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Assistive Technology

Temple Libraries offers a variety of assistive technology and adaptive equipment.

UbiDuo at the Charles Library One Stop Assistance Desk

The UbiDuo2 is a face-to-face communication assistive device. There are two separate keyboards with screens that convey messages between two people in real time letter for letter. It is lightweight, portable, but with no wifi connection. It contains 1 GB of memory, a 12 hour battery life, USB drive for saving documented conversations.

Optelec ClearView CCTV Device at Charles Library

Charles Library has a CCTV device for text magnification and text-to-speech capability. The Optelec ClearView machine is located on Charles Library level 3, near the laptop check out kiosk behind the stairwell that leads to 4 North. An instruction manual for the Optelec machine is available upon request at the One Stop Assistance Desk on level 1.

Adaptive peripherals

We are in the process of updating our adaptive peripherals. Please check back later for additional information.

Adaptive software

The table below shows what adaptive software is available in what locations.


Scholars Studio Desktops

Charles Laptops

HSL Desktops









Read & Write Gold




Kurzweil 1000



Most printers and and all print release computer stations meet required height and reach requirements ensuring unobstructed access to card swipes and output trays.