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Request Permission to Film in the Library

Temple University Libraries are available as a site for filming.  Please read the guidelines below and be specific in filling out the request form. The form link is at the bottom of the page. The request will be reviewed by a member of the Library Administration.

Guidelines for Requesting Permission to Use the Libraries for Filming

The University Libraries are occasionally approached by students or external filmmakers interested in using the library as a site for filming. Filming presents a potential for disruption of the study environment and therefore the Libraries require that the filmmakers observe the following guidelines to be considered for filming.

Review Criteria

Generally, we attempt to support filming by Temple students undertaken to fulfill curricular requirements or student organization related projects.  We do require that filmmakers submit their requests in advance and specify the program and course or project, the type and number of crew members, and provide a mobile number for the director.  Each production should make an effort to minimize the amount of noise, movement, or other disruptions to the study environment.

While we will consider requests from external filmmakers, there are additional concerns since external non-student productions are often larger, more elaborate and potentially disruptive in a variety of ways. External productions may also entail liability and security issues.

Non-Temple (external) filmmakers that want to film in the Charles Library or other locations on campus will need to contact Ray Betzner (betzner@temple.edu) in Strategic Marketing and Communications, to make their filming request.  That office will work with Risk Management and University Counsel to evaluate the request.

Non-Temple (external) filmmakers interested in the Special Collections Research Center, the Charles L. Blockson Afro American Collection, and the Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio will need to contact the staff responsible for those resources to determine the viability of filming.

Agreement for filming in Temple University Libraries

You will need to review and agree to the following guidelines for yourself and the crew doing the filming.  


  • You and the crew members agree to abide by the Temple University Libraries Community Standards

  • You will provide a mobile phone number for the key contact on the crew.

  • Make sure all crew members bring their Temple OWLcards or set up Mobile OWLcard for their smartphones.  They will need their ID to enter the library.

  • If you plan to use or do any filming in a study room, you must reserve the room in advance at https://charlesstudy.temple.edu/booking/charles-small

  • The 3rd-floor reading area (13th street side) and the entire 4th floor are quiet study spaces, so please make an effort to minimize the volume of noise during filming. 

  • The crew will need to work with existing lighting.  The lighting in the library should not be altered or turned off.

  • Temple Library furniture needs to remain in its designated places. If tables, chairs, study desks, book carts, or trash cans are moved, please return them to their original location.  

  • Any and all trash and recycling generated during filming will need to be disposed of in appropriate receptacles at the end of filming.

  • Content: The message of the film being made (not just the segment being filmed in the library) will not reflect poorly on Temple University.

  • Content: The message or import of the film will not have political endorsements.

  • Content: The film will not advocate explicitly or implicitly poor library or archival preservation or use practice.

  • Respect the privacy of researchers in the vicinity of filming.  Please allow researchers to access library materials.  

  • You are restricted from filming or photographing anyone else in the Library who is not a part of your crew. If you are likely to capture someone incidentally as part of a scene shot, you must either get the students’ permission to be included or wait until the student(s) leave the area.

  • If anything changes in your plans you will contact the library via email (asktulibrary@temple.edu) as soon as you can. 

Approval and Notification

When filming is approved, either by the Library administration for a student filmmaker, or by the University Communications and Counsel for external non-Temple (external) filmmakers, the details (location, date and time, and crew contact information) are communicated to the Libraries’ public services staff so that the personnel on duty on the appointed day are aware of the filming activity.

The filmmaker will be instructed to print out the approved filming agreement email from the Library Administration and keep a copy of it with the crew during the filming session.


Filming Request Form

Effective Date

SEPTEMBER 20, 2019