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3D Printing & Laser Cutting Policy

3D Printers and Laser Cutters in the Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio are available for use by faculty, staff and students who have successfully completed the Scholars Studio basic makerspace safety course and the relevant technology training course within the past calendar year.  You can contact the Scholars Studio at digitalscholarship@temple.edu to schedule your training.

Once trained, you may schedule use of a 3D Printer or Laser Cutter with Scholars Studio staff. 3D Printer and Laser Cutter usage must be conducted during regular Scholars Studio hours. Though you will operate the software to run the machines yourself, Scholars Studio staff will be available to assist should you have questions or issues. If the 3D Printer or Laser Cutter experience any mechanical issues while you are using them, you must immediately seek assistance and not try to remedy the issue yourself. 

Costs for prints are due at time of pickup and vary based on material:

$0.50 per mL of standard resin (as output by the Form 2 printer)

$0.30 for most specialty filaments (wood composites, etc.)

$0.30 per minute for Laser Cutting

Prusa MK3 printers:

$0.20 per gram for PLA of printing as determined by scale at the end of the print job. This charge accounts for plastic costs of the print job along with machine wear and routine maintenance. 

Please submit print and laser cutter requests no later than 5 business days prior to deadline. 

  • Print and laser cutter requests must be picked up by the person who initiated the request within 2 weeks of notification of completion. Items not picked up will be discarded.
  • The addition of rafts or supports to a print design to ensure proper printing are at the discretion of the library staff member handling your print request. Rafts and supports are included in the total weight of the object and therefore included in the price of the object. Patrons are responsible for removing any supports or rafts on the printed object.
  • Patrons must be present to monitor the laser cutter when in use.
  • The Scholars Studio will not provide materials for use in the laser cutter. Staff must approve of the materials to be cut. Nothing over 1/4" may be put in the machine. 
  • Items printed with the 3D printer may have small surface defects such as bumps or holes. These routine defects will not be cause for refund or lack of payment for the object. The Libraries are not responsible for multi-part objects that do not perfectly fit together.
  • The Libraries reserve the right to decline any print or laser cutter request for any reason. All items submitted for printing and laser cutting must adhere to copyright restrictions, to Temple University’s Computer Usage Policy and not be covered by patent or under trade secret protection without explicit permission from the owner of the patent or trade secret protection. The patron assumes all responsibility for compliance with all federal, state and university policies on copyright and patent laws and infringement.
  • 3D printing and laser cutting services are available for faculty, staff and students.
  • Prints and laser cuts will be queued in the order they are received with priority being given to academic work and patient care.
  • In instances where the print or laser cut job fails as a result of printer or laser cutter failure, complimentary reprints and cuts will be offered.
  • In instances where the print or laser cut job fails as a result of design failure, payment for the failed print or laser cut job will still be required. Unpaid balances will be treated the same as unpaid library book fines. 

Effective Date

MARCH 22, 2019