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About Research Data Management Services

Research data services is a network of services throughout the Libraries to assist you during all phases of the research process. We offer tools, resources and training to help you with data management, organization, discovery, sharing, preservation and access.

Data management planning 

Understand, develop and apply strategies for organizing and managing data. Learn how to craft a data management plan (DMP) for a grant application.

Finding & citing data 

Search and discover existing data sources. Apply for funding to purchase or license datasets for academic research or teaching via the Library data grants program.

Library data grants program

Apply for funding to purchase or license datasets for academic research or teaching.

Data sharing & publication 

Learn about best practices for sharing, publishing and citing your data. Get help to preserve your data for the future and ensure continued access.

Workshops & events

Learn about data wrangling and cleaning, analysis and visualization, text-mining, reproducibility, open science and more.

Get Help

Email the research data services team at tul-rds@temple.edu. We will consult with you or connect you to the right person, resource or service on campus. 

Research data services team

Gretchen Sneff
Science and Engineering Librarian
Charles Library

Olivia Given Castello
Head of Business, Social Sciences and Education
Charles Library

Will Dean
Research and Data Services Librarian
Ginsburg Health Sciences Library

Fred Rowland
Arts, Humanities and Media Librarian
Charles Library

H. Alex Wermer-Colan, Ph.D.
Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow
Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio
Charles Library