Library Services and Policies for Visitors and Community Guests

The Temple University Libraries on main and Ambler campuses are open to the general public. Here are the most important things you need to know about using our library as a guest:

  1. A visitor or community guest is any individual who does not possess a currently valid Temple University ID card. Temple University alumni are eligible to obtain a special alumni access card that is accepted for entrance to the Libraries. Please note that holders of alumni and courtesy cards may be asked to present a currently valid photo ID card.
  2. All visitors and community guests must present a currently valid photo identification card to the security guard upon entrance to the building. At this time all visitors and community guests will sign in to the guard's logbook.
  3. Temple University makes limited provisions for visitors and guests to access the internet through special Temple wireless network connections.  Eduroam is one such access method available to visiting researchers from certain other academic institutions. These wireless connections do not enable access to online information resources licensed by the Libraries.   See details at  Eduroam Wireless Access.
  4. Visiting researchers and guests from the community are allowed access to licensed resources  through a limited number of Internet connected computers at the Paley Library .  To use a computer a visitor or community guest must complete a registration form at the Tuttleman Circulation/Reserve Desk.  Visitors and community guests will receive a log-in card good for one year that enables them to sign on to a computer designated for visitors and community guests.  NOTE: all registration forms are screened by Temple University Police, and it may take two weeks before the card is ready for pick-up.
  5. Visitors and community guests may not enter the Library after 10:00 pm on any day on which the Library remains open past 10:00 pm.
  6. Persons under the age of 18 (and not having other authorization to enter the library) must be accompanied by an adult caregiver. The caregiver must remain with with the minor at all times and shall be responsible for the minor's compliance with the Code of Conduct for Library Users.
  7. Minors participating in Temple University sponsored summer programs or who are part of a group accompanied by a teacher/instructor who has received prior permission to bring a group of K-12 students may gain access to the building. For additional information on how to obtain permission to bring a supervised student group to the Library see the Library Entrance Policy.
  8. Visitors and community guests may use printed materials in the Libraries.  If you're a Pennsylvania resident, you qualify for special borrowing privileges. Alumni receive borrowing privileges at no charge. Graduate students from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, and area professionals are eligible to obtain a card for $50 annually. Graduate students applying for this card must present their student ID plus a statement of good standing at their academic library.  For more information contact the Paley Library Circulation desk at 215-204-0744.

For additional information about using the Temple University Libraries see the following documents:

Library Code of Conduct for Users

Library Entrance Policy

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