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About Publishing Services

Publishing Services supports the creation, production, and
dissemination of digital scholarly works for the Temple University

We publish journals, books, and textbooks (through our North Broad
Press imprint). We also support researchers who want to publish in
open access journals through the Open Access Publishing Fund. We are
always happy to answer general questions about academic publishing

Any individual faculty, student, staff member, department, center, or
college associated with Temple University is eligible to propose a
publishing project with us. In addition, we accept proposals for
publications from nonprofit external organizations and societies
located in Philadelphia, as long as they are sponsored by a Temple
faculty member. 

Temple University Libraries is a member of the Library Publishing Coalition.

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Annie Johnson
Assistant Director for Open Publishing Initiatives and Scholarly Communications

Alicia Pucci
Scholarly Communications Assistant

Mary Rose Muccie
Scholarly Communications Officer and Executive Director, Temple University Press