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Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 1: Abattoirs - Bustleton Avenue

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The Special Collections Research Center contains several pamphlet collections. These consist of published and unpublished materials usually received by the SCRC along with donated manuscript collections. The SCRC as a general policy retains only those pamphlets dealing with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

Additions to the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection contains pamphlets acquired in the last few years. These materials have not received the extensive processing that was devoted to pamphlets in the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection due to staff constraints. The pamphlets received a box/item location number and are only listed under a subject heading. Pamphlets in this collection are filed by subject.

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See also the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection and the Free Library of Philadelphia Pamphlet Collection.



This inventory has been divided into nine parts:


Part 1: Abattoirs - Bustleton Avenue
Part 2: Camden, NJ - Culture
Part 3: Day Care - Group Health
Part 4: Haddington - Lyons
Part 5: Mackey - Pensions
Part 6: Philadelphia - Population
Part 7: Port - Saunders
Part 8: School - Unemployment
Part 9: United Nations - Zoning

Part 1: Abattoirs - Bustleton Avenue


Letter to a committee of citizens on the proposed Schuylkill drove-yard and abattoir, by John H. Rauch M.D. 1874. 16 p. [889-2]


An abortion guide: where and how to get a safe abortion in the Philadelphia area. CHOICE-Concern for Health Options, Information Care and Education. May 1976. 94 p. [883-3]


Elementary education for adults: teacher's manual, by Albert A. Owens and William Sharlip. John C. Winston Company. ND. 27 p. [901-6]

Operation Alphabet work book. Civic Adult Education Project. ND. NP. [873-8]


Students view of black studies: results of a study in the Philadelphia public schools, 1969-1970 academic year. School District of Philadelphia. June 1971. 20 p. [854-5]


The black community and the business community in Philadelphia, by Orrin Evans. Greater Philadelphia Movement. September 1968. 8 p. [895-15]

Blacks in New Jersey: 1981 report. New Jersey Public Policy Research Institute, Inc. 44 p. [895-14]

Employment of Negro Philadelphians, by Applied Psychological Services. Philadelphia. Commission on Human Relations. July 1959. VP. [903-2]

Housing Negro migrants. Know your city. Philadelphia Housing Association. August 1923. [Brochure] [901-13]

Management and the Negro employee, by Elaine Pollard and Frank S. Loescher. School and College Placement , Vol. 8, No. 1. ND. NP. [875-3]

The Pennsylvania Abolition Society and the Pennsylvania black: two hundredth anniversary exhibition, April 17-July 17, 1974 at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 1974. 24 p. [905-13]

A review of the economic and cultural problems of the Negro population of Chester, Media and Darby Township. National Urban League. 1946. 63 p. [837-6]


Its the law: digest of air pollution control regulations for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware including the full test of Philadelphia's new Air Management Code. Delaware Valley Citizen's

Council for Clean Air. [1970] VP. [913-9]


An economic study of the new terminal area at Philadelphia International Airport. James C. Buckley Inc. June 22, 1953. 157 p. [897-1]

Heliport survey, by James C. Buckley, Inc. Philadelphia City planning Commission. December 1, 1956. 100 p. [908-7]

The North Philadelphia Airport: a development study. James C. Buckley, Inc. ND. 79 p. [846-4]

Philadelphia International Airport: proposed terminal master plan. Arnold W. Thompson Associates and Paul Stafford Associates. March 1966. 22 p. [917-12]

Philadelphia report: A.T.A. airline airport demand forecasts. Air Transport Association of America. July 1969. NP. [879-13]

A plan for the development of the Philadelphia terminal air marine-rail. Philadelphia Business Progress Association. September 6, 1929. 8 p. [869-4]

A review of air transportation services, City of Philadelphia. Alvin P. Adams, Aviation Consultant. 1951. VP. [872-8]

Regional air transportation system plan study: scope description, by R. Dixon Speas Associates. Pennsylvania/New Jersey/Delaware Committee on Regional Development. February 1969. 52 p. [846-9]

Report on the financial program of the Philadelphia International Airport. Pkhiladelphia Department of Public Works. April 5, 1950. 25 p. [842-8]

Report with supplements: location of airport, Philadelphia, Pa. district. Ford, Bacon and Davis, Inc. December 7, 1928. 66 p. [838-14]


Alcoholism: handbook, directory of facilities-Philadelphia and metropolitan area. Philadelphia Department of Public Health. Division of Mental Health. 1959. 134 p. [882-5]


American Street corridor building inventory: final report. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Betz Environmental Engineers. July 1977. VP. [882-13]

American Street industrial directory. Philadelphia Office of Housing and Community Development. November 1980. 72 p. [882-6]


AIA 100. American Institute of Architects, Philadelphia Chapter. [1969] 208 p. [883-18]

Some of the representative buildings of Philadelphia constructed by Doyle and Company. Doyle and Company. ND. NP. [838-1]


Pageant - concert and bazaar, October 28, 1943. Armenian General Benevolent Union, Philadelphia Chapter. NP. [880-8]


Artists equity exhibition, October 30 to November 28, 1971, Museum of the Philadelphia Civic Center. Artists Equity Association, Philadelphia Chapter. NP. [883-4]

The artists festival, October 24, 25, 1953, Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Artists' Committee, Philadelphia Branch, Armenian Students Association of America. NP. [883-8]

City art: The fine arts program of the Redevelopment Authority, City of Philadelphia. 1979. 36 p. [907-6]

Form and function: proposals for public art for Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. February 19-April 18, 1982. 44 p. [905-8]


The high temperature, gas-cooled power reactor system [Peach Bottom Nuclear Plant] General Dynamics/General Atomic Division. ND. 28 p. [908-6]

A proposal to the Atomic Energy Commission for the establishment of an Institute for Nuclear Education and Science in the middle Atlantic area. March 1955. 29 p. [870-6]


Catalogue: 16 mm silent films. School District of Philadelphia. 1943. 64 p. [890-5]

Catalogue: 16 mm sound motion pictures. School District of Philadelphia. September 1947. 100 p.

Catalogue of visual aids: glass slides-still films- filmslides. School District of Philadelphia. 1943. 51 p. [890-6]

Films on international relations for union audiences. American Friends Service Committee. January 1951. 40 p. [905-12]

Projecting ideas: audiovisual media resource guide. Pennsylvania Humanities Council. ND. 21 p. [872-18]


Bail crisis 73': Philadelphia Citizen Education and Action Project. Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders. May 22, 1973. 37 p. [895-12]


One hundred beneficial years, 1853-1953, by Daniel J. Dougherty. Beneficial Saving Fund Society. ND. 94 p. [877-27]


The building of the Delaware River Bridge connecting Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey, by Charles Carswell. Delaware River Bridge Joint Commission. 1926. 68 p. [870-11]

The Delaware River Bridge bonds of the City of Philadelphia and the sinking funds for their retirement, by Robert J. Patterson and George A. Huggins. Bureau of Municipal Research of Philadelphia. August 31,

1934. 45 p. [884 -9]

Penn Memorial Bridge, hearings before the Committee on the
Library, United States House of Representatives. January 18, 1915. 21 p. [880-10]

Plan for Philadelphia approaches to Delaware River bridge. Philadelphia Traffic Survey Report No. 1. Mitten Management, Inc. February 20, 1929. 6 p. [869-10]


Excerpts from report on the Triangle development. Associated City Planners. March 22, 1948. 80 p. [896-10]


History of the Bethlehem Pike, by Elizabeth L. Myers. Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society, Special Series, Vol. II, Part I. ND. NP. [913-1]


FLP showcase bicentennial info-center. Free LIbrary of Philadelphia. March 3, 1972. 19 p. [905-10]

Feasibility report for Philaflora '76, a part of the Philadelphia Bicentennial celebration. Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. September 19, 1973. 28 p. [884-14]

The Philadelphia 1976 Bicentennial development program report. Philadelphia 1976 Bicentennial Corporation. ND. 60 p. [917-8]

Toward a meaningful Bicentennial. Philadelphia 1976 Bicentennial Corporation. 1969. NP.


Bilinual education: ethnic perspectives, conference proceedings. Nationalities Service Center and the Community College of Philadelphia. October 28, 1977. 99 p. [895-16]


Bloomfield. Roach Brothers Relators. [Brochure] [895-5]


The enlightened era in health care: Highlights of tdhe CPI program. Blue Cross of Greater Philadelphia. ND. 11 p. [894-9]

Facts for progress. Associated Hospital Service of Philadelphia. ND. 32 p. [904-7]

The Philadelphia Blue Cross 1971 contract negotiations. Part A: Philadelphia Blue Cross requests a rate increase: Denenberg responds. Harvard Center for Community Health and Medical Care. 1972. VP. [861-5]

What every union member should know about Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Associated Hospital Service of philadelphia. (1949) NP. [857-9]


Comprehensive plan for the Borough of Bridgeport, by Willard S. Detweiler, Jr., Inc. Montgomery County Planning Commission. July 1970. 168 p. [897-5]


Bridesburg: study of a community, by Stanley J. Wendolowski. Student paper for Sociology 151e. January 1958. [850-1]


Broad street comes alive. Architectural League of the Philadelphia Art Alliance. 1978. NP. [858-16]


A comprehensive plan for Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1961. Bucks County Planning Commission. 62 p. [915-8]

Program structure for comprehensive county planning, 1969 1971. Bucks County Planning Commission. March 22, 1968. 113 p. [906-3]


Facade and sign guidelines: Chestnut Street-Walnut Street commercial area. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. June 1982. 64 p. [905-2]

Laws, ordinances, rules and regulations governing construction in the City of Philadelphia, complete to January 1, 1923. Dunclap Printing Company. 287 p. [889-1]


Organization, activities and current programs. Bureau of Municipal Research. October 1947. 17 p. [873-9]

The saga of research, by LLoyd Randolph. Bureau of Municipal Research. ND. 16 p. [848-4]

A survey of the Bureau of Municipal Research of Philadelphia, by Harold F. Alderfer. July 5, 1944. 83 p. [848-11]


Burholme, the far side of Cottman Avenue, by Arlene Leventhal. Student paper for Sociology 151e. [850-2]


Building an effective business association for commercial revitalization. Philadelphia Citywide Development Corporation. 1979. 64 p. [895-3]

Business firms list of Greater Philadelphia, 1959. Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. 140 p. [878-14]

Centenary business firms in Greater Philadelphia. Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. June 1964. 21 p. [910-7]

Delaware Valley location and market guide. Penjerdel Corporation and the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. 1972. 245 p. [886-5]

Directory of market and economic research organizations in the Philadelphia area, 1950. Chamber of Commerce of Philadelphia. June 1950. 8 p. [898-13]

Directory of minority businesses. Business Development Center. Mainstream Enterprises. Philadelphia Urban Coalition. July 1975. NP. [897-8]

Faith that investors have displayed in Philadelphia, by Harry A. Mackey, Mayor. August 29, 1931. 12 p. [905-1]

How Philadelphia businessmen feel about Philadelphia, results of a study conducted for the Old Philadelphia Development Corporation by Behavior Systems, Inc. [Brochure] [901 14]

How to survive in Philadelphia. Hertz. 1967. 22 p. [899-3]

MacRae's industrial directory, Pennsylvania, 1984. [Photocopy of Philadelphia County listings]. [842-15]

The market place: a directory of minority business and services of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Department of Commerce. 1974. 130 p. [875-6]

Marketing, management and economic research organizations in the Greater Philadelphia area. Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. 1956. 27 p. [875-11]

Opportunity country: Southeastern Pennsylvania. Reprinted from Philadelphia Magazine . Southeastern Pennsylvania Development Corporation. ND. NP. [873-4]

Over 100 new industrial plants for Philadelphia... created by an all-community effort. Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation. [brochure] [871-5]

Overall economic development program, City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Economic Development Committee. June 1964. 130 p. [871-4]

The Penjerdel location and market guide, 1975. Penjerdel Corporation and the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. 252 p. [880-20]

Pennsylvania County industry report: Philadelphia County. Pennsylvania Industrial Census Series. Release M-5-72. [906-1]

Present and future scale and distribution of non-residential, non-manufacturing activities in the Philadelphia standard metropolitan area. Marketers Research Service, Inc.

    Volume 3. Present and future distribution by sub-area: the statistical results in detail. July 1959. NP. [912-7]

Retail development in the Delaware Valley urban area. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. Technical Record no. 5. December 1970. VP. [871-2]

Retail trade in the Philadelphia Standard Metropolitan Area counties by census enumeration districts and census tracts and community business areas. U.S. Bureau of the Census and the Philadelphia Area Census

Committee. 1948. 38 p. [868 2]

A study of science-based companies in the Greater Philadelphia Area. U.S. Economic Development Administration. May 1967. 77 p. [854-15]

Survey of industry, 1975. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. ND. 155 p. [837-16]

To the great capitals of the world, now add another: Philadelphia, capital of the great electronics strip. Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation. ND. NP. [847-13]

Whats happening to Philadelphia? Philadelphia Inquirer. [brochure] [857-8]


Bustleton Avenue improvement: study and report, by Urban Engineers Inc. Philadelphia Department of Streets. November 1965. 92 p. [878-16]


Report of proceedings at a meeting in the Mayor's Reception Room, Tuesday, March 17, 1931, in connection with the survey of conditions at the Philadelphia Hospital for Mental Diseases at Byberry, submitted by Harry A. Mackey. 36 p. [870-12]

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General Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 8: School - Unemployment
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