington National Competition for Pianists    n.d.


                                    1                      Aspen Music Festival                                           n.d.

                                    2                      Bear, Valley, Music from California                    n.d.

                                    3                      Black Liberated Arts Center, Oklahoma City      n.d.

                                    4                      Boston Pops Concerts                                          n.d.

                                    5                      Bynum, Gwendolyn, Productions                        n.d.

                                    6                      Central Wilmington Business, Inc                        n.d.

                                                            Saturday Shoppers Concerts

                                    7                      Cromwell, William, Concerts                               n.d.

                                    8                      Distinguished Artists Series                                 n.d.

                                    9                      Expressions of Excellence Festival.  Pittsburg, PA n.d.

                                    10                    Fermilab Arts Series                                             n.d.

                                    11                    Free Library of Philadelphia                                 n.d.

                                    12                    Grand Opera House. Galveston, TX                    n.d.

                                    13                    InterAmerican Festival.  San Juan, Puerto Rico   n.d.

                                    14                    Lock Haven Artist Series                                     n.d.

                                    15                    Lorain Inter-Organizational Committee               n.d.

                                    16                    The Marsh Concert Series                                     n.d.

                                    17                    Philadelphia Music Association                            n.d.

                                    18                    Provident Concert Valley Forge Music Fair         n.d.

                                    19                    Ravina Festival. Chicago, IL                                n.d.

                                    20                    Sonorities in Black Music                                     n.d.

                                    21                    Theatre for the Performing Arts & Times             n.d.

                                                            Shreveport-Bossier City, LA

                                    22                    Today’s Artists Concerts                                      n.d.

                                    23                    Triad Presentations                                               n.d.

                                    24                    UMC Concert Series. Missouri                             n.d.

                                    25                    Verde Valley Concert Association.  Arizona       n.d.

                                    26                    Wisconsin Union Theatre.  Madison, WI.            n.d.

                                    27                    Xerox Masters & Mentors Piano Series.               n.d.



                                    1                      African Cultural Group                                        n.d.

                                    2                      Associated Council of Arts, New York, NY       n.d.

                                    3                      Astral Foundation, Philadelphia, PA                    n.d.

                                    4                      Cultural Arts Project/Sonorities in Black Music   n.d.

                                    5                      Ghana Society of Writers                                     n.d.

                                    6                      Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance                 n.d.

                                    7                      Jessye, Dr. Eva, Afro-American Music                n.d.

                                                            Collection, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

                                    8                      Kennedy, John F. Center for the Performing       n.d.

                                                            Arts, Washington D.C.

                                    9                      Metropolitan Opera Guild, Lincoln Center          n.d.

                                                            New York, NY

                                    10                    MidAmerica Arts Alliance, Kansas City, MO     n.d.

                                    11                    Museum Committee for the Academy of             n.d.

                                                            Music & The Philadelphia Orchestra

                                    12                    Maryland State Arts Council                                n.d.

                                    13                    National Endowment for the Arts                        n.d.

                                                            Washington D.C.

                                    14                    Opera Company of Philadelphia                          n.d.

                                    15                    Opera Ebony/Philadelphia, Inc.                            n.d.

                                    16                    Org. of American States, Washington D.C.         n.d.

                                    17                    PA Council on the Arts/Music Advisory Panel    n.d.

                                    18                    Pennsylvania Humanities Council                        n.d.

                                    19                    Pennsylvania Opera Theatre                                 n.d.

                                    20                    Pro Arts Society, Philadelphia, PA                      n.d.

                                    21                    International Music Exchange, Committee for    n.d.


                                    1                      Afro-American Music Opportunities                    n.d.

                                                            Associations, Inc.

                                    2                      All Star-Forum, Philadelphia, PA                         n.d.

                                    3                      Chamber Music Society of Lincoln                      n.d.

                                                            Center, New York, NY

                                    4                      Delaware State Music Teachers Association, Inc. n.d.

                                    5                      Findlay Civic Music Association, Findlay, Ohio n.d.

                                    6                      Memphis Orchestra Society, Inc.                         n.d.

                                    7                      Music Association of America                             n.d.

                                    8                      Music Educators National Conference                 n.d.

                                    9                      Musical Fund Society of Philadelphia                  n.d.

                                    10                    Music Library Association                                    n.d.

                                    11                    National Association of Negro Musicians            n.d.

                                    12                    North Carolina Music Educators Assn.                n.d.

                                    13                    Philadelphia Music Teachers Assn.                      n.d.

                                    14                    Philadelphia Music Foundation                            n.d.

                                    15                    Phila. Musicians for Nuclear Arms Control          n.d.

                                    16                    The Philharmonic Society of New York              n.d.

                                    17                    Rittenhouse Square Women’s Committee            n.d.

                                                            for the Philadelphia Orchestra

                                    18                    Rockefeller Fund, Martha Baird for Music          n.d.

                                    19                    St. Thomas Friends of Music, St. Thomas,           n.d.

                                                             Virgin Islands

                                    20                    Southern California Symphony,                           n.d.

                                                            Hollywood Bowl Association

                                    21                    Vancouver Symphony Society                             n.d.

                                    22                    Virginia Orchestral Group                                    n.d.

                                    23                    Women’s Association of Symphony                    n.d.

                                                            Orchestras Conference

                                    24                    The Brookings Chamber Music Society, SD        n.d.



                                    1                      Bassow, Julia Vieland, Piano Instructor               n.d.

                                    2                      Music & Arts Institute                                          n.d.

                                    3                      Stecher & Horowitz                                              n.d.

                                    4                      Piano Pieces                                                          n.d.



                                    1                      Adams, H. Leslie                                                  n.d.

                                    2                      American Arts Trio                                               n.d.

                                    3                      Amram, David                                                      n.d.

                                    4                      Anderson, T.J.                                                      n.d.

                                    5                      Arben, Davin                                                        n.d.

                                    6                      The Ariel Ensemble                                              n.d.

                                    7                      Arrau, Claudio                                                      n.d.

                                    8                      Arroyo, Martina                                                    n.d.

                                    9                      The Audubon Quartet                                          n.d.

                                    10                    Bach, Johann S.                                                    n.d.

                                    11                    Bachauer, Gina                                                     n.d.

                                    12                    Badura-Skoda, Paul                                              n.d.

                                    13                    Ballard, Dr. Louis W.                                           n.d.

                                    14                    Bates, Leon                                                           n.d.

                                    15                    Beau Arts Trio                                                      n.d.

                                    16                    Behrend, Jeanne                                                   n.d.

                                    17                    Bell, Charlotte T: Arthur: Paul Robeson’s            n.d.

                                                            Last Days in Philadelphia

                                    18                    Bjorling, Rolf                                                        n.d.

                                    19                    Blake, Eubie                                                         n.d.

                                    20                    Blake, John                                                           n.d.

                                    21                    Bland, James                                                         n.d.

                                    22                    Blues Musicians (Miscellaneous)                          n.d.

                                    23                    Boelter, Karl Edward                                           n.d.

                                    24                    Bolet, Jorge                                                           n.d.

                                    25                    Bookspan, Audrey                                                n.d.

                                    26                    Bookspan, Michael                                               n.d.

                                    27                    Boulanger, Nadia                                                  n.d.

                                    28                    Brand, Nathan                                                      n.d.

                                    29                    Brown, William. Also see: Sanders,                     n.d.

                                                            Wayne – Carnegie Hall

                                    30                    Burrs, Leslie                                                          n.d.

                                    31                    Burton – Lyles, Blanche                                       n.d.

                                    32                    Castaldo, Joseph                                                   n.d.

                                    33                    The Chestnut Brass Company                              n.d.

                                    34                    Cohen, Trudy Lee. The Phila. Singers, Inc.          n.d.

                                    35                    Cole, Frances                                                        n.d.

                                    36                    Comissiona, Sergiu                                               n.d.

                                    37                    Composers                                                            n.d.

                                    38                    Composers, African American                             n.d.

                                    39                    Crumb, George                                                     n.d.

                                    40                    Cumbo, Marion & Clarissa                                   n.d.

                                    41                    Curry, William                                                      n.d.

                                    42                    DaCosta, Noel                                                      n.d.

                                    43                    Dale, Enid                                                             n.d.

                                    44                    Darg, Peter                                                            n.d.

                                    45                    The Davidsbund Chamber Players                       n.d.

                                    46                    Davis, Ozzie & Ruby Dee                                    n.d.

                                    47                    Deane, Alison                                                       n.d.

                                    48                    DeBussy, Claude                                                  n.d.

                                    49                    de Lerma, Dominique- Rene                                n.d.

                                    50                    Delphin & Romain                                                n.d.

                                    51                    DePreist, James                                                     n.d.

                                    52                    Dobbs, Mattiwilda                                                n.d.

                                    53                    Dryden, John                                                        n.d.

                                    54                    Dulik, John                                                           n.d.

                                    55                    Eliot, T.S.                                                              n.d.

                                    56                    Elliott, Anthony                                                    n.d.

                                    57                    Eschleman, Jeffrey. Also see Levitsky, Howard  n.d.

                                    58                    Eves, William                                                        n.d.

                                    59                    Ferrotto, John                                                       n.d.

                                    60                    Fountain, Primous; Anderson, T.J.; and               n.d.

                                                            Tillis, Frederick. Composers

                                    61                    Freeman, Dr. Paul                                                 n.d.

                                    62                    The Fresk Quartet                                                 n.d.

                                    63                    Fridha, Peter Paul                                                 n.d.

                                    64                    Fuchs, Peter Paul                                                  n.d.

                                    65                    Galimir Quartet                                                     n.d.

                                    66                    Gattis, Ronald                                                      n.d.

                                    67                    Gershwin, George                                                 n.d.

                                    68                    Gershwin, Ira                                                        n.d.

                                    69                    Gewald, Robert M. Management, Inc.                 n.d.

                                    70                    Gibson, Brian R.                                                   n.d.

                                    71                    Gibson, Meri                                                         n.d.

                                    72                    Gielen, Michael. Conductor                                 n.d.

                                    73                    Ginastera, Alberto                                                n.d.

                                    74                    Giordano, John                                                     n.d.

                                    75                    Giordano, Phil                                                      n.d.

                                    76                    Goldstein, Joanna                                                 n.d.

                                    77                    Goodman, George                                                n.d.

                                    78                    Graffman, Gary                                                    n.d.

                                    79                    Greenfield, Elizabeth Taylor. “The Black Swan” n.d.

                                    80                    Hall, Arthur                                                          n.d.

                                    81                    Hamelin, Marc-Andre                                           n.d.

                                    82                    Hayes, Roland                                                      n.d.

                                    83                    Heiss, David                                                         n.d.

                                    84                    Hickman, David                                                   n.d.

                                    85                    Hobson, Ann                                                        n.d.

                                    86                    Holland, Charles                                                   n.d.

                                    87                    Hollander, Lorin                                                   n.d.

                                    88                    Holloman, Charlotte                                             n.d.

                                    89                    Horne, Marilyn                                                     n.d.

                                    90                    Horowitz, Vladimir                                              n.d.

                                    91                    Hoy, Bonnee H.                                                    n.d.

                                    92                    Jackson, Isaiah: Flint Symphony orchestra           n.d.

                                    93                    Jackson, Raymond                                                n.d.

                                    94                    Jordania, Vato                                                      n.d.

                                    95                    Kennedy, Nina                                                     n.d.

                                    96                    Ketchum, Janet                                                     n.d.

                                    97                    King, Peggy                                                          n.d.

                                    98                    Laine, Cleo                                                           n.d.

                                    99                    Landis & Company                                              n.d.

                                    100                  Lane, Betty                                                           n.d.

                                    101                  Laredo, Ruth                                                        n.d.

                                    102                  Laredo, Ruth                                                        n.d.

                                    103                  LeDuc, Monique & Engel, Charles                      n.d.

                                    104                  Lee, Everett                                                          n.d.

                                    105                  Levitsky, Howard & Eschleman, Jeffrey             n.d.

                                    106                  Lewis, Henry                                                        n.d.

                                    107                  Ling, Shirley                                                         n.d.

                                    108                  Lipcomb, Ronald                                                  n.d.

                                    109                  Lockett, Joseph                                                     n.d.

                                    110                  McGinniss, Ida                                                     n.d.

                                    111                  McMurran, Gary                                                   n.d.

                                    112                  Marek, Barbara                                                     n.d.

                                    113                  Marsh, Ozan                                                         n.d.

                                    114                  Mata, Eduardo                                                      n.d.

                                    115                  Maultsby, Portia                                                   n.d.

                                    116                  Mayer, William                                                     n.d.

                                    117                  Mehlinger, Kermit                                                n.d.

                                    118                  Mehta, Zubin                                                        n.d.

                                    119                  Menuhin, Yehudi, Hephzibah                              n.d.

                                    120                  Miller, Horatio                                                      n.d.

                                    121                  Montgomery, Merle                                              n.d.

                                    122                  Moore, Carmen                                                     n.d.

                                    123                  Moore, Kermit                                                      n.d.

                                    124                  Morris, Joan & Bolcom, William                          n.d.

                                    125                  Moyer, Frederick                                                  n.d.

                                    126                  Mullova, Viktoria                                                 n.d.

                                    127                  Newson, Roosevelt                                               n.d.

                                    128                  Noorwood, Jacqueline                                          n.d.

                                    129                  Palmer, Gerald                                                      n.d.

                                    130                  Paintz, Gerald                                                       n.d.

                                    131                  Parker, Louise                                                       n.d.

                                    132                  Leon, Tania                                                           n.d.

                                    133                  Parrott, Jasper                                                       n.d.

                                    134                  Peress, Maurice                                                     n.d.

                                    135                  Philadelphia Festival Chorus                                n.d.

                                    136                  The Philadelphia Singers                                      n.d.

                                    137                  Korn, Michael: Founder, The Phila. Singers         n.d.

                                    138                  Phillips, Vincent                                                   n.d.

                                    139                  Podis, Eunice                                                        n.d.

                                    140                  Prokofiev, Sergei                                                  n.d.

                                    141                  Provenzano, Aldo                                                 n.d.

                                    142                  Ray, William                                                         n.d.

                                    143                  Ripeout, Margaret Toler                                       n.d.

                                    144                  Richter, Marga                                                      n.d.

                                    145                  Rile, Karen                                                            n.d.

                                    146                  Rile, Joanne, Management: Misc. Artists             n.d.

                                    147                  Roach, Hildred: Black American Music               n.d.

                                    148                  Robinson, Althea                                                  n.d.

                                    149                  Rothstein, Harriet                                                 n.d.

                                    150                  Rubinstein, Artur                                                  n.d.

                                    151                  Sanders, Wayne & Brown, William:                    n.d.

                                                            Carnegie Hall, New York City

                                    152                  Santee, Clark                                                        n.d.

                                    153                  Schickele, Peter: “Oedipus Tex”                          n.d.

                                    154                  Schub, Andre- Michel                                          n.d.

                                    155                  Schuller, George                                                   n.d.

                                    156                  Schuyler, George & Phillps                                  n.d.

                                    157                  Sedar, Jean                                                            n.d.

                                    158                  Segal, Peter                                                           n.d.

                                    159                  Selby, Kathryn                                                      n.d.

                                    160                  Shirley, Don                                                          n.d.

                                    161                  Shirley, George                                                     n.d.

                                    162                  Sigmund, Roberta                                                 n.d.

                                    163                  Simmons, Calvin                                                   n.d.

                                    164                  Simpson, Evelyn: The Ambassadors                    n.d.

                                                            Chorale & Ensemble

                                    165                  Singing City                                                          n.d.

                                    166                  Skram, Knut                                                         n.d.

                                    167                  Sokol, Vilem                                                         n.d.

                                    168                  Southall, Dr. Geneva: Author, “Blind Tom:         n.d.

The Post Civil War Enslavement of a Black Musical Genius.”

                                    169                  Spirth, Donald                                                      n.d.

                                    170                  Standifer, Dr. James                                             n.d.

                                    171                  Stanford, Carolyn                                                 n.d.

                                    172                  Starr, Susan                                                           n.d.

                                    173                  Steinway Artists                                                   n.d.

                                    174                  Stephen, Arecia                                                    n.d.

                                    175                  Stern, Isaac                                                           n.d.

                                    176                  Stewart, E.J.                                                         n.d.

                                    177                  Still, William G.                                                    n.d.

                                    178                  Stravinsky, Igor                                                    n.d.

                                    179                  Swanson, Howard                                                n.d.

                                    180                  Swift, Kay                                                            n.d.

                                    181                  Syrinx                                                                   n.d.

                                    182                  Szeryng, Henryk                                                   n.d.

                                    183                  Tason, Maritza                                                      n.d.

                                    184                  Taylor, Cecil                                                         n.d.

                                    185                  Thompson, Marcus                                               n.d.

                                    186                  Toppin, A. Louis                                                   n.d.

                                    187                  Turetzky, Bertram                                                 n.d.

                                    188                  Valente, Benita                                                     n.d.

                                    189                  Van Buren, Harvey                                               n.d.

                                    190                  Vodnoy, Robert: Conductor                                n.d.

                                    191                  Walker, Frances                                                    n.d.

                                    192                  Walker, George                                                     n.d.

                                    193                  Warren, Masood                                                   n.d.

                                    194                  Watts, Andre                                                        n.d.

                                    195                  Weissenberg, Alexis                                             n.d.

                                    196                  Weston, Randy                                                     n.d.

                                    197                  White, Dolores & Donald                                     n.d.

                                    198                  Whitney, Wesley                                                  n.d.

                                    199                  Williams, Ralph                                                    n.d.

                                    200                  Williams – Jones, Pearl                                         n.d.

                                    201                  Willoughby, Judy                                                 n.d.

                                    202                  Wilson, Dr. Olly                                                   n.d.

                                    203                  Wormley, Cynthia                                                n.d.

                                    204                  Wright, Thomas                                                    n.d.

                                    205                  Young, John                                                         n.d.

Series IV. Educational

This series has two sub-series—students and schools. Contained in this section are letters, grade reports, and articles of her students that she once taught. The schools section includes programs, newspaper clippings, and printed materials relating to Hinderas performances/appearances at various schools and universities.

         BOX          FOLDER          FOLDER CONTENTS                                     YEAR


                                    1                      Berezin, Harold                                                    n.d.

                                    2                      Berner, Marcia                                                      n.d.

                                    3                      Bumpers, Kevin                                                    n.d.

                                    4                      Comstock, Stacie                                                  n.d.

                                    5                      Duey, Tara Webb                                                  n.d.

                                    6                      Eschleman, Jeffrey                                               n.d.

                                    7                      Filmore, Edward                                                   n.d.

                                    8                      Gould, Austin, P.                                                  n.d.

                                    9                      Greenwald, Deborah                                            n.d.

                                    10                    Hayes, Roy                                                           n.d.

                                    11                    Hendricks, Theodore                                            n.d.

                                    12                    Jackson, Keith                                                      n.d.

                                    13                    Jackson, Ruth E.                                                   n.d.

                                    14                    Janis, Byron                                                          n.d.

                                    15                    Johnson, Eric Gipson                                            n.d.

                                    16                    Kennedy, Nina                                                     n.d.

                                    17                    Kirshbaum, Randa                                                n.d.

                                    18                    Koger, Thomas                                                     n.d.

                                    19                    Koras-Bain, Aglaia                                               n.d.

                                    20                    Lea, Margaret                                                       n.d.

                                    21                    Litivin, Gregory P.                                                n.d.

                                    22                    Malishaucki, Susan                                               n.d.

                                    23                    Man, Si-Yan Adrian                                             n.d.

                                    24                    Marek, Barbara                                                     n.d.

                                    25                    Martin, Joel A.                                                      n.d.

                                    26                    Miller, Horatio                                                      n.d.

                                    27                    Morrison, M. Renee                                              n.d.

                                    28                    Richardson, JoAnn                                               n.d.

                                    29                    Rothstein, Harriet E.                                             n.d.

                                    30                    Salvo, Janet                                                           n.d.

                                    31                    Sanford, Deborah                                                 n.d.

                                    32                    Schneider, Jean                                                     n.d.

                                    33                    Taylor, Frederick                                                  n.d.

                                    34                    Walinski, Louis                                                     n.d.

                                    35                    Westover, Wendy                                                 n.d.

                                    36                    Willoughby, Judith                                               n.d.

                                    37                    Wing, Shelin                                                         n.d.

                                    38                    Young, John                                                         n.d.

                                    39                    Zubrzycki, Diane Lynn                                         n.d.

                                    40                    General Information                                             n.d.

                                    41                    Concerts                                                                n.d.

                                    42                    D.M.A. Degree                                                     n.d.

                                    43                    Graduate Information reg. individual students    n.d.

                                    44                    Miscellaneous Information                                   n.d.

                                    45                    Piano Lessons-Fee Structure                                n.d.

                                    46                    Recital Instructions                                               n.d.

                                    47                    Student Soloists Comp. w/TU Orchestra             n.d.



                                    1                      Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN         n.d.

                                    2                      Alfred University, Alfred, NY                             n.d.

                                    3                      Andover/Phillips Academy, Andover, MD          n.d.

                                    4                      Armstrong State College, Savannah, GA             n.d.

                                    5                      Augustana College, Rockland Island, IL             n.d.

                                    6                      Mary Baldwin College                                         n.d.

                                    7                      Benedict College                                                  n.d.

                                    8                      Bennett College, Greensboro, NC                        n.d.

                                    9                      Bishop College, Dallas, TX                                  n.d.

                                    10                    Bowdoin College                                                  n.d.

                                    11                    Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA                  n.d.

                                    12                    Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA                    n.d.

                                    13                    Cairo Conservatoire, Cairo, Egypt                       n.d.

                                    14                    Central State College, Wilberforce, OH               n.d.

                                    15                    Centre College of Kentucky, Danville, KY         n.d.

                                    16                    College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, MN             n.d.

                                    17                    Community Music School, Allentown, PA          n.d.

                                    18                    Concordia College, Bronxville, NY                     n.d.

                                    19                    Cornell University, Ithaca, NY                            n.d.

                                    20                    Dekalb Community College, Clarkstown, GA     n.d.

                                    21                    Dickenson College                                                n.d.

                                    22                    East Orange High School, East Orange, NJ         n.d.

                                    23                    Eastman School of Music, University of              n.d.

                                                            Rochester, Rochester, NY

                                    24                    Erkskine College, Due West, SC                          n.d.

                                    25                    Fisk University, Nashville, TN                             n.d.

                                    26                    Florida Southern College                                      n.d.

                                    27                    Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL             n.d.

                                    28                    Fort Hays State University, Hays, KS                 n.d.

                                    29                    Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA                n.d.

                                    30                    Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia, PA   n.d.

                                    31                    Goshen College                                                    n.d.

                                    32                    Hampton University, Hampton, VA                    n.d.

                                    33                    Harvard University, Harvard-Radcliff Orchestra n.d.

                                    34                    Howard University, Washington, DC                  n.d.

                                    35                    Incarnate Word College, San Antonio, TX          n.d.

                                    36                    IU, Black Music Center, Bloomington, IN          n.d.

                                    37                    Jenkintown Music School, Jenkintown, PA         n.d.

                                    38                    Johannessen International School of the Arts      n.d.

                                                            Vancouver, B.C., Canada

                                    39                    Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA                         n.d.

                                    40                    King’s College, Briarcliff Manor, NY                  n.d.

                                    41                    Lincoln University, Pennsylvania                         n.d.

                                    42                    Loomis Chaffee School, Hartford, CT                 n.d.

                                    43                    Lorain County Community College, Elyria, OH  n.d.

                                    44                    Madison College                                                   n.d.

                                    45                    Manhattan School of Music, New York, NY      n.d.

                                    46                    Mansfield State College                                       n.d.

                                    47                    Mercer County College, Trenton, NJ                   n.d.

                                    48                    Middlebury College                                              n.d.

                                    49                    Miles College, Eutaw, AL                                    n.d.

                                    50                    Montgomery County College, Blue Bell, PA       n.d.

                                    51                    Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD            n.d.

                                    52                    Music & Arts Institute of San Francisco, CA      n.d.

                                    53                    New York University, New York, NY                n.d.

                                    54                    Norfolk State College, Norfolk, VA                    n.d.

                                    55                    N.C. A & T State University, Greensboro, NC    n.d.

                                    56                    Northwest Missouri State Univ/, Maryville, MD n.d.

                                    57                    Northwestern University, Evanston, IL               n.d.

                                    58                    Oberlin University, Oberlin, OH                          n.d.

                                    59                    Ohio State University, Columbus, OH                 n.d.

                                    60                    Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA              n.d.

                                    61                    Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR               n.d.

                                    62                    George Peabody College, Nashville, TN              n.d.

                                    63                    Peabody Institute of the City of Baltimore, MD n.d.

                                    64                    Portland State University, Portland, OR              n.d.

                                    65                    Rider College                                                        n.d.

                                    66                    Rockhurst College, Kansas City, MO                  n.d.

                                    67                    Settlement Music School, Philadelphia, PA         n.d.

                                    68                    Shelton State Comm.College, Tuscaloosa, AL    n.d.

                                    69                    Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA       n.d.

                                    70                    Southern Illinois University of Carbondale          n.d.

                                    71                    Southern University, Tourgee DeBose                 n.d.

                                    72                    Southwest TX State Unive.– Arts Committee     n.d.

                                    73                    State University of New York at Albany             n.d.

                                    74                    Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA                n.d.

                                    75                    Sweet Briar College                                              n.d.

                                    76                    Talladega College, Talladega, AL                        n.d.

                                    77                    Texas Woman’s University                                   n.d.

                                    78                    Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, MS                         n.d.

                                    79                    University Center at Binghamton                         n.d.

                                    80                    University of Akron, Akron, OH                         n.d.

                                    81                    Temple University Music Festival                        n.d.

                                    82                    Temple University Correspondence                     n.d.

                                    83                    Temple University Faculty Information               n.d.

                                    84                    Temple University KEYNOTES – Newsletter    n.d.

                                    85                    Temple University Miscellaneous                         n.d.

                                    86                    Temple University Orchestra                                n.d.

                                    87                    Temple University, Temple University Trio         n.d.

                                    88                    Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, AL                        n.d.

                                    89                    University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL              n.d.

                                    90                    University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT                  n.d.

                                    91                    University of Delaware, Newark, DE                  n.d.

                                    92                    Univ. of the District of Columbia, Wash., DC     n.d.

                                    93                    University of Florida                                            n.d.

                                    94                    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI              n.d.

                                    95                    University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC       n.d.

                                    96                    University of Tennessee at Chattanooga              n.d.

                                    97                    University of Wisconsin in Madison                    n.d.

                                    98                    Utah State University & Cache Civic Concerts   n.d.

                                    99                    Wake Forest University                                        n.d.

                                    100                  Wayne State University, Detroit, MI                   n.d.

                                    101                  Well College, Black Women Society                   n.d.

                                    102                  West Chester University, West Chester, PA        n.d.

                                    103                  Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI    n.d.

                                    104                  Wichita State University, Wichita, KS                 n.d.

                                    105                  Wilkes College, Wilkes-Barre, PA                       n.d.

                                    106                  Yale University, New Haven, CT                        n.d.

                                    107                  York College of Pennsylvania, York, PA            n.d.

                                    109                  University of Arizona, Pima Community College n.d.

                                    110                  Rutgers State University, New Jersey                  n.d.

                                    111                  The Philippine Women’s University, Manila        n.d.

Series V. Photographs

The images in this collection include Natalie Hinderas headshots and other photo shoots, her daughter’s baby pictures, and photographs of her 1960 USA tour.



                                    1                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    2                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    3                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    4                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    5                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    6                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    7                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    8                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    9                      Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    10                    Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    11                    Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    12                    Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    13                    Natalie Hinderas                                                   n.d.

                                    14                    Natalie Hinderas, Joan Rile Management            n.d.

                                    15                    Lionel Monagas                                                    n.d.

                                    16                    Michele Lelia Monagas                                         n.d.

                                    17                    Natalie Hinderas Monagas with Lionel Monagas n.d.

                                    18                    Natalie Hinderas with Mother, L. Palmer            n.d.



                                    1                      China 1960 USIA Tour                                        n.d.

                                    2                      Indonesia 1960 USIA Tour                                  n.d.

                                    3                      Iran 1960 USIA Tour                                           n.d.

                                    4                      Manilla 1960 USIA Tour                                      n.d.

                                    5                      Yugoslavia 1960 USIA Tour                                n.d.

                                    6                      Zagreb 1960 USIA Tour                                      n.d.

                                    7                      Pre-1960                                                               n.d.

                                    8                      Winston-Salem, NC, 1970                                    n.d.

                                    9                      Tennessee, 1976                                                    n.d.

                                    10                    Allentown, PA – 1981                                          n.d.

                                    11                    Washington, DC – 1981                                       n.d.

                                    12                    Williamsburg, VA-1981                                       n.d.

                                    13                    Cleveland, OH                                                      n.d.

                                    14                    Detroit, MI                                                           n.d.

                                    15                    Glassboro, NJ                                                       n.d.

                                    16                    New Brunswick, NJ                                             n.d.

                                    17                    Philadelphia, PA, WHYY                                    n.d.

                                    18                    Philadelphia, PA, WHYY Young Artist              n.d.

                                    19                    Philadelphia, PA                                                   n.d.

                                    20                    Joseph Castaldo with Natalie Hinderas                n.d.

                                    21                    Detroit, MI Bicentennial; Mayor Coleman           n.d.

A. Young, Conductor, Paul Freeman & Composers, George Walker & Billy Taylor with Natalie Hinderas

                                    22                    Paul Freeman with Natalie Hinderas                    n.d.

                                    23                    Miscellaneous Photos                                           n.d.

                                    24                    Music Room TV Pilot                                           n.d.

                                    25                    NBC Radio & TV Shows                                     n.d.

                                    26                    Philadelphia Orchestra Eugene Ormandy with    n.d.

                                                            Natalie Hinderas

                                    27                    Temple University Music Convocation for          n.d.

                                                            Alberto Ginestera

                                    28                    WFLN, 25th Year Gala Concert,                          n.d.

Philadelphia, PA, Raymond P. Alexander, Sam Evans, Leota Palmer, Eugene Ormandy with N. Hinderas

Series VI. Churches

This series contain letters and programs from various churches where Hinderas performed.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Archdioceses of Philadelphia. Archdiocesan       n.d.

                                                            Music Office

                                    2                      Bryn Mawr Presbyterian. Singing City                n.d.

                                    3                      Cathedral-Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul.        n.d.

                                    4                      Episcopal Diocese of Penna. Cathedral Village.  n.d.

                                    5                      First United Methodist Church of Germantown  n.d.

                                    6                      Sixth Avenue Baptist Church                               n.d.

                                    7                      Zion Baptist Church. National Black Symphony n.d.

                                                            Orchestra; Symphonic Soul

Series VII. Foundation

Within this series are several articles, letters, programs and brochures about the foundations contained in this collection, all of which were connected to Natalie Hinderas' public affairs. Foundations included in the series are the Kay Kimbell Art Foundation, National Piano Foundation, as well as The Pressor Foundation.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Ambassador International Cultural                      n.d.

                                                            Foundation, Pasadena, CA

                                    2                      Beem Foundation for the Advancement              n.d.

                                                            of Music, Los Angeles, CA

                                    3                      Foundation Listings                                              n.d.

                                    4                      Kay Kimbell Art Foundation                               n.d.

                                    5                      National Piano Foundation                                   n.d.

                                    6                      The Pressor Foundation                                        n.d.

                                    7                      Southwest Pianists Foundation, Tucson, AZ       n.d.

Series VIII. Audio Tapes

Included here are 22 recordings containing various orchestral performances by Natalie Hinderas and other musicians. Other compositions, interviews, and miscellaneous items are also stored on the audio tapes.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Adams, Leslie-"Piano Concerto"         March 7, 1976

                                                            Kansas University Symphony

                                                            George Lawner, Conductor

                                    2                      American Folk Music,                                          n.d.

                                                            Use of Five-String Banjo

                                    3                      Anderson, T.J.: "Watermelon"                 July 8, 1972

                                                            Hans Boepple, Piano

                                    4                      Baker, Dave "Black America"               c. 1967-1968

                                    5                      Baldwin, Clement 18 Short                                  n.d.


                                    6                      Bird, Patricia Keyboard Literature 127e              n.d.

                                    7                      Black Composers, Contrasts B                             n.d.

                                    8                      Black Composers, Contrasts BB                          n.d.

                                    9                      Britton, George                                                     n.d.

                                    10                    Britton, George                                                     n.d.

                                    11                    Ecology Songs                                      June 28, 1973

                                    12                    Elder, J.D. Trinidadian Folklorist                         n.d.

                                    13                    Felton, James, Four Piano Suite        March 10, 1973

                                                            "Homage to Les Six" (1962)

                                    14                    Felton, James, James Felton        November 12, 1972

                                                            Music Sight- Ready by John Ogdon

                                                            And "Three Moods" Ellen Horowitz, Pianist

                                    15                    Gershwin- "Concerto in F"          November 24, 1975

                                                            "Rhapsody in Blue"

                                    16                    Ginastera- Piano Concerto No. 2                          n.d.

                                                            Hilde Somer, Soloist, Orchestra de la

                                                            Suisse Romande

                                    17                    Hinderas, Michele, Michele Hinderas singing      n.d.

                                                            Piano by Grandmommie


                                    1                      Hinderas, Natalie & Averitt, Joan                        n.d.

                                    2                      Castaldo, Joseph "Epigrams For Piano                 n.d.

                                                            & Orchestra"

                                    3                      Castaldo, Joseph "Epigrams For Piano               1976

                                                            & Orchestra" Little Symphony Orchestra

                                                            R. Mandel, Conductor Natalie Hinderas, Piano

                                    4                      Hinderas, Natalie, Natalie Hinderas Interview    n.d.

                                                            On Channel 29 Television Show, "Stock Market


                                    5                      Hinderas Contemporary Literature                       n.d.

                                    6                      Hinderas, Natalie Contemporary Keyboard          n.d


                                    7                      Hinderas, Natalie For Art Cromwell B-1             n.d.

                                    8                      Hinderas, Natalie For Art Cromwell B-2             n.d.

                                    9                      Hinderas, Natalie, Pianist                                     n.d.

                                                            Four Compositions: "Classical Music

                                                            & the Afro-American"

                                    10                    Hinderas, Natalie                             January 31, 1976

                                                            Gershwin- "Concerto in F"

                                    11                    Hinderas, Natalie Gershwin-                                n.d.

                                                            "Rhapsody In Blue"

                                    12                    Hinderas, Natalie at N.B.C. Lagos, Nigeria         n.d.

                                                            interviewing Olaolu Omidey, Olu Suwande

                                                            including their impressions of AMSAE Festival


                                    13                    Hinderas, Natalie, Piano               September 1, 1974

                                                            New York Philharmonic

                                                            "Concerto for Piano"

                                    14                    Hinderas, Natalie with the Oberlin                       n.d.

                                                            Symphony Orchestra; David Robertson,

                                                            Conductor; Finney Memorial Chapel, Oberlin

                                                            College, Oberlin Ohio

                                    15                    Hinderas, Natalie, The Philadelphia Orchestra     n.d.

                                                            interviewed by G. Diehl

                                    16                    Hinderas, Natalie, Sweden Notes     January 8, 1961

                                                            & Questions

                                    17                    Hinderas, Natalie, Soloist                    March 5, 1975

                                                            Maurice Ravel: "Concerto for

                                                            Piano in G Major" Temple University Orchestra

                                    18                    Hinderas, Natalie, Lecture; Recital                      n.d.

                                                            -Ursinus College                                                        



                                    1                      Kerr, Dennis                                                         n.d.

                                                            Interview with Dennis Kerr, Mrs. Kerr and Grace Abdul,

                                                            San Fernando, CA

                                    2                      Lansdowne Symphony                   October 19, 1975

                                    3                      Live Show:  Tribute to Dr. King                          n.d.

                                                            Biafra, Commentary, Black History, Commentary

                                    4                      Mayer, William – “Piano Music”                          n.d.

                                                            Steven Mayer, Pianist

                                    5                      Miscellaneous                                                       n.d.

                                    6                      Parker, Louise – Contralto                 March 10, 1974

                                                            Richmond Symphony Orchestra

                                    7                      Peltzer, Dwight                                               c. 1967

Berg: “Sonata, Opus 1;” “Ten Sweets for Piano;” Producer, Don Wilson –PMA, Mono

                                    8                      The Philadelphia Orchestra, Program #441          n.d.

                                                            Ginastra: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra; 1/4T

                                    9                      Price, John E.                                         c. 1952-1968

                                                            “Works and Excerpts by John E. Price”

                                    10                    Qamar, Nadi                                                    c. 1968

“Africa Nomena,” “Eastern Song,” “Flight”; And “Earth & Air”; Courtesy of Nuru Taa Records

                                    11                    Richman, Mel , Produced by                                n.d.

                                    12                    Richman, Mel, Produced by                                 n.d.

For Van Sant Dugdale Advertising; Fels Planetarium Film Reel #75T-6564; Commercial Credit Slide Film #2; (Composite track – Untoned Prevue Copy)

                                    13                    Richman, Mel, Produced by                                 n.d.

For Van Sant Dugdale Advertising; Commercial Credit Slide Film, Dialogue Track

                                    14                    Saint Kitts, V.I.                                                    n.d.

Radio – St. Kitts; Ellie Manette; Invaders; Steel Band; Presentation of books from United States to St. Kitts

                                    15                    Saint – Saans: “Piano Concerto No. 5”                n.d.

Lorin Hollander, Soloist; Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, Conductor; WFLN June 22, 1969 - ¼ track

                                    16                    Gershwin – “Rhapsody In Blue,”                         n.d.

“An American In Paris,” “Concerto in F” And others; Rodgers – “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue”; Addinsell – “Warsaw Concerto”; Rosza – “Spellbound Concerto”; The Sinfonia of London Orchestra/ Kenneth Alwyn; And Morgan Lewis, Conductors; Malcolm Binns; And William Davies, Pianists.

                                    17                    Smith, Hale                                                           n.d.

                                    18                    Smith, Hale/Contours for Orchestra                     n.d.

                                    19                    Swingle Singers; Scarlatti Sonatas                       n.d.

                                    20                    Temple University, College of Music   Feb. 25, 1969

William Still Grant: Afro- American Symphony; Royal Philharmonic of London: Karl Krueger, Conductor

                                    21                    Warfield, Williams                                October 1976

                                                            William Warfield Spirituals, Collegedale, TN A-1

                                    22                    Warfield, William                                 October 1976

                                                            William Warfield Spirituals; Collegedale, TN A-2

Series IX. Orchestras.

This series includes written material concerning various national and international orchestras such as the American Symphony, the National Black Symphony, as well as the Philadelphia Orchestra.


      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Alabama Symphony                                             n.d.

                                    2                      American Symphony                                            n.d.                                    3 Arkansas Symphony   n.d.

                                    4                      Atlanta Symphony                                                n.d.

                                    5                      Buffalo Philharmonic                                           n.d.                                    6 Chattanooga Symphony                     n.d.

                                    7                      Chautauqua Symphony                                        n.d.

                                    8                      Cincinnati Symphony                                           n.d.

                                    9                      Civic Symphony                                                   n.d.

                                    10                    The Cleveland Orchestra                                      n.d.

                                    11                    Concert Orchestra, Concerts in Black                  n.d.

                                                            & White, Boston, MA

                                    12                    Concerto Soloist, Chamber Orchestra                  n.d.

                                    13                    Dallas Symphony                                                  n.d.

                                    14                    Dekalb Symphony, Clarkson, GA                        n.d.

                                    15                    Delaware Symphony, Wilmington, DE                n.d.

                                    16                    Detroit Symphony                                                n.d.

                                    17                    Detroit Symphony Recorded with                       n.d.

                                                            Natalie Hinderas on CBS Records-

                                                            “Black Composers”

                                    18                    Evansville Philharmonic                                       n.d.

                                    19                    The Festival Chamber Orchestra                          n.d.

                                    20                    Flagstaff Symphony Arizona                               n.d.

                                    21                    Flint Symphony                                                    n.d.

                                    22                    Florida Pops                                                          n.d.

                                    23                    Florida Symphony                                                n.d.

                                    24                    Fort Collins Symphony Colorado                         n.d.

                                    25                    Fort Worth Symphony                                          n.d.

                                    26                    Garden State Philharmonic Symphony                n.d.

                                                            Toms River, NJ

                                    27                    Grand Rapids Symphony Michigan                     n.d.

                                    28                    Greater Palm Beach Symphony Florida               n.d.

                                    29                    Greater Trenton Symphony New Jersey               n.d.

                                    30                    Greensboro Symphony North Carolina                n.d.

                                    31                    Greenville Symphony South Carolina                  n.d.

                                    32                    The Haddenfield Symphony New Jersey             n.d.

                                    33                    Harrisburg Symphony Pennsylvania                     n.d.

                                    34                    Houston Symphony Texas                                    n.d.

                                    35                    Jackson Symphony Mississippi                             n.d.

                                    36                    Jacksonville Symphony Florida                            n.d.

                                    37                    Kansas City Philharmonic Missouri                      n.d.

                                    38                    Kennett Community Symphony                           n.d.

                                    39                    Lancaster Symphony Pennsylvania                      n.d.

                                    40                    Lansdowne Symphony Pennsylvania                   n.d.

                                    41                    Licking County Symphony Granville, OH           n.d.

                                    42                    London Symphony                                               n.d.

                                    43                    Los Angeles Philharmonic, California                  n.d.

                                    44                    Memphis Symphony                                             n.d.

                                    45                    Miami Beach Symphony, Florida                         n.d.

                                    46                    Nashville Symphony, Tennessee                          n.d.

                                    47                    National Gallery Orchestra also see:                     n.d.

                                                            Cromwell Concert Series

                                    48                    National Symphony Kennedy Center                  n.d.

                                                            Wash., DC

                                    49                    National Black Symphony                                    n.d.

                                    50                    New Jersey Symphony Newark, NJ                     n.d.

                                    51                    New York Philharmonic                                       n.d.

                                    52                    Oakland Symphony California                             n.d.

                                    53                    Omaha Symphony                                                n.d.

                                    54                    Oregon Symphony                                                n.d.

                                    55                    Paris Orchestra France                                          n.d.

                                    56                    Peninsula Symphony San Mateo, CA                  n.d.

                                    57                    Philadelphia Orchestra Pennsylvania                    n.d.

                                    58                    Philharmonia Orchestra Huntington                     n.d.

                                                            Valley, PA                                                                 

                                    59                    Philly Pops                                                            n.d.

                                    60                    Pittsburg Symphony, Temple Univ.                     n.d.

                                                            Music Festival

                                    61                    Portland Symphony Oregon                                 n.d.

                                    62                    Puerto Rico Symphony San Juan, PR                  n.d.

                                    63                    Quebec Symphony                                               n.d.

                                    64                    Reading Symphony Pennsylvania                        n.d.

                                    65                    Richmond Sinfonia Virginia                                 n.d.

                                    66                    Saint Louis Symphony Missouri                           n.d.

                                    67                    San Antonio Symphony Texas                             n.d.

                                    68                    San Francisco Symphony California                    n.d.

                                    69                    San Jose Symphony California                             n.d.

                                    70                    Scottish National Orchestra                                  n.d.

                                    71                    Seattle Symphony Washington                            n.d.

                                    72                    Seattle Youth Symphony Washington                 n.d.

                                    73                    Springfield Symphony Massachusetts                  n.d.

                                    74                    Springfield Symphony Ohio                                 n.d.

                                    75                    Symphony of the New World                              n.d.

                                    76                    Symphony Society Orchestra                               n.d.

                                                            The Oratorio Society Chorus

                                    77                    Tulsa Philharmonic                                               n.d.

                                    78                    Vancouver Symphony Canada                             n.d.

                                    79                    Victoria Symphony & Tacoma                             n.d.

                                                            Philharmonic Victoria, B.C., Canada

                                    80                    Virginia Classical                                                  n.d.

                                    81                    Wheeling Symphony West Virginia                     n.d.

                                    82                    Wichita Symphony                                               n.d.

                                    83                    Winston-Salem Symphony North Carolina          n.d.

                                    84                    Youngstown Symphony Ohio                              n.d.

                                    85                    Youth Orchestra of Greater Philadelphia, PA      n.d.


Series X. Personal Items.

This series contain a number of personal items (letters, postcards, greeting cards) to and from family members (husband Lionel Monagas, and daughter Michele Monagas). There are also communications with banks, schools, and other organizations.

      BOX                     FOLDER       FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      Desk Master Diary of Natalie Hinderas             1976

                                    2                      Diary/ Weekly Organizer                                    1987

                                    3                      John Wanamaker Diary                                       1953

                                    4                      Notebook titled,                                        1978-1979

                                                            "Temple Students"

                                    5                      Hinderas Associates Media                       1981-1982

                                                            Production Co., Inc.

                                    6                      1985 Weekly Date Book                                    1985

                                    7                      Notebook titled, "Notes for 'Music Room'           n.d.

                                                            Videotape shaw"

                                    8                      Notebook titled "Alabama- Univ. of Alabama     n.d.

                                    9                      Germantown Friends School Composition          n.d.


                                    10                    The Spring- Theme and Notebook                       n.d.

                                    11                    Assorted Lecture notes                                         n.d.

                                    11                    Assorted hand-written notes                                n.d.

                                    12                    America Through Music Bibliography                 n.d.

                                    13                    America Through Music Program Outline            n.d.

                                    14                    America Through Music Proposal                        n.d.

                                                            Proposal & Evaluations

                                    15                    America Through Music Resource Information   n.d.

                                    16                    America Through Music Travel Vouchers            n.d.

                                    17                    American Piano Music                                          n.d.

                                    18                    Black Classical Composers in America                n.d.

                                    19                    Celebration of Black Composers                          n.d.

                                    20                    The Natalie Hinderas Music Room                      n.d.

                                                            T.V. Pilot

                                    21                    The Natalie Hinderas Music Room                      n.d.


                                    22                    The Natalie Hinderas Music Room                      n.d.


                                    23                    The Natalie Hinderas Music Room                      n.d.

                                                            Format & Ideas

                                    24                    The Natalie Hinderas Music Room                      n.d.

                                                            George Gershwin

                                    25                    The Natalie Hinderas Music Room                      n.d.

                                                            Press Coverage

                                    26                    Sundays at Four Resorts International                 n.d.

                                                            Hotel Concert  Series Atlantic City, NJ

                                    27                    Sundays at Four Press Release                             n.d.



                                    1                      Correspondence: Greeting Cards                         n.d.

                                    2                      Correspondence: Lionel & Natalie Monagas        n.d.

                                    3                      Correspondence: Post cards (blank)                     n.d.

                                    4                      Lionel Monagas: Miscellaneous                            n.d.

                                    5                      Lionel Monagas: Banking Information                n.d.

                                    6                      Michele Monagas: Art Work                                n.d.

                                    7                      College Information                                             n.d.

                                    8                      Michele Monagas: Correspondence                      n.d.

                                    9                      Michele Monagas:                                          1968-69

                                                            Germantown Friends School Kindergarten

                                    10                    Germantown Friends School 1st Grade         1969-70

                                    11                    Germantown Friends School 2nd Grade        1970-71

                                    12                    Germantown Friends School 3rd Grade         1971-72

                                    13                    Germantown Friends School 4th Grade         1972-73

                                    14                    Germantown Friends School 5th Grade         1973-74

                                    15                    Germantown Friends School 6th Grade         1974-75

                                    16                    Germantown Friends School 7th Grade         1975-76

                                    17                    Germantown Friends School 8th Grade         1976-77

                                    18                    Germantown Friends School 9th Grade         1977-78

                                    19                    Germantown Friends School 10th Grade       1978-79

                                    20                    Germantown Friends School 11th Grade       1979-80

                                    21                    Germantown Friends School 12th Grade         1980-8

                                    22                    Michele Monagas: Cornell University                  n.d.

                                    23                    Michele Monagas: Miscellaneous Schools            n.d.

                                    24                    Michele Monagas: Miscellaneous Information     n.d.

Series XI. Miscellaneous

 This series contain letters from various associations in which Natalie Hinderas was a member. Also, there are news articles about Hinderas and other musicians. Other items in this series include booklets, pamphlets, newsletters, brochures, restaurant menus from France, copyrights information, magazines, awards and citations, correspondence between Natalie and various record and production companies and associations, Natalie’s “dolce” recipe along with the story behind her signature delectable and television contract to promote her dessert, correspondence between Natalie Hinderas and Fanfare National Public Radio Campaign for the Arts, business and income tax statements.

         BOX           FOLDER              FOLDER CONTENTS                                YEAR


                                    1                      American Association of University Professors   n.d.

                                    2                      American Cancer Society                                     n.d.

                                    3                      “The Arts Outscore Sports” by Ann Reisfeld      n.d.

                                    4                      “Whither the Black Contemporary Composer?”  n.d.

                                                            by Dr. Eileen Southern

                                    5                      “Black Musicians in Symphony Orchestras”        n.d.

                                                            by Dick Campbell

                                    6                      “Brazillian Music, Fundamentals of”                    n.d

                                                            By Heitor C. deAzevedo & Albert T. Luper

                                    7                      “Cable TV-State of the Art” by John J. O’Connor n.d.

                                    8                      “Music Establishment, Can the Negro                 n.d.

                                                            Overcome” by Herbert Russcol

                                    9                      “Classical Music: New Shoes for Old                  n.d.

                                                            Warhorses” by Alan Penchansky

                                    10                    “Cultural Programming on TV, A new Era”        n.d.

                                                            by Les Brown

                                    11                    “Temple Loses A Voice for J Justice by               n.d.

                                                            John Demott” by Chuck Stone

                                    12                    “Elitism in the Arts is Good”                               n.d.

                                                            by Harold C. Schonberg

                                    13                    “Piano Man – Santi Falcone”                               n.d.

                                                            Falcone Piano Company; by Lucien Rhodes

                                    14                    “Mystery Man at the Organ” by Ed Levitt          n.d.

                                    15                    “The Great Music Debate: Emotion                    n.d.

                                                            Vs. Intellect” by Harold C. Schonberg

                                    16                    “Gospel Music’s Rise Told”                                 n.d.

                                                            Virginia State College Black Music Seminar Series

                                    17                    “1 to 1” at the Keyboard                                      n.d.

                                                            by Daniel Webster

                                    18                    “Artistic Equality is Constant Theme for Pianist” n.d.

                                                             by Donald Rosenberg

                                    19                    “Black ConcertPianist is Playing to be Heard”    n.d.

                                                            by Donald Rosenberg

                                    20                    “Cooking & Music” by Robert Baxter                 n.d.

                                    21                    “From Ragtime to Riches” by Joseph McLellan  n.d.

                                    22                    “The Happiest Mother’s Day Gift of All”            n.d.

                                                            by Chuck Stone

                                    23                    “Heritage House Dinner”                                     n.d.

                                    24                    “Natalie Hinderas & Friends” – Benefit for         n.d.

                                                            Robert J. Nicolosi Scholarship Fund

                                    25                    “Pianist Packs Her Bag With Treasure”               n.d.

                                                            by Carl Schoettler

                                    26                    “Temple University Advertisement”                    n.d.

                                    27                    “Tuscaloosa Music Club”                                     n.d.

                                    28                    “Urban League Guild” by Kissette L. Bundy      n.d.

                                    29                    “King, Dr. Martin Luther, A Testament From”    n.d.

                                                            by Dr. Laurence Henry

                                    30                    “Making Music by Hand & Machine”                  n.d.

by Edward Rothstein; “On Yamaha’s Assembly Line by Line” By Henry Scott Stokes

                                    31                    Articles by Novak, Benjamin J.                            n.d.

                                    32                    “Orchestra Audition: The Old Systems are          n.d.

                                                            Changing” by Donal Henahan

                                    33                    “Pew-Bandy, Roberta” by Burr Van Atta           n.d.

                                    34                    “Schumann Collection”                                        n.d.

                                    35                    “Self-Segregation Doomed to Fail”                     n.d.

                                    36                    “UNCF Receives Grants from Walter Annenberg” n.d.

                                    37                    “Why Can’t A Woman Compose Like A Man”   n.d.

                                                            by Joan Peyser

                                    38                    “Women Aren’t Superstars in Music”                  n.d.

                                                            by Eugenia Zukerman


                                    39                    Newsletter Special Arts Update from                1981

                                                            Congressman Fred Richmond, Brooklyn, NY                                               40 Beethoven, Ludwig: The Piano Music of the                                                                   n.d.

Middle Period Westfield Center for Early Keyboard Studies, Easthamptom, MA

                                    41                    Black American Composers Anthology of Art    n.d.

                                                            Songs by (No Name Provided)

                                    42                    Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp                                   n.d.

                                    43                    Book: “The Blacks: A Clown Show” by Jean Genet n.d.

                                    44                    Book “Black Music-Opinions & Reviews”          n.d.

                                                            By D. Antoinette Handy

                                    45                    Book “La lecture et le francois”                           n.d.

                                                            by Jean-Michel Guerin

                                    46                    Book Brochure Biographical Dictionary of          n.d.

                                                            Afro-American and African Musicians

                                    47                    Book Brochure How to Teach Piano                    n.d.

                                                            Successfully by James W. Bastien

                                    48                    Book Brochure Studies in Musicology                 n.d.

                                                            UMI Research Press

                                    49                    Book Catalog General Music Catalog                  n.d.

                                                            G. Henle/USA, Inc.

                                    50                    Boosey & Hawkes Music Publishers                    n.d.

                                    51                    Brochures                                                              n.d.

                                    52                    Charles-Towne 1670-1970, Charleston, SC         n.d.

                                    53                    Cie Gle Transatlantique French Line Menus        n.d.

                                    54                    Copyright Information                                         n.d.

                                    55                    The Crisis Magazine                                             n.d.

                                    56                    G. B. Dealy Awards                                             n.d.

                                    57                    Desto Records                                                      n.d.

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                                                            for the Arts

                                    61                    Flowe Productions, Chicago, IL                          n.d.

                                    62                    Golden Key National Honor Society                   n.d.

                                    63                    Hinderas, Natalie-Poster American Society         n.d.

                                                            of African Culture

                                    64                    Hinderas, Natalie-Bio Media/Music Biography   n.d.

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                                                            of Oklahoma

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                                    67                    Hinderas, Natalie-Estate Business and Income Tax n.d.

                                    68                    Hinderas, Natalie “Don’t Play Like A Woman”  n.d.

                                                            – Article for WFLN Program Guide, 10-31-72

                                    69                    Hinderas, Natalie, Federal Reserve Bank Concert n.d.

                                    70                    Hinderas, Natalie, Lease, Flamingo Apartments  n.d.

                                                            Philadelphia, PA

                                    71                    Hinderas, Natalie Performance Schedules           n.d.

                                                            & Residencies

                                    72                    Hinderas, Natalie, Piano Master Classes              n.d.

                                    73                    Hinderas, Natalie “Reflections & Music”-           n.d.

Speech presented to the First United Methodist Church of Germantown

                                    74                    Hinderas, Natalie, Travel Diary                            n.d.

                                    75                    Hinderas, Natalie, Correspondence,                     n.d.

                                                            The White House

                                    76                    Jennifer Productions                                             n.d.

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                                                            Dissertation Research

                                    85                    National Arts Award Program,                            n.d.

                                                            Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ

                                    86                    Newsletter Network for New Music                    n.d.

                                    87                    Oberlin Alumni Magazine                                    n.d.

                                    88                    Original Music                                                      n.d.

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                                                            Company, Bryn Mawr, PA

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                                                            Culture, The New York Public Library

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                                    94                    The Steinway Hour                                               n.d.

                                    95                    Summer Music Study                                           n.d.

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                                    97                    Video Conference Living Through the  Arts       n.d.

                                    98                    WFLN-NBC Radio Network Philadelphia          n.d.

                                                            Guide to Events & Places

                                    99                    WGH FM 97 A Guide to the Arts,                      n.d.

                                                            New Port News- Norfolk, VA

                                    100                  WHBQ – TV 13                                                   n.d.

                                    101                  WHYY-TV 12                                                      n.d.

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                                                            New Jersey

                                    110                  (Missing)                                                               n.d.

                                    111                  USIS European Concert Tour-1960                     n.d.

                                    112                  Hinderas, Natalie, Passport, License,                   n.d.

                                                            Credit Cards, etc.

                                    113                  Hinderas, Natalie – Memorial Service,                 n.d.

                                                            July 30, 1987, First United Methodist Church of G’town

                                    114                  Napkin from Tokyo Sukiyaki Restaurant,            n.d.

                                                            Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, CA

                                    115                  “Did Alive Tully Choke On The Fish-Or Was     n.d.

                                                            It The Question?’ by Raoul Abdul

                                    116                  Wall Hanging (canvas/wood) with quote             n.d.

                                                            by Emerson



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