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Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania Records

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Acc. 315, 319, 413, 683

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Collection Summary

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania Records

1920-2016, bulk 1920-1986

Collection ID
Acc. 315, 319, 413, 683

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania

8 linear feet (8 boxes)

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

Materials in English


Detailed Collection Information

Historical Note

Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania officially began on January 9, 1927, as the Pennsylvania Birth Control League, although its members had met and discussed birth control since 1922. The organizations stated purpose was threefold: lobby for laws favorable to birth control, provide information and educate the public about birth control, and finally, provide birth control services for the public by establishing clinics.

In 1929 the League opened its first clinic, the Maternal Health Center, at 69th and Market Streets. A clinic committee was organized to oversee clinic operations. A separate fund was created for bail in abortion arrests. The clinic moved to 253 South 15th street in 1933 and by 1940 there were fifteen clinics in operation.

The League’s name was changed to Planned Parenthood Association in 1947, in order to confirm to the national organization, and again in 1968 to its present name. During that time, the clinic moved to 2004 Walnut street and 1402 Spruce street, in 1956and 1969 respectively. Clinics were established in other areas such as Chester during this same period. PPSP offered for the first time pregnancy testing and option counseling in 1970, and moved its location in 1975.

Description of Collection

This collection contains administrative records, newspaper clippings, correspondence, financial records, meeting minutes, reports, and subject files related to the Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania. This collection includes preserved versions of the organization’s website, available through Archive-It.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into 10 series as follows:

Series 1: Administration and Organization, 1920-1986
Series 2: Financial Materials, 1950-1986
Series 3: Correspondence, 1950-1985
Series 4: Publications, 1950-1982
Series 5: Projects, 1955-1986
Series 6: Branch Offices, 1966-1969
Series 7: Other Organizations, 1982-1985
Series 8: Subject Files, 1975-1983
Series 9: Miscellaneous Files, 1965-1985
Series 10: Website versions in Archive-It, 2016

Patron Information

Catalog Record

A record for this collection is available in Temple University’s online library catalog: http://diamond.temple.edu/record=b5623512~S30

Research Access

Collection is open for research.

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Publication and Copyright Information

The Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania Records are the physical property of the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries. Temple University holds intellectual property rights only for material donated to the university with such rights specifically assigned. For all other material, intellectual property rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated.

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[Description and date of item], [Box/folder number], Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania Records, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Accession 315 was donated by Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania in January 1978. Accession 319 was donated by Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania in February 1978. Accession 413 was donated by Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania in December 1979. Accession 683 was donated by Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania on August 24, 1988.

Processing Information

Finding aid revised according to contemporary archival standards in May 2014 by Katy Rawdon, Coordinator of Technical Services.     


Index Terms

The following headings have been used to index the description of this collection in Temple University’s electronic catalog:

Corporate Names:
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

Birth control--Pennsylvania
Community health services--Pennsylvania
Maternal health services--Pennsylvania


Philadelphia (Pa.)

Material Types:
Administrative records
Financial records
Web sites


Series 1: Administration and Organization, 1920-1986

Box 1

Agency Information, undated
Annual Meeting, October 15-19, 1986
Annual Report, Education Department1973-1974
Annual Report, Education Department1974-1975
Annual Report, Education Department1975-1976
Annual Report, Education Department1976-1977
Board Committee Minutes, Development Committee, 1982-1986
Board Committee Minutes, Executive Director, 1982-1985
Board Committee Minutes, Miscellaneous, 1982-1986
Board Committee Minutes, Nominating Committee, 1982-1985
Board Meetings, undated
Civil Action, undated
Comments from Clients, undated
Communications-Newsletters Ideas, undated
Development Department Report, undated
Education Reports, undated
Equipment, Clinic Needs, undated
Equipment, Office Needs, undated
Evaluation Reports, 1980-
Family Life Program, Documentation, undated
Family Life Program, Reports, undated
Goals and Objectives of PPSP, 1982
Handicapped Report, 1981
Institutes Reports 1983-1985
Marketing, undated
Miscellaneous,1920-1969 (6 Folders)


Miscellaneous, 1970-1985 (12 Folders)
Printing Needs, undated
Publications Advisory Committee, undated
Resource Center, undated
Sample Calendar, undated

Series 2: Financial Materials, 1950-1986

Audiovisual Needs / Proposals, 1983
Development Department Year-End Report, undated
Education and Training Proposals, 1981-1982
Education Budget, undated
Energy Consumption, undated
Founders of the Education Department, undated
Fund Raising, Miniature Show, 1981
Fund Raising, Miscellaneous, undated
Major Gift Letters, undated
Medical Costs / Medical Equipment Needs, undated


Miscellaneous,1950-1973 (9 folders)
Miscellaneous,1975-1986 (11 folders)
Proposals, Food for Thought, undated
Proposals, Handicapped, 1981
Proposals, Institute Proposal and Budget, 1983
Proposals, Miscellaneous, 1981-1983
Proposals, Peer Education Program, undated
Proposals, Youth Program, undated
Report, 1971
Revenues and Expenses, undated

Series 3: Correspondence, 1950-1985

Direct Mail Letters, undated
Education Comments, undated
Jim and Debbie Zug, undated
Luncheons, undated
Miscellaneous, 1950-1985 (4 folders)
Outreach, undated
Thank you Cards and Letters, undated

Series 4: Publications, 1950-1982

All in the Family, undated
Miscellaneous, 1950-1982
Pamphlets, undated

Series 5: Projects, 1955-1986


Al Moran Luncheon, undated
Chester Family Life Program, undated
Citywide Action Program, undated
Combined Health Program, undated
Education and Training Programs, undated
Family Life Program (2 folders) , undated
Family Management Workshop, undated
Madame Sadat Event (2 folders) , undated
MARCH Luncheon, 1986
Minter Film, undated
Miscellaneous,1955-1979 (7 folders)
Miscellaneous,1980-1986 (5 folders)
Mother / Daughter Program, undated
Peer Education, undated
Population Education, 1977-1982


Program Summaries, undated
Proposal to Train Health Nurses, undated
Reading Terminal Event, undated
Robin Chandler Dulce Event, undated
Sex Education for the Deaf, undated
Sexuality Through the Life Cycle Conference, undated
Teen Conference and Follow Ups, 1978-1979,1982-1984
Teen Fathers, 1984
Trainer Scholarship Program, undated
Values Clarification, undated
Volunteer Training Programs, undated


Series 6: Branch Offices, 1966-1969

Bright Hope Baptist Church, undated
Delaware County: Chester, Etc., undated
Miscellaneous, 1966-1969
Montgomery County: Pottstown, Morristown, undated

Series 7: Other Organizations, 1982-1985

Alan Guttmacher Institute, undated
Association for Voluntary Sterilization, Inc. (AVC), undated
Bronstein Weiss Assoc., Inc., undated
Catholics, undated
Center for Population Option, undated
Center for Population Funding, undated
Child Abuse Prevention Effort (CAPE), undated
CHOICE, undated
City/State Government, undated
Combined Health Appeal of Delaware Valley, Inc.(3 folders), undated
Commerce and Industry Combined Health Appeal (CICHA), undated
Community Chest, undated
Family Planning Council, undated
Harvard Center for Population Studies, undated
Health and Welfare Council, Inc., undated
Institute for Family Planning, undated
Junior League, undated
Medallic Art Co., undated
Miscellaneous, undated
Moral Majority and Other Religious Groups, undated
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) , undated
NSFRE, Meetings,1982-1985
NSFRE, Miscellaneous, undated

Box 6

Philadelphia Orchestra / Academy of Music, undated
Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Miscellaneous, undated
Planned Parenthood Affiliates, Pennsylvania, undated
Planned Parenthood World Population / Federation of America, Inc. Mid-Atlantic Region, undated
Planned Parenthood World Population / Federation of America, Inc. Miscellaneous (3 folders), undated
Population Reference Bureau, Inc. , undated
Sex Information and Education Council of the U. S.(SIECUS), undated
United States Government, undated
United Way, undated
Urban League, undated
Wellesley-in –Philadelphia, undated
Women's Way, undated
World Watch, undated
Zero Population Growth, undated

Series 8: Subject Files, 1975-1983

Abortion, undated
African Americans, undated
Birth Control, undated
Blind, undated
Campaign for Federal Employees (CFE) , undated
Children, undated
Education Issues, undated
Handicapped, undated
John Franklin Award, undated
Lydia B. Stokes Foundation, undated
Media, undated
Men in Family Planning, undated
Natural Family Planning, undated
Parent, undated
Parents as Sex Educators 1981
Population Education, undated
Senior Citizens as Sex Educators, undated
Sex, undated
Sex Education, undated
Sexuality and Life Cycle Conference, 1983


Spanish Language Materials, undated
Squeal Rule, undated
Stokes, Mrs. S. Emlen, undated
Stokes Clinic, Dedication, December 19, 1975
Stokes Clinic, Plaques and Medals, undated

Series 9: Miscellaneous Files, 1965-1985

Miscellaneous Booklets, Film Clippings, and Brochures, undated
Newsclippings, undated
Abortion, 1965-1985 (9 Folders)
Abortion Miscellaneous (2 Folders) , undated
Abortion Write- in Campaign, undated
Birth Control, undated

Box 8

Newsclippings Census / Economics, undated
Charities, undated
Chester, PA, undated
Child Abuse, undated
Clinic Harassment, undated
Families, undated
Family Planning Funding, undated
Features, undated
General Health, undated
Illegal Abortions, undated
Infant Mortality, undated
International Family Planning, undated
Males, undated
Miscellaneous, undated
Nurses, undated
Op-Eds, undated
Opinion Polls, undated
Poverty, undated
Public Affairs, undated
Sadats Widows Visit, undated
School Based Clinics, undated
Sex Education, undated
Sex and Population, undated
Teen / Unwed Motherhood, undated
Teen Pregnancy / Squeal Rule, undated
Scrapbooks (3 folders) , undated
Photographs, undated
Confidential Materials, undated


Series 10: Website versions in Archive-It, 2016

Series 10 contains preserved versions of the me of the Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania's website. To access these sites, see the Temple University Special Collections Urban Archives Archive-It web page: https://archive-it.org/collections/4487