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Guest & Alumni Access to Computers & Online Databases

As a publicly assisted institution Temple University Libraries serve the local community to the fullest extent practical. Online access to the research record, including research performed with tax dollars, is generally available to the public only on a walk-in basis in research libraries. For that reason, our licenses for scholarly databases almost always permit walk-in access to these resources. Additionally, our status as a Federal Depository Library requires us to provide public access to the government information we receive as members of the depository program.

Guest Access Policy

A "guest" is any individual age 18 or over who has no official affiliation with the University. Guests have no University issued identification card or network access account. Single-day visitors and researchers are also considered guests. We allow guests to use Library computers and the available online databases in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • To access a computer guests must first register at the One Stop Assistance desk.
  • A valid photo identification such as a drivers' license or other state issued identification is required and must show proof of age.
  • Guests will complete and sign a registration form in which they agree to abide by the Community Standards. Failure to comply with the Community Standards will result in a first warning message from the library administration. A second violation of the Community Standards will result in the termination of guest privileges (with the exception of zero tolerance violations such as harming or threatening a staff member, theft, physical damage or other criminal acts).
  • Guests will be issued a computer card that allows them to use one of our designated computers for up to two hours a day and a maximum of 10 hours per week. Guests use their personal barcode to logon to any of the designated computers.
  • Single-day visitors (parents, faculty from other institutions) who have an immediate and limited need for access may use the guest wireless network.
  • Guests may use a computer at the Ambler campus Library, but must speak to a Library staff member to gain access to a computer and must adhere to our policy for Entrance to the University Libraries.

Alumni Access Policy

Alumni may use a computer in the Community Computer Lab of  Charles  Library, and the Ambler Campus library.

In order to use the computers in the Charles Library, Temple alumni must first obtain their alumni photo ID from Alumni Services, and then stop at the Service Desk in the Charles to ask a staff member to add a barcode to their ID. The barcode may then be used to log onto one of the guest computers.


Print jobs may be sent to the networked printer and paid for using a guest Diamond Dollars card or cash/coin (see “Print, Photocopy, Scan”). Alternatively, files may be downloaded to personal flash-drives or emailed. Guests and alumni must observe Temple University Technology Usage Policy.

Effective Date

JULY 13, 2013