Donations-HSL Libraries

Temple University Health Sciences Libraries -- Donations Policy

The Health Sciences Libraries accept gifts of current, relevant titles that have not been previously purchased or that replace lost titles of value to the collection. To donate archival, rare or special collections materials, or items documenting the history of Temple University, please send a description to Margery Sly (, Head of the Special Collections Research Center, at the Paley Library.

Before accepting a gift, the Library would like the donor to be aware of the following:


1)      The Library requires a list of material titles, including publication dates, prior to the donation.

2)      The Library reserves the right to determine whether gift materials will be incorporated into the collection, exchanged, sold, or recycled.

3)      We do not accept:

a.       Brittle or damaged materials

b.      Paperback novels

c.       Journals or periodicals

4)      Gift materials added to the collection are integrated into the Library’s general collection. Specially designated areas are not available to house gift materials.

5)      The Library cannot make a monetary appraisal of a gift for the use of the donor. The donor must make any valuation of the materials. The Library recommends independent appraisals of valuable items at the time of donation.

6)      The Library will write a letter of acknowledgement to the donor.

7)      Any gifts to the Library that are not to be added to the general collection are accepted at the discretion of the Library Director. Examples include: art, plaques or equipment.

8)      In general, donors are responsible for the delivery of the gift materials to the Library.