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Develop your research skills with our self-paced online tutorials. For support integrating a tutorial into your class, please contact us at asktulibrary@temple.edu.


Using the Library Website


intro screen for Library Search tutorial

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This brief, five-minute tutorial highlights several useful resources on the Temple University Libraries website, including:

  • Library Search and other databases

  • Research Guides

  • Ways to get help

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Introduction to Sources


Screenshot from tutorial on understanding sources

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  • Recognize different source types
  • Identify sources through the information life cycle


Sources: Aspects, Types, and Uses


Screenshot from tutorial on aspects of a source

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  • Recognize characteristics of different source types
  • Assess authority and relevance of sources
  • Categorize how sources are used


Research Process


Screenshot from tutorial on the research process

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  • Outline the steps within the research process