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Stanley G. Weinbaum Papers

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Stanley G. Weinbaum Papers


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Weinbaum, Stanley Grauman, 1902-1935

5.5 linear feet (10 boxes)

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

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Detailed Collection Information

Biographical Note

In 1934, in what is now regarded as the Golden Age of Science Fiction publishing, "A Martian Odyssey" by Stanley G. Weinbaum appeared in Wonder Stories.  It was the first published science fiction story of the author and the first alien story to probe the alternative psyche of beings from extra-terrestrial bodies and explore the eco-systems of other planets all from a non-earth based view.  It was also the first of the author’s stories to appear during his short two year period of publishing before he died prematurely of cancer in 1935.

Prior to the initial acceptance of his science fiction stories Weinbaum wrote numerous manuscripts for the freelance romantic and mystery market under the pseudonym Marge Stanley, the majority unsold. 

Following Weinbaum's death, the demand from readers of his fiction in the science fiction pulp magazines of the period continued unabated.  Posthumously published short stories and novels of Stanley G. Weinbaum only enhanced the reputation gained in his short years of active publication.  His contemporary agents, his widow, and later Forrest J. Ackerman, as agent, continued to publish new stories from Weinbaum's legacy of typescripts, that Weinbaum anthologies were issued, and that his work continued to appear in general anthologies throughout the world.

Stanley Weinbaum wrote in longhand without extensive revision, his manuscripts typed by his wife for submission.  The drafts and holograph manuscripts described in this inventory exhibit his clarity of description and plot as he wrote, only occasionally and for major novels (such as The New Adam) did he approach writing with extensive planning: most of his work was created and revised before placing on paper.

Description of Collection

The Stanley G. Weinbaum collection contains manuscripts, photographs, correspondence, fan letters, published stories, and other materials by and about Weinbaum.  Manuscripts include science fiction stories and novels as well as for Weinbaum’s romance and mystery fiction. Correspondence is primarily with Weinbaum’s agents—particularly Lurton Blassingame—editors, publishers and lawyers. Fan letters in response to his stories on his work prior to and following his is also preserved in this collection, as well as responses to his death. Published stories in Series 6 are within full, original copies of the publishing magazine. Several later articles about Weinbaum, including several by Eric Leif Davin, are also included within the collection.

Appended to this inventory is a list of editions of Weinbaum’s works found Temple University’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Collection.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into 8 series as follows:

Series 1: Manuscripts, undated
Series 2: Non-Science Fiction Manuscripts, undated
Series 3: Photographs, 1930s, undated
Series 4: Correspondence, 1933-1980
Series 5: Fan Letters, Obituaries, Other Materials, 1922-1992
Series 6: Published Stories, 1934-1994
Series 7: Microfilm and Other Publications, 1923-1997, undated
Series 8: 2012 Addition, undated

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Microfilm of the parts of the collection is available in Box 8.

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A record for this collection is available in Temple University’s online library catalog: http://diamond.temple.edu/record=b1639972~S12

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Collection is open for research.

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The Stanley G. Weinbaum Papers are the physical property of the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries. Temple University holds intellectual property rights only for material donated to the university with such rights specifically assigned. For all other material, intellectual property rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated.

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[Description and date of item], [Box/folder number], Stanley G. Weinbaum Papers, SCRC 76, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Gift of Margaret Kay, 1993. Three books inscribed to Kay by Weinbaum (Box 8) were gift of Margaret Kay, 1994. Kay also provided funding for the microfilming of the collection, which was completed in November 1996. The 2012 addition was a gift Eric Leif Davin.

Processing Information

Finding aid revised according to contemporary archival standards in July 2014 by Katy Rawdon, Coordinator of Technical Services.

Index Terms

The following headings have been used to index the description of this collection in Temple University’s electronic catalog:

Personal/Family Names:
Blassingame, Lurton, 1904-1988
Davin, Eric Leif

Corporate Names:
Astounding Stories
Thrilling Wonder Stories
Wonder Stories

American fiction--20th century
Authors, American--20th century
Mystery and detective stories
Romance fiction
Science fiction

Material Types:


Series 1: Manuscripts, undated

1          1          "The Adaptive Ultimate."  Holograph in pencil, with decorative heading on page one.  42p. on 42 leaves.  Minimal reworking of text.  8vo.          undated
1          2          "The Black Flame."  Typed, carbon and direct. 269p. on 242 leaves (pp.1-6, 8-34, 47-56, 58-92 [12] 117 [1] 120-174 [7] 181-189 [1] 192-269).  Incomplete.  8vo.          undated
1          3          "The Circle of Zero."  Typed, carbon.  25p. on 25 leaves.  8vo.          undated
1          4          "The New Adam."  Original drafts: two college notebooks (French, and English & Chemistry) with his collegiate notes. Apparently used during his sales travelling in 1926 for a Chicago chemical firm in Wisconsin and Minnesota as note books and contain on 64 pages his first draft of "New Adam."  First sentence: "Anna Hall died as stolidly as she had lived."  12mo.  Ink on paper          undated
1          5          “New Adam.”  Holograph in pencil, decorative headings on four leaves.  23 leaves (24p.).  Includes: Contents leaf (2p.), Proem (8p.), and of Book I, chapter 1 (12p.) and two pages of chapter          undated
1          6          "The Planet of Doubt."  Holograph in pencil, decorative heading on page one.  52p. on 52 leaves, wanting page 7.  With author's changes          undated
1          7          "The Point of View."  Typed carbon.  22p. on 22 leaves.  Clean copy          undated
1          8          "Proteus Island."  Holograph in pencil, decorative heading on page one.  62p. on 62 leaves.  Few author changes          undated
1          9          "The Red Peri."  Typed carbon.  64p. on 64 leaves          undated
1          10          "Redemption Cairn."  typed carbon.  40p. on 40 leaves          undated

1          11          “Shifting Seas."  Holograph in pencil.  43p. on 43 leaves          undated
2          1          "What's It All About?  Holograph in pencil.  420p.  Decorative chapter headings          undated
2          2          "What's It All About?"  Typed carbon.  362p.  Incomplete; Preface and Chapter 4 to end: first three chapters wanting          undated
2          3          "What's It All About?"  By Edward N. Schoolman, M.D. and Stanley G. Weinbaum.  "Suggested Alternative Titles: New Lives for old [and] Utopia Bound."  [2]xviii, 362p. on 382 leaves.  Original typed copy, in binder with stamp of Otis Kline Associates, Agents.  Holograph name and address of Margaret Kay          undated
2          4         "The World's Luckiest."  Holograph in pencil. Fragments: 5 pages of Chapter one, ending in mid-sentence, two pages on one of chapter outline, and one page of notes.  Decorative headings on chapter list and page one of Chapter one          undated

Series 2: Non-Science Fiction Manuscripts, undated

3          1          "After Dinner Love" By Marge Stanley [pseud.].  Original typed copy in binder.  260p. Title page on submission-return letterhead of Lurton Blassingame, Agent, N.Y.C.          undated
3          2          "The Lady Dances" By Marge Stanley [pseud.]  "Synopsis."  Typed copy.  10p. on 10 leaves          undated
9          1          "The Lady Dances" By Marge Stanley [pseud.]. Syndication 3-column sheets with illustrations by Hammon, one sheet per chapter.  "Copyrighted 1934, by King Features Syndicate, Inc."  Pasted into oversize scrapbook (filed in oversize box), with International Literary Bureau, New York scratched out on cover label.  36 sheets          undated
3          3          "The Lady in the Rain."  [Title of Chapter One, no title page].  Original typing.  245p.          undated
3          4          "She Tried to be Bad."  By Marge Stanley [pseud.].  Original typing. 21p. on 21 leaves.  For Weinbaum, heavily pencil changed, revisions, emendations. (6,000 words). With "She Tried to be Bad."  By Marge Stanley [pseud.].  Original typing, 18p.  Revised typing from above changes .  With cover title page on submission-return letterhead of Lurton Blassingame, Agent, N.Y.C. (4,000 words)          undated
3          5          "Without Love" [By Marge Stanley, pseud.].  Typed carbon, 202 pages.  Some typing on verso of blank letterhead sheets of Leban-Kasson Co., Inc., Manufacturers Representatives, Cleveland, Ohio          undated

Series 3: Photographs, 1930s, undated

3          6          Stanley G. Weinbaum.  Studio portrait, photo print, photographer unidentified.  21.5 x 16 cm.          circa 1930s 
                              This is the portrait used by Fantasy Press on the dust jacket for The Black Flame and in The Dawn of Flame and Other Stories.
3          7          Stanley G. Weinbaum.  As above, photo print, reduced to 14.7 x 9.7 cm.          undated
3          8          Margaret Weinbaum.  Photo print, posing on stairs outside building in Waco, Texas, 12.4 x 9.8 cm.          early 1930s. 
3          9          Original mat and contemporary frame for the two S.G.W. photo prints, above          undated

Series 4: Correspondence, 1933-1980

4          1          Ackerman, Forrest J. (as Agent)          1945-1949 
4          2          Ackerman, Forrest J., publicity news clippings          1970s-1980
4          3          American Fiction Guild (Norvell W. Page)          1935 
4          4          Blassingame, Lurton (as Agent)          1935-1936
4          5          International Literary Bureau (as Agent)          1934-1936 
4          6          King Features Syndicate, with financial statements          1933-1935
4          7          Moskowitz, Sam (as editor and historian)          1946-1947 
4          8          Otis Kline Associates (Oscar Friend)          1948-1956 
4          1          Schwartz, Julius (as Agent)          1934-1953 
4          2          Tibbs & Tibbs, (Attorneys)          1939-1945 
4          3          Weisinger, Mortimer (Astounding, Fantasy Magazine, etc.)          1934-1936   
4          4          Wonder Stories (Hugo Gernsback, Continental Publications, Charles Hornig, Samuel Scheff)          1934-1935
4          5          Ziff-Davis Publishing Co.          1939
4          6          Various Agents and Publishers          1934-1955

Series 5: Fan Letters, Obituaries, Other Materials, 1922-1992

4          1          Fan letters          1922-1946
4          2          Wonder Stories. 1935 Nov./Dec. (v.7, no.6). Page 673 announcement, pp.756-757 fan mail on Weinbaum          1935
4          3          Astounding Stories. 1936 February (v.16, no.6).  Pages 151-160 Fan mail on Weinbaum          1936
4          4          Astounding Stories 1936 April (v.17, no.2).  Pages 151-160, Fan mail and condolences          1936
4          5          Wonder Stories 1936 April (v.7, no.8).  Page 907, obituary          1936
4          6          Astounding Stories 1936 May (v.17, no.3).  Pages 155-160, fan mail on Weinbaum          1936
4          7          Thrilling Wonder Stories 1936 October (v.8, no.2).  Page 125, announcement by Raymond Palmer of the Weinbaum Memorial Volume, Milwaukee          1936
5          1          Startling Stories 1939 March (v.1, no.2).  Pages 122-129, fan mail on "The Black Flame"          1939
5          2          Satellite Science Fiction 1959 May (v.3, no.6).  Pages 28-34: "Stanley G. Weinbaum: Dawn of Flame" by Sam Moskowitz.  Also: pp.59-60: "Graph" by Weinbaum          1959
5          3          Name a Star.  Immortality Inc., 1978.  Naming star number 00-229 (82 degrees 56 minutes 34.02 seconds 1H 17M 27.125S Constellation Cepheus) as the Stanley Grauman Weinbaum star          1978
5          4          Insight.  The Sunday Magazine of the Milwaukee Journal.  1980 January 20.  Cover and pp.6-9: "From Milwaukee to Mars: The Odyssey of Stanley G. Weinbaum" by Frank William Puncer.  Cover art by Gregg Klees (Flat box)          1980
5          5          Fantasy Commentator.  1991 Fall (v.7, no.2): Weinbaum Memorial Issue with articles by Eric Leif Davin, Sam Moskowitz, R. Alain Everts, Octavio Ramos, Jr. and SGW's "Last Citizen of Earth," verse, p.125          1991
5          6          "Sources of Inspiration?  Stanley G. Weinbaum's Shirt Pocket Library" by Eric Leif Davin.  Typescript, 1992?  13p.          circa 1992
5          7          Bibliographical folder: card file of stories with composition dates, agents, submissions, purchasers and prices paid.  Late or post 1950. 4p. lists of Weinbaum stories published and unpublished          1950
5          8-9          From SGW's Library: 21 Haldeman-Julius Little Blue Books (2 folders): Daniel Bonus, Anton S. Booker, Hereward Carrington, Will Durant (2), Charles Finger (2), Gloria Goddard, Leo Markun (2), Joseph McCabe (2), Maynard Shipley (4), Upton Sinclair,Robert Louis Stevenson, Clement Wood, and "Self-Contradictions of the Bible"          1922-1927


Series 6: Published Stories, 1934-1994

5          10          "The Black Flame."  In: Startling Stories (v.1, no.1)          January 1939
5          11          "The Brink of Infinity."  In: Thrilling Wonder Stories (v.8, no.3)          December 1936
5          12          "The Circle of Zero."  In: Thrilling Wonder Stories (v.8, no.1)          August 1936
5          13          "Dawn of Flame."  In: Thrilling Wonder Stories (v.13, no.3)          June 1939
6          1          "Flight on Titan."  In: Astounding Stories (v.14, no.5)          January 1935
6          2          "Green Glow of Death."  In Crack Detective and Mystery Stories (v.17, no.1)          July 1957
6          3          "The Lotus Eaters."  In: Astounding Stories (v.15, no.2)          April 1935
6          4          "The Mad Moon."  In: Astounding Stories (v.16, no.4)          December 1935
6          5          "[The Mad Moon]" trans. "Sileny mesic."In: Ikarie (Prague)          July 1990
6          6          "Parasite Planet."  In: Astounding Stories (v.14, no.6)          February 1935
6          7          "Planet of Doubt" In: Astounding Stories (v.16, no.2)          October 1935
6          8          "The Point of View."  In: Wonder Stories (v.7, no.7)          February 1936
7          1          "Proteus Island."  In: Astounding Stories (v.17, no.6)          August 1936
7          2          "Pygmalion's Spectacles."  In: Wonder Stories June 1935 (v.7, no.1)
7          3          "Pygmalion's Spectacles."  In: Fantastic Story Magazine (v.8, no.2)          Spring 1955
7          4          "The Red Peri."  In: Astounding Stories (v.16, no.3)          November 1935
7          5          "Redemption Cairn."  In: Astounding Stories (v.17, no.1)          March 1936
7          6          "Revolution of 1950. Part 2."  In: Amazing Stories (v.12, no.6)          November 1938
7          7          "Smothered Seas" by Ralph Milne Farley and Stanley G. Weinbaum. In: Astounding Stories (v.16, no.5)          January 1936
7          8          "Valley of Dreams."  In: Wonder Stories (v.6, no.6)          November 1934
7          9          "The Worlds of If."  In: Wonder Stories (v.7, no.3)          August 1935
7          10          “A Martian Odyssey.”  With: “Forrest J. Ackerman selects…” In: Expanse.  (number 2)          Winter 1994

Series 7: Microfilm and Other Publications, 1923-1997, undated

7          11          “Sources of Inspiration?  Weinbaum’s Shirt Pocket Library.”  By Eric Leif Davin.  In: Fantasy Commentator, Fall 1997 (vol. 9, no. 2).  pp. 133-140, 153-156          1997

7          12          “Biography of Stanley G. Weinbaum.”  By RAE [R. Alain Everts].  Stanley Grauman Weinbaum, Pts. I-IV.  (Madison, Wis., The Strange Co., 1990-1991).  EOD?          1990-1991

                                   Photocopy of a copy sent by Everts to A. Langley Searles, now in the Searles H.P.L. Files, Temple         

8                    One set (4 reels) of the Weinbaum microfilm (service copy).

8                    India’s Love Lyrics, including The Garden of Kama.  Collected & arranged in verse by Laurence Hope.  New York, Dodd, Mean and Company, 1923.  Book from the library of Margaret Kay, inscribed with a 16 line holograph verse “To Margaret” from Stanley Weinbaum

8                    The Eve of Saint Agnes.  John Keats.  Philadelphia, George W. Jacobs & Co. [n.d.]. Book from the library of Margaret Kay, inscribed with a 14 line holograph verse “Margaret” from Stanley Weinbaum

8                    The Uplands of Dream.  Edgar Saltus.  Edited with an introduction & a bibliography by Charles Honce.  Chicago, Pascal Covici, 1925, Book from the library of Margaret Kay, inscribed with a 12 line holograph verse “Margaret” from Stanley Weinbaum

Series 8: 2012 Addition, undated

10          1-2          “The Mad Brain” Holograph manuscript in pencil on 319 leaves. Published in 1950 by Fantasy Publishing Co., Inc. as The Dark Other.  Novel          undated

10          1-2          “Don’t Tell Tony”.  Holograph manuscript in pencil on 18 leaves of a story, apparently unpublished          undated


Selection of Editions of Weinbaum Books and Anthology Inclusions in the Temple Science Fiction & Fantasy Collection:

The Black Flame.  Stanley G. Weinbaum.  Reading, Pa., Fantasy Press, 1948.  And, another issue.  Copy No. 261 of 500 of the edition of 3,000.

The Black Flame.  [New York].  Avon Books [April 1969].  Pb.

The Black Flame.  [The Newly Restored Edition].  With a new introduction by Sam Moskowitz.  San Francisco, A Tachyon Publication [October 1995].

The Dark Other.  Stanley G. Weinbaum.  Los Angeles, Fantasy Publishing Co., Inc., 1950.

Dawn of Flame And Other Stories.  Stanley G. Weinbaum.[Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Fictioneers and Milwaukee Chapter of the American Fiction Guild, c1936].

Fantasy Twin.  Los Angeles, Fantasy Publishing Co., Inc.  [1951?] Fantasy Publishing Co.’s combined edition from original sheets, one of 500, of L. Sprague de Camp’s The Undesired Princess, 1951, and Weinbaum’s The Dark Other, 1950.

The King’s Watch.  Stanley Weinbaum.  [Rochester, MI] Posthumous Press, 1994.

The Lady Dances.  Stanley G. Weinbaum.  Gradignan, France, Robert Soubie & Les Editions de l’Aged ’Or [2007].

The Martian Odyssey and Others.  Stanley G. Weinbaum, Reading, Pa., Fantasy Press, 1949.  Trade issue and limited issue, no. 137 of 500.

A Martian Odyssey [and Other Classics of Science Fiction by] Stanley Weinbaum.  [Edited and with a special introduction by Sam Moskowitz].  New York, Lancer books [1962].  Pb.

A Martian Odyssey.  Another printing, 1966.

A Martian Odyssey.  Third printing, 1972.

A Martian Odyssey and Other Science Fiction TalesThe Collected Short Stories of Stanley G. Weinbaum.  Introduction by Sam Moskowitz.  Westport, Connecticut, Hyperion Press, Inc. [1974].

The New Adam.  By Stanley G. Weinbaum.  Chicago, New York, Ziff-Davis Publishing Company, 1939.  62p.  Blue cloth printed in blue.  First book edition.

The New Adam.  Stanley G. Weinbaum.  [New York] An Avon Book [May 1969].  190p.  Wrappers as issued, cover illustration by Jeff Jones.  "First paperback publication."

The New Adam.  Stanley G. Weinbaum.  London, Sphere Books Limited [1974].  [203]p.  Wrappers, cover illustration not signed.  Their: SF Classic No. 14.

The Red Peri.  Stanley G. Weinbaum.  Reading, Pa., Fantasy Press, 1952.

Foreign Language Editions

Der Neue Adam. [The New Adam]. Ein Klassicher Science Fiction-Roman.  Deutsche rstveroffentlichung.  Munchen [Germany] Wilhelm Heyne Verlag [1977].  Deutsche Ubersetzung von Werner Fuchs.  Wrappers.  [176]p.  Heyne no.3542.  Cover illustration by Olof Feindt (Van Vindt).

Die Besten Stories von Stanley G. Weinbaum [The Best of] [Munchen, Germany] Moewig [Moweig Verlag, 1980].  Wrappers, cover illustration: Norma/Pujolar.  368p.  Contents: Foreword by Isaac Asimov.--A Martian Odyssey.--Valley of Dreams.--The Adaptive Ultimate.--Parasite Planet.--Pygmalion's Spectacles.--The Worlds of If.--The Mad Moon.--Redemption Cairn.--The Ideal.—The Lotus Eaters.

Der Dunkle Doppelganger. [The Dark Other].  Ein Klassischer Science Fiction-Roman.  Deutsche Erstveroffentlichung.  Munchen [Germany], Wilhelm Heyne Verlag [1975].  Deutsche Ubersetzung Von Yoma Cap.  Wrappers.  [174]p.  Heyne no. 3424.  Cover illustration by Karl Stephan.

La Flamme Noire [The Black Flame].  [Paris] Albin Michel [seconde edition francaise, 1972].  Traduction francaise par Georges-H. Gallet.  Wrappers.  [254]p.

Mars-Odyssee [A Martian Odyssey].  Science Fiction Erzahlungen.  Sonderausgabe.  Munchen [Germany], Wilhelm Heyne Verlag [1987].  Deutsche Ubersetzung von Walter Brumm.  Wrappers.[172]p.  Cover illustration by Johann Peterka.  Contents: Das Wunder Weinbaum von Sam Moskowitz.--A Martian Odyssey.--The Adaptive Ultimate.—The Lotus Eaters.--Proteus Island.--Brink of Infinity.

Lo Mejor de Stanley G. Weinbaum [The Best of...] [Barcelona, Spain], Ediciones Martinez Roca, S.A. [1977].  Prologo de Isaac Asimov, Epilogo de Robert Bloch.  Traduccion de Mariano Orta.Wrappers.  271p.  Cover illustration by Salinas Blanch.  Contents: La segunda nova (Asimov).—Una odisea marciana.--El valle de los suenos.-- Maxima adaptabilidad.--Las gafas de Pigmalion.--Mares cambiantes.--Los mundos 'si'.--La Luna loca.- Rescate de un secreto.--El ideal.--Lotofagos.—La isla de Proteo.--Stanley G. Weinbaum, un recuerdo personal (Bloch).

Un'Odissea Marziana [A Martian Odyssey].[Bologna, Italy], libra editrice [1982].  Traduzione di Roberta Rambelli e Luigi Cozzi. Introduction by Ugo Malaguti.  Leatherette, dust jacket: tempera di Allison.  Contents in English: A Martian Odyssey.--The Valley of theDreams.--Parasite Planet.--The Lotos Eaters.--The Planet of Doubt.--The Mad Moon.

Die Schwarze Flamme.  [The Black Flame].  Science Fiction-Roman.  Deutsche Erslveroffentlichung. munchen [Germany], Wilhelm Heyne Verlag [1974].Deutsche Ubersetzung von Gunter Treffer.  Wrappers.[236]p.  cover illustration by Karl Stephan. Heyne no.3387.

Die Welten des Wenn. [Martian Odyssey volume].Klassische Science-fiction-Erzahlungen.  [Berlin] Verlag Das Neue Berlin [1988].  Translation by Edda Fensch.  With an afterword and bibliography by Erik Simon.  Boards.  Contents: Eine Mars-Odyssee--Das Tal der Traume--Die Welten des Wenn--Der Kreis der Null--Die au Berste Anpassung—Die Proteus-Insel—Der Parasitenplanet--Die Lotosesser --Erik Simon: Weinbaums Welten, wenn Eine Nachbemerkung--Die Science-fiction Stanley G. Weinbaums.

Foreign Language Anthologies

1976: Galery der Giganten 1.  de beste science-fictionverhalen gekozen door the Members of the Science-Fiction Writers of America.  Samenstelling Robert Silverberg. Amsterdam/Brussel, Elsevier, 1976. Wrappers.  208p.  Original: Science Fiction Hall of Fame.  Includes Weinbaum's "Een Martiaanse Odyssee", p.9-40.

1976: Robot. Speciale 1.  Rivista di Fantascienza.  (Suppl. al n.9). Milano, Armenia Editore, 1976.  Wrappers.  189p. Includes Weinbaum's "Cerchio uguale a zero" (Circle of Zero, translated by Gabriele Tamburine), p.91-107.

1978: Sprong Naar Omega.  20 verhalen van SF-Grootmeesters, Samengesteld door A. van Hageland.  Zele, D.A.P. Reinaert Vitgaven [1978].  Wrappers.  373p.  Includes Weinbaum's "De Lotuseters," p.315-344.

1985: Aus Dem Tagebuch Einer Ameise. Wissenschaftlich- Phantastische Tiergeschichten.  [Berlin] Verlag Neues Leben [1985].  Cloth with dust jacket.  Herausgegeben von Michael Szameit.  Includes Weinbaum's "Mars-Odyssee," p.105-[131].  With illustration by Werner Ruhner.

1985: Science Fiction Jubilaums Band.  25 jahre Heyne science  fiction & fantasy 1960-1985.  Das Lesebuch.  Herausgegeben von Wolfgang Jeschke.  Munchen, Wilhelm Heyne Verlag
[1985].  Wrappers.  [796]p.  Includes Weinbaum's "Die Lotos-Esser" p.254-282.

1985: Die Spannendsten Weltraum-Geschichten.  Herausgegeben von Thomas Le Blanc.  Munchen, Sudwest Verlag [1985].  Cloth, dust jacket, 360p.  Includes Weinbaum's "Eine Mars-Odyssee," p.195-229, illustrated by Teodor Rotrekl.