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This project provides a unique opportunity to exponentially grow the Library Endowment and provide dedicated, permanent funding for both this world-class building and the services, collections, staff, and programs it houses. Gifts made to name specific spaces - starting at $10,000 - will be applied, unless otherwise specified or requested, to the Library Endowment, which supports regularly scheduled operational needs and opportunities as they arise. What is more, your named gift will be linked to this extraordinary building in perpetuity. While we are seeking gifts to name spaces within the new Charles Library, gifts of any size toward an endowment is truly an investment in the present and future of the library, as it provides ongoing support that benefits current and future generations of students, scholars, faculty, staff, and community members. 

Endowment Spending and Investment

The monies in this endowment are invested for long-term stability and growth and are spent at a rate of 4.25% per year. This allows the Libraries to steadily maintain and enhance facilities, continue purchasing and preserving materials and collections, attract and retain high-quality faculty and staff, and support evolving technology and innovation. By naming a space or fund, your gift provides long-term value as a steady and growing source of income for the Libraries.

Planned Giving

You can secure your legacy and commitment to this project with cash gifts—made in a single contribution or over a period of up to five years—or through an array of planned giving vehicles. Wills, trusts, estate plans, annuities, retirement funds, and beneficiary designations are just a few of the ways to make a long-term, planned gift. Additionally, many planned giving options are income-bearing, benefiting you, your family, and the future of Temple University Libraries.

Click here to view a full list of naming opportunities - starting at $10,000

Additional Giving Opportunities

Endowment Giving

Technology Endowment, $1,000,000

Though flexibility and futurecasting guide the building’s technology planning, the extensive equipment, interfaces, and tools throughout require continued assessment, monitoring, and maintenance. The Technology Endowment supports upgrades and routine work on both transformative, large-scale, operational technologies, like the BookBot and Digital Display Wall, and the multitude of smaller-scale, user-facing materials such as work stations, graduate and faculty studios, and makerspaces.

Digital Preservation Endowment, $500,000

Digital preservation greatly increases the discovery and use-value of the Libraries’ unique special collections by making them available via the web. It also extends the life of physical and material resources by reducing the frequency with which they are handled. The Digital Preservation Endowment ensures the promise of the library’s onsite, state-of-the-art conservation and digitization labs, and enables the Libraries to continue to scan materials and catalog and mount digital objects to both the Libraries’ website and the Digital Public Library of America.

Exhibition Endowment, $500,000

This fund ensures the promise of both the special programs gallery and the dedicated Special Collections Research Center display area through the purchase of high-quality exhibition cases, mounts, and other specialized furnishings and equipment. This gift will help to build an in-house stock of materials to stage and prepare exhibitions of varying forms, formats, and mediums, and to schedule traveling exhibitions and expand the Libraries’ interpretive program as the opportunity arises.

Library Innovation Endowment, $500,000

This building is forward-looking and designed to foster innovation over the long term through highly flexible spaces and a technologically rich environment. It is not possible, however, to foresee every potential transformation in scholarly and creative output. This fund ensures that the Libraries can take advantage of exciting projects and new opportunities as they arise.

Public Program Endowment, $500,000

The central library’s event and gallery spaces are the first dedicated programming areas at the university’s central library. The Public Program Endowment will supplement operational budget allocations, hence ensuring lively, timely, and high-quality events, exhibitions, lectures, workshops, screenings, and performances at the library.

One Time Gifts

Class Gifts, $100,000

Reunion and class gifts of $100,000 and over may be applied to any naming or funding opportunity available for the library building. Classes may make either endowed or one-time gifts. Visit alumni.temple.edu or giving.temple.edu for more information on how to organize a class gift.

Exhibition Cases, $50,000 each

Furnishings, supplies, and specialized equipment are purchased during preparation and building phases of the library project. A variety of high quality, permanent exhibition cases are needed to outfit both the Special Collections Research Center and the First Floor Exhibition Space. A one-time, non-endowed, cash gift of $50,000 will purchase and name an exhibition case. Donors may purchase and name more than one case.