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Albert M. Greenfield SCRC Reading Room

The Albert M. Greenfield SCRC Reading Room is typically open from 8:30am - 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Hours can be verified prior to your visit by viewing the library hours page.

Any collection of unique material requires special handling. The following policies and procedures are designed to provide you with the greatest possible access to the materials at the SCRC while protecting and preserving those materials for future use.

Protection, Care and Handling of Materials

  • Food, beverages, and tobacco are not allowed in the reading room.
  • Use only pencil and paper or laptop computer for taking notes. 
  • Use only one box of records or three printed items at a time.
  • Remove one folder at a time from the box. 
  • Maintain the existing sequence of records; if materials within the folder appear to be out of order, please alert a staff member rather than rearranging the folder contents.
  • Handle loose sheets or bound pages by their edges and avoid touching the surface as much as possible.
  • Support the spines of rare or fragile books (using foam supports provided by staff).
  • The staff may furnish gloves for handling photographs and other especially vulnerable items. 
  • Do not take notes on top of archival materials or holding them in ways that will tear, fold, or otherwise damage them.

Administrative Matters

Out of respect for fellow researchers, please silence all cell phones and pagers in the reading room, and take extended phone conversations outside of the reading room. All briefcases, laptop cases, book bags, handbags, books, newspapers, coats, and other personal belongings must be left in the lockers or on the coat rack. Personal materials used in the reading room may be searched when you leave. The reading room is monitored by security cameras at all times.

Returning and Reshelving Material

Before leaving the Reading Room, please return all material to the reference staff. You may ask to have material placed “on hold” for up to two weeks from the last time used.

We appreciate your help in ensuring the long-term preservation of these unique materials.