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Sue Frank Collection of Klingon and Star Trek Fanzines

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SCRC 440

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Collection Summary

Sue Frank Collection of Klingon and Star Trek Fanzines


Frank, Sue

25 linear feet (49 boxes)        

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

Materials in English and Klingon.

Detailed Collection Information

Description of Collection

The Sue Frank Collection of Klingon and Star Trek Fanzines contains serialized fanzines related to Klingon language and culture, as well as general Star Trek materials, fanzines, and newsletters. Also included are convention materials, correspondence, books, artifacts, and audiocassettes.

Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into 2 series as follows, and within each series and subseries alphabetically by title or type of material:

Series 1: Klingon Fanzines, 1976-2002
          Subseries 1.1: Fanzines, 1978-2002
          Subseries 1.2: Single Author Fanzines, 1978-1997
          Subseries 1.3: Secondary Materials, 1976-2001
          Subseries 1.4: Convention Materials, 1992-1998
          Subseries 1.5: Correspondence, 1990-1998
          Subseries 1.6: Published Books, 1984-1987
          Subseries 1.7: Klingon Artifacts, 1992-1994

Series 2: Star Trek Fanzines, 1967-1996
          Subseries 2.1: Fanzines, 1967-2000
          Subseries 2.2: Single Author Fanzines, 1969-1990
          Subseries 2.3: Secondary Materials, 1967-1994
          Subseries 2.4: Correspondence, 1992
          Subseries 2.5: Convention Materials, 1992-1994
          Subseries 2.6: Published Books, 1996

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Catalog Record

A record for this collection is available in Temple University’s online library catalog: http://diamond.temple.edu/record=b5642085~S30

Research Access

Collection is open for research.

Collections Stored Off-Site

This collection may be housed off-site at the Library Depository, and require up to two business days to retrieve. Please review the finding aid and be prepared to identify specific materials to be retrieved. Contact the Special Collections Research Center in advance of your visit, so that materials may be relocated to the reading room for research.

Publication and Copyright Information

The Sue Frank Collection of Klingon and Star Trek Fanzines is the physical property of the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries. Temple University holds intellectual property rights only for material donated to the university with such rights specifically assigned. For all other material, intellectual property rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated.

Preferred Citation

[Title of fanzine], [Publisher], [volume, number, date of issue], Sue Frank Collection of Klingon and Star Trek Fanzines, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Related Material

Susan Frank Klingon Fandom Collection. Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Donated by Sue Frank, July 1999 and January 2003.

Separated Material

General science fiction fanzines donated by Sue Frank have been incorporated into the Science Fiction Fanzine Collection.

Processing Information

Finding aid revised according to contemporary archival standards in July 2014 by Katy Rawdon, Coordinator of Technical Services. 


Index Terms

The following headings have been used to index the description of this collection in Temple University’s electronic catalog:

Fan magazines
Klingon (Artificial language)
Science fiction, American
Science fiction--Societies, etc.
Star trek

Material Types:


Series 1: Klingon Fanzines, 1976-2002

Subseries 1.1: Fanzines, 1978-2002

The Agonizer. Published by Sue Frank, Klingon Assault Group. 13 Issues. 1989-1994. Philadelphia, PA.
-Vol. 1, Issue 1. Fall 1989.
-Vol. 2, Issue 1–4. Winter 1990–Winter 1991.
-Vol. 3, Issue 1–4. Spring 1991–Spring 1992
-Vol. 4, Issue 1–2. Spring 1993–Summer 1994
-Supplement: Klinindex. Spring 1991.
-Supplement: Klin Zha. Spring 1992.

The Ambassador. The Official Voice of the Klingon Defense Force. Vol. 1, Issues 1 and 2. 1991. Kansas City, MO.

Annihilator. Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors. Issues 1–7. November 1990–December 1992. Lake Grove, NY.

Antithesis. Ed. Pat Spath. Issues 1–10. 1978–1980. Marietta, PA.

The Arc. Newsletter of the Reshtarc Line. Issue 1. February 1996. Akron, OH.

 A.U.R.O.R.A.: Appreciation and Unity for the Robert O’Reilly Alliance. 4 Issues. January 1993–March/April 1994. Upper Marlboro, MD.

The Batleth. Issue 20. Summer 1997. Chanhasen, MN.

Battle Language. 48 Issues (1-39, 45, 46, 48-53, and 55). October 1991–October 1996. Buffalo, NY (2 copies of Issue 53).

Battlestations! Klingon Assault Group Kanada. Issues 2–5. May 1992–May 1993. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

Battlestations. The Newsletter of the Deep South Quadrant. Vol. 1, Issue 2 –Vol. 2, Issue 3. Fall 1994–August 1995. East Point, GA.

Battle Zone. Issues 1–5. May 1993–March 1994. Colonial Heights, VA.
Behind the Lines (later Beyond the Lines and Battle Lines). Klingon Strike Force. Reese, MI.
-Vol. 1, Issue 1–Vol. 4, Issue 3 (January 1992–July 1995)
-Fall 1995, January 1996, April 1996, October 1996
-Issues 97.1, 97.2, and 97.3 (1997)
-December 1997 Issue. June 1998 Issue (Issue 3)
-Issues 98.3 and 98.4 (August/September/October 1998 and November/December/January 1998/1999)
-Issue 99.1 (February/March/April 1991). Summer 1999 Issue

Black Honor. Klingon Strike Force Black Honor. Vol. 1, Issues 1 and 2. July/August and September/October 1991. Oklahoma City, OK.

Black Phoenix Rising. Newsletter of the IKV Black Phoenix. Vol. 1, Issue 7. October 1993. Ontario, Canada.

Blade’s Edge. Newsletter of the IKV Midnight Dagger. Issues 1–22, 25, 27, and 27. 1992–Fall 2000. Oakland, CA and Wheat Ridge, CO.

Blood and Glory. The Official Newsletter of the IKV Harbinger of Doom. Issues 2 and 3. July and September 1993.

Bridge Notes. Newsletter of the DTW Prang. 62 Issues. 1991–1997. Lansdale, PA.

The Budget Quartermaster. Published by Keve. 1 Issue. 1993. Buffalo, NY.

The Catalyst. Newsletter of the KAG Central Fleet. 27 Issues (6 Volumes). 1992–January/February 1999. Lake Orion, MI.

Cha Duj. Issues 2, 3, 5, and 12. October 1991–June 1994. Cincinnati and Akron, OH.

Chu’ Hoh. Newsletter of the IKV Midnight Warrior. Issues 1–4 and 6–8. March–June and August–October 1996. Cedar Grove, IN.

Chuy Dah! Newsletter of the IKV Doomslayer. Vol. 1, Issues 1 and 2. November and December 1991. Dover, OH.

CIN: Central Information Network. Vol. 1, Issue 1–Vol. 3, Issue 1. October 1993–Summer 1995. Ontario, Canada.

Cold Terror Fleet War Journal. 4 Issues. January–October 1996. Akron, OH.

Command Informer. KAG Central Command. Vol. 1, Issues 1–7. Fall 1994–1996. Kansas City, MO.

Dark Matters. Issues 2 and 3. Stamford, CT.

Dark Moon Fleet’s Lunar Radiation. 3 Issues. March/April, May/June, and August/September 1995. Greensboro, NC.

Death Warrant. Newsletter of the IKV Executor. Vol. 1, Issues 1–7. January–July 1993. Paragould, AR.

Delta Vee. 12 Issues. Paragould, AR.
-Vol. 2, Issue 1. 1992
-Vol. 2.5., Issues 1 and 2. November and December 1993
-Vol. 3, Issues 1–9. January–August 1994

The Demonic Press. Published by the Demon Fleet. Issues 1–5. 1996–1998. Covington, KY and Hamilton, OH.

The Destroyer. Issues 0, 7–10. 1992. Gretna, LA.

Diplomatic Pouch. Klingon Diplomatic Corps. 3 Issues. July 1993, Summer 1995, and December 1995. Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The Disruptor! The Kanadian Konnection. Issues 1, 2, 4–24. June 1990–April 2000. Ontario, Canada.

Dragon Tales. Newsletter of the IKV Dragon Fleet. Issues 2 and 3. 1997–1998. Canada.

Espial. IKV Starbortas’. 2 Issues. June and September 1995. Burlington, NC.

Extra: a Supplement to Genesis. KAG Genetics Division. Issue 2. June 1994. Middletown, OH.

The Far Flung Flyer. 4 Issues. September 1991–January 1992.

Firebreather. The Voice of the Imperial Marine Force. Issues 1 and 2. June 1992 and January 1993. Ft. Wayne, IN.

Fist Flash. Newsletter of the Emperor’s Fist. 15 Issues. April 1992–February 1995. Quebec, Canada.
-Vol. 1, Issues 1 and 7
-Vol. 2, Issues 1–8
-Vol. 3, Issues 1–4
-Vol. 4, Issue 1

The Fleet Recon News. Vol. 2, Issues 1 and 2. January and April 1994. Unionville, Ontario, Canada (2 copies of Issue 2).

The Force Commander. Newsletter of the K’Bek Squadron. Vol. 1, Issue 1. November 1995. West Brome, Quebec, Canada.

Genesis. KAG Genetics Division. Issue 5. November 1994. Middletown, OH.

Genetic Chronicles. KAG Genetics Division. 1 Issue. 1990s. Pittsburgh, PA.

Grunts. Issues 1–10, 15. 1992–1995. McKee, KY.

Halifax Explosion. Newsletter of the IKV Praksis. Issues 2–5. July 1994–March 1995. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Harfang Secured Channels. Newsletter of the IKV Harfang. Volume 2, Issues 1–Vol. 3, Issue 2. February 1993–1994. West Brome, Quebec, Canada.

Holqed. The Journal of the Klingon Language Institute. 36 Issues. March 1992–December 2000. Flourtown, PA.

Hos Tam Times. IKV Hos Tam. Vol. 2, Issue 2–Vol. 5, Issue 3. April 1996–October 1999. Chicago, IL.

ID: Imperial Decree. Newsletter of The Black Fleet. Issues 1–7 (2 copies of Issue 6). 1991–1992. Springfield, MO.

IKV Midnight Dagger Newsletter. 1 Issue. March 1992. Oakland, CA.

Imperial Geographic. Vol. 1, Issues 1 and 3. “A Guide to the Existential Klingon” and “Singing Around the Celestial Campfire.” Brant, NY.

The Imperial Guardsman. KAG Imperial Guard. 1 Issue. September 1991.

Jatmey: an Anthology of Original Poetry and Fiction. Klingon Language Institute. Vols. 1–4. Winter 1995–Winter 1997. Flourtown, PA.

Justice Hunter. Newsletter of the IKV Justice Hunter. Issues 1–10. March–December 1995. Greenville, OH.

KAG Quartermasters. October 1994 and January 1995. Cuyahoga Falls, OH.
KAG Western Fleet News. Issues 1 and 2. 1992 and 1993. Santa Rosa, CA.

Katra. Ed. Lana Brown. 8 Issues. 1985–1988. Wanganui, New Zealand.
            -Issue 1. 1985
            -Issue 2. September 1985
-Issue 3. January 1986
-Issue 4. May 1986
-Issue 5. September 1986
-Issue 6. March 1987
-Issue 8. January 1988
-Issue 9. July 1988

Khitomer Chronicles. Newsletter of the Khitomer Alliance. Issue 1. Summer 1998. Cincinnati, OH.

Klin-Fire. Eds. Ginny Garland, Sue Frank, and Ann Schwader. Single Issue. 1992. Philadelphia, PA.

The Kling Picayune. Klingon Assault Operations Service. Issues 1–2. undated New Orleans, LA.

Klingon Assault Group Fleet Commander’s Communiqué. 1 Issue. July 1992.

The Klingon Warrior. Klingon Military Academy. Issue 7. September 1995. Little Rock, AR.

Klingons of Louisiana. Issues 4 and 5. February and May 1991. Gretna, LA.

Komerex Fleet News. 4 Issues. 1993–1994. Santa Rosa, CA.
-Vol. 1, Issues 3 and 4. June 1993 and February 1994.
-2 Unnumbered Issues, undated

KomereXXX. Eds. “Karol T’Ra” and “Kishin Dyzala-Rustadz” (Sue Frank). September 1991. Philadelphia, PA.

Kry of the Warrior. 82nd Klingon Rapid Assault Force. Issues 1 and 2. undated Westwood, NJ.

KSF Global Military Command Shadow Squadron. Issues 1–3, undated

Levek. Newsletter of the British Unit of Klingon Assault Group. 2 Issues, undated

Live Wire. IKV Nemesis. Issue 3. 1992. Frankfort, IN.

Log Entries. The Journal of the U.S.S. Michigan. Volume 3. March 1994. Hobart, IN.

Loose Tongues. Newsletter of the IKV Crystal Dagger. Vol. 2, Issue 2. December 1995. Rochester, NY.

The Magna Report. Role-Playing Game Narratives. Introduction and Issues 1–4, 8–34. November 1990–September 1993. Columbia, MO.

Malevolent Courier. Newsletter of the IKV Malevolent. Issues 11, 12, 14-16, 19-23, 25, and 27. May 1994–February 1996. Columbus, OH.

Manual Override. Central Fleet of the Klingon Assault Group. Issues 1–9. January/February 1994–July/August 1995. Covington, KY.

Menuscanner. 1 Issue. 1992. New Orleans, LA.

Mindscanner. Official Newsletter of the Klingon Assault Group. Issues 1–21, 24–26, 19, 31–35, 37, 39, 40, 44, 45, 29, 51–64, and 6 unnumbered issues. Mount Morris and Reese, MI; Hamilton, OH. 1991–2002.

Morath Marching Orders. Strike Force Morath. 14 Issues. Ontario, Canada.
-Vol. 1, Issues 3, 5–12
-Vol. 2, Issues 1–4. 1995.
-Vol. 3, Issue 4.

The Mouth of Fear. 23rd Klingon Assault Fleet. Issues 1–6. May 1991–October 1991. Gretna, LA.

The Naval Navigator. KAG/Kanada Naval Command. Vol. 1, Issue 1. January 1996. Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.

Neural Neutralizers. Klingon Defense Force. Volume 17, Issue 1. May 1991. Independence, MO.

Northern Star. The Newsletter of the Northern Quadrant. 3 Issues. Rochester, NY
-Vol. 1, Issues 2 and 3. December 1995 and March 1996.
-Vol. 2, Issue 2. March 1997.

Ong Taj (Cunning Dagger). Vol. 2, Issue 7. July 1992. Rochester, NY.

Peqim Beqpu’. The Official Communiqué of the IKV Reign of Terror. 19 Issues. November 1992–October 1994. Cuyahoga Falls, OH.
-Vol. 1, Issues 1–11
- Vol. 2, Issues 1, 7–12
-Vol. 3, Issue 1.

The Phantom Files.Official Newsletter of the Phantom Squadron. Issue 1. June 1995. Ontario, Canada.

The Pillage Voice. Klingon Legion of Assault Warriors. 16 Issues. July 1991–October 1994. Winter Park, FL.
-Vol. 1, Issues 1–4
-Vol. 2, Issues 1–3, 5 (2 copies)
- Vol. 3, Issues 1 (2 copies), 3–5
-Vol. 4, Issues 1–4.

Predator and Fleet Recon News. Newsletter of Fleet Recon and the IKV Predator. Vol. 1, Issue 5. June 1993. Ontario, Canada.

Predatory Prey. Newsletter of the IKV Predator. Vol. 1, Issue 1–4. November 1992–April 1993. Ontario, Canada.

Privateer. Published by “Keve.” 1 Issue. 1993. New Orleans, LA.

Profiteer. Published by “Keve.” Issues 1–5. 1993–1995. Memphis, TN.

Qapla’. Klingon Assassins’ League. 2 Issues. October 1990 and August 1991. Maumelle, AR.

Qapla’. Klingon Occupation Force. Issues 1–6, 9–24. June 1986–December 1989. New Zealand.

Qaw Haq. Newsletter of the IKV Grim Reaper. Vol. 1, Issue 1. January 1992. New York.

Qib Hehdaq (On the Edge of the Galaxy). Newsletter of the Interstellar Language School. Issues 2–8. Winter 1994–1998. Red Lake Falls, MN.

Qip Yo’ Qonos: the Black Fleet Journal. Issues 1–5. Portland, ME.

Qumwi’.Newsletter of the IKV Thunderfire. Vol. 3, Issue 1. April 1995. East Point, GA.

Rabid Liar. 1 Issue. undated

Revenge. IKV Revenge. Issues 1, 13–15. June 1993, August–October 1994. Cincinnati, OH.

Rogue-Raider Newsletter. Issues 1 and 2. April and May 1996. McKee, KY.

Savage Whispers. IKV Savage Assault. Vol. 1, Issue 1. February 1991.

Slimetrax. Official Newsletter of the Brunswick Loyal Order of Bar Slugs. Issues 12 and 13. April and June 1991. Brunswick, ME.

Slop J’ih.  Published by “Keve.” Issue 0. 1992. New Orleans, LA.

Something Else. Issues 2 and 5. April 1993 and January 1994. Durham, England.

Steel Fist Newsletter. KAG/Kanada. 4 Issues. January–October 1995. Unionville, Ontario, Canada.

Storm’s Eye. Vol. 1, Issue 2. May 1991. Buffalo, NY.

Targ: the Zine for Klingon Kids. Published by Jim McNair-Brown. Issue 1. Winter 1992. Ontario, Canada.

Tev Ves-Mey. IKV Tev Ves. Issue 1. July 1993. Middletown, OH.

Tlhingan Jev. Intergalactic Klingon Empire. Issues 1–3, 7–12, 14, 15, 17–19, 21–31, 33–40, and 42–52. August 1992–March/April 1999.

Thlingan Rlvso’na’ Wo’na’’e’ Ghatlhqu’nes News Service. The Voice of the Sovereign Imperial Klingon Embassy. Vol. 1, Issue 1. February 1994. Alexandria, VA.

TlhuHqul: Decree of Defeat. The Newsletter of the IKV Draconis. Vol. 2, Issue 1. Erie, PA.

Tribble Droppings. KAG Battle Group North. Issue 1. January/February 1999. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Ves Qonos (War Log). Newsletter of the Mortas-Te-Kaase. 6 Issues. November 1989–1991. Ridge, NY.

Void Warrior. Newsletter of the Kinegho Alliance. Vol. 1, Issue 1–Vol. 2, Issue 2. June 1990–May 1991. New York.

War Kry. Newsletter of the Karizan Empire. Issues 1–8. July 1989–March 1991. Lake Beach, IL.

We Are Klingons! The Newsletter of the Fourth Quadrant. Issues 1 and 2. August 1997 and February 1998. Walden, NY.

Wet Frontier. Published by “Keve.” 1 Issue. 1992. New Orleans, LA.

Wild Frontier. Issues 1–19 and 21–43. 1991–1999. Brunswick and Waterville, ME.

Woq’a (Ultimate Power). Vessel Log of the IKV P’rang. Vol. 1, Issues 1–4. Fairless Hills, PA.

Subseries 1.2: Single Author Fanzines, 1978-1997

A Citizen of the Empire. A Story set in the 23rd Century Star Trek Universe. (First in a series). By Cat Ramos. No place of publication, undated (Signed by the author, 1997).

Alkarin Warlord. By Fern Marder and Carol Walske. September 1, 1978. New Rochelle, NY.

Arakenyo. By Carol Walske. 1979. New York.

Chains of Love and Duty. A Story set in the 23rd Century Star Trek Universe (sequel to “A Citizen of the Empire”). By Cat Ramos. No place of publication, undated (Signed by the author, 1997).

Dining with Dokhmara: Recipes from the Roadside. By Lisa Ham. No place of publication, 1996.

Diplomacy and Empire. By Ann K. Schwader. Brooklyn, NY: Poison Pen Press, February and December 1993.

Games of Love and Duty. By Susan Crites. Chained to the Typewriter Press, May 1980.

Homlet, Prince of Kronos. By G.F. Proechel. Red Lake Falls, MN: Warrior Press, 1995.

In No Space a Homeworld. By Cat Ramos. A Story set in the 23rd Century Star Trek Universe (sequel to “A Citizen of the Empire” and “Chains of Love and Duty”). No place of publication, undated (Signed by the author, 1997).

Kalin Kollected. Volume I: The Adventures of Commander Kalin den Teke. Linda Slusher and Sue Frank. Columbus, OH and Philadelphia, PA. Winter 1993.

No Peaceful Roads Lead Home. By Susan Crites. Brooklyn, NY: Poison Pen Press, May 1987.

Nu Ormenel Collected. By Fern Marder and Carol Walske. New York, 1979–1981.

The Official Klingon Vocal Torture Group Songbook. By Greg Gruschow and Bill Willmerdinger. Rochester, NY, 1995.

One Blade, One Blood. By Ann K. Schwader. Yucca Valley, CA: Wendy Rathbone, undated

Paths of Glory. By Cat Ramos. A Story set in the 23rd Century Star Trek Universe (sequel to “A Citizen of the Empire,” “Chains of Love and Duty,” and “In No Space a Homeworld”). No place of publication, undated (Signed by the author, 1997).

A Pictoral Guide to Verbal Suffixes of Tlhingan Hol. By Lawrence Schoen, illus. Gennie Summers. Flourtown, PA: Klingon Language Institute, 1996.

Piqad Paqudi’norgh: an Alien Writing System Primer. By G.F. Proechel. Red Lake Falls, MN: Interstellar Language School, 1994.

Prize of War and Passion. By Cat Ramos. A Story set in the 23rd Century Star Trek Universe (part of the “Citizen of the Empire” series). No place of publication, undated (Signed by the author, 1997).

Quin’lat: the Story of the Promise. By Gareth Albach. No place of publication, undated 

Songs of Fire, Songs of Life. By Fern Marder. New York, 1979.

Tales of Glory and Might: the Reigns of the Klingon Emperors, from Kahless to Kahless II. By William F.B. Vodrey. Cleveland Heights, OH.

Threshold. By Fern Marder and Carol Walske. Brooklyn, NY: Poison Pen Press. January 15, 1978.

Tlhingan Hol: an Alien Language Primer. By G.F. Proechel. Red Lake Falls, MN: Interstellar Language School, 1994.

Traditions of Klinzhai. By Brenda Bledsoe. Seattle, WA: Klingon Strike Force, undated

Warriors and Orphans. By Laurie McGlinn. No place of publication, undated

The Z-2 Class XVIII Scoutship/Battleship Technical Manual. By Ricky Moss, No place of publication, undated

Subseries 1.3: Secondary Materials, 1976-2001

A.U.R.O.R.A. Meeting Minutes. Appreciation and Unity for the Robert O’Reilly Alliance. April 18, 1993. Upper Marlboro, MD.

Banned on Klinzhai: the Annals of the Klingon Diplomatic Corps, Imperial Contacts Branch. Seattle, WA: Klingon Diplomatic Corps, 1990s.

Church of the Subklin Recruitment Materials. Buffalo, NY.

Club Kasara Coop Theatrical Makeup Supply Catalog. Montreal: House Kasara Press, 1995.

DTW Prang Membership Materials. Fairless Hills, PA.

Force Recon. By Sue Frank. Reese, MI: Klingon Assault Group, undated 4 Copies.

Force Recon—Italian Edition. Klingon Assault Group, 1995.

IKV Dark Justice Calendar of Events. 1994. Pittsburgh, PA.

Interstellar Language School Datalog. Red Lake Falls, MN: Interstellar Language School, 1995.

Interstellar Language School Membership Materials. Red Lake Falls, MN.

Imperial Mounted Guard Recruitment Flyer. Pine City, MN.

KAG Quartermasters. Reese, MI: Klington Assault Group, undated 2 copies.

Khitomer Construction Yard Catalog. Lansdale, PA. 1993.

KLI Membership Directory. Lansdale, PA: Klingon Language Institute, 2000 and 2001.
Klingon Assault Group Directory. Mt. Morris, MI: Klingon Assualt Group, August 1990.

Klingon Assault Group General Reference Guide. Buffalo, NY: the Imperial Ministry of Truth, undated

Klingon Diplomatic Corps: the Diplomatic Planetary Handbook. Monreal, Quebec: House Kasara Press, 1994.

Klingon Diplomatic Corps Membership Application Kits (4). Montreal, Quebec, 1995.

Klingon Diplomatic Corps Recruitment Materials. Montreal, Quebec undated

Klingon Empire Appointment Calendar. Paula Smith. Kalamazoo, MI: boojums press, 1976.

Klingon Fan Art. Collected by Sue Frank. No place of publication, undated

The Klingon Holiday Songbook. Buffalo, NY, undated

Klingon Koloring Book for Kids of All Ages. Orono, ME: Klingon Assault Group, 1994.

Klingon Language Institute Mailings. Flourtown, PA, undated

The Klingon Macropaedia. Editor-in-Chief Robert Earl Day. No place of publication, undated

Klingon Software Labs Documents. Philadelphia, PA, November 1993.

Klingon Strike Force Covert Operations Manual. No place of publication, c. 1989.

Klingon Strike Force Roster. No place of publication, undated

Klingon Strike Force Membership Package. 1998.

Magna LTD Turn Sheets. Columbia, MO, undated

News Clippings. Collected by Sue Frank. No place of publication, undated

The Northern Quadrant Blue Pamphlet. Northern Quadrant Command, 1996.
Paraphernalia from Beyond Planet X: Klingon Issue. Catalog. Columbus, OH, undated

She-Warriors of the Empire Kalendar (March 1996-February 1997). Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and Philadelphia, PA, David Sweet and Sue Frank, 1996.

Ships of the Demon Fleet. By Carol Bockelman and Joel Nye. Hamilton, OH, December 1997.

Short Duration Consortship Certificate. The Ultimately Victorious Church of the Subklin. New Orleans, LA, undated

Tlhingan Hol: Lesson 1. Klingon Language Postal Course by David Barron. Lake Bluff, IL: Klingon Language Institute, 1992. 3 Copies.

Warrior Outfitters. Catalog. The Next Frontier, Abiline, TX. 1996.

Warrior Women and Alien Men. Calendar. Pittsburgh, PA: First Frame Photography, 1998 and 1999.

Subseries 1.4: Convention Materials, 1992-1998

Convention Guide. Buffalo, NY. February 24, 1996.

Converge Convention Brochure. New Zealand, undated

Klin-Fest Registration Form. Passaic, NJ. 1992.

Klin-Kon Flyer. Ridge, NY, undated

Klin-Kon Organzing Materials. Includes brochure, program guide, and menu. Ridge, NY, undated

Kooking with Kahless. Mid South Con 13. Memphis, TN. March 1994.

Printout: “We Claim this Space in the Name of the Klingon Empire,” undated

Sixth Annual Klingon Games Brochure. Covington, KY. 1998.

Subseries 1.5: Correspondence, 1990-1998

Christmas Card from “Betty and Dave,” undated

Christmas Card from the Crew of the Harfang. December 1994. West Brome, Quebec, Canada, undated

Christmas Card from the Crew of the IKV Black Phoenix and Fleet Reconnaissance. Canada, undated

Christmas Card from the Klingon Imperial Embassy. Montreal: House Kasara Press, undated

Christmas Letter from Glen Proechel, 1995.

Empty Envelope From M. Shore. Staffordshire, England. 1995.

Letter and Commendation from Moore-Pohlen, Ron. Walden, NY, June 1998.

Letter from Annunziata, Diana. Paragould, AR, September 28, 1994

Letters from Conway, Jil (“K’Ven Sutai-Jurek”). Columbia, MO, November 22, 1990 and December 4, 1990.

Letter from Easley , Estée. Dallas, TX, August 21, 1992.

Letter from Geiselman, Kevin. Pittsburgh, PA, March 19, 1995.

Letters from Hatfield, Joseph. Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, November 23, 1995.

Letter from “K’Zhen Vestai-zu-Merz,” Columbia, MO, undated

Letter from Kroth, Donald. Cincinnati, OH, April 1996.

Letter from Kubera, Tony. Honolulu, HI. August 1996.

Letter from Mason, Bill. Fairless Hills, PA, undated

Letters from McNair Brown, Jim. Ontario, Canada, May 1991.

Letter from Pasbrig, Dave. South Amana, IA, November 1991.

Letter from “Qejbe.” Bartlett, TN, December 17, 1994.

Letters from Reed, William. Kansas City, MO, July and November 1995.

Letters from Sanavia, Andrea. Pordenone, Italy, December 1995.

Letter from Schuster, Deborah. Newport, MI. October 5, 1993.

Letters from Septrick, Larry (“Kroesh”). Greensboro, NC. November 1994 and July 1995.

Postcard from Christensen, Dave. Seattle, WA, June 1995.

Subseries 1.6: Published Books, 1984-1987

The Final Reflection. By John M. Ford (a Star Trek novel). New York: Pocket Books, [May 1984].

How Much for Just the Planet? By John M. Ford (a Star Trek novel). New York: Pocket Books [October 1987].

Subseries 1.7: Klingon Artifacts, 1992-1994

Cassette Tape: “Admiral Keel.” February 1994.

Cassette Tape: “Ascension Con 1992.”

Cassette Tape: “Star Trek: the Missing Episode.” April 1993.

Envelope Containing Hair and Letter from Lisa Hartjes. 1993.

Fabric Armband. No place of publication, undated

“General Chang Action Playset.” Created by “Keve.”

Keyring with Lace Work, No place of publication, undated

Kitara Needlework Patch, No place of publication, undated

Klingon Decals (set of 5). Klingon Assault Group, undated

“Klingon Strike Force” Stamp. Seattle, WA.

“Landi Comic Club” Ribbon, undated

Masquerade Winner Ribbon. World Con 51, San Francisco. September 1993.

Pin: “I Was a Klingon Before Klingons Were Popular.”

“Rihannsushi Snacks.” From “Keve’s House of Flesh.”

“Star Trek: the Next Generation” Trading Cards (Lieutenant Worf, K’Ehlety, and Art  + Design), 1992.

STIcon Badge. Torino, Italy, September 1993.

Series 2: Star Trek Fanzines, 1967-1996

Subseries 2.1: Fanzines, 1967-2000

A Matter of Honor. Published by Peg Kennedy and Bill Hupe. 1 Issue, 1992. Mason, MI.

Abode of Strife. Issues 10 and 11, 1988. No place of publication

Aehallh. Vol. 1, Issue 2 and Vol. 2, Issue 2. November 1992 and February 1993. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Alnitah. Issues 2, 4–11, 13–14. 1975–1982. Weston Turnville, Sylesbury, Bucks, England.

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