Integrating The Library Into Your Blackboard Courses

Add multiple perspectives to a wide variety of humanities, social sciences, and science courses using textual, audio, audiovisual, mapping, and other tools and content. Online search tools and library services provide students with rapid access to the intellectual content necessary for meeting your learning objectives. Integrating them into Blackboard provides convenient access.

What do the TU Libraries offer?

A Diversity of Sources
Great Tools and Services

A Diversity of Sources

Use Blackboard to link to individual articles, songs, performances, images, and news broadcasts. Or link to one of our many databases.

Books and articles still form the core of most academic courses. Link to a database, or individual items using direct hyperlinks, saved searches, RSS feeds, and Refworks bibliographies. (View our databases by Subject Category.)

JSTOR [link to a database]
Intellectualization and Art World Development [link to an article]
sacred space AND architecture [link to a saved search]
islam AND homosexuality [create an RSS feed]
Conservatism [link to a Refworks bibliography]

Backgrounds and Overviews
Provide students with alternatives to Wikipedia! The library's vast array of general and specialized online encyclopedias and dictionaries, like Encyclopedia Britannica, AccessScience, American National Biography, Oxford Reference Online, and SAGE e-Reference, contain authoritative overviews, facts, dates, and biographies. (View our Reference and Biography databases.)

Instructional Strategies [link to article in Gale Vitual Reference Library]
Native American Literature [link to article in Encyclopaedia Britannica]
Aves [link to article from AccessScience]

Music listening libraries are going online and Temple offers great audio databases for students and faculty. Study songs, jazz, and orchestral pieces, or use them to contextualize historical periods, contemporary cultures, and ethnic groups. Classical Music Library, Naxos Music Library Jazz, Smithsonian Global Sounds offer music for all ears. (Find more audio databases in our list of Music databases.)

Trois fantaisies ou caprices [listen to a compostion by Felix Mendelssohn]
Ev'rybody Dat Talks 'Bout Heaven Ain't Goin' There [listen to song by Jim Europe's Singing Serenaders]
Agua Loca: Vamanos [choose from the eleven tracks of this album]
Big Bang Theory Theme [Barenaked Ladies]

ARTstor has over 500,00 high resolution images of paintings, sculptures, photos, and pop culture from widely ranging times and places. Find Buddhist, Islamic, European, pre-Columbian, and American art. Use a single image to bring an important event to life, or share your carefully crafted "image collection". AP Images, Visual Collections, and Web Gallery of Art. are other important image databases. (See our Art databases subject list for more.)

Creation of Adam [link to image in Sistine Chapel]
Unveiling [link to image by Shiren Neshat]
Apsarasas above seated Maitreya Buddha [link to image of Buddhist cave painting]
Fiona Apple [painting by Gary Baseman]

Streaming media brings instant access to theatre, opera, news broadcasts and oral histories. Demonstrate a social interaction, a distant place or time, an important event, or a great performance. Just click and play! Theatre in Video, Opera in Video, Vanderbilt News Archives (NBC news broadcasts only), and Oral History Online offer the sights and sounds of art, culture, and history.

Hamlet [watch a clip]
Una bella serenta [Cosi fan tutte, Act 1, Scene 1]

Map It
Mapping tools offer exciting new ways for students to investigate local, regional, and national geographies and populations. SimplyMap allows easy mapping of environmental and demographic datasets for use in geography, business, urban studies, history, and other disciplines. Want to map Philadelphia crime patterns? Want to start a food delivery business for south side of Chicago? Map it!

image of education vs. income in philadelphia

In Their Own Voices
Online primary sources are revolutionizing historical research. The voice of a participant, reporter, or onlooker highlights imporant people, places, and events. The TU Libraries have primary sources like British Periodicals Online, Eighteenth Century Collection Online, Oral History Online, African American Newspapers: Nineteenth Century. (Find historical newspapers in our list of Newspaper databases. Find other primary sources in our list of History databases.)

Marguerite Harper at Virginia Tech (1970) [Listen]
Rejoicings for the Return of Bonaparte (1815) [Read]
Ervin Adam, WW II Veteran [Watch]

By the Numbers
Opinion polls and statistics are essential for social science courses. 

Roads and Vehicles [link to page of historical statistics]
Population: Ancestry, Language Spoken At Home [link to page from the Census Bureau]
Roper Center for Public Opinion Research (iPoll) [link to this polling database]


Great Tools and Services

Find Articles
Provide links to databases from our A-Z list. Narrow down the list to ones in your discipline by using Database Finder. Link to or create a search box for Multi-Search to search within your discipline. Link to Find full-text by Citation so students can find articles when they already have a citation. Journal Finder makes it easy to track down journals.

Citation Help
Refworks is a personal online citation management system that will store citations and instantly create bibliographies and footnotes in a variety of standard formats. Available freely to the Temple community, with Refworks students can store and organize their citations, plus share their bibliographies with group members or with you. Additional help with citations is available at "How Do I .... Cite Sources".

Resources by Subject or Course
Research Guides bring together the best and most current resources pertaining to a particular field or course. They can be linked to or embedded within Blackboard. Find books, images, audiovisual materials, articles, and instant help from a librarian.

Place Items on Reserve
Link to your course reserves in Blackboard! Course reserves lets you place books, book chapters, articles, and videos on reserve for students. Many items can be placed on e-reserve (journal articles, sample exams, class notes, etc.). All course reserves can be viewed in the library catalog.

Get Help Fast
Place the Ask a Librarian chat box gadget into Blackboard for one-on-one advice in real-time. Link to the Ask a Librarian tool and provide your students with a range of options for contacting a librarian for help: in-person, online, by telephone, or email.