Young Men’s Christian Association (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records

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Acc. 151, 173
22 cubic feet (22 boxes)
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Young Men’s Christian Association (Philadelphia, Pa.) Records



Collection ID

Acc. 151, 173


Young Men’s Christian Association (Philadelphia, Pa.)


22 cubic feet (22 boxes)         


Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries


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Organization and Arrangement

The collection is arranged into 8 series as follows:

Series 1: History and organization

Series 2: Board of managers and board of directors

Series 3: Financial campaigns and membership

Series 4: General office files

Series 5: Branches

Series 6: Other Philadelphia agencies

Series 7: State and National YMCA

Series 8: YMCA publications


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Social Services

Young Men's Christian associations


Philadelphia (Pa.)

Material Types:

Administrative records.


Financial records.




Series 1: History And Organization

Box 1

Articles of Incorporation and Charter. 1854, Charter and By-Laws 1961.

 Metropolitan Charter and By-Laws. 1889-1940.

 Metropolitan Charter and By-Laws. Revision Process. 1942-1945.

 Metropolitan Charter and By-Laws. As Corrected in 1945.

 Sample Constitution and By-Laws. 1926-1945.

 Box of Historical Documents. Clippings, Articles, etc.


Series 2: Board of Managers and Board of Directors

Box 2

Board of Managers. Minutes. 1859-1888.

 Board of Directors. Minutes. 1889-1919.

Box 3

Board of Directors. Minutes and Correspondence. 1920-1936.

 Board of Directors. Directors' Information Notebooks. CA. 1930.

Box 4

Board of Directors. Agendae and Minutes. 1931-1932, 1946-1952 & Correspondence.

 Board of Directors. President's Dinner. 1951-1952.

 Board of Directors. Robert Dechert, President. Correspondence. 1951-1956.

Box 4A

Board of Directors. Card file of members. 1859-1939.

Box 5

Board of Directors. Minutes and Agenda. 1953-1968.

 Board of Directors. Directors' Conferences. Papers, Correspondence, etc. 1963-1966.

Box 6

Annual Reports of Philadelphia YMCA. 1867-1910.

Box 7

Board of Directors. Executive Committee. Minutes and Correspondence. 1902-1910, 1930, 1950-1960, 1963-1965.

 Board of Directors. Finance Committee. Minutes. 1902-1911, 1932-1933, 1959-1966.

 Board of Directors. Torrey-Alexander Evangelistic Campaign. Minutes of General and Executive Committee and of Finance Committee. 1905-1906.

 Board of Directors. Building Committee for Central Building. Minutes and Accounts. 1906-1910.

 Board of Directors. Personnel Committee. Minutes and Correspondence. 1954.

 Board of Directors. Personnel Committee. Minutes and Correspondence. 1941-1970.

 Board of Directors. Organization Committee (formerly Nominating Committee). Minutes and Correspondence. 1950-1969.

 Board of Directors. Special Committee to Consider Temple University High School Proposal. Minutes and Correspondence. 1965-1966.

 Board of Directors. Urban Services Committee. Minutes and Correspondence. 1965-1968.

Box 8

Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. 1964-1966.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Study Committee Appointment Letters.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Special Study Committee Members Replies.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Posters, Letters, Notes, etc.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Supportive Material for Future Plans Reports.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Sub-Committee Progress Reports.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Sub-Committee on Targets for Advance and Growth. Reports.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Sub-Committee on Future of Central Operations. Correspondence, Reports.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Sub-Committee Reports.

 Board of Directors. Future Plans Committee. Report of Committee. 1966.


Series 3: Financial Campaigns and Membership

Box 9

Million Dollar Fund. Record of Collections, Clippings, etc. 1911-1918.

 Million Dollar Fund. Newspaper Clippings. OVERSIZE BOX.

 YMCA Fund-Raising Campaign. Newspaper Clippings. 1932.

 Letter postponing 1930 Fund-Raising Campaign.

 Planning and Development Committee, YMCA-YWCA

 Committee on Planning and Development. Correspondence, Questionnaires, Reports, etc. 1952-1959.

 Committee on Appraisal. Minutes, Reports. 1959-1961.

 Buildings and Furnishings Services. 1951-1960.

 Central Branch Proposals. 1960-1962.

 Cherry Street Annex. 1960-1961.

 Christian Street Branch Proposals. 1958-1963.

 Columbia Community Branch Proposals. 1960-1962.

 Main Line Branch Proposals. 1961.

 Community Y Branch Proposals. 1961.

 North Branch Proposals. 1956-1961.

 Northeast Communities Branch Proposals. 1961.

 Parkside Community Branch Proposals. 1950-1963.

 Roxborough Branch Proposals. 1959.

 West Branch Planning. 1958-1962.

 West Branch Proposals. 1963.

 York Road Branch Proposals. 1962-1963.

Box 10

Allocation Committee Reports. Planning and Development. 1963.

 Capital Requirements Committee. Reports, Correspondence. 1958, 1960.

 Campaign Planning Committee. Reports. 1961-1962.

 Beaver Associates, Inc. Correspondence. 1959-1961.

 Development Program. Correspondence with YWCA. Miscellaneous. 1958-1968.

 List of Corporate Members to 1933.

 Life Members as early as 1854. OVERSIZE BOX.

 Minutes of Meetings of Corporate Members. 1931, 1933.

 Files on Coop Membership Drive. 1964-1970.


Series 4: General Office Files

Box 11

Executive Cabinet. Minutes and Correspondence. 1946-1954, 1956-1959.

Box 12

Executive Cabinet. Minutes, Reports. 1960-1966.

 Executive Cabinet. Spring Mountain House Conference. 1955.

 Executive Cabinet. Miscellaneous. 1956-1958.

 Executive Cabinet. Hilltop Staff Retreat. 1956.

 Correspondence Files of General Secretaries and Office Files. 1950s-1960s.

 Accounting Office. 1953-1964.

 Annual Luncheons. 1964-1967.

 Blanket Certificates--Requirements of Solicitation Act.


 Committee on Member Associations.


 Centennial International Convention. 1951.

 Commission on Interracial Policies and Programs.

 Community College.





 General Agencies Committee.

 G.S.S. Management Workshop. 1957.

 Group I--General Secretaries. 1957.

 Group I--General Secretaries. 1964.

 Group I--General Secretaries. 1965.

 Group I--General Secretaries. 1967.

 Nicholas Goncharoff.

 Grenzebach Associates.


 Luncheon for Mayor Huh.


 International Centennial Convention.


 Junes A. Kaiser

 Kaemmerling Estate.

 The Korea Society.

 Juvenile Delinquency Clippings.



 Metropolitan Administration.


 Robert H. Miller--Miscellaneous.

 Dr. John R. Mott.

 John R. Mott Fellowship.


 1963 National Council. National Council. Financial Service Bureau.

Box 13

National Council. General Correspondence.

 National Council. Program Committee.

 Andre Parente.

 Charles F. Pennock.

 Philadelphia Workshop on Interracial Practices.

 Program Planning Conference. 1952.



 Rotary New Members Day Luncheon.

 Shellenberger Retirement.

 Speaker' File.

 Springfield College.

 Tax Exemption.



Series 5: Branches


 Abington Branch.By-Laws.1955.

 Abington Branch. Miscellaneous. 1956.

 Miscellaneous. 1955-1967

 Camp Branch. By-Laws. 1946.

 Camp Branch. Dwight Farms Committee, Outing Camp. Minutes. 1899-1911.

 Camp Branch. Correspondence. 1950-1957.

 Camp Branch. Correspondence, Miscellaneous. 1964-1967.

 Central Branch. By-Laws. 1944.

 Camp Branch. By-Laws. 1946.

 Camp Branch. Dwight Farms Committee, Outing Camp. Minutes. 1899-1911.

 Camp Branch. Correspondence. 1950-1957.

 Camp Branch. Correspondence, Miscellaneous. 1964-1967.

 Central Branch. By-Laws. 1944.

 Central Branch. Executive Committee. Minutes. 1889-1908.

 Central Branch. Statistical Reports. January 1898- December 1899.

 Central Branch. Statistical Reports. January 1898-December 1899.

 Central Branch. Statistical and Financial Reports. 1900-1908.

 Central Branch. Description of New Central Building, undated

Box 14

Central Branch. International Committee. Statistical reports. 1889-1908.

 Central Branch. Members Meetings of Philadelphia Association and Central Branch. Minutes. 1872-1889.

 Central Branch. Committee on Management. Minutes. 1912-1920.

 Central Branch. House Committee. Minutes. 1920-1922.

 Central Branch. Service Department. Reports on Social, Religious, and Employment Activities. 1921-1931.

 Central Branch. Board of Managers. Minutes, Correspondence and Branch Miscellaneous. 1955-1963.

 Central Branch. Cost Study. 1958-1959.

 Central Branch. Fiftieth Anniversary Planning Book. 1958.

 Central Branch. Dedication program of Elkins Memorial Building, undated

 Central Branch. Correspondence. 1963-1965.

 Central Branch. Central Vacancy Committee. 1965-1966.

Box 15

Christian Street Branch. By-Laws, undated

 Christian Street Branch. Miscellaneous. 1953-1960.

 Columbia Community Branch. By-Laws, undated

 Columbia Community Branch. Miscellaneous. 1953-1960.

 Community Y of Eastern Delaware County. By-Laws, undated

 Community Y of Eastern Delaware County Building Fund Campaign. Final Reports. 1951.

 Community Y of Eastern Delaware County. Board of Managers. Manual. 1959.

 Community Y of Eastern Delaware County. Miscellaneous. 1949-1961.

 Main Line Branch. By-Laws. 1944.

 Main Line Branch. Lower Merion Scrapbook. 1904-1915. OVERSIZE BOX.

 Main Line Branch. Miscellaneous, including Building Program. 1953-1959.

 Main Line Branch. Building Fund Campaign. Booklet, Solicitation Lists, undated

 Main Line Branch. Building Fund Campaign. Special Gifts. 1953-1956.

 Mt. Airy Community Branch. Correspondence, Minutes, Reports. 1958-1962.

 Mt. Airy Community Branch. Rittenhouse-Philadelphia Merger. 1951-1958.

 Mt. Airy Community Branch. Negotiations with Rittenhouse YMCA, Germantown YMCA, and Mt. Airy Community Branch YMCA. 1955-1962.

 North Branch. By-Laws, undated

 North Branch. Branch Committee. Minutes. 1913-1920.

 North Branch. Correspondence. 1953-1962.

 Northeast (Kensington) Branch. Board of Managers. Minutes. 1885-1890.

 Northeast (Kensington) Branch. Board of Managers. Minutes. 1893-1910. Northeast (Kensington) Branch. Executive Committee. Minutes. 1885-1908.

Box 16

Northeast (Kensington) Branch. Board of Managers. Minutes. 1910-1920.

 Northeast Kensington Branch. Miscellaneous, Correspondence. 1952-1961.

 Parkside Branch. By-Laws. 1945.

 Parkside Branch. Miscellaneous. 1947-1962.

 Railroad Branch. Pa. Railroad Men's News. April 1896.

 Railroad Branch. History of Pa. RR Department of the YMCA of Phila. Book by W.B. Wilson. 1911.

 Roxborough Branch. Roxborough Building Project. 1961-1963.

 Roxborough Branch. Roxborough Building. Various. 1958-1962.

 Roxborough Branch. Roxborough Study--Roxborough/First PA. Proposal. 1967.

 South Branch. Diary. 1913.

 West Branch. By-Laws. 1944.

 West Branch. Committee of Management. Minutes. 1891-1908.

 West Branch. Secretary's Reports. 1900-1913. OVERSIZE BOX.

 West Branch. Correspondence. Miscellaneous. 1955-1962.

 York Road Branch. Building Fund Campaign. 1965.

 York Road Branch. Correspondence, Miscellaneous. 1955-1963.


Series 6: Other Philadelphia Agencies

Box 17

Community Fund. Manual. Revised, 1945.

 United Fund. Agency Operations. Correspondence, Reports. 1952-1966.

 United Fund. Miscellaneous Correspondence, Reports. 1961-1968.

 United Fund. Allocations. Correspondence, etc. 1961-1965.

 United Fund. Correspondence, Publicity, Annual Report (1969), etc. 1956, 1969-1970.

 Health and Welfare Council. Service Division Committee. Correspondence, etc. 1966-1967

 Health and Welfare Council. Correspondence, Reports, etc. 1950-1967.

 Society for the Advancement of Management. Philadelphia Chapter. Correspondence etc. 1956-1959.

 Roman Catholic Relations. 1955-1961.


Series 7: State and National YMCA

 State YMCA. Proceedings of the 7th annual Convention of YMCAs of Pa. 1874.

 State YMCA. Business Committee. Minutes, Correspondence, Reports, etc. 1961-1966.

 State YMCA. Church Relationships Study. Correspondence, etc. 1957-1966.

 State YMCA. Correspondence. 1958-1962.

 State YMCA. Executive Committee. Minutes.

 State YMCA. Executive Committee. Minutes. 1959-1962.

 State YMCA. Joint Financing. Correspondence, etc. 1949-1965.

 State YMCA. Legislative Committee. Correspondence. 1951-1961.

 State YMCA. Legislative Committee. YMCA and Solicitation Act. Correspondence, etc. 1951-1956.

 State YMCA. State YMCA Mail Canvass. Correspondence, Reports, etc. 1955-1967.

 State YMCA. Pa. Association News. Proceedings, Pottsville Convention. 1909.

 State YMCA. Pa. State News. 1946-1948.

 State YMCA. YMCA News. 1962.

 State YMCA. Skills Training Institute. Planning Committee. Correspondence, agendas. etc. 1964.

 National Council of YMCAs. Constitution and By-Laws. 1949.

 National Council of YMCAs. Constitution and By-Laws. 1953.

 National Board of YMCAs. Annual reports. 1953-1954, 1957-1958, 1959-1960, 1960-1961.

 National Council of YMCAs. Report of YMCA Convention in Philadelphia in Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper. May 18, 1899.

 National Council of YMCAs. Conferences of Metropolitan General Secretaries Reports for 1911-1912, 1914-1918.

 National Council of YMCAs. Annual Meetings. Reports and Records. 1949-1951, 1953-1962.

 National Council of YMCAs. Between 2 Centuries: Report of the Centennial International YMCA Convention. 1951.

 National Council of YMCAs. The American YMCA Fund.

 National Council of YMCAs Conference on Urban Planning. Corespondence, Agenda. 1962.

 International YMCA. World's Conference Committee. Correspondence, etc. 1953-1955.

 International YMCA. World Centennial. Paris. 1955.

Box 18

National Council of YMCAs. Association Yearbook and Official Roster. 1899-1956

Box 19

National Council of YMCAs. Association Yearbook and Official Roster. 1918-1959


Series 8: YMCA Publications

Box 20

Interracial Practices in the YMCA. 1953.

 Improving Interracial Practices in the YMCA. 1954.

 A History of the YMCA. Vol. II. 1922.

 The Verdict of Time. 1905.

 The Nature and Claims of YMCAs. 1857.

 Philadelphia Polytechnic Institute of the YMCA. Catalog. 1930-1931.

 Have You Questions? YMCA Pamphlet on Guidance and Counseling Service, undated

 Welcome Home. Pamphlet for veterans on YMCA programs, undated

 Counseling and Guidance, undated

 Association Press. The First Fifty Years. 1907-1957.

 The YMCA of Philadelphia. Pamphlet outlining programs. 1925.

 The Americanization Council of the YMCA of Philadelphia. 1925.

 Y Stature Grows in Spanish American War, undated

 YMCA Hymn and Tune Book. 1872.

 Association News. Philadelphia YMCA. 1879-1888.

 Scrapbook of pictures used in the Philadelphia Christian Association monthly magazine and activities of the several Philadelphia branches. 1923.

 Personnel Policies and Practices.1962.

Box 21

Oversize material from other boxes.

Box 22

National Council of YMCA Association Yearbook and Official Roster. 1962-1970.

 Misc. Pamphlets - Interracial & intergroup relations.