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These collections generally represent negatives produced as a result of staff photographer assignments at the Evening Bulletin, Inquirer, and Daily News newspapers in Philadelphia. Access to these images is limited due to arrangement by the date the negatives were shot. News negatives are arranged in the following collections: 

Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, ca. 1937-82 (January only), 500 lf.

Negatives before 1972 were heavily weeded by the Bulletin staff and are accessible by subject or personal name. Negatives from 1972-82 (January only) are accessible only by date. Color transparencies and slides are also available by date. Photographers include Anthony Bernato, Joshua Bernstein, Carl A. Breitinger, Don Camp, William S. Coward, James A. Craig, Eric Crosson, Robert E. Dias, Salvatore C. DiMarco, Jr., Jon Falk, Bob Fox, Vincent Gonzales, Thaddeus Govan, Jr., Sonnee Gottlieb, Charles T. Higgins, Dominic Ligato, Michael J. Maicher, Harry F. McGonigal, Joseph P. McLaughlin, Frederick A. Meyer, Frank P. "Tony Montone, George Nelson, Charles Newman, Sam Nocella, William Owens, Colleen O'Hara, Barbara Pachter, Joseph Del Palazzo, Augustine "Gus" Pasquarella, Dominic Pasquarella, Richard Rosenberg, Albert F. Schell, Raymond F. Stubblebine, Charles J. "Jack" Tinney, Joseph Tritsch, Maurice Upton, and Joseph Wasko.
Philadelphia Inquirer, ca. 1937-1997, 1,524 lf.
Most negatives are arranged by date shot with a small collection of undated materials. Some of the negatives have deteriorated to the point of being unuseable. A list of "historically important" and "Temple University" related negatives are available for the period 1937-65. Photographers include: Abrams, Ashton, William F. Augustine, Ballenberg, Bell, Gerard Benene, Arthur Bergey, Black, Blaustein, L. Bowman, Rick Bowmer, William M. Brown, Michael Bryant, Todd Buchanan, Anthony Calabro, Harold Carter, Cericola, Rob Clark, Jr., Joseph Kingston Coleman, Joseph Conley, William J. Connor, Ron Cortes, Costanzo, John Costello, John "Jack" Culross, D'Anella, Davenport, Davidson, Alexander Deans, De Franko, Dehner, Denges, Joseph Desiderio, De Wald, Alfred A. D'Lardi, J. G. Domke, Frank Dougherty, Art Dressler, Ron Dubick, Sean Patrick Duffy, Earnest S. Eddowes, Andrew Einhorn, Errigo, Wilmer R. Everly, Jr., Jon Falk, Link Faries, Claire Feinstein, John P. Filo, Peggy Fogarty, Charles Fox, Edward J. Freeman, Michael Freeman, Al Gold, Goodrich, Edmond Grady, Howard Hamburger, Newton Hartman, Hartstein, Haurin, L. Hess, Robert Hess, Bob Hill, Ed Hille, Holt, Ralph Holtsizer, Reynolds Huet, Hults, Huntoon, William Irving, Isaacs, David J. Jackson, Charles W. James, Arthur C. Jarvis, Ira Joffe, Frank Johnston, Kalfus, Michael Katakis, Lawrence Keighley, Dan Keleher, Tom Kelly, Kennedy, Laurence Kesterson, Harold Kimble, Harry Krause, Krist, Sara J. Krulwich, Greg Lanier, Lawrence, Sarah Leen, Lubens, Ludwig, J. Scott Lyons, Michael Mally, Mannino, Joseph T. Martin, James McAllister, Alexander McCaughey, McCuen, James McGarrity, Theresa McGettigan, M. McNichol, Meeker, Meyers, Eric Mencher, Miller, Montgomery, Robert L. Mooney, Newell, Edward Nicodemus, Paola Nogueras, O'Connor, Marty O'Grady, Clay Owen, Mike Plunkett, Powell, Larry C. Price, Otto Prinz, Gabe Puniska, Paul Raedig, Harry L. Raynore, Anthony Riccardi, Roman, Rose, Frank Ross, Gervase J. Rozanski, Robert Sacha, Robert Salgado, Russell F. Salmon, Saltzman, April Saul, Schell, Shomo, Nan Sloan, Robert Smith, Lorraine Staub, William F. Steinmetz, Robert Stevens, Brenda Steele, Aylmar Stopes, Akira Suwa, Tam, Ron Tarver, Kelso Taylor, Robert Teeple, Craig Terry, Thomson, Audrey C. Tiernan, Titley, Roger Tunis, Victoria Valerio, Vereen, Michael Viola, Robert Von Neida, Elizabeth Vorhauer, Albert Wagner, Joseph Walker, David M. Warren, Diane Weiss, Bonnie Weller, Charles White, Kendall Wilkinson, Gerald S. Williams, Michael S. Wirtz, and Sharon J. Wohlmuth.
Daily News, 1979-88, 67 lf.
Negatives are arranged by date shot. Photographers include Joey Adams, Berner, F. Patrick Bernet, Wilmer R. Everly, E.W. Faircloth, Norman Y. Lono, Joe Martin, Joseph McGuinn, Charles Meyers, Dennis O'Keefe, Samuel Psoras, Douglas Scott, Elwood P. Smith, Victoria Valerio, and Louis Zacharias.
West Coast Newsnegative Collection, ca. 1936-49, 70 lf.
Collection of negatives with some contact prints produced by the Los Angeles office of MLA Publications, later Triangle Publications, the parent company of the Philadelphia Inquirer. The images relate to the needs of the various publication outlets of the parent company. The collection is heavily oriented towards the motion picture industry with some other topics such as horse racing, big bands, World War II, churches, wineries, and night clubs within the Greater Los Angeles area. A few images deal with Nazi and Ku Klux Klan activities and nudist camps. Some were produced for special articles such as "Girl Goes Wrong in Hollywood" and "How to Smoke". Photographers include Jack Albin, Bruce Bailey, Walt Davis, Evans Plummer, and J.B. Scott. 
Color Transparencies and Prints Collection, (PC-68), ca. 1945-1982
Collection contains color transparencies produced and collected mostly by the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin with a few from the Philadelphia Inquirer. Tranparencies are accessible through an interfiled subject and personal name index. The collection includes a few color prints copied from transparencies by the Archives.