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Temple University Archives Vertical File

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SCRC 232

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Collection Summary

Temple University Archives Vertical File

Circa 1861-2016

Collection ID
SCRC 232

110 linear feet

Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries

Materials in English.

Detailed Collection Information

Description of Collection

The Temple University Archives Vertical File documents aspects of Temple’s founder Russell Conwell, and the University’s history. The collection contains an accumulation of publications, pamphlets, flyers and event programs, newspaper clippings, and other materials gathered from university offices and various news sources relating to persons, places, organizations, and topical subjects that document Temple University’s history

Organization and Arrangement

The vertical files are arranged alphabetically by subject, person (last name first), organization name, or title. A separate series includes materials about the university’s founder, Russell Conwell.

Patron Information

Research Access

Collection is open for research.

Collections Stored Off-Site

This collection may be housed off-site at the Library Depository, and require up to two business days to retrieve. Please review the finding aid and be prepared to identify specific materials to be retrieved. Contact the Special Collections Research Center in advance of your visit, so that materials may be relocated to the reading room for research.


Additions to this collection are expected, and the latest additions may not yet be included in this finding aid. For information on material that may have been added since the last finding aid update, please contact the Special Collections Research Center.

Publication and Copyright Information

The Temple University Archives Vertical File is the physical property of the Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries. Intellectual property rights including copyright belong to the organization, authors, or their legal heirs and assigns. Researchers are responsible for determining the identity of rights holders and obtaining their permission for publication and for other purposes where stated.

Preferred Citation

[Description and date of item], Temple University Archives Vertical File, SCRC 232, Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Assembled by Libraries staff beginning in the 1960s, and ongoing.

Processing Information

Collection processed and finding aid prepared in October 2016 by Margery Sly, Director of the Special Collections Research Center, and Theresa Davis, Bibliographic Assistant.


Index Terms

The following headings have been used to index the description of this collection in Temple University’s electronic catalog:

Personal/Family Names:
Conwell, Russell H., 1843-1925

Corporate Names
Temple University -- History

Universities and colleges -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia -- History

Philadelphia (Pa.)
Material Types:
Press releases
Printed ephemera
Souvenir programs
Vertical files



Academic Code

Academic Compass

Academic Help Center

Academic Planning

Academic Policies

Academic Records

Academic Resource Center



Adamany, David

Adamany, David (press releases)

Administration, up to 1979

Administration, 1980-

Administration, A-B

Administration, C-G

Administration, H-Q

Administration, R-SU

Administration, SW-Z

Administration – General

Administration – General (press releases)

Administration – Individual (press releases)

Administration – Memos (press releases)

Administration - Provost


Admissions (press releases)

Adolescent Pregnancy and Family Services, Institute for (press releases)

Advanced Afrocentric Research, Institute for (press releases)

Advanced Technology, Center for



Advising (press releases)

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action (press releases)

African American History and Culture, Center for

African American History and Culture, Center for (press releases)

African American Research: Public Policy, Center for

African American Studies

African American Studies (press releases)

Africana Social Work, Institute of (press releases)

Afro-Jewish Studies, Center for

Aging, Institute on

Aging, Institute on (press releases)

Allied Health Professions, College of, up to 1989

Allied Health Professions, College of, 1990-

Allied Health Professions, College of (press releases)

Alumni (General), up to 1999

Alumni (General), 2000-2009

Alumni (General), 2010-

Alumni (General) (press releases), up to 1974

Alumni (General) (press releases), 1975-1983

Alumni (General) (press releases), 1984-

Alumni (Individual), A

Alumni (Individual), Ba-Beb

Alumni (Individual), Bec-Bi

Alumni (Individual), Bl-Bre

Alumni (Individual), Bri-Bz

Alumni (Individual), Ca-Ch

Alumni (Individual), Ci-Cu

Alumni (Individual), D-Dev

Alumni (Individual), Dew-Dz

Alumni (Individual), E

Alumni (Individual), F-Fie

Alumni (Individual), Fif-Fz

Alumni (Individual), G-Gos

Alumni (Individual), Got-Gz

Alumni (Individual), H-He

Alumni (Individual), Hf-Hz

Alumni (Individual), I

Alumni (Individual), J

Alumni (Individual), K-Kl

Alumni (Individual), Km-Kz

Alumni (Individual), L-Le

Alumni (Individual), M-Man

Alumni (Individual), Mao-Mer

Alumni (Individual), Mes-Mz

Alumni (Individual), N-O

Alumni (Individual), P-Pep

Alumni (Individual), Per-Pz

Alumni (Individual), Q-Ri

Alumni (Individual), Rj-Rodg

Alumni (Individual), Rodr-Rz

Alumni (Individual), S-Sc

Alumni (Individual), Sd-Sh

Alumni (Individual), Si-Spa

Alumni (Individual), Spe-Sz

Alumni (Individual), T-U

Alumni (Individual), V

Alumni (Individual), Wa

Alumni (Individual), Wh-Wz

Alumni (Individual), X-Z

Alumni (Individual) (press releases), A-m

Alumni (Individual) (press releases), N-Z

Alumni and Former Students Reminiscences

Alumni Associations up to 1976

Alumni Associations, 1977-1982    

Alumni Associations, 1983-

Alumni Calendar

Alumni Center

Ambler Campus, 1950-1971

Ambler Campus, 1972-1976

Ambler Campus, 1977-1979

Ambler Campus, 1980-1989

Ambler Campus, 1990-1996

Ambler Campus, 1997-2000

Ambler Campus, 2001-2004

Ambler Campus, 2005-2009

Ambler Campus, 2010-2014

Ambler Campus, (brochures and pamphlets)

Ambler Campus (press releases)

Ambler Music Festival, 1966-1976

Ambler Music Festival, 1977-

American Association of University Professors (AAUP)

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

American Studies

American Studies (press releases)

Anderson, Dr. Paul R.

Anderson, Dr. Paul R. (press releases)

Anderson, Dr. Paul R. - Inauguration

Anniversary Celebration, 75th

Anniversary Exhibits, 75th

Anniversary, 125th

Anthropology Department

Anthropology Department (press releases)

Apollo (press releases)

Archaeology (press releases)

Architecture Department

Architecture Department (press releases)


Armstrong, Thomas F.
Art (e.g. busts, portraits of Conwell, etc.) (1)

Art Department

Art History

Artist in Residence (press releases)

Arts and Quality of Life Research Center

Arts and Sciences, College of, 1922-1952

Arts and Sciences, College of, 1953-1974

Arts and Sciences, College of, 1975-1988

Arts and Sciences, College of, 1989-

Arts and Sciences, College of (press releases)

Arts and Sciences, College of, Program Guide, 1971-1979

Arts and Sciences, College of, Program Guide, 1980-

Arts, Center for the

As A City College

Asian Health, Center for

Asian Studies Program

Asian Studies Program (press releases)


Associations (press releases)

Associations, Clubs, Societies (press releases)

Athletics Association

Athletics - General, up to 1983

Athletics - General, 1984-1989

Athletics - General, 1990-1991

Athletics – General, 1992-1999

Athletics - General, 2000-

Athletics (press releases), 1975-1984

Athletics (press releases), 1985-1986

Athletics (press releases), 1987-

Athletics - Baseball

Athletics –Basketball up to 1983

Athletics –Basketball, 1984-1986

Athletics - Basketball, 1987-1989

Athletics - Basketball, 1990-1992

Athletics - Basketball, 1993-1996

Athletics - Basketball, 1997-1999

Athletics - Basketball, 2000

Athletics - Basketball, 2001

Athletics - Basketball, 2002

Athletics - Basketball, 2003

Athletics - Basketball, 2004

Athletics - Basketball, 2005-

Athletics – Basketball - Women’s, 2004

Athletics - Bowling

Athletics - Cheerleaders

Athletics - Cherry and White Day

Athletics - Crew

Athletics - Fencing

Athletics - Field Hockey

Athletics - Football up to 1982

Athletics - Football, 1983-1989

Athletics - Football, 1990-1994

Athletics - Football, 1995-1999

Athletics - Football, 2000-2002

Athletics - Football, 2003-2005

Athletics - Football, 2006-2010

Athletics – Football, 2011-

Athletics - Golf

Athletics - Gymnastics

Athletics - Hall of Fame

Athletics - Hockey

Athletics - Lacrosse

Athletics - Rugby

Athletics - Soccer

Athletics – Softball

Athletics – Statistics (press releases)

Athletics - Swimming

Athletics - Tennis

Athletics - Track and Field

Athletics - Volleyball

Athletics - Wheelchair Basketball

Athletics – Women’s (press releases)

Athletics - Wrestling


Awards, up to 1973

Awards, 1974-1987

Awards, 1988-1994

Awards, 1995-2000

Awards, 2001-2007

Awards, 2008-

Awards (press releases), up to 1993

Awards (press releases), 1994-

Awareness of Teaching and Teaching Improvement Center (ATTIC)

Babcock, W. Wayne

Ball Family

Baptist Temple (Grace Baptist Church)

Baptist Temple, 1890-1919

Baptist Temple, 1920-1925

Baptist Temple, 1926-1959

Baptist Temple, 1960-1974

Baptist Temple, 1975-1999

Baptist Temple, 2000-

Baptist Temple (press releases)

Baptist Temple Arts Center

Baptist Temple, Chapel of Four Chaplains              

Barnes, E & J

Barton, Samuel Goodwin

Beer and Liquor Control

Bell Tower (Campanile)

Bell Tower Music (university record label)

Beury, Charles E., 1879-1928

Beury, Charles E., 1940-

Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy, Center for

Biology Department

Biology Department (press releases)

Biotechnology, Center for

Birdsong, H.E.

Blai, Boris

B’nai Ami

Book Club



Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Mass Media

Brown, Joseph

Bucknell Merger, 1888


Budget (press releases)

Buildings, up to 1972

Buildings, 1973-1989

Buildings, 1990-

Buildings (press releases)

Buildings - 1810 Liacouras Walk

Buildings - Alter Hall

Buildings - Anderson Hall

Buildings - Annenberg Hall

Buildings - Apollo Complex, 1993-1995 (see also Buildings - Liacouras Center)

Buildings - Apollo Complex, 1996-1997 (see also Buildings - Liacouras Center)

Buildings - Apollo Complex, 1998-2000 (see also Buildings - Liacouras Center)

Buildings – Architecture

Buildings - Aramark Star Complex

Buildings – Atlantic Terminal Warehouse

Buildings - Avenue North

Buildings - Barracks

Buildings - Barton Hall

Buildings - Barton Hall (press releases)

Buildings - Beech International Apartments

Buildings - Bell Atlantic (TECH Center as of Jan. ’06)

Buildings - Beury Hall (Chemistry Building)

Buildings - Biology and Life Sciences

Buildings - Carnell Hall

Buildings - College Hall

Buildings - Community Education Center

Buildings - Computer Building

Buildings - Conwell Hall

Buildings - Conwell House

Buildings - Conwell Inn

Buildings - Cooney Apartments

Buildings - Curtis Hall

Buildings - Dorms (13th & Cecil B. Moore)

Buildings - Ed. H. Rosen Hillel Center

Buildings - Edberg-Olson Hall (Football Facility)

Buildings - Elmira Jeffries

Buildings - Engineering

Buildings - Entertainment Center

Buildings - 1500 N. Broad Street (Burk Mansion)

Buildings - Gladfelter

Buildings - Gittis SAC (see Student Activity Center)

Buildings - IBC Recreation Center

Buildings - Johnson Hall

Buildings - Jones Hall

Buildings - Kardon Building

Buildings - Kardon (press releases)

Buildings - Learning Center

Buildings - Liacouras Center (see also Apollo)

Buildings - Library, Charles Library

Buildings - Library, Paley, up to 1966

Buildings - Library, Paley, 1967-1970

Buildings - Library, Paley, 1971-1972

Buildings - Library, Paley, 1973-1978

Buildings - Library, Paley, 1979

Buildings - Library, Paley, 1980-1984

Buildings - Library, Paley, 1985-1990

Buildings - Library, Paley, 1991-1994

Buildings - Library, Paley, 1995-1997

Buildings - Library, Paley, 2000-2005

Buildings - Library, Paley, 2006-2010

Buildings - Library, Paley, 2011-2013

Buildings - Library, Paley, 2014

Buildings - Library, Paley (press releases)

Buildings - Library, Sullivan Memorial

Buildings - Library, Sullivan Memorial Dedication

Buildings - McGonigle Hall

Buildings - Mitten Hall

Buildings - Morgan Residence Hall

Buildings - Peabody Hall

Buildings - Pearson Hall

Buildings - Presser Hall

Buildings - Ritter Hall

Buildings - Rock Hall

Buildings - Rock Hall (press releases)

Buildings - Science Education and Research (SERC)

Buildings - Seltzer

Buildings - Shusterman Hall

Buildings –Shusterman Hall (press releases)

Buildings - Sjostrom Company

Buildings - South Hall

Buildings - Speakman Hall

Buildings - Student Activities Center (SAC) (Gittis)

Buildings - Student Fieldhouse

Buildings - Sullivan Hall, Feinstone Lounge

Buildings - TECH Center (see also Buildings - Bell Atlantic)

Buildings - Temple Performing Arts Center (see also Baptist Temple)

Buildings - Temple University Administration Services Building (TASB)

Buildings - Thomas Hall

Buildings - Tuttleman Center

Buildings - Tyler School of Art

Buildings - University Village

Buildings - Vivacqua Hall (see also Seltzer and 1700 N. Broad)

Buildings - Wachman Hall

Buildings - Weiss Hall

Buildings - White Hall

Burr, Agnes Rush

Business Administration, School of, 1900-1939

Business Administration, School of, 1940-1963

Business Administration, School of, 1964-1966

Business Administration, School of, 1967-1970

Business Administration, School of, 1971-1974

Business Administration, School of, 1975-1980

Business Administration, School of, 1981-1988

Business Administration, School of, 1989

Business Administration, School of, 1990-1999

Business Administration, School of, 2000-

Business Administration, School of (press releases), up to 1981

Business Administration, School of (press releases), 1982-

Business Administration, School of, Courses

Business Administration, School of, (pamphlets and brochures)

Business Agenda (press releases)

Business and Management, Fox School of

Business and Management, Fox School of (pamphlets, brochures)

Business and Management, School of (press releases)

Business Conference (Annual)

Business Services



Calendar of Events, up to 1970

Calendar of Events, 1971-

Calendar of Events (press releases), 1975-1976

Calendar of Events (press releases), 1977-1979

Calendar of Events (press releases), 1980-1983

Calendar of Events (press releases), 1984-1990


Campus Alcohol and Substance Awareness (CASA)

Campus Development Office

Campus Maps

Campus Planning

Campus Police

Campus Police (press releases)

Campus Recreation

Campus Safety Office


Career Services, up to 1999

Career Services, 1999

Career Services, 2000-

Career Services (press releases)

Carnell, Laura Horner

Carnell, Laura Horner-Clippings

Carter, Joseph C.


Cemetery, Monument


Centennial (press releases)

Center and Institutes

Center City Campus, 1973-1979

Center City Campus, 1980-1984

Center City Campus, 1985-1987

Center City Campus, 1988-1991

Center City Campus, 1992-1994

Center City Campus, 1995-2000

Center City Campus, 2001-2004

Center City Campus, 2005-

Center City Campus (press releases), up to 1988

Center City Campus (press releases), 1989-

Center City Campsu -- Cinematheque

Center City - Market Street

Central Heating Plant and Physical Plant Service Building

Certificate Courses

Chaney, John


Chase-Riboud, Barbara

Chase, Theodore L.

Chemistry Department

Chemistry Department (press releases)

Cheney, Edith

Child Care (press releases)

Children’s Medical Center

China Law Center

China Law Program

Chiropody School


Civic Forum League

Civil Rights in Northern Cities: Philadelphia

Classes, 1909

Classes, Kindergarten

Classes, Penmanship


Cochran, Harry A., Dean

College Bowl

Colors, Emblems, Seals and Symbols

Commencements, up to 1949

Commencements, 1950-1959

Commencements, 1960-1967

Commencements, 1968-1990

Commencements, 1991-2003

Commencements, 2004

Commencements (press releases)

Commencements - Addresses, up to 1968

Commencements - Addresses, 1969-

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1893-1897, 1899-1900

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1901-1903

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1904-1906

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1907-1908

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1909

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1910

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1911

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1912

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1913

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1914

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1915

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1916

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1917

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1918

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1919

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1920

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1921-1923

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1924-1925

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1926

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1927

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1928

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1929

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1930

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1931

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1932

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1933

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1934-1990

Commencements - Programs, etc. 1991

Communications – Journalism, up to 1974

Communications – Journalism, 1975-

Communications Science

Communications Science (press releases)

Communications and Theater, up to 1973

Communications and Theater, School of, 1974-1985

Communications and Theater, School of, 1986-1993

Communications and Theater, School of, 1994-

Communications and Theater, School of (press releases)

Community, up to 1969

Community, 1970-1974

Community, 1975-1979

Community, 1980-1983

Community, 1984-1986

Community, 1987-1989

Community, 1990-1991

Community, 1992-1997

Community, 1998-2001

Community, 2002-2004

Community, 2005-2009

Community, 2010-

Community (press releases)


Community Colleges

Community Colleges (press releases)

Community Counseling Clinic (press releases)

Community Fair (press releases)

Community Mental Health Center

Community Non-Profit Organizations

Community Relations (press releases)

Commuting (press releases)

Cook, Arthur


Computer Activity, up to 2000

Computer Activity, 2001-2007

Computer Activity, 2008-

Computer Activity (press releases)

Computer Information Science Department

Computer Recycling Center

Computer Services (1)

Computer Services (2)

Computer Services (3)

Conferences, Forums, etc., 1944-1966

Conferences, Forums, etc., 1967-1974

Conferences, Forums, etc., 1975-1989

Conferences, Forums, etc., 1990-1993

Conferences, Forums, etc., 1994-1997

Conferences, Forums, etc., 1998-2005

Conferences, Forums, etc., 2006-2010

Conferences, Forums, etc., 2011-

Conferences, Forums, etc. up to 1979 (press releases)

Conferences, Forums, etc. 1980-1989  (press releases)

Conferences, Forums, etc., 1990-    (press releases)

Conflict Education Resource Team

Confucius Institute

Contemporary Studies, Center for


Continuing Education

Continuing Education (press releases)

Continuing Education for Work, Office of

Controversial Issues

Convocations, 1930-1961

Convocations, 1962-1969

Convocations, 1970-1983

Convocations, 1984-1989

Convocations, 1990-

Convocations (press releases)

Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (press releases)

Conwell Academy

Conwell Dance Theater

Conwell School of Theology

Conwell Inn

Conwell Society



Cosby, Bill (1)

Cosby, Bill (2)

Cosby, Bill (press releases)

Cosmopolitan Club

Counseling (press releases)

Counseling Center

Counseling Psychology Department

Counseling Services

Counseling Services (press releases)

Courses (Individual), A-Z

COVID-19 Pandemic 

Crawford, Miriam

Creative Writing Program, 2004-

Creative Writing Program (press releases)

Crime, up to 1999

Crime, 2000-

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice (press releases)

Critical Languages

Critical Languages (press releases)

Cultural Events

Cultural Events (press releases)

Curriculum, up to 1970

Curriculum, 1971-1997

Curriculum, 1998-

Curriculum (press releases)

Cushing, ‘Ma’

Dager, Forest E.

Dance (press releases)

Dance Performances

Dance Performances (press releases)

Daycare Center

Daycare Center (press releases)

Debate Club


Degrees (press releases)

Delaware Valley Archivists Group

Delaware Valley Council on Economic Education

Demographics - Students, Faculty, Staff

Dental College (Philadelphia)

Dental School, up to 1929

Dental School, 1930-1959

Dental School, 1960-1965

Dental School, 1966-1979

Dental School, 1980-1989

Dental School, 1990-1999

Dental School, 2000-

Dental School, Philadelphia

Dental School (press releases)

Developmental Disabilities Center

Developmental Disabilities Center (press releases)

Diamond Club

Diamond Dollars

Diamond Scholars


Disabilities, Institute on

Disabilities, Institute on (press releases)

Disability Resources and Services

Dixon House

Dormitories, up to 1963

Dormitories, 1964-

Dormitories (press releases)

Dorr, Henry I.

Drug and Alcohol Referral and Education (DARE)

Drug and Alcohol Referral and Education (DARE) (press releases)

Drug Education Activities (press releases)

Dunham, Burrows

Dunham, James, Dean

Duplicating Services

Dysfunctional Rules Task Force

Earth and Environmental Science Department

Earth Day

East Asian Studies, Center for

East Asian Studies, Center for (press releases)

Economics Department

Economics Department (press releases)

Education, College of up to 1960

Education, College of, 1961-1962

Education, College of, 1963

Education, College of, 1964-1965

Education, College of, 1966-1969

Education, College of, 1970-1972

Education, College of, 1973-1975

Education, College of, 1976-1982

Education, College of, 1983-1993

Education, College of, 1994-

Education, College of, (press releases)

Educational Service Bureau

Egypt Campus

Elliott, Edward O.

Elmira Jeffries Memorial Home


Emergencies (press releases)


Endowed Funds

Engineering and Architecture (press releases)

Engineering and Architecture, College/School of, 1968-1980

Engineering, College of, 1981-1991

Engineering, College of, 1992-2002

Engineering, College of, 2003-

Engineering, College of (press releases)

Englert, Richard M.

English Department, up to 1989

English Department, 1990-

English Department (press releases)


Environmental Design, School of

Environmental Health-Safety Office

Environmental Studies Program

Environmental Studies Program (press releases)

Evening School



Exhibits (press releases)

Expansion up to 1960

Expansion, 1961-  

Extension Services up to 1980

Extension Services, 1981-

Facilities Management

Facilities Management (press releases)

Faculty - Achievements, 1981-1982

Faculty Benefits

Faculty Clubs

Faculty Clubs (press releases)

Faculty Exhibitions, 1983-1984

Faculty (General)

Faculty (General) (press releases)

Faculty (Individuals), A (1)

Faculty (Individuals), B

Faculty (Individuals), Ba-Bek

Faculty (Individuals), Bem-Bon

Faculty (Individuals), Bor-Bran

Faculty (Individuals), Brau-By

Faculty (Individuals), Ca-Col

Faculty (Individuals), Con-Cz

Faculty (Individuals), Da-Dim

Faculty (Individuals), Do-Dy

Faculty (Individuals), E

Faculty (Individuals), F-Fir

Faculty (Individuals), Fis-Fz

Faculty (Individuals), Ga-Gl

Faculty (Individuals), Go-Gz

Faculty (Individuals), Ha-Hh

Faculty (Individuals), Hi-Hz

Faculty (Individuals), I

Faculty (Individuals), J

Faculty (Individuals), Ka-Ki

Faculty (Individuals), Kl-Kz

Faculty (Individuals), La

Faculty (Individuals), Le

Faculty (Individuals), Li-Lz

Faculty (Individuals), Ma-Mil

Faculty (Individuals), Min-Mz

Faculty (Individuals), N-O

Faculty (Individuals), P-Pec

Faculty (Individuals), Ped-Q

Faculty (Individuals), R-Rog

Faculty (Individuals), Roh-Rz

Faculty (Individuals), Sa-Sew

Faculty (Individuals), Sh-Sn

Faculty (Individuals), So-Ss

Faculty (Individuals), St

Faculty (Individuals), Su-Sz

Faculty (Individuals), T

Faculty (Individuals), U-V

Faculty (Individuals), Wa-Wd

Faculty (Individuals), We-Wg

Faculty (Individuals), Wh-Wn

Faculty (Individuals), Wo-Wz

Faculty (Individuals), X-Y

Faculty (Individuals), Z

Faculty (Individuals), A-G (press releases)

Faculty (Individuals), H-L (press releases)

Faculty (Individuals), M-R, up to 1982

Faculty (Individuals), M-R, (press releases), 1983-1989

Faculty (Individuals), M-R, (press releases), 1990-1993

Faculty (Individuals), M-R, (press releases), 1994-

Faculty (Individuals), S-T (press releases)

Faculty (Individuals), U-Z (press releases)

Faculty Lists, up to 1960

Faculty Lists, 1961-1966

Faculty Lists, 1967-1969

Faculty Lists, 1970-1973

Faculty Lists, 1974-1975

Faculty Lists, 1976-1981

Faculty Lists, 1982-1987

Faculty Lists, 1988-1993

Faculty Lists, 1994-2000

Faculty Lists, 2001-2006

Faculty Lists, 2007-

Faculty Publications, A-H

Faculty Publications, I-R

Faculty Publications, S-Z

Faculty Reception for New Members

Faculty Senate

Faculty Updates (press releases)

Faculty Wives Club

Family Reunion Institute

Feinstein, Myer and Rosaline, Center for American Jewish History

Feinstein, Myer and Rosaline, Center for American Jewish History (press releases)

Fels Institute

Fiction, Temple in


Film (press releases)

Film and Media Arts (press releases)

Finance, 1960-1980

Finance, 1981-1986

Finance, 1987-1989

Finance, 1990-

Finances (press releases)

Fineman, Hayim


Foreign Languages Department

Foreign Languages Department (press releases)

Foreign Students, 1888-1971

Foreign Students, 1972-

Foreign Students (press releases)

Foreign Study (press releases)

Foreign Study and Tours, up to 1970

Foreign Study and Tours, 1971-1975

Foreign Study and Tours, 1976-1989

Foreign Study and Tours, 1990-2000

Foreign Study and Tours, 2001-2005

Foreign Study and Tours, 2006-2009

Foreign Study and Tours, 2010-

Foreign Study and Tours (press releases)

Fort Washington Campus

Founder’s Day

Founder’s Day (press releases)

Founder’s Day Dinner, 1945-1960

Founder’s Day Dinner, 1961-1970

Founder’s Day Dinner, 1971-1979

Founder’s Day Dinner, 1980-1989

Founder’s Day Dinner, 1990-1994

Founder’s Day Dinner, 1995-2000

Founder’s Day Dinner, 2001-2006

Founder’s Day Dinner, 2007-

Founder’s Day Dinner Arrangement

Founder’s Dinner (press releases)

Founder’s Dinner, 75th Anniversary

Founder's Garden

Founding, Seven Original Students

French Contest

French Department

French, German, Italian, Slavic


Freshmen (press releases)

Fritz, Wallace W.,

Frontier Sciences, Center for

Frontier Sciences, Center for (press releases)

Fu, Charles


Fundraising, up to 1930

Fundraising, 1931-1949

Fundraising, 1950-1969 (see also Temple College and University Fundraising)

Fundraising, 1970-1979

Fundraising, 1980-1989

Fundraising, 1990-1995

Fundraising, 1996-2003

Fundraising, 2004-         (see also Advancement)

Fundraising (press releases)

Galanes, Adriana

Gateway Program

Gender and Sexuality Task Force

General Activity Fee

General Education Program (2004)

Geography Department (press releases)

Geography and Urban Studies Department (GUS)

Geology Department

Geology Department

George and Joy Abbott, Center for Musical Theater

German Department

Gifts (press releases)

Gifts, Conwell Collection

Gifts, To Temple (see also Fundraising, Grants, Temple College and University-Fundraising,

    And Library-Gifts, 1966; Library-Gifts to Sullivan, Temple University History)

Gifts-Conwell Collection

Gifts to Temple

Gifts to the University (press releases)

Gladfelter, Dr. Millard E., up to 1962

Gladfelter, Dr. Millard E., 1963-1966

Gladfelter, Dr. Millard E., 1967

Gladfelter, Dr. Millard E., Inauguration

Gladfelter, Dr. Millard E. (press releases)

Graduate School

Graduate Studies up to 1960

Graduate Studies, 1961-1964

Graduate Studies, 1965-1979

Graduate Studies, 1980-1985

Graduate Studies, 1986-

Graduate Studies (press releases)

Graduate Work (press releases)


Grants (press releases)


Great Teacher Awards

Greek Classic Department

Greek Letter Societies

Greek Letter Societies (press releases)

Greenfield Conference Center


Grounds, 1932-1959

Grounds, 1960-1969

Grounds, 1970-1980

Grounds, 1981-1992

Grounds, 1993-2000

Grounds, 2001-2006

Grounds, 2007-

Grounds (press releases)


Handicapped (press releases)

Harrisburg Campus

Harrisburg Campus (press releases)

Hart, Ann Weaver (Inauguration)   (1)

Hart, Ann Weaver (Inauguration), (2)

Hausdorfer, Walter

Havertown Unit

Health Administration, Department of

Health Awareness Resource Team (H.A.R.T.)

Healthcare Management Program

Health Fitness and Wellness Center

Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (HPERD) up to 1989

Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (HPERD), 1990-

Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (HPERD) (press releases)

Health Professions, College of

Health Service

Health Studies

Health System

Hebrew Department

Hebrew Department (press releases)

Hellenic Studies, Center for

High School

Hillel Center

History, 1887-1893

History, 1894-1895

History, 1896-1897

History, 1898-1901

History, 1902-1911

History, 1912-1913

History, 1914-1915

History, 1916-1923

History, 1924-1999

History, 2000-

History Department

History Department (press releases)


Home Economics

Honorary Degrees up to 1961

Honorary Degrees, 1962-1970

Honorary Degrees, 1971-

Honorary Degrees (press releases)

Honorary Degrees (Deng Xiaoping)

Honorary Degrees Lists

Honors Program

Honors Program (press releases)

Housing, up to 1999

Housing, 2000

Housing (press releases)

Housing Brochures

Human Resources

Humanities at Temple University, Center for (CHAT)

Illman, G.M.,

Information Services, Office of

Institute for Advanced Afrocentric Research (press releases)

Institute of Africana Social Work (press releases)

Institutional Advancement, Office of

Instructional Technologies Users Group (ITUG)

Intellectual Heritage

Intellectual Heritage (press releases)

Intensive English Language Program (IELP)

Inter-American Studies Center

Inter-American Studies Center (press releases)

Intergenerational Learning, Center for

Intergenerational Learning, Center for (press releases)

Intergenerational Retreat (press releases)

International Affairs

International Business Education and Research, Center for (CIBER)

International Business Education and Research, Center for (press releases) (CIBER)

International Program

International Services

International Study -- European Study Tour

International Study -- France

International Study -- South America

Italian Studies

Japan Campus

Japan Campus (press releases)

Japan Campus (Brochures, Pamphlets and Programs)

Jean Piaget Society (press releases)

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies (press releases)

Johnny Ring Story (including Conwell)

Johnson, Robert L., up to 1957

Johnson, Robert L., 1958-

Johnson, Robert L., Addresses

Johnson, Robert L., Election to President

Johnson, Robert L., Inauguration

Johnston, Ames

Journal of the History of the Ideas

Journalism Department

Journalism Department (press releases)

Katz, Lewis

Kearny Report

Kennedy, John F.

Kennedy, John F., Plaque and Visit

Keystone Institute for Translational Medicine

Kinesiology Department

Klein, Charles

Knowledge Base

Korea Campus

Krauskopf, Joseph

Krusen, Frank

Latin American Studies

Latino Initiative

Law School up to 1959

Law School, 1960-1969

Law School, 1970-1975

Law School, 1976-1981

Law School, 1982-1987

Law School, 1988-1999

Law School, 2000- (1)

Law School (press releases), 1987-1994

Law School (press releases), 1995-

Law School, Klein Law Library

Law School, Klein Law Library (press releases)

Law School Library

Leap Program

Leadership Development, Office of

Learning and Student Success, Center for

Learning Center (press releases)

Learning Communities

Lectures up to 1990

Lectures, 1991-

Lectures (press releases)


Lee, William Howard (Architect of Temple Buildings)

Liacouras Center (press releases)

Liacouras, Peter J., 1989

Liacouras, Peter J., 1990-1995

Liacouras, Peter J., 1996-2001

Liacouras, Peter J., 2002-2008

Liacouras, Peter J., 2009-

Liacouras, Peter J. (press releases)

Liacouras, Peter J., Speeches

Liacouras Walk Stores

Liberal Arts, College of

Liberal Arts, College of (press releases)

Library, Audio Room

Library, Blitman Resource Center

Library, Blockson Collection, to 1999

Library, Blockson Collection, 2000-

Library, Blockson Collection (press releases)

Library, Business Library

Library, Circulation Department

Library, Committee

Library, Community College

Library, Community College, Annual Reports

Library, Community College, Building

Library, Contemporary Culture Collection

Library, Courses at Temple

Library, Depository

Library, Digital Scholarship Center

Library, Director

Library, Director (press releases)

Library, Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

Library Events

Library, Exhibits, up to 1970

Library, Exhibits, 1971-1984

Library, Exhibits, 1985-1989

Library, Exhibits, 1990-

Library, Friends of the

Library, Gifts, 1966-

Library, Gifts to Sullivan

Library, Ginsburg Health Sciences Library

Library, Ginsburg Health Sciences Library (press releases)

Library, High School and Technical Institute

Library, History

Library, Leisure Reading

Library, Libraries

Library, Media Services

Library, Memos

Library, Micro-Photo Department, 1938-1942

Library, Organization

Library, Organization Chart

Library, Orientation

Library, Periodicals Department

Library, Personnel

Library, Philadelphia Jewish Archives

Library, Position Classification

Library, Prize

Library Public Services

Library Publications up to 1972

Library Publications, 1973

Library, Rare Book Room

Library, Reference Department

Library, Reserve Book Room

Library, Seal

Library, Self-Study and Strategy Plan, 1999

Library, Special Collections

Library, Special Collections, Philadelphia Dance Collection at Temple (PDCAT)

Library, Special Collections Research Center

Library, Special Collections - Whitehead, Tom

Library, Staff, up to 1971

Library, Staff, 1972-1973

Library, Staff, 1974-1980

Library, Staff, 1981-

Library, Staff Association

Library, System

Library, Urban Archives

Literature, Temple University in

Marine Studies

Marine Studies (press releases)

Marlino, Joseph

Master of Liberal Arts Program

Math and Science Resource Center

Mathematics Department

Mathematics Department (press releases)

Measurement and Research Center

Media Education Lab

Media Learning Center

Media and Communications, School of

Media Education Lab

Medical Center, up to 1961

Medical Center, 1962-1965

Medical Center, 1966-1972

Medical Center, 1973-1974

Medical Center, 1975-

Medical Center (press releases), up to 1982   

Medical Center (press releases), 1983-

Medical Center, Historical Data

Medical-Hospital, Abington Memorial

Medical-Hospital Auxiliary

Medical-Hospital, Episcopal

Medical-Hospital, Fox Chase

Medical-Hospital, Garretson and Great heart

Medical-Hospital, Jeanes

Medical-Hospital, Lower Bucks County

Medical-Hospital, Northern Dispensary

Medical-Hospital, North Eastern

Medical-Hospital, North Western (General)

Medical Hospital, Saint Christopher’s

Medical Hospital, Samaritan

Medical-Hospital, Shriner’s

Medical Hospital, Temple University up to 1969

Medical Hospital, Temple University, 1970-1978

Medical Hospital, Temple University, 1979-1985

Medical Hospital, Temple University, 1986-1989

Medical Hospital, Temple University, 1990-1995

Medical Hospital, Temple University, 1996-2000

Medical Hospital, Temple University, 2001-2006

Medical Hospital, Temple University, 2007-2013

Medical Hospital, Temple University, 2014-

Medical Hospital, Temple University Children’s

Medical Hospital, Temple University, (press releases)

Medical Hospital, West Penn

Medical Hospital, Women’s Auxiliary

Medical Practices

Medical Research, up to 1965

Medical Research, 1966-

Medical School, up to 1963

Medical School, 1964-1973

Medical School, 1974-1980

Medical School, 1981-1984

Medical School, 1985-1993

Medical School, 1994-2000

Medical School, 2001-2009

Medical School, 2010-

Medical School (brochures and pamphlets)

Medical School (press releases)

Medical School Faculty (Individual), A-D

Medical School Faculty (Individual), E-G

Medical School Faculty (Individual), H-M

Medical School Faculty (Individual), N-S0

Medical School Faculty (Individual), Sp-Z

Medical School, Student Activities

Medical Technology, School of

Medico-Chirurgical Hospital and College

Merton, Robert

Messiah College

Metropolitan Philadelphia Indicators Project

Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for The Humanities (MARCH)

Middle States Re-Accreditation, 2009-2010


Mission-University Statement

Multicultural Affairs, Office of

Multicultural Training and Research Institute

Music, College of (and Temple Band), up to 1969

Music, College of (and Temple Band), 1970-1980

Music, College of (and Temple Band), 1981-1985

Music, College of (and Temple Band), 1986-1989

Music, College of (and Temple Band), 1990-1993

Music, College of (and Temple Band), 1994-1999

Music, College of (and Temple Band), 2000-

Music, College of (press releases)

Musical Events, up to 1978 (see also Choirs: Ambler Musical Festival)

Musical Events, 1979-1989

Musical Events, 1990-1995

Musical Events, 1996-2000

Musical Events, 2001-2006

Musical Events, 2007-

Musical Events (brochures and pamphlets)

Musical Events (press releases) up to 1986

Musical Events (press releases), 1987-1993

Musical Events (press releases), 1994-1999

Musical Events (press releases), 2000-   

Neurovisology, Center for                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  New City Press                                                                                                                                       New City Press

New Library

News Tips from Temple

Nolen & Swinburne (Temple Architects)

North Philadelphia Arts and Culture Alliance

Norton, Albert Charles

Nursing, School of

Nursing, School of (press releases)

Oak Lane Country Day School

Obesity Research and Education, Center for

Off Campus Division, up to 1965

Off Campus Division, 1966-

Off Campus Division (press releases)

On-Line Computer Library Center (OCLC)

On-Line Learning

Oral Hygiene

Oratory, School of

Organization Chart

Organizational Studies

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute


Owl Cards

Owl Club

Owl Magazine

Owl Team

Owl-Temple’s Mascot


Paley, Samuel and Family

Pan-African Studies

Pan-African Studies Community Education Program (PASCEP)

Pan-African Studies Community Education Program (PASCEP) (press releases)

Park Mall


Parkinson, William N.

Partnership Schools, Office of

Partnership Schools, Office of (press releases)

Peabody, Gertrude (Dean of Women)  

Peace Corps

Pennsylvania Area College Center

Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Universities

Personnel (press releases)

Personnel-General, up to 1970 (see also Retirement University)

Personnel-General, up to 1974

Personnel-General, 1975-1979

Personnel-General, 1980-1989

Personnel-General, 1990-1996

Personnel-General, 1997-

Personnel (Individual), A-D

Personnel (Individual), E-K

Personnel (Individual), L-R

Personnel (Individual), S-Z

Personnel (Individual) (press releases)

Pharmacy School, up to 1969

Pharmacy School, 1970-1999

Pharmacy School, 2000-

Pharmacy School (press releases)

Phi Sigma Pi

Philadelphia Area Consortium of Special Collections Libraries (PACSCL)

Philadelphia Council for Community Advancement (PCCA)

Philadelphia Diagnostic for Relocation Center

Philadelphia Public Interest Information Network

Philadelphia Tutorial Project

Philatelic Museum

Philips, George M.

Philosophy Department

Philosophy Department (press releases)

Photo Archives

Physical Education and Gymnasium

Physical Plant

Physics Department

Physics Department (press releases)

Planned Giving

Planning Commission

Podiatric Medicine, School of

Policy Statements

Political Science

Political Science Department (press releases)



Presidents (press releases)

Presidents Annual Report

President’s Self Study and Agenda (President Adamany’s Report), June 28, 2001

President’s Scholars

Privacy Act


Programs (press releases)

Project Shine

Prospectuses, Early Programs, etc.

Provost, Office of

Psychological Service Center

Psychological Service Center (press releases)

Psychology Department

Psychology Department (press releases)

Public Affairs, Institute for

Public Health, College of

Public Health Department

Public History, Center for

Public Policy

Public Policy (press releases)

Public Policy Studies, Institute for

Public Relations

Public Safety

Public Schools


Publications (press releases)

Publicity, up to 1919

Publicity, 1920-1937

Publicity, 1938-1943

Publicity, 1944-1955

Publicity, 1956-1964

Publicity, 1965-1981

Publicity, 1982-1991

Publicity, 1992-1994

Publicity, 1995-2000

Publicity, 2001-2009

Publicity, 2010-

Publicity (press releases)

Purchasing Department

Quantum Leap Publisher, Inc. (press releases)

Radiation Safety Department

Radio (see also Communications and Theater, School of)

Radio (press releases)

Radio-Television-Film (press releases)

Rare Books

Reading Clinic

Reading Institute

Reading Institute (press releases)

Real Estate Institute

Real Estate Institute (press releases)


Records Survey

Recreation Services


Recruitment (press releases)


Regional Politics, Center on



Religion Department

Religion Department (press releases)

Religious Activities, up to 1989

Religious Activities.1990-

Religious Activities (press releases)

Reorganization Plan

Research, up to 1999

Research, 2000-2006

Research, 2007-

Research (press releases)

Research and Specialized Services

Research and Business Development Office

Research in Human Development and Education

Research Institute

Research, Undergraduate

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) (press releases)


Retirement, University

Rhetoric Department

Rice, Lamar

Risk Management and Insurance (press releases)

Rome Campus up to 2000

Rome Campus, 2001-2006

Rome Campus, 2007-

Roster, Schedules

Russell Conwell Educational Services Center

Russell Conwell Educational Services Center (press releases)

Safety (press releases)

Safety Office

Safety Office (press releases)

Samaritan Rescue Mission

Sanchez, Sonia

Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine

Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine (press releases)

Schedules, Holidays

Scheduling and Space Management

Scheduling in the University

Scheuer, Lucile

Scholarships (press releases)

Scholarships, Loans and Financial Aid, up to 1991

Scholarships, Loans and Financial Aid, 1992-2003

Scholarships, Loans and Financial Aid, 2004-

Scholarships, Loans and Financial Aid (press releases)

Science and Technology, College of

Science and Technology, College of (press releases)

Science Day (press releases)

Seasonal Law Enforcement Academy

Security, up to 1999

Security, 2000-2003

Security, 2004-

Security (press releases)

Seegers, J. Conrad


Sexual Assault Counseling and Education (SACE)

Sexual Assault Counseling and Education (SACE) (press releases)

Sexual Harassment Policy

Shenton, Jane

Shuttle Services

Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) (press releases)

SmarTemple Innovation Fund

Smoking Policy

Social Administration, School of, up to 1974

Social Administration, School of, 1975-2001

Social Administration, School of, 2002-

Social Administration, School of (press releases)

Social Policy and Community Development, Center for

Social Policy and Community Development, Center for (press releases)

Social Security Number

Sociology Department

Sociology Department (press releases)

Songs and Class Poems

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA)

Spanish Contest

Spanish Department

Spanish Department (press releases)

Spanish Speaking Services (press releases)

Spatial Intelligence and Learning, Center for

Speakman, Frank

Speech Department

Speech Department (press releases)


Sports Industry Research Center

Sports Management and Leisure Studies, Department of

Sports Medicine

Spring Fling


St@t Sheet

State Funding

State Relations, up to 1965

State Relations, 1966-

State Relations (press releases)

Statistical Analysis, Center for

Strategic Initiative

Strategic Marketing and Communications


Students, up to 1969

Students, 1970-1974

Students, 1975-1979

Students, 1980-1989

Students, 1990-

Students, up to 1988 (press releases)

Students, 1989-1993 (press releases)

Students, 1994-         (press releases)

Student Activities

Student Activities, up to 1969

Student Activities, 1970-1972

Student Activities, 1973-1983

Student Activities, 1984-1990

Student Activities, 1991-1993

Student Activities, 1994-1999

Student Activities, 2000-2004

Student Activities, 2005-

Student Activities (press releases)

Student Activities Facilities

Student Activities Flyers

Student Activities, Leaflets

Student African-Americans

Student Army Training Corps

Student Assistance Center

Student Center, Howard Gittis

Student Code

Student Course Evaluations

Student Demonstrations, up to 1999

Student Demonstrations, 2000-

Student Employment

Student Fees

Student Fees (press releases)

Student Financial Services

Student Forms

Student Government, up to 2000

Student Government, 2001-

Student Government (press releases)

Student Health Services

Student Leadership Challenge

Student Participation, Commission on

Student Personnel, Office of

Student Publications
Student Publications (press releases)

Student Records

Student Store

Students Together Ending Pain and Suicide (S.T.E.P.S.)

Study Abroad

Study of Corporal Punishment and Alternatives, Center for the (press releases)

Study of Federalism, Center for the

Study of Federalism, Center for the (press releases)

Study of Force and Diplomacy, Center for the

Study of Force and Diplomacy, Center for the (press releases)

Study of Race and Social Thought, Institute for the

Study of the Literature, Literacy and Culture, Institute for the

Study of the Literature, Literacy and Culture, Institute for the (press releases)

Study of the Problem of War, Center for the

Substance Abuse Research, Center for

Subway Plaza

Sullivan, Thomas D.

Summer Reading Project

Summer Sessions up to 1999

Summer Sessions, 2000

Summer Sessions (press releases)


Survey Research, Institute for

Survey Research, Institute for (press releases)

Sustainability, Office of

Sustainable Community, Center for

Sustainable Community, Center for (press releases)

Sword Society

Task Force on Institutional Integrity

Teaching Academy

Teaching and Learning Center (press releases)

Teaching, Learning Technology Roundtable

Technical Institute (see also PF: Courses-Elements of Engineering)

Technical Institute (see also PF: Courses-Elements of Engineering) (press releases)


Telephone (press releases)

Telephone Services

Television (press releases)

Television (Teaching)

Tell Them We Are Rising


Temple Advocates Legislative Outreach Network (TALON)

Temple Association for Retired Persons (TARP)

Temple Association for Retired Persons (TARP) (press releases)

Temple Association for Retired Persons Forum (TARP) (press releases)

Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP), 1990

Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP), 1991-1999

Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP), 2000-

Temple Association of University Professionals (TAUP) (press releases)

Temple at a Glance

Temple College Preparatory

Temple Congress

Temple Emergency Action Corporation

Temple European Army Mission (TEAM)

Temple Gallery, up to 2011

Temple Gallery, 2012-

Temple Gallery (press releases)

Temple Graduate Student Association (TUGSA)

Temple Guard

Temple Health Connection

Temple Health Empowerment Office (THEO)

Temple Helpline (press releases)

Temple in the News

Temple Issues Forum

Temple Issues Forum (press releases)

Temple Lab School

Temple Mission Plan to Renew

Temple News

Temple News Bureau (press releases)

Temple Performing Arts Center

Temple Press Tournament

Temple Press Tournament (press releases)

Temple Senior Scholars

Temple Student Government (TSG) (press releases)

Temple Technology Showcase (press releases)

Temple Tipsheet (press releases)

Temple Undergraduate Research Forum (TURF)

Temple University Press, up to 1979

Temple University Press, 1980-1989

Temple University Press, 1990-1992

Temple University Press, 1993-1995

Temple University Press, 1996-1999

Temple University Press, 2000-

Temple University Press (press releases)

Temple University Press Catalogs, up to 1999

Temple University Press Catalogs, 2000-

Temple University Press Cultural Connections

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), A-B

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), C-D

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), E-G

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), H-K

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), L

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), M-O

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), P-Q

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), R

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), S-U

Temple University Press Publications (Individual), V-Z

Temple University Television (TUTV)

Temple Winners


Thatcher, William

Theater, up to 1968

Theater, 1969-1971

Theater, 1972-1978

Theater, 1979-1991

Theater, 1992-1999

Theater, 2000-2005

Theater, 2006-

Theater (press releases)  

Theater published after 1972 (press releases)

Theobald, Neil D.

Theology School

This Week at Temple (press releases)

Tioga Baptist Church

Tomlinson, William W., up to 1965

Tomlinson, William W., 1966-1979

Tomlinson, William W., 1980-

Tomlinson, William W., Addresses see also AR:15-4-5

Tourism and Hospitality Management, School of

Tourism and Hospitality Management, School of (brochures and pamphlets)

Tourism and Hospitality Management, School of (press releases)    


Transfer Students

Transition to Teaching Program


Transportation (press releases)

Trustees, (General), up to 1989

Trustees, (General), 1990-

Trustees, Individual, A-G

Trustees, Individual, H-Z

Trustees (press releases)


Tuttleman Counseling Services

20/20 Plan

20 Year Club, up to 1989

20 Year Club, 1990-1999

20 Year Club, 2000-

25 Year Club

Tyler Gallery

Tyler School of Art - A Funeral for a Home Project, 2013-2014

Tyler School of Art, up to 1965

Tyler School of Art, 1966-1972

Tyler School of Art, 1973-1974

Tyler School of Art, 1975-1980

Tyler School of Art, 1981-1983

Tyler School of Art, 1984-1987

Tyler School of Art, 1988-1992

Tyler School of Art, 1993-1999

Tyler School of Art, 2000-2005

Tyler School of Art, 2006-2011

Tyler School of Art, 2012-

Tyler School of Art (press releases)

Tyler School of Art – Old City Gallery

Tyler School of Art, Temple Contemporary

Tyler, Stella Elkins

Undergraduate Studies

Union Activities

University Architect

University Council

University Counseling Services (press releases)

University Facilities

University Internship Program

University Policies

University Studies

University Travels

Upward Bound

Urban Studies (press releases)



Veterans (press releases)

Vice Presidents

Vice Presidents (press releases)

Virtual Temple

Visitors, up to 1985

Visitors, 1986-1999

Visitors, 2000-2009

Visitors, 2010-

Visitors (press releases)

Vocational Counseling Center (press releases)

Vocational Education, Center for (press releases)

Wachman, Marvin, up to 1974

Wachman, Marvin, 1975-1989

Wachman, Marvin, 1990-

Wachman, Marvin (press releases)

Walk, George, Dean

Wanamaker, John

Warner, Pop


Webster, Herbert

Welcome Week

Wellness Network

What’s New at Temple?

Wiatt, Hattie May (57 Cents: Story of the First Meeting)

Wolgin Prize

Wolpe, Joseph

Women’s Club

Women’s Club (press releases)

Women’s Club Faculty

Women in the University

Women in the University (press releases)

Women’s Studies (press releases)

Women’s Studies Department

Woodhaven Center for the Mentally Retarded up to 1981

Woodhaven Center for the Mentally Retarded, 1982-

Woodhaven Center for the Mentally Retarded (press releases)

World War I

World War II, 1939-1945


Writer-in-Residence (press releases)

Writing Center



Yarnell, Elmer M.

Yeomans, Earl R.

Zahn, Willard D.

Russell Conwell

Box 1

Conwell Family

Conwell Family – Charles and Irma Conwell

Conwell Family – Leon M. Conwell

Conwell, Russell

Conwell, Russell – “Acres of Diamonds” Historical Data

Conwell, Russell – Acres of Diamonds – Texts, 1881-1958

Acres of Diamonds – texts – 2006 Nigerian edition

Conwell, Russell – Addresses

Conwell, Russell – Awards

Conwell, Russell – Biographical Data up to 1949 (see also Conwell – Biographical Data)

Box 2

Conwell, Russell – Biographical Data, 1950 –

Conwell, Russell – Birthdays, 70th

Conwell, Russell – Birthdays, 71st – 79th

Conwell, Russell – Birthdays, 80th – 82nd

Conwell, Russell – Birthdays, 83rd and later

Conwell, Russell – Books about

Conwell, Russell – Books by

Conwell, Russell – Charities

Conwell, Russell – Conwell House (2020 N. Broad)

Conwell, Russell – Cuba, Dr. Conwell’s interest in

Conwell, Russell – Death (see also Conwell, Russell – Reburial)

Box 3

Conwell, Russell – Death Mask

Conwell, Russell – Degrees

Conwell, Russell – Estate

Conwell, Russell – Evolution

Conwell, Russell – Films

Conwell, Russell – Funeral and Interment

Conwell, Russell – Gifts of Effects (see also Conwell-Gifts of effects)

Conwell, Russell – Ideas on Education and other quotes

Conwell, Russell – Influence

Conwell, Russell – Law Center

Conwell, Russell – Lecture Engagements (Orator)

Conwell, Russell – Lincoln Contacts

Conwell, Russell – Memorial Occasions up to 1925 (see also Conwell, Russell – Birthdays)

Conwell, Russell – Memorial Occasions, 1926 –

Conwell, Russell – Military Career

Conwell, Russell – Neff College

Conwell, Russell – Pen, Story of 

Box 4

Conwell, Russell – Periodicals Articles

Conwell, Russell – Poetry

Conwell, Russell – Phonograph Records

Conwell, Russell – Politics

Conwell, Russell – Prayer

Conwell, Russell – Reburial

Conwell, Russell – Research Sources

Conwell, Russell – Root Beer

Conwell, Russell – Russia, Conwell’s interest in

Conwell, Russell – Sermons (Reprints of) (see also Temple Review)

Conwell, Russell – Social Problems

Conwell, Russell – South Worthington (Birthplace – Eagle’s Nest)

Conwell, Russell – Spiritualism

Conwell, Russell – Travels (Foreign)

Conwell, Russell – Writings

Conwell, Russell – Writings, Request for

Conwell, Russell – 1861-1926