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Library Data Grants

Program Description 

Temple faculty, students, and staff are invited to submit applications for the purchase of numerical, geospatial, or textual data to support their research or teaching. Datasets for purchase or by subscription will be considered, though subscriptions will only be guaranteed for one year. Temple Libraries staff assume responsibility for licensing and purchasing of data. Library Data Grants will be made up to $5000.

Eligible Applicants 

All faculty, postdocs, staff, and students are eligible to participate in this program.

Data Criteria 

The eligible data - numerical, geospatial, or textual - should be available for library-licensed, university-wide online distribution. The textual data must be part of a project involving text mining, text analytics, or some other digital method. Software is excluded from this program.  Licenses must be consistent with library and university policies. Data must not require technical or administrative restrictions to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or other sensitive information.  

Selection Criteria

The purpose of this program is to support the research data needs of the individual researcher, research group, or instructor and to make data of interest available for university-wide research and teaching. In making requests, applicants are encouraged to consider the likely relevance of datasets to other Temple researchers. Cost sharing with alternate funding sources will be considered.   

Application Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. Grants are awarded as long as funds remain in the annual program budget. The target date for dataset availability is two and a half months after award notifications.

Other Requirements

The winning applicants are expected to discuss their research and data methodologies at a brown bag lunch sponsored by the Temple Libraries’ Research Data Services. For published research in which the dataset is used, please include this statement, “The author wishes to acknowledge the Temple University Libraries’ funding for data used in this research.”

Get Help

If you have questions about the Library Data Grants program, including inquiries about whether your data request is consistent with program criteria, you can contact us at librarydatagrants@temple.edu.