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Charles Library Exhibit Policies


Temple University Libraries hosts exhibits to promote our own special collections, public programs, and resources; to highlight work done at the university and by university partners, particularly work created by Temple students or that supports the curricular goals of the university; and to spark community conversations around timely topics.

Library exhibits should represent diverse points of view, and may not present groups or individuals in derogatory manners. An exception to this is controversial source material, which may be considered when accompanied by clarifying description and context.

Selection Criteria and Timeline

Anyone can request to hold an exhibit in Charles Library, but exhibits will be prioritized if they involve collaboration with library staff or resources. Outside groups are encouraged to find sponsorship from a Temple faculty member.

Priority is given to work that has a tie-in with library resources or the other goals outlined above.

We often plan our exhibit schedule a year or more in advance, so submitting requests at least six months before the proposed opening is preferred. 

Requests for a library exhibit should be made by emailing libraries@temple.edu. Temple University Libraries reserve the right to refuse any request. 

Preparing to Exhibit

The exhibitor takes responsibility for security and insurance for the exhibit, as well as for the preparation of the exhibit. The exhibitor must coordinate with library staff for installation and removal.

The exhibitor also takes responsibility for the cost of the exhibit, which includes appropriate signage. A library staff member will work with the exhibitor to identify what kinds of signage and other explanatory materials are required.

Exhibits must not interfere with library operations and, aside from small holes for hanging materials, must not damage library property.


Temple University Libraries cannot guarantee the security of the exhibit or its materials; the exhibitor accepts all inherent risks to items that are not library collections or property. 


The exhibitor assumes responsibility for promotion, but library staff may include information about the exhibit on social media, the library website, and various print publications. 

The exhibition description provided in the exhibit request may be utilized by the Libraries for promotion.

Effective Date

AUGUST 13, 2019