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Certificate Requirements & Program Overview

The Cultural Analytics Certificate curriculum begins with an introductory course that surveys the full range of current research methods in the field, so that students are aware of the different techniques they can apply to their own research questions. This survey is followed by two electives selected from a list of courses that represent the distinct methodological emphases in the field, giving students a chance to gain a solid understanding of the conceptual and technical material they need to master.

The concluding experience is a practicum in which students complete a research project for the dissertation, thesis, or culminating event. The workshop is overseen by staff from the Scholars Studio of Temple Libraries. This facility has both the equipment and the technical expertise to guide students in the process of completing their projects, and the workshop format gives all participating students a community to work with during the process.

Because this final project is intended as part of their graduate program, students are required to work closely with their academic adviser. Both the practicum director and academic adviser must assign a passing grade to the final project for successful completion of the certificate program.

Certificate Courses

Required Core Courses

Note: Students can choose between CLA 5019 or History 51521. All students must take MMC 9087. For MMC 9087, students enrolled in a degree program register for the zero-credit Practicum through the Certificate administrator. Non-matriculated students must find a faculty sponsor and enroll for 1 credit in Independent Study or Directed Research to participate in the Practicum.


Electives are grouped by focal area, and while it is preferable to specialize within a focal area you can select any two of the following to satisfy certificate requirements.

Data Visualization



Research Design

Social Media


Textual Data

Virtual Environments

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Certificate program information and admissions

Loretta C. Duckworth Scholars Studio
Charles Library, 3rd Floor
1900 N. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122