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Assignment Design Support

Designing a research assignment for 21st-century learners can present unique challenges for faculty and instructors. Your liaison librarian can work with you to create assignments and in-class activities to help your students enhance their information literacy and research skills. We can also support your teaching in programs with information literacy requirements, such as GenEd and Writing Intensive Courses.
Engaging assignments might take the form of traditional research papers, but can also include writing and research utilizing digital and media literacies. Some examples of previous instructor/librarian collaborations include:
  • A faculty member whose assignment requested students to cite 5 scholarly papers was advised to add the names of specific, relevant databases, add the name of the librarian specialist for that topic with a link to making a research appointment, along with a link to a short video on how to tell the difference between a scholarly article and other types of content.
  • Two librarians and a faculty member designed a semester-long project teaching students to write original content for Wikipedia entries.
  • An Information Literacy Cross Team created an assignment that challenged students in a GenEd class to select course readings for students in subsequent semesters of the course.