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COVID-19 Update

Access to the service(s) or space(s) listed below has changed due to the University’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. More information on available services and resources can be found here.

Booking Requests

You can submit a Booking request if you have a Faculty/Admin patron status.

Booking requests are a way for you to guarantee the availability of a film for use in your class on a specific date or dates.

You can place a request by logging into My Library Account and searching for the item you need for in class viewing. Once you select Request in the item record, you will see a Request booking option.

Booking requests do not allow for the transfer of items from campus to campus, the item you are booking must be picked up at the same location in which it is held.

The start date and the end date of your booking cannot exceed eight days and you cannot submit a request on the same day you plan to pick up the item from the library.