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     Raymond Joseph Cormier was Associate Professor, 1972‑1978, and Professor of French, 1978‑1983 at Temple University, and chairman of the Department of French and Italian from 1973 to

1975.  He was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1938 and received his A.B. from the University of Bridgeport in 1960.  He returned to his undergraduate alma mater to receive the Doctor of Letters degree, honoris causa, in 1980.  He received the A.M. degree from Stanford University in 1962 and the Ph.D. in French and Celtic in 1967 after studying at the Sorbonne, 1962‑1963, and having been a University Scholar and fellow at Harvard University, 1963‑1965.  He taught as an Instructor at Tufts University (1965‑1967), then as Assistant Professor at at the University of Virginia (1967‑1972) before coming to Temple.

     As past‑president and co‑founder of the International Courtly Literature Society, he was the Managing Editor of Encomia, the Society's Bibliographical Bulletin.  Professor Cormier was active in the Modern Language Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity, having been an officer of this group as well as of the national organization.  While teaching in Charlotteville, Virginia he was also the founder and past‑president of the University of Virginia Medieval Circle (1968‑1972).  He is a scholar of medieval comparative literature, publishing several books and articles on the Aeneid, Arthurian folklore, Celtic myths and tales from antiquity.  Professor Cormier's continuing interest in Celtic literature led to a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Celtic, University of Edinburgh, Scotland (fall term, 1972) while holding simultaneously a Sesquicentennial Associateship from The University of Virginia, and, a readership in the Celtic Library, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies (April‑August 1977).

     Professor Cormier's papers contain the manuscripts and corrected proofs of articles, about one‑third of them written in French.  His interest in and advocacy for the study of foreign languages led to several newspaper articles about his unorthodox style of teaching adapted from the method developed by John A. Rassias of Dartmouth College, and the importance of the study of languages.  His articles and letters to the editor of The New York Times ("Survie Apres Babel:I" and "Survival After Babel: II") brought him a wide range of correspondence from educators and business executives supporting the need for this study. Another segment of his papers include book reviews and two fiction articles he wrote.

     Professor Cormier's article, "Remarques sur le Roman d'Eneas et l'Erec et Enide de Chrétien de Troyes," published in Revue des Lanques Romanes (1976) is in the collection in several successive forms.  This was the object of a charge of plagiarism which was rejected in a legal arbitration suit in 1984.

     The materials are arranged by type of publication:

              Series 1:  Articles
              Series 2:  Book Reviews
              Series 3:  Books
              Series 4:  Professional and Personal Activities

     The first series includes papers Prof. Cormier has presented or published in the fields of his scholarly researches and of advocacy of the study of foreign languages (series 1a), papers which he published jointly (1b), and those which he translated (1c).  Book reviews Prof. Cormier wrote and the bibliography he prepared for the I.C.L.S.'s Encomia form the second series. The third, Books, includes those Prof. Cormier wrote (series 3a), edited and translated (3b), and co‑edited (3c).  The final series consists of several addresses Prof. Cormier delivered, administrative reports written while he was a department chairman at Temple, a variety of other articles including a child's moral tale, and Prof. Cormier's curriculum vita (1979).  Each series includes correspondence to and copies of letters from Prof. Cormier concerning publication and other professional matters. The materials are arranged alphabetically by title within the first three series and chronologically within the fourth series.  Most offprints are in the Temple Author Reprint collection; three of Prof. Cormier's books are in the Templana Collection of Faculty Writers.  Newspaper clippings have been photocopied using acid‑free paper.

     Professor Cormier donated these material between 1973 and 1980.  He retains the literary rights to these materials and wishes to be notified whenever they are to be consulted with a view to publication.

Compiled by Stephanie Morris

August 1986

Carton 1.  Series 1a:  Articles


   1          "After Ovid:  Three Erotic tales of Antiquity."
                letter of transfer (1973); first and second

   2          "Anonymity and Orality in the Táin."
                3 drafts (2 are photocopies of mss. drafts).

   3          "Comunalment and Soltaine in the Eneas."
                appeared in Romance Notes xiv:1(1972) 4 drafts

   4          "Critical Approaches to Arthurian Tradition:  The
                Celtic Hypothesis and the Jackson‑Loomis
                Controversy."  3 drafts; 4 drafts of Reading
                Version (including the first draft).

   5          "Cú Chulainn and Yvain:  The Love Hero in Early
                and Old French Literatue."
                2 drafts, 1 partial draft.

   6          "Cú Chulainn and Yvain."
                3 drafts ("Next to last" and "1968 version with
                1972  'auto‑critical' notes and annotations by
                Kenneth H. Jackson," both signed; other has notes
                to and from Prof. Jackson, also signed), proofs
                for Studies in Philology Lxxii: 2 (April 1975),
                signed, with notation "Printer's errors Author's

   7          "Cú Chulainn and Yvain."
                2 drafts, 3 partial drafts

   8          "Death by Stylus."
                3 letters (1974); 2 drafts and a copy.

   9          "Defining the Role of Foreign Languages in the
                Total College Curriculum."
                2 drafts, presented at Association of Departments
                of Foreign Languages panel, Northeast Modern
                Language Association, Penn State, April 4, 1974,
                One with note "Published in Bulletin of the ADFL,
                6 (1974), 23‑25.

   10         "Foreign Languages and Our Founding Fathers."
                6 letters (1976)

   11         "Foreign Languages and Our Founding Fathers."
                3 drafts of longer version for Temple
                University's Alumni Review; 4 drafts of reading
                version presented at a meeting of the Modern
                Language Association of Philadelphia and
                Vicinity (March 1976).

   12         "The Gift of Tears in Chrétien's Philomena"
                letter of transfer (1974) 4 drafts (1 mss).

   13         "The Gift of Tears in Chrétien's Philomena."
                12 letters with 2 pages of reviewer's comments
                (1973‑1976), letter of transfer (1978), 2 copies
                of late draft; corrected proofs, autographed off‑
                print from Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie:
                Sprach und literaturwissenschaftliche Beiträge
                vom frühen bis zum ausgehenden Mittelalter, hsgn.
                k. Baldinger Sonderland zum 100 jährigen
                Bestehen (Tübingern:  Niemeyer, 1977), pp.193‑197

   14         "Gleanings on the Manuscript Tradition of the Roman
                d'Eneas." Letter stating that this article will
                appear in Manuscripta (1973) as is noted on 2 of
                the drafts, 4 drafts (one signed, 2 mss.)

   15         "Goronwy Owen in Colonial Virginia.  Tom Peete
                Cross.  Edited by Raymond J. Cormier."  3
                drafts; "Version 1 First Draft" is entitled
                "Romanticism and Welsh Bardic Tradition:  Gronwy
                Owen in Cononial Virginia Tom Peete Cross" and
                the spelling of "Gronwy" is corrected to
                "Goronwy."  The "Next to Last Draft" has the
                same title but on the "Final Draft" the first
                ophrase is crossed out.  2 drafts labeled "T.P.
                Cross's Typescript (copy)" appear to be reading
                versions.  With program of The Bicentennial of
                the Welsh Bard Goronwy Owen 1723‑1769, College
                of William and Mary, 1969, and Botetourt
                Publications number 2, John Gwilym Jones,
                "Goronwy Owen's Virginian Adventure" (1969).
                Owen's Virginian Adventure" (1969).

   16         "Goronwy Owen in Colonial Virginia."
                26 letters (1972‑1976), 4 pp. of journals (to
                which article was sent)

   17         "Gronwy Owen in Colonial Virginia."
                draft with long title of "First Draft" in folder

   18         "Open Contrast:  Tristan and Diarmaid."
                5 drafts (second draft‑mss.‑dated 10/8/72,
                entitled "Tristan and Diarmaid" as is Reading
                Version of "19 April 1973.")

   19         "Open Contrast."
                First typed draft of Reading Version, April
                1973.  18 letters, with readers' comments
                (1973‑1974), letter marked "2nd draft",
                (with readers' comments (1974), letter trans‑
                ferring "Open Contrast" file (1976) noting that
                the article would be published in Speculum
                (October 1976).

   20         "Open Contrast"
                2 drafts, one labeled "Final Draft"

   21         "Open Contrast"
                3 sets of page proofs, one marked "corrected
                9/14/76 RJC"

   22         "The Problem of Anachronism."
                leter of transfer (1973) 2 drafts with University
                of Virginia address (1 signed "Raymond J. Cormier
                Jan. 1972") entitled:  "The Problems of
                Anachronism in the Romances of Antiquity."  2
                drafts entitled:  "The Problem of Anachronism:
                Recent Scholarship on French Medieval Romances
                of Antiquity (1 with Virginia address crossed
                out, Temple University's written in; 1 signed
                with Temple's address).

   23         "The Problem of Anachronism."
                3 letters (1971), with copy of panel for
                Medival Section of SAMLA with Cormier presenting
                "The Function of Anachronism in the Romances of
                Antiquity."  Draft and copy of untitled page on
                anachronism, 4 Drafts:  last 2 have Virginia
                address; "1st draft" and "2", "3rd draft Reading
                Version" has an abstract, last has "Function"
               crossed out, "Problem" written in Copy of

   24         "Remarks on 'The Tale of Deirdre and Noísi' and
                the Tristan Legend.
                Letter of transfer (1976), business card
                forwarding materials to Templana‑Conwellana
                Collection.  6 drafts (3 mss).  Abstract.  Draft
                with title corrected to "Deirdriu" and "Noísiu"
                and cover letter [3/22/76]

   25         "Remarks on 'The Tale of Deirdriu and Noísiu' and
                the Tristan Legend."
                3 drafts:  Reading Version Michigan Academy March
                1976, "Next to Last draft," "Final Draft Accepted
                by Etudes Celtiques July 1976 to appear early

   26         "Remarks on 'The Tale of Deirdriu and Noísiu' and
                the Tristan Legend."
                12 letters (1976‑1977) with announcement and
                program of Medieval Studies Section, Michigan
                Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters (1976)
                and readers' remarks.  "Final Draft" 3 sets of
                page proofs for Etudes Celtiques xv:  1(1977),
                pp. 303‑315.

   27         "Remarques Sur le Roman d'Enéas et l'Erec et
                Énide de Chretien de Troyes"
                4 drafts, 1 labeled "Final Draft"

   28         "Remarques Sur le Roman d' Enéas... Chrétien de
                10 letters (1974‑1977).  2 drafts, "2nd" and
                "Next to Last."  Copy from Revue des Lanques
                Romanes (Montpellier) 82 (1976), pp. 85‑97.

   29         "Le Roman d'Eneas et la Formation des Critères du
                Roman Médiéval."
                1 letter (1980).  5 drafts:  3 mss, 1 incomplete.
                Page Proofs.

   30         "Sources for the Trojans' Tent‑Fortress in the
                Roman d'Enéas."
                5 letters (1977‑1979).  Reprint, signed, from
                Studi Mediolatini e Volgari, xxv (1977).
                pp. 85‑92.

   31         "Sur Deux Scènes d'embarras dans La Vie de
                2 letters (1974) 6 drafts (3 with Virginia
                address, 3 with Temple's).  Copy of page proofs
                from Les Lettres Romanes

   32         "Survie Après Babel:  I," "Survival After Babel:
                1 letter (1975).  5 drafts of "Survie":  1st to
                "Next to Last" and copy of Final draft," 4 drafts
                of "Survival":  1st to "Next to Last" and copy of
                "Final."  Photocopy of "Survie," The New York
                Times, October 15, 1975, p. 43, and of
                "Survival," The New York Times, October 16, 1975,
                p. 39.
                3 drafts of "Disciplining the Mind":  1st, Next
                to Last, and copy of Final, appearing as "Bicen
                gift:  a better language...", The Philadelphia
                Inquirer, Nov. 7, 1975, p. 9‑A (photocopy).

   33         "Babel" (1975)
                36 letters concerning issues raised in "Babel"
                articles and page with letters to Times editor
                published October 25, 1975.
                19 newspaper articles refering to "Babel", "Bicen
                gift" or related issues.  Copies of articles by
                Cormier appearing in the Fort Worth Star Telegram
                and Minneapolis Tribune.

   34         "Babel" (1975)
                Copy of article by Susan Perloff, "I Spent a Day
                as a Foreigner in Philadelphia," The Philadelphia
                Inquirer October 25, 1975, 1‑H, suggested by
                Cormier's articles.

   35         "Babel" (1976)
                13 letters, 12 articles including a copy of
                Cormier, "Tongue‑Tied," Reader's Digest
                Press Section (February 1976, p. 16) and a
                press release from the Modern Language
                Association of America.

   36         "Babel" (1979)
                6 articles, 2 newsletters, and 1 brochure on
                teaching foreign languages.

   37         "Toward Some Definitions of Courtly Literature."
                letter transferring file, 1978.  3 drafts:
                mss "Reading Version Holiday Inn, Athens, Ga.,
                March 30‑31, 1977", "Draft no. 2 Dublin‑April‑May
                1977", mdd, "Draft no. 3 Typed by Word Processing
                Center ‑ TU Sept. 1977".

   38         "Toward Some Definitions of Courtly Literature."
                Drafts no. 4, 5, 6 (Final).

   39         "Toward Some Definitions of Courtly Literature"
                Copy of Presidential Address from Encomia II:
                1 (1978)

   40         "Tristan and the Noble Lie."
                22 letters (1972‑1975) with readers' remarks.
                Mss. draft:  "Duplicity in the Tristan Romance."

   41         "Tristan and the Noble Lie"
                letter of transfer [1974?] 6 drafts:  1 with
                title "Duplicity in the Tristan Romance"
                corrected to "Tristan and the Noble Lie" and
                with Virginia address, another with Virginia
                address, rest with Temple University address,
                Department of French (another corrected to
                French and Italian), 2 with "French and Italian".

Series 1b:  Co‑Authored Articles

   42         "Aimer, Souvenir, Souffrir:  Les Chansons d'Amour
                de Thibaut de Champagne," Martha Rowe Dolly and
                Raymond J. Cormier
                3 letters (1978‑1979).  1 set of page proofs and
                1 incomplete set of proofs

   43         "Aimer, Souvenir, Souffrir" by Dolly and Cormier
                11 letters (1975‑1976).  3 pages of readers'
                Comments (signed Ruth Hoffman?)  Title page (2):
                Martha Rowe Dolly, Dr. Cormier, July 3, 1975,
                "Aimer, Souvenir, Souffrir:  Les Chansons d'Amour
                de Thebout de Champagne," with short
                Bibliographie.  Draft.  4 drafts of Appendice
                III.  First Proof.

   44         "Aimer, Souvenir, Souffnir, Souffrir" by Dolly and
                1 letter (1976).  First draft.

   45         "Aimer, Souvenir, Souffrir" by Dolly and Cormier.
                Second and third drafts.

   46         Fourth and Fifth drafts.

   47         1 letter (1978).  "Sixth and Final Draft.  Romania

   48         "La Plage de Robbe‑Grillet:  Analyse Geometrique"
                by Raymond J. Cormier, Mark Fishman, Daniel
                25 letters (1973‑1978) with announcements of
                Degré Second (Studies in Modern French Literature
                ‑Va M.I., Blacksburg, Va.) Nov. 1976."

Series 1c:  Translated Articles

   49         "Toward an Analysis of Certain Lais of Marie de
                France," by Thomas D. Watts, Jr. and Raymond J.
                19 letters (1973‑1974).  3 drafts, one marked
                "Next to Last."

   50         Translation of Roger Garaudy's Essay on Teilhard de
                15 letters, 1 telegram and a note (1975‑1976), 3
                drafts:  mss, typed, copy, Garaudy's article and
                2 related articles.

   51         Translation of Bruce A. Rosenberg, "Folklore
                Methodology and Medieval Literature."
                6 letters (1977‑1978).  3 drafts:  mss, typed and
                mss, typed with address:  "Celtic Library, Dublin
                Institute for Advanced Studies."  Copy of
                Rosenberg's paper from The Folklore Institute,
                Bloomington, Indiana.

Series 2:  Book Reviews

   52         Review of Richard Barber, The Figure of Arthur
                8 letters (1973‑1974).  7 drafts:  3 mss.  Copy
                from Cahiers de Civilisation Médiévale
                Justificatif, xvii (Juillet 1974).  2 notes.

   53         Review of J.L. Roland Bélanger, F.M.S., Damedieus:
                The Religious Context of the French Epic.
                Copy from Speculum, lii:  4 (October 1977)
              Review of John Bugge, Virginitas:  An Essay in the
                History of a Medieval Ideal.
                Copy from Cross Currents, xxvii:  2 (Summer 1977)

   54         Review of Pierre Gallais, Genése du roman
                occidental:  Essais sur "Tristan et Iseut" et
                son modéle persan.
                5 drafts:  1 mss.  Copy (signed) from Speculum
                lii:  3 (July 1977)

   55         Review of Robert W. Hanning, The Individual in
                Twelfth‑Century Romance. Published in French
                Copy signed and dated 27.x.78.

   56         Review of Philip Pettit, The Concept of
                Structuralism:  A Critical Analysis.
                12 letters (1976‑1978) 5 drafts (1 mss) and 1
                incomplete.  Pages from Contemporary French
                Civilization, II:  1 (fall 1977)

   57         Review of Alan R. Press, ed. Anthology of
                Troubadour Lyric Poetry.
                2 letters (1973), one accepting review for French
                Review 47 (1973).  Mss notes, draft, typed draft.

   58         Review of Tradition et Innovation:  Littérature et
                8 letters (1976).  14 pages (mss) summarizing
                articles in Tradition et Innovation, 1 mss, 3
                typed drafts.

   59         Review of James Travis, Early Celtic Versecraft:
                Origin, Development, Diffusion. Published in
                1 letter (1975).  1st (mss), 2nd and Final drafts

   60         Review of Courtly Literature for Encomia (1978).
                33 letters and abstracts (1977‑1978).  Draft
                (mss) of review of J.L. Roland Belanger, F.M.S.,
                Damedieus by R.J.C.
                37 bibliographic cards.

   61         Encomia
                13 letters (1977‑1979) with draft and printed
                list of ICLS Officers for 1978.  Announcement of
                Anglo‑Burgundian Studies. Tentative Program for
                ICLS Colloquium, 1978.  Drafts of reviews;
                Membership list for ICLS.

   62         Encomia
                2 letters (1978).  Drafts, notes for ICLS Special
                Notice and Courtly Bibliography for 1976.

   63         Encomia
                Draft of Encomia issue, II:1 (Spring 1978).

   64         Encomia
                2 letters transferring Encomia files (1980).
                Draft of "Recent Courtly Literature" by Raymond
                J. Cormier for Encomia II:  2 (Fall 1979)
                Signed issue.

Series 3a:  Books

   65         "One Heart, One Mind:  The Rebirth of Virgil's
                in Medieval French Literature" Romance
                Monographs, Inc. Number 3.  University of
                Mississippi, Romance Monographs, Inc., 1973.
                Page Proofs.

Carton 2

   66‑        "One Heart One Mind"

   68           Draft (mss.), folders 66‑68.

Series 3b:  Books Edited and Translated

   69         "La Réception critique de l'oeuvre de Chrétien de
                Troyes," fasc. v of Oeuvres et Critiques (Paris,
                Draft and copy of form letter announcing the
                book; draft and two copies (one signed) of

   70         Oeuvres et Critiques
                68 letters (1975‑1977), form letters sent to
                colleagues inviting their participation and their
                replies, correspondence with Oeuvres director;
                drafts of form letters.  Copy of guidelines for
                Oeuvres publication, advertisement.  List of
                names and addresses.

   71         Oeuvres et Critiques
                Copy of Cormier's "A propos de quelques ouvrages
                récents sur Chrétien de Troyes," to appear in
                Oeuvres et Critiques, (withdrawn; under

   72         Chrétien de Troyes, The Man and His Work by Jean
                Frappier.  Translated by Raymond J. Cormier
                (Athens:  Ohio University Press, 1982)

   73         Jean Frappier

   74         Voices of Conscience:  Essays on Medieval
                Modern French Literature in Memory of James
                D. Powell and Rosemary Hodgins.  Edited by
                Raymond J. Cormier (Philadelphia:  Temple
                University Press, 1977)
                Correspondence with potential contributors
                (1974).  Copy of "A Guide to Preparing Your
                Manuscript for Demand Publishing," Xerox
                Monograph Publishing.

   75         Voices of Conscience
                Correspondence with potential contributors (1974)

   76         Voices of Conscience
                Correspondence with potential contributors
                reports and papers from editorial board members
                on proposed essays (1974).

   77‑        Voices of Conscience
   79           Correspondence from potential contributors and
                papers with remarks from readers (1974), folders

   80         Voices of Conscience
                Correspondence with Temple press, contributors
                Newspaper clipping:  "A.L.S.:  A Baffler"?

   81         Voices of Conscience
                Correspondence (1976) announcing planned
                publication sent to editorial board and authors
                with table of contents.
                Names and addresses.

   82         Voices of Conscience
                Publishing contract, catalog, form letter for
                Address cards for authors, editorial borad

   83         Voices of Conscience
                Draft of various pages of book.

   84‑        Voices of Conscience
   87           Page Proofs with editorial markings, folders

   88‑        Voices of Conscience
   91           Second set of page proofs, folders 88‑91.

Series 3C:  Books Co‑edited

   92         Essays in Honor of Louis Francis Solano edited
                by Raymond J. Cormier and Urban T. Holmes
                (Chapel Hill:  University of North Carolina
                Press, 1970)

Series 4:  Professional and Personal Activities (arranged
                chronologically with Temple administrative
                material and curriculum vita last)

   93         "The High Roads and Low Roads of Life in Edinburgh
                Scanned by Visiting Yank," Bridgeport Sunday Post
                (March 18, 1973).  Letter of transfer (1978)
                Second, third, fourth and Final drafts and copy.

   94         "Eulogy for Alan Dimock (1974)
                Program with eulogy, September 15, 1974.

   95         "Publish and Perish" (1976)
                Copy and newspaper clipping of "letter to the
                editor" of The New York Times, August 13, 1976,
                in response to Don Harrell's article "Publish‑
                or‑Perish‑I'm Out, and Glad," appearing in that
                paper, August 12, 1976, p. 31‑C (copy), 3 letters
                and 2 articles Cormier received in reply.

   96         "Taping Drama at Temple" (1976)
                4 drafts (1 mss) of Cormier, "Aucassin et
                Nicolette, or The Joys of Staging a Medieval

                Copy of article appearing in Ralph for Medieval‑
                Renaissance Teaching, 3:3 (October 1976)

   97         "Will She Be O.K., Doctor?"  (1976)
                16 letters, 1 draft (1976‑1977), 4 Cards with
                addresses of family magazines.  4 drafts (1 mss)
                of article published by "Philip Carter" in
                Babytalk, an autobiographical account of
                obstetrical complications.

   98         "Letter from Dublin:  Chic Village" (1977)
                3 letters (1977).  2 drafts and newspaper
                clipping of article published as "What's right
                (and wrong) with the Irish":  An American View
                of Us," by R.M. Carten, Sunday Independent
                (Dublin, August 28, 1977), p. 12.

   99         "The Dumb Dragon" (1978)
                Letter of transfer (1979).  2 Drafts (mss and
                typed) and copy of child's moral tale published
                in The Sandpaper Letter v.1 (March 1978),
                newsletter of Parents Association of the
                Children's House, Gladwyne, Pa.

  100         Address delivered at University of Bridgeport
                Commencement Luncheon to honor R.J. Cormier,
                Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, May 11, 1980.
                Copy of Program.  Draft, partial draft and copy
                of Cormier's remarks.

   101        Professional Activities at Temple
                  Travel Report, Raymond J. Cormier, September
                21, 1978.
                  3 letters, 1978‑1979, concerning Prof.
                Cormier's promotion to full professor.
                  "The Sad‑Guru and the Happy Teacher, or
                Kool‑Aid vs. Orange Juice" (post February 1979),
                4 p.
                  Annual Report, Department of French and
                Italian, Raymond J. Cormier, May 28, 1980.
                Mss. notes "First Person Award"

   102        Curriculum Vita of Raymond J. Cormier, revised to
                May‑June 1979.

Bibliography of Raymond J. Cormier's Publications in Templana


     One Heart One Mind:  The Rebirth of Virgil's Hero in Medieval French Romance.  Romance Monographs, Inc. Number 3. University of Mississippi, Romance Monographs, Inc., 1973. Signed by author.

     Jean Frappier.  Chrétien de Troyes, The Man and His Work. Translated by Raymond J. Cormier.  Athens:  Ohio University Press, 1982.

     Voices of Conscience:  Essays on Medieval and Modern French Literature in Memory of James D. Powell and Rosemary Hodgins.  Edited by Raymond J. Cormier.  Philadelphia:  Temple University Press, 1977.  Signed by editor.

Articles by Raymond J. Cormier (Except as Noted):

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    "Goronwy Owen in Colonial Virginia.  Tom Peete Cross," edited
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J.L. Roland Bélanger, F.M.S.:

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