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Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection, Additions, Part 9: United Nations - Zoning

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The Special Collections Research Center contains several pamphlet collections. These consist of published and unpublished materials usually received by the SCRC along with donated manuscript collections. The SCRC as a general policy retains only those pamphlets dealing with Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

Additions to the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection contains pamphlets acquired in the last few years. These materials have not received the extensive processing that was devoted to pamphlets in the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection due to staff constraints. The pamphlets received a box/item location number and are only listed under a subject heading. Pamphlets in this collection are filed by subject.

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See also the Urban Archives Pamphlet Collection and the Free Library of Philadelphia Pamphlet Collection.



This inventory has been divided into nine parts:


Part 1: Abattoirs - Bustleton Avenue
Part 2: Camden, NJ - Culture
Part 3: Day Care - Group Health
Part 4: Haddington - Lyons
Part 5: Mackey - Pensions
Part 6: Philadelphia - Population
Part 7: Port - Saunders
Part 8: School - Unemployment
Part 9: United Nations - Zoning

Part 9: United Nations - Zoning


Philadelphia, cradle of liberty: a pictorial introduction of "The City of Brotherly Love" to the delegates of the United Nationals Conferenc on International Organization. Citizens Committee of the City of

Philadelphia. 1945. NP. [873-2]


A brief description of the Mint of the United States. A brief history of the institution, with a full description of the manner in which gold, silver, nickel and copper are converted into money. S. T. Souder

and Company, Publishers. 1876. 16 p. [858-12]

Ye olde Mint: being a brief description of the first U.S. Mint, established by Congress in the year 1792, at Seventh Street and Sugar Alley (now Filbert Street) Philadelphia. Frank H. Stewart Electric

Company. 1909. 24 p. [857-1]


Delancey Place campus houses, Delancey at 39th Street. West Philadelphia Corporation. [Brochure] [884-1]

A demonstration project to provide transit services and facilities to make medical care, education, and employment more accessible to patients, students and employees in University City. University City

Science Center. ND. 15 p. [887-4]

A history of Philadelphia's University City, by Leon S. Rosenthal. West Philadelphia Corporation. 1963. 81 p. [858-5]

Number One University City: University City's first new commercial office building. [brochure] [846-1]

Parking feasibility analysis, initial development program, University City Science Center. Wilbur Smith and Associates. June 1966. 46 p. [880-18]

Procedure for staff review of plans for new construction and rehabilitation in the University City urban renewal area. Redevelopment Authority of the City Of Philadelphia. December 1967. 5 p. [872-13]

Proposed 300-room motor inn, University City, West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Laventhol, Krekstein, Horwath and Horwath. May 21, 1969. 29 p. [864-11]

Traffic and transportation, by John Rannells. Reprinted from University of Pennsylvnaia Law Review , V. 105, no. 4, February 1957. [884-4]

A traffic impact study of a motor hotel and structured parking at the University of Pennsylvania lot number 8. Alan M. Voorhees & Associates Inc. August 1971. 27 p. [844-10]

University City: rebirth of a community. Challenge , Spring 1963. General Electric Company. Missile and Space Division. Pp 31-34. [857-5]

University City Science Center: lease information. October 22, 1969. NP. [858-22]

University City - 3 redevelopment area plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. May 1962. 20 p. [858-21]

University City's dramatic dream. Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine. January 29, 1967. [858-17]

Urban renewal plan for University City unit no. 3. Redevelopment Authority of Philadelphia. April 1965. VP. [916-5]

A walking tour of the institutions of University City with a look at the architecture both old and new. [brochure] [852-2]

A walking tour of the post Civil War suburb of Philadelphia to see its estates, mansions and row houses. [brochure] [852-3]


Educational specifications: University City High School, 38th and Filbert Streets, Project 1030. School District of Philadelphia. ND. 110 p. [879-15]


University House. [brochure] [858-13]


University Lutheran Church of the Incarnation, 37th & Chestnut Streets. [brochure] [858-15]


Evaluation of Upholsterers International Union group discussions on proposed Florida retirement village. Industrial Relations Center. University of Chicago. ND. 20 p. [878-7]

The S.B.H.(Sal B. Hoffmann) saga, 1920-1962: Forty-two years of militant and progressive leadership. Upholsterers' International Union. 76 p. [848-6]


Comprehensive plan for Upper Dublin Township. Montgomery County Planning Commission. December 1964. VP. [885-6]


Comprehensive plan for the City of Philadelphia. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. 1960. 103 p.

Philadelphia's mammoth planning exhibit employs the light touch, dramatic displays. Architectural Forum . December 1947. Pp 65-88. [915-5]

Planning in the urban environment: social objectives, data and decisions as related to physical and social programs and plans, by Richard H. Uhling. Community Renewal Program, Social Factors Unit and Health

and Welfare Council, Inc. November 1964. 87 p. [905-15]

Regional planning in the tri-state district: what, why, who, how. Regional Planning Federation of the Tri-State District. [brochure] [877-9]

Report on the comprehensive plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission.

    July 1962 - June 1963. January 1964. 30 p. [874-1]
    July 1963 - June 1964. January 1966. 33 p. [840-5]
    July 1965 - June 1968. December 1968. 73 p. [874-2]
    July 1971 - June 1972. December 1972. NP. [840-4]

Resource constraints on development: a handbook for citizens. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. April 1976. 35 p. [874-6]


Inventory of urban research in Philadelphia. Philadelphia City Planning Commission.

    Volume 1: August 1970. NP. [913-7]


International Philadelphia: a guide to organizations and services for international visitors in the Philadelphia area. Philadelphia Council for International Visitors. July 1979. 55 p. [913-12]


Walnut forty-two redevelopment area. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. February 1968. NP. [852-10]


The Philadelphia roadway approach to the new Delaware River bridge. Pennsylvania. Department of Highways. Planning and Traffic Division. 1951. 7 p. [869-3]


Ward genealogy of the City and County of Philadelphia. Philadelphia Department of Records. ND. 40 p. [857-15]


Standards for rehabilitation of existing buildings: Washington Square East, urban renewal area, unit 1. May 1, 1959. 31 p. [916-6]

Washington Square redevelopment area plan, amended. Philadelphia City Planning Ckommission. August 1961. 22 p. [917-9]


Clean streams for Philadelphia: the city's $500 million river clean-up. Philadelphia Water Department. [891-8]

COWAMP/208 water quality management plan: Southeastern Pennsylvania. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. April 1978. VP. [885-4]

How water in Philadelphia is treated and distributed: facts and charts. Philadelphia. Water Department. 1979. 15 p. [899-1]

Mayor's message and supplemental report of Water Commission on future water supply for the City of Philadelphia. September 18, 1924. 33 p. [876-2]

Mayor's messages and reports of the Water Commission. May 29 and September 18, 1924. VP. [876-1]

Philadelphia water plant: The supply, collection, treatment and distribution and the operation cost, with financial returns for service, by Charles P. Clark. Philadelphia Evening Bulletin. 1929. 35 p. [872-


Philadelphia's water at its worst, by George C. Schaut. Reprinted from Journal of the American Water Works Association , Vol. 21, No. 4, April 1929. Pp. 531-541. [876-9]

The present water supply system of Philadelphia and its possibilities. Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. March 31, 1927. [870-2]

Report of the Sanitary Water Board, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 1929. 25 p. [838-10]

Report on water pollution control Delaware River Basin. U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Public Health Service.

    Zone 1. January 1954. 106 p. [838-12]
    Zone 2. September 1952. 53 p. [840-2]
    Zone 4. April 1953. 75 p. [845-2]
    Schuylkill River. April 1952. 81 p. [845-3]

Report on water supply from the Upper Lehigh River for the City of Philadelphia, Pa. Gannett, Fleming, Corddry and Carpenter, Inc. January 1946. 39 p. [875-10]

Report to the Honorable Bernard Samuel, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia to the members of Council and the People of Philadelphia. Mayor's Water Commission. November 1946. 15 p. [842-3]

Report to the Hon. J. Hampton Moore Mayor of the City of Philadelphia on extensions and improvements of the present water works system immediately necessary together wikth a plan for future development

designed to meet the needs of Philadelphia for the next fifty years. Board of Consulting Engineers. September 15, 1920. 103 p. [877-12]

Rights and duties of Philadelphia in relation to its supply of water. Municipal Improvement Company. 1909. 15 p. [877-25]

Some notes on works of filtration: a lecture before the Engineering Society of Princeton University, by John W. Hill, Chief Engineer, Bureau of Filtration, Philadelphia. March 2, 1905. 44 p. [838-2]

Southwest water pollution control plant. Philadelphia Water Department. ND. NP. [879-17]

Third water resources program. Delaware River Basin Commission. November 1965. NP. [853-23]

Water for your ever-expanding needs. Delaware River Basin Research, Inc. February 1959. 20 p.

Water resources development by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Pennsylvnaia. U.S. Army Engineer Division. January 1, 1963. 83 p. [852-9]

Water supply and water pollution control capital program 1972 - 1985. Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission. ND. 92 p. [847-19]

The water supply of Philadelphia, communication from Philadelphia Water Supply Company to the Water Committee of Select and Common Councils. September 1896. 24 p. [852-8]

The water supply problem of Philadelphia. Bureau of Municipal Research. May 1922. 53 p. [852-1]


Get it together: the Philadelphia Welfare Rights Organization welfare handbook. February 1, 1976. 30 p. [900-6]


West Manheim Township comprehensive plan: background studies. West Manheim Township Planning Commission. 1967. 168 p. [857-13]


Commercial facilities study. West Philadelphia Corporation. March 1966. 25 p. [890-1]

Comprehensive plan for West Philadelphia. Citizens Council on City Planning. 1961. NP. [885-5]

Demographic and health resources profile of West Philadelphia. West Philadelphia Community Health Consortium. April 1970. VP. [887-1]

On the West bank of the Schuylkill. Real Estate Times, Times Realty Company. September 1925. NP. [877-20]

Preliminary report. RESD Task Force in Support of the West Philadelphia Corporation. Re-entry and Environmental Systems Division, General Electric. October 1971. NP. [870-7]

Proposal to establish a high-technology business development district in West Philadelphia. Student paper for Urban Studies 250. December 5, 1984. 10 p. [871-15]

West Philadelphia. Philadelphia Traffic Survey Report No. 5. Mitten Management Inc. May 1930. 34 p. [847-16]

West Philadelphia and the el, by David Schein. ND. 9 p. [847-18]

West Philadelphia as portrayed by the speech and pen of Harry A. Mackey. ND. 31 p. [854-4]

West Philadelphia redevelopment area. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. August 20, 1963. 4 p. [916-3]


West Philadelphia Community Free School: an alternative within public education. ND. NP. [847-17]


The college bound student at West Philadelphia High School. West Philadelphia High School and the University of Pennsylvania. ND. NP. [893-10]

Groundbreaking ceremony: West Philadelphia - University City High School. October 1, 1968. NP.


West Poplar: neighborhood development program development controls, year one. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. 1969. 20 p. [853-18]

West Poplar redevelopment area plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. July 1953. 30 p. [853-17]


Comprehensive plan for Whitemarsh Township. Montgomery County Planning Commission.

    Volume I. Basic data. June 1964. VP. [915-9]
    Volume 2. Developmental policies. 1965. VP. [915-7]


The Whitman crisis: local mythology and Federal accountability. Housing Association of Delaware Valley. April 1971. 6 p. [858-26]

Whitman memories (1957-1977). Whitman Council, Inc. 1977. 17 p. [854-10]

Whitman redevelopment area plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. 1964. 12 p. [856-12]


The Whitman Park townhouse public housing project and its relationship to black population and the housing policies of government agencies, report of Professor Yale Rubin. ND. VP. [854-11]


Comprehensive plan for Whitpain Township, 1970. Montgomery County Planning Commission. June 1970. VP. [910-11]

Statement of public interest and planning evaluation re: Croxley Green, proposed development and requested zoning change in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, by Drayton S. Bryant. May 1975. 97 p. [837-9]


Wissinoming - a community study, by Peter Gelbart. Student paper. 1958. [851-7]


The inclusion of women in the public policy process: a pre-proposal. University City Science Center. March 27, 1975. 121 p. [909-9]

A quick reference guide to neighborhood resources for women in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders, Inc. ND. 87 p. [870-3]

Women and the environment: application for Federal assistance. University City Science Center. 1975. 95 p. [858-20]


Community resources for women offenders-Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Program for Women and Girl Offenders. July 1973. 25 p. [891-6]


The founding of Woodbine, New Jersey: the philosophy and practical application of the "back to the land" movement as carried on by the Baron de Hirsch Fund, by Richard H. Daniels. Temple University. April

15, 1971. 28 p. [894-10]


Commercial revitalization studies: Woodland Avenue. Land Design/Research, Inc. February 1975. NP. [891-3A]

Retail analysis of the Woodland Avenue business district. Hammer, Siler, George Associates. February 1973. 20 p. [857-14]


Woodstock redevelopment area plan. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. ND. 11 p. [854-34]


Yeadon, Pa.: a community survey, by S. Gethers. [851-8]


A giant step for youth in 1971. YMCA of Philadelphia. York Road Area Branch. ND. NP. [899-10]

Twenty-five years of continuous service to the Christian Street YMCA and community. Christian Street Branch, YMCA. ND. NP. [844-14]


Greater womanhood through the Y.W.C.A. of Philadelphia. ND. NP. [899-19]


Better Break '68. Mayor's Council on Youth Opportunity. ND. NP. [895-6]

A city-wide youth development system. Philadelphia Urban Coalition. September 1972. 16 p. [907-9]

Comprehensive plan for youth services, by Oscar H. Hankinson. Youth Services Commission, Inc. July 28, 1976. 93 p. [907-1]

Directory of Philadelphia youth programs. Philadelphia Urban Coalition. Revised March 1975. 63 p. [886-2]

Need for new priorities: youth development and delinquency prevention programs, a survey of needs and resources in Philadelphia. Philadelphia Urban Coalition. ND. 29 p. [841-7]

Neighborhood Youth Resources Center. Philadelphia Model Cities Program and Crime Prevention Association. ND. 6 p. [847-4]

The Philadelphia Neighborhood Youth Resources Center: an exemplary project. U.S. National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice. ND. 16 p. [864-1]

A report on the inquiry into gang violence in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Crime Commission. July 31, 1969. 97 p. [842-7]

Report on youth development and delinquency prevention conference. Philadelphia Urban Coalition. [1972] 29 p. [874-4]

Some background and resource material for Task Force on Juvenile Delinquency: working draft. Philadelphia Law Enforcement Planning Council. ND. 56 p. [837-12]

Suffer the children: a manual on alternatives to the juvenile justice system. Task Force on Juvenile Justice of the Metropolitan Christian Council of Philadelphia. April 1973. 83 p. [843-8]

A summer arts program to identify and develop talent among urban youth. University City Arts League, Inc. May 1968. 15 p. [848-13]

Voyage: a funding proposal for a youth housing, counselling, education, and research project, located in Center City, Philadelphia. Voyage House, Inc. 1971. 21 p. [871-7]


Preliminary study of zoning, by McHugh and McCrosky Consultants. Philadelphia City Planning Commission. March 20 1952. 83 p. [868-7]

Public hearings. Zoning Advisory Commission. November 11 and December 6 and 12, 1955. 352 p. [869-1]

Zoning Division and Zoning Board of Adjustment. Bureau of Municipal Research. 1948. 41 p. [847-11]


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